Believe you me (as my mom would say💖), you cannot pack up all your very favorite things from a house you’ve lived in for 35 years without living every single day on that beautiful old street called Memory Lane. MUSICA! I love it there. I’m good at it. Not the packing, the memories. Everything we pick up has a story, and looking at some things brings back the years, and leaves me with joy joy joy, a surprising result from what should be an awful job! Me (and Man Cat) when I first moved to Martha’s Vineyard from California, in my tiny house in the woods (that I accidentally bought because of the cute stove and broken bird feeder) knowing no one, devastated from divorce, scared, confused (like how did I get 3,000 miles from everything normal), with no idea what would come next. See that face? It’s the face of luckiness. But we never know where life will take us. Fun thing about growing older, you get to see your path! The little cottage I’d stumbled upon had a hand-written sign out front with a name, Holly Oak ~ the house had a name! It was small but it was cute! So much happened in the seven years I lived there, that in 2016 I used my old diaries and photographs to write a book about it called Martha’s Vineyard Isle of Dreams. Next Willard is going to be all about this little house. Pure memory indulgence. Now it’s hard to wait … 👏

And I was right, wonderful things were ahead. As my eyes began to open to everything around me, I heard the birds singing, I admired every detail of the changing seasons. I began feeling like a bunch of fairies were always running ahead arranging little discoveries for me . . . it never seemed I had to look far to see them . . . and it never stopped. Here we are on our walk just the other day. Where’d that heart come from? We don’t know. We walked past it to where Joe is in the photo, and I suddenly thought “I can’t just walk by that,” and said to Joe, “Hey, look at this.” I went back and showed him and he said, “Take a picture of it.” (Joe, the gift that keeps on giving. Fairy found him in a restaurant and sat him next to me one night.💞)

Joe waited while I took pictures. I think it was just a dry place in the damp road where the trees hadn’t dripped. Put there for us.

We love our walk so much we put our name on it. Lots of times! 

Only 3 weeks ago our walk looked like this . . . colorlessness in all its colorless glory. Deeply beige. Good air though, good, clean, cold, briny, fresh ocean air.💨

Everything we see is art.🧡

And baby look at it now . . .The gift of our lives, being here in all seasons, a piece of our hearts will ALWAYS be here, forever, until time is no longer. It’s made for such a happy life! What I take with me from this: sea glass we found during hours of wandering the beach, heart-shaped rocks, tons of photos and videos, memories, of the porches we sat on watching the sun set, the barbecues on the beach with our friends, the yellow kitty I found and wrapped in my jacket to take home ~ too many memories to mention ~ always reminding me what a wonderful world this is. And the BOOKS we’ve listened to together out there (one Airpod in my ear, and the other in Joe’s)! Speaking of which: Oh boy, do I have good books for you! First off, have you read The Dutch House by Ann Patchett? SO GOOD!!!! A+++ and read by Tom Hanks! Which made it perfect. He acts all the way through it! We just finished it the other day, we both cried at the end. Walked the rest of the way home talking about it.📚 We are now reading something completely different, but equally compelling, memoir and history, my two favorites, and it includes archival recordings! It’s by Doris Kearns Goodwin and it’s called An Unfinished Love Story. We’re only just two walks into this book, and I thought I knew the history of the 1960s, but I was only 13 when the decade began, and am being TREATED to a whole new view in this book. I think what I was doing and thinking then (sooo busy watching Bewitched, meeting the Beatles) and compare it to what these others were doing and thinking. Another world! Walking and learning!👍👍 Win-win! Under the trees, through the woods, to the sea with my honey man, for a lifetime.    Even the sky knows it’s spring, and not afraid to show it.

Our house fronts on two streets, this is a view of the small-town, tree-lined street at the back…. . . I love the lawn going right up to the granite curb . . . in my mind, the cars and asphalt are gone, and what I see is a couple of horses nibbling grass . . . How quiet it is . . . make a right after that second car, and you see this . . .

