St. Patrick’s Day

Hi Girls!  I’m thinking St. Patrick’s Day this morning and no St. Patricks Day Celebration should happen without one of the prettiest Irish Songs I know.

Five leaf clovers are even rarer than the 4-leaf variety which make them the luckiest of all!  So girls, Happy St. Patrick’s Day, good luck to you!!  Close your eyes and make a wish!  If you want to take a moment and gaze over the Irish countryside, it’s so beautiful, and goes so well with the music; it’s so Green!  So appropriate!  

And when you make this delicious health drink, the best thing you can do is settle down in front of the TV and watch The Quiet Man, one of the most beautiful, wonderful movies I’ve ever seen; it’s John Ford’s love letter to Ireland; the song Isle of Innisfree that we’re  listening to is the theme song for the movie.

In case you haven’t seen enough green yet, but on a far different subject; one I couldn’t allow to go by without celebrating . . .


It’s the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Girl Scouts this week.  I could write a whole book about how much I loved being one.  I started out in the Brownies when I was seven (that’s me in my uniform with my Princess Leah/Toni permed hair at the top right of this page); I got those wings when we “flew up” from the Brownies to the Girl Scouts.  Our troop celebrated by taking a trip on the “Great White Steamship” to Catalina. I felt as if I was traveling the world. I loved the troop leaders we had over the years, they taught us so much; they were like “other mothers.” I loved making stew in a can, doing a collage with broken-up watercolored eggshells, making a summer top out of a bandana, camping and singing around the fire, marking trails with rocks in case we got lost, and learning to fold the flag.  They also taught us how to put on a pillow case without using your teeth.  All the little necessities of life.

My badges, all except for one, tell the story of my future.  Some are still pinned where my mother put them until she “found time” to sew them on!  The horse riding badge was something our troop did as a group, we took lessons.  That one didn’t stick; the horses were always smarter than me!  But the others are for Storytelling, Childcare, Homemaking, Pen pal, and of course, Cooking.  All the things I loved. All the things I was doing around the house anyway, as the oldest of eight children. The missing star came off in High School to go on a coat; there should be four. The Girl Scouts meant so much to me and to so many others!!!

And Now . . .


OK Girls, I’m doing something special today, so I have to go!  I just wanted to send you that little recipe and some ideas for Saturday, the wearin’ o’ the green; next post we’ll let Vanna draw the winner of our last drawing — until then, you can still enter by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post —  and when I get back, I’ll also show you what I did today!  OK? One more thing, in case someone around you can use a little magic in their life . . .

For   ♣  Love    ♣   and   ♣   Luck

Have a wonderful Day!  ♥

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416 Responses to St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Carol Deiber says:

    My brother is short with red hair and lives on Leprachaun Lane! True story!

  2. Rae Ann says:

    I was never a brownie or girl scout…I was a camp fire girl…I did live in Savannah GA~home of the founder of the girl scouts…I have toured JGLow’s home…there is a big celebration going on in Savannah this year for the 100th year of the girl scouts…AND I LOVE GIRL SCOUT COOKIES…Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and yours…and Happy Birthday to Girl Scouts everywhere…

  3. Rae Ann says:

    Happy Birthday to Girl Scouts everywhere…I was never a brownie or girl scout…I was a camp fire girl and enjoyed every minute…there is a big celebration for the 100th year of girl scouting in Savannah GA~where I lived for 6 wonderful years…Savannah is where Juliette Gordon Low founded girl scouts…Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all…

    • sbranch says:

      My mom was a Bluebird and a Campfire Girl . . . I always thought Bluebird sounded so fun!!!

      • Joan Lesmeister says:

        Camp Fire girl here too, (then Blue Bird leader for my girls) & my best memory – day camping at the local park & making fried butter toast! Yum! It was the 50’s, ok to fry! My granddaughters were all Brownies & Girl Scouts with their leader moms! Lucky us, we all had such wonderful times! xo

    • Laura Ann says:

      I was a Bluebird and Camp Fire Girl also and I still have my ceremonial gown with the fringe and all the beads.

  4. Nabb says:

    What a fun post Susan. Your quote about the 4 food groups in Irish coffee was so cute! And I too was a girl scout big time. Oh the memories. Thanks for sharing all these neat things with us. Love how you do it. Feel I’m next door just waiting for you to come over for a chat and snack.

    Happy St. Pats to you too Susan.


  5. Heidi Rose (Issaquah, WA) says:

    I was a Girl Scout too! (1960’s) I really loved Brownies and remember so well the fun projects we made. I think I still have my “sit-upon” somewhere…a very clever invention to keep one’s rear clean if you ever needed to sit-upon the ground! 🙂 My favorite camping trip was sleeping on the beach in Portuguese Bend in Palos Verdes, CA where I grew up. I was in a damp canvas pup tent in a sandy sleeping bag, but how wonderful it was to fall asleep to the sound of the surf. ♥ I’m not the least bit Irish, but I’ll be wearing green on Saturday and hiding some chocolate coins! Happy St. Paddy’s Day, everyone!!

  6. Barb K. says:

    I was never a Girl Scout but I am Irish and as I sit here reading your post, my Mom’s Irish bread is in the oven and making the house smell amazing and the candy Irish potatoes are waiting to be rolled in cinnamon. Happy St. Paddy’s Day to all the girlfriends!!

    • Dorenda says:

      Do tell about and give the recipe for the candy Irish potatoes.
      Sounds like fun!

  7. Sarah Maldonado says:

    Ahhh! Girl Scouts! I so fondly remember after cooking our dinner being assigned the task of “pearl diving”….dish washing! I even still have the charm I earned for selling cookies which was presented at their 50th year celebration. Guess that tells my age! Loved the post, Susan. Nice memories.

  8. Joanie B from San Diego says:

    I have collected some little Irish books, one contains Irish toasts. Here’s a great one:
    May the face of every good news and the back of every bad news, be towards us.

