Pinkletinks" is our local name for Spring Peepers; which are, in case you don't have them where you live, tiny singing tree frogs. They start their music around here in March, and are especially vociferous near streams and ponds; a much-heralded harbinger of spring, even our newspapers make headlines with them. Pinkletinks have other cute names too, like "Tinky" and "Pinkwink." We love the sound they make . . . Would you like to hear them?

This year, in our part of New England, March came in like a lamb, has had lambie babies, and now they are all lounging on the lawn nibbling on the snow drops, with nary a lion in sight. Figuratively speaking. It's been heavenly around here.

. . . from the trees all around the Heart of the Home, it sounds like this!

It is the first mild day of March. Each minute sweeter than before . . . there is a blessing in the air.  William Wordsworth.

I am besieged with daydreaming; elbows on desk, chin in hands, I find myself gazing out the window more than at my computer screen! This sounds normal, and it is, except for I have work to do! Jack (to those who might be new here, Jack is my six-month-old kitten), feels it too, and slides off his pillow on top of the fax machine to rub the side of his face against mine. I grab him and we go on a kissing spree (which is what we always do, we're madly in love).

The old ripply glass in my studio windows blur the view to the yard, making my picket fence garden and the house next door look like an Impressionistic watercolor. A bird just disappeared in the tiny hole in the blue birdhouse that hangs from a cherry branch over the garden. Help! When I go to the kitchen for a cup of tea, I don't come back! It's not good! There are deadlines around here! I keep finding other, more important things to do, like taking pictures of snow drops, going for walks down to the water! I don't remember a finer or earlier spring than the one we're having right now. Yesterday, we spent the whole morning cleaning out the garden, removing mulch, turning the soil, adding homemade compost. Afterwards, as a reward for the hard work, we took ourselves, in garden clothes and big jackets (it's in the 50's, which is amazing for this time of year, but definitely not shorts-weather) to the bakery for big cups of coffee and a twisted glazed donut to share. We came up the back driveway when we got home, and there it was . . . our first daffodil in bloom! I'm in so much trouble! If I could send the smell of the island to you, of blooming earth in cool ocean breezes you'd be in trouble too. It would be the first known case of disease transmutation through computer. Daydreaming disease. Production output in America would, as it has here on Spring Street, drop like a rock.

My bird clock just tweeted 8 am. Visions of England in the springtime, of hills of bluebells and lambs frolicking, keep popping into my head. The thing is, I like it! I had no choice but to write about it this morning, as nothing else will enter the brain area. This is it. It's fever. When I finish here, I have a delicious old movie waiting for me; if you've never seen The Secret Garden, you would love it; it's perfect for this time of year! Hopefully it will clear the head. Hahahaha.
The other thing; if you are one who would like to indulge yourself in all that spring has to offer, the author of Enchanted April, Elizabeth von Arnim, has several other books including her very first, and one of my all time favorites, Elizabeth and Her German Garden . . . it's as fresh and charming today as it was in 1900 when it was first published. These days, when I hear other bloggers calling their husbands "Dear Husband," or "The Husband," I always think that it may have started with this book; she calls her husband "Man of Wrath." Man of Wrath did this, Man of Wrath did that. . . She's so funny! The book is easy to read; you'll fall in love with the brain of Elizabeth von Arnim. She would have been a wonderful girlfriend for us!

What a blessing it is to love books. Everybody must love something, and I know of no objects of love that give such substantial and unfailing returns as books and a garden.  Elizabeth von Arnim


What else? Oh! Speaking of England, did you know that this year is the celebration of the Queen's sixtieth year as Queen of England? Oh, yes it is! It's her Diamond Jubilee. There's much excitement about this in England; lots of celebrations and parades; and of course, commemorative everything; from jewelry to books, coasters, key chains, pens, spoons and coins. But best of all, in my estimation, are the beautiful cups from the British company, Emma Bridgewater! Our new Diamond Jubilee mug just came in; it comes in a beautiful keepsake box. It’s a large cup that holds over 2 pints of tea. The UPS man just brought me mine while I was writing this! It's wonderful! Jack liked what it was wrapped in! I do enjoy the pomp and circumstance (and historical charm) that surrounds the Royal Family. I loved Princess Diana; I probably didn't pay very much attention to the rest of the family until she came along and had her fairy tale wedding! (Except I did write the Queen when I was eleven, so I definitely started out with leanings!) Which reminds me, have you seen The Queen, starring Helen Mirren? So good! I always thought the beautiful stag in this movie was meant to represent Diana's spirit.

A couple of weeks ago Kellee made cupcake toppers out of my dancing chickens, for spring! So cute, I showed them on the blog poked into these wonderful Carrot Cupcakes; the how-to and recipe for these delicious cupcakes are on the blog right this very moment; definitely bunny food! Whimsical and pretty for springtime teas, wonderful for the children's table at Easter; cupcakes are fun to decorate, better than eggs! Come over and print out the recipe.

And now, just for you, my secret weapon for springtime energy, this delicious Breakfast Smoothie aptly called

It's full of fresh juicy fruit; as many organic ingredients as possible; the strawberries are great this year. I like to add soy protein powder; available in most markets or health food stores; it really packs a punch. Put it in your morning smoothie and say:

The color alone would wake me up! But let me try and tell you how it tastes when it wraps its cold, pink, antioxident-stuffed self around your tongue and travels to the far corners of your mouth, making all of your taste buds instantly jump up and say, "Thank You!" Just like sunshine in a glass, a pink sunrise on a June morning, like health on wheels; puts a spring in your step, a sparkle in your eye, and gives you instant energy, like spring. It's very delicious!

You can click on the recipe card and print it out!

And now I leave you with a sweet drawing from one of my old Beatrix Potter Books. A little essence of spring, old-fashioned sweetness and light; I thought you'd like to see it. Love the advice for the bunnies, who needs Mr. McGregor's garden when you have the fields and lanes to wander in?

Love the advice for the bunnies, who needs Mr. McGregor's garden when you have the fields and lanes to wander in?

Whew, it wasn't easy but I managed to stay in my chair. I want to go out and get a breath of air in the fields and lanes and watch for bunnies . . . I need another look at that daffodil! Thank you for listening to my feverish, sharply undefined, and focus-free attempt at letter writing. You know I mean well! Happy March Girlfriends! Happy buds of spring!