Our House. The first time I saw this, before I knew I could buy it, I would come over and sit here in my car and stare at it, dreaming it into becoming mine.💖

Looking down from way up there, the sky, the same one we walk under, the same one you see outside your window, the same one that floated over that old street and this old house 175 years ago, has seen it all . . .

Seasons of beauty, and the excitement we feel waiting for each season as it comes, marking time as a gift. Sparkling sweet spring and my pink-flowered clematis Montana Reubens is blooming!!! I saw this plant for the first time at the first house we rented in England and fell in love 🌸. Wrote about it in my garden diary, came home and planted it. You California girls, do you know if this vine will grow out there?🙏 I might have to be satisfied with gardenias and sweet peas which don’t grow well here on the island. Gardenias, not at all!

The bluebells came from Lowely’s garden and now they’re in bloom in my garden and volunteering all over! In England, bluebells are protected, and in the spring there are carpets of them in the woods, for as far as the eye can see.🦋 

The Jan van Leeuwen peony my girlfriends gave me in 2020 in memory of my mother just bloomed in time for this Willard. The first of my peonies to bloom each year.💞 Wonderful! Big as my hand!

Next comes this one! My mom and Shirley Temple go together like peanut butter and jelly, bologna sandwiches and potato chips, saltine crackers and milk.💞

This is my second year of No Mow May. I love seeing what comes up when we don’t mow! It’s quieter too . . . no lawn mowers. 

Everything seems to be blooming at once, Lily of the Valley, 

. . . dogwood, and Lilac too. Mrs. Bowditch, who lived here for 30 years before us (to whom I give thanks every spring, summer, winter and fall), planted the entire west side of this property with lilacs!

Mrs. Bowditch’s wisteria is planted across the length of the house on the arbor that goes under our bedroom windows, under another bedroom’s windows, under the back stairs window, ending outside the Peter Rabbit room bedroom windows. Old old, with a trunk much thicker than my leg. Our windows, newly relieved of storm windows, are open at the perfect time… to smell the flowers, and hear the sound of the fattest bees!💤

I came in from the garden carrying my phone, and my shadow came with me . . . I looked down, and there was my OTHER shadow.💖 

Jack seems to be oblivious to what is going on in this house. Hasn’t said a thing about the shelf Carlton made for me (see the hearts?) being taken down and wrapped up to go to California. Doesn’t miss the pictures on the wall, not repelled by empty bookshelves, missing silverware, dishes, and nap blankets, doesn’t mind walking around, over, or through boxes … He does what he always does, looks cute, basks in the sun, shadows me…

Waits in my chair . . . because he knows soon it will be nap time . . .

Rolls over for Joe’s Man-hands to give him a good rub! He is going to love our trip across country. He’ll be center of attention 24-7!

And while packing, I look outside, feeling the springtime vibes of this 35th Spring of our lucky lives here in this house. This normal Valley girl, oldest of 8 children, walking to school in my Girl Scout uniform, Reseda High School alumni, squirrel-luring, doll-loving, bologna sandwich eating, Toni permanent getting, Zuma Beach sitting, star-wishing, Ciro’s dancing, Beatle-meeting, Joe-finding, cat adoring, birthday-cake making, cookbook-writing, LUCKY person.🌹

Only 35 Springs here . . . of the 175 that this old house has experienced. We did our part, 35 Christmases, 3 weddings, one memorial, and one movie night under the trees, too many birthday toasts under the arbor to count, flags on the front of the house, croquet and badminton in the garden, lobster dinners with Frank Sinatra, Tommy Dorsey, Harry James MUSICA wafting over the neighborhood, hot dogs on the grill, tea parties, Christmas Parties, Girl parties, egg hunts, a luau for Joe’s 40th, quilts-airing, sheets drying, kitties galore, visiting neighbor dogs, in short, LIFE. And I have photos of it all! I’m writing this so that hopefully the people who live here after us, will find this and know what a living thing this house is.🦞 It goes forth with my forever thanks and gratitude.🌹 

I went through my 17 photo albums and took pictures of everything I love. Much faster than scanning, and worked really well. This is one of them . . . it’s my first photo of the house, the exact view from that pretty street where I used to sit and stare.

