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usan Branch is the self-taught artist and New York Times best-selling author of the fourteen  best-selling “Heart of the Home” lifestyle BOOKS all published by Little Brown and Company. Plus another four books, including her autobiographical trilogy published by her own Spring Street Publishing. From her studio overlooking her picket-fence garden in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, Susan writes and paints about the “home arts” of cooking, gardening, sewing, family, best friends, entertaining and the little things that make life sweet. Her books are “homemade” as in, watercolored and completely hand-written. She has a monthly newsletter she’s been sending out beginning in 1995, called WILLARD, named after her grandfather. Today, mostly because of word of mouth, Willard goes to 82,000+ (mostly) women, kindred spirits and sisters of the heart, all over the world, who’ve signed up to receive it. These are “the Girlfriends,” as Susan calls them…she walks through the studio and says “What do we have for the girlfriends today?” and we know who she’s talking about. Through LICENSING, her artwork has been used to design many products. Besides her yearly wall calendars, Susan’s art has decorated lots of stationery things, from shelf paper to greeting cards; she’s designed pajamas, teapots, hooked rugs, scrapbooks and stickers, and quilting fabrics. Her web site has been up and running for twenty-three years; and it now includes her BLOG. See FAQ for more information on Susan’s products, or SHOPPING to see what what’s new from the studio today.

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  1. Anita OBrien says:

    Hi Susan
    I have followed your blog for years as well as enjoyed your books. I am a bit of a saver ( not really a hoarder ). I worked as a pediatric nurse and raises two boys and so was very busy when I was young! I used to cut out things from magazines to save for a quiet day. That never happened until I retired!
    At any rate I know you must have a million of these but in my pile of “ saved and need to read someday” I found two of your articles from Country Living Magazine. Pumpkin Stew from 1989 and Pineapple Upside Down cake from June of 1989.
    Thank you it has been fun to look at these and enjoy them so many years later!

    • Susan,
      I am writing re: your 2019 “Heart of the Home” calendar. On the July page, you quote Doris Haddock. Is this the Doris Haddock, AKA “Granny D Haddock” from Dublin, NH? If so, she is now dead and she was my grandmother. Please let me know about this. My siblings and I are all curious.
      Heidi Lawrenz

      • sbranch says:

        How lovely for you, yes, that was her! I have a photo of your amazing grandmother on my studio wall in California. WHAT an inspiration!

  2. Lori Dunlap says:

    Hello Susan!!!

    I am re-reading your series of books again as I loaned the first set to a friend and she loved them so much, I let her keep them. Soooo I ordered another set for me. I so enjoy reading your novels and I believe I have purchased all of your cookbooks as well as some calendars, etc. Once in a while I will use a quote from one of your novels, but always give credit. Thank you again for being such a wonderful inspiration.

  3. Leah Looper says:

    Hello Susan,

    I am a 25 year old, high-school art teacher in middle Tennessee – two babies at home (Eleanor – three yrs old + William – 5 months old). I stumbled across something of yours & realized I have been a fan of your work for some time… subconsciously I have learned so much of my illustrative style from you. I have always loved watercolor + miniatures + details + writing. I still feel like I am searching for my own style, my niche, my place in this creative space. I have loved reading your entries on your blog, giving me a glimpse of who you are + inspiring me with the way you see things/life.

    Thank you,


    • sbranch says:

      Well, you’re doing wonderfully, Leah, thank you for the kind words, you’re way ahead of where I was at 25 ~ I didn’t paint my first painting until age 30. You’re doing great! You have babies, you are on your track! Can’t ask for much more than that!

  4. Gloria Leach says:

    Hi Susan,
    I’m loving your O’Keefe and Merritt stove that I see in photos of your home. My mom had one in her kitchen when I was growing up and it hav a lot of sentimental memories of it. I live in an old farm house built in 1850 in West Falmouth, MA and I would love to find one like you have. Can you possibly let me know where you purchased your stove.? By the way I just signed up for your visit to the West Falmouth Libray in December ! It is right down the street from where I live and I’m so looking forward to seeing you for my 3rd time!
    Have a wonderful trip to California. By the way, your home looks beautiful and cozy for the winter months ahead…you have inspired me to get going on my home.

