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y Heart of the Home books are dedicated to the things that connect women, past, present, and future; courage, energy, nurturing spirit, creativity, humor, and heart. We don’t have as much time for the art (which is what it really is about) of homemaking these busy days, but we still love our homes, love a cozy nurturing environment- our devotion to home and family is second nature for most of us. My books celebrate

lthough my mother would never agree, I know she and my dad made a lot of personal queensacrifices while raising my 4 brothers and 3 sisters. But she was a fairytale mother, made the little things in life so special – our house was a kidworld and she was the queen. I don’t think any of us showed much gratitude at the time, we were too noisy and busy to realize just what was going on, but I can’t imagine who or what I might have been without my wonderful innocent childhood. I am soooooooo grateful.

know my mom didn’t feel like a queen when we were growing up, (6 loads of laundry every day takes the queen feelings right out of a person!) so when I wrote my books I tried to put appreciation for moms on every page. It wasn’t hard!

eart of the Home, my first book, and all the ones that followed, became a giant thank you to my mom, and a celebration of what it meant to be a family, “all for one, one for all.” Not only my mom, but for all moms who keep the home fires burning and make us feel so loved. (Dad’s, too!!!)

y dad built rooms onto our house (kids kept coming!), showed us how the watermelon seeds we spit out in the yard became watermelon plants (my first gardening lesson!); my mom taught me how to sew and cook and knit – my parents were the most creative people! They made something from nothing everyday! They taught by example, and showed me I could make it myself. And I could pretty much make anything – even a cookbook – even if it meant I had to hand write and paint it myself.

ach of my books has it’s own story, its own reason for being, so I’ll tell you a bit about each of them. As time has gone on, several of them have begun to go out of print. Still, if you are able to find one on Ebay or in a second hand bookstore, you may be interested to know what inspired it.

ookbooks: The mantra for my cookbooks has always been “Quick, Easy, Elegant and Delicious.” The recipes are the integrity of a cookbook; cute isn’t good enough all by itself– those recipes better work! And they do, “many times, tried and true.”

Heart of the Home Bookeart of the Home was my first book. I wrote it while sitting at my dining room table in my first house on Martha’s Vineyard. (all those years ago…). Heart of the Home is dedicated to my big family- and has lots of family recipes and dinner party recipes. Splurge and make the best Vichyssoise you’ll ever taste!, use your own garden tomatoes to make heavenly Filled Tomatoes, and don’t even think about skipping the German Pancake in the special Breakfast section. (Now out of print.)

Vineyard Seasons Bookineyard Seasons came next and was inspired by the four seasons on the New England island of Martha’s Vineyard where I live. In this one, the fans go crazy for the Lemon Noodles and my mom’s yummy Spareribs and Juice, just to mention two. Vineyard Seasons also has a special section for Tea, which is where you’ll find the recipe for my famous delectable melt-in-your-mouth Orange Cake, with Orange Icing, and Orange Filling. 2-die-4! (Now out of Print.)

Christmas Bookext came Christmas from the Heart of the Home which I’m proud to say was nominated for a James Beard Award. The thing I love about this book now, is that when it’s Christmas time, all I have to do is pull out this book and VOILA, POOF! Everything I know about Christmas is right there! From decorating, to gifts, to party ideas. Puts me right in the mood! Festive holiday recipes include Cranberry Chicken and Pears, Father’s Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce, and Sweet Potato Casserole. Ooh la la! (Now out of print.)

Baby Love Book took a little time off from cooking when I did Baby Love, a book for new moms to write in – all about mom during pregnancy, and then what happens when the new bundle of joy comes home. What I love about this book is all the stories I’ve heard about babies from folks standing in line at book signings! They make me cry! Some moms and grandmas wait a very long time for a new addition to their families and their joy absolutely bubbles over.

Love Bookove is a little Keepsake Book that tells a story, going from young love, to new love, to romantic love, to lost love; to married love; sweet, quirky and actually useful! One reason is because of the romantic menus and recipes included, such as the All Chocolate Menu, the Breakfast in Bed Menu, and much more. Lists of romantic old movies, Valentine toasts, aphrodisiacs, advise to men, and gifts for each anniversary are also handy.

Summer Bookust as the title suggests, The Summer Book is everything I could think of that relates to Summer- fabulous recipes such as (where do I start…) OK, you have to try the Potato Fish Cakes, the killer Salad Nicoise, the gorgeous three-layer Coconut Cake with Lemon Filling and the Old Fashioned Boiled Frosting – and don’t forget my famous PINK cocktail, the Skip and Go Naked – oh Yeahhhhh. The Summer Book also goes into the garden, has ideas to decorate your house for the season, and reminds us (as Julia Child said) that “life itself is the proper binge.”

Days Bookays from the Heart of the Home was next off the press. What makes this book fun to use is the heavy, smooth paper and covered spiral binding. It’s a perpetual calendar, so it’s good for any year. What makes it special is the stories we hear from readers, such as this photo and note by Kathy Nagel, who’s now on her 12th book! With her daily notations, it’s the story of her life!

“Every morning since July 1996, I have paused to thank God for the previous days’ blessings… “so that I might have roses in December.” My DAYS journals have traveled with me from New York to San Diego, from Marco Island to Northern Canada and even to Ireland and France!! I have never tired of turning the pages to a new season’s illustrations and over the years have incorporated many of Susan’s inspiring musings into my own life.

If there was ever an Rx for maintaining a positive outlook (even in the midst of some serious trials) – it is waking up to the life-loving personality of Susan Branch and remembering the Good/God parts of the previous day!! Thank you Susan!! God Bless You!!
Ps. My dozen DAYS journals, stacked under my nightstand lamp, are a visual reminder of God’s faithfulness. Please keep this book in print! And… If you’re ever in Ohio, please come for dinner!”
-Kathy Barrord Nagel

Sweets to the Sweet Bookweets to the Sweet is a collection of (one guess) SWEET recipes – all deserts, from cakes and pies, to puddings and candy and fruit desserts, cold things and hot things, all tried and true. None of them fattening because I took out all the calories. Feel free to eat the entire book in one sitting, you will not gain an ounce.

Address Book also did a full-color, better than the average kind, Heart of the Home Address Book. It’s a pretty little binder with lots of pages in it – and quotes and all the regular stuff.

Christmas Joyhristmas Joy is another small Keepsake Book; a collection of sweet and simple ideas in the quest for a joyous and fulfilling Christmas. Keeping it simple is the focus. It’s also very big on COOKIES!

Girlfriends Forever Bookne of my favorite books is Girlfriends Forever. It’s a celebration of US! I wrote it for grown ups, but after it was out a year or so, I read it again, and I think the whole thing was really written for 12 year old girls (which is basically my age for life). “Girlfriends” has great healthy recipes such as the Turkey Meatloaf (which even a man can love), the Asian Chicken Salad- and not to forget, well worth the price of the book all by itself, Spicy Mango Salad! There are Chick Flicks, the story of how I met the Beatles (She was Just Seventeen), Natural Beauty, How to be Pulled Together when Traveling, Stress Relief, and much much more.

Christmas Memorieshristmas Memories is a five-year Christmas Scrapbook. There are places in this book for you and your children to write, places for five years of Christmas Tree Photos, five years of Christmas Dinner Menus, five years of New Year’s Resolutions, and lots more. (Now out of print.)

