2012 ♥

 ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣

H A P P Y   2 0 1 2   E V E R Y O N E ! ! ! 

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  1. M.A. Nichelini says:

    The moon shine pics were great!

  2. Carol Steinmiller says:

    Hope that Jack the cat is doing well after his operation! He has such a cute face and I loved watching the video of him retrieving his cat toy. What a smart boy!
    I hope to one day visit Martha’s Vineyard, as my twin brother was a time share there, and often comments on the island’s beauty.

    Wishing you, Joe and Jack the cat a very happy and healthy New Year!

    An upstate NY follower for many years….love your artwork, photos and your kind spirit which is reflected in your beautiful blog! Carol S.

  3. Barbara Savoie says:

    Thank you Susan for all you do. Your artwork and creative ideas give me so much comfort. I just love to hold your books in my hand. And I have your small calendar sitting on my computer desk. I love all your pictures of the Cape on your blog. They make me miss my hometown of Warwick, R.I. My husband wanted to move to Fl. 20 years ago I went kicking and screaming and I’m still kicking and screaming.

    Thanks again, Barb

  4. Sandy says:

    Thank you for your lovely site and helping me to remember that the best things in life are free……enjoyed the “moon shots”.

  5. Betsy Brunette (and guess what....I am blonde!) says:

    Being a moonchaser is one of the best free things in life isn’t it?! Enjoyed seeing it as it takes place on Martha’s Vineyard. My husband tells me that his eyelids are also thin and he has to turn our digital clock away from the bed so that he doesn’t have to see red numerals in his eyes all night long! I am the opposite….when the moon is full and shining into our room, I choose to leave the shades opened so that we can appreciate it’s glorious radiance. Enough of this…..if you will enter my name into our book drawing, I would be over the MOON to be the recipient. : )

  6. Deb E. says:

    Oh Susan, your Willard posts and blog just make me feel good and warm inside. I cannot thank you enough for the happy thoughts and comments you send to all of us. You have a wonderful New Year with your family and new kitty, and keep sending us all “reaons” for loving Life!


  7. Susan Thompson says:

    I certainly am enjoying your writings/photos! Your blog is my only “favorites”. Thank you for all you do!

  8. Beth Phelps says:

    I’m a new fan. You have brought joy to my heart. Keep doing what you are doing.

  9. Cathy R. says:

    Hi Susan,
    Happy New Year! Love this blog and Love the chance to leave you a note to meet and greet. Loved the Vineyard moon photos…reminds me of my summer visits there in July. Been coming every July for 16 years… and always drive by Spring Street in the hopes of meeting you. My hubby Bob says we are kindred spirits. I have all of your books, calendars from every year, every item from when you were on the Q, many cards, notes, etc. (have to buy duplicates so I can keep one for me), and just got “Romantic Homes” Valentine issue to read your news. Have made many of your recipes for rave reviews…I share you with everyone I know including my new daughter (in law) and girlfriend of October 15th…Tara. She is now putting “heart in her home” with a collection of her own Susan Branch items. My students are greeted by “Come in, my roses would like to meet you!” with my Garden gate door to my classroom…complete with a staw hat, watering can and hand decorated garden gloves. Thanks for sharing your heart in my home…can’t wait for more from you…”All you need is love!”

  10. Pamela Tasker says:

    Thank you for a wonderful 2011! I am so looking forward to 2012 with you. You make my sun-shine when I read Willard. I begin to feel close again to my roots and begin to be re-energized. I look forward to the day I can wake up every morning and just sit at my sewing machine all day with my fabric and bring back the color in my home and to my family that you bring to me. Thank you, and
    Happy New Year !


  11. Nora Hampton says:

    I love the photos of your moon chase! How beautiful! Some day I hope to visit Martha’s Vinyard, it all looks so lovely and picturesque.
    Been a follower for years and years…from upstate NY.