And this, with hearts I stenciled on the windows for Valentine’s Day . . . Perfect forever-decor for this house. Even if you can’t see them now, you know they were there. And that’s what makes all the difference.💋

For happily ever-aftering than here in Camelot . . .❤️

I feel so lucky that when we get to California . . .

. . . we have another picket-fence garden . . . and a little house that I love. What Martha’s Vineyard (AND England) taught me is that I’ll be happy no matter where I am as long as I can be outside, with old trees, the sound of bees, the smell of dirt, watching birds, hugging kitties, watching the sun set, wandering with Joe. It always was and always will be

Our move in 2024 is very different from my move alone in 1982 … this time I bring my loves with me, my Kitty and Joe . . . and I bring you. I didn’t have you last time, I was in the process of growing into the having of you . . . this time is MUCH better! Can’t wait to show you all our new plans. But never worry that we won’t have our memories too . . . you’ve been here on the island with me for so many years, we’ll never forget it! And I’ll never stop writing about it. Like they never stopped writing about Camelot! Because once there was a spot . . . 😘

Jane Austen and I have a lot in common in that we know how to celebrate getting older! Same way we celebrated being younger! (douceurs in French means “sweets”)🍷

Here’s another harbinger of spring on Martha’s Vineyard, John’s Fish Market opens for the season!!! Oh my!!!🍤🍤🍤 Time OUT from packing!!!

You know it will be good when you go inside and see this photo that’s been on the wall for years . . . Glenn, John’s son, and I’m guessing this is his little sister? She’s smaller than the fish!🐙

You know it’s going to be good when you see this out behind the market! It’s the real thing!

So along with the rest of the island, we go down and stand in line for all their delicious delights, fantastic fresh fish, lobsters, and potato salad … plus, THE best shakes, fries, onion rings, burgers, fish plates, the Island’s best version of fast food, except (spoiler alert) it’s not really fast, but it’s GOOD . . .

And here: the creme de la creme. . . our first fish sandwich of the season. The best melt-in-your-mouth, freshest-fish sandwiches on the face of the earth.🐟 From a fish market that was here when I got here. I never met John, but I knew his wife Sandy . . . for years and years, I would come for fish and joke with Sandy. And now their son Glenn is there, cooking for everyone. If you come to the island, go there, and be REALLY nice, and tell them I sent you. For old times sake. Click HERE to find them. ❌⭕️

Took this bowl to Margot’s for a party on her porch on Friday night with all our friends . . . filled it with Brownies (p.109 Autumn Book ~ but I’ll put the recipe at the bottom of this blog in case you’re in the mood🤗) . . . I didn’t put my name on the bowl, left it and the embroidered linen doily for her . .. because it’s true. “Old friends is always best. . . Unless,” as Sarah Orne Jewett wrote, “you can catch a new one fit to make an old one out of.”♥️Our moving van comes in one week!🤪 But we’re going to stay another month. So all is well . . . we’re DOING it.🆘 Each day I get up and MAKE my day. That’s what it seems to take. A TON of conviction, more than any normal person should have to have, and as little over-thinking as possible. Trying to pay attention to the minutes so the days will take care of themselves!🌹

One last thing ~ just came in . . . we’ve had these “Secret Notes” (see the tiny matchbox at the bottom of this photo?) in our web store for years . . . but I recently decided we needed some new messages and so I made some! Just back from the printer, Kellee sent me a box! It’s an oldie but goodie turned new again. Little notes to stuff into pockets and backpacks . . . tuck into letters, use as bookmarks, give to friends ~ And, did you guys get a chance to read the comments from my last Willard? So so SO good … if you ever need to feel better about this old world, read those comments.💌 It’s all love all the time. You come out purified! Scroll down, it’s the Willard under this one . . . to read them, just click on the tiny word “comments” at the very end (just beyond all the other tiny words). And sign-up on the top right of this page if you’d like the Willards delivered to you! And here’s the recipe I promised! Happy cooking!❤️

L🅾Ve  Y🅾u 🌹

Off I go . . . this is the day I start packing up my STUDIO! I wrote something like 12 books in this room!!! 