Autumn Bookutumn from the Heart of the Home is my most recent book, totally inspired by nature. I love fall and I loved painting all those gorgeous autumn colors. Like SUMMER, it has ideas for seasonal decorating, fall crafts, autumn entertaining, and fun; plus holiday celebrations for Thanksgiving and Halloween. There’s a recipe for Homemade Marshmallows in this book! You should also try the Cinnamon Ice Cream, the Gingerbread Cake, and the Scallops, Mashed Potatoes and Corn Chowder. Lots of stories too: My House; Twas a Dark and Stormy Night, to name just two.

306 Responses to Books from the Heart of the Home

  1. Tricia B. says:

    Hi Susan,
    Will the books that are “Out of Print” such as “Vineyard Seasons” ever be available for print again? Trouble finding that one, any suggestions? XO Thanks,
    Tricia B.

    • sbranch says:

      Maybe, but for now, it’s probably Ebay or Amazon! Or maybe check with Thomas, our local used book seller (his email address is on the Gladys Taber page) — he might have it.

    • Mary says:

      You can definitely get this book from Amazon or eBay. I was even lucky enough to get a “First Edition” but I had to pay a little more I think. Happy shopping!

    • Patricia says:

      I was lucky enough to find all three out of print books- Heart of the Home, Vineyard Seasons, and Christmas From the Heart of the Home from….granted they are a used bookstore but the books I have bought from them have all been in excellent condition. I’ve just treated myself to the Willard collection and Sweets to the Sweet for my 41st birthday. 🙂

    • Deborah Simmons says:

      Hello Tricia,

      Did you find the “Vineyard Seasons” you were looking for?
      I have a copy that is in very good condition and may be willing to part with it. I have never used any of the recipes but a so in love with the artwork.
      Let me know if you are still looking for this edition.


  2. ROXANNE FINCH says:

    I just pick up a cup of coffee in the morning and your book takes where I want
    to go.Thanks.

  3. nancy earl says:

    I was wondering how long before your next book comes out I feel like i’ve been waiting forever. I love your books and your wilards. you put smiles in all our hearts. N. EARL

  4. Sandy says:

    Susan, Love the new blog and can hardly wait for your new book. I miss this years blotter calander but not the one for 2012. Can hardly wait for the new ones. I just love all the things you do. Will you be doing p,j’s this year I could sure use some new ones LOL. Anything you do is Great!!!! Thanks so much for all that you do.

  5. Jennifer Johnson says:

    Anticipation is all part of the excitement I have felt over the many years I have waited for more of your books and annual calendars. I love the fall because I am a Fall freak! but also because your calendars become available. I love to look and see what new art is in your current calendars, etc. So … in anticipation … would you please give us a hint as to the main topic of your upcoming new book and when it might be going to print or better yet for sale! Also, how many calendars are you doing this year? I’m filled with excitement and anticipation thanks to you, S.B. you rock!

    • sbranch says:

      I have more than one….for sure, one of them is PANCAKES, breakfast recipes, stories of childhood and connection; another is how I came to move to Martha’s Vineyard and write my first book. Both are still being written so I’m not sure when I’ll get them done, but I’ve rearranged my schedule and hidden the computer upstairs in my sewing room and ever since, I’ve been getting a lot more done! I think I have two main calendars, the blotter and the 12 x 12; there’s a purse, a mini-wall calendar, and maybe a magnet for the fridge…I forget if I did one of those or not. Isn’t anticipation the best? I love it for vacations…like to plan waaaaaaay in advance, just to get more of it! ♥ So exciting! Thanks for writing!

  6. Janis says:

    I purchased my Vineyard Seasons book on Ebay. It’s truly one of my favorites = )

  7. nancy earl says:

    I love the fall and summer book, But spring is my favorite season do you think that someday you will do a book on spring. There is so much matierial for spring. And no one could do it justice the way you could. hopeful in washington Nancy

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you Nancy! I would love to do a spring book! You know what takes so long? Handwriting the books. It’s the bitter with the sweet. Handwriting them is what makes them homemade, but a typed book is so much faster. I still fall on the side of the handwriting. Especially since my sister told me recently that at her 8-year-old, twin boy’s school, they’ve decided to stop teaching cursive! I’m praying they must have heard wrong! Handwriting was probably my first expression of art. Anyway, yes on Spring!

      • Joan says:

        I’m a second grade teacher who will fight tooth and nail to keep cursive hand writing in the curriculum. Cursive stimulates the creative portion of the brain in a way that little else does. I love writing in cursive!

  8. Joy Ridd says:

    Do you have screen savers available? I would love to turn on my computer and have one of your amazing drawings to look at and one of your stationary patterns to dress up the screen.

    I have been a huge fan since I first saw your artwork. All of your books, cards, etc. are so beautiful that I sometimes hate to use them. Best wishes to you and keep up the beautiful work. I just wish I had one ounce of your talent!

    • sbranch says:

      Oh you are so sweet, and yes we do have screen savers…go to the top of the blog page, click on shopping, look on the left side, see “From Me to You with Love” — click on that, and there you are! xo

  9. Vickie T. says:

    Hi Susan, I have almost all of your books, but I wish that some of your “little books” were still in print. I am always hoping to stumble across them on eBay. Anyway, please don’t ever stop writing your books. I love them all, but my absolute favorites are Autumn and Christmas Joy. I discovered your work by seeing a copy of Christmas Joy on my mom’s coffee table at Christmas time many years ago.

  10. Ellen M. Turner says:

    Dear Susan,
    I rec’d my first book “Christmas Joy” as a gift from a girlfriend. I love it, and hope to collect all your books. Wish they were more available in every single bookstore. (I think they are hard to find). Keep writing them, I love them and use them as gifts, for special people!!!!

  11. Rita Baker says:

    I totally lucked out & found “Vineyard Seasons” & “Summer” books @ two of my local library bookstores! Don’t know if it will ever happen again, but I always check.

  12. I love your books they are awesome, inspiring , and just the best. They hit home to the heart reminds me of my raised in the country on a ranch with my grandma and mom and dad. Those were the good old days. Keep them coming and Thank You

  13. Elaine Miller says:

    A number of years ago I purchased a darling baby box, created by you, called “baby shoes”. Inside the box for baby’s first shoes were two smaller boxes. One was labeled Baby’s First Haircut and the other was labeled Baby Teeth.

    At the time I was dreaming of being a grammie someday and I tucked it away.

    Now my time has come! I will be a grammie in October! A problem though…a wonderful problem!!!! My daughter is having twins!

    I would love to find another one of these boxes…is it still available?

    I purchased it while vacationing at the shore in the Wildwood Crest/Cape May area of New Jersey.

    I hope someone can help.

    Thank you!

    • sbranch says:

      Congratulations, that is so wonderful!! I can tell how thrilled you are. But, I hate to even say it, the box is a problem, I don’t have a single one left. The only thing you might try is Ebay. I hope you find one, you have a couple of months yet. October will be such a good time for you! Susan

  14. millie broughton says:

    first and foremost…thank you for being such an inspiration to so many..!

    i noticed on the pictures of your store that there were dishes/dinnerware on a display. are they available to mail order?

    thanks so much…i, as many, look forward to everything new and exciting on your website….!


  15. monica evans says:

    Me encantarìa podrìas contestarme en castellano. No se como puedo comprar tus libros que me gustan tanto. mònica.

