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Look what I found on my walk today. When the days begin to shorten, soon after solstice on June 21st, a trees reconsiders its leaves.

The trees are reconsidering their leaves like crazy around the island right now. The breeze off the ocean has the tiniest chill in it and out on my blueberry-strewn morning walk, the woods hum, chirp, twitter and trill with the big news that the season is changing.

Happy September! I just love this month. To me it's always like going back to school. I can't help getting the urge to make things! I made the most delicious breakfast the other morning I think you would love.

Here it is

Icame home from my walk with a bag full of just-picked blueberries, looked into my cupboard, and a box of Jiffy corn muffin mix jumped into my hands. So I poured it into a bowl, mixed in one egg and a half cup of milk until just blended. Then I folded in a cup of blueberries. I dropped this batter by spoonfuls into a hot, well oiled frying pan. I sprinkled the tops with cinnamon and cooked the corn cakes like pancakes, until the bubbles burst, and the edges got really crusty. I served them with heated maple syrup, bacon, coffee and fresh orange juice. Oooo la la. It was delicious. It was a Sunday and this breakfast went perfectly with the newspaper!heart


Autum Book

That recipe isn't in my AUTUMN book -- but we have lots of fabulous recipes that are -- and if you need inspiration for Autumn decorating and entertaining, there are plenty of simple and fun ideas in this book. It’s a wonderful season and should be dragged out as long as humanly possible!heart

At night I've been sewing. I made myself some DISH TOWELS, I loved them so much, I made them into kits, for you. Besides the patterns and instructions, we're also supplying the applique fabric from my TEA PARTY collection! So if you're in the mood to sew a little Christmas gift for yourself, or someone else, this is a pretty cute way to go. Of course I hang them on the front of my old stove and they make the whole kitchen look cute.

Chicken Towels

Ialso designed an APRON, also with my TEA PARTY fabric. We never seem to make enough of anything, we really try, but we never know how many people will be interested . . . so if these aprons are your cup of tea, you should get one now. If they go fast, I promise we will have more made (although I'm not sure that this fabric will still be in stock, we may have to make it out of something else).

Susan in an apron

Here I am being the model. We have two colors, pink or blue; both are the same tie-in-back style. They're really beautifully made (in the USA), have a nice wide waistband, the bodice and ties are lined in hearts and flowers contrasting fabric that also edges the pocket. 100% cotton, wash in warm water, dry in dryer, and won't shrink.

Guess what else? For all you that have asked, yes, finally, CHRISTMAS CARDS!! It's the first time they've been available in years -- we have 3 different designs; hopefully one of them will be just what you're looking for!


What else? Oh, our first collectible and dated CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT is in! And I'm being reminded to remind you about the 2009 CALENDARS, we have 5 different ones for you this year -- our Heart of the Home wall-calendar; a wonderful Family Planner (this is the one I use at work because there are spaces for 5 names and each of them has their own space for appointments. Well, I have a lot of appointments, so I use this calendar and take all those spaces for myself!). We also have a small magnet calendar for your fridge; and our popular 2-year purse calendar. Last but not least, for small spaces, our "All Chocolate" Mini Calendar. Nice little inexpensive expressions of love for your holiday season.


And much more; our gorgeous GICLEE prints; our FOUR SEASONS SCRAPBOOKING KIT; our new TASTE OF AUTUMN KIT (recipe included); our RECIPE CARDS; new FREE PATTERNS for quilting projects, and lots of other new items to help you with your Fall and Holiday season. New RECIPES, SCREENSAVERS and FREE printable STATIONERY too.

Heart in hand

All this should be a good start to the Creative Fall Season...the IN LOVE WITH NATURE fabric collection is on it's way, will be here soon.

I'm so working on my book these days. When I'm not working on it, I'm thinking about it. When I'm not thinking about it, I'm gathering things for it...

Susan's research

Here's my little pile of research last night -- marking up some of my old diaries with post-its...does that give you a hint? No? Well, I don't want to ruin the surprise!

Sitting at a desk

Wishing you a happy September, be sure to go outside and sniff the air every so often. Look at the stars, watch for the full moon -- I hope it’s as beautiful where you are as it is here; you know how these seasons are, they never come again quite the same way.heart

With love


P.S. As I'm writing this, it's clear it's not good weather days down south -- hurricanes all over the place. We've been through some good ones ourselves, here on the island, and they're no fun. Once a tree landed on my house, knocked off the chimney and was very scary. Of course, it can be much worse than that! To everyone experiencing the effects of the storms, we're sending out our thoughts and prayers.