St. Patrick’s Day

Hi Girls!  I’m thinking St. Patrick’s Day this morning and no St. Patricks Day Celebration should happen without one of the prettiest Irish Songs I know.

Five leaf clovers are even rarer than the 4-leaf variety which make them the luckiest of all!  So girls, Happy St. Patrick’s Day, good luck to you!!  Close your eyes and make a wish!  If you want to take a moment and gaze over the Irish countryside, it’s so beautiful, and goes so well with the music; it’s so Green!  So appropriate!  

And when you make this delicious health drink, the best thing you can do is settle down in front of the TV and watch The Quiet Man, one of the most beautiful, wonderful movies I’ve ever seen; it’s John Ford’s love letter to Ireland; the song Isle of Innisfree that we’re  listening to is the theme song for the movie.

In case you haven’t seen enough green yet, but on a far different subject; one I couldn’t allow to go by without celebrating . . .


It’s the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Girl Scouts this week.  I could write a whole book about how much I loved being one.  I started out in the Brownies when I was seven (that’s me in my uniform with my Princess Leah/Toni permed hair at the top right of this page); I got those wings when we “flew up” from the Brownies to the Girl Scouts.  Our troop celebrated by taking a trip on the “Great White Steamship” to Catalina. I felt as if I was traveling the world. I loved the troop leaders we had over the years, they taught us so much; they were like “other mothers.” I loved making stew in a can, doing a collage with broken-up watercolored eggshells, making a summer top out of a bandana, camping and singing around the fire, marking trails with rocks in case we got lost, and learning to fold the flag.  They also taught us how to put on a pillow case without using your teeth.  All the little necessities of life.

My badges, all except for one, tell the story of my future.  Some are still pinned where my mother put them until she “found time” to sew them on!  The horse riding badge was something our troop did as a group, we took lessons.  That one didn’t stick; the horses were always smarter than me!  But the others are for Storytelling, Childcare, Homemaking, Pen pal, and of course, Cooking.  All the things I loved. All the things I was doing around the house anyway, as the oldest of eight children. The missing star came off in High School to go on a coat; there should be four. The Girl Scouts meant so much to me and to so many others!!!

And Now . . .


OK Girls, I’m doing something special today, so I have to go!  I just wanted to send you that little recipe and some ideas for Saturday, the wearin’ o’ the green; next post we’ll let Vanna draw the winner of our last drawing — until then, you can still enter by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post —  and when I get back, I’ll also show you what I did today!  OK? One more thing, in case someone around you can use a little magic in their life . . .

For   ♣  Love    ♣   and   ♣   Luck

Have a wonderful Day!  ♥

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416 Responses to St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Stephanie from Nevada says:

    In honor of the Girl Scout’s anniversary, Hoover Dam lit up in green with the GS emblem. It was wonderful. I have many fond memories of my GS years; loved the camping part of my experience. What vision Juliette Low had when she founded Girl Scouts. So many life skills that were learned.

    Hope your outing today was all that you hoped for.

  2. Kathryn says:

    Thanks for getting us in the spirit for Saint Patrick’s Day! You reminded me to stock up on gold coins, as there will be some leprechauns around here!

  3. P. K. says:

    Thanks for reminding me of that movie. Must watch this weekend. Also loved all the talk about your girl scouting. I was a campfire girl myself. I can still taste the campfire mints. My Mom was the mint distributor and our whole house smell of mint. Those where fun times. Have a great Saint Paddys Day.

  4. Susan Havey says:

    Top ‘O the Morn to you, Susan! I’ve got my green wreath and lights outside and ready for Corned Beef, Cabbage, Colcannon and Limerick Ham on Sat. When my grandsons were little (in high school and college now) I used to make a “leprechan hunt” for them. The night before St. Pat’s I’d go to their homes, make a trail of chocolate coins from their door to the yard. At the end of the trail there would be a Pot o’ Gold with more candies, small toys and such. They got into it so much, they would make “Leprechan traps” to try and catch the little guy. Very creative traps and now one is in electronics, and one is in engineering. Maybe they will find the end of the rainbow yet!

    I love your Girl Scout memories as I was one as were my daughters. I still have my Girl Scout guide book and wooden scrapbook we made and woodburned the cover for saving our paperwork for earning badges.

    May you and Joe enjoy the spirit of the Irish, and may Jack find a four leafed clover to bat around.

    Susan in Spokane

  5. Mary K says:

    Love your blog! It reminds me to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. Thanks so much. : )

  6. pat addison says:

    hello again, forgot to remind everyone to put a pot of shamrocks in their windows for St Patrick’s Day, brings good luck!!!! Erin Go Braghe!!!! 🙂

  7. Kathi says:

    I never was a Girl Scout or Brownie, but reading all these memories sure makes me wish I had been!!

    With the weather so warm, and predicted to be nice for Saturday, Cleveland’s 145th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade should draw a huge crowd!!