    Best Regards,
    Gloria Leach

  5. Cynthia Miller says:

    Dear Susan,
    I have just re-read all of your books for the third time. I have often wanted to tell you how much I relate to your memories of growing up in Southern Calif.
    I was born in Aug. 1946 and grew up in the Pomona, Ontario, Montclair area about 50 miles from your home. I remember the radio stations (KFWB & KRLA) and laying in bed at night with the windows open, smelling the orange blossoms in the yard outside, and listening to the Dodger games on my transistor radio. I babysat, made my own clothes, and learned how to cook with my mother in the kitchen. My sister and I slept on the patio outside in the summertime. We loved the beach and driving up to Mt. Baldy with the family for picnics under the pines. I LOVED the Beatles and saw the BYRDS live in concert in Ontario. My family is mostly descended from the England and Germany and hope to visit there soon. We are kindred spirits, you and I.

  6. judie belton says:

    Susan, I am an older woman(79) who loves a lot of things you do. I have three of your books and would like to know how is Joe Hall. I love England and have been there twice and hiked in Scotland. Now I probably will not be going there again but love to reread your books and have many friends.
    I hope your friends are still around and I hope you dream and add a book about what dreams the older woman can have.

  7. LaDonna Klaus says:

    Hello Susan, I have a small framed print with a quote I love inside a heart shaped circle of flowers…the quote is, “The love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay, love isn’t love till it’s given away.” Is that print still available to purchase?

  8. Terri says:

    Do you still live inn the first house you purchased on the island? In the newer pictures your house looks a lot bigger. Terri

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, after Joe came into my life, we realized my little cottage would not do for the both of us. So we found Spring Street … the bigger house, and bought it in 1989. We are celebrating our 30th year in this wonderful house!

  9. Stacey says:

    Hey! My grandfather was named Willard too! Caught my eye, so I had to subscribe!

  10. Agnes says:

    the picture of your beautiful cat, am I the only one who sees on nose like a shape of mouse running up?

    • sbranch says:

      I saw it the moment I first laid eyes on Jack. Kind of made me withdraw for a moment! But then, because we had named him “Jack” (just in cases) when we were in the car on the way over, when they put him in my arms, he was wearing a paper collar, the shelter had named him and written his name on the collar, I turned it to read it, and it said “Jack!” That’s when I knew I was taking home a kitty with a mouse on his face!

  11. Kalila Volkov says:

    I need you to know how much your writing tickles me. Reading your books is so darn pleasurable! We are so much alike, loving many of the same things (Beatrix, small flower vases, kitties, nature, books, ocean, it’s just endless). It’s truly uplifting to watch you evolve, knowing the back story; I honestly admire your perspective on life and appreciate your many gifts that are your legacy. You spread so much sunshine with your beautiful art and your perfect quotes. Bravo, Susan!

  12. Kassandra says:

    Oh Susan,

    Where do I start?! A friends mother, Deb, had demanded I read one of your books after we had discussed my passion and love for cooking over wine. She is a big fan of yours, her and her sister had actually went to Whidbey island? I believe she said, to try to visit you.

    When she first handed me the book The Fairy Tale Girl, I originally thought it was a cute cookbook of sorts. Once I started readying it I knew I was mistaken but I was engulfed in this wonderful world that I did not want to leave from! OH the tears that I cried and the happiness that had bubbled through out me! I have not had a book make me FEEL that much in a long while. I never wanted to put your book down.

    I was so grateful that Deb had giving that book to read, I knew I had to buy a copy of my own so I could re read it and share it with all my girlfriends. I wanted to give Deb a gift to show her how grateful I was, I thought I would buy a signed copy and offer it to her so she could have a signed copy of your book. I searched for awhile, not knowing about this website or any of your social media outputs. Found one for $50 on Abesbooks and ordered it. To my surprise, the day I was going to offer Deb a signed copy, I found out she already had a signed copy! Oh it made me laugh. So now I have a signed copy of my own!

    Anyways you are so amazing, you life my spirits so much! I loved your Fairy Tale Book and I can not wait to ready Martha’s Vineyard!

    Thank you so much, for everything!

    • sbranch says:

      How sweet of you to write, Kassandra! I’m so happy you enjoyed my book! Makes me so happy to hear that ~ hope you like the rest of the story too! Say hello to Deb! xoxoxo

  13. Lynn Hageman says:

    Hi Susan, by a miracle I found you. I read your 3 books starting with The Fairytale Girl and ending with the trip to England, which was so wonderful I am planning a trip to the Lake District to see Breatrix Potter house. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. You are such an inspiration that my good friend is also going with me because of your books, as well. We have been planning this trip since February. I love all that you do and make. How fun it must be. Thank you for all your lovely’s and thanks for making my year so special!