  9. Joanie B from San Diego says:

    I’ve collected some little Irish books, and one has Irish toasts. Here’s a good one,

    Here’s to you and yours and to mine and ours,
    And if mine and ours ever come across you and yours, I hope you and yours will do as much for mine and ours, as mine and ours have done for you and yours!


  10. Diane says:

    Happy St. Paddy’s Day to all! I just love this holiday- my family & I celebrate it every year. On Saturday we’re going to a restaurant that has a wonderful Irish band. I’m really looking forward to it and can’t wait for my corned beef & cabbage dinner! 🙂

    I’ve never seen “The Quiet Man” but will make it a point to do so- thanks for the recommendation!

    Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

  11. LindaMaxwell says:

    Hi Susan…loving your happy little blog. I brought a St Paddy’s day luncheon to Bible Study today…Irish Potato Leek Soup, GREEN salad, Irish soda bread, Guinness Stout cupcakes. LOVE you fathers joke, Thanks for sharing…

  12. Mary A. Brown says:

    I was in Girl Scouts too! I learned so-o-o much and had so much fun. We went on caravans and camp outs. The Quiet Man is a great movie. Looking forward to my corned beef and cabbage on St. Paddy’s Day.

  13. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Hello Susan!!! Oh it was so nice to see your Girl Scout sash…..what a treasure! I was a Brownie and a Girl Scout and have very happy memories of those days!!! My older sister Marilyn let me wear her old uniform (she was 8 years older) and I was so proud to say it was my big sister’s! Also, it was such a big deal to finally be allowed to wear nylons with my Girl Scout uniform on meeting days in fifth grade….I felt so cool!!! Thank you Susan for sharing memories with us! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you! (I will be making Irish Soda Bread for my family…..and shamrock sugar cookies with green sprinkles to have as special sweet treats!)

  14. Regina says:

    Once again, you have posted wonderful topics appropriate to the season. I loved your comments about Girl Scouting. I, too, was a Girl Scout growing up in Missouri, now living in Kansas. I stayed with scouting all through high school and after my daughters were born, I couldn’t wait for them to have that wonderful experience too. I have saved my sash and also a recipe booklet we compiled one year. What precious memories! I, too, had wonderful leaders who taught us about survival, being thrifty, recycling, keeping our environment beautiful, “always leave a place better than you found it.” Loved the camping, s’mores, cooking out, drip bags, sit-upons and the wonderful songs. There’s actual a songbook out there called “Sing Together” with all our favorite Girl Scout songs. Not sure if it’s available any more, but it’s worth a search if anyone is interested. I also have two very old books, one called “Girl Scout Game Book” that belonged to my great-aunt, copyright 1929, and “Girl Scout Handbook” which belonged to my mom, copyright 1940. I just love all this old stuff! Almost more fun than anyone should have. So I pulled out my old sash to see what badges and I have, but I can’t remember some of them so I may need to do some searching. Thanks so much for making such a joyful day for so many of us!

  15. What a wonderful Irish post you have today! Some of my ancestors came from just a little further North in Scotland. I too was a Brownie and Girl Scout. Those were the days! I love your Lilies and African Violets, they’re just beautiful.

    Hugs XX

  16. LETICIA CHAVEZ says:

    Happy Saint Patricks day from the O’CHAVEZ’s lol !!

  17. Jace says:

    Girl Scouts was just the best!

  18. Karen C (from the heart of the peidmont, Greensboro NC) says:

    Happy St Patrick’s Day Everyone! Remember to wear green, keep those pinching leprechauns away!

  19. Danielle says:

    I still remember my Brownie “beanie” and Girl Scout uniform. Had so much fun earning my badges. My best friend and I would get together and cook, babysit, do community service, and had loads of fun. I remember camp when we all would gather around the fire, roast marshmallows and sing “This Land is My Land”. It was the innocence of youth. I’m sad it’s gone : )

    Love you, Susan!

  20. Kathleen Smith says:

    Loved your Irish blog ideas! Plan to get the movie from Netflix and sit down with an Irish Coffee–your recipe, of course! Happy St Paddy’s Day! ( Your Girl Scout memories warmed my heart–very happy recollections for me too!)

  21. Fun! Love the green! What are you up to today?

  22. Debbie P Weedsport, NY (near Syracuse) says:

    Hi, Sue~
    Thank you for your wonderful logic! I will enjoy my Irish coffee this weekend, knowing it’s a health drink! hahaha..

  23. Julie (Omaha) says:

    Remember singing all those songs as a Girl Scout …… Kumbiya (sp?), Make New Friends but Keep the Old, John Jacob Tingleheimer Smith, Mr Moon, Mr Moon ……
    Oh my gosh, that’s been over 40 yrs ago and I remember them like it was just yesterday!

  24. Gail Marie says:

    Putting on a pillowcase without using your teeth! Baaaa haaaahaaaa!

  25. Pamala Black says:

    Love your movies, well not yours, but the list of yours…I have been making my list of new old movies to watch…..Love the Color green, so who St Patricks day….One of these daYS my luck will change and Vanna will pick my name..
    Have fun today

  26. Linda says:

    Emerald green is the color of Ireland…….thank you for the photos!

  27. D Sorenson says:

    What great memories were brought back to me this week with all the Girl Scout celebrationing at the MOA (Mall of America) in MN. I was a Brownie and then a Girl Scout, too! It was at that time I had my first S’more! Yum!!! It’s the little things in life that make the best memories! I’m a wee bit of Irish, so of course, I’ll enjoy that wee bit of Irish Coffee the St. Patrick’s Day! Hope you all have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday!! Thanks for another choice movie pick, Susan, Love them!!

  28. Debbie says:

    Happy St. Patricks Day!! thanks for the great green post!!! LOVE your blog! It always makes me feel so good!!!

  29. cindy says:

    Loved, Loved all the St. Patrick’s day stuff!!! My Mom’s maiden name was Patrick so the day was always special for us. When she was a little girl her whole family was allowed to take the day off and they considered it their personal holiday. I went to the same school in first grade and the teachers remembered the great celebration my Mom’s family would have!
    I loved the memories of Girl Scouts. I was a military brat and never lived any where more than a year. Girl Scouts were my foundation. No matter where we moved I was in Scouts all the way up to Senior Scout. I was a leader in my daughter’s troops. A few years ago I took a job in the Craft Shop of our university. I was amazed that GS weren’t involved. Happily that became my purpose and now we have a great program to offer and once again I am involved in scouting!

