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  1. Just wanted to let you know what a sweet blog you have. I consider it my feel good place. I feel so much like a lady when I come here. I have lots of your books and I love them. They take me back to simpler times and lovely things. I mostly like your illustrations. What fun they are! Susan, you’re so talented and I love your style. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Jane Lusk says:

    Oh, how I love this new website! I’ve walked by your home on Martha’s Vineyard (we weren’t stalking — we were “peeping!”) and often think of your idyllic island, all the way from Seattle. My question: With all of the new excitement and blog, etc., are you currently working on a new book? I know it’s always a secret, but when might we expect it?

    • Jodi says:

      Hi Jane!!! So fun to read your message. I think you and I grew up with Susan Branch and probably were one of her first ‘fans’ nearly 20 years ago.

      • Kathy Fletcher says:

        HI Girls-
        I too am a life long fan….love her and her blog and all her books and stuff- LOVE Willard!@!@ It all just makes me feel good- love to sit and look at all the books! Wishing i could paint like her…..Thank You Susan for making a bunch of ladies feel good and special!@!@!

  3. The sweetness that goes into your calendars and such have brought me to this site. I am wondering when your purse calendars and day books for 2012-13 will be available? I feel like I have found a little part of me in your beautiful array of products and I am hoping to soon begin a collection! Thank you for putting such heartfelt, colorful and adorable illustrations and quotes into your endeavors…it brings so much warmth and charm to anyone’s day! I find them to be very encouraging and uplifting.

  4. shelly matter says:

    I have been a kindred spirit of yours since I was a young mom over 20 years ago now. I collect everything susan branch I find and have years’ of the book of days completed that my daughters’ now have and enjoy reading (and giggling)while doing so. I started the girls’ their own collections of susan branch books too! The girls’ (my 3 “babies”, lol) are now beginning families of their own and each new mommy to be receives a susan branch baby love book at her shower. We now have 5 generations of women in our family and in a couple of weeks we will have our 1st grand”son” joining the bunch. Thank you for sharing your sweet, loving, simple lifestyle with us<3

  5. Jill S. says:

    I just recently bought one of your recipe books ( Homemade Recipes ) but its red not blue. I am looking for more of the papers. I can not find them sold separately. I can see that I can order the cards for it but not the full page recipes. Do you sell them separately? My mom and I love this book. Once I fill it out I am gonna make another one just for her for Mother’s Day next year and I know she will love it. I was gonna put extra papers in it so she can add some of her own and that way I can sneak in hers and find old family recipes that no one knows about LOL…. Thank You Susan I love this book.

  6. Leslie says:

    I love all of your stuff and look forward to the calendars every year and can’t wait for the new books to come out. like the set up of this blog
    enjoy your summer

  7. CATHERINE says:


  8. Glenda Smith says:

    Susan, I love your new blog! I always have had my coffee first thing in the morning, but now I check your blog first thing! My kids always know what I’m doing because they hear the little birdie fly across the screen. And my bird chirps back! Are you going to have the Susan Branch bubble bath available again? Thank you for all of your encouragement to us who love you. The main part of that word is COURAGE. I think it takes some of that!

  9. Gail Buss says:

    I love the way you sift the flour twice onto wax paper. I usually do it into a bowl and then into another bowl and sometimes for poundcake into a 3rd bowl! So much to clean up……will try the wax paper trick. I have the same kind of sifter as you do but its just plain and not pretty but I love it anyway and have had it for years!

    • Barbara T, Wolverine Lake MI says:

      that’s the way my mom did it! sift onto wax paper, then back into the sifter on a second piece of wax paper. Susan I be that’s the way your mom taught you. 🙂 it’s easy to pick up and bend the paper so that you can “pour” it back into the sifter.

  10. Janice says:

    My tea cup runnerh over. We can now have a sip and chat anytime! How delightful to be able to turn here when you have the ? In your head, What would Susan Branch Do?, cook? Bring? Plant, say!

  11. Darlene says:

    Hi Susan, just wondering when the 2012 wall calendar will be available, Thanks 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      We were just told July 11th for everything but the blotter . . . not sure yet on the blotter.

      • Darlene says:

        Great!! Looking forward to it! Thanks

      • Hope Bryant says:

        Dear Susan, Was just browsing on your website the other day and came across the blotter( or sometimes known as a desk pad as one person informed me) . To me they will always be called BLOTTERS! Anyway, I absolutely loved it and can just see it on my desk where I can look at it every day. I spend alot of time at my desk each day and it would look perfect. Must have one! I love Willard and love looking at all our things and rereading your books that I have. I don”t have all of them but sooner or later I will collect the ones that I need to complete my set. Take care, keep on doing what you do the best: Happiness that lasts for me. Hope

  12. Marybeth Ringo says:

    I am thankful that I have a Mother… in law…. I call her Extra Mom- who
    knows that I need a lovely place to go and rest. That is your blog.
    Thank you to you too.

