Cinnamon Ice Cream


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  1. Ellen Silvey says:

    I live in California and am also saddened by the loss of cursive. My mother had the most beautiful handwritting. She was Australian and I think penmanship was important to them. My two sisters and two of my sisters-in-law all have very different styles of handwritting but all have a look of care and pride. I tried to order one of the linoleum block prints but was unable to bring it up on your site. I do love your letters, they make me smile and cry. Best regards, Ellen

  2. Dina Strawn says:

    Hello there, I am a friend in Washington state checking in. I love your letters too and today I needed a your newsletter….thanks. I am a 42 year old mother to two small girls ages 1 and 4, and we have had a day with some bumps in it, and I found the expression on my face kind of like the one on your face in this picture where you posted “Please don’t use anything with our asking.”…grrrrrrr! LOL, I am all better now and smiling 😉 I am a stay at home Mom and so thankful for the privledge to be with our girls and to homeschool them with my husband. He is a hard working Firefighter and I am so thankful for my husband, he is a gem. God used your newsletter to remind me in spite of all the wacky things that can happen–like today. ..( tantrum from the 4 year old, our dog puked all over my clean kitchen floor while I was taking care of the baby who needed me and was screaming and then more chaos from the 4 year old ensued…you get the picture) He reminded me gently that I am living my dream! My heart is at home and I LOVE cooking, sewing, decorating, making a cozy home for us, and taking care of my family and serving them with love in all the things I can do for us at home. So, as you see I had to get rid of my grouchy attitude today…LOL. It is a lot of work but it is a gift to be able to do it for them. Don’t ya’ love how God will get your attention with ordinary things and speak volumes to you when you need it? Your letters inspire me, and your gifts bless many people–I am one of them, thanks! Warm regards, Dina

  3. Jamie V. says:

    Hi Susan,
    Thanks for posting the “cinnamon ice cream” recipe for your readers to try. I can’t wait to try something that sounds so exotic! The idea of making ice cream the old fashion way was fun as a kid but to be honest it has its down side in preparation. Im reading up on your suggestion of purchasing the machine you prefer since it looks so easy and doesnt that make everything more fun????
    Our family ice cream specialty was not as fancy as cinnamon given it was the 50’s and 60’s, but we did experiment with making banana chocolate chip, chocolate fudge, vanilla of course, good ol’ strawberry, but our favorite hands down was white peach ice cream with peaches picked straight from our own tree. I can still smell the honey citrus aroma they gave up when warmed from the sun. I have never tasted anything so fantastic nor since as that white peach ice cream of my childhood. Unfortunately our peach tree was taken by a storm and my parents never did replace it with a new one. But, I am digressing so back to my original thought…..
    Im making a Thai inspired salad for a lucheon for my girlfriends and I think your cinnamon ice cream will make a fantastic ending to the meal. I hope I impress them with actual homemade! So thanks Susan for the inspiration and for all your great ideas. I love your up beat blogs, and Willard letter as they go so well with my early morning coffee out on the sun porch.
    PS In an earlier blog you suggested making the “Baked Tomatoe Salad.” I didnt have your summer book at the time but something told me to go to my favorite “like new” book store and there it was. I was so happy with my new found treasure that I immediataly purchased it before anyone else got their mitts on it and scurried out the door to my car and immediately read the recipe on page 56. I was not dissappointed and I am happy to say Ive tired it and I love it! In fact I am going page by page of your “Summer” book gleaning out menus for the rest of the summer. Tomorrow Im onto the sandwich section which will lend itself perfectly towards a picnic on our boat with grandson and husband on board. Such fun stuff to look forward to on hot, lazy days… thanks Susan!

  4. celita says:

    Hi, Susan. After all these years of “following” you, I am tickled that even new changes like a fresh blog cannot take away from the refreshing and lovely feelings you lend by your words, rememberings and art. Thank you for caring enough to share. Your quotes are a delight, and the stories you share about other people are always so interesting. Nancy Luce was a sad and dear story to read. As far as this Cinnamon Ice Cream, I have yet to try it, but… MMMM…. Sounds perfect for Thanksgiving, Fall, and anytime- Hot weather included. 🙂 And… on another note, I am also horrified that they are removing cursive from so many schools. I mentioned that to my husband the other day, though he did not fully understand why I was so up-in-arms about it. I just learned that some schools don’t even do spelling tests anymore; That was shocking, as I have witnessed over and over a generation of kids and youth who are inadept to spell simple words due to overuse of texting language (I believe). While I can text well, Nothing can take the place of the written word, especially when written correctly and well. Nothing stirs my heart as letters carefully scripted out, with bubbles, flowers, hearts, curly cues, and any number of additions. Calligraphy and penmanship don’t have to be a thing of the past. Those of us who love it, must just carry it on in our own way, in our own space.

    I hope you are well. I thank God for you and for the abilities He has given to you. Share away, for they are sunlight into drab days and hard times.

    Sincerely, C

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