November 10, 2010

put on a jacket to go out and take this photo, chilly, windy day and a ticker-tape parade in our yard! Leaf confetti! V. satisfying for a person who likes the sound of crunching leaves.

emperature’s dipping, we finally broke down and put the storm windows on this week; brought in the last tomatoes from the garden to ripen on the window sill (making kitchen look cute as bonus).

ent Kitty Shopping at the shelter…love this little one but she was spoken for — at least I got a photo! Isn’t she adorable!?! Don’t you just want her?

ew idea, I’m keeping a tray all set up for tea for when my girlfriends drop in… which they did on Sunday, one after another, and I was ready, and had a perfect day doing nothing but hanging with them on the couch all afternoon in front of fire. We invented a new word for Tea…it’s “Twine.” You start with tea and I think you can see where it goes from there! Friend coming from England next weekend, having a Twining for her. What shall I make? This is the exciting question of the moment.

Y GRANDMA’S MOLASSES COOKIES! (That’s Windsor Ware China by Johnson Brothers; every time I show a photo of these purple dishes, I get lots of emails asking what they are…so there you go, just in case you want to know.)

ll about cozy nights around here now…here’s our dinner last night — Chicken Soup with my HOMEMADE CHICKEN STOCK, and roasted ACORN SQUASH with butter and brown sugar. This chicken soup is a very good thing to eat in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving as it’s healthy and delicious, full of good things and low in fat.

retty soon I do my SECRET WEAPON… we are going to need LOTS of GRAVY for Thanksgiving! I only needed to experience the catastrophe of not having quite enough gravy one year to discover the SECRET WEAPON. It’s like that quote “Know how to remember Mother’s Day? Just forget it once.” :- ) Lessons learned.

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