  30. Hey Susan….
    and a Happy St. Patrick’s Day back atcha! Hope you find chocolates under your pillows! I love the little yellow bird on the table at the end of this blog…isn’t he just too precious! Thanks for the blog..and the music and the photos….just breathtakingly beautiful….warmed my heart! xo xo xo Raenell

  31. Kari says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Thank you for the beautiful post and the artwork! We love The Quiet Man and watch it on every St. Patrick’s Day, make corned beef, cabbage, carrots, and potatoes, and Irish Soda bread with golden raisins. It is know at the spotted dog in Ireland! I will add your Irish Coffee to the list!
    Slainte’ ~Kari

  32. So glad you posted again… We were starting to worry about you!

    Funny you should post about Girl Scouts… I just wrote a post about S’mores which, legend says, first appeared in the 1927 Girl Scouts Cookbook. It’s hard to believe that the world didn’t discover this treat before 1927, but leave it to a Girl Scout to come up with a good “cookie”.

    As far as “The Quiet Man”, anything with Maureen O’Hara has to be good. She’s a favorite of ours.

    All the best,

    Jake at Dapper and Dreamy

  33. Sharon says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s to you — I still have both my Brownie and Girl Scout uniforms but not the one from when I was a Cadet Scout. Brings back wonderful memories.

  34. Vikki Dueker says:

    You all give me hope for Spring-With flowers in pitcher/pot and talk of high temperatures and lotsa Green! Two days ago we had an hours worth of snow…come on now-this is Portland OR and its March!

  35. lori says:

    I went to the 100 yr anniversary party/ Pat Nixon’s 100th birthday party at the library and it was fun. Though not a girl scout, wanted to be one!! Fun to hear about it!

  36. Siobhan from Santa Monica, CA says:

    oooh, what are you up to today? Ever so tantalizing! How funny to read this post, as Netflix delivered The Quiet Man yesterday to me for Saturday night. My parents were Irish immigrants, and my mother always said the accents in the movie were very “stage Irishy” as in, not really authentic, more exaggerated, and it’s probably true as they both had very soft accents…but it’s definitely one of my all time fave movies, and am really looking forward to it. Never was a girl scout alas…don’t think they had them in Ireland when my mom was little, so she didn’t sign me up…when I see the badges, I know I would have found kinship there! But, we have kinship here, thanks to Susan! Happy St. Paddy’s Day on Saturday!

    • Jena says:

      Shioban, you aren’t from PA originally, are you? I know a lovely Irish lass named Mairead who has a daughter named Shioban….


  37. Marie Daniel says:

    Hurrah, Girl Scouts! Thanks for recognizing their special week. I see the word “Reseda” on your sash…..are you from Reseda, Susan? I grew up and currently live in Reseda! Now I’m so curious if you’re from this neck of the woods!! Regardless, thanks for bringing so much sunshine to my days. 🙂

  38. Marie Daniel says:

    Hmmm. I can’t seem to leave a comment. I’ll try again. 🙂

    Are you from Reseda, CA, Susan? I grew up and live in Reseda. And was a Girl Scout! Regardless, I want to thank you for all the sunshine you bring to my days!!

    • sbranch says:

      Our family lived in Reseda until I was in the 10th grade, and then we moved to Woodland Hills — was Valley Girl before it was cool! 🙂

  39. Kathie says:

    Just an Irish note from the Donahue’s in the West (WA), about as far from you as we can get and still be on the mainland USA map….further would be the lovely Olympic Peninsula and the Quinault Indian Nation beach. Our Donahues are from County Kerry and Cork and were Famine Immigrants in the 1840’s to the Burlington, VT, area. They had a dairy and cheese factory there for many years. My husband’s dad came west during WWII, stationed at Boise, ID, with the Air Corps. He came down with encephalitis (sp?) and missed his unit’s overseas posting. Sadly, everyone in the unit was killed. Papa Donahue survived because of his serious illness, which affected him the rest of his life. He is now 88 years old and doing pretty well. Anyway, he was the only one of the Vermont Donahues to come west. He became a high school music teacher and principal; raised three children with his wife, Ruby. I met his oldest son about sixteen years ago and we have been married 14 years this July. We are both retired, sort of. I’ve finished one career and started another in quilt design, specializing in Sunbonnet Sue and Friends at Prairie Cottage Corner. I’ve loved your blog, Susan. My mother, God rest her soul, gave me your Christmas cookbook way back in the 90’s and it has been my special treasure all these years. After we retired and moved out here on the prairie, I came to hear more about you and did an online search to see what more I could learn. That was about 6 years ago. I’ve bought almost all of your books and, this winter, began to follow your blog. It’s been wonderful visiting you and Martha’s Vineyard each week. I am an avid quilter, as you can probably guess and especially appreciate the antique and vintage quilts, like you do. Well, see you later, Susan….and many thanks for your kind attention to us, your readers. xoxoxox

  40. Mary S. says:

    As an extreme movie afficiando (I have no idea how to spell that!), I can’t believe that I have never seen “The Quiet Man”!!! At least, I don’t think so! So it is going on my list!!!
    And don’t forget to watch “Far From the Madding Crowd”!! I just bought it! And don’t forget to read, FALLING FOR A DANCER!! 😀

    Love from Mary S. in Fresno, CA

    P.S. So glad to get another blog from you today!!! Yay!

    • Mary S. says:

      Opps! I just checked Netflix and I HAVE seen “The Quiet Man” and loved it! Just needed to jog my memory!! LOL

  41. Dorothy Ann says:

    * Top ‘O The Mornin’ Susan * Friday…3/16..@ Midnight Pacific Time.
    ‘Tis a wee-lovely blog you sent to us girlfriends for St. Patrick’s Day.