And I’m taking it all!

My paints!

Every single memory is coming with me! Saving them up to tell you more later!🌹🌹🌹 Looking forward to our ROAD TRIP!!!

Adios dear ones!!! Thanks for stopping by! Have yourselves a wonderful day!💋



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Rabbit Rabbit, almost May, welcome to this episode of “Real Life.” Don’t let the title scare you!! Let the MUSICA do it!😢

The question posed to me over and over again this April: Responsibility. What is it and why do we have it? I think if you have children, the minute they are born, responsibility kicks in for a lifetime. I don’t know, because I don’t have children and so that ultimate responsibility was never mine. Looking back, I think for the most part I got to pick and choose my responsibilities😸, they didn’t land on me like care of children must inevitably do. Children help you notice the years are going by. I forgot to do that. But sooner or later, life tells you you better take responsibility or you’ll be in trouble. Warning lights show up whether we like it or not. That’s when life decisions can no longer be ignored, you find yourself adding up numbers, weighing pros and cons, living in denial as much as possible, suddenly seeing your surroundings in a way you never noticed before, writing a will🤪, and PLANNING for something you have no idea what it is, or when, or how, or even why, because you’re secretly only 23, and very busy, and you don’t DO responsibility. But for some unfathomable reason, to fit into rules not of my making, we’re being forced into it. I would prefer to do TODAY, exactly what I did YESTERDAY, forever. Operative word is forever. Where is my dad when I need him, he had all the answers! So ’round and ’round we go, listing pros and cons, meditating on it, clarifying options, and getting a handle on consequences (guessing, because who knows), debating with myself, debating with Joe, seeing truth but fighting the impulse to lie to myself (I know, that always works🙄), crying while out on our walk ~ and then, back home, my eyes fall on the little stove on top of my big stove, something with zero PRACTICAL value besides cuteness, and I think well, if we have to go, I’m taking that.🤜🤛Still hard to say … But in a nutshell, Joe and I have decided for our old age, it’s best we move to our house in California and sell our house on the island. So many reasons, but number one is the one most of us have to wrestle with, our financial situation … this big old house requires constant maintenance, and if we sell it we will have enough money to ensure our security in the future. All the back and forth, all the worry comes down to that. Now that we’ve finally accepted it, we’re trying to take it one day at a time. We’re in good health, and once it’s all done, if we live through it, we’ll see where we are and what our future holds. I’m sad, but excited too. Change like this brings both losses and gains. Living in this big old house has been the BEST thirty-five years! A dream come true, a miracle. And when we go? We take our memories and go to MORE Beauty!!! Don’t be sad for us, it’s life, the beautiful, wonderful, mystery of right thing at right time. I guess we always knew this day would come. We’ve decided to love each other through it.💞 I’m drinking tea from my Blessed cup this morning.💖

I think back on the years I’ve been writing Willards (LOOK on the right of this page, scroll down to ARCHIVES!)  … put all that writing together and it’s a diary! The longest memoir in the history of womankind! You’ve been with me through it all, and often going through just exactly the same thing at the same time! And now, this. I know we aren’t alone. You know I’ve been homesick all my life … when I’m in California, I want to be on the Island… when I’m on the Island, I miss California. So actually, nothing changes, the homesickness continues.💝 As my mom would say, “so spoiled.” It’s all those fairy tale books I read, not my fault.Just like everyone else, we didn’t know how to do this. And just like everyone else, we’ve had to make it up, CREATE it. We needed all the help we could get, so I Googled, “Biggest mistakes made when retiring” (in so many words, even if you’re NOT retiring!). “Get ready,” they all said, “you will be old someday, get yourself organized.” Heard it for years, didn’t do it. But hearing it so often, you have to (⬅️😱) believe it. We had to figure out what is going to be best for us in the long run. There are helpful studies online that result from questioning people who’ve been through it. Safety was big. Which means, no narrow, steep, ship-like stairs like these built in 1849 by a whaling captain. One-floor living is a requirement. Climate is also important, tying in to safety: Snow is heavy, ice is slippery, don’t get near it. Healthcare and senior services: You should not have to get on a ferry to get that because what happens if the ferries don’t run? Money: cut expenses so you don’t accidentally run out. This was the big one (and the tipping point) for us: no giant old “money-pit” houses (as our accountant referred to our house) that require constant care, where heating costs as much as a house payment, and chores require getting on ladders. And the number one biggest mistake people make, they say, is waiting too long. Grrrr.😲