  14. Sharon Simons says:

    I’ve been looking for new products on your website which were mentioned would be out in the new year. I buy your calendar every year. I just love your artwork and I have all three of your books which I also love. You are an inspiration to me. We love the same things – although I do love dogs too.

    • sbranch says:

      I love dogs too . . . I have to stop myself from getting one, mainly because Joe and I go away too much. Cats are bad enough, I would have a very difficult time leaving a dog!!!

  15. Marion W. Smith (Mrs) says:

    Susan I found your books at Amazon and bought 4 of them and being British living here in Kentucky, I could not put down the book of your British trip. I am now reading Isle of Dreams. I just love the way you write.
    My husband and I also have a black and white cat, her name if Molly.
    So excited to find such wonderfully written books.

  16. Martha Lane says:

    I just received my A Year in the English Countryside 2020 calendar and I love it! I also bought one for a friend who is in her 80’s and was born and raised in Lincoln, England. I was glad that you didn’t have it printed in China, I try to avoid buying things made in China but it is really hard. I can’t wait until January!!

    • sbranch says:

      I know it’s hard. I try as best I can, but sometimes my choices are also limited! Couldn’t get my cups made in America, but LOVED they could be done in England! Thank you Martha!

  17. Frances Zvonek says:

    I love all your pictures and paintings, and was wondering if you were inspired by Mary Engelbreit?

    • sbranch says:

      Our art is very different, so not really, except the business part of it which was run by her husband. I didn’t have a husband at the time and business was never quite my forte! I was never “inspired” by anyone (art-wise) except for the biographies I read about (and by people) trying to make something of their lives and doing things they never thought they could do. I wrote a lot about inspiration in my book Martha’s Vineyard Isle of Dreams.

  18. I will not be lengthy but I would care to contact you. I am reading your books and am amazed at many similarities 💕. I am navigating through a difficult season of life at present, as my husband recently died in my arms in our bed at home (Leukemia). Nothing important, I only felt led to make contact. Your books have offered me inspiration.
    PS: Websites are in the process of being updated very soon. Just getting my feet back on the ground.

    • sbranch says:

      I am so sorry Annie. I’m sure you’re spinning in this totally new life you suddenly find yourself in. Sending you hugs and love . . . starting over when we really don’t want to is pretty awful. Try your best to look forward, put something on the calendar. It’s one day at a time. Hugs and love to you. XOXOXOXOXOXO

  19. Laurie Parker says:

    You are such an inspiration to me. My favorite book of all time, tied with Call the Midwife, is Isle of Dreams. I’ve read this book at least 4 times. I’m so impressed with the bravery that it took to move yourself across the country, devoid of family and friends. I can’t even imagine. That’s a leap of faith. How wonderful that it all turned out so well. Thank you for the hours of pleasure that you’ve given me.

  20. Sue Harman says:

    I have never been much of a reader until, that is, a friend gave me a copy of Isle of Dreams and my head exploded. (Well, not really, but I did have a little flutter in the cockles of my heart.) We truly must be kindred spirits because my little travel book/diary looks very much like the pages of your book. I, too, was born in 1947 and was convinced I could control the wind until I was about 12 years old. We all have special powers, don’t we? Anyway, I just want to thank you so much for having the courage to chase your dream and start painting and writing. Just think, if you hadn’t I wouldn’t be encouraged to read more. I might even consider cooking, too, although I’ve never found it to be very sensible considering that, if done correctly, it has a very short lifespan. Thank you, Sue, from one dreamer to another. “The task ahead of us is never as great as the Power behind us.” …Ralph Waldo Emerson

    • sbranch says:

      Oh thank you Sue . . . love that little flutter in the cockles of your heart! 💞 Thank you for taking the time to tell me! XOXOXO

  21. christine lelacheur says:

    Hi Susan, I bought two of the corgi cups and calendars,love them. I was thinking a bookmark similar to the cups would be awesome(a little bug in your ear)

  22. Tammy Jackson says:

    Hello Susan, just got to read your book the fairy tail girl I checked it out at the library I can’t wait to go get it 2 what a Blessing

  23. cathleen R corell says:

    i have follow you for many. since 1996. i have all your cookbooks. i got my friends to come to your event in morro bay. they love your artwork.. hope your wrist feels better.