  13. mary beth shaffer says:

    Dear Susan: I love everything you love – the simplicity of nature, flowers, gardens, beautiful old linens, old lady handkerchiefs, etc. The new book ” Mom tell me a story, please” looks fantastic. My mom is 84 yrs old and I told her I would order it for her to fill out for me. I cant wait to see what she writes. My dad is 86 and would love to have a book for him too. Will you make one for Dad’s????? Maybe he could fill out a copy of the Mom book. I hope to hear from you.

  14. this is so relaxing and peaceful to read all the blogs from susan branch fans love it all thank you

  15. Beth Ruberg says:

    I’ve loved your artwork and admired your spirit for years! Seeing your Willard news in my mailbox is pure fun…it’s always the first mail I open!
    I loved the quote from Gertrude Jekyll that you added this last time. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us all!

  16. Jolene says:

    I used to buy “Country Living Magazine” just for your prints. I would tear them out carefully and put them in a wooden frame and hang them in my kitchen. I would also change them out every season..I especially loved the Fall & Halloween prints. I was so sad when you stopped having them published in CLM. But now after finding FOSB on facebook, I was able to shop & found that the prints are now available for purchase!!!! Yay!!!! Just ran and got my credit card!! I have almost all of your books and also a pair of pj’s 🙂 Everytime I read your blog or ANYTHING you’ve written I feel like I am listening to an old friend, having a cup of tea. Your stories & artwork always make me smile. Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us!

  17. Judi Tweten says:

    Dear Susan, You have filled me up with joy!! I absolutely adore every-
    thing you do!! Your communications, artwork, philosophy, calendars &
    books are so VERY inspirational to me!! I have been collecting you &
    Gladys Taber forever it seems, and you are where I go immediately
    when I need a lift for any reason!! Thank you Susan, for being such a
    dear, sweet lady and for sharing your fabulous outlook with so many
    of us (your #1 FAN – JUDI TWETEN – Love you!!

  18. Mary Smith says:

    Hi Susan,
    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your website and new blog. It really inspires me. I have been a fan of yours for many years and have all your
    books and a lot of your dishware and fabric. I, too, collect quilts and also make them the old fashioned way and love to cook and bake and take care of
    my home. 2 years ago I thought my life was over when I was diagnosed with
    breast cancer, but after all the hell (sorry) I went thru I am alive and well today. Keep up the good work. By the way, today is my 61st birthday. I really didn’t think I was going to make it. thanks for listening.

    • sbranch says:

      So happy that you did! And hell is what it most certainly is. Good girl for winning! Sixty-one is such a wonderful age! ♥

  19. Joyce says:

    Hi Susan:

    Do you collect any of Tasha Tudor’s books? You would like them I’m sure.

    • sbranch says:

      Love her, I did a little sort of ode to her on the December page of my new wall calendar. Painted my first corgi! 🙂 That was fun.

      • Sweet Mormor says:

        Oh, you painted a corgi! I dearly love corgis and I can’t wait to get your new calendar! I have an old Tasha Tudor illustrated book of “The Night Before Christmas” which includes her beloved corgis. I so enjoy your blog and Willard – I can’t get out much so they are truly a “treat” in my life!

        • sbranch says:

          Ooops, I said “new” calendar . . . that’s not right, it’s in this year’s calendar on the December page!

        • Char fruland says:

          This note could have been written by me if I had been checking for new things earlier. I am certainly a huge fan of Susan for as long as she has shared.
          I also have been a fan of Tasha !
          Now for the mormor name. I have it too.

  20. Robin says:

    Such a fun and happy place to visit! Thank you so much!

  21. Angie Gentley says:


    So excited to see the new calendar out! You make my Christmas every year-I can’t wait to find the calendar-shaped gift under the tree! Each one is truly a work of art; even if it drove my ex-husband crazy, I still proudly display past years calendars right along side the current year. Good thing I married the love of my life-he understands my love for your artwork. So what if I have to live with the framed poster-size “Kramer” above my couch? So worth it to display your works of art in my kitchen!

  22. starr miller says:

    Willard….love you!
    You are such an inspiration, Susan. You were given a gift – a big, loving heart- and I am thankful that you share it with so many.
    Bless you,
    Starr Miller

  23. Cathy in Golden, CO says:

    Me too Susan. I am thankful too. You make me happy. Thankful also for all the responses – truly fun to read. Thanks everybody!

  24. Reneelynn says:

    Susan, I just found your blog and I really enjoy it!!!! I have some of your cookbooks from years ago. I will be checking in often. Love your pictures.

  25. Dia Doughty says:

    I’ve asked before, but never received a response. Would you consider making a perpetual wall calendar out of wood, metal, whatever. I would love, love, love to buy one. Years ago you made a wood frame that your calendar could slip down into. What I am talking about is a “permanent” calendar where the months/dates and events are manually changed every month. Thanks for all of your wonderful-ness!

    • sbranch says:

      I would love to do that, but a manufacturer would have to come to me and ask me to do it! That’s the only problem . . .

