T   H   A   N   K   S   G   I   V   I   N   G

m u s i c a

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  1. Susan says:

    Happy Thanksgiving
    one of the best ever. A beautiful day filled with love and laughter brother sister,and husband and daughter. The most Fantastic Feast ever. We all stated what we were most thankful for and it was in every case something about family.

  2. Sylvia Faye says:

    Hope by now you are close to home and still enjoying the simple pleasures you are so wonderfully describe.
    But if you go into the true history of Thanksgiving you will find it was much, much earlier and it happened in St. Augustine, Florida and it was celebrated by a Spanish priest giving thanks at mass for having arrived safely and also they did share their meal with the native Indians. So it was the Spanish and not the English who celebrated the First American Thanksgiving and you can find out all about it in a book called A Line In The Sand and it was written by a professor from the University of Florida. It is a good read and is also a very simple grateful group who gave thanks to God by praying His mass and sharing a very simple meal.

  3. Cynthia Christensen says:

    Susan, you and Joe are a treasure. I love that you are adventurers and love the moments of your lives together. It is a true testament to your friendship with each other. May the Lord continue to bless you both. and for your passion to share the goodness of your life with us. I have enjoyed it from the moment I read your first book. Somehow, someway, I have always felt a “kindred spirit” with you and do feel as if you are a dear girlfriend. Thank you for everything you have done for our friendship to flourish.

  4. chris consentino says:

    wow! what a very sweet treat to find a “Willard” (my first!) complete with “cookie-jar”, and a wonderful message from a most wonderful person, and many of her very wonderful (seems to me!!) girlfriends! wow! I know, I kind of over-used the word “wonderful”, but it surely fits! the message frm SB was very heartfelt, and touched my heart solidly. I wish I knew how to access the music so many spoke of. ????? I am truly not tech-savvy enuf to do much of anything, but would gladly take instruction as to how I can hear that music!!! in advance, I say thanks lots!!! Thanksgiving has always been my very favorite holiday, and I was brought up to a way of life you could call “thanks-living”, for which I am most grateful. so, thank you, Susan, for being another part of my heart that I can give thanks for. we recently moved from NH to VA and I must say the pics you showed of KY look amazingly like the area where we are!! very much the same. and, as a new-Englander in heart, I pray for your safe return to that part of the world, and all the magic that is there thru the winter. do take care on your travels!!! hope you’re home by the fire by now!!! I do have one other ??? I am desparately trying to find return-address-labels that have been designed by you!!!!! is there such available??????????? pls, pls let me know!!! your calendars have been in my home for many years, and I keep and re-enjoy them a lot, so I thought, if you had designed labels, they would be JUST the thing for me to use!!! if you haven’t….pleeeeeez do!!!! ok?? faithfully, and with a very thankful heart, for you, I await your reply. chris consentino

    • sbranch says:

      We don’t have them now Chris, but we should! Maybe one of these days! SO happy you got WILLARD! And yes, any time you see an underlined word, if you put your cursor on it, it should light up, you can click it and it will take you to MUSICA, or recipes or who knows what, but that’s how simple it is. And it won’t take the blog away, so when you are done, you can click it off and come right back to read more. xoxo

  5. chris consentino says:

    ps: just scrolled back to top…..found “musica”….clicked…..ahhhh!!! most soothing, and kind of comforting while I was laughing at my “tech-dumbness’!!! hehe. anyway, still need an answer to the “address-label” question. thanks! chris consentino

  6. Sharon Crane says:

    Now that the hustle/bustle and joy of Thanksgiving is done, I had time to put my feet up, have a cup of tea and read the article about you in Yankee magazine. I really enjoyed it–wonderful article and pictures!

  7. Gill Smith says:

    Hello Susan
    I have just received in the post your new book. I LOVE it!! I have visited most of the places on your trip, and I am so pleased you love our little Island so much. I live in North Devon; Its wonderful; on the edge of Exmoor….have you been there?If not you MUST on your next visit!!
    I read your blog, its super.
    Why can I not buy any of your other books here in the UK?
    Happy Thanksgiving

    • sbranch says:

      That is a very good question, although I know that at least Amazon UK has A Fine Romance now. Which makes it nice since postage from the USA to the UK has gotten so expensive. Oh yes Gili, we need to visit your part of the country next. No matter how many places we’ve been, it’s never-ending, the beauty of your country.

      I am so happy to hear you like the book! Thank you for taking the time to tell me. xoxo

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