  12. Nettie says:

    Hello girlfriend, I love this moon blog. Just this early a.m. my husband and I were walking in the woods by our home admiring the beautiful beautiful moon. by the time our walk was half way thru the beautiful beautiful moon was on one side of us and the wonderful sunrise on the other. I too am energized by the moon and I adore watching it as it wains and waxes. Thank God my husband appreciates all the little things I do or he would think I am crazy. I guess after 46 years we have certainly come to appreciate all there is in life to offer. thank you so much for all your sharing, you make life so enjoyable. Namaste

  13. Lisa Renee says:

    Oh Dear Susan,
    Thanks so much for being you because YOU are a special part of my everyday life! Your cheery, cozy, lovely self is just like having a secret best friend who “pops” up every time i pick up your books, glance at the calendar, and read a Willard.I hope this doesn’t sound too silly but How Fun to know you are in the world, under the same pretty moon. You go Girlfriend! January Hugz from your (secret) friend Lisa

  14. I love that you mentioned the missing S in your word reasons. When I published my first book, I left out the letter T in Christmas. We had proofed the book several times, it went to print, and out to the public before someone brought it to my attention. Oh my! I was so embarassed. At that time,(1984) everything was supposed to be perfect. Now, they just consider it charm and creative when we make a small goof…………..thank you for having charm. I did repair my mistake by putting a T on the stack of the train that I had painted so it looked like it was supposed to be painted that way but it only showed when I exhibited at shows. The book stayed with the mistake. I laugh now as I’m sure there have been many more goofs that I’ve missed and more to come.

    • sbranch says:

      Mistakes are normal . . . I had a few people bring it to my attention, wanted to apologize to them — it is kind of embarrassing, it would be better if it was a hard word to spell! 🙂

  15. Teresa says:

    Love this blog! xoxo

  16. Karen Legg says:

    I have always loved the Love book and would love to love to share it again (and again!)

  17. Kathy Means says:

    Dear Susan,
    You certainly know how to brighten a rainy day Down South. “Willard” is always a joy to read, and I start each day with your blog. You are a national treasure for those of us who cherish the small but joyful things in the world around us. I’ll close now for my own little tea party which I look forward to each day.
    From a “Kindred Spirit”.

  18. Victoria Armstrong says:

    I just read the notice about your ‘LOVE’ book and was surprised to realize how old it is. It looked so familiar and then I remembered. . . my daughter was married on July 24th, 1996. I was so happy for her I gave her a copy of this book when she became engaged. I will have to phone her and see if I can borrow it and re -read again. Reading you books over and over again is one of my favourite pastimes. I like to sit on my love seat in my ‘sunshine’ (west facing window) and read. Especially on a clear cold day that we get in Alberta, Canada.

  19. Mert Lavrusky says:

    I love reading your blog as it makes me feel good. We all need to be thankful for the free things that are all around us and give thanks for them.

  20. Michele Salazar says:

    Dearest Susan,
    I heart your art!

    Please, please, please do a short “show” of how you do a little watercolor anything. I could watch you watercolor for hours.


    • sbranch says:

      OK, will do it one of these days! Haven’t done anything like that, usually I take videos myself, will have to round up Joe for this one!

  21. My goodness, I so love your site!! I love you!!! when I am feeling blue, I come over here and I smile!! sometimes laugh out loud!! such a happy place!!! and I thank you! I saw your recipe for Almond Bark (or something like that), and I think I might give it a try one day soon! Thank you for the beautiful Moon Pix!! So love it! Pix of Martha’s Vineyard just say “welcome” … o o o, especially the one of the Inn! A smile today is special!
    Pink Hugs,

  22. Mimi Houston says:

    Love, love, love Susan Branch. I want to LIVE in her pictures!!!!! ♥♥♥

  23. sue says:

    If I were born on Valentine’s Day, my parents were going to win a hot water heater (there was a contest in the town going on) I waited till the 15th because I wanted my own day!! I loved having a birthday at that time of year feeling all the love in the air! I’ve been married 36 years now and my husband knows there are no “two for one’s” when it comes to VALENTINES DAY & MY BIRTHDAY!! I love it!!

