West Tisbury Farmer’s Market

First off, the ‘maters!

Every kind, heirlooms too, all vine ripened.  Everything so fresh and so colorful, look at this below . . .  just back your truck up and you’re ready to go!

“Earth here is so kind, just tickle her with a hoe and she laughs with a harvest.”  Douglass Jerrold

Our farmer’s market is traditionally held every Saturday morning next to the old Ag Hall…

Yes, please!

We’ll take two of those in the basket to go!

Irresistible; kids hovered over these bright felt balls and hedgehog heads!

Sweet peas, my favorite flower, I wish this computer was scratch and sniff, just this one time!  Sweetest smell in the world.

Swiss Chard!

Honey too . . .

Weigh your things the farmer’s market way!

Fresh and beautiful, such a country we live in! Lemon thyme, nasturtiums, basil, squash blossoms, every wonderful thing. 

And then this, milk with the cream on top! My cup runneth over!

Home again.   xoxo Susan

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  1. Fiddlesticks says:

    My favorite way to spend the day ! This might be a little heaven on earth, yum. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ellie says:

    This is the stuff my dreams are made of!…….

  3. Maureen Dunn says:

    Once again I have escaped reality and jumped on to the pages—-jammies and tea, Stuffy (the kitten) and off to dreamland. Thanks Susan!!!!!!

  4. KARINA says:

    Reading your books and surfing your website is like going to spa!! I totally disconnect and enjoy every minute of it. Thank you SUSAN for making me feel like a little girl in a candy store!!!

  5. Such great pics Susan, so happy to have found your blog and see the place I love captured so well!

  6. Karen says:

    Please repost these photos when we are crying for winter to end. They are gorgeous.

  7. ruth tallman says:

    Iwould love a picture of the truck filled with flowers…my daughter LOVED going to the farmers market each week and she would spend many indecisive moments as to which bouquet was THE perfect one. Many times we ended up taking two or three home with us. Try as i might my flowers never turn out to be as spectacular as those from the farmers market.

  8. Kelly J. says:

    Maybe you could paint the flower truck? Such a gorgeous photo!

  9. Margie says:

    Nothing is better than the Vineyard.

  10. Joan Lesmeister says:

    I just had to look at this again today, all the ‘maters & flowers, and color! Thanx!

  11. Cynthia says:

    Love Farmers Markets!!!! With the season winding down, so thankful its visits to the apple orchards, & pumpkin patches. I am so inspired that even though it is Halloween today, I am still going to dash out and get another pumpkin or 2, to put on the front porch. Also then even more pumpkin seeds to roast. lol

  12. Lisa says:

    One of these days I will make a trip to Martha’s Vineyard. It just looks like heaven on earth to me. You are so lucky to live there, Susan. Thank you for sharing all the delights.

    Lisa B.

  13. Robin says:

    Our Farmer’s market runs from Apr-Oct and we are always so sad when the end gets here! Love those fresh fruits and veggies, ours looks alot like yours! Oh and your last “Willard”, the background music LA MER French Kiss, I’ve been trying to think of the name of that song for about…5yrs! Thank you Susan!

      • Marle Kelly says:

        You never fail to thrill me, all these years later. Thank you for continuing to give and give. You are by far the most amazing woman I have ever met.

        I met you years ago at QVC in NJ when you were promoting your scrapbooking stuff and I will never forget how nice you were. Every year I take all of my Susan Branch cookbooks and spread them all out on my floor and plan my Thanksgiving dinner. No one knows how to make me feel so inspired like you do.

        God bless you Susan for making so many so happy, and for showing us how to make the most important memories with our loved ones, so lasting.

        I love you!!!


  14. The Farmers’ Market is the most wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning during the summer months when all the produce is so fresh and bountiful!! I couldn’t help but notice the felt balls in the basket, did you happen to buy one for your kitties?? Jack would adore batting one around and bringing it back for his Mama to coo sweet praise to him….it was fun looking at your pics especially on a bitterly cold morning (14) here in IN….I don’t want to wish my life away wishing for summer; so, I will just patiently look forward with great anticipation for colors of the rainbow to “Spring” forth!

    • sbranch says:

      I didn’t have Jack yet when we were there … and my Girl Kitty doesn’t play too much . . . so I didn’t — but aren’t they fun?

      • Yes they are…you can be assured that Girl Kitty WILL become more active the more she allows herself to accept Jack. You have mentioned that they play at night so she is slowly coming over to the “jack side” and he is so active it will be contagious…poor Girl doesn’t even realize what is in store for her!!! The positive side will be the exercise Jack will provide for her and she may not want you to know this; but, she finds comfort knowing there is another kitty around and she knows by now that he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!!!

        • Cyndee says:

          I noticed the felted hedgehogs, too. Worth a trip back to the Vineyard to purchase a couple for my tuxedo, Mr. Darcy and gray little Elizabeth Bennett. They would love them! Have you thought about offering them to your fans, Susan?

  15. Cynthia Avalos says:

    Sweet Peas are my favorite flower too! All colors.

  16. Mary McCatherine says:

    Simply magical!

  17. Farmer’s Markets are dangerous places . . because everything on offer is so incredibly fresh and delici~oh~so~good that I want to buy it all! I love all the pictures you’ve shared and all I can say now is roll on spring when our own Farmer’s Market is back on the Square in the village . .