    And we have a Polish restaurant in my area that will be having corned beef and cabbage pierogis!! Lots of fun!

  8. Judy Tracy says:

    Loved all the things you touched on today:>) Was a Brownie and a Girl Scout and then was a leader as a mom. Lots of learning and fun. We did a quilt badge with our girls and they could pick any size quilt they wanted from a doll bed quilt to a full sized quilt. The only requirement was that they had to finish it, and it was a mother-daughter effort. By golly! They all did it, even the one that made the biggest quilt that I never thought would get it done.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you:>)
    Judy Tracy

  9. That was a FUN post! Thank you. 🙂
    PS. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and enjoy the wearin o the green.

  10. laurie says:

    Oh my gosh what a great post, every single solitary word, pefect!
    I was a brownie and girl guide and became Brown Owl ( brownie troop leader) when my own children joined up.I have a very soft spot in my heart for Girl Guides, they really do mold girls into up standing independant women. We are proof! (blowing my own horn here abit) Happy St.Patricks Day to you and your family!

  11. Holly says:

    Happy Spring Ladies!! I haven’t been this excited for GREEN in years! It’s our 3rd lovely day in a row here in Indiana. Susan, your tablescape, with the violets, and little pitcher, and that well loved shaker is great! Your Girl Scout postings always bring back a flood of memories for most of us, I’m sure. My GS memories are camping on the beach in tents, camping in the Redwood forest, those wonderful little cooking kits, earning badges, and being my own little Brownie’s troop leader, with a dining room FULL with cases of cookies! I’m headed down to the river to look for baby geese!! They should be out soon.

  12. Alex says:

    What a cute joke! 🙂

  13. Patricia says:

    Being a “senior” I attended two St. Pat’s parties this week – two corned beef & cabbage luncheons and at both the same thing came up – since they don’t eat corned beef in Ireland (more now but it didn’t originate there) – where did it come from and why is it associated with the Irish? Well I’ve finally found the answer in an old Wolfe Tones song – the Irish were “imported” to work on the railroads – but feeding them was hard, how to transport and keep all the food they’d need here in their work camps – thus came the pickled beef and the cabbages were able to be piled up and kept for long periods of time – thus the Irish work groups were fed corned beef & cabbage for years while the work parties existed. Then as they dispersed, they took with them the taste of the corned beef and cabbage and potato meals. To Boston, to New York, to Chicago,and finally back to Ireland with those who returned there.

    • sbranch says:

      Oh, how interesting! Thanks Patricia!

    • Pam T. says:

      Love learning the origins of things such as that. I’m so glad you shared that, Patricia. Don’t you just love Susan’s blog? If I don’t learn something new…which I usually do, by the way…then I’m inspired to make life more lovely. 🙂

  14. Julie Furlo says:

    Great post as always – thanks!

  15. Yellow Fiestaware pitcher! I love! Kind of a funny comment since the post was about green!

  16. Kimberly says:

    Ohhhhh! I was SO proud to be a Brownie! I wanted to wear my uniform everyday! Now my daughter is a GS and getting those patches to stay on can be so tricky! Pinning them is a brilliant idea! My family name is Kelly … My grandmother was so proud to be Irish! She even taught my daughter the Irish Jig before she passed away! Boy! Do I miss her! But your blog reminds me of her in so many ways and brightens my day! I have many teacups that she gave me and they are such special treasures! I loved your posts about teacups! Thank you so much for sharing so many special things here on your blog!

    Are you familiar with Cricuts? Some of the Cricut Circle sisters and I are hoping you might partner with Provocraft … the makers of Cricuts … and create a Cricut Imagine cartridge … That would be an amazing thing to have!

    Thanks again for sharing all your special posts and so much of yourself! Please give Jacques some kitty kisses from me!


  17. Joy says:

    Such great memories of the wearing of the green and also the Brownies and Girl Scouts.

  18. Debbie Johnson says:

    5 leaf clover-I didn’t know it could happen!
    The Quiet Man is one of my all time favorites!!
    In any time of year! But a must see on St. Paddy’s Day!
    I love the Duke and Maureen in anything but they were so very good together in this movie.
    Love Ya Susan!!

  19. Kathy says:

    I was a girl scout too. I remember when the cookies were $1.25 a box. They are up to $4.00 where I live. Okay now I’m feeling old.

    • Cyndy Szarzynski says:

      Don’t feel too old…I remember selling them for $.25/box and thought it outrageous when the price increased to $.50. Still a good cause, though! And, the Thin Mints are still my favorite!

  20. LindaC says:

    Thanks for the memories. I was a Brownie in Arkansas in the 50’s. I still ‘talk’ to several of my Ark. Brownie friends on FB. Gotta love technology!

