December 7, 2010

can’t help it, I just love the color RED. No matter what time of year. I have it all over the house…so all I need is a tree and I’m done!

hink "magic" as you decorate your house. Shine up all your glass, brass, and silver to reflect the light, use sparkling things on the tree. Clean windows, mirrors, and glass on pictures for more twinkle power. Think "fairyland" while cleaning, it makes it a lot easier!

ry a bit of whimsy, hang a decoration in a window or on cupboard door knobs; put a little string of lights somewhere unexpected, in a guest bath, or around a kitchen window, or in the sewing room, or across the canopy of a four-poster.

hether decorating in a clean, modern style (gold and white, pink and silver, turquoise and pink), or an old-fashioned Country Christmas, for a party or Christmas Eve, light the house with all kinds of candles in colored and clear glass holders. Use thin champagne glasses that ring like clear bells. For a party, remember to appeal to the five senses, you want your house to look good, smell good, sound good, taste good, and feel good.

dated ornament every year brings back memories.

atural decorations make everything smell good; bowls of oranges studded with cloves, paper whites, garlands of pine, cinnamon bundles, simmering spices. Wooden bowls or baskets of cranberries, apples, lemons, red pears, and sugared fruit (dip plums, pears and red grapes in egg white and roll in sugar, allow to dry; pile into a crystal bowl). Pillows stuffed with pine needles smell wonderful, and candy houses, cinnamon hearts, plates of cookies, candy canes, ribbon candy add homey charm.

n the table, try an old quilt, a beautifully ironed damask tablecloth, or even a nice white bedspread. For the kitchen use holiday dishtowels, throw rugs, guest towels, potholders, tea cozies. Nothing has to match, not matching makes things cozier. And put out all your red things. My mantle is lined in old red Christmas books. Even if you decorate in turquoise, red still looks good!

nd now that it’s so beautiful, invite someone to dinner. Make (red) CRANBERRY CHICKEN AND (red) PEARS…pretty and delicious!

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