Dinner for Two

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  1. Jane Benford says:

    I have 2 of your books, the Christmas At Home and The Summer Beach Cookbook and would like to know what new books of yours are available and where.

    Thank you, I love your books.

    Jane Benford

    • sbranch says:

      I have a new book coming in the fall of 2013, called A Fine Romance. It’s a diary of a trip Joe and I took, across the Atlantic on the Queen Mary II and then through the countryside of England for two months. There are stories, recipes, travel tips, lots of photographs and, watercolors; it’s handwritten, full color, about 230 pages, and will be available somewhere around the fall of 2013. We will have a presale for it on my blog sometime in February if you’d like to reserve a copy. You might also like Girlfriends Forever and the Autumn Book. We might have one or two of them here in our web store — they are out of print now, but sometimes we get them in — also the Love book. You can see what they’re about if you go to the top of the blog under ABOUT ME — then to Books from the HOTH — scroll down, you can read about the different books. Nice to hear from you Jane!

  2. Lynette Schroedle says:

    Thank you for the Dinner for Two ideas. Today, June 30th, is my husband and my 49th wedding anniversary. He is still working at his store that sells model trains and I am a retired elementary school teacher. Your website warms my soul.

  3. Lesa Shelley says:

    Dear Susan,

    Im am so glad to have found your site tonight!!! I have all your books, and read them with the changing seasons.
    I love your quotes, and inspirational illustrations!
    Your recipes are easy to follow, and have always come out yummy!!!!
    Thank you for your gift of books to my life, looking forward to a new one!

    Fondly, Lesa from Missouri 42.

  4. Karen P says:

    One needs days and days to explore your site, Susan! LOVE that I’m having some down time today to do that! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these little pieces of artwork filled with links to recipes. So, so, SO adorable! I just recently found one of your recipe binders at Barnes and Noble. I know these recipes are in your books (all? most?)…have to try printing one out and see if it’s the right size to fit in the recipe binder! Fun!

  5. Debbie Hill says:

    Have loved everything you’ve made for years! I even keep old calendars to remind me of events and to relive the lovely things you’ve created. I feel such a kinship–you love family, nature, outdoors just for outdoors’ sake, cooking, relationships, country–all the things I think are valuable in life. Thanks so much for preparing us for the seasons of our lives!

  6. Christine from Lafayette, CO says:

    OMG! I’m a nut job! I just figured out if you click on the item a recipe pops up!! The Prime rib and Yorkshire Pudding sounds like a perfect Christmas Eve dish!

  7. Sandy says:

    Your milk cake looks delicious. The only problem is what to have with it, milk or coffee! Love the bird salt and pepper shakers too!

  8. theresa says:

    The milk cake is delicious ! I made it this morning and I whipped up some heavy cream to go with it. Put it in a lovely blue and white dish , oh so good ! Thanks

  9. I think you are one of my favorite all time artists.. I bought your first cookbook and have loved it and used it for years! I mentioned on a LIKE on facebook that my favorite part of the book was the drawing of the COW and the caption underneath was Victim! I love that, you have a great sense of humor and your brushstokes really make me happy!
    We so miss having your store here no the Central Coast. Love Cathe, Santa Barbara Quilting Retreats

  10. Jeanne says:

    I’ve ordered your wall calenders for 3 years now. Love them ! For Christmas 2011 I ordered them as gifts but, couldn’t get as many as I wanted because they were sold out. Will order early this year !
    I’m new to your books. Found Vineyard Seasons at Amazon for myself; liked it so much I turned right around & ordered another one for my recently married granddaughter. I understand several of your books are now out of print so, I’ll try to find those on Amazon also. The artwork in Vineyard Seasons is delightful !

  11. Rene' Ruland from Golden Colorado says:

    Hi Susan and all..
    How do I “put my name into the hat” for the Autumn Book?? Love your posts from England..
    and of course, Martha’s Vineyard..blessings,

  12. Michelle says:

    (second comment of the day…but a long time coming) I have read your books for years and have loved them! The question(s) I’ve wanted to ask you for so long is How did you make your art and everything into a business? How did it first start? What steps did you take to make it a business venture rather than just a great big hobby?

    Ok. Interview done now! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear if you have answers for me!

    • sbranch says:

      It’s kind of a long story — When you’re my age, you can look back and see how it all clicks together … I have to blame miracles for most of it. I’ll tell the story one of these days.

  13. patti fritz says:

    Thank you for the post about May basket cones made out of wallpaper! We did this as children. I don’t know how this part started, but: “you were to hang the basket on the doorknob, ring the bell/knock loudly, then run! If the recipient caught you-they were entitled to a kiss!” The trick was to be anonymous!!
    Your blog “does the heart good”. Thanks!