    • Karen P - Wisconsin says:

      “Make new friends, but keep the old… is silver and the other’s gold!” Sounds like that’s just what you’ve done, Linda! 🙂

  21. Kimi says:

    Hi Susan

    I can relate I was a girl scout and I loved it very much! But I have to say I was not at the top like some others girls! It was hard for me to follow sometimes and put forth a good effort now when I look back I wish I did. I think I could have been more in-tuned with the others girls. I remember not being liked to much not sure why? But I’m happy I was one for awhile. I love the pictures just lovely. Susan you know something I have Irish in me on my dads side of the family Grandma had red hair and green eyes like me and my dad but my hair is dark brown so was my dads. Love ya Susan and thanks for the post…Enjoyed it PS other half of me is Italian man what a mix?

  22. Cyndy Szarzynski says:

    I also have many fond memories of Girls Scouts – Brownies, Juniors, Cadets. Our leaders were the best! I still have my uniforms, my handbooks, my badge sashes and lots of wonderful projects. I would not part with those precious treasures for anything. I only hope our leaders realized how much we appreciated their efforts, their time. I think our actions spoke for our feelings.
    Cooking Badge…yeah, me too! My Mother instructed me to add a bit of salt to the pot of ground beef and potatoes I was making. I thought she meant every time I checked the pot. Well, I checked that pot a lot – I am sure you can guess the outcome. But, I kept trying, I received my badge and I am still cooking.

  23. Freida says:

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane this morning! It’s wonderfull starting my day with you……I leave beginning my day with either warm memories or a good chuckle…usually both!! Thanks!

  24. Nicki Anderson says:

    I have been waiting for your post ! And now, I can’t wait for you to come back so I can see what you are working on !!!! Hurry Back !

  25. Mia Sophia says:

    Hi Susan! Was just thinking about you and then there you were…in my inbox! I have very fond memories of being both a Brownie and Girl Scout. A friend even sent me the newpaper article (with Brownie photo) where our troop moved up in rank. I was Santa Monica Bay (CA) Troop 6. I still have my sash with 19 badges ( my lucky number) lovingly sewed on by my mother. My daughter in law is named Erin and her mother was born in Ireland. Erin was lucky enough to visit Ireland every other year while growing up so she could know her relatives. This will be our grandson’s (Dillon Thomas) very first St Patrick’s Day! Oh, happy day to you!

    “For each petal on the shamrock
    This brings a wish your way
    Good health, good luck and happiness
    For today and every day!”

  26. Angie says:

    Loved your comments about Girl Scouts, I was a Brownie also, and loved it. My daughter was a Daisy, Brownie, Girl Scout and Junior Cadette. What a great institution.

  27. Joanna says:

    Reading your blog energizes me. Love your Girl Scout vest—-somehow mine got lost when my family moved from Michigan to Fountain Hills, AZ in 1974. Oh, how I wish I could see that vest and all the wonderful badges again.

  28. Susan says:

    Top o’ the mornin’ to you! May all Irish blessings fall down on you today. Girl Scouts were wonderful for myslef and a lot of others at the Pine Grove District in Pennsylvania. Lots of day camp activities and fun, fun, Fun! I’m so thankful it was part of my life; later I was a Brownie leader, Cub Scout den mother, Cubmaster and BSA Mom (An Eagle and a Lifer). It sure led to adventures for our family that we all cherish.

  29. Hello Susan,
    Still hoping I’ll win, win, win! I recognize a few of the Girl Scout badges you have in the photo as I have some of the same ones! Those Girl Scout days were so much fun, and really meant a lot when we earned those badges. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Mary S. says:

    Love your blogging… ‘been a fan of yours for quite some time now…but..just lately my daughter has been teaching me how to use the computer..after all these years…(actually..I’ll be surprised if you get this..)…thank you for all you do..and of course..Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you and Joe…with love

  31. Nicole Brake says:

    I love St. Patrick’s Day, because I love to cook! Check out wonderful recipes for your St. Patrick’s day dinner at

  32. Jane from Florida says:

    I have been looking for a set of Rose Chintz dishes and I guess a little luck of the Irish was with me today. So happy to have them , at last!
    Enjoyed your trip down memory lane about being a scout. I too was a Brownie and then went on to be a Girl Scout. Remember Brownie Stew and of course S’mores!!!

  33. nonnie says:

    Susan, my grandaughter is a Girl Scout and loving every minute of it and I love watching her experience all the wonderful things that go with it!

  34. audrey Bell in LaBarque Creek, Missouri says:

    What a heart warming post today!
    I celebrate each St. Pat’s Day with a hearty boiled dinner, beer bread and The Quiet Man playing in the background. This year I may add a little Irish Coffee to the celebration.
    I am STILL a Girl Scout. I promised my girls I would be a leader for them as long as they wanted to be in scouts. Somewhere along the way I realized I was having so much fun I wanted to stay in scouts for me! I am proud to say my daughter had so much fun in scouts, though she is a mother to two little boys and no little girls, is still an active scout also. We just participated in our 18th year putting together a Leader/Daughter Camp Weekend for mothers who are leaders and their daughters. So much FUN!
    Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!