    I made a wish on your 5-leaf clover, listened to that oh-so-glorious Irish song you added to the post, searched and found my DVD of “The Quiet Man” to watch on Saturday with my sweet husband, copied your Irish Coffee recipe…which we will enjoy with the movie, was delighted by your pretty-painted coffee mugs, smiled while reading about the little Girl Scout who became the amazing artist, Susan Branch, giggled at your Dad’s funny joke and then read the girlfriends delightful replies to you.

    Sure, and I’ll be wearin’ the green on St. Patrick’s Day.
    One more thing, Susan…yes, indeed, we could all use a wee-bit o’ magic in our lives…mine came today, via your wonderful Blog!
    * Dorothy Ann on Cougar Mountain, Washington *


    • Lori from Maine says:

      Hi Dorothy Ann: A happy St. Patrick’s Day to you! I’ll be watching the Quiet Man this weekend too. No Irish coffee (don’t care for coffee) but I have some Irish Breakfast tea from Stash tea that is sooooo good!
      We’ve had a couple of yukky, dreary days – but it’s supposed to warm up and be sunny this weekend. If it is we’re going to go to the family camp and clean up a bit. If the ice is out of the lake (even just a bit) I may throw the kayak in and go for a little trip!!
      Hope things are wonder-full up on Cougar Mountain!!
      xoxo from Lori in SW Hbr.

      • Dorothy Ann says:

        * Hi Lori from Maine * (I just love writing that!).
        Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you too. I just logged on my computer tonight, here on Cougar Mountain @ about 10 pm.
        So very nice to connect with you again. I like your plan of having Irish Breakfast Tea in place of the Irish Coffee.

        Looks like your possible trip to your family camp and lake will be so perfect to jumpstart spring. I hope you have fun, if you do go.

        All is just fine here with us…Ron, my husband and I…on our mountain top. Beleive it or not, we had snow on St. Pat’s Day, turned to rain by the afternoon…Very cold at night here…we can’t seem to even get a “hint” of spring yet!

        Oh…I hope you find this reply to your post and read it. I know you had to go back to some “older commebts” to find my other posts to you. Have you thought about how we can exchange e-mail addresses without posting them on Susan’s blog pages? I have an idea and will run it by Susan in my next reply to her.

        Take care…Our daughter, who lives in Southern California with her husband, just “loves” to go kayaking too!
        * Girlfriend Hugs from Dorothy Ann on Cougar Mountain *

        • sbranch says:

          I’ve seen some of our friends just put their email address in their comment. Don’t know if that appeals to you, but I’m not too sure how it could hurt. It’s only us normal people here.

          • Dorothy Ann says:

            * Oh! Susan! * You always say the right thing.
            Perfectly…Thanks for your input.

            Well, Lori, if you just happen to read this and Susan’s post, about our e-mail exchange, what do you think? We are certainly all “normal people” here…as Susan wrote. Aren’t we?

            Let me know what you think.
            *Dorothy Ann / Cougar Mountain, Washington *

  42. Susan Edwards says:

    …and a Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you, Joe, and the Kitties.
    The “Quiet Man” is one of my all time favorite movies, so I will be thinking of you while watching it tomorrow as I eat my soda bread, corn beef, and drink my homemade shamrock shake 🙂

  43. I loved the link to the photos of Ireland. The country must look like perpetual Spring if those photos are any indication. We are getting those various tints of green just now here in Maryland when the trees are just budding and leafing out and combined with the fields and meadows making for a beautiful palette! Are you out in your yard yet capturing the different shades of green on your watercolor pad?

    I looked at the link to The Quiet Man and must say, though, I came away disturbed by all the manhandling John Wayne’s character was inflicting on Maureen O’Hara. I only note it because I feel we women must never accept that kind of treatment as acceptable. Thank you for the opportunity to voice my concern.

    • sbranch says:

      It’s of its times! Now that we know better, we do better! It’s still a wonderful old fashioned story!

  44. Wasn’t it John Wayne (not Huston ?) and Maureen O’Hara in ‘The Quiet Man’ ?
    Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day !

  45. Marisa says:

    May the road rise up to meet you… <3

  46. Deb from Dixie says:

    Happy Birthday Girl Scouts !! Susan……after reading the post I had to get out my Girl Scout sash and beannie/beret. Yes, I saved mine too, all these many years…..and it looks so similiar to yours, some of the same badges. I was in the East San Gabriel Valley CA -Troop 823…… much fun!
    But, I can’t remember what all the badges on my sash were for, so I am going to have to find out…..I have the Horse, Cooking, Trefoil like yours and am not sure about the others…..the seashell, the andirons with a buring fire, red cardinal, and teapot with steam coming out of the spout/two yellow flowers and yellow cross, Wish Icould remember what they mean, have some guesses but want to be sure.
    Plus under the yellow wings, I have two red rectangle badges, both have a yellow girl scout emblem, but one has a black arrow behind the logo and the other has a blue diamond behind the logo. Our troop flower was the yellow daffodil, so there is a badge for that above the troop number. Also many stars and pins… with a 5 years attached to it. Great memories of camping and crafting, friends …….and Smores, yum……so now I am on a badge identification mission.
    Also want to wish everyone a Happy St. Patty’s Day! I almost fell off my chair laughing when I read your Dad’s joke………..oh my………he is a bad joke teller after my own heart. For decades…….every St. Patty’s Day I tell that joke…everyone groans and moans and says. ….I knew that was coming……it is a tradition……this year I even added it to the cards I sent out…for a double whammy………………… wouldn’t be St. Patty’s Day with out that joke….my version just slightly different than your Dads.
    “What is green and sits on the Porch”……….Paddy O’ Furniture.
    Have a great day girlfriends…..and Luck, Laughter and a wee bit of Fun tomorrow!

  47. beebarbs says:

    “May you always be blessed with walls for the wind, a roof for the rain, a warm cup of tea by the fire, laughter to cheer you, those you love near you, and all that your heart might desire.” Blessings from the very green Pacific Northwest!