  26. Lois Pearsey says:

    Susan, I had the priviledge of meeting you last year at your farm stand antique show in Arroyo Grande. Your blog is lovely and a place I look forward to reading daily. I have several of your cookbooks and enjoy them. I purchased your Christmas memories book several years ago and bring it out each year and remember the fond memories we made.

  27. Richele Duffy says:

    Dear Susan,

    Why would a manufacturer have to “ask you” to create a pertetual calendar? Don’t you create something and then find someone to produce your product? Why would you wait for a company to suggest a product to you; you are so very creative yourself!!! I guess I must be confused about the process.



    • sbranch says:

      No, I license my artwork to manufacturers to put on their items. Otherwise I would have to find a manufacturer and order thousands of them (they all have minimums) or try and sell myself at a place like Costco or something…and become a much bigger business that would probably be having lots of trouble right now in this economy! I can explain it further if you have questions. . .

  28. Ivy Zabala says:

    Hi Susan, Just wanted to say I love all your work. I really enjoy Willard and I wait anxiously for it every month. I feel like I’ve known you forever and you are one of my Very Good Friends. Thanks for all you’ve done.

  29. Helen White says:

    Love, love your website and Willard’s newsletters. Brings back wonderful memories of my childhood – like the goose down pillows!

    Someone asked about Tasha Tudor books, every read any of Gyo Fujukawa’s books? I am a retired educator and took a childrens literature class and read more books than most of the students. Taught reading for most of my 20 years, I was truly in my element.

    Use to do what you have done to your home for the seasons, however, CFIDS has put a big crimp in my activities. (Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome)

    Read a great deal and quilt when I can and Fiona cat takes good care of me.

  30. jane zamudio says:

    I walked into my favorite store this month and lo and behold, the calenders for 2012 had just arrived. And there was the new Susan Branch!!! I was sooo happy as ive been getting them for years, and so i grabbed it right then, as i know from experience that to wait is a grave mistake,they never last long!. Love you Susan.. you help make my house a home!!

  31. Barbie Tabb, Wolverine Lk MI says:

    Let me just say this – as far as long time fans go…..I saved all of the pages with your full-page recipes from Country Living! I would tear each one out and save them, then when I bought your first cook book (such a delight!!) I found they fit perfectly inside the cover under the jacket flap, so they are kept there and I go to them often – a few are messy with bits of batter, etc, from having them too close to me as I cooked — I’ve always taught my daughter: someday when “I’m gone” you’ll know which recipes of mine are the best, they’ll be the messiest ones! to which she always replies: Mom! stop! But she gets the point 🙂 Well-loved recipe cards just don’t stay clean. At least mine don’t.

  32. Beth Scholz says:

    Dear Susan,

    Oh how I love your website, books and calendars! Reading your words makes me feel like I’ve set down with an old friend. My best girlfriend and I can not get enough Susan Branch! Thank you for always reminding us to slow down and enjoy the beauty in simplicity. We had an idea we hoped you would consider…how about a book of daily “meditations”…reminders of the simple joys in daily life. If anyone can put them into words, you can! Much love to you for all you do.

  33. Doreen Strain says:

    I received my blotter and my pocket calendar….I love them!!!! Now…all I need is for 2012 to get here so I can use my blotter. I loved that my pocket calendar started in Oct. 2011…just love it. FOSB 4~Ever! ~ Doreen ~

  34. Mary says:

    Just wondering when you anticipate having your 2012 Book of Days available. Thank you!

    • sbranch says:

      The folks that license us for that wonderful little book decided not to make it this year…Not our idea! If you would like to make a comment to them, it might help for next year . . .? And maybe not! But always worth a try … it’s http://www.lifeguardpress.com , look for “contact.”

      • Mary says:

        Oh, my – so sorry to read that. I thought when I saw last year’s, “Finally, a planner I will love to use!” And I did! I will give Lifeguard Press a call and an e-mail. Do you have any idea of how quickly it sold out last year? (would give me a little ammo!)

  35. Sheryl from Foresthill says:

    Dear Susan,
    You are a blessing for all of us. Thanks for being the one of a kind “you” that you are. This is so much fun following you around.

  36. Denise Garcia says:

    Dear Susan~Just taking a peak at your website this morning added joy, love and hope to my day! I have loved and admired your work for years, warms my soul. Will you be having a 2012 daybook calendar, if so, when will it be available?
    ~I want to be reminded of the beauty &joy in my life daily when I write in my calendar instead of feeling overwhelmed by it. Thank you and Blessings to you!xo denise

  37. Sue says:

    I can’t seem to bring up stationary to print off anymore. I did so enjoy running them off & give as gifts to my friends. thank you

  38. Lucia says:

    Hi Susan, Your illustrations, handwriting, books, pj’s, everything makes me so happy. I have a Days calendar book that I’ve been writing in since 2005. All of the funny things that my grandchildren say are written down on the date with the year noted. One day, maybe at one of their weddings, we’ll all read it together and laugh and laugh. Thanks so much for all that you do for us!