  16. Deborah says:

    I recall the first time I ever saw your publications. I was in a second hand store filled with vintage goodies, and was about to leave with my spoils, when I spotted a colorful cover of red and white on a book. It was the girlfriends book. I bought it immediately, and couldn’t believe there was, in print, the style, color, fun, and especially the quotes, that I have in my own mind’s eye all the time! The growing up stories were so similar to my own, and the way so much was packed into each page was enchanting! I had to look it over when I got to my car, after having purchasing it. Right away I checked out your website, and found a haven of delightful resources and never ending supply of enrichment! I go to your site, blog, or books and calendars daily, you keep me inspired, full of smiles, and happy for the simple pleasures of life! I am hooked, and have to get my sb fix on a daily basis! Thank you for being you and for sharing with all of us!

  17. Francie Dettwyler says:

    Susan, please tell me you will be doing a 2012 Day Book / planner. I have really enjoyed the daily/monthly calendar in the spiral binding. Please, Please, Please, Please tell me we can exptect one for next year too.

    • sbranch says:

      I wanted to, I really wanted to, but the company that licenses my artwork was cutting back, and they decided not to do it! You can write to them and beg for next year (which I would love for you to do!) at … they might listen to other voices! xoxo

      • Pat Campbell says:

        Susan, how sad not to be doing the 2012 day book, I loooooove that journal, it has become my daily bible, I will be lost without it. Will send a note to Lifeguard Press. Have followed you for years, have all your books, cards, notes, screen savers… look forward to all great things to come, your art work is so heart warming. I am always reminded of fond memories of my Mom and Grandmother as I turn each page of your books. A step back in time yet a suggestion of bringing those good times to the present once again. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  18. Joy Clark says:

    susan, I recently purchased two books from my Sam’s CLub. “Mom, tell me your story” and “Grandmother tell me your story”

    I am trying to find out if you have a “Dad or Grandfather” edition as well and where can I purchase them.

    My son has just become a father and I would love to have the 3 generations for my Grandson.

    THank you

    • sbranch says:

      I have been trying to talk this company into doing things for guys but they just won’t! They say there isn’t a big enough market…they make everything for girls! Makes me crazy. (er)

  19. Patricia Silliman says:

    I would like to inquire if there is any way I may obtain two of your Mom Tell me your story books ? The place I purchased the books I have only had two and I have four children.
    Are you also the writer of Grandmother Tell Me Your Story books ? I also need two more of these books. Thank you in advance for your help !

    God Bless You,

    • sbranch says:

      We have the MOM books in our web store, just go to the top of the page and click on shopping. I did a GRANDMOTHER book too, but it’s not the one you have, so I can’t help you with that one; mine comes out in the spring…and we will have it here in our store too. Hope this helps … if you get lost, write back!

  20. Sandra Davis says:

    I purchased your scrapbook for recipes and found it a great source for additonal ideas to make/create pages for both my daughters who love to cook and my 4 year-old-grandson also. Thank you, preserving family recipes including pictures is an important part of heritage and happy memories! Sandra

  21. Lois Pearsey says:

    I purchased your Christmas Memories book several years ago. It is all complete now. My boys are grown and now have babies of their own. I look forward each year taking it all and looking back at all the fond memories of Christmas’s past. Looking forward to sharing those memories with my young grandchildren and making more.

  22. María says:

    Hello, I am a spanish girl and i want to buy your “Summer book”, but i can,t find it here in Spain, and i can,t pay it by credit card, how can i buy this book?
    Thank you

  23. Karen P says:

    Susan, I LOVE your books. Have all of them, of course, but for some reason never had purchased the Days Book. After reading the story about Kathy Nagel, I thought I’d pick one up (from Amazon) and I cannot believe what I have been missing! Did you do that same book several years in a row that she has 12!? Or did she purchase multiple copies? Are they all the same? It is gorgeous and I cannot wait to use it.

    • sbranch says:

      We have always had it…she just gets a new one every year! Yes, they’re all the same. So happy you like it!

      • Karen P. says:

        I LOVE it…in fact , right away I went and ordered another one because I was afraid they might become impossible to find. So now I have 2 to fill. Yay!

        Have you ever thought of doing a Spring book? There’s Autumn, Winter (Christmas), and Summer. I know there are Spring elements in other books but I can just IMAGINE what gorgeous Spring paintings you’d do!

  24. Karen says:

    I have one of your books “Memories are Made of this -Mom, Tell Me Your Story, Please?” which I am currently filling out for my daughter who is getting married soon. I would like to send my friend this same book for her birthday. Is it available?

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, we have it in our web store…just click on “Shopping,” and in the menu on the left it says “My Books, Calendars, and more” — click on that, and there it is!

  25. Karen P says:

    Have been re-reading your Girlfriends book! I just love it! Every time I look over a different book I think that THAT is my favorite! They’re all so wonderful! Because it’s Autumn, I am now favoring that book and have it on my cookbook stand in my kitchen (which I bought after reading a comment on the blog from one of the readers! I LOVE the blog!). xoxo…kp

  26. Carol Heidebrecht says:

    I’ve been using my Book of Days for my birthday reminders for years and years now…not only birthdays,,,but special reminders so I can encourage my friends. Love all your creativeness. Carol

  27. Carol Heidebrecht says:

    A quick question…does your pocket calendar have room for addresses, etc. in the back? Carol

  28. Lizabeth Hardman says:

    I have a lovely recipe binder with your artwork on it made by Michel & co., and I’m wondering if it’s posible to get any more of the pages. They are 5″ X 8″, with six holes. Thanks!!

  29. Robin Bussone says:

    I am very lucky as my mom (Loretta Bussone, a fav fan of yours!) began giving my sister Wendy and I your books when we were young mothers (we are now old mothers and my sister is a grandmother!). We love family, parties, cooking, decorating & traditions and your books were perfection! We have ALL the out of print books and most of the others!! How very lucky are we?!?!? My Christmas list for 2011 includes “Sweets for the Sweet” for my 17 year old daughter, Allison, who would like to some day own her own bakery, and “Girlfriends Forever” just for me! I look forward to opening your wonderful book and spending Christmas morning reading!!! Love you Susan!

    Affectionately, Robin Bussone, 48 Bristol Wisconsin

  30. Anne Pollock says:

    I love Halloween and all your books, so I googled “Halloween + Susan Branch” and discovered that you apparently have a collection of little books, one being “Halloween.” In all my searching, I only found one (the “Halloween” book) for sale on Amazon for $59.00. Can you tell us more about these books and where we might find them?

    • sbranch says:

      Well, first off, $59 is crazy. Because these books are very small, maybe 4 x 4 — tied with ribbon, not bound; they had little envelopes that came with them too . . . probably (I don’t have any left either) 16 pages, and mostly quotes, a recipe or two … like an exaggerated greeting card. I don’t really have a specific book for Halloween, there’s a bit of it in the Autumn Book.

  31. Dixie Kennedy says:

    Where do you go to find your books and are the ones( with out of print) are they available anywhere?

  32. Cyndy Szarzynski (from the FOGT) says:

    Happy Halloween Susan,

    This is my second attempt at sending a comment in the last few minutes – somehow the first vanished????? Technology????

    Yesterday, I just purchased a few of your older books from the Internet to add to my collection – The Summer Book, Christmas from HOTH, and Vineyard Seasons.