  48. Lori from Maine says:

    Happy St. Patty’s Day Susan and Girlfriends!! Although I haven’t a drop of Irish blood in me, I celebrate the day because it’s also my birthday. I grew up near Boston and when I was little, thought all the hoopla was because it was my b’day 😉 Hubby and I will be celebrating at an Irish pub on Sat. night. My daddy worked in Boston and he always brought home green carnations on my birthday. My dad isn’t with us anymore (25 yrs.) but my sweet hubby continues the tradition. My mom still makes a corned beef dinner and we celebrate her “Labor Day”. I give her a card thanking her for having me (and putting up with me) and a little gift. It’s a fun tradition we still have.
    My day lilies are coming up by the mailbox and the chives are about a half inch long. Can’t wait for baked potatoes with sour cream and fresh chives!! Yum.
    Have a fun weekend everyone!!! xoxoxoxo from SW Hbr.
    p.s. I LOVE the Quiet Man!

    • Dorothy Ann says:

      * Happy Birthday Lori from Maine * March 17th…

      Sure, and hope you had a wonderful day!
      Look for my second post to you and it follows this one on Susan’s Blog Page of 3/15. It’s a direct reply to your post to me.

      * Dorothy Ann on Cougar Mountain, Washington *

  49. mari1017 says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day !!!!! lovely post ♥ thank you 🙂

  50. Jena says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day Susan,
    So COOL that you are celebrating Girl Scouts. As we are new in this greening Grasslands of Wyoming we needed to find a troop for our 11 year old. Our choices were 30 miles away and so sweet, but I wondered about the girls in this neck of the prairie….so, we held an Open House last night and guess what: FOUR GIRLS from far and wide (literally! 40 miles away) have decided to start a troop right out here in the High Desert Prairie.

    I am so excited I could spit! (But, won’t because that would be inappropriate!) The girls range in age from kindergarten to 6th grade and are so sweet! We are going to have a fantastic time. When I asked the gals what questions they had before we adjourned the visit, my favorite was, “WHEN DO WE START!” With a smile and an ounce of glee in her voice.

    Yahoo for Girl Scouts! Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Happy 100!
    PS: We’re hoping to go to the Montana/Wyoming Girl Scout’s 100th celebration in Billings, Montana (That is FAR FAR AWAY!) at the end of the month as part of our first adventure together. Can’t Wait to see where these girl’s lead us!

  51. Jean says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!

  52. pat addison says:

    top o’ the morning to you susan and to everyone!!! seems like my post got eaten up again, so i’ll try again. its wet and raining here in oregon, with a snow storm coming in tonight..snow on St Patrick’s Day, unbelievable!!! i never made it to girl scout, but i was a brownie…our leader quit and no one took over our troop so it died. love the Irish coffee recipe and definitely will be enjoying it tomorrow, along with my favorite John Wayne movie..The Quiet Man!!! love that movie. have an Irish blessing for you: may you always have: walls for the wind; a roof for the rain; tea beside the fire; laughter to cheer; those you love near you and all your heart might desire. Happy St Patrick’s day everyone….. hugs…… 😉 and don’t forget to put a pot of shamrocks in the window to bring good luck!!! hugs…… 🙂

  53. Lisa R (northern Arizona) says:

    Susan….just thought I’d mention a couple of other good Irish themed movies, in case there are others like me, who can’t find The Quiet man. 🙁 ……..The Field~ with Tom Berenger and Richard Harris………Dancing at Lughnasa~ with Meryl Streep……P.S. I Love You~ with Hillary Swank and Gerard Butler. Now if I can find a girl scout cookie stand and get me some Thin Mints, I’ll be all set!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

  54. i’ve got the potatoes, cabbage, carrots, mustard and corned beef cooking and making that unique aroma wafting throughout the kitchen. just came back from the store where they were handing out irish cheese and soda bread. key lime pie cupcake for dessert. can;t wait to be susie o’cavallaro again.

  55. Marie says:

    Happy St Patricks Day everyone! May all your troubles be little ones! I was a Girl Guide (the Canadian equivalent). I loved belonging to the Girl Guides. I learned so much through those years, many things that have served me in good stead throughout my life. I also was a Brownie. I learned things like how to give a bed bath, polish shoes, darn socks, properly make a bed, basic first aid, basic survival skills, how to read the stars, etc. amongst many other things. I count my years in those two programs as some of the best years in my life, and would not trade them for anything. My badge scarf was full of badges and I enjoyed earning every one of them!!

  56. Cassandra Swiencon says:

    Hi Susan!
    So love your post today! The Quiet Man is my husband’s and my favorite movie – we even named our horse “Squire Darlin” from that famous scene in the movie: “I think your inlaws are comin to visit ya, Squire Darlin”! Our horse is a thoroughbred race horse whose sire is from Ireland, and our Squire was very successful racing. He is retired now, but the love and passion in that movie helped become the “energy” of this wonderful experience.
    I have happy memories of Girl Scouts, too. My Mom was a leader, so my sister and I always felt extra important! The camping experiences helped shape my love of nature and influenced my choice of a home with woods and fields to “play” in. Shopping for the uniforms and accessories in the old-fashioned (1955!) department store is a clear happy memory even today!
    Thanks for the positive and wonderful thoughts always! Cassandra

  57. Janie Phillips says:

    I grew up on the outskirts of civilization (practically!) and we didn’t have Girl Scouts. I know I would have LOVED that Brownie uniform though. We did have wonderful old fashioned grade school teachers who drilled all the fundamentals into our little heads, and cursive was a very big deal. I agree with you, Sue. Schools will be taking a wrong turn if they remove cursive from the curriculum, and I hate to think that a whole generation of children will suffer before they realize the mistake. I may be stocking up on penmanship books for my granddaughters. Happy St. Patrick’s weekend, Sue! xoxo

  58. Nancy says:

    Boy, that Irish Coffee sounds good. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I just might have to become one and try it!

  59. Laurie M says:

    Happy Birthday, Girl Scouts from a forever Bluebird/Camp Fire Girl.