  24. Maria Bacher says:

    I just happened on this page, and methinks I’ve discovered a kindred spirit! Oh how the photos, words, drawings, spirit invite and delight my soul! Thank you for using your gift to make people smile! 💗

  25. Cindy C. Vidor says:

    You can only imagine my surprise when I opened my package. Inside the box was the calendar I ordered but also your Autumn book I won in the drawing. Thank you so much.

  26. Peggy Williams says:


    Now that I am 82 I took the time to sit down and enjoy your little book Christmas Joy so sweet and recalled many memories of past Christmas’s

  27. Kim Law says:

    Susan, I am a relative newcomer in discovering the Awesome, Creative, Endearing, Amazing and Warm-hearted Artist Woman you are! My buddy, Lori Dunlap first gave me one of your books and now, I am a fan for life. Just today (1/2/2020), saw one of your calendars for sale at at local Big Lots store.
    I really love your beautiful artwork, created from your heart, by your hands. It adds a great deal to the always-interesting text of your books. Thank you for who you are, for what you do and for the happiness it brings to millions of us Susan Branch fans!

  28. Lena Boyd says:

    Susan I am enjoying your blog so much, getting to know you. Love your desk pad, the art work is fabulous and colorful, The paper holds the ink perfectly, has the look of a time gone by because of the colors you use. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful events. Looking forward to your next blog and getting to know you better.

  29. Lisa Jochim says:

    Hi Susan,
    A new friend here. I just subscribed to Willard. Love the name and the meaning. I’m also reading Isle of Dreams. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world and I look forward to reading more.


  30. Marlene Brannen says:

    Hi Susan,

    I love your books, and so enjoy your blog. What type of pen do you use for your lettering, or are you using a paintbrush? It is so lovely! I wish you’d do an alphabet for purchase!


    • sbranch says:

      What kind of alphabet, not sure what you mean, how would it be used? You can read about my painting things if you put your cursor on “ABOUT ME” at the top of the blog page … xoxoxo

  31. Melissa says:

    Hi Susan,
    Will you be reordering any of your mugs? Specially the Mother’s Day, Love and apples? My Mom is a huge lover of your books and calendar.

    • sbranch says:

      So far we haven’t reordered any of them. It’s why they’re so collectible. I’ll make new ones, soon as the factory gets back to work!

  32. Anna says:

    Hi, Susan! Love your books…but Isle of Dreams is out of stock…everywhere. 🙁 Any idea from your publisher when they’ll be back in stock? (I’m sure it’s a printer slow down due to the pandemic…but this is especially the time we all need to read your books!) Thanks for sharing love and kindness.

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, perfect timing, third printing already shipped from the Printer … you might check my web store now, they may have even come in, if not, they will very soon!💖

  33. Rachel Patrick says:

    Hi Susan,
    I read on your website that you once designed pajamas! Oh please come out with a line of Susan Branch pajamas in the cutest styles and fabrics, you would sell so many! I would buy them all and I suspect all the girlfriends would. I bought a pair of flannel pjs from garnet hill a couple years ago after you recommended them, they are the best during the cold winter months.

  34. Myra Santos says:

    I’m just finding out about you!! I live in the New Orleans metropolitan area, but part of my heart is on the Vineyard. My husband’s family is from the area, and so I’ve been going to the Vineyard for the past 38 years. In fact, we even have an infant son buried in the Edgartown cemetery, and a brick for him at the Edgartown Lighthouse. This is the first year we have not spent a week in the area that I can remember (due to COVID). Love your art and I’ll be shopping for calendars soon!!

  35. Dear Suz,

    I have always been able to find your “snail mail” address except for today. All I get is Willard when I tap on the tab. Can you, or one of your associates, please send me your address?

    Thanks for all the happiness you create for us! Perhaps you’d design a day-planner some day!?

  36. Edith says:

    I’m sure late to the game: JUST discovered you/your books/this blog… I have only read “Romance” (SO FAR)…it was a gift from my sister. She liked it so much she sent it to me and our other two sisters: and now all four of us are fans…(kinda fanatic, as the word intends!) and our Sisters-texts are filled with All Things Susan Branch. Can’t wait to read everything. After reading “Romance” I am motivated to reread Pym and Austen (again)…🥰. My mom was born in England and now lives in a nursing home. Due to Covid we have “window-visits”. I retold her in detail about your flower snatching escapades in the rain in Beatrix’s garden! Oh, the giggles through the screen!
    Thank you.
    (What is the appropriate length of time after you finish a book to reread it? Asking for a friend..)