  35. Yvonne Shafer says:

    I wish I had my sash with the badges in both sides! I loved scouting and was a leader even though I had a son! Your blog brought back great memories. Thanks!

  36. Cyndi Harp in NC says:

    I was a Brownie in 1962 for the Fifty year anniversary. I lived in Hawaii and if I remember correctly we had a big gathering to celebrate, probably in Honolulu. I had a blast in Brownies and all my years in Scouting. I still have my sash as well. I love St Patrick’s Day and always do Corned Beef and cabbage which might not be a traditional Irish dinner but we love it. I love the color green and emeralds are my favorite gem stone. My engagement right is an emerald and two small diamonds and I always wear emerald studs. So I’m always ready for St. Patrick’s Day! If I wasn’t wearing a green shirt my girls would say they were going to pinch me but I reminded them I always wear the green!! Also I love the Fiesta pitcher and flowers. Fiesta is one of the many things I collect. I love the pitchers in all sizes. I had Irish Coffee years ago, also in Hawaii when I moved back as an adult, made with the Kahlua. They also rimmed the cup with sugar and Kahlua and it was so wonderful to drink! Happy St. Patty’s Day to all.

  37. Sweet Mormor says:

    I have always loved this movie and I loved watching the movie trailer you posted. After watching the trailer, I looked over to the side bar of other video clips from You Tube and clicked on one of Maureen O’Hara visiting the town in Ireland where the movie was made – mentioning her 90th birthday – she looked as beautiful as ever – it was a joy to see her – still with flaming red hair and her beautiful smile!

  38. Deanna says:

    We didn’t have GS when I was a girl – only 4-H. So I belonged to 4-H. It was fun!

  39. Pam says:

    Hi Susan and happy St Patrick’s Day to you for the 17th. Enjoyed the post about the Girl Scouts. Reminded me that we still have David’s Cub jumper packed away somewhere. We found it some years ago wrapped around a sticky toffee lollipop!!!!! What are boys like? lol

  40. Chris S. says:


    I love St. Patricks Day…I’m only a little Irish but love the traditions that St. Patrick Day holds. All things green is my motto.

    Thanks for the lovely blog – as usual, it always makes my day!


  41. Lori says:

    I also saved my girl scout sash! We have some of the same patches 🙂

  42. Kimberlee says:

    Thank you for the Irish Coffee recipes! My mom just passed down the crystal I.C. mugs that she got on her trip to Ireland. We will be clincking our coffees in style this year! Happy St. Patty’s Day!!!

  43. Kathie says:

    Hi girls,

    I, too, went through the ranks of scouting…from brownie to senior scout. These were some of the best times of my life. I met many friends, learned to do many things and just had great fun! I have my badges and sash but don’t what happened to my pins…brownie, girl scout and friendship pins. I think of this time in my life very fondly. Too bad I did not have a daughter that could follow in those steps…who knows maybe a grandaughter…. in the future.

    Bye for now…Kathie from Limerick, Pa….erin go bragh

  44. Paula B. says:

    Here’s to the Irish (we’re a great bunch)! Nothing like a good stiff Irish coffee to top off the celebrating. And here’s to the memories of Brownies and Girl Scouts (thanks Miss Dooley for taking us on every Tuesday afternoon, I can still sew a mean whip stitch because of you). My mom and my friend June’s mom were our Brownie leaders so we could have a troop, that’s where it all started. My mom could do anything, pitch a tent if she had to. And, here’s to my mom, Claire, grandchild of Irish immigrants, missing you so much since St.Paddy took you home to heaven twenty two years ago.

  45. ritainalaska says:

    top o’ the morning to you, too! i’m thinking we’ll have no st paddie’s day parade … someone forgot to turn the snow off! everybody celebrates st pat’s, parade or no parade! it’s my birthday!

  46. Sandy from nothern California says:

    Oh, LOVE

  47. Sandy from nothern California says:

    OK, try again. I love St. Patrick’s Day and definitely “The Quiet Man” — wishing you a wonderful day of celebrating!!

  48. Pegeen Alexander says:

    As you can tell by my name (Pegeen), I’m “as Irish as Paddy’s pig “….I grew up hearing that common (among some Irish) statement and love the day that celebrates our heritage….just wanted to thank you for the DELICIOUS Irish coffee recipe….yes, we tried it a few minutes ago!!!!

  49. Regina says:

    May those that love us, love us.
    And those that don’t love us,
    May God turn their hearts.
    And if He doesn’t turn their hearts,
    May He turn their ankles
    So we will know them by their limping.
    ~Irish Blessing

    Happy St. Patty’s Day.

