In the mood for love?

Hey You Guys! It's 2008! I need to say Happy New Year! I'm so late, and here we are, almost at Valentine's Day! So let's celebrate -- it's a good one to start the year with. And here, in California, yesterday, out on my walk, I found my first little clump of wild violets in bloom. Little wild Valentine's. Just cheers a person up!

This bud's for you

I have news: lots of you know we updated our web site a couple of weeks ago (we know because our phones have been ringing off the hook asking "when are they coming?"). Well, they're here! We're so excited to show you our brand new, exclusive-to-us, beveled glass CHARMS AND PENDANTS which just came in! We think we have really done it this time, solved all Girlfriend gift-giving for 2008, but you check it out and see for yourself. Wait til you see the birds! Wait til you see Mother's Day!

The best gifts are tied with heartstrings.

Also, another surprise coming in the Spring, HOOKED RUGS. Beautiful 100% wool hooked rugs, with pillows and chair pads to match!

Domesticity City

I don't want to spoil your trip through our new updated HOME PAGE, so I'm not telling you anymore about any new surprises for 2008! Go see! You know how much I adore finding special things for you. We stand for individuality and originality here! We love it when we get hard-to-find things, or figure out something special and new to give you that you can't get anywhere else. Hope you do too!

A photo of my studio in action on our HOME PAGE, and new RECIPES for you too . . . a killer chocolateTrees-in-Snow Cake you'll love. Lots of other LOVE stuff (besides Chocolate cake) for Valentine's Day. And new Spring Jammies coming in March!

The advantage of doing one's praising for oneself is that one can lay it on so thick and exactly in the right places. Samuel Butler

Thank you for all your wonderful support in 2007. Happy, happy new year!

With love from the Heart of the Home & me... Susan Branch