January 6, 2011

n February, Joe and I are getting on the train and taking the three-day cross-country trip to California. You probably know I love these train trips; I’ve written so much about how wonderful the train "rooms with a view" are. As we go across the states, I’ll Twitter what I see out the window (better known as "Twitter from the Twain") so if you’re interested in hearing about it in "real time" you can click on that Twitter link under my name above, and come along for the ride. We’re leaving Martha’s Vineyard on February 23. Hard to leave my little kitty behind; friends are moving in to take care of her while we’re gone, but speaking for myself, it’s very difficult not to put her in my purse and take her with us. I defer to her though; she has never shown any interest in getting into my purse.


hen I get to California, I have three speaking engagements with trunk shows, the first two are in the Los Angeles area and the third will be in San Luis Obispo. Here’s all the information … if you’re in the area, you should come! I’d love to see you there! Click on these for further information:
Monday March 7, 2011 in Mission Viejo at Mount Olives Church
Tuesday March 8, 2011 in Anaheim for the Orange County Quilter’s Guild
Monday March 14, 2011 in San Luis Obispo, the San Luis Obispo Quilter’s Guild

t doesn’t seem fair that these events are not spread more evenly around the country. But when I finish my book, Joe and I are going to go on a very long drive through the states, maybe we’ll see you then!

he New Year, a new beginning and a clean slate, have inspired a renewed interest in healthy eating — with the help of something I found recently that you are going to LOVE when you read about it in WHAT’S COOKING! (Note I didn’t say "renewed commitment to healthy eating" as I may just run into you somewhere out there with a McDonald’s french fry in my mouth and I don’t want to be held to anything!)

e’ve been trying to work off all that corn pudding and gingerbread cake by doing our walk every day through the woods; we’re bundled to the nth degree because it hovers around 30 degrees most days; the trees are like black sticks; puddles are frozen in the dirt road, and the wind waits for us out where the pond meets the sound, coming up from the icy water like an assassin. But the sun is shining, the sky is blue and it’s worth it and wonderful for the fresh air and the light.

‘m trying to read more, have a wonderful book called The Help; (not done with it yet, so I don’t know how it ends, but already I think you would love it).

hung new photos and ideas I cut out from magazines on the fridge, they show dreams we hope will come true this year, something my mom taught me to do…she said my great grandma taught her. My mom used to spend summers on her grandma’s farm in Iowa and one summer she noticed her grandma had a piece of paper with pictures of dining room furniture glued to it. Her grandma explained that this was exactly the furniture she wanted for her dining room. She’d cut out the pictures and glued them to the paper so she could look at it every day and "think" on it. My mom and I loved this…so we do it too–only I do it with the refrigerator. It’s a little thing you might want to try to get you going in the direction of your dreams; a great way to start the year. Wishing you and yours the very best!





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  1. Deborah says:

    I’ve never done a cross country train ride — just commutes to work and visits to see Thomas during our long distance courtship. I must add it to my bucket list.

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