“So far life had just happened to me. I had to figure out a way to happen to it.” 💖 me

I wrote those words in my memoir “Martha’s Vineyard Isle of Dreams.” I have never liked it when life happened to me, I have always wanted to feel as if I’m making a choice, and if it’s wrong, then I only have me to blame. And although our financial situation limits your average zillionaire’s full-range of choices, I can still choose some things. For instance, I can choose how I’m going to look at this. I could either up my anxiety medicine, or choose joy. I choose joy. I choose the Pollyanna Glad Game that’s gotten me through life since I was 8 years old. I choose to find the good, go forward positively and follow my dreams, we are NOT going to be destitute. And I’m not done yet, but that doesn’t matter, they say, you must prepare yourself. So I walk around with all this in my head, and there, all spread out on the kitchen table where Joe has left it for me, is the newspaper.

And look what it says! The unstoppables! All in their 80s and 90s, lucky to have good health, and they still work because they love it. I imagine they are all have lots of help around them, they probably have children and grandchildren, money is likely not a problem ~ and definitely they don’t have to climb whaling-captain ship-stairs to get to their bedrooms, but look at them! Totally inspiring. They may have had to change lifestyle a bit, but that didn’t mean everything was OVER. It didn’t stop them. And I don’t think it’s because of their ambition as this article says, I think it’s LOVE. Love of life, love of what they do, love of the people they’ve come to relate to and care for through their work. Do people ever tire of spreading love? I don’t think so. Nothing is EVER perfect, but these people, and so many like them, happen to life and don’t let life happen to them until they absolutely MUST. I want to be just like them when I grow up!💖

Yes, it’s hard; overthinking is the thief of confidence ~ but in my studio I found these cards ~ keepers, all together on a shelf. I put them on the fridge to share with Joe. The first one was painted by Kate Taylor, sister of James, a WONDERFUL singer and artist and person, and our friend. Her card says it all.’Course we can!💝

And this postcard about sharing experiences with your bestie…

And this card, so perfect for us, given to me by Joe for our anniversary . . .

And his sweetest words that brings us right back to

You Me, We Can Do This.Reminding us our whole life has been an adventure, why not now?

There are two ways to look at it. As either our greatest loss ever, and or as another fantastic gift of life adventure. I question it constantly, cry sometimes, but then I read the birthday card Mother Seraphima and the sisters sent me that says, “Life isn’t about what you hold in your hands. It’s about what you hold in your heart.” And my heart keeps hold of it all. So, I think, year-’round gardening can NOT be a bad thing. Roses! The sale of Spring Street will enable us to pay off our debts. I hate debt. It makes me feel like I weigh 300 pounds. I will LOVE living near Kellee, Sheri, and Judy again, I feel empowered in our meetings so filled with inspiration. We do better when we’re together. I will love waking up to the gurgling water fountain outside our bedroom window, and looking out my kitchen window, past the bird feeders in the mimosa tree, at the long green farmland ~ all that glorious nature. I will love Trader Joe’s. I will love living a simpler life, will love wine with Diana next to the water, love painting at the same art table where I wrote my Autumn Book, with a view of our picket fence garden, will love a large garden project. But the things I will miss are uncountable, the history, the years, but number one, I can barely write this, are our wonderful friends. But we know we’re coming back, for as long as we are able … we’re just not coming in summer, 
when the humidity melts me into a puddle. And not in the long months of winter, which, despite its many charms, can trap us inside like a perpetual pandemic. We’ll come in the spring to see the weeping cherry trees in bloom, the magnolias, and the dogwoods, for the tulips and daffodils ~ and in the fall, for the smell of autumn, for the leaves flying in the wind, for the colors, and the sweaters. And I imagine it will be more magical than EVER. All part of the adventure. All part of the gratitude, the pure gift I’ve been given in this life. I refuse to be sad, when happy is so easy. I have always loved the flow of life, and that hasn’t changed. I will say the thing I say every day, thank you God.💖