  50. Ann Y. (Adamstown, PA) says:

    Hey Susan….Loved the Girl Scouts, too. “Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver,and the other gold !” – kind of like this blog where we get to meet and share your wonderful posts. Have to say LOVE the movie The Quiet Man….own it on DVD and watch it every year. “Homeric” ! Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day….when every body is Irish…even me with my very long, very ethnic, very NOT Irish last name. That’s why I am always “Ann Y.” or this weekend…Ann 0’Y:-)

  51. Sally says:

    Oh remember that ride to Santa Catalina…the isle of love. Did you know about the new badges you can earn as a girl scout…computer design is one. They are up to date with the age. I still have my pins and badges and I am 70.

  52. Carolyn says:

    Loved the Girl Scouts and Brownies too. Still can’ t pass up the Girl Scout cookie sale. Wow! Can’t believe you still have the badges. Did you happen to keep the Girl Scout handbook?

  53. Dale Worness says:

    “Top O’ The Mornin’ To Ya”! (It’s morning SOMEWHERE, right?) I just love that Irish song “Isle of Innisfree” by Foster & Allen. I hadn’t heard of them before but they are amazing! Now I have to go back and listen to their other songs. Look what you started! But thank you soooo much for including them. 🙂
    I was a Brownie for a year and thought it was so cool that my Ginny doll had a Brownie uniform also. Mine ended up being an Indian princess costume one Halloween. I remember the fringes my Mom sewed on the bottom. Then I was a Girl Scout for 2 years but thought I was “too old” by the time I reached the 7th Grade so I quit. Oh to be that young again!
    Happy St Patty’s Day! (I got to kiss the Blarney Stone in 1987) Ireland is great!

  54. Jacqui G says:

    I still have my Brownie Handbook. My Mom was the leader, and I loved Girl Scouts!

    • Lynn McMahon says:

      Do you remember the Brownie song that started “I have something in my pocket it belongs across my face”….I think it was in the handbook?

      • sbranch says:

        I’ve got something in my pocket,
        That belongs across my face,
        I keep it very close at hand,
        In a most convenient place.
        I’m sure you couldn’t guess it,
        If you guessed a long long while.
        So I’ll take it out and put it on,
        It’s a great big brownie smile. 🙂

  55. Nancy says:

    Oh, yes, Brownies and Girl Scouts….and weren’t the cookies good? I hate to say this but I don’t remember earning any badges. We did weekly activities, like making an Easter bonnet for ourselves and Christmas earrings for our mothers, but I don’t think our troop worked on badges very much. Pity. Anyway, I do remember fondly “Dad Daughter Date Night,” decorating a box to store our fried chicken dinner, and singing “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” to our dads.

  56. Barbara Thomas says:

    Barbara from Lodi, CA

    One of my husbands favorite movies!

    Top o’ the morning to ye!

  57. Pat Simon says:

    I have an Irish girlfriend and collect things all year to give her on her special day. This year – three mugs I found at the thrift store (for her and her two daughters) covered in clover, a green scarf I knitted with yarn another friend found for me in Dublin, a little dish with an Irish blessing onto which I will place some Irish Cream brownies and a bag of Irish pasta (little noodles shaped like shamrocks). Tis good to be the friend of an Irish lass. Happy St. Patrick’s day!

  58. Barbara Thomas says:

    Barbara from Lodi, CA


    I found a quote for you to paint and I know you will understand this one!

    May the beaches be warm, the sun on your back and the sea glass always in front of you!

    Isn’t that grand!
    Please please 😉

  59. Marian says:

    Looking forward to hearing about your day on your next post.
    Thanks for bringing back Brownie and GS memories. I think I’ll hunt for my handbooks.
    I love your pitcher and little chick salt shaker. They have motivated me to get out my Easter decorations.

  60. Gail Buss says:

    I’m so sad I was never a Girl Scout but my daughter was one and now the oldest granddaughter (11) is also! How very special! Having a dinner Sat. evening with 3 other couples and of course corned beef and cabbage and champ (mashed potatoes with chopped green onions in them) and my favorite, Irish Soda Bread served warm with the butter slathered on it! Yum! Can’t wait! And, shamrock cookies for dessert that I made and are in the freezer. Happy St. Patty’s Day. Hugs, Gail & Joe Buss, Bev. Hills, Fl

  61. Chrissy Thrower says:

    Sue Sue!
    No St. Patrick’s Day can pass without remembering to teach everyone to say, “Top ‘O the mornin to ya!”. Reply..”And the balance of the day to yourself!”. (my Dad’s rules)
    I always popped a few drops of green food dye in the bottom of clear glasses so ‘those crazy magical Leprechauns would show their shenanigans’ by turning the WHITE milk GREEN as I poured it into the kids glasses. (not to mention the green baked bread that showed up at dinner!)
    Lastly, my dear Irish Grandfather would steal the mic at everyone’s wedding and sing very slowly, “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”. So, when Lee and I were married we just ‘booked’ him right into our wedding reception by having the band leader call him up and hand him
    the microphone. His surprised and happy face is a fond memorie for us all to be sure!

