I Like Jars ♥

Small things can be important anyway.  Gladys Taber

Good Morning girlfriends!  What are you up to today?  I’m doing “fall cleaning” around here, because Joe and I are leaving soon, and we won’t get back to the island until the middle of October!  (I’ll tell you all about it in the new Willard which starts going out tomorrow morning.)   Have to redecorate and get the house ready,  so it’ll be all perfect and cozy for the season when we get home.  Was cleaning out my kitchen cupboards yesterday; wiping off what has turned out, after all these years, to be my “collection” of old storage jars and thought you might like to see them. ♥  

It all started with this salt jar.  I got it when I was in my twenties; I was looking for one with a wide mouth that I could dip a teaspoon into for recipes.  I went to a stationery store and bought plastic sticky letters, picked out “SALT,” stuck them on, and they’ve been on there ever since, including trips through the dishwasher.  This little salt jar knows all my kitchen secrets.  It’s been on top of every stove I’ve ever had.





Found this one , in an antique store . . . it’s my cinnamon-sugar shaker for toast; it has the word “Handi” in raised letters on the side and the lid says “Pepper.”




The one in front is probably an old salt shaker, but I use it for vanilla sugar (that’s a vanilla bean in there).  Old jars have a charm to them; they’re handy too; you can see what’s inside and how much is left; plus they make the inside of my cupboards look good! Also, I can get a full-size measuring cup into the wide opening of the sugar and the flour jars.  They’re good for keeping nuts, granola, rice, brown sugar, cookies, crackers, just about any loose thing you have, coffee, tea bags — and everything stays fresh. Collecting them slowly, piece by piece, when I see them, when they aren’t too expensive, has been fun; because of that, they each sort of carry their own little memory, reminding us of the times we packed up the van and went out “meandering.”

No better time than fall to drive the back roads, let the leaves fly up to greet your car; stop at old houses for soup and sandwiches, pick up a pumpkin at a roadside stand, see what treasures the old barns and antique stores have in store for you.  

We’re all collectors at heart; everyone has their own style, their own collections, and their own way of arranging their kitchen cupboards; BUT if you are in the mood for a really nice jar with a ← red lid that screws on smooth as glass, looks old but is actually new . . . then I can help you.  We found a source for them and put them in our web store.  Just a little thing, but you know . . .





Those little things can just make someone’s day.  Fill one with Butter Croutons or Ginger Crisps (both recipes are in the Autumn book) give it to a friend, and there you are!

Back to work for me!  Have a wonderful day!    xoxo


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112 Responses to I Like Jars ♥

  1. Cindy says:

    You must have read my mind! I have been thinking about getting some jars to replace my old Tupperware containers that I have been storing my staples in for so long. I have some large canning jars for some things, but I need large mouth jars for sugar, etc. I will check out your store. Thanks!

  2. Sheryle Towle says:

    Just happened to get online after you posted your blog. The jar collection is wonderful; I always try to decorate my home with a “cottage” feel…..makes it feel inviting. However, I have only a few jars, but none with red covers….so….guess I’ll have to go shopping at your website! How fun! A little red always looks great in the kitchen! Just took down my valances over the kitchen sink & put up an old sign that says “Gingerbread”. I love getting ready for September!!!!! Can’t decide what else to put over my 2 windows. Any ideas? Have a wonderful Monday!

    • Sheryle Towle says:

      Guess I shopped a little too late; just went to your online store to order the jars, but they are out of stock. Do you happen to know if more have been ordered? I love them!

      • sbranch says:

        I’m so sorry, we ran out of them in the first two hours…but Yes, we’ve ordered more and they are on their way!

        • Sheryle Towle says:

          Wonderful! Thank you, Susan. I can understand how they would sell out! Have a wonderful day!

  3. {oc cottage} says:

    Oh, my! How cute is your collection! Those would inspire anyone to bake something yummy! Just adorable!

    m ^..^

  4. Deborah says:

    Good Morning, Susan, and everyone! Love the jars and the red lids…..
    I see where your thoughts are headed here…FALL!!! I love getting out my SB Fall book and it never fails to bring me new ideas and delight!
    Have a great day everyone! Seize the Day~

  5. dawn says:

    Ooooh, so curious to read in Willard what your September plans are!
    Love jars, too. So practical and pretty. Anything practical out of glass feels high quality and pretty, much more so than plastic.
    Love your cinnamon-sugar shaker. Also love the illustration of it in ‘Autumn.’ 🙂

  6. I love your jar collection! Any chance we can see “how” they look in your cupboard? 🙂 please…

    • sbranch says:

      I wanted to do that, but it’s so dark in that corner, it was hard to see, and it’s in a place where no matter what the time of day, there’s just not enough light. And flash made the shadows even deeper.