    Then, my mind began to wander…your next book…will it be availble for purchase with an inscription or autograpgh without having to attend a book signing which would probably be near your home(s)? I would love to go to Martha’s Vineyard, but that trip would be too expensive for my frugal/thrifty budget – I know the place is WONDERFUL by reading your blogs!

    Also, I collect anything Gladys Taber. Do you recall which of your books/calendars include her quotes? From the books I already own, I know you quoted Gladys in Christmas Joy, The Heart of the Home – Notes from a Vineyard Kitchen, Girlfriends Forever, Autumn from Heart of the Home; not in Sweets to the Sweet.

    I normally do not purchase calendars – too pretty to use (call me crazy) – but I will for a GT quote and I am starting to add your artwork to my collections. I love your concept of great-tasting recipes, holiday ideas, memories adorned by beautiful art.

    Thanks for your reply in advance – where do you get all the time to do all the things you do? Besides being creative, you must be one great time manager! I know you have some very competent help, but still….


    • sbranch says:

      Good Morning Cyndy, Happy Halloween! Looks like this one came through! Oh yes, the next book will be available signed from our web store . . . and I hope to get out and about to do some signing across the country. There are Gladys quotes sprinkled through my books and calendars, maybe one in each? Maybe two in Heart of the Home, not sure . . . but she has been in my life since the beginning. I don’t get everything done, I just get done what I get done, and it’s definitely not everything! Have a wonderful day!

    • Cyndy Szarzynski (from the FOGT) says:

      Great – I am looking forward to your next book!

      Enjoy the visiting kiddies and their costumes – I do not get any as I live almost one mile off the main road, through what could be considered scary woods for a youngster.

  33. Gail says:

    I just received Baby Love…can’t wait to give it to my daughter, it will be her first baby and I am a grandma for the first time. We have been without power here in N.H. due to the heavy snow we received on Saturday. Found myself snuggled up going through all of your cookbooks. Really makes me feel comfy. I was out bid on E-bay for the Autumn Cookbook, but hope I am not mistaken I think I can still get it through your shopping site, I thought it was one of the books that was out of print..

    Thanks again, Love reading you Halloween blog!!

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, I think we have a few Autumn left, but that will be all as it actually is out of print now. So happy about your new grandchild! How wonderful. Give my best to your daughter!

  34. Teresa Jensen, CA says:

    Do you know what book store this picture was taken in?

  35. dianne myers says:

    Please, please, please I need two more Christmas Memories ablbums……..where can I purchase these if you are out of print with them?

    Help me Please!


    • sbranch says:

      So sorry . . . you can check Amazon, sometimes they will have one, you can check Ebay . . . but gone is gone and we are so sorry, the publishers choice, not ours. I hope you have your Autumn book, we are now down to maybe the last 20.

  36. Dale Worness says:

    Just wanted to say I bought “Heart of the Home -Notes From A Vineyard Kitchen” and “Christmas Joy” when they were first published and really enjoyed them. Then I finally bought my first computer last May and was happy to discover your blog in September. Since then I have ordered and received “Days From Heart of the Home”, “Autumn” and “Vineyard Seasons”. I ordered them online through Alibris, a company I would highly recommend. Their prices are very reasonable and delivery is prompt. Can’t wait to send away for some more!
    Your books are like potato chips, Susan! You can’t own just one!!!

  37. Dale Worness says:

    Thank you, Susan, for thanking me! Getting a reply from you really makes my day!
    I just checked and Alibris does have “Christmas Memories”. They seem to have all the books I inquire about. 🙂

  38. Janet says:

    “Your books are like potato chips – you just can’t own one!” THAT’S EXACTLY RIGHT – a great line, Dale!! FYI for those searching for out-of-print books – have had very good luck using Harvest Book Search out of Philadelphia AND ABE Books. Both offer very good quality & superior customer service! Haven’t had to ask them for any of yours though, Susan… I get each one new as soon as I see them out!

  39. Jane alexander says:

    Susan, you’ll have to live to be 100 at least to do all the books we want! I think a book from the Bible, called Proverbs, would make a great book with your art work. I also really loved the Book of Days.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! My son and his family are flying tonight from Texas to Philly. We’ll pick them up in the morning forThanksgiving. We’ve been in New Jersey 14 years, and this will be their 1st Thanksgiving here. I’m SO happy.
    Jane Alexander

  40. Lori says:

    Hi, I just purchased 10 of the small Homemade Recipes binder/Personal Recipe Keeper to give to family for Christmas. I was perusing sites actually trying to find more of the original binder that I have – a larger version of above. ISBN # is both 13:978-1-4127-7681-3 and 10:1-4127-7681-3 and see them online for an average of $3K if new. I love this binder and was trying to buy matching ones but at that price it would be impossible. I am new to your brand and hope you can advise about this

    • sbranch says:

      Are you saying you are seeing them at $3,000 new? If so, I agree with you, this is a bit much!!!

      That binder is no longer being printed. I design for different manufacturers so it’s their choice of how many of each product to print, where to sell it, and how long it stays in stock. We always buy as many as we can to have in our web store, but sooner or later, we always run out, and usually before anyone is really ready for us to! I’m so happy you got the number of them you needed for gift giving . . . sorry about the other one! Thanks for writing Lori!

  41. Karen P. says:

    Have you ever thought about doing one of those daily tear-off calendars? I’ve had different ones in the past and LOVE them.

  42. Carolynn Sullivan says:

    My family and I have enjoyed your Christmas Memories Scrapbook for the past five years. Now that it is full of our memories we were looking for a new one. Sadly we saw that Christmas Memories is out of print, and found a few online for up to five hundred dollars. We were hoping you had plans to publish a new Christmas Memories scrapbook. Thank you for the wonderful memories you have helped us keep.

    • sbranch says:

      Five hundred dollars, ridiculous! So hard to believe. When this blog grows to the size that allows me to afford to spend what it takes to reprint (my publisher is no longer printing them), I’m going to do it!!!

  43. Jessie says:

    Any plans for a new Christmas Memories book? Our’s is full and I can not find another.

  44. Deb says:

    Hi Susan,
    I wonder if you could answer a question for me? I am adding to my collection of your HOTH books. And I have been looking for the ones that are out of print. ( The first three you wrote).
    I purchased Christmas from the Heart of the Home, from a used book merchant.
    I just bought Heart of the Home, from Bunches of Grapes Bookstore on Marthas Vineyard. However, when I got it, it says printed in Singapore, and there is no information under the copyright header. When I look at the book on line, from a reseller, amazon etc. The copyright information is there and ( the one I saw on Amazon) said Thirtheen Printing and Printed in the United States of America at the bottom.
    So, I am wondering if I bought a “copy” of your book….from Bunches of Grapes………..that is not really a copyrighted edition/printing?
    It seems that there are a lot of different versions of each book out there on the web. That is why I purchased from The Bunch of Grapes. It is pretty confusing looking at the different editions or reprintings….and I can not find a website that explains how many reprints of each book are out there.
    My goal is to buy very good editions of the out of print books….and First Editions if possible.
    Can you give me any guidance….?????
    I wanted to buy signed copies from your website during Christmas, but had no luck…as they were already sold out.
    Many thanks for taking the time to read this post….and thanks also for any advice you can give me.