  62. Mindy says:

    This is one of my favorite posts! A few years back I so enjoyed my visit to Savannah, GA and the home of the founder of the Girl Scouts — Juliette Low. Her home has been turned into a very friendly museum. While there, I purchased a great biography entitled “Lady from Savannah: The Life of Juliette Low.” Hope others will enjoy it as well!

  63. Bonnie from Iowa says:

    I loved being a Brownie and Girl Scout! I still have my sash with over 20 badges on it that remind me of what we did to earn them. So much fun! I loved making sit-upons and the tuna/coffee can burners. Girl Scout camp was absolutely the best way to spend part of your summer……swimming, camping, hiking and cooking. Great times! What freedom we had!

  64. Sharon Calvert says:

    Thanks for another fun post! LOVE the Irish Coffee artwork! Curious to hear what you’ve been up to today … 🙂

  65. Cindy Stokes says:

    Oh Susan, I also loved being a Girl Scout! I started out as a Bluebird and then switched over! I went all the way through and have sooo many great memories as well. I saved everything to one day share with my daughter. Well, hopefully a daughter-in-law will be interested! LOL I was a Cub Scout and Boy Scout leader for years with my two boys. I found so many similar leasons between the two. So much fun and so many great things for the kids to learn!
    Have fun on your secret adventure today…can’t wait to hear about it!
    Thanks for the song and recipe. I’m not Irish by birth but aren’t we all just a bit!!

  66. Kirsten Anne Wichert of So. Calif. says:

    So, I’m not irish…….you can kiss me anyway! LOL Thanks for the recipe. Is 3:00 p.m. too early? I can taste it now, along with the nap that will follow! I remember my girl scout days too. In fact I just ran accross my pin in my jewelry box yesterday. It’s all I managed to keep from all those years, except for the memories. O.K. you’ve got my curiosity peaked……..what are you doing? I’m sure I want to be doing it too! P.S. I’m going to leave out the Creme de menthe on the kitchen counter. I’m pretty sure it tastes good on almost anything, and St. Pat’s Day is such a good excuse!!! I love hot cocoa with a little drizzle (or shot, if I’m being honest). Also vanilla or chocolate ice cream with a drizzle-YUMMY!

  67. Shannon (Pennsylvania) says:

    Thanks for the link to the beautiful pics of Ireland–hubby and I were blessed to travel there for a two week stay 20 years ago. We took an overnight flight from JFK to Shannon Airport, arriving there just after sunrise. As the plane began it’s descent all we could see were clouds, but when we broke through the cloud cover the sight of that beautiful land took our breath away. It looked like an exquisite green patchwork quilt, the “squares” defined by stone fences and scattered thickly with little white dots–sheep! A sweet Irish tour guide told me that if I were to spit in the Shannon River, I would return again some day. I took him at his word and spit in the river every chance I got! Haven’t gone back yet, but we hope to again some day.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  68. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you too Susan! We don’t really celebrate the day in England, but I personally like any excuse to have fun so I will join in with Ireland and America on Saturday!
    I was a Brownie and a Guide too and I really enjoyed every minute of it. Funnily enough all of my badges that I earnt are things that I still enjoy today. Cooking and sewing are amongst my favourites 🙂
    Looking forward to hearing about your special thing!
    Morwenna x

  69. Ann Carrico says:

    Happy St. Patricks day to you Susan! Just love this blog!!

  70. Ritchie Saunders says:

    Hi Susan,
    Just alerted my daughter Lynn to read your Blog! Love the Girl Scout reference this time. Don’t know if you are on Face Book but so many wonderful writings are on there now due to the 100th anniversary. Daughter Lynn has been very active in her town of Chelmsford MA for 15 years and took her troop to Atlanta and to the Girl Scout Chalet in Switzerland. She was the Coordinator mananging 12 vounteers to support 65 troops of over 600 girls in her community. Her daughter received her Gold award and is now in college. Lynn is still vounteering her Marketing/communications skills to advance the importance of Girl Scouts.
    I think you should be on the List they put out of “Famous Girl Scouts”! I’ll recommend you!! Just bought my load of Thin Mints so there goes the diet but I do freeze them and use them all year…wonderful for a pie crust!! Cheers!

    Ritchie Saunders
    Pacific Palisades CA 90272

    • sbranch says:

      Wow, Girl Scout Royalty in our midst!! Be sure to thank her from all us lucky Girl Scouts who appreciate so much all that was done for us!!! Thin Mints, always my favorite, but we got some lemon cookies this year that were just wonderful!!!

  71. Nina says:

    I have never seen that movie, but can’t wait to check it out! My husband is “off the boat” Irish and I love coming up with new traditions for our kids on St. Patrick’s Day. My favorite is that they get new shoes, preferably green, on Patty’s day (since leprechauns have been known to be shoemakers) filled with gold chocolate coins and other small treats. If they ever ask why others don’t have the same tradition I just tell them that they are extra special since their daddy comes from Ireland!

