2012 ♥

 ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣

H A P P Y   2 0 1 2   E V E R Y O N E ! ! ! 

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  1. P.S. from last comment……I work part time at Michaels in Wareham and love how you did the garland….I work at the middle school during the day and then I escape to Michaels where my mind drifts away while I work…..I go home physically exhausted from two jobs but my mind races with all the craft ideas I have decide I want to do while I was working at Michaels….Do stop in sometime….I am usually doing the crafts with the children on Saturdays ( I have to miss Jan 21 and it’s a great craft to do 🙁 ……..) Just wish you had a whole section at my Michaels…

  2. Cammie Laird says:

    Thank you for sharing not only your wonderful talents but also your positive energy full of love and appreciation….some people make the world a better place and bring out the best in those around them….How fortunate we are that you chose to share yourself with all of us.

  3. Cammie Laird says:

    Dear Susan,
    I read all the posts on Tea and thought you and all “The Girlfriends” should know about the Samuri Chai and The White Ayurvedic Chai loose tea from Teavana…..wonderful teas and terrific mixed together with a few of their German Rock sugar crystals…..a total treat! My co-worker and I take turns brewing it all afternoon….give it a try!

  4. Ellen M. Turner says:

    I have your Christmas Book and love it. I would love to have the book about “Love” enjoy your website and print a lot of the bookmarks. I am an avid reader and use them every day. Keep on making me smile every time I go to your website.

  5. Jackie says:

    Susan, I just LOVE your blog and always look forward to reading and enjoying the Willard letter. You inspire me to be happy and positive and generous and light-hearted. I would like to win your book about love that I read about in the January Willard. Thanks 🙂

  6. Connie Seratt says:

    Oh Susan!!! I am so thrilled to have come across your blog, you and your artwork give me so much inspiration!!! Over the years, I have tried to collect all of your cookbooks, but this particular one, I don’t have in my collection. I so,so,so hope I am chosen to receive this cookbook. I have given copies of your Girlfriend’s book to my daughter’s and friend’s over the years, which they all have Loved!!! Sincerely, Connie

  7. Darlene Riffle says:

    Really enjoy your writings but mostly your illustrations . We have the same nature but you have a way of expressing what I feel Thank U

  8. Woodies Mom says:

    Sending all great hope and happiness in this new year 2013…
    I am a new Susan Branch follower, what a treat!
    I am out of que? but had to say I was in the crowds in London for the entire week (prior to) and including the Royal Wedding—Charles and Dianna. Your recent English tour was so wonderful and a remider of my trip so long ago. Question about Petey. I have a “twin” with a cloth face, same outfit made by a famous English dollmaker, Nora Welling, cloth label inside sailor suit. Are they related?

    • sbranch says:

      Petey doesn’t have a cloth face … Joe got him when he was a child on a ship crossing the Atlantic — they gave it to him. Your doll sounds amazing!

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