    • sbranch says:

      I have an eighteenth printing of Heart of the Home and it says Printed in the United States of America . . . what printing is yours? I wouldn’t be surprised though, publishers are always trying to find ways to save money. It’s very possible one printing was done in the USA and another somewhere else. The versions of the books (as far as I know) will always be the same. The only difference is which printing they are. Slowly they’ve all been going out of print. I don’t know of any of the books that have been bootlegged, if that is worrying you at all. Hope this helps!

  45. Yvonne Wahls says:

    I just purchased the Homemade Recipes binder today with the blank pages to write favorite recipes on. I am wondering if you have extra pages to purchases.

  46. Deb says:

    Thanks so much for your reply.
    The strange thing about the HOTH that I bought from Bunches of Grapes is that there is No Printing # at all, it is just blank space. No, First Edition or Eighteenth Printing, etc.
    That is what struck me as so odd. Plus all the books I saw on Amazon or at resellers, noted a “Printing #” and said printed in the USA.
    The book sent to me says…..
    30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21
    Printed in Sinapore
    Kind of a mystery…..I just hope it is a valid version of your book.
    Thanks again for writing me back!
    Love your Blog….follow it faithfully……and have really enjoyed the adventures of Jack and Girl Kitty. Plus all the posts from the girlfriends.
    You put a bright spot in our day!
    Happy New Year!

    • sbranch says:

      That’s how they did it with later printings… That means you have the 20th printing (I’m pretty sure). Happy New Year to you too!

  47. Karen Saunders says:

    I was just wondering, I just went on amazon to see about ‘Vineyard Seasons’…WOW, they have one for $179…(I think it was that). I have all of your books and sometimes I would buy them again. I really like the Christmas one and every year at Christmas B&N would put it out. Because you said it is out of print are they not going to do that at Christmas? I can’t tell you how many ‘Girlfriends Forever’ books I have bought as gifts for my girlfriends. (did you get that?) ha
    I always wanted a book signed by you… I’ll keep trying!! Maybe if you have one on your new book i can make it down there. CA that is. (i’m going to put a bubble around you so you won’t get the flu!) I am so excited for your new book. I will get it and i won’t read it…..i will savor and make it last as long as i can. i really do read your books all the time, and i use your recipes….the easy ones that is. i think they should keep printing your books. k

    • sbranch says:

      Some of them have been in print for 25 years . . . I guess all good things must come to an end. But there are more where that came from. I like the bubble you just put me in! Thank you! Have a wonderful day Karen!

  48. Sally Perkins says:

    Well, Susan, I think I have been an ardent fan/follower for the entire 25 years (or more?) your work has been in print. I have every book you’ve done, every scrapbook item, memory book, etc. and I have read every one of them, cover to cover. I love the stories, the recipes, the artwork, and all the heart you put into each page that I can only imagine. Creativity expressed like yours is the kind of human magic that takes my breath away while at the same time allowing me to breathe ever so much more deeply. Thank you so very much, for the blessings of your talents and the energy you inspire in others.

  49. mildred forrest says:

    I would like to purchase to items…the Autumn Book and the Heart Necklace but do not know the price or how to go about this…thanks.
    mildred forrest

    • sbranch says:

      Hi Mildred, Just go to the top of the blog page where you see the word “shopping” — click on it, and you’ll see all our products . . . click on what you want and it will tell you what to do. If you’d rather, you can just call customer service at 805-474-5836 — Hope this helps!

  50. brenda odell says:

    Susan, I carried and sold your products for years when I owned Simply Country in Enid, Oklahoma..I loved your merchandise and you greeting cards..cookbookstoo…sold all of your products for years. I sold my business after about 30 years…I loved your art work and your creativeness. I had forgotten all about your merchandise until I saw a site of yours on pinterest and followed it to your web site…anyway wanted you to know I loved your work..much continued success. brenda odell

  51. judy dow says:

    I have all of those books except for the Baby Love. My baby days were past when my aunt began giving your books to me. Recently however i saw somewhere a Cocktail book that looked like it was by you. I cant remember where i saw it or anything. I just turned 60 so maybe it was a dream or senior moment. Is there such a book? and is it in print?? By the way you are my motivator for the seasons. I read the Christmas book in early November, the Summer Book in May, and the Fall Book in August before I go back to teaching. How about a Spring Book for me to revisit in February?? Love them all.

  52. paulie says:

    oh my gosh………I blinked and the first batch of the new Grandma tell all book is gone already? Tell me it cannot be. Well I hope I am put on the waiting list for the second batch coming. This grandma needs to begin writing sooner than later. Make my day Susan, make my day! lol xx moi

  53. LINDA says:

    Susan , I was so lucky to stumble upon “The Summer Book” at a local thrift store, its my first and I cant tell you enough how much Ive enjoyed going over it again and again. It has brought me a comfort at this time in my life that I cant explain, and even though you wrote it long ago I wanted to say thank you!
    A friend told me of a special double edition book, do you know where I might find a copy of it and its correct title? I would so appreciate it.
    Again thank you so much…

    • sbranch says:

      There was a very small printing of a book that had both Heart of the Home and Vineyard Seasons between its covers. It’s just called Heart of the Home and Vineyard Seasons Classic Limited Edition.

      • LINDA says:

        thanks Susan…. I appreciate your response and I will enjoy looking for your other books to add to my ever growing COOKBOOK collection….

        • LINDA says:

          Im so excited, I found the book I asked you about and it came today. Thank you so much its a new favorite and tonight its Lemon Noodles which I heard thru the grapevine are fab………

          • sbranch says:

            Good for you, I really didn’t think you would find it!! And yes, on the lemon noodles, you will love them!

  54. Karen Joyce says:

    Have looked for two months for the 2012 Calendar that I’m certain I purchased from you and canot find it. “Maybe it is one of those things that I thought I’d done and DIDN’T. Oh well just looked on Amazon and they are selling for $76.00. Love your calendars but sorry can’t justify that price. You should have made lots more at that price. Next year. I’ll just have to make do with ????else. Have a great year and I’ll be certain to do it next fall for 2013. Just too much going on this fall and in the months near Christmas. Have a very new grandson and that’s very special. Zachary Jonathan Joyce born Dec. 14, 2011. Now I have two grandsons. Sooo special being a Gram. Happy New Year. Karen

    • sbranch says:

      Congratulations on your new grandson! So sorry about the calendar . . . we ran out for the first time ever — Amazon ran out — everyone did. It was such a surprise. We already ordered more for next year, they usually come in around September. Some people must have bought it and saved it to ask $76 for it! Crazy!

  55. Susan!

    I am a Leap Year Girl; Born on ‘Leap Day’ in FEBRUARY. And Guess what! I printed off your free Bday/Anniversary Year at a Glance- LOVE it- I even LOVE that instead of a “:29th there is the cute little chick that you stuck in your cupcakes. Was this on purpose? Or did you forget that the 29th was invisible for 3 years???
    My Q to you is: “What do you do about this in your calendars?” Every February, that the 29th is not present, I feel a limbo-ness about my turning of age. March 1st is, well, not MY month. I like pink and reds and hearts. FEB. is MY month! The 28th does a good job of acting like my day… but just gives people time to either celebrate THAT day or the 1st!! And when this year rolled around, I felt guilty on the 28th for not giving it some attention.
    Basically, Leap Year is like The Passover…. it is celebrated over a few days and so that can sometimes be fun or just a plain bummer.