  72. Ritchie Saunders says:

    PS I see you have the GS Site so people can see it! Wonderful! That’s what I was talking about on FB! You don’t miss much!!

  73. Debbie Ferguson says:

    The song was beautiful! I am going to order “The Quiet Man” from netflix to. Loved seeing all your badges expecially the cooking one, I remember how hard I worked for mine, I had to make a cookbook and it took forever but so rewarding. Cant wait to see what you did today. Debbie from Ca. I am so happy you sugested that we put where we are from, it really is nice to know.

  74. I found one 4-leaf clover last summer, My son and daughter-in-love untold numbers! My son would be out on the soccer field or waiting for his race during a track meet and bend down and pick up 4-leaf clovers! Then others would start, but of course most could not find any! They have also found 5 leaf clovers!
    Love the little bird next to the pitcher of flowers, he is so adorable!
    Tweet Tweet!

  75. Happy St. Patrick’s Day Susan!

    I love Irish coffee. I always stop in the Buena Vista Cafe when ever I visit San Francisco as the owner was the inventor of Irish Coffee, and they make them so good!

    You can read about them on this link:

    Enjoy the rest of you day!

  76. Had to come back down to comment, love your Dad’s joke! Paddy o furniture, ha ha!

  77. Rosarito says:

    Springtime has always beeen ny favorite time of year, especially in Ukiah, California. Though there is no snow melting, giving way to buds and grass pushing their way out of the ground, it’s always a beautiful and magical time. The trees and flowers are beginning to bloom again, and I love the pink blossoms that seem to sprout from the branches overnight. Susan, I definitely recommend you come to Northern California in the Spring, if only to see the trees bloom.

  78. Sherry Moran says:

    I, also, have good memories of days as a Brownie and as a Girl Scout. Unfortunately, since Daddy was career Air Force, we moved quite a bit, and I wasn’t in any troop very long. Still have my handbooks and my sash, and remember trying to finish all the requirements for the sewing badge! “The Quiet Man” is one of my favorite movies and I try to watch it every year.

  79. Karen Davidson says:

    I’ve never seen a 5 leaf clover – does it bring you extra, extra good luck?

  80. Cathy McC. says:

    Thank you, fellow scouts, for all your comments and memories about your scouting days. It’s been ages since I’ve thought about sit-upons! I was in scouts til high school, later became a leader for both daughters’ troops, and just a few weeks ago went to a local brownie troop to teach those wacky, wonderful songs we sang. My daughters’ favorite song was about peanut butter bagels and goldfish stew (Saturday night, we all got together at the usual place like we usually do) and I cannot find it anywhere on line. If there is anyone out there who recalls the song and would like to share words with me, please reply!!! Hope you had a great outing, Susan. Sometimes those day trips are the best and make us feel like we’ve had a week-long break!

  81. Mary says:

    I love “The Quiet Man”! And your post reminded me of an escapade when my daughter was a little one: on Saint Patrick’s Day she woke to find little tiny green leprachaun footprints zig-zagging all over the floor of her room…up the walls…leading her to a “pot of gold” – a bag of gold foil-covered chocolate coins! Yes, it was her crazy mother, in the wee hours of the night, on hands and knees, laboriously drawing tiny footprints in her room with a green sharpie pen. An antic never to be duplicated. Where did I ever find the time/energy to do that? I don’t know, but she was thrilled. I now have grandchildren, and when they’re old enough, if my arthritic knees will let me, guess what I’ll be doing one Saint Patrick’s Day eve?
    From Mary in China

  82. Chrissy Thrower says:

    Sue Sue ! I love your Girl Scout tribute! I was never a Girl Scout Scout until I became a leader for my youngest daughter’s troop. As leaders, we had to train and experience everything before we could teach our troop ‘the Girl Scout way’ . Camping outside in the early September every year since first grade and learning to bring a swamped canoe to shore were big highlights for the girls..not to mention all the badges they earned and flying up from Brownies to Girl Scouts to Juniors! I know I learned so much from ‘training’ all of them with my wonderful co-leader, Jennifer and ‘cookie mom’ Cecilia! We sure did sell a lot of cookies. More importantly…the girls learned how to work together to make good things happen. (they are now college freshman) Girl Scouts Rule! Chick a boom…

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you for being a leader, I always thought that would be so fun. I never stay put long enough, but thank you for doing that!! I know you mean a lot to the girls!

  83. Nancze says:

    Top O’ the Morning to ya Susan, I’m half Irish thanks to me mother. I love the traditions, food and especially the Leprechans. I’ll be wearing the Green! God Bless.