  39. Glenda Winn says:

    I was given my first Susan Branch book about 12 years ago and I still love it. I have collected all that my local bookstore carried but now they have closed. I hope to find your newest ones soon. Thannks for the Willard’s. They brighten my week…..

  40. Karen P says:

    Every year, my kids, hubby and I create online Wish Lists to help with Christmas shopping. I added a BUNCH of stuff to my Susan Branch Wish List which I just, for the first time this year, created. However, I can’t figure out where to find the Wish List to forward it to everyone! Hmmmm……? Any help would be great! Thanks!!!! xoxo….kp

  41. Kelli L says:

    I just wanted to say I absolutely LOVE everything Susan!!!!! I have all but one of her books which I WILL get eventually. I just love the blog and Willards!! They brighten my day. I even have my daughter, who’s 14, asking if there is a new blog in my email when she gets home from school. Susan, you are loved by all ages! Thank you!!

  42. Linda L. says:

    Hi Susan: Last year while Christmas shopping I came upon a gift set of monthly list pads accompanied by page marking pads at Sam’s Club. Every month I can’t wait to get out the new notepad with the new design. I’m sorry now that I didn’t buy 5 or 6 sets to give to relatives and friends because I love this set so much. I’ve looked everywhere for this same set. Is there any hope you will release these again? Can I purchase them directly from your website. xoxo

  43. Jayne says:

    Good morning Susan and friends …just wishing each of you a lovely day, enjoyable in every way……Jayne

  44. Kathy Mizerak says:

    I am wanting to purchase your recipe holder album from my school book sale, but I was wondering if there is a way to purchase extra plastic pocket pages to put my MANY recipes in. I have way too many recipes for the few that come with the book. Thank you, Kathy

  45. Jeanette K Peterson says:

    I absolutely adore everything about you and your site. It is a perfect fall evening here in upstate New York and I am about to serve my husband apple crisp made from the recipe in your fall book. [I will be having my share]. there is something very bittersweet about the fall. I have a hard time letting go of summer but all the sights sounds and scents of fall certainly make it easier. thank you for sharing your life with me and making me truly feel like a girlfriend. fall blessings to you girlfriend…..Nettie

  46. Rosanne says:

    I’m so happy I treated myself to the Emma Bridgewater Christmas mug! It is my new favorite thing, and is perfect for morning coffee, when the house is quiet, and my kitty and I are the only ones stirring. I know it isn’t Christmas yet, but what better time to remind yourself to seek JOY, JOY, JOY, than the beginning of any new day. It is the perfect vessel for filling myself up from the Well of Sweetness, just like your wonderful Blog. Thank you, Susan!

  47. Kathy Thompson says:

    Hello Susan,
    Just a note to say “welcome home” to a place I hope to visit some day. Every time you mention the falling leaves in New England, I get homesick for the beautiful places my husband and I visited a few years ago. As you well know, here in California fall is a bit different, but my favorite season anyway. I was up in Folsom last week on business, and I brought home a few maple leaves that had turned to reds, yellows, and rusts. Now my table here in Rialto looks a bit like what you’re seeing every day right now. Wonderful blog. Love it. Love it. Love it.

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you so much!! When I was in California I happened to drive through an area of rolling hills lined with grapevines and the colors were wonderful! Birds were flying low over them in kind of undulating clouds, and it was as much fall as any place I’ve seen. You can just have fall in your heart, which I can see you already do!

  48. Crystal Burns from Cannon Falls, Minnesota says:

    Dear Susan,
    I discovered you through your lovely fabric. I am a hand quilter, baker, nature and outdoors lover. Your ” Stuff ” is very heart warming. You help me decide what to cook for my husband , grown up family and friends. I love your artwork, lettering and sayings. When I feel down, you always pick me up. Your items make wonderful gifts. I see now why you appreciate the letters you get from everyone as this morning I took the time to read a bunch of them. When you give away your love it all comes back to you in abundance. This you surely do. I am only one of the many grateful people who you touch through the Etherworld. I am happy to be alive at this great time. Thanks for everything you share with all of us.

  49. Gail says:

    You are an amazing talented person. You just brighten my day when I read your cookbooks or blog. Thank you. So glad I found your site.

  50. Maureen Dunn says:

    When will you put that rose on a T-shirt—-I would be so proud to wear it!!
    Thanks for the smiles you bring–not to mention the recipes!!!!
    Welcome Home!!!