    Here is my idea:

    I need YOU to pioneer a cute, creative calendar that has a day, or space that is blank, so that I can decorate it as MY DAY! And so kids can learn about 366 days of the year every four to even out our calendar!!!Even though it doesn’t really happen for a few years.

    I am 9 this year and my turn 9 soon. So this is a really special year for us!!!! Then he will turn 10 and I will be 9 and a quarter. ho-hum!

    What do you think? I wrote Hallmark and all the other people to get on the stick about getting your work into their stores…. Hope it helps!


    • sbranch says:

      I totally love it. I’ll see what I can do! Don’t look for it next year because the 2013 calendars are at the printer now, but I will try to remember to make a special spot . . . you 9 year olds deserve it!

  56. Jacquelyn Wirthlin ... Las Vegas, NV says:

    Wanted to tell you that I have been rounding up copies of your “Girlfriends Forever” book which is my very favorite. My 4 oldest and “bestest” girlfriends (we all met in the 3rd grade in Bellevue, WA, at age 9 and went through school together) are going through some troubling times right now … one has cancer, one has a husband with cancer, my brother-in-law has cancer(my own brother is a cancer survivior) … and I am going to send each of the girls a copy of your book. I know it will bring smiles to their faces. We are all your same age and would have given our bouffant-hair-dos to meet the Beatles as you did! We carried on many a covert mission ourselves but none nearly that exciting! lol Thanks for all your efforts. I know the “Yayas” (what we call ourselves) will love the books.

    • sbranch says:

      I’m so sorry your girlfriends are going through such scary times! You’re a doll. Not everyone holds onto their friends from when they are 9 years old, but I can see why you have!

  57. Maria Rivera says:

    I purchasedGrandma Tell Me Your Story and I was wondering if you had one for GRandpas. I think it is such a good idea and I wanted to give them to my daughters grandparents so my daughter could learn about her fathers family.

    • sbranch says:

      I design for this company, but I can only design what they ask for, and for some reason, I can’t talk them into things for guys! I’ve tried on favorite recipes for my son, they say no, I’ve also tried for a Grandpa book, but they don’t want to do that either. I think they’re crazy!

  58. Karen P. -Wisconsin says:

    Okay, Susan….page 45 in your Summer book! Did my mom pack you the same school lunch??!! I swear…exactly the same down to the orange cut in quarters (they taste better that way) and two Oreos…not 3, but 2! So funny when I read that! If we were at home for lunch, it was grilled cheese, tomato soup and Paul Harvey…. “Good day!” on the radio in the kitchen sitting at the laminate black and pink speckled table, all 6 of us kids!

  59. Karen P. -Wisconsin says:

    Oh dear….sorry….it’s me again! I just was reminded of the cutest quote that you put in your Summer book and I have the CUTEST visual of a painting suggestion for you…..have you ever painted elves or fairies? I can’t remember. The quote is on p. 104, by Francis Thompson. (As if you don’t have enough to do right now!). Welcome home!!!!

  60. Gail Rose says:

    Good Morning…. Are you still working on your book about pancakes? If so when will it be out? I have a lot of your books and enjoy them soooo much.
    I have followed you since the first Willard and love all you do… tell Joe hi!

    • sbranch says:

      Yes I am, and It’s almost done, BUT I stopped it to do this Diary, it will come first and then the Breakfast Book!

  61. Alice Lucas says:

    Hi Susan. I love all of your books. Could you please tell me how I can find your books called Celebrations and Wedding Blessings?
    Sincerely, Alice

  62. Joy Lowe says:

    Hi Susan~Loving your blog! Been a loooooooong-time follower & fan. My Mom & I have ALL your books and we treasure each and every one of them 🙂 There’s nothing more exciting than decorating for any given holiday & bringing out one of your books from their given place of honor in my antique kitchen cabinet to lay out on the coffee table for the season. “Autumn” is on display as I type! My Mom was visiting this past weekend and she scooped up Autumn to snuggle in with as she sipped her morning coffee-so content! Question: We miss your books…and they are hard to find anywhere as it is-are you working on anything new?? We are going through withdrawals….help!

    • sbranch says:

      I am working on a new book; it’s the diary of the two month trip to England Joe and I took in the spring…but a little more than that, as it starts with the story of how he and I met. It’s handwritten, has tons of photos, artwork, travel tips, and even recipes … I am loving every moment of creating this book. I’m on page 84 of it today; it should be around 250 pages …. and come out next year. Thank you for asking Joy! Say Hello to your mom for me!

      • Marianne says:

        This is so fun. Now I know even more about what’s in your England book than I did before – and look forward to it even more. And that’s saying a lot because I’ve been so happy you’ve been doing this book. I seem to remember the first time you went to England (have you been more than twice?) and you asked for input on whether a book should be about gardens and whatnot. (If I remember correctly.) You were visiting gardens. I’m so happy you’re including recipes, too. I thought you might not, but how could you not? Right?

  63. patti says:

    So I have just been reading all about you Miss Susan and I have just come up with the best idea. I’m going to search for all of your books (mainly the one’s out of print) because I have all of the other ones. Me and my husband are moving into the next phase of our life and hopefully it will be just me and him. When we do finally hit the re-set button, I’m going to have the, “Susan Branch Room.” How cool will that be. We have raised 4 kids and have a slew of animals and a lot of life in our house. Anyone who knows me will understand the Susan Branch Room 🙂

  64. Rita from MN says:

    Susan, I have a question and thought this might be a good place to ask. I vaguely remember references to a new book–not the England journal. So I went back to my Williards (I saved the printed as well as the emailed) and as early as 2008 you talk about working on a book. I don’t believe you have had another book out, yes? Other than the recipe, grandma books? Is the one you were working on prior to the journal the breakfast one mentioned above? Not to put any pressure on you. 🙂 I just love everything you do and want to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

  65. Helen says:

    Have you made a journal for Grandpas that is like the Grandma Tell Me Your Story journal?

    • sbranch says:

      No. I design those books for a manufacturer by the name of Publications International. They are the ones who decide what books they want, and although I have asked several times for a Grandpa Book, and also recipe books for sons, they just don’t want to do it. So sorry, because I think it’s a wonderful idea.

  66. lynda lawson says:

    I received HOME COOKING RECIPES FROM THE HEART at Christmas time and I would love to have one more that I can make for my daughter and daughter in law for some day when I’m not here

  67. Linda says:

    Im an avid collector of all your things and am curious about some ” Little Books” you did. Was there a collection called ANGELES TRILOGY…or something of that sort? I can’t seem to find them but Im also not sure what they might be… Thanks Susan!

    • sbranch says:

      I don’t know what the Angeles Trilogy might be — sorry, it doesn’t sound familiar to me. The Little Books were very small, tied together with ribbon and fit in almost gift-card-sized decorated envelopes. There were quite a few of them Tea, Birthdays, Girlfriends, and most of the holidays.

      • Linda says:

        does a book called” Little Dinners” happen to be one of yours? someone said a little book about “Chocolate” also? Thanks so much Susan, if they exist I must have them for my collection…

        • sbranch says:

          Oh, OK, those books. Those books came in a box along with a magnet. They were bigger than the “Little Books.” There were three: Chocolate, Little Dinners, and Cocktails.

  68. Helen Smith says:

    I am trying to find your book “Grandma, Tell Me Your Story” Can you help? I would like to purchase one. Thank you.