  7. Angie(Tink!) says:

    Good Morning Sweet Sue…how was The Rest of Your Weekend? Ours was Fun & Fast…ok…Jars…Joyful Jars…filled with Yummy Good Things…Brilliant! so You are “Fall~Cleaning”…I L♥ve L♥ve L♥ve how that Sounds…The Words seem to ♫Twirl♫….:-) So the New “Willard” will Enlighten Us…& when You Return to Your Beloved Island…Your Home will Greet You with…Welcome Home Sue & Joe…it’s Autumn!…ahhhhhhhhhhh….I Begin to Decorate September 1st…& Turn Our Home into an Enchanted Cottage…but Now reading Your Beautiful Blog…I feel like starting Today! lol…(Really I doooooooooo)I L♥ve Autumn!…”Drive the Back Roads Let The leaves Fly Up to Greet Your Car”…ahhhhhhh…Soup & Sandwiches(Yum) “Pick Up a Pumpkin at a Roadside Stand” (Pumpkinsssssssssss♥ I Need Lots of Them):-) Thank You Sweet Sue…I have saved the Last few Pages of Your Summer Book as August winds down…& I keep Glancing at Your Autumn Book…& Early this Morning I actually Heard Your Autumn Book Whisper My Name….”Angie…it’s Almost Time…” ♥ Yay! Soon We’ll Be Twirling Into Autumn….sending L♥ve & Lots of Pumpkin~Hugzzz to You & Joe & Kitty!(Meow!) xoxo Poof! 🙂 P.S. Today it is “Back To School” for Us… Jonathan back to Teaching & Taylor Begins The Second Grade!…& I just Opened up a Brand New Box Of Crayons….Sweet! lol♫♥

    • EsSuzy says:

      Angie(Tink!), Happy beginning of 2nd grade to Taylor! IMHO & having taught 2nd grade for 21 of my 33 years teaching, 2nd grade IS the very best grade!! I hope she has a fabulous teacher and a wonderfully terrific school year. Annnd thanks to Susan for this blog, I feel like everyone who replies is just a friend around the corner waiting to catch up with a cup of tea. I also love to visit the yard sales, thrift stores…I’m looking for green lidded jars so the hunt is part of the fun.

    • Katharine says:

      I used to teach 2nd grade too and did tons of substitute teaching. I can’t wait to teach it again, when our job situation gets better.

      I love opening up a new box of crayons. I had to restrain myself because I already have tons of boxes left when I bought some from a close out on crayola.com.

  8. Brenda says:

    I also love jars. I actually have some of the red lid jars that I bought at a store I use to do payables for. I have been wishing I had bought more of them. Thank you for sharing a site to buy them from. I like to sit them on my counter with treats for the grands. Red is my color. I like the idea of the the jars for flour and sugar. A new item to look for while out on junken days with mom-in-love. I have some containers I bought that are suppose to be airtight but do not close easily or well. I also use Mason Jars in my crafting/sewing room. Love to see what I have stored for use. Thanks for sharing your jars, they are inspirational.

  9. Nellie says:

    Oh, yes! I’m a fan of jars with red lids and have some of them myself. I like the wide mouths for the same reason you do. I’d love to keep them out on my counter, but then there wouldn’t be enough work room.:-) They store a variety of flours, cornmeal, and sugar, as well as dried fruits, and other goodies.
    Have a great Monday, Susan! xoxo

  10. Country Gal says:

    Wonderful post ! Love your jar collection ! I to am waiting for fall, cool days and nights , have the windows open for fresh air to linger through, camp fires in the back yard, and yes soup and sandwhiches mmm yummy ! Get decorated for the Harvest time , wonderful ! Have a great day !

  11. Virginia says:

    I repackage lots of food into French canning jars. I like the way the rice, quinoa, lentils, honey, nuts etc., look in the jars, so I keep a double row of them on my counter. Blue is “my” color. Once I found some French canning jars with cobalt blue lids. I could only buy a few at the time, and I never found them again…:-(.

    Your eclectic collection is charming with red tops. It’s nice that so many have a story behind them. Makes them all the more special.

    Looking forward to Willard tomorrow! Looking forward to Fall! Looking forward to seeing you at Remnants of the Past! Yippee!

  12. Judy C in NC says:

    I love your collection so much and I also have my collection of jars – I believe your sugar jar is probably one of the old Solitaire Coffee jars – which use to be readily available in antique stores. I have a collection of them – large and small – for my flour, sugar, tea, coffee, pasta, rice, cereal and everything else. To think I use to ‘have’ to own matching sets of cannisters – this is so much better. I love your smaller jars, salt, cinnamon, etc. and have not thought of getting those. You could very well be considered a good influence on me – definitely not a bad influence – I just also like the simpler things of life and appreciate knowing others also like them. Judy C in NC is happy on