    Love n Stuff

  51. cheryl johnson says:

    Hi Susan,
    Your illustrations and quotes on your calendars are so beautiful. While going through a stack on my desk, the “tree talk” image (2007?) you drew suddenly appeared on a piece of paper. Any chance of finding that in a book or as a print to give as a gift? I love it. Thanks, Susan

  52. Nancy Van Fleet says:

    Susan, I love Willard. What a great one this month’s was with all the beautiful glass. It has inspired me to use my china and my 6 place settings of antique silver given me by my grandparents. If I have more than 6 people, I can use the stainless that I have and not worry. Also, being from Utah probably makes me the queen of green jello. One of the strangest concoctions is grated carrots, pineapple tidbits and green jello. THanks again for your great Willard and your blog. Nancy

  53. Wendi Unrein says:

    I finally had the grace to sit at my Kansas kitchen table, coffee in hand, and read this delightful blog and Willard email. What joy you bring forth! Thank you!!! Love the comments on fall and how you set the scene! We don’t celebrate Halloween but you sure brought back fun memories! Wish you well and hope all the guests that enter are as touched as I am at the moment!! Bliss! Wendi

  54. Vicki says:

    Hi Susan!
    I was bored at work and escaped to Branchland and was swept away with it all. Was going to the local “antique” store on the way home since I was ready to “Branch-out” lol. I love all of your things, they are darling! My daughter (27), has requested one of your recipe books filled with our family recipes. I just might have to make one for my other 2 kids as well! Thank you for all the joy you bring!

  55. Candi says:

    Hello! I just purchased your “Home Cooking” TRADITIONS Recipe keeper, and I am so exicted to begin using it! I’m hoping it will become a real treasure and keepsake for my kids (even though they are boys and aren’t really into that sort of thing). I would like to know if you have any additional pages for sale, specifically anything with a Christmas theme? It would be great if you had extra pages with seasonal themes. Anything like that available? Thanks for taking time to answer my questions. I enjoy your artwork…it gives me the warm fuzzies. 🙂 God bless you!

  56. Cathy in Golden, CO says:

    Hi Susan – I’m the lucky girl that got your vintage Christmas glasses. I can’t wait to receive them. I was so excited to see them. Took me back to my childhood in the 50’s. I know a couple of little girls that will love them on our Christmas table! I’ll give them a good – good home! Thank you! PS: I also bought a couple of “bobeches” (sp?) – I think those same little girls will love the little twinklies. I couldn’t fine the “stars” but someday I will!

    • sbranch says:

      Oh, I’m so happy! I love knowing where the treasures end up! Happy Thanksgiving Cathy!

      • Cathy in Golden, CO says:

        I just got home after grocery shopping for the holiday meal and now have finally put everything away and cleaned out the fridge! Whew! What a chore! I thought I would take a break and enjoy your website. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving also!

  57. Corky Corcoran Douglas says:

    Susan ~
    A dear friend sent me your blog! I have most of your items in my home. I love your Christmas Book and use it through out the year. My 19 year old was recently diagnosed with cancer and we are living at the hospital daily. His appetite is not great, but just asked me yesterday if I was pulling out the book with all the” fun drawing”s for our Thanksgiving menu? My reply, yes and I’ll cook whatever sounds good to you! We are so grateful but it’s sad when we have a crisis in our life to really appreciate all the wonderful things about our lives. My son is our hero and I’m certainly “grateful” to cook and be with him daily for his infusions. We will be doing for 1 whole year! Your cookbook is going in my briefcase tomorrow so we can plan our menu.
    Thank you Susan for your wonderful talent and gift of you.

  58. Paulie says:

    Hi Susan!
    I guess like hundreds of others, I am also a recipient of your wonderful blog, writings, books, and joy in life that you share with us. You have become a visitor in my home whenever possible and also a part of my family. I enjoy your talents so much. Thank you so much for sharing your joy in our lives through all that you do!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Holiday……..”thanks for the memories”………..tis wonderful!

  59. Sue says:

    Hi Susan, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    I enjoyed reading everything you have shared about Martha’s Vineyard. I love your work and I have one of your scrapbooks used for recipes (the quote on the front with God has given us our memories that we might have roses in December by J.M Barrie) that has been displayed in the kitchen for years. Next year my husband & I are planning to go to the Cape and one trip during the time we are at the Cape will be there. Looking forward to seeing it. Are any of your products sold in any of the shops there?

    • sbranch says:

      Hi Sue, Happy Thanksgiving…just came in from the KITCHEN where I’m tied today by apron strings 🙂 to see what’s new here on the blog, and here you are! Hope you have a wonderful day — and yes, at the Bookstore, Bunch of Grapes in Vineyard Haven, you will find a few things.

  60. Judy Dow says:

    Hi Susan! Wow! My aunt bought me my first Susan branch book in 1992. I have been a fan ever since. I have also converted all of my friends and we have Susan b lunches where we each make a recipe from one of your books. My summer garden looks just like yours! My hubby made it for me after he realized how great it would be. Thank you for making me smile often. Just recently got on-line with my new iPad. I had insisted I didn’t need to be a computer junkie but my hubby showed me your Willard so I’m hooked. Looking forward to the new book. Hello to Girl Kitty, Jack, and Joe too.

    • sbranch says:

      Hi Judy! Nice to see you here — Your husband sounds like a sweetheart, please say hello for me . . . I just told Jack you said Hi, he’s right here in my lap!