  14. joyce c Hart says:

    would like to order pocket calander. cook books and A fine romance book, how do I do this

    • sbranch says:

      You just go to the top of the blog and you will see SHOPPING . . . click on that and everything is there. Have you ever ordered on line before? Would you want me to ask Kellee to help you? Because I know she would be happy to do that.

  15. Ellie says:

    Hi Susan…..Thank you for all these lovely recipes!…..Since you are always sharing with all of us…..here’s one for you!!…..Broccoli-Cheese-Potatoe Soup…….2T. butter, 1 1/2 C onions chopped , 2 T. minced garlic, 4 1/2 C chicken stock, 2 C peeled potatoes, cut up in small dices, 1 # broccoli…peel if you like or leave skin on…..cut up….., 1 1/4 C heavy cream, 1 1/2 C shredded cheddar cheese, salt to taste, 1/2 t. white pepper..and add black pepper if you like…..to taste……In a lg. pot saute’ butter, onion, and garlic ’til translucent and soft. Add stock and potatoes and simmer 10 minutes til tender. Add broccoli and cook til tender. Puree soup in batches ’til smooth. Return to pot and simmer over medium heat and stir in cream, cheese and spices. Cook ’til bubbly and garnish if you like with extra cheese….Make sure and stir from time to time so the cheese doesn’t settle on the bottom…….C=cup…….T=tablespoon…….t=teaspoon…….This is sooooo good with hot bread on a very cold day! Enjoy!!….(If you want to go “lite”….just use low-fat products.)…..Have a great day!

  16. Susan w says:

    You’ve got me day dreaming…My Valentines Day dinner is always,always the same. My DH volunteers at a Rotary and local H.S. Fund raiser. he works the whole dinner but will leave the kitchen & sit with me to eat. Sometimes our 2sons show up with their current GFs. Otherwise I sit alone in a room full of people at a table for 8… I usually drive myself to this event. I tried helping out in the kitchen for a few years. this for at least 12 years

  17. Ellie says:

    You must try this recipe……You will LOVE it!!….:)))

  18. Bev Wiedeman says:

    Hi Susan: We are giving my Granddaughter, Ashley a Baby shower and using 3 of your recipes from “A fine Romance”, The lemon cookies, the Coronation Chicken Salad and the Lavender and Orange Cake. Do you think the cake will turn out if I use 2 9 inch cake pans? I don’t have a 12 inch pan. The baby shower will be an English Tea, which I have given before for various parties. Love your latest book, and I’m busy collecting some of the others. Thank you for all your wonderful art, party ideas and recipes!

    Love, Bev

  19. Angel Johnson says:


    My sister emailed me today to tell me about your website!!!, because she knew I had one of your wonderful cookbooks and buy your calendars almost every year….
    I too collect quilts! And, any other antique that calls my name. Love looking at your quilts. Love the colors. Love the fabrics. Fiber is my love first and foremost. I’m a weaver and a rug hooker and love all kinds of fiber arts, just don’t have time to do it all.
    I’m so excited to find you website and your calendars are my favorite! Thanks for it all.


  20. Vicki Wells says:

    Dear Susan, Your writing, artwork, recipes, poems and music make me feel so happy, warm and cozy. My favorite thing to do is to stuff the wood burning stove with wood to create a giant, crackling fire, lay on my couch with a fur throw over me, and read your books. I get completely lost in your stories. I’ve told woman I know about you and your books/blog/recipes and even sent your first book to my sister as a surprise gift. Thank you so much for bring this wonderful happiness back into my life and please never stop writing and painting. When are your new books coming out? I’m going through your books pretty quickly!!

    Thank you again,

  21. Kim says:

    Hi susan, I just wanted to say I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!! During my divorce i started reading your book and it was so similar to me that it sucked me in. The fact that the book is based in SLO county made it more like home…… My question is will you be doing a 2018 Family Calender again?? I love the 2017 and it helps me keep my crazy schedule a bit not so crazy!!!!

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you Kim! The new calendars just arrived ~ but the manufacturer did not produce a Family Calendar, so sorry to say. You can find what we have in my web store.

  22. Sharon Thompson says:

    Hi Susan, I have been a fan of you and your books, calendars and accessories for many years. I have just discovered this wonderful blog of yours, thank you so much for each month and so much detail and sharing that you do here for us to enjoy. I love all the links you provide for us to enjoy as well. Keep writing, drawing and sharing PLEASE! Love you so much and Joe too!

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