Vineyard Views

Vineyard Views

We’ve walked out this dirt road every morning for about twenty years…we’re up-close and personal with every stick, nest, and bump on it. We play a game while we walk called "Morning Science" — because we are the opposite of scientists, so we think it’s funny. Here’s a video where Joe finds quicksand …


This is where the road takes us; a strip of land with old fishing shacks overlooking the sound.


September moon on Spring Street.


Fall leaves in our backyard


Winter squirrel feeding — In this video, I’m returning from visiting my girlfriend across the street … to favorite little critter waiting for me… it’s true, we bribe her with cookies . . .


A fence in our neighborhood


Summer night band concert at Owen Park overlooking the harbor


The ferry coming in . . . in this video, you’ll get a taste of the ferry ride.


Tell Todd (the Captain) and Leah (the Boss) I sent you! These lovely people will take you out on their beautiful sailboat, Magic Carpet . . .


Twinkle lights decorate the arbor for summer eating outdoors


Grand Illumination night happens every August in Oak Bluffs (since 1868); the little gingerbread cottages are decorated with Chinese lanterns . . .


. . . it all lights up just after dark….and the stroll begins.


Light sticks add magic to all the Vineyard night time events.


And then, speaking of magic, the sunsets. Impossible to choose just one photo! Check out this video for another one… they’re different every night.


Hope you loved seeing the island! We’ll know we’ve really made it in computer world, when I can send you salt air, the hum of bees, the breeze off the harbor, the waves lapping on shore — and one really exciting blizzard for frosting on the cake! But, for now, imagination is everything.

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  1. Kristin Ward says:

    My hubby and I just visited MV for the first time from TX and absolutely fell in love… we had our 25th anniversary and my first cookbook wedding present was Vineyard Seasons all those years ago. Now we were there! I’ve loved your work for years and I’m back home rereading Vineyard Seasons and Summer on my couch with my morning coffee, sighing with happiness after being on the island and daydreaming about going back. Thank you for sharing your work, your home, and your creativity ❤️

  2. Dian Felkins says:

    We will be visiting MV in Oct. of this year. First time and we’re from TX. Having just moved here from a cherry ranch in central CA. Whew…big change. Looking forward to seeing the sites you have suggested. Can’t wait!!!. Thank your all that you share….

  3. Jane Mary Kent Lucido says:

    Visiting from Michigan today. I think I saw your house being painted.

  4. Anne Alderfer says:

    Wow…we just visited MV the last few days of September into early October…been there twice before but felt so deeply nourished this time by the invigorating but restorative energy of the Vineyard. Also, felt inspired by the creative energy permeating the area. Came across the ‘Grace Happens’ bumper sticker which I bought for my Subaru back home in Indiana and found you on her website. Had no idea you were a MV resident..would have tried to look you up! Always loved your precious work!!!

    • sbranch says:

      It’s truly something. I’ve felt the magic from day one, and many who came before and after me, it’s there for the taking. Yes, such creative energy there, people figuring out a way to live on a tiny island, and doing a sweet job of it. Thank you Anne, happy to hear from you!

  5. Susie lettau says:

    Hi Susan!
    I used to work for Patti
    Who owned persnickety
    She carried lots of your merchandise I remembered she came in the shop one day and said I’m having lunch with Susan in arroyo grande.
    I found your books last year
    And read them. I picked them up again and rereading again now.
    I love your books, so fun to read
    U r so fun, I love all your stories
    You are so inspiring!
    MV has been on my bucket list
    For years. Got to make it happen.. Happy New Year

  6. Brenda Hannon says:

    Hi Susan,
    I Know we have some common interests, including history. I have yet another book to add to your reading list. It is by the “Washington” author, Ron Chernow and the Title is, “Titan – The life of John D. Rockefeller, SR”. I just finished it while visiting my son in Chappy. And though I did gloss over the political parts of Standard Oil, I came to understand where the philanthropic generosity of the Rockefellers came from….a very interesting story. Chernow is a wonderful author. And now it is my turn to visit Williamburg area this year with my husband, or maybe in the Spring. I enjoy your lovely, informative blogs and was warmed by the credit you gave the R. family!! The Vineyard is so pretty now, getting ready for the season, and I was amazed by the proliferation of TURKEYS- EVERYWHERE!!! 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you, I agree, love Chernow. I’ll look for that book, although my book pile has gotten way out of hand! Thank you Brenda!

  7. Linda Dyke says:

    Hi Susan,
    I had so much fun reading your books. I ended up reading the first book last and got such a kick out of you meeting the Beatles! Each book was a special read and I laughed and cried. I read your book about England. It was super special you getting excited about some of the same things as I did. Being at Beatrice Potter’s Hilltop Farm was one of my highlights. My husband could tell my enthusiasm being there so he took me a second time on the same trip. I love how she requested that her farmhouse be always filled with flowers and warm fires going for touring visitors. She must have been quite a gal!

    I just read that you lost your precious kitty and that she haunts you both. Not a scary thing, just sweet. I think she loved you so much (actually can’t remember if it’s a girl or boy) and felt so loved she comes and visits..

