Cream Scones

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  1. judi says:

    Susan, I made this orange butter the other day and put it on hot toasted cinnamon raisin bread – delish!!! Thanks for the recipe.

  2. Mary Baynes says:

    I would like the recipe fr Hot Milk Cake, pls?

    • sbranch says:

      Just scroll down on the last post about Jane Austen, you’ll see a photo of the kitchen and under it, highlighted and underlined, the words HOT MILK CAKE. Just click there!

  3. julie says:

    Dear Susan,
    These were lovely scones. I cut the salt in half, but think they would have worked equally well, as written. I look forward to fiddling and tinkering with add-ins the next time. Vanilla bean with vanilla bean icing, perhaps? A very nice recipe and so easy and quick to put together—thank you!!

  4. Julie says:

    And I’m sorry I mentioned adjusting the salt. What a dumb thing to say!…They were actually quite wonderful and I bought more cream today to make more.

    You’re a peach, Susan! Thank you for sharing so much joy through your blog, recipes, artwork, and just being so sweet and gracious! I have owned and gifted several of your books over the years and they’re wonderful! Calendars, as well. 🙂

    My all-time favorite post here is the one you wrote on letter writing. I keep your ideas and guidelines from it tucked in the back of my mind when I sit down to write. Very inspiring!

  5. Joy Pence from Ohio says:

    guess what I made this morning? thank you for this easy, and so delicious recipe.

  6. Kay Baucom says:

    I made these for a “high tea” my church group had for some nursing home residents. I had gotten sick and couldn’t go but my hubby took the scones and orange butter to them. Not a crumb came back. Not even butter. I’m so glad they enjoyed them but I was really looking forward to having some. I made one batch with currants and another with cranberries.

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