    • sbranch says:

      LOL, well how wonderful, four sisters … as you likely know, I have that same scenario! I’m so glad you enjoyed Romance! How soon? I hear a few pages before bed are better than sleeping pills ~ not sure if that’s good or bad! 😂

  37. Wyn-Nelle White says:

    I discovered you at Christmas 1996 at the Tattered Cover in LoDo in Denver, Colorado. My grandson had just died–right before his 16th birthday. I made a photo album for him, using your “Loyalty” quotes throughout the album. What a treasure!
    Ever since, I have been a devoted fan.
    I just read ” Martha’s Vineyard, Isle of Dreams.” Fascinating! Makes you believe in dreams and miracles. I love your art and your quotes.

  38. Karen Sleeth says:

    Susan, I just found your wonderful blog and website today. My grandfather was also named Willard!!! I am loving my tour. Thank you, girlfriend.

  39. Valeria Kenny says:

    Hello! Just found your blog searching for information about Martha’s Vineyard A
    Isle of Dreams. Someone on a facebook book exchange mentioned it. It’s part of their library and so special they don’t lend it out and I’ll find my own copy. I’ve always loved your illustration style (yours, Mary Engelbreit, Beatrice Potter & Tasha Tudor) I was a graphic designer for 20 years and now a ICU nurse. I pour over your illustrations for inspiration to get back into art. It will come when it’s time. Thank you for your blog. It’s been a nice escape from the stress of being a ICU nurse during these scary times. I escape from stress of Massachusetts to Maine to a 1826 farmhouse where I grow medicinal herbs and have all my books about herbalism and alternative healing. (not that herb). I do miss the ocean when there but have the sound of the river running through the village. I’m limiting traveling right now due to COVID but when I do go, stay in isolation at my house. I’d like to combine my love of plants and art and start painting again. My specialty was painting on fabric when in the 1980’s I had a company selling hand painted clothing at craft fairs. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • sbranch says:

      Lovely. Creative in all your worlds. Thank you for doing what you’ve been doing. Amazing what our nurses and docs are going through. I feel so much gratitude for them. Yes, it’ll all come at it’s own time. Love that you are gearing up and keeping away from the alternative healing herbs!🤣 xoxo

  40. Barbara Thatcher says:

    I love your calendar and books. I am two years older than you and grew up in La Habra Ca. I was the oldest child in a large Irish Catholic family of 5 children. I was a bookworm to the chagrin of my mother who said that was boring. My mother was a doer (constantly volunteering her time.) I have read exactly the same books that are your favorites also. I was the little girl with the freckles which my father called angel kisses. That made me feel very special. I am looking forward to shopping more in your online store.

    • sbranch says:

      Books aren’t boring as I know you know!🤣 Don’t you feel lucky you loved them? Your dad was a doll. Angel Kisses!😘 Happy Christmas!

  41. Dear Susan my sister sent me your valentine cup with the 2 birds or chickens on the cup.I told her I thought they were doves she thought Chickens.. Please let us know???. I have come to 2 book sighnings own lots of your books and your new puzzle and one other cup. Love your art work…

    • sbranch says:

      It’s my version of a California quail! Funnest sweetest bird in the world! Dreams about them mean good luck! I left off the plumes because the person translating my art to the cups said it wasn’t going to show up!♥️

  42. Debra Gates says:

    Happy New Year to you and your wonderful staff!!

    I have a beautiful copy of your book, “Days of the Heart” and wanted to order another one for a gift but is doesn’t appear under your “Books” tab. Is it still available for ordering?

    You have ALWAYS been a bright spot in my life, having followed you for years, and want you to know how much your art brings joy to me! Everyday I get a smile on my face looking at your gorgeous wall calendar that hangs above my desk!! You have such a ‘gift’ for sharing your talent and I want to “Thank you” so much!!

    Warm hugs from Minnesota!
    Deb Gates

    • sbranch says:

      I’m so sorry, Days is out of print. But thank you so much for your sweet words… Happy 2021, all my best to you and yours!