  69. P.S. Susan, I watched one of your video vignettes where you are making spiced pecans in your adorable oven, and wasn’t I surprised to see your little kitchen timer is the same as mine. Mine is that creamy antique green colour and it matches my kettle. I love that in your kitchen you have retained the original cabinets and counter tops. No granite or slate to be found here. Just well worn, well loved everything. Homey and warm and comfortable like the “Heart of the Home should be. Tinkety tonk old fruit. Charice.

  70. shirley maples says:

    I ordered the new book and new calendar I didnot get a confirmation on the order would you check into to this I can’t go into my cart and check this. thank you

    • sbranch says:

      I sent your comment to Kellee, but the fastest way if you are having a problem is to go to any page in the shopping part of the site, and you will see contact for the studio. I’m not really there, so I can’t do too much from here. Hope this helps.

  71. Christine Valenta says:

    I just purchased your “Homemade Recipes” book for an upcoming bridal shower. Can I purchase additional recipe cards and pages found in the book?

  72. Maria in Long Beach, CA says:

    Hi, Susan…I just received my copy of A Fine Romance in the mail. This is the first book of yours that I’ve purchased. I literally gasped when I opened it up. I couldn’t stop flipping through all the pages. Of course, I had always known that you used your own script for each word and painted all the beautiful pictures, but having never actually held a book of yours in my hands…well, it hit me like a ton of bricks…the incredible amount of time, love and energy you put into each page! I can’t put it down. Not only is it gorgeous, it’s a true page-turner. Thank you so much! XO

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you Maria! From the beginning I thought of my books as homemade gifts, so I always tried to make them as nice as possible. xoxo

  73. Mary Maness says:

    I was wondering does your Grandma Tell me Your Story book come in blue? I would like one for my grandson. I bought one for each of my granddaughters already but would like one in blue.

  74. Mary D Christie says:

    I am looking for the Autumn book. Where can I find it? I have all the vineyard books.

    • sbranch says:

      Maybe on our web site … it’s out of print, but we do find them second hand sometimes, or you can check around on the internet. Next spring, we plan to reprint it!

  75. Annette McD says:

    I recently purchased your Summer book from Amazon. I couldn’t be any happier with it. Gave it 5 stars in my review. You rock!

  76. Vita Avanesian says:

    Hi Susan, I have a lot of your books and love them all. But when I read your “Girlfriends” book I was reminded of the time my mother took me to a Beatles concert in Houston, TX. I was six years old! and she had to lift me on her shoulders for me to see them and the girls were screaming so loudly they had to stop playing! She bought me a bobble head doll set that I still have! Ah, The Beatles were the best. My mother was too!

  77. anjali says:

    Hi Susan!
    i am a great fan! I need a copy of “girlfriends forever” but I live in India! please tell me where can i get it shipped from! i want to gift it to my gff for her birthday!

    • sbranch says:

      They’re out of print Anjali (but new ones are coming in the spring) … We may have a slightly used copy around here. Get in touch with Kellee ~ kellee@ if you’re interested ~ she can help you ….

  78. Alice Lucas says:

    Dear Susan, I just wanted to let you know I received your new book A FINE ROMANCE and I love it… thanks so much! Alice

  79. Patty says:

    Susan, I am hoping you can help me locate a certain refillable cookbook (the kind that have three rings and you can write your own recipes!) I rec’d such a book of yours years ago, and all I remember is it had a cake with one candle on it and a quote by Winnie the Pooh. My children’s father left, and in doing so, he failed to pay our storage unit, which unbeknownst to me, was auctioned off…PLEASE, PLEASE…is there any way of getting this cookbook again?! It was my plan to pass this on to my daughter and although I can’t replace what I wrote in it, I do still have the recipes in my head! Thank you~

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, Patty, first off I’m so sorry that happened! Terrible! But we do have a book like that on our website, in fact a couple of them. Look at the top of the blog under shopping and see if you see the one you’re looking for.

  80. Penny Smethers says:

    I found your recipe book at michael’s arts & crafts store and have absolutely loved placing our family recipes in it!! I have quickly run out of the recipe cards and the plastic sleeves to put the recipe cards in. I’ve searched for them and can’t seem to find them! I have the recipe scrapbook with the daisys and us tourqouise color with 6 bowls on it… I’d love to get the matching cards and plastic insert pages!

    Do you sell these on your website?

  81. claudia says:

    Hi Susan, I have just discovered your blog and fell in love with it. I would like to know if your book will be available a e books too because I am from far away , Argentina, deliverses from abroad are now restricted so I can t buy it in paper to my regret.
    I also want to congratulate you on your creativity and the capacity you have to make the reader fell in place while one reads you. Please forgive me if my english is not good. Thanks for making a grey afternoon, shine. Claudia

  82. Amanda Lombardi says:

    I’m not receiving your monthly newsletters. What am I doing wrong? I have all your book except A Fine Romance, how do I go about getting that?
    I go back and read all your books monthly and would love to live in your world.

    Thank you for your time…


    • sbranch says:

      Hi Amanda, Since I’ve had the blog I do less and less Willards. It’s not you, it’s I’ve sort of run out of time. But as for A Fine Romance, you can get it at your local bookstore (or order it from them if you have to), you can get it on Amazon, and if you’d like a signed copy, you can get it here in my web store — just click HERE. Nice to meet you Amanda!

  83. Alice Lucas says:

    Dear Susan,
    I was wondering if you ever wrote a book called Chocolate It’s Not Just For Breakfast.

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, a small gift book that came in a red checked box. All chocolate recipes.

      • Judy Young says:

        Something new to hunt for! This sounds very special! Have not heard of it mentioned before now.

        • sbranch says:

          There are lots of little items running around out there somewhere. It’s too bad I never got them all in one place at the time they were being made — we didn’t have blogs then or I would have!

  84. Heather M says:

    Hi Susan! I just bought two books: For My Daughter With Love and My Story. My question is: do you have any books like this from mothers to sons? I would love to also start a book like this for my son. He has high functioning Autism but is on his way to a major healing with his immune system and gut healing and has come such a LONG way!!! When he is able to have a full conversation one day, I would love to be able to tell him about his journey in a journal like this!!!! Also, to have something more geared towards boys 🙂 Anything coming out soon!?!? 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      I keep asking the people for whom I design these books if they would PLEASE do one for sons and so far they just refuse. They say that “no one wants them” — but I disagree completely and believe that many people would want them. That company is “old thinking” – the world has changed. Maybe they will join us in the 21st century soon, I hope.

  85. Lorraine from Cape Coral, FL says:

    Good Morning, Susan,
    Do you have a recipe index for your books? I want to make your corn pudding and can’t remember which book it is in.
    I love your books, I love Gladys Taber, I love Brimfield, and I love old houses!
    Thank you for being you – you are a delight and a kindred spirit.

