March 11, 2011

s I write, snow is falling outside my Maine window and indoors, all around me, half a hundred garden catalogues are in bloom. Katharine S. White

dreamed of having a little garden surrounded by a picket fence, so I could grow gladiolus and roses in front of it, put some cleome in the corners to peek over the top, plant a little salad garden inside and surround it all with nepeta (cat mint), johnny jump-ups, lemon thyme, basil and tomatoes. So I drew it out on paper (I didn’t want it to be too big) and read garden books and looked at garden magazines to decide what I would plant.

nd then one day…


ust thought you might want to start a dream of your own…it’s the right time to do it! I love kitchen gardens near the door, where flowers and vegetables are all mixed together…a rose tree, or a lemon tree in the middle is nice; so is a bird bath! Plan for a little bench out there; plant organic salad greens and herbs, foxgloves, or a garden with all white flowers, it’s all yours to dream. Birds and bees will love you.


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5 Responses to March 11, 2011

  1. Glenda says:

    When I first saw your little garden, I knew I wanted to “copy” it. My husband and I live in an 1860 farmhouse (constant restoration) on 5 acres of land and nestled in the mountains of Utah. My husband “made” my picket fence, cutting out 469 pickets. It has brought such pleasure over the many years. We added a custom rabbit house in ours, that I think you would really like too. Oh, my daughter made me a special Mr McGregors sign for the gate! We needed to tear it down this year, but have managed to keep it going a little longer with some tender loving csre. Thanks for sharing your beautiful little garden. I am still working on getting my garden to look like yours! 🙂

  2. Deborah says:

    I live in the garden of the garden state by still have a kitchen garden that looks much like this, complete with a white picket fence, surrounded by pale pink gladiolus!

  3. Roma says:

    Thank you for stirring up life with in us all. I have a little strip of ground with a black iron fence between it and the open wild field on the other side. Each of the four years we have lived here compost has been added and peat moss so the soil is getting better. Also each year we have slowly added more plants of herbs, flowers, vegetables, and a plum tree for the birds in a big pot. It sounds big but it is not, just a small spot with a few stepping stones, cement mother duck and two ducklings, a ceramic bird bath full of water among the plants. Roma

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