  60. Georgette says:

    I was so happy to see your acknowledgment of the Girl Scouts! I was a Girl Scout leader for 13 years (my troop went from kindergarten to 12th grade). I am a lifetime member of the Girl Scouts and so is my daughter, who is now in college. My daughter earned her Silver and Gold Awards (so proud of her). I was a Girl Scout in my youth, but nothing compares to the great joy of being a leader. Last year I visited the Juliette Gordon Low home in Savannah, GA – amazing!! This year I’ve walked across the George Washington bridge (from NJ to NY and back) during our State’s kick-off celebration of the 100 year anniversary, and my daughter and I plan to attend a big event in Liberty State Park (Jersey City, NJ) in June. I got a big kick out of seeing your sash and badges. Those are truly treasures!!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day. We’re celebrating with the traditional corned beef and cabbage and adding a birthday cake for a friend! Thanks for all you do!
    Georgette from Maplewood, NJ

  61. Cheryl Walsh says:

    SUSAN: I hope you see this– on EBAY right now-
    Item number:

    is a red & white plate that goes with your plaque on your kitchen cupboard, same maker- two hearts unite and 2 cats with crossed tails! Free shipping- you need this – I found it in blue at the Goodwill and it made me look for another like yours and I found it- they look GREAT on my kitchen wall! Enjoy!

  62. Joan B says:

    Hi Susan and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I volunteer at a thrift / consignment store and today I found and promptly purchased a pair of lime green sneakers, in just my size, that I will be wearing proudly and happily tomorrow! (and throughout the spring and summer)
    As always, I loved your post – the music, the Girl Scouts, the recipe for Irish Coffee. Yummmm……………
    Thank you and wishing you love and luck, always.
    Joan B.

  63. Melissa says:

    I found a recipe for making your own Irish creme liquor, maybe in the sprirt of THE day, I will finally give it a try :-). But only because it’s St. Patties day of course 😉

    Fingers crossed on the drawing! I totally agree with you on the whole cursive writing, it would be a shame for our future if this was lost. I will take my kids to a private class if I have to, I do want them to have good handwriting.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!

  64. Lynn M. says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! What a wonderful post! I was a Girl Scout and remember lugging boxes of thin mints and shortbread trefoils around my neighborhood! I still can’t resist buying a box or two every year.

  65. Although I am not Irish, and sadly was never a Girl Scout………… I have dreamed of being both, and love your post that challenges me to celebrate both of these and the invite to live vicariously again today. I loved visting your blog thru Amy Powers and will visit often! Neglecting not the gift that is in theeeeeee!! XO

  66. Joann says:

    Well….aren’t you just a sweetie to send us all these goodies to see, hear, and think about!!

    We’re having some really strange warm weather that should last throughout the weekend….then back to some ‘normal’ March days for CO! There’s 2 days left to follow my blog for a Susan Branch Calendar, so I hope you gals who didn’t get one come over and try to get one for FREE.

    It’s all in the sisterhood of the SB fans, right? YES!!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day….and a lovely weekend to you Susan!!! May that wonderful Joe take you out on a walk….and maybe find a shamrock-shaped stone!


  67. Debra V. says:

    Hello Susan & Friends,
    Happy St Patrick’s Day to you too! Thank you for the recipe for the Irish Coffee. I will make some to enjoy with friends. Loved the photos of the Irish countryside. Really beautiful. You again, are always such an inspiration! I’m going to unpack all my St Patrick’s Day decorations and put them up today to surprise everyone when they get home from school and work. Can hardly wait to see what you will be sharing with us tomorrow. You said you would share what you did yesterday…hope it was fun!

  68. Janet Tentler says:

    Good Afternoon – can’t wait to hear about your special day! Some of my favorite days lately have been quilting or scrapping with my best friend. It is going to rain here in Southern California this weekend so my BIG plan is to stay inside and to fill your cute little Christmas scrapbook album (which I have had forever)! I am going to do 1 or 2 pictures of my kids for each Christmas with Santa to see how they have grown over the years – using only your Christmas paper and stickers. This book will be for me to keep, not for my boys to take with them some day. PS I have filled THREE of your cute albums (with the green watering can) with ‘my girlfriends’ and all of our fun times. I think we will have to stop our fun times (not goin’ happen) cause I have have filled all 3 albums and have run out of cute SB albums!! Happy Patrick’s Day! TTFN

  69. Kate says:

    I loved being in the Girl Scouts, still have all my old badges too. Dont think there is any Irish in my bloodline but I sure am drawn to the country. Would love to go someday.
    Not much green here yet, just tiny bits, enough to be hopefull and happy!

  70. Caroline Sweeney says:

    Hello from Ireland,
    This is my first time posting but I’ve been reading your blog since the beginning and LOVE it.
    I’ve never been to the US but Marthas Vineyard sounds/looks like a little piece of heaven.
    Wishing you all a Happy St Patricks Day or as we say in Irish ” Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig!”

  71. I love this St. Patty’s Day post 🙂 I’ve yet to do one lol

    I am so proud of myself! I bought my first bouquet of flowers… rose tulips… just for me 🙂 I never, ever do that, but wanted them so bought them instead of waiting for dh to buy them lol

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    Denise of Ingleside, PEI

  72. rita baker says:

    Happy St. Pat’s Day Susan. He was an amazing man.

  73. Ann Y. (Adamstown, PA) says:

    Hi Susan – Happy St. Patrick’s Day ! What a great post – still have my badge sash and seeing yours brought back all the great memories. I feel like I am sitting on my “sit upon” ( did you make those out of woven newspapers?) singing “Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver, and the other gold”. That’s who I feel about your blog…getting to learn more about you after reading your books and calendars all these years, and meeting new people through this blog. LOVE The Quiet Man….we own the dvd so we will always have it to watch. Homeric ! Thanks for sharing the Irish cheer…we will be celebrating even though our name is so NOT Irish….very long and very Eastern European….but for this weekend, think of me as Ann O’Y:-)

  74. Laureen McNeff says:

    Getting ready to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, my daughter was born on this special day 19 years ago. This is the first year that I will not celebrate with her in person, she is away at college, but I know how much this day means to her, because she is cooking corned beef and cabbage in her dorm for 17 of her friends. How I love tradition!
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day Susan.