    Thank you for sharing your joys and even your trials. that’s what girlfriends do. I think you have a lot more girlfriends than you think, you just haven’t met us all in person. Take good care girlfriend.
    Linda Seattle Washington

  8. Lisa M says:

    I love getting your emails and reading the blog posts. I was disappointed that the video links didn’t work. I wanted to see the “scientists” walk. Thank you for sharing your life with us Susan.

  9. Sherry Kennedy says:

    This is one place I have wanted to go for years. I hope one day to go here with my husband. Is this place just as beautiful in the fall? I have been to Vermont, Maine and Rhode Island in the fall and loved it.
    Thank you for your beautiful pictures and your books!
    Sherry K

  10. Francie says:

    Just finished your third book ( and bought them all including a few cook books) I love, LOVE your style of writing and the art work. My daughter is a High School art Teacher and also loves your work.
    ” A Fine Romance” Really makes me want to travel to England, and stay in one of those country cottages. I also love the fact that the book is small and could be carried on a trip to England for reference. It’s on my bucket list.
    I also want to travel to Martha’s Vineyard. I live in Upper Michigan and when my husband and I visited Maine He commented that Maine looks a lot like Upper Michigan. ( our Great Lakes look like the ocean, can’t see across, but no sharks and salt free LOL)

    • sbranch says:

      I love your Great Lakes! SO wonderful! Thank you for the kind words, Francie … I hope you get to England, AND our island, both magical places.

  11. Lynda Dowlen says:

    We are coming to Cape Cod from Oct. 12 -19. Im insisting on coming over to MV
    for the day. I have been a fan of yours from the beginning. From Southern Cal and from your pictures we could have grown up together. I have all of your cookbooks and love each one. Recently retired from teaching. Have spent many times at your Arroyo Grande store near SLO. It was a regular stop when driving up the coast. Would like to buy more of your products so I’ll stop by the Vineyard Arts Gallery. Any other suggestions? Like do you speak at libraries or places? Lynda Dowlen one of your fans.

    • sbranch says:

      I’m speaking in Edgartown on October 26 but that will be too late! So close and yet so far! I hope the Island is full of color and charm for you Lynda!

  12. Linda A Perras says:

    Love the Vineyard and OB, especially OB because that’s usually where I vacation with my family! In fact, we had our week in mid July and had an opportunity to spend a good amount of time with our Island family friends! Always leaving a little piece of us behind as we head home to the mainland! Missing our favorite Island as we are well into October and looking forward to next year! Maybe I’ll make my favorite Apple Crisp recipe from my Heart Of The Home cookbook! It’s that time of the year!

  13. Laura says:

    Hi Susan! Love your books and blog 🙂 Planning a summer trip to Marthas Vineyard. Looking to rent a home for a week. Do you have any local travel agents that you suggest we check with? Thanks

    • sbranch says:

      Try the Chamber of Commerce. There are TONS of houses for rent here in the summer, and it’s good you’re looking right now. You’ll need boat reservations too, and those go fast! Although lots of the rentals come with boat reservations. Good luck!

  14. Dianne Carrol says:

    Hi Susan,
    I love your beautiful pictures of this magical place, My daughter and her friend went to MV about 20 years ago and very naughtily hitchhiked! They were picked up by STARSKY and his wife. ..from Starsky and Hutch. He yelled at them for hitch-hiking but he told them it was pretty safe on this island. He was very nice and funny too. Are they still there? I hope to visit your lovely island someday soon.

    • sbranch says:

      I don’t think they are here, I don’t hear of them. Twenty years ago … people still hitchhiked, but you don’t seem much of it now! You’ll love it, it’s a very special place, magical!

  15. Gloria Gibbons says:

    Hello Susan,
    I found out about you 2 years ago while looking for a desk blotter. I was blown away with your designs and creativity. I am a country girl from the heart! Your drawings and lettering and sayings give me a warm grounded feeling enabling me to relax and feel good. I am currently filling and decorating my Susan Branch Cookbook Binder with my favorite recipes that I cook for my family. I so enjoy using my recipe cards and protective covers; as well as my dividers. The covers are so good to protect my recipes while I am using them. I purchased another Cookbook Binder for my daughter. My calendar is absolutely the best!!! Now, that I found your Website and Blog, I will be a constant. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with all of us that subscribe and purchase your Susan branch products. You bring so many happy feelings to us…..

    • sbranch says:

      I’m happy to see you here Gloria, so nice to hear from you! If you read the comments from our Girlfriends here on the blog, you’ll find yourself in the midst of some very lovely kindred spirits. xoxo

  16. Daniele Cunningham says:

    Hello Susan, hoping you are still active on this, or will at least see this note. Your work brings a smile to my face, and everyone else I’ve shared your art with. My mother l o v e s her birthday cup, and drinks her coffee from it every day! And, my sister and I were planning a trip to MV when the pandemic hit. So, I just purchased that cup for her birthday which is coming up on July 7th. She is in Westlake Village and recently lost her cat of 19 years…she’s had such a rough year. I know that the MV cup will lift her spirit* Thank you for your wonderful work, and I hope to see more cup designs to purchase for my friends and family! My very best to you! -Daniele in Dallas

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