Christmas Morning Baked Apples

Susan with her family as a child

Speaking of flannel jammies . . . here I am with my little sisters in our matching LEOPARD flannel jammies on Christmas morning. I like the bow.


I know you're busy so I'm going to be easy on you today, not give you too much to read for a change -- I just wanted to send you this delicious recipe for the most yummy baked apples with wonderful crunchy topping because it's December, and never is there a better month for these treats than holiday-time. I've done these for brunch where I put a scoop of ice cream next to these hot apples -- nothing wrong with that -- ice cream is like milk, and milk is good at breakfast!


I also wanted to tell you about something we've been working on for this entire year that's finally coming to fruition. I've been designing a line of HAND-HOOKED RUGS -- not kits -- real 100% wool rugs (= instant gratification). Beautiful quality. We're now taking orders for our first 5 designs -- there are also 3 hand-hooked pillows to choose from right now. Allow 2 weeks for shipping, for all of you who want to have these before Christmas, we can do it!

Right now, we have cupcakes, and a farm scene, kitties and birds, houses and home sweet home, and the English cottage we stayed in in Wiltshire, UK. We have Starry Night pillows too! And, after the first of the year, more rug designs will arrive, more pillows, and lots of chair pad designs. My whole kitchen floor is covered in my new rugs now! Not to mention my couch -- I hope you like them too . . .


SSo that's all, just reminding you to be a Santa's Helper, in other words, be an elf. Be corny. There's fretting and worry in the world, so when you go out, wear some sort of Christmas cheer, a hat or a pin, smile at everyone, join in and sing . . . spread sunshine as only YOU know how. Wishing you all the very best for a happy holiday . . . See you next year!


S I think you might notice the little teddy bears lurking all over MY WEB SITE -- if you put them all together and unscramble the letters, they will give you a secret holiday message . . .