  24. Stacey Geary says:

    Susan, I received my first Heart of the Home cookbook for a bridal shower gift in 1988 and it is my “go to” cookbook. The cover is patched with tape and the pages are smeared with all kinds of ingredients, but I wouldn’t part with it for the world ~ Thank you for sharing all of your delicious recipes, words of inspiration and bits of your life with me!

  25. Erin Stroud says:

    I had a Valentine’s tea party a few years ago for 14 of my closest friends! We all enjoyed it so much, they suggested I make it an annual thing, naturally. Well, I’ve had neither the funds nor the energy to follow through on that, but I sure hope to have one again… maybe next year? I sure would love to win that precious dish towel, but even if not, I’ll still love you!!

  26. Pam says:

    Susan, I have always felt that you draw what I feel inside and have a difficult time expressing. I bought the Davinci book locally and hope it will dust the cobwebs off my creativity which has been lost in the last few years. When I went to order a calendar this week, I couldn’t find a wall calendar and was sad that I had not had the money earlier to purchase one. That is when I took the time to browse thru the site and found so many more inspirational things (words and pictures) from your hand/mind. Thank you for the up-lifting quality in everything you do. The drawings are so comforting and inspirational to me.
    Enough gushing, thanks for being you!
    P.S. I found a place wioth wall calendars still in stock! (Hummingbird Lane in WA). They have a website if anyone else missed the chance to get a calendar (still at regular price, yeah!)
    And I agree with Dee, I would really love to see how the colors go on the paper, I’d even buy a DVD!

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you for all that good info Pam — so glad you found one — even Amazon ran out! (We are actually quite thrilled, this has never happened before!) I’ll think about doing a DVD — then it could be longer.

      • Pam says:

        That is WONDERFUL that so many people are smiling at your wall calendar. I know about Amazon, Calendar.com was out too. I had to go to the 4th page of the search before i found the store that had some. Way to go!!

        • sbranch says:

          Wow! That’s great! Must be the girlfriends! 🙂

          • Pam says:

            I thought I would tell you that I ordered a desk calendar (when i couldn’t find the wall calendar)for work (so it would cheer up my workitude) and wanted everyone to know that the weight of the paper is really nice. Ink does not “bleed” thru. Much better than the ones I used to get from office stores.

          • sbranch says:

            Thank you for the testimonial!! So glad you like it! Something else, there’s a bookmark and some gift tags in it that can be cut out, and lots of art perfect for scrapbooking when each month is over and you tear off the page.

  27. A visit to this fabulous Susan Branch blog is an instant oooh ahh moment for anyone and everyday there is something new to look and read about. I am totally addicted for which I hope I will never get cured. Thank you Susan. Your a Gem!

  28. Gloria Kaufmann says:

    I would love to add that book to my newly started collection of two :-(, yes only two, of your books. Love, love your blog and your new teapot (which I have quite a collection of)

  29. Linda says:


  30. Denise Taylor says:

    Hi Susan,
    Thank you so much for your beautiful lettering and watercolor pictures. I get so excited when your “Willard” newsletters come to my e-mail. I look so forward to them all. I love looking at them and re-reading them over and over – it’s like eye candy! I would love to win your book!
    Love, Denise

  31. Lynne says:

    I love seeing Martha’s Vineyard through your eyes!! Thanks for sharing. Lynne

  32. Lannie Johansen says:

    I LOVE getting your newsletter full of beautiful artwork, recipes, pictures and inspiration for my own journaling. My best surprise while Christmas shopping this year was stumbling across a set of your monthly notepads with the little sticky notes and tags – beautifully done to celebrate each season. That went under the tree for me!

  33. Patricia Dorwin says:

    I wish I could put into words the joy “Willard” and your Blog bring to me. I met you at Conner Prairie in Fishers, IN one time and as I read I see you in my minds eye. I can’t remember much about the event, it may have been a tea with a talk but I do remember you walking around and when you stopped to visit with me, I was thrilled. I’ve been a fan for years, have most of your books, and many calendars (couldn’t possibly throw one away, one can’t throw away art!) Another favorite of mine (and yours) was Gladys Taber. I am land-locked in IN but I think my heart is on the east coast. Visiting the coast with you pictures is a delight. Oh yes, one more thing, love the bookmarks. I have a little bit of you in every book I read. Thank you for being you.