  75. Hello Everyone and a Happy St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow!!! I also had a gremlin on my computer this am and could not read this blog so I’m back on tonight. I also was a Brownie/Girl Scout and my Mother was a co-leader which made it really special to me. I became a co-leader when my daughter was a Brownie and her uniform was adorable it was a one piece with a cute blue/pink flowered top…I always had the “fun” job of sewing all of her patches on the sash and she earned a lot. I think put away somewhere my Mother kept my badges/sash?? Susan, I can remember Angela standing in front of a mirror on the floor surrounded by flowers and reciting a pledge (I think), please refresh my memory what was that ceremony for?? I’m sure once I hear it I will remember it. Thanks. I sure missed Angela not going on to G.S. and that was because she wanted to take piano lessons which has really helped her in trying to establish her music career. Have Fun this weekend Girls……

  76. Kathryn says:

    Cute joke! I’m going to remember that one to repeat tomorrow!

  77. Carolyn (SoCA) says:

    Good afternoon, Susan,
    The skies are turning grey, but it is cozy inside. My husband just stocked up on fire wood for the weekend because it will be rainy and cold. I Simply loved the Girl Scout memories coupled with St. Pat’s Day info! I am both part Irish and a former Girl Scout. A friend brought a dish for a pot luck recently and when I complimented her on it she said, “Oh! It’s an old GS recipe.” I told her that being a Girl Scout was one of the happiest times of my life!” As a Girl Scout in N. California, I attended Camp Bear Paw in the Sierras. It was a primative camp where we slept outside and cooked our own food then hiked the outback for several days. What a wonderful adventure! Something that I would wish for all young girls!

  78. Sharon Rumley says:

    Hello from a Montana Girl Scout from the 50’s. My favorite memory was cooking a hamburger on the stove we made from a coffee can. Also will never forget the green beauty from my visit to Ireland. Thanks for reminding me!

  79. Dear Susan,

    How upsetting that the world seems to be doing away with cursive! I have loved writing cursive since third grade when we got our little books to practice from! My teacher had a contest to see who had the best cursive writing. We had to write a letter to one of the girls who had moved away and the teacher would pick the best handwriting to send. She picked mine! I have always loved practicing my writing!

    When my daughter Sarah was little I sent a letter to Tasha Tudor, including some of my photographs of Sarah in her old fashioned clothing. Tasha was enchanted and always wrote me back how she looked forward to seeing in her mailbox that nicely written envelope with my photographs inside! Tasha went on to use Sarah as a model for cards, calendars, and many illustrations! Some of the illustrations Tasha drew from my photographs.

    I hope the demise of cursive writing is not imminent because I wonder how will the up and coming generations read the beautiful old handwriting of days past?

    On my latest post on my blog the Corgyncombe Courant, I have some examples of old handwriting in an 150 year old Herbarium and some poetry written in an old Remembrance Book dated 1849.

    Here is the link:

    My daughter and I enjoy your posts and artwork! It’s so sweet to see your childhood writing! Thank you for entering us in your giveaway, with such lovely prizes!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    Diane and daughter Sarah, who were both Girl Scouts

  80. Dorenda says:

    Love, love, love The Quiet Man! We laugh so much at our house when we watch it. And the scenery so beautiful, too. We have lots of clover in our backyard right now, so maybe I have to go looking for a 4 (or 5) leaf one. And I’ll have to remember to drink my Irish Breakfast tea tomorrow (since I don’t like coffee). Oh, and I really loved the PaddyO joke! Thanks!

  81. LindaMaxwell says:

    I was a brownie and a girl scout. My fondest memories are of the Daddy Daughter dinners. I remember a table decorated in brown and yellow. So fun.

    When my two sons were growing up I was active in the Boy Scouts. I held every position a woman could hold in the Boy Scouts in the 1970’s. My husband took the trip on a 50+ mile hike ending with a climb up Mt. Whitney which is , as you know, the highest peak in Calif. We Love Scouts of all kinds.

  82. Jack says:

    One more wee bit of humor from St Patrick…….

    Drunk guy : may you get to heaven ten minutes before the Devil knows you’re dead.
    Drunk girl :what does that
    Drunk guy : that’s an Irish Toast , ya know !
    Drunk girl : may you always love bread and cinnamon and eggs ……..
    Drunk guy : yeah ? So what ?:
    Drunk girl : that’s French toast ……

  83. Ooooooh – Irish coffee, one of my favorites! Do you think it would be too much served with a chocolate Irish whiskey cake? I baked today, but still have half a bottle of Jameson left…just sayin’. 😉

    Love the Girl Scouts. Such a wonderful organization – inclusive, empowering, and just plain fun! 🙂

    ♥ Carolee

    • sbranch says:

      I think it might be wonderful with the cake, supreme indulgence, and really wake everyone up!

    • Lynn McMahon says:

      I made chocolate cupcakes with Bailey’s Irish Cream frosting yesterday and I’m making Guiness (vegan) cupcakes today so of course I don’t think it’s overdoing it Carolee!

  84. Crystal Burns says:

    Dear Sue,
    Yesterday I had fun creating my own cards. I made quilting designs on the fronts of cards. I love antique reproduction fabrics. I am a hand quilter. I got the inspiration from my neighbor who told me that she was taking a class to learn how to make cards with quilt patterns on them. My cards were quite simple but I really love them and had fun designing them. Next I want to do a shadowbox. Again I got the inspiration while walking and talking to my neighbor. Girlfriends are great. We have fun talking, walking and sharing our lives with one another. Happy St. Patrick’s Day for tomorrow. Take care. Thanks for all the great inspirations you are always sending to all of us.

  85. Lisa Nelson-Jones says:

    Not sure if she is Irish or not, but it is beautiful!