So we are packing up to move! And allowing ourselves to be excited! Because it’s exciting! I walk by the dining table where I am gathering things to take, and hear tiny, squeaky, excited mousie voices all talking at once, “why are we here, what are we doing, where are we going . . .?” The “children” are excited … Petey too! He’ll be in the old Fine Romance Van (ie garden truck), along with us, and Jack, when we drive them across country to their new home. Luckily everyone is up for the adventure! And we’ll bring you along! I’ll have to Instagram the trip! I think Jack will love being the center of attention 24-7. And I will love having him with us.😻

Downsizing! We’ll have less than half the square footage in California! Which I will love. I already feel liberated! I’m taking all our very favorite things and just LEAVING the rest of it, walking away, for an estate sale.  From six sets of dishes, I narrowed it down to two! Proud of me? And everything is going to go with green. Because guess what? I get to REDECORATE! There is good in everything. You’ll see! I can’t wait to show you! Don’t cry for me Argentina. I am going to eight long green acres in the quiet sunshine where gardenias and artichokes grow.

So upward and onward: Life goes on.💝 This will cheer you up! MAS MUSICA! (The kind of MUSICA my house has always loved.💞 I tried to bypass it, but they seem determined to throw commercials in, hit “skip!” It’s worth it!!💝) I’ve always loved dolls, my mom did, and so do I. But she never let herself collect them, and me either because I just can’t bring myself to have a room full of dolls, I love them too much, they would overwhelm me (Joe would kill me), I have no doubt! I go to doll stores, alone, whenever I see one, very dangerous. Even bought one for my mom. But, I’m just too boringly practical. Almost always.So the other day, on our way to our walk, there were signs along the road pointing to an estate sale … it was a beautiful, sunny blue-sky day so we decided to go. Because when you’re moving and trying to downsize, the first thing you think of is “Let’s go get more stuff!”  (And I call myself practical🙄) But LOOK at her. ⬇️ I can’t help it, I BELIEVE her to be beautiful!💝 Wm. Morris would HAVE to approve . . .😊

She’s tiny. She has a hand-painted face, and hand-painted shoes and socks. Her underclothes were clean, but her dress was very dirty and I did my best to clean it, soaked it with lukewarm water and a drop of bleach . . .

One of the sleeves had come apart so I sewed it back together.

She read some of my books while she waited for her dress to air dry. I found her chair at the estate sale, too! And I know exactly where she will go in the house in California! She will be driven in the van with me and Joe and Jack and Petey.💝  My other dolls.


And here she is … I had to show you her dancing legs . . .

 What else? So much ~ Kellee is getting new things into the Studio every day. I can’t keep up!

All my paint boxes have to be packed up and I have a jillion of them. I don’t know why. I keep thinking there might be a color out there I haven’t seen yet. Taking no chances. And they DO make better colors all the time . . . Look at these I just got:

Aren’t they gorgeous? In cork! I’ve never seen that before. The colors are so rich and vibrant and they flow beautifully from brush to paper! I’ve already started using them . . .