  84. Charlene says:

    I saw your recipe for Irish coffee and immediately went out to get my some whiskey! lol! oh and whipped cream.. the baileys I already had. I loved Brownies and Girl scouts. I still have my Brownie mug. It has a little owl on it. 😉 Thank you for the recipe and the memories.

  85. Jo says:

    i didn’t get to be a girl scout but I did lead my youngest duaghter’s troop from Daisies through Cadettes. What a marvelous group of girls! Some of them are Facebook friends of mine now. i love to see how they’ve grown and turned into the most lovely young women.
    Two more suggestions for videos: Darby O’Gill and the Little People and Waking Ned Devine. Seeing and hearing the banshee still gives me the willies! Ned Devine is just that – devine!
    God bless you and yours, Susan, during this marvelous holiday. You’re a peach of a gal!

  86. Cathy in Golden, CO says:

    Love that movie! Love, love, love Mr. John Wayne. My hero!

  87. Mary Ann - Central Highlands of Mexico says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you, Susan, and to everyone! We celebrate the big day this Saturday here in Mexico. The St. Patrick’s Battalion joined the Mexican Army to fight the US in the Mexican-American War of 1846 to 1848. You will find people in Mexico with names like Juan Kelly, Patrick Riley Hernandez, etc. It’s a big day in San Miguel. This Irish celebration includes a parade through the city and features traditional Irish food and music (Gaelic) with the best bagpipers I’ve heard!

  88. Ginny Sargent - New England says:

    We went to Savannah a couple of years ago in the fall. Everyone asked if I saw the house of the woman to started GS. Sadly I said no. There was so much to see! But will be on my list for the next time. I guess Savannah LOVES St. Pats day too…saw so many advertisements for it. Now that would be cool!

  89. Linda P says:

    My 2 grandgirls are also girl scouts and celebrating this week. One went last month to Savannah to Juliet’s home. I think they both have badges to sew on – me (Gran gets to do that).
    Can’t wait to see what you are up to. Have you been working away in the garden? I’m sure you will have something special to show on the first day of spring.
    Happy St. Patrick’s day to you. Do you wear green or take the chance of getting a pinch? I always thought that was funny!

  90. Suzanne says:

    Good evening Susan,
    I should have been Irish as I love St. Patricks Day. Every year I cook corned beef and cabbage (we call it a boiled dinner) so yummy! We’ve been watching the Quiet Man for years too as we always loved John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara together. The Irish countryside is so beautiful, so many shades of green, I hope to visit there someday! I even try to watch QVC on that day every year as well, after all we can all use another Irish sweater here in the northeast! Everyone is Irish on St. Patricks Day, hope everyone has a good one!
    -East Longmeadow, Ma.

  91. Nancy M. says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Love the little bird pepper shaker!

  92. Carol W. says:

    Sure’n begorra ye are right about “The Quiet Man”. All John Wayne movies are excellent. Just ask my hubby!!! He owns a patriotic John Wayne themed “Old Guys Rule” t-shirt which he wears proudly!! Thank you for the nutritional information for Irish Coffee. No better reason to drink more!!

    O’Carol (O’Daisy) S.E. Wisconsin

  93. KATHIE says:

    Dear Susan,

    It did it again …my blog was in moderation and then it erased it, This has happened a few times…what shall I do about it?

    Kathie from Limerick, Pa

    • sbranch says:

      I don’t really know. Apparently I have no power over what happens here. I’ll tell my computer person, but there seems to be a big glitch around here! Sorry!!!

      • Ann Y. says:

        That has happened to me, too….technology is a wonderful thing…WHEN it works ! No problem, we enjoy your blog no mater what the glitch!

  94. Debbie says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you, Susan! I remember attending a ceremony for the 50th anniversary of Girl Scouts when I was a Brownie! I really enjoyed my years in Girl Scouts and have especially fond memories of camping. Thanks for sharing!

  95. Annelies says:

    Our sweet daughter Meghan was born on St. Paddy’s and her Irish background Daddy couldn’t have been prouder. She is our sweet lass and we love her with ALL OUR HEARTS!!!!

  96. KATHIE says:

    This is strange a couple of hours later the first post appeared again!
    Kathie from Limerick, Pa

    • sbranch says:

      I haven’t been able to get on the blog at all today until just now . . . almost noon here on the island. Sorry everyone! The server has been down.

  97. Sue Miller says:

    Hope you have a fun filled St Patty’s Day. I was a brownie and a girl scout too…over 50 years later I still have my girl scout knife in my dresser drawer!
    Happy almost Spring! Curious about your newest project….

  98. Ann Cary says:

    I’ll watch the movie and, oh my gosh, that cute little chick salt shaker… love!!!
    (Virginia Beach)

  99. Susan,
    I love St. Patty’s Day. It was my Mum’s birthday. Now it’s a day for a Flower show and early dinner with my sister. And perhaps a small green cake.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  100. kathi schaffer says:

    I think it was John Ford who directed “The Quiet Man” but it is a love letter to Ireland

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