  86. Pat Mofjeld says:

    Susan, OK girlfriend, when you bake the cupcakes using the pineapple cake recipe, how long do you bake them? Thanks! 🙂

  87. Kathy Oliberos says:

    Dear Susan,

    I just have to let you know how much I appreciate your love for the “Girl Scouts”. I was a brownie and “flew up” to be a Girl Scout and my mother was a co-leader. I LOVED it! It had so much to do with the person I am today. We were a scout family! The camping, cooking, field trips and earning of the patches have such a special place in my memories. So warm and homey! I hadn’t thought of “stew in a can” for years but I remember how much I loved doing that. There is a bond between all scouts because we were part of an organization that placed such value on each of us. Encouraged our talents and abilities and taught us humility toward others ! Thank you “scoutfriend”.

    • sbranch says:

      It was a pure pleasure wasn’t it! It’s true, we really felt like it was “all for us!”

  88. Nancy B says:

    I was a Brownie and Girl Scout and remember winning a prize for selling the most cookies. I think they were 35 cents a box! The song that I remember singing a lot was Kooka Burra (sits in the old gum tree) or something like that. Thanks for the memories. Can’t wait to hear what you did today….

  89. judi says:

    I remember the Christmas my middle sister (I was the youngest of 3 girls)talked me into peaking at our presents under the tree. Well, the one I peaked at was A BROWNIE UNIFORM. I was SOOOOO excited. Could hardly wait until Christmas which was 3 days away. Never did that again:) Wonder if my Mom knew? I also remember making a seat pad??? It was 2 pieces of oil cloth with folded newspaper inside and stitched shut with yarn.
    Susan, I think the thing that makes you so endearing to all of us is your sense of thankfulness and gratitude toward everything. What a wonderful way to live life!

  90. Barb says:

    Top O’ The Morning To You Susan,

    May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day
    May songbirds serenade you, every step along the way
    May a rainbow run besides you in a sky thats always blue
    And may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through

    Happy St. Patricks Day!

    Barb from Ludlow, MA

  91. Tara says:

    Happy St.Patrick’s Day!! On my way to the parade up 5th Ave this morning in NYC. Watch for the beautiful sad 343 flags of the FDNY, commemorating our lost firefighters on 9/11.

  92. Rosaleen says:

    Happy Paddy’s Day from Dublin, Ireland!
    Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit

  93. Rosaleen says:

    Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit from Dublin, Ireland

  94. Marilyn says:

    I love your posts, Susan. Thanks for sharing who you were and who you are. I was a Girl Scout too. At least your badges made it on to your sash, pinned or not. I think mine are in an envelope somewhere! 🙂 Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (I copied your Irish blessing to my Facebook page this morning.)

  95. Lee says:

    I love The Quiet Man….. and today I’m wearing shamrock earrings, necklaces, pin and a green linen top. We had Reubens for lunch, followed by yummy shamrock cookies. Don’t forget Darby O’Gill and the Little People! I love this blessing or poem from St Patrick’s Breastplate:
    Christ be with me, Christ within me,
    Christ behind me, Christ before me,
    Christ beside me, Christ to win me,
    Christ to comfort and restore me,
    Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
    Christ in quiet, Christ in danger,
    Christ in hearts of all that love me,
    Christ in mouth of friend and stranger.

  96. Lee says:

    P.S. I’m pretty excited because I found your little Christmas book at a great deal and bought 5 (well, 4, since I have to keep one) for gifts next Christmas. And one copy of your recipe book from mother to daughter. I hope my daughter will like it!

  97. Must share this little St. Patrick Day story: my 3 yr old nephew woke up to see that a Leprachaun had used the John! The toilet water was green!
    THEN he followed the sticker footprints, hopping to each little black footprint, that eventually led him to a pot of gold! chocolate coins of course!
    This was the perfect age for him to have this happen! It helped to read a book about two boys who tried to catch one by making him laugh!

    As for my son…. well a nice outing with an uncle to an underground cave caused by lava close to Craters of the MOON here in Idaho was wonderful! To come home to green cupcakes and later green Jigglers…. yay! I was going to hide the Sacajawea coins throughout the yard but was too ill! That will be for another adventure!

  98. Georgie says:

    Oh Girlfriends! I’ve missed checking in with everyone. The weekend was filled with Springtime!!! Girl Scouts… such Happy Memories in the 60’s! I remember trying to fold up the American Flag at the end of the day. We were one of many troops attending a group camping conference. Well… Just as we reached for the flag to remove it from the flagpole, a gust of wind blew in and took that flag right out of our hands. The surprise caused us to giggle, and then giggle some more. Soon the giggling turned into laughter and smiles spread to all the faces of those gathered there. Under normal circumstances it would be funny… BUT, when you are entrusted with the retiring of the American Flag, you have a responsibility not to be taken lightly. So… we got a little lecture, and got to have the honors again the next night. In this case, the second time was a charm!

    Thanks for the cheer of St Patty’s day and the wearin’ of the green… Girl Scout memories!

  99. Barbara says:

    My husband Shaun Michael Kelly ( now thats an Irish name) and I have been married for 30 years and for the past 30 St. Patrick’s Day, we have watched The Quiet Man. One of the best all time movies around. My husband’s favorite quote from the movie is “Woman of the house, fetch me my tea” I’ve been fetching my husband’s green tea for 30 years and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy St Patrick’s Day.

  100. Connie B says:

    I made my wish on your 5 leafed shamrock–hope it comes true! I worked on St Pat’s Day and for the noon meal we put shamrocks on all my elderly resident’s plates. Altho most of them are Scandinavian (Mn) they joined in with the wearing of the green and were delighted with the shamrocks. Of course they were served Irish stew and soda bread. I’m so glad you acknowledged the Girl Scout celebrations. I was also a Girl Scout (Plymouth Colony) and loved everything we did–badges, GS camp, hikes, making friends (silver & gold). It did so much character building and a great building block for life. My girls were also in scouts and so proud of all those badges on their sashes (I sewed every one). So, Happy Anniversary to all the GS alum.

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