Even the BROWN is gorgeous! I got them for you too! I also found ⬇️ the sweetest little pad of textured 100% cotton watercolor paper with a vegan leather cover.💖

I’ve always wanted to offer a little set of wonderful watercolors ~ just hadn’t found the perfect ones yet. I still haven’t been able to get brushes, sorry … but my two favorite paintbrushes are Windsor Newton #1 and #4 ~ you can find them at Blick … everyone should give it a try! Look what happened to me! Total accident, but fun for a lifetime! Don’t think you have to be perfect, there is no such thing. Original, no matter WHAT, is best. 💖 Do it your way! And there are so many wonderful teachers out there! Sign up for something! Think of all the nice people you’ll meet! Watercolors are like music, some very ethereal and light, some very dark and opaque, shivering high notes and intense low notes, lighthearted joy and depths of heartbreak, spring and fall, the fast and the slow, some spreads forever, some is short and stops abruptly… do it to your own song and you’ll be doing it right.🧡 Maybe, just maybe, when we get to California, I will learn how to video myself and try to give an art lesson! That would be interesting. I barely know how I do it myself! 💖

My collection of heroes is heading west too . . . I’ve been collecting these die-cut hero-cards to inspire me in my studio since George Washington arrived as a wedding invitation way back in the 80s. Slowly over the years, in bookstores and other assorted places, I found the others, from Mark Twain, to Jane Austen, and all the others. Everyone asks me about them … And Kellee found them for our webstore!

“Susan’s Picks” this week are all about Mother’s Day . . . including this greeting card I made for all the nurturer’s in your life. We also have the guided books I made for moms and grandmas to tell their stories and record their memories. Every day is Mother’s Day in so many of our hearts.💝 Speaking of which, for the Mom’s in your life:

Something new! We have a Girlfriend who makes these wonderful gold filled necklaces for us, perfect alone or for layering ~ so dainty, this one we call Counting my Blessings . . .

I am a heart girl so when I saw this one, I had to have it, and needed them for you too! So here we go! You can see the gold heart necklace HERE. (The little flower necklace you see with it is coming soon!) I hope you love it! They all come on these little cards and in a clear envelope and look really good together! 

I’ve had a chain like this for a long time and love how the light picks up the little extra detail of the beads … so when I saw these I was thrilled I could offer them to you. They come in either gold OR silver ~ I wear it on its own, or add a pendant ~ it’s like a jewelry-box staple. You can see it on Kellee HERE.

Lots of new cards … these have simple summer drink recipes, reminding us to celebrate EVERY wonderful moment.☀️

And these wonderful Alphabet Stitch Kits finally came back in ~ with everything you need, including instructions, needle, and embroidery floss. Make something you can pass down to your family. This one is mine, but that space there at the bottom is for you to embroider your own name and the date…💝

But honestly, despite packing and worrying, and now instead of worrying, meditating and remembering, despite all that, I look outside and see this and go get my phone!!! Who wouldn’t!?

forsythia, magnolia trees, and garden mulch . . . part of the flash dance of spring . . .🌸 Yes we’re going, but the garden says, Hey, don’t forget me .  . . and we never will.🪴🪴🪴

Went out to dinner with friends and this was the view on the other side of the window . . .👀

Driving home under a full moon . . . I’ve had forty-two years of Martha’s Vineyard full moons.😱 At LEAST 504 of them, not counting the Blue Moons! Brought here, I don’t know how . . . How lucky can you get!!!? And I hear there are full moons in California too!💃🏼

Our morning walk has been a pure gift … red bucket and flip flops on the beach this beautiful morning and no one else around! Inspires Morning Science!

And the sunsets . . . 

and new blooms . . . forty-two years of the surprise of Spring . . . I have loved this house to its very soul, and it has loved me back to mine. A part of me is embedded here forever and I could not be happier about it. The world turns, spring passes, summer comes, all is as it should be.💝

Here we go! Off to the next adventure! Good bye April . . .💝

   Hello May 🌸

Plant up a storm Girlfriends, all the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today!🪴 All Love, all joy, all hope, all truth, all courage, to all of you, all the time.💞




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