Mother’s Day Tea

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  1. Arianne Plehandzic says:

    I actually did a Mother’s Day tea party two years ago. I used your recipes & all my antique dishes. I had never had a tea party before & it was a dream come true. One of the best days of my life!!!

  2. Lina says:

    As Director of a local Senior Center, we host a Tea Party every May and it is always a BIG hit and sells out … woman arrive with hats and gloves and we serve wonderful tea sandwiches, scones, cakes and of course, tea! We have an amazing volunteer who makes everything from scratch (including heart shapes sugar cubes that are too amazing to watch melt in the tea) and has her friends help serve. It is a wonderful event and for anyone out there with elder relatives, a real treat for them all.

  3. Carole Hines says:

    Our church is planning a Mother’s Day Tea the Saturday before Mother’s Day. It is to be a very “proper” English tea. We are wearing our Sunday best & hats & gloves. We are serving all the proper sandwiches & scones with cream & jam, and sweets! We made beautiful invitations & favors. Everyone is so looking forward to it!!

  4. Judi Burkett says:

    These all look like such great recipes, but I would like to be able to print them off. Can’t find a way to just print the recipes without the blog remarks. Thanks for listening! Judi

  5. Jean says:

    Have a great day and wonderful trip

  6. Nancy Boucher says:

    Hello Susan,
    I am thinking of having a tea party for our Garden Club in June. We are always looking for something rewarding and your recipes sound delicious.
    I wanted to tell you that I too love England. I am priviledged to know several families there .I often stay in Chard and my friends who are so kind, have taken me from London to the south and west, to the channels too! I love the charming farm country with the sheep everywhere and what I love most is how simply folks live. The country is so beautiful. I have to share I love the name was my Dad’s name. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy every moment.
    sincerely, Nancy

  7. Wendy says:

    Hi Susan,
    The preschool where I teach is having a Mother’s Day tea and I will use some of these recipes for the “mom” food. I like the idea of making special hats. That sounds like a fun activity for the children. Thanks for great ideas!

    • sbranch says:

      We had a dinner party one time and one of our guest’s (actually Margot’s!) children (Wolfie and Scarlet) made hats for all of us, out of brown shopping bags. SO darling. Everyone looked beautiful in their hats. ‘Course Margot’s children are brilliant just like their mother. You will have a ball, and the hats, I’m sure, will be keepers! Paper plates are good for that too!

  8. Joanne Lawhorn says:

    I am known as the Tea Lady in my community! Last year I packed up beautiful cups/saucers and pink and white tea pot, napkins, serving dishes a tablecloth and flew to Virginia (from Florida – where three little sisters were waiting for me!) I made each girl (there were eight of us) a newspaper hat to wear for the party – they turned out soooo cute! We decorated them with colorful silk flowers and I made pins to match as well – what a wonderful day it was! 🙂

    Thank you Susan for your wonderful writings – what a gift to all of us!

  9. nicki says:

    the tea party article came at a perfect time. i’m planning a tea party for several friends-i love the recipes.
    i love all your “work”. i first heard of you several years via scrapbook products. i always look for your products. thanks so much.

  10. Lisa says:

    Hi Susan!
    I am new to your blog, and this is my first Willard. What a joyous day when I happened upon your blog! I read as many old posts as I could, and I must say I enjoyed every one! I look forward to reading more everytime I sit down at my computer. I’ve always wanted to see Martha’s Vineyard, where you live looks absolutely beautiful. One of these days I want to visit all the New England states, and see the historic and beautiful sites they all hold. One trip I know we’ll never be able to make is to England, so what a sweetheart you are to invite us all to come along with you and your husband!! I’m going to have my mother come over, too (she doesn’t own a computer) and go along on the journey with me, so we can see everything together! I just wanted to tell you it takes a special person, a generous and thoughful one, to take the time to share with all of us the documentation from your trip. Thank you! Thank you! I’m also looking forward to making all these wonderful recipes for the very FIRST tea party I’m going to have. Can you believe I’ve never had one? I’m using my best mix-matched china, and inviting my mother, daughters, and aunt over to tea! Thank you so much for the recipes, decor, and invitations. Your blog makes me smile. . . thanks for sharing Happiness.

    • sbranch says:

      You will have such fun at your party! Please say hello to everyone for me … glad you and your mom are coming to England with us!

  11. Gert says:

    Oh how I would love to have a tea party like this…if only in my dreams!

    Bless you!

  12. Joan Lesmeister says:

    A beautiful Tea Party, I’m lookin’ for my flowery dress & a straw hat! The food looks scrumptious!!!! Thank you!!! xo

  13. Karen P. - Green Bay, WI says:

    Wonderful idea! Scrumptious recipes! I was curious about lavender buds in cookies so I tried them last summer and it is so good with the buttery flavor of the cookie and I sprinkled sugar on top! Have you made that flower ice bowl that you were able to paint it so darlingly (is that a word?! I guess it is now!) I’m with Joan….all that’s left is a flowerly dress and a straw hat! xo

    • sbranch says:

      I have made it. All you have to do is click on it and the HOW TO will come up. It’s so cute for spring or Mother’s Day!

  14. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Yippee! Just in time to help me with my tea party my dear! Thanks so much! I’ll just print again, & stick on the fridge instead of looking for my other copy!!! Hugs, Joanie

  15. Elizabeth says:

    I just adore this invitation! What font is that you have used?

  16. Tess Armstrong says:

    I was born on Mother’s Day and I am so fortunate to have spent 72 Mother’s Days with my mother – sometimes together and always in mind and heart. This year will be our 73rd celebration. I hope to be with Mom this year as her 73-year-old daughter in her 92nd year. Thanks for the “Mother’s Day Tea” and A Fine Romance (love England and its authors).

    • sbranch says:

      Happy almost Mother’s Day Tess. It’s such a wonderful holiday, our chance to thank Mom’s the world over, for the amazing jobs they do. You are so lucky to be counting those 73 years of mom blessings!

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