  43. Doris Marafino says:

    January 2021
    As I was reading Yankee Magazine I came across your name and Home for Christmas. I love Christmas so I searched your books and bought it. It will be delivered next week. With Covid I am in the house and reading is my go to activity of choice. Thank you for being you and your lovely thoughts. I just read your blog and will be a faithful follower. I copied your two recipes for Cranberry bread and Marmalade bread. Both my favorite flavors. Happy 2021.

  44. Candy Ann Tame says:

    Dear Susan,

    Reading all three of your books has become a Christmas season holiday tradition for me, as well as enjoying your cookbooks and all of your beautiful artwork and quotations. I am a 64 yr. old kindred spirit, and I am so thankful that I found your books to help me remember what life used to be like when I was young and how life can still be beautiful every day if we choose to make it so.
    I found a magazine in my grandparents’ things dated April 29, 1947 that I would like to send to you as a birthday gift to show you my appreciation to you for the many hours of blissful contemplation and comfort I receive from reading your books.
    I hope that you enjoy it.
    From my heart to yours,

    Candy Tame Landisville, PA

  45. Joy Hand says:

    Hello from Canada
    I just luv the little books I have and the box of stickers and papers.
    Now to try scrap booking.
    Wishing you continued success.

  46. Christine Sine says:

    Dear Susan,

    I recently came across a book called “Grandma, Tell Me Your Story”, and am absolutely in love! It’s a slow and steady process, but the finished product will be a Christmas gift to my 3 grandchildren this year. While working on “my story”, I was also compiling a shopping list. I noticed that the design of the list I was using was identical to the book! And I haven’t been able to find those lists in, well, forever (years). They came in a boxed set; 12 magnetic pads (with the month at the top), sticky notes, and page markers. Are these still in print? If so, can you point me in a direction where they can be purchased? I’m late to the party, since I had no knowledge of the scope of your work. Guess it’s time to get a cup of coffee and get lost in your website!

    • sbranch says:

      I hope you did that Christine and I hope you enjoyed yourself! Ask Kellee about the boxed set . . . I’m not sure we have it anymore but maybe. kellee@ Welcome to the neighborhood!💞

  47. Nina says:

    Hello Susan!

    I was recently gifted a large set of your stickers (hundreds of stickers!) and I felt compelled to reach out and say how much joy they bring me. They’re hilarious, cute, and inspiring, and genuinely just make me smile. I wanted to see if there was any way you’d ever consider creating a monthly sticker subscription club? My fellow snail mail loving friends and I have found and have subscribed to various clubs of sticker artists from our childhoods (like Mrs. Grossman), and getting those little sticker filled envelopes every month is just such a joy.

    Just wondering if you’ve ever had the thought! Wishing you well!
    Nina M

    • sbranch says:

      I would love that, but we no longer have a supplier for stickers. We were licensed to a company called Colorbok way-back-when and they made wonderful stickers ~ there were 100s of them! Sounds like you might have gotten one of the old kits they sold on QVC. Mrs. Grossman was her own manufacturer . . . so she must still have access to the people who made the stickers for her. We’re always open to new licensing when we are contacted . . . but there are many fewer who do licensing than there were years ago. Thank you for asking!

  48. Carol M says:

    Dear Susan, A friend years ago gave me your Summer Book, during a rough patch in my life, 2000. That she knew me well enough to know I would love it, was gift enough. Reading it was to go on vacation! One Christmas season 2016, sons far off on their own, 6 years post divorce, I sighed, then I got to wondering what else you wrote. I found Isle of Dreams and Fair Tale Girl and read them. Devoured, more like. The journal handwritten format, with quotes and playfulness were just right for me. I felt like I had gained a big sister, who showed me from her experience, how to steer my own boat, where it be. The moments of discovering yourself and your own dreams, and how meditation helped in this, were what this eldest daughter needed to hear. I also loved how you discovered kindred spirits that did not laugh or dismiss your ideas, but instead collaborated with you.
    Because you shared your journey, I was encouraged in mine. Many good things have since happened in my family relationships. Being true to ourselves really does unlock the world. No gold stars needed! Thank you again!