    • sbranch says:

      So kind Patricia — nice to hear from you. Conner Prairie was a lot of fun for me (and I had my mom with me there!).

  34. Julie says:

    Not sure if this is where I should be for the drawing of the “Love” books. Saw it above the stock recipe – sure would “Love” to win those books.

  35. Bonnie Porro says:

    One of your moon pictures took me back to a time when I was a young nursing student in Winthrop, Massachusetts. Often I would make a point of waking up very early in the morning, fix a thermos of tea and walk down to the seawall. I would drink my tea while watching the moon set, the sun rise, and the planes land at Logan. It was often the most peaceful hour of my day.

  36. JoAnn says:

    Thanks for all you do Susan! I love your blog!

  37. Jill says:

    I loved the moon pictures and your stories of the moon and the Indian names for
    the moon! I have always been in love with the moon and am drawn to anything with the shapes of the moon or man on the moon face (like on many Grandfather clocks) like the one on Captain Kangaroo when I was a child! This week when the moon was full I wondered what was making the light shine on my kitchen floor and I looked out and up at the full moon! Just beautiful!!
    Thank you for the book recommendation How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci.
    I can’t wait to find it and read it!
    Obviously I love your Willard Mail. Thank you for your inspiration.
    I hope to be the lucky one to win your Valentine books!
    Thank you, Jill 🙂

  38. tina says:

    Your beautiful art, photos, recipes, & personal stories help to nurture me thru the long new england winter. You inspire me to do more! Thanks. xoxoxo

  39. sande denbow says:

    Thank-you for the day brightner just love everything you do to make our lives that much more enriched with sweetness and grace

  40. Mary Anne says:

    You write just beautiful. I love you blog! I so want the signed cookbook. Now I am in the mood to get out the shabby saucers and cups (all mismatched) and have a small tea party~~That would be so much fun. Thanks for sharing your beautiful life with us all.

  41. barbara s. says:

    Kissed Boring Goodbye for 2012!!! Now let’s get the party started!

  42. Carol C says:

    Love the idea of a girlfriends’ tea! I think I’ll get out that wedding china that never sees the light of day! I have a collection of teapots but they are all blue and white except the Christmas and Peter Rabbit ones. Think I gotta have the Emma one, though!!
    Fingers crossed on winning the LOVE book. I used to have every one of your books but gave that one to a special friend who loved it and couldn’t find one. Some girlfriends are worth the sacrifice, aren’t they?

  43. Laurie says:

    The island pictures are beautiful. I live in California but am originally from Massachusetts. I very much enjoy seeing the pictures you post. It brings me home. Thank you.

  44. Mary Ann says:

    Oh, what a beautiful Willard and blog! Hearts, moon, the water, it’s all there for us to enjoy. You have inspired me to have a Valentine’s Tea for my girlfriends. Your new teapot perfectly matches my little ‘candy’ dish that is always out. And I could use another teapot. The only one I have I bought 20 years ago at the pottery in Bourton-on-the-Water in the Cotswolds. In our most recent move, I lost the teapot lid. I emailed photos of the teapot to the pottery and they made a replacement lid for me. Luckily, friends were visiting Bourton and picked it up for me. It’s nice to have friends who travel!

    Would it be OK for me to use that hysterical wine joke? I know about 50 people who will laugh out loud like I did and I would love to have them start the day with a chuckle.

    Thank you, Susan, for all the beauty and heart you bring into our lives.

  45. Lori says:

    Sitting this evening with a cup of tea and enjoying all the pretty things on your blog and website. I never seem to have enough time to read Willard but this evening I made the time.Thank you for all the info and beautiful pictures.

  46. Cheri Barnhart says:

    Love you blog, Willard and especially that beautiful teapot! You’re my favorite! Your artwork and writing just makes me feel warm inside! Thanks for all you do!

  47. Dot Pawlak says:

    Thank you for your unselfish love to all your admirers. You have a special gift which you share every time you decide to be creative. I feel like we’ve been best friends for years. Thank you.