    (btw one of the food stalls in our little village Farmer’s Market in has won a prestigious place at the 2012 Olympic Village to provide his incredible foraged seafood to the athletes . . http://www.cafemor.co.uk/ . . his food is amazingly good)

    • sbranch says:

      I think they will all start early this year around here. . . I picked camellias last night from my girlfriend’s bush — outdoor!! Unheard of!

  18. Alison says:

    Dearest Jack,
    That look in your eyes makes me miss my Henry! You’re an imp and every cat lover on this site loves you for it!! Don’t ever try to be good …life is to short!

  19. Julie says:

    Sweet Peas are my favorite flower too. There is nothing sweeter in the entire world then a handful of these beautiful, delicate petals. The fragrance is heavenly.

  20. Where in Martha’s Vineyards is your home – town I mean and where to stay for book signing in August………… love cute little towns. thanks Madelyn from Orange County Ca.
    Have not seen you since book signing in Irvine a few years ago.

    • sbranch says:

      Go to the Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce — they have all the hotels and you’ll be able to find just what you like. I live in the same town Bunch of Grapes bookstore is in — Vineyard Haven.

  21. Cheyenne Renard says:

    I would love the ph # for Katama Aplary Honey , i would love to have some mailed to me if they do that, One day i will get to Vineyard Haven and see where u live. I love your beautiful posts , and its so wonderful that so many love you the way they do , it makes me feel so great for you both. Love to you XXX again Happy Thanksgiving where ever u end up it will be a thankful celebration. I am so grateful for you n your talents n Joe for loving you , which in turn makes you happy which makes me happy for you . Love to the fur balls too XXX Meow

  22. Jan Walsh says:

    On the ferry after house sitting for a dog and home! Tisbury Aggie hall is one of our favorite winter time doings! Buy fresh winter grown kale and island raised beef go home and make the yummiest stew! MV is a place like no other

  23. I visited MV in August with my best girlfriend. We put this market on our To Do list; little did we know how much we would enjoy it. Best. Farmer’s. Market. Ever.
    Nor did I know that THE Susan Branch lived on MV…

  24. Sandra M. says:

    Just visited a farmers mkt in Little Italy in San Diego last week. It was a sight for cold sore eyes after the long winter here in Wisconsin. Your mkt looks devine! The tomatoes!

  25. Shirley Graham says:

    What gorgeous pictures! I love sweetpeas (I call my cat sweetpea) & this picture makes me want some today. Also love the Farmers Market & plan to go this Sat.! Am looking forward to tomatoes too. Thanks!

  26. Priscilla judge says:

    Here in Anchorage, AK, we had our first outdoors Farmer’s Market of the year on Saturday. I was so excited to go! They are one of my favorite parts of summer here. No fresh produce yet. That will start coming in a few weeks. But lots of plant starts. I bought several different mints from my favorite vendor. Into a pot they go to sit by my back door where I can brush against them going in and out. I love my mints! Thank you for a glimpse into your market!

  27. Joann says:

    AHHHHHH….just to be there again….love it, so thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures as it is bitter cold and snowy here for the next couple of days before warming up again………..



  28. Meinhilde says:

    Those are gorgeous tomatoes! I am going to Martha’s Vineyard next week, and I hope the weather holds out and I can visit some farmers’ markets!

  29. Patricia wehner says:

    Love farmers markets! For those of us who are farmers at heart, bringing home our farmer’s market goodies allows us to pretend we live on a farm! My farm would have a couple of sheep, a couple of goats and a cow – all with gingham bows around their necks, and oh, some chickens, with a cute cozy hen house. :).

  30. I agree with Kelly j. Would love a painting (watercolor) of the old truck and colorful flowers! Know you can do it. (in your spare time). Xoxo

    Aanne Armstrong


  31. I agree with Kelly j! I would love a print, or note cards of those colorful flowers and old truck. All in watercolor of course. I know you can do it! (in your spare time) right???
    Thank you for all you do to inspire other girlfriends. I’m happily waiting my first copy of “Willard. Happy Easter, happy spring, happy happy everything. Hugs. . .

  32. Paulette says:

    Just getting ready to go to the Oshkosh Farmers Market. Missed opening day of the outdoor market last week. Excited to welcome it back for the season.

  33. Berit says:

    Oooh, I’d love to be at that Farmer’s Market. I did go to our version in HOT California and bought delicious sweet corn. Love your blog,etc. I’m a long time fan.

  34. Laura Clark says:

    Such beautiful photos of all the flowers, vegetables and fresh herbs! I wish the farmers markets in my area were like yours! In Michigan things are barely getting started in May. Some early gardners get garden peas planted in March, but not too many gardeners do that anymore. However, our lilacs are in bloom now! Love the scent of lilacs!

    • sbranch says:

      Our farmer’s markets aren’t open yet either, too early. We have lilacs and today it’s very chilly, but I got my lettuce and sweet peas planted in the garden yesterday, so I’m happy! Happy Spring Laura!

  35. Prue Ronneberg says:

    As always I am transported by the fun and beauty of your photos and sweet spirit! I could and do spend hours with you and… you don’t even know it! Grateful!!!! Thank you and Happy Summer filled with lightening bugs and flowers, birds and clouds! Xoxo Prue

  36. Brenda E Winberg says:

    WoW!! Beautiful and such an excellent price on the honey!

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