  61. marie says:

    Love your christmas tree and decorations! Would love to find some stockings like the two over your fireplace…any suggestions? I have exhausted all my sources (have been on my computer for several hours looking for some). Thanks! My sister who lives miles from me and I share all your pretty things together – makes it even more special to be able to talk with her about them. Merry Christmas!

    • sbranch says:

      I really don’t know Marie, I’ve had these for so long, if I ever run into something like them, I’ll be sure to put it on the blog! Say hi to your sister!!

  62. marie says:

    Susan, thank you so much for your reply. I am going to keep looking (surely someone has something close). I will pass your ‘hi’ along to my sister. I can’t believe you took the time to get back to me, and in such a short time too!

  63. Mary Peterson says:

    Hi Susan: I have been following you for some time now and greatly enjoy you, your site, and your products. My sister-in-law turned me on to you, and I’m so glad. Instead of just reading about you, I had to get signed up so I can put my name in to get one of your beautiful give-aways.

  64. Nancy says:

    I’ve been a fan of yours for years, and bought another one of your calendars to start out 2012. Thank you so much for sharing your creativeness!

  65. Yvonne Wahls says:

    Hi Susan,
    I love your blog. I purchase the Homemade Recipes book that you can put your favorite recipes in. I was wondering if you can purchase additional pages.
    Yvonne in IL

  66. Michelle Correia says:

    Have loved everything you write, publish, and how you tell about your life and experiences…I have been a fan of yours for years, and you have brought many smiles, a few tears of ‘remembering when times’, and your books and recipes are my treasures….Thank you so much for you being you… Just bought your 2012 calendar today….Enjoyed a cuppa tea, and read through the whole year this afternoon!!! Thank you for another fine treasure!

  67. Sandy Garvey says:

    I love all of you calendars, but the “Love from the Heart of the Home” was my first one and the one that made me fall in love with all of your things. I really enjoy reading Willard with a cup of tea made in my Christmas teapot.

  68. Sandy Garvey says:

    I love all of you calendars, but the “Love from the Heart of the Home” was my first one and the one that made me fall in love with all of your things. I buy your calendars for all my girls’ night movie friends. And I love to curl up with Willard and a cup of tea from my own Christmas teapot.

  69. Sharon says:

    Hi Susan,

    I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful staff you have at your office. I have bought items over the last few years and have dealt with both Judy and Kellee, but mostly Judy. Again yesterday and today when I was speaking with Judy regarding my current order, I was treated so warmly and professionally it was a real joy. The parcels always arrive perfectly to Canada with no problems. Thanks again for your great product and beautiful staff.

  70. Anne Bingham says:

    FYI: the “half pint” capacity of the Emma Bridgewater cups is an imperial half pint of 10+ ounces, not an American half-pint of 8 ounces = 1 cup as implied by the ordering information.
    I almost didn’t order the snowdrop cup because I’m used to drinking my morning tea in a 12-ounce mug, but I decided to take the risk. When the cup came, I measured and was delighted to find that it holds just as much as any old ‘Merican 12-ounce coffee mug. Fill to the bottom of the lettering inside the cup and it holds 10 ounces, halfway up the lettering it’s 11 ounces with plenty of room for cream.

    • sbranch says:

      How great! I never thought to look at that . . . I told Kellee and she’ll probably put the information on our Emma page. Thank you so much for letting me know!

  71. Genie says:

    Greetings and smiles from North Carolina!
    I am new to your blog — and new to EVERYTHING that is Susan Branch. (I feel so out of it) I can’t explain how happy your Web site makes me — right to the heart. BTW, one of the photos of your china shelves has a little elephant pitcher on it. I have the same one! I have had the pitcher since I was a little girl. My mom used to put milk into it so that I could pour milk into my cereal bowl by myself without spilling. : ) I really love the Minton cups and saucers that were also pictured (different photo). I tried looking them up on the Web site: Replacements, Ltd., but have yet to ID the pattern. Will keep trying, as they are adorable and bring a smile just looking at them.

    “Thank you” — for sharing so much of yourself with us. You bring such pure joy! I feel as though you live next door. Sometimes it’s a small, small world.

    >>>>> “The time to be happy is now.” <<<<<

  72. Marji Romanski says:

    Susan, I just LOVE everything you do – we LIVE by “The Heart and Home” every year at Xmas time.
    I am a “summer” person on MV and I was just curious that I have not been able to locate any of your stickers, are you not selling those anymore? Or are they here on your site and I just missed them?
    Have a good weekend, we have snow here outside of Phila.!