  48. Denise Allen says:

    You are a delight!<3

  49. Paulette says:

    Just read Willard; Santa brought you a wonderful gift. The teapot is beautiful!!

  50. Denise Taylor says:

    I love Susan Branch! The art work and thought provoking words are heartfelt.
    I feel so good after looking at all the sensational art and colors and reading the words that comfort me so much.
    This is a lifeline for me…. keep up the wonderful work, Susan!
    God bless you!
    Heartfelt hugs,

  51. Anne Hegg says:

    I would love to read your Love book and share it with one of my girlfriends. Both my sister and my friend who walked with me through my divorce share the same birthday, January 27. They should each have one!

  52. Lynne Mehler says:

    I so love your artwork and have for quite a few years, but now that I have discovered your website I think we are kindred spirits, as Anne Shirley would say! 🙂

  53. Faye says:

    Oh how I enjoy reading Willard, your blog, etc. You bring back so many special memories of New England where I was born and grew up. Usually get to read Willard before going to bed and what a lovely way to end my day…with visions of your artwork, and happy thoughts to end my day. Your an inspiration to all of us. Susan. Thank you.

    Hugs, Faye

  54. Diane says:

    Your little joke was very humorous, I think I will try it out on my husband first. Happy New Year!

  55. Jan says:

    love, love, love your books!

  56. Joellen Waldenmaier says:

    I absolutely love your Willard and your blog! You and I have so much in common it is unbelievable. Everything from the way we take photos of everything to riding across country on Amtrak.

    I was born on April 13 and it seems I recall you are also an April baby, but I’m not sure about this. Anyway, I am somewhat artistic. A far cry from your beautiful talented work, but I can relate to it.

    I have three of your books and I would love to win this one. I’m wishing me luck.

    Keep up your beautiful work and your wonderful enthusiasm. By the way, my husband and I are owned by two male cats that rule our domain. We love them to pieces.

    Love and Blessings,


  57. Janna says:

    I love reading your blog, love your beautiful artwork, and making your yummy recipes. Thank you!

  58. Diane Schwarz says:

    Hi I live in California, so the long winters of snow are not by my house. I just need your “Willard” all the time–every season!! Your ideas and comforting thoughts and recipes are the best. I have a secret pal gift to put together, and your bookmark will be there–maybe the book!!! luv and wishes for a Happy Valentine’s! Today’s Willard was the best ever.

  59. Carol Robinson says:

    Susan, your blogs and Willards brighten my day. I have now bought several Gladys Taber books and falling in love with this dear lady. Thank you for bringing sunshine into my life. Jack is so adorable.

  60. Lori says:

    Susan you are an inspriation to every dreamer, every hopeful soul, every believer in magic. Thank you for bringing us joy and laughter and love year after year. Here’s to yet another year of discovery and wonder, happy 2012!

  61. Lori says:

    Susan you are an inspriation to every dreamer, every hopeful soul, every believer in magic. Thank you for bringing us joy, laughter, inspiration and love year after year. Here’s to yet another year of discovery and wonder, happy 2012!

  62. Katy Peach says:

    I too enjoyed the wonderful full moon this week. We live in a lovely olde worlde pub next to the canal in Bath, England. My pure white Jack Russell and I were having a midnight, moonlit walk through our graveyard next to the pub when we suddenly heard a shriek! A lady had come along, seen my Jack in amongst the graves and assumed it was a ghost dog! So bright was the moonlight reflecting from his white fur! How we laughed…lots of love to all from Bath, England.

    • sbranch says:

      Stop. The first sentence did me in. Hello to beautiful Bath. ♥ Hello to you to Katy, you have a wonderful name. Thanks for being here. Love your ghost dog!

  63. Alice J Molisani says:

    Susan, I have never read past your newsletter. Never knew anything else was published. But early this morning I found your blog. It was an absolutely wonderful way to start my day. Just made me feel good. Keep up your writing, your sketches and your “good sayings”. They all seem to have put a bloom in my heart-it makes me want to do something nice for someone just as you have done for me.