    • sbranch says:

      Those little squeaking sounds you’re hearing are coming from me. Sweet thing to read, always love meeting new kindred spirits! Thank you so much Carol! xoxo

  49. Nicky Silvestri says:

    Hi Susan, I don’t know if anyone has already tried to contact you about this, but as someone who lives in Martha’s Vineyard, perhaps you could help solve a mystery. There is a song on the internet dubbed “Light the Lanterns/Illumination night”, and with the lyrics we can safely assume it’s about Martha’s Vineyard. Some people have speculated that it’s from a local, more specifically Oak Bluffs, but the person who originally posted about this online said he found this in 1985 in California on a cassette tape labeled “demo-listen today”. I was just wondering if you recognized the artist. If so, please feel free to get back to me, I would love to be of help with solving this mystery. Thank you.


    • sbranch says:

      I don’t know but I just put it out on Twitter … to several MV Twitter folk including both the island newspapers … maybe we’ll find out! Check back with me in a few days, let’s see if anyone remembers!

  50. Kathleen Langford says:

    Susan: Like all your fans, I just love visiting your site. And you are like reading a note from a best friend. I often buy items from Cynthia Crane Pottery on Etsy. She has these adorable needle minders, buttons, and trinket bowls. Anyway, when I saw her pretty needle minders today … I thought of you. I just wanted to share with you something adorable. Have a nice day. Kathy Langford ( etsy.com/shop/CynthiaCranesPottery?campaign_label=convo_notifications&utm_source=transactional&utm_campaign=convo_notifications_010170_10683759063_0_0&utm_medium=email&utm_content=&email_sent=1633520914&euid=ks_cNRUtD34BCQPVZqK5DFrAxW0E&eaid=200824126429&x_eaid=fd9b2ad1b7 )

  51. Lonnie Shapiro says:

    Hi Susan! Just want to tell you I have been using your wall calendars for years and our family looks forward to seeing each month put up on our refrigerator with much anticipation! Your calendars make my heart happy every single day. Our seven granddaughters along with their parents get so much joy with your beautiful monthly paintings and quotes. All the recipes, sweet sayings and love you put into calendar makes the year go by happily and loving. Thank you so very much!

  52. Judy says:

    A number of years ago I followed your recipe for crab cakes that was in one of your books. They were delicious and the best I’ve ever eaten. I don’t have that book anymore and don’t recall which one it was. Can you tell me which book it was in or give me the recipe? I would really appreciate it.

  53. Judy Poling says:

    Dear Susan –
    I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. Your enthusiasm is contagious and I have LOVED your art for years!

    I probably won’t ever make it to England but thanks to you I have visited it and I found it breathtakingly beautiful!

    I just ordered your new book, I love quotes and your artwork – how could I ask for more? Anticipating its arrival immensely.

    Excuse me for a minute…I feed the squirrels through my window at work and momma squirrel just came by for some peanuts. She actually will take the peanuts from my hand – I adore her!

    I love Jack’s wonderful little face and have a smile every time I see him.

    Thank you so much for being you and for sharing your life, I so enjoy reading all about you and Joe’s adventures be them at home or wherever!

    So cool that we are all “kindred spirits”!

    Thank you,


  54. Sharen L says:

    I thought you would enjoy seeing this fence in Lake Geneva, WI. Every rail has a quote!

    Looking forward to your visit to Wheaton, IL!

  55. Rachel B. Provencher says:

    Dearest Susan,
    I turned 77 in December, and I have been following you since you began your beautiful journey, that you have given all of us the privilege of accompanying you on. I started with your beautiful art work as I began Scrapbooking. I still have many of your pieces in my collection. I also have most of your books, including calendars, day books and the list goes on.

    I published my first Cookbook in 2000, for family and friends only, not for the public, and I am beginning my 2nd Edition, and hopefully will finish by year’s end.

    I am writing to you today, not only to tell you how much I have enjoyed everything you’ve done, and are doing, but also to ask your permission for something important. In my first cookbook, on many of the pages, I added a little quote here and there, and apparently everyone loved these! Many are asking if I’m going to do the same with this 2nd Edition. And yes, I am! And this is where you come in. Your quotes are and always have been so meaningful to me, and I love reading the new ones, and are collecting all the ones you’ve printed. My request is this: would you give me your permission to use some of these quotes in my cookbook? I am merely talking about the ones from other famous people. Yours are the special ones, my favorite being “Eat your Vegetables” Mom. That could be every Mom’s quote. Of course the quotes I use would always have the author with it, and although I realize that I could have acquired these quotes anywhere, the way you included these on certain pages, or days, or regarding anything in particular, (e.g. a recipe), is just perfect. I will definitely include your name somewhere in my book as there are few people who collect quotes like you do.