  86. Michelle says:

    Hi Susan! I found your books and I absolutely loved them! I bought “My Story” for my mom as a gift for Mother’s Day ~ and she loved it! It was such a unique gift.. and it truly hit the heart, plus I never “really” got to hear HER story. So, I’m super excited to see how it will turn out 🙂 I went back to the store and bought 2 of the “To My Daughter With Love” books ~ I had to get 2 due to I have a set of twin daughters 🙂 I thought it would be such a wonderful gift to give them someday when they are older, to see what “my story” is/was 🙂 However.. when I bought their books, there weren’t anymore of the “My Story” books left… and I wanted to buy one more for my son. I looked on here to see if I could order one, and there isn’t any available (that I saw) to buy. Do you know where else I could purchase just one more from? I would love to start one for him too! Thank you so much for writing these books ~ it’s such a thoughtful idea to express our stories to them 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

    • Michelle says:

      Susan ~ I was mistaken in my last post. The book I bought my mom was “Mom, Tell Me Your Story Please”. And…. I just found it! I looked under your “Susan’s Books” tab ~ and there it was!! I’m super excited!! I will be purchasing it now for my son! Thank you again ~ Have a wonderful night! 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      I see you found it in our web store . . . so glad, they will be such treasures.

  87. Claudia Cole says:

    Susan, just finished “A Fine Romance”. It is a book I will read every so often, because I loved it soooo much! I have a pen pal in Altrincham, England. I would soooo love to visit her some time and your book gave me inspiration to visit many other wonderful country cottages, etc., while I “drop in” to see “Dilys”. She is a quilter and a knitter, as am I. My favorite decade of quilting is the USA 1930’s, with all those cute little prints and creamy pastel colors. I have two vintage twin size quilts I have rescued and put together as summer covers for my bed. Love them and for the fall/winter love my pumpkin flannel and my lavender/mellow yellow/pinkish rag quilt when the weather dips and the snow flies.

    Joe sounds wonderful. Does he have a brother? Just kidding! It was very sweet how you and he support each other through your similar interests and special careers. So great you can travel together to share life and our earth!

    Just down loaded your free pattern for the “Martha’s Vineyard Watercolor Collection” quilt. One of my favorite pattern is the pinwheel. I have been doing a make and take white tone on tone background with funky bright colored pinwheels forever. Between knitting and this project, time has no meaning. Do we always need to be in a rush? No way!! Happy summer!

    Best wishes,
    Claudia Cole

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you Claudia! I say yes to your visit to “Dilys!” Couldn’t agree more with the 1930’s quilt colors.

  88. Alice Lucas says:

    Dear Susan, I just wanted to let you know that, I just received your WILLARD book in the mail the other day, and I love it. I also bought your two scrapbooking kits and they are beautiful.
    I would love if you could some how sell your {month’s of the year} stickers on your web site.
    Your Friend, Alice

  89. Cindy says:

    Is there any chance ‘Christmas memories’ will be republished? I finished my fifth year and would love about a dozen more!!
    Thank you

  90. Kim says:

    The first time my mother brought home Heart of the Home and Vineyard Seasons (just published!), we were in HEAVEN. I was 17 and I fell in love with these books. Of course, we immediately procured every book you’d ever done thereafter. All I can say is THANK YOU for sharing your passion with the rest of us. Susan Branch is a household name for us and will be in our memories always. You speak to our homemaking hearts.

  91. Peg Campbell says:

    I have the “To My Daughter with love from my Kitchen” book to work on for my daughter. Is there one available for son’s?

    • sbranch says:

      No, and I have tried so many times to talk that company into making them. I just license my art and design to them; they are the ones that choose what product gets to be made, and so far, they don’t realize how many moms would like to make a book for their boys.

  92. Deborah Harris says:

    I bought two cookbooks, “To My Daughters with Love from My Kitchen:and are making them for my granddaughters. The problem is….When I bought them, I had two granddaughter and now I have three. I was going to give them as Christmas gifts. Do you have any left that I could buy or could you tell me where I can purchase them??
    Thanks, DEB

  93. Lucy Bravo says:

    Hi, I was hoping to get my 3rd Christmas Memories book (we filled up 2 so far) and am sad to see they are out of print! Are there any extra copies laying around I can purchase?
    Fingers Crossed!

    🙂 Lucy

    • sbranch says:

      There really aren’t — isn’t that terrible? I’m so sorry, I know it’s interrupting things for some families, but my publisher decided not to go on with it. I will try to republish it myself for next year.

  94. karina says:

    Susan yo soy de Argentina, de un pueblo del interior y me encantan tus libros , me llegan al corazón, no los he conseguido solo puedo verlos por internet y sueño poder tener alguno de ellos algún día. Gracias por pintar de maravillosos colores todo , colores con amor!!

    • sbranch says:

      Karina writes (as per Google Translate): Susan I am from Argentina, a provincial town and I love your books. I have not been able to find them, can only see them online and dream to have one of them someday. Thanks for wonderful watercolors, all colors with love!!

      And from me . . . Querida Karina, muchas gracias! Es tan bueno saber de ti. Feliz Navidad!

      Dear Karina, thank you so much! It is so nice to hear from you. Merry Christmas!

  95. DonnaB says:

    Is there a chance you will be bringing back the Christmas Memories Book? I love. love, love it. Finished my second one and was looking to buy more.
    Happy New Year

  96. shannon Reich says:

    hi Susan,
    I have been “onto” you since 1990 when a co-worker in the elevator at work had your cookbook in hand and I asked about it. So my first purchase was the 17th printing of HEART of the HOME.
    This is the first comment I have made on your blog, (nervous) after following for over 5 years. There is so much i want to say-how your art and quotes, quilts, creating home, moving to the East coast, books, calendars etc have spoken to and inspired me. ( and train travel). I looked at my piles of notes from 2014 and found one that had the Christmas Memories Keepsake book written down. Last year it was out of my price range and now I see the price has risen (it’s like following the stock market!) I figure there are only a few of them out there, thus the price. I’ve never seen it but I am intriqued, as I love journaling.
    oh I almost left out an important connection; Hand-lettering.! As a graphic design student in the 80’s I was very discouraged in my job-hunt. I wasn’t computer literate and I preferred using my hands. I loved calligraphy and hand-lettering.
    As a 50 yr old woman I am finding great satisfaction in painting signs on barn wood and any other old wood.
    Sincerely, Shannon Reich
    ps my wedding date was dec31 2013, so we just celebrated year ONE, and we are planning a Europe trip. Crossing my fingers for no airplanes.

  97. Margie Orr says:

    Have all your cookbooks…..I love them all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️……was thinking of making popovers in the heart pan. Do you think this would work?

  98. Jennifer Gonce says:

    My mom bought your homemade recipes binder for my three sisters and i. I absolutely LOVE mine!!! My question is…..where can i get more of the blank sheets?? I’ve used all the ones that came with it and would like

    • sbranch says:

      That’s nice to hear Jennifer . . . I sent your note on to Kellee, she’ll be able to help you ~ but check in the “books” section of our store.

  99. Julie says:

    While browsing an antique store this morning in N CA, I found Vineyard Seasons just waiting for me. SCORE ! ! ! So thrilled. The homey recipes and wonderful tribute to your beautiful mother just warmed my heart. This book will feel right at home in my collection of treasured reading. Just looking at it on my shelf makes me so happy!

    Love your vision of the world Susan…

    Happy Spring!

  100. Jillian says:

    Dear Susan,
    I just wish to tell you how much I absolutely adore your books! Even though I’m only 16, they still charm me in a variety of ways. Especially “A Fine Romance,” which I am about to start for the second time! You are an absolute inspiration, and I hope to meet you if you come to New York to sign “The Fairytale Girl,” (which I am SO excited for!) Thank you for everything,
    Jillian from New York

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