  64. Georgane Sullivan says:

    Susan Branch you feel like a treasured girlfriend although we have only met through your books and calendars. I watched that very same moon this morning over my lake in Montana.

  65. Connie M D says:

    Susan, Joe, Girl Kitty & JACK BABY!! You are my first stop each morning. “Nothing could be finer. “

  66. Alice says:

    Just received Willard this morning and enjoyed it as always. I received the cutest red and white polka dot teapot and plates from my granddaughter this Christmas. I so love it and keep it on my breakfast table. I love your blog and look forward to Willard each month. Thanks for sharing your creativity and bringing beauty to my day.

  67. Maureen says:

    I also enjoyed the Wolf moon on Monday with my husband. We kept checking the progress it made across the sky. Gosh, it was beautiful (and fun!)

    Looking at your photos was a smile moment this morning 🙂 Thanks!

  68. pam says:

    love, love, love you….pe

  69. Bernice Patterson says:

    Susan, Thanks for my “Willard “I love it and see many great things to order that tempt me for the future. Love your teapot and your drawings.

  70. Maureen Dunn says:

    Funny to read about your “Moon” adventure—I stepped outside that night for a moment of fresh air and Oh my, the moon was beaming at me!! I had no one to share it with as all were tucked away in thier lil beds. OK ,I did drag the dog out so the neighbors wouldn’t think me any stranger than they already do!! lol I guess I was mesmerized never thought of pictures. Maybe I was thinking it was meant just for me! Smile. Glad you took pictures I can share, just cant describe it to anyone. Thank you!!

  71. Daniela B. says:

    Thanks so much for telling us about the missing letter on the calendar… now I know you’re real… I was beginning to wonder! 🙂 Daniela

  72. Kerry Ann says:

    I am such a fan! I’ve been following you for years and just love your artwork. You are a kindred spirit. I have been trying to open up a teashop in my hometown but am finding a lot of roadblocks and getting discouraged. I just have to read some of your work to get re-inspired!
    I hope to “win” your latest book to add to my growing collection.

    • sbranch says:

      Don’t get discouraged, every town needs at least one teashop!! They might not know it yet, but they will! Good luck!

  73. Martha Huggins says:

    Dear Susan,

    I would love to have a signed copy of your book on Love to enjoy with the other signed Susan Branch my daughter and I have. Wish you could come over for tea
    this weekend.


  74. Maureen Dunn says:

    Kerry Ann
    Susan is right, every town needs a teashop!! One that sells SB books and calendars, etc. would be a major “hit”!!! Keep your chin up!!


  75. Mary Pritt says:

    Hi, Susan. Your blog is my favorite! I’m a moonwatcher, too. I’m one of Jack’s biggest fans. He’s so adorable. Your artwork, recipes, pictures – everything – are so enjoyable. Keep your posts coming. I love them! Thank you for sharing. Mary

  76. Dorothy K. says:

    Love receiving the Willard newsletter in my e-mail box. Thanks!

  77. Judy Evans says:

    Hi Susan, You mentioned that your book Love was going out of print after 18 years. It got me thinking that the first book of yours I got as a gift, from a girl friend to congratulate me on my wedding… 23 years ago. When she gave it to me, she said how much she loved your books and hoped I would too. Since the first book I have gotten all of your books and your calender every year. I have also given your books and calenders to friends and family and past on the same love for your work as I once was given. I enjoy hearing was you’re up to. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  78. Jackie P says:

    Loved reading your blog about moon shine on Martha’s Vineyard. For many years I rented the little carriage house behind J.D.’s house, across from the Sheriff’s Meadow on West Chop. It is gone now, but the meadow is protected for eternity. Thanks for posting the shot. It is one of my my favorite views in the world!

  79. Jim Comar says:

    Although I am not one of your “girl friends forever”, I do enjoy your stories and art work, along with my wife. You give us great inspiration to try new ideas, foods and crafts. Hopefully, this gets us (me) signed up to possibly receive the “new” old book that you will be giving away. Please keep the loving stories and memories coming. It helps all of our lives become better!
    Jim 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      Jim! A Man! So nice to see you here! Thank you for your nice comment! Say hello to your wife and please come back again soon!