    Thank you so much for reading my lengthy Comment, but I have been wanting to write to you for so long.

    Rachel P.

    P.S. Of course I would not object to having your permission to use a few of your quotes also. Classic!

  56. Robin Comerford says:

    Hi Susan! Happy New Year! My friend Anne and I LOVE all your cookbooks and especially your Wall Calendar! Every year for the past 25 years I get a calendar for each of us. We love knowing we are looking at the same calendar each day! I just went online (I know a little late) to order them and every website yours, Your publisher, Michaels, Target, Amazon are all sold out:o( Will you be making any more to be sold? May you please let me know? I really want to keep up our special tradition. Thank you!

    • sbranch says:

      I’m so sorry … every once in a while things change a little bit and suddenly we run out! Normally we don’t do that, but this year was somehow different and they are all gone. Due to printing numbers requirements, somewhere in the 10s of 1000s, the manufacturer can’t reprint after the new year. Not to mention, due to supply chain, a new printing wouldn’t get here until almost 2024!!

      UPDATE… WAS TOLD TO TRY MEIJERS, and at this moment, they have them!! 👏👏👏👏💖💖💖

  57. judy ellington says:

    Hi Susan! I was so envious of your “Group Cruise and Tour of England” but didn’t plan ahead far enough to think about joining. I would love to know the names of your travel planner that could help me plot out a trip. Would you be willing to share? Would you ever consider doing another group cruise? I may be traveling alone, but going with a group of like minded women would be great! Thank-You!

    • sbranch says:

      At the top of my blog are some icons, one of them is England … lots of links there. We don’t know the future right now because we simply have too much to do at home!!!💖💖💖💖

  58. Beth Barnat says:

    Hi Susan, I just finished reading the latest Willard. It was so good, and creative, as always. I bought a 2024 calendar for my wall on Amazon – actually a pre-order.
    When I read your Willards and enjoy your calendars, I often wonder if you know that most important thing there is to know – and that is … do you know Jesus Christ as your Savior & Lord? It’s so important. It’s for eternity. If Jesus is your Savior & Lord, and you have personally received Him into your life & heart to forgive you of your sins (we are all sinners), you will live for eternity with Him and all others who have done the same.
    Your love of life is so great and inspiring … I would hate to think that instead of heaven for eternity, you would be in hell for eternity.

    For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus, that whoever believes in Him, will have eternal life.

    Much love to you, Susan, and your wonderful husband (this is for him, also),

  59. Sue Bigsby says:

    Susan — your shopping link on your website appears to be broken. I hope you can get it up and running again soon — I’m in the mood to finish my Christmas shopping!

  60. Elizabeth Cafarella says:

    Dear Susan,

    Reading your books feels like a getting warm hug from a dear friend. You have many things in common with my mother – she was also born in 1947, she is the second oldest of six children, and she learned to cook in the very happy kitchen of her beloved mother. But even though you are my mother’s age, I feel so much kinship with you because I think your messages are timeless. I absolutely love the joy I find in simple pleasures like a vase of flowers, snuggles with our dog, decorating for the holidays, baking with my kids, going for walks outdoors, and travel. I am so impressed by the courage you showed in setting out on your own and forging a new life for yourself when you left California. Everyone has at one time felt loneliness, or questioned what to do with their lives, and your books are such an inspiration. So thank you, Susan, for being brave, for putting beauty out into the world, and for sharing all the lovely little things with us. – Elizabeth in Connecticut

  61. Elizabeth Cafarella says:

    I forgot to add one more thing I love about you and your books – the importance of GIRLFRIENDS! While I am very happily married, I could not survive without the support and laughter provided by my girlfriends. So cheers to that!! xo

  62. Jane Mulraney says:

    OMG.I just discovered you today at my boyfriend’s daughter’s house at brunch. She showed me a beautiful mug of yours her sister got her for Easter about America’s 250th birthday. She also has the Queen Elizabeth Jubilee one. Gorgeous! She showed me one of your books and mentioned she’d love to ger one you wrote on Halloween. We are both Anglophiles and love New England. I can’t believe at age almost 79 I am just learning about you! You have a precious old soul and know the secret of what I call “life savors,” simple things that produce much joy! Keep up the good work. Sincerely
    , Jane Mulraney

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