  73. Vicki b says:

    Hello Susan still loving your blog and building up my collection of your gorgeous books i have recently got myself a bargain sleepwear set the cheesecake pyjamas off ebay and absolutely love them ..i have been scouring the internet and cant find where to get more of your products can you please let me know where i might be able to find more of your lovely jammies or other products much love from vicki in kent xx

  74. Ellen Wilkins says:

    Just asked about your Onion Pudding, but meant to ask you one more thing. YEARS ago, I had a little box of your cards and sweet sayings (cards might have been 2″ x 2″). I loved these and would attach them to gifts or slip them into letters. Would you ever consider offering these again?
    Ellen Wilkins

    • sbranch says:

      We loved those too, we did make them ourselves for a little while, Kellee and Judy put them together … but of course, it always works when you are making ten, but is something else when you need to make 100! Maybe someday we’ll find another manufacturer who wants to make them! The bad thing, it’s the kind of product that can only be affordable if it’s made in a country where labor is very cheap … there’s always something! 🙂

  75. Carol King says:

    You have awakened the chintz in me. As I look at the way your home is decorated, I wonder why I haven’t added more florals and chintzy(this doesn’t mean I’m cheap) things. I love your rabbits on your window sill. And I love your table of pink everything including the center of the tasty looking steak. Your blog brings light on a dreary day and your humor warms my heart. Thanks for taking the time for all of us.

  76. Gail from Manchester, N.H. says:

    When do you anticipate your new cookbook to come out. I can’t wait.

  77. Victoria says:

    Dear Susan,
    I love your work and the many beautiful things that you sell. I treat myself and my friends throughout the year by just a few clicks…and anazingly a perfectly wrapped box arrives on my doorstep from Judy and Kelly. Oh !..The joy of opening the carton and finding that perfectly wrapped tissue paper held tightly together with one of your cute stickers. I usually order so much I forget what all is actually in there , which adds to the excitment! My friends always love, “Heart From The Home” gifts! I feel like I give myself some of the best gifts ever! Every year I buy all of your different calendars, they are a yearly “must have”, but I haven’t noticed your magnetic calendar being available for the last couple of years. I still have my 2009 on the frige with the picture of your old stove, which I dearly love. I was wondering if the magnetic calendars will be available again? Thankfully, years ago I bought your print of your old stove which is hanging in my kitchen giving me a warm happy feeling each time I look at it. Love the red knobs!
    Years ago, another thing I purchased were several garlands of red plastic stars which I hung around my kitchen doorsways. They looked so good that after Christmas, I just couldn’t bear to take them down and figured they would also be great for the 4th of July … But then after the 4th, I thought, “might as well leave them up for Christmas”. .. This was my thinking for the first year… You guessed it, they are still up! I’m not sure if they are still available, but over the years I have learned my lesson, “buy it when you see it, or it may be gone”…. And I am so glad I did, because all the things I have bought from you, give me so much joy and pleasure everyday. Can’t wait to see what’s coming up next !

    • sbranch says:

      How sweet Victoria, I will be sure to forward your comments to Judy and Kellee — they take so much care about everything we send out, it’s so nice of you to take the time to tell me! xoxo

  78. Joy says:

    Hello 🙂
    I never do this….but…I saw this as an opportunity to thank you. From the first book that was a Christmas stocking stuffer from my sister-in-law (Love) to every tiny work of yours that I have collected, you have been a huge comfort to me and always will be. My husband bought me a stack of your books (all of them at the time) for my birthday the summer my Mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She loved your work too; the last gift she bought me was your girlfriends book, before she was sick. When she could no longer see I would read your books to her, and it gave her peace so that she slept with a smile on her face. Your work gave us some badly needed ‘normal’.
    Two years after she passed I became pregnant with a miracle, whose name is Faith 🙂 I was never supposed to be able to have children, yet here she is and perfect. I was on bedrest for most of my pregnancy and your books were my constant companions, like a friend holding my hand.
    When we moved recently my toddler brought me your “Sweets to the Sweet” book every day so we could sit and look at the pictures, it comforted her and reminded her of ‘home’. She loves all of your books and they have been a huge part of teaching her to treat books with gentility and respect.
    All of this to say….what you do is not trivial….you do so much more than you know. Your gift is so powerful and beautiful, you do so much more than just make the world prettier. You gift people with culture and tradition, give them the warm glow of Christmas even if they have never known it.
    I look so forward to your future works and sharing them with Faith 🙂
    May God bless and keep you…..and guide your pen….er um keyboard 😉 lol
    With all my heart….Love,

    • sbranch says:

      You are making me cry. Thank you so much for letting me into your life. I feel so honored. Give Faith a little hug from me. xoxo

  79. JoAnn Petersen says:

    Yesterday, I stopped into a Half- Price Book Store and what did I find but a recipe note book of yours so perfect, because we are considering a food life style change to be come Vegan. I need to have a place for my special recipes and the ones to come . What I would like to find is a font very much like your specialhand writing to use in my special book of recipes. but my computer dosn’t seem to have such a thing. you are so special to me just love every thing you do. Your trip to England will be so great I know, and can’t wait for the travel along we can enjoy. Hugs, JoAnn

  80. S. Beth Fraley ( says:

    Some yrs. back I had purchased some of your darling little plates – keeping them all to myself until one day recently. I baked cookies to take to a friend whose husband is terminally ill, and decided to use one of the plates to give to her with the goodies. She was so delighted, asking “How did you know Susan Branch is one of my very favorites?” Of course I hadn’t known that but was so glad to have brought some “delight” into her long days. Thank you, Susan, for sharing your talent – that makes a LOT of people happy!