  80. Patty P says:

    Thank You soooo much Susan for sharing your interesting life with me & so many others! We have so many similar interests, but you actually get to experience and live out doing what you love! I am blessed in many ways and you Friend are a blessing to me!!!

  81. Janny says:

    I found three wall calendars and gave two away as Christmas presents to my teacher friends. 🙂 We all needed some cheering up as we headed back to school. I must admit I didn’t see the mistake in reasons…the whole thing is just wonderful!

  82. Bella says:

    Dear Susan,
    Last year I randomly bought your calendar. I must say that every morning while enjoying my tea or coffee I would enjoy your pages. I enjoyed them so much that at the end of December I cut out my favorite parts and added them to my journal. I then found your website on the back and found you blog and spent about an hour browsing your site. Then yesterday I received my first ever Willard, and I must say I smiled thru the whole thing. It reminded me to enjoy the simple things. And by the way I absolutely love your new teapot! I await the next issue.

  83. L Williams says:

    I love seeing your world through your pictures, it’s a nice escape. I want to go shopping with you, you find all the goodies…LOL… Thank you for sharing

  84. aransom says:

    Hi, Susan, love reading all your Willard’s. My husband died of cancer a month ago.. when I saw that heart shaped charm necklace with the nancy luce quote. I would love to get one for myself in memory of my husband, Pls let me know how to go about buying one from your store. … I thought I was the only one who took pictues of the moon.

    • sbranch says:

      Oh, I am so sorry to hear that! My heart goes out to you. ♥
      As for the necklace, just go to the top of the blog page, click on shopping and you’ll see a picture of the little heart there, click on that and you will be guided through the process. If that isn’t your cup of tea, at the bottom of that page you’ll find a phone number for customer service and Kellee will help you at the studio.

  85. Judy Weisiger says:

    Hi Susan,
    I have been a Susan Branch lover for years through all of your books. I am new at trying to learn about the computer, so I hope this first ever “blog” works !

    I just had to try Willard, I live on Willard Ave in Connecticut !

    Love all of your pictures, I must go someday to Marthas Vineyard, I have never been and my Grandmothers name was Charlotte so I now know where I must stay !

    The other night I was out and could not believe how beautiful the moon was, it must have been the same night ! I have a special “moon story” for you, it is bittersweet. Fifteen years ago, my dad was dying of cancer in the hospital. For whatever reason, he was afraid to go to Heaven at night, he hoped to go in the day because it would be light. God chose to take him shortly after midnight with our family around him. I was sad that he would be frightened because it was dark. When I left the hospital, I went outside and it was so light ! The moon was so big and full and bright, it seemed like daytime ! I could not believe it, the path to Heaven was all lit up ! God had sent a perfect moon that night to guide my father to Heaven !!!!

    On a lighter note, your kitten is precious ! I spent a few years volunteering at a cat shelter. I loved each and every one as though they were my own. Thank you for getting him neutered. We should not bring more kittens into the world as there are too many in shelters who need homes desperately. Thank you for giving your kitten a loving home, I wish there were homes for them all !

    I better stop, I don’t even know if this is working ! XO Judy

    • sbranch says:

      The story about your dad made me cry, that was so beautiful; thank you for sharing it. You did a good job with your first blog!! Have a wonderful Friday the 13th!!

  86. Marla says:

    What a visual treat to see your pictures..makes me want to plan a trip to Martha’s Vineyard..it’s been too long!! Also, your posts/letters always make me smile..Thank you!

  87. Catherine P. says:

    Hi Susan…I just found you! Where have you been all my life? My granddaugheter sent me your 2012 calendar for Christmas…what a joy! It inspired me to make a group list of all the special women in my life and send them an email with a couple of the thoughts for January. I told them my ‘New Year’s’ resolution was to contact them at the beginning of each month and share one or two of the things for that month from the calendar to let them know I was thinking of them and loved them. No other message would be necessary. Some I see and hear from often, others not so so often, but once a month, there I will be. Thank you and Bless you. C

  88. Sonia Rimback says:

    I love reading your blog and Willard website.

  89. Paula says:

    Susan, you inspire me every time I open your latest posting…I love the quotes, your beautiful artwork, your spirit, your recipes, your pictures of your charming home and town…I love it all and I look forward to the next posting from the heart of the home. (Don’t you just love the heart of the home? It keeps us enjoying the beautiful and the graceful.). By the way, I am especially in love with Jack the cat. If he isn’t a little charmer, then I truly do not know who is. I am eager to hear how he is recuperating form his surgery. Happy 2012 to you, Joe, Girl Kitty, and that spirited Jack.

  90. jackie upton says:

    i love your blog….your website…..your products…..everything!!!!

  91. Anne Branco says:

    Love to sit and read Willard on a cold, dreary Maine day. I feel like we’re kindred spirits. (Like almost everyone who follows you does!) I’m also from Massachusetts, so does that give me an extra connection? I also love Beatrix Potter and Gladys Tabor. Would love to be part of the drawing for the little book. I just gave one of your books to my brother and his new fiancee upon their engagement. I must get down to Martha’s Vineyard soon. It’s been too long. Have a wonderful day. Anne

  92. Olga Kissel says:

    Hey wrote to you yesterday and still do not see my blog posted what gives, after you responded that it is being revised? P.S. please enter me in your signed book give away. Thank you.


    • sbranch says:

      You have the same last name as good friends of mine, so I remember it! Yes, it did come through and I responded Olga, and you’re entered, never fear!

  93. Olga Kissel says:

    I am still awaiting the moderation from the last day before???

    • sbranch says:

      You’re really not, I’m sure it went through — where, I wouldn’t exactly know, but I do remember!

  94. Aletha Riter says:

    Susan…I just love your art work and creativity…I used one of your books, titled Girlfriends Forever, as an altered book for a lady friend of mine you was a childhood friend. We hadn’t seen each other for 33 years. We caught up 1 1/2 years ago, she found me on facebook. When I saw her I knew I had to make an altered book for her, I went to my favorite second hand book store, 3rd Street Books, and there was your book. It really spoke to me…ever since then I have been following you. I envy you in all that you do. You are a total inspriation…I truly love you even though we have never met. Thank you xoxoxo….

  95. Susan says:

    Loved the moon photos – and our chance to keep up with Jack! We live with many tall trees and houses close by on our city street but we also follow the moon – what a wondrous blessing!

  96. Kim Rossetti says:

    Hi Susan! Love, love, love your everything! Thank you for being such an inspiration on a crazy Friday.

  97. JoAnne Daniels says:

    I love the photos of Jack — he’s so cute! I hope he’s fine after his “surgery”.
    My husband and I also love to go out to see the full moon. There is a place here in NJ called Sunrise Mtn. where you can drive to the summit — watch the sun set over the mountains of Pennsylvania and then hurry to the look-out to watch the full moon rise over the lush green hills of Sussex County.
    We both have moon-phase watches!
    Thanks for giving me the Indian names of each moon.

  98. Christine says:

    My sister is the one who has tuned me in to your blog etc. (which I am definitely enjoying) so if you draw my name for the LOVE book, the second copy would go to her! In the meantime, I have just found your recipe/scrapbook kit that I have bought for this same sister and plan to give to her when I see her next. She lives far from me so we only see each other maybe once a year. I feel a bit closer to her knowing we can appreciate your posts together!

  99. Love seeing the moon pics…I live “close by” in East Wareham, MA and I’m feeling the same kind of weather, 50 degrees, cold at night and then the beautiful full moon. Love the pics also of the ferry…it’s always great at night….my mom has a new kitten too..she named it Willy after my late step-father Willard….that’s why I love your “Willard”….:)…the kitten is terrorizing her and her older cat…..lol…good times…

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, there is a huge terror aspect in a new kitten! Jack insists that I play NOW and will systematically destroy the house until I do. I finally smartened up — give up immediately and do his every bidding! 🙂 Tell your mom I know what she’s “going through.” 🙂

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