  81. Hi Susan, what a treat it is,for each day, to go on your website and check to see if there is a new blog, with your delightful photos and comments. I too, love the vintage linens, cookbooks, kitchen utensils,gardening, old quilts, new england, especially cape cod. Life is good. Had 2 life threatening things happen in the last 3 years.,Gillian -barre and stage 3,breast cancer. I take each day with a positive note, and so glad to enjoy, my found antique treasures.thanks susan for your creativity and website.

  82. Lois Rehm says:


    My husband gave me your latest book for Christmas, and I relished every page as I sat next to our tree sipping my tea. Lovely to know that I am not the only one intrigued with the English countryside. Did you know there are associations devoted to the cultivation of hedgerows? A few years ago National Geographic featured an article on hedgerows and showed how they support a more complicated biodiversity than at first meets the eye.

    Since Beatrix Potter and her creations and surroundings also hold great interest for you, I wondered if you were acquainted with Tasha Tudor, America’s sort of equivalent. Her children’s books with enchanting water color illustrations have been very popular over the years. She died a few years ago at the age of 92, having lived for years in Vermont in a cottage in the style that people did over 100 years ago–long dresses and bonnets, roasting a turkey in a tin oven in front of an open fire, etc. She was a great cook, gardener, story teller and writer, and devoted mother and grandmother; she loved animals and always had corgi dogs, a few cats, and a pet chicken around. Her family developed a Tasha Tudor website that has pictures of the way she lived, her recipes, her family customs, etc They arrange tours of the house and garden every year. Tasha has quite a following, and it’s interesting to read the comments from her devotees.

    Susan, keep up your noble and excellent work. Your gentle and encouraging voice is welcome in the contemporary cacophony that poses as communication.

    Blessings and peace in the New Year, Lois

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, I agree with you Lois, the hedgerows are much more than what meets the eye. And yes, I’m familiar with Tasha Tudor, though relatively recently and not quite in the same way as Beatrix Potter. I hope to get up to Tasha’s house and garden one day, maybe in the spring. I Twitter with the family now. Thank you so much!

  83. Joan says:

    For some reason none of your posts have come to my inbox since May 1. I just tried to ‘resubscribe’ but it says that I am already a subscriber. HELP!!! I can’t abide being without your wonderful posts as a picker-up and therapy.
    What could be the problem? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks and blessings. P.S. I have a Tabby boy named Jack. A feral kitty given a second
    chance. I could write books about him.

    • sbranch says:

      I just forwarded your message to Kellee and to the person who set up this blog. I’m sorry, I heard this happened to lots of people — even on other blogs. I thought all we had to do was re-subscribe, but apparently not. Some sort of glitch out in blog world, but we thought it had been solved. Hopefully I’ll get more of an answer for you Joan. Hugs to you and your Jack.

  84. Kay Bennett says:

    Hi Susan!

    Love your quilts and learning about your love for them. They are so beautiful and seeing the vibrant colors makes me think of the flowers of Spring and Summer. I have a new appreciation for them after seeing your blog. Thank you and have a wonderful summer!! (leave Jack and Girl Kitty in all of your photos – love them!)

  85. Deborah says:


  86. Ines illgen says:

    Hello Susan,

    I’m finally a grandma (at the ripe age of 68) and have found your wonderful books for mom and grandma, but have searched in vain for books for dads and granddads. Might they be in the works? Or is that something you had not yet considered? I’ll bet I’m not the only one who’d think that would be a wonderful next project!

    Would you please give it some thought?

    Ines illgen

  87. Ines illgen says:

    Have purchased your books for mom and grandma, but have searched in vain for books for dads and granddads. I wonder if any might be in the works?

    • sbranch says:

      The manufacturer I license my work to for these projects is from the dark ages where men were not allowed to cook or write their own story. I have asked them many times to let me do Dads, Sons, and Grandfathers, and they just won’t do it. I’m so sorry.

  88. JoAnn says:

    Hi Susan,

    I am a little confused. I pre-ordered your new book Martha’s Vineyard, Isle of Dreams through your website so that I would have it in hand when I went to your book event in Danville, CA. I just checked the bookstore’s website and see that you have to purchase a ticket which also includes the book that I already ordered from you directly. I am now being told by the bookstore that I would have to purchase another book to attend the event. Is this true?

    • sbranch says:

      Well, if he told you that, then it must be. I don’t have anything to do with the rules of a bookstore, and it has never worked that way at the stores I’ve been to before . . .normally everyone brings their old books and I sign them, and that’s the way I’ve always seen it done. I would think if you came and got in line, what would he do, throw you out of his store? I don’t think so! I get where they are coming from, they have these lovely events and they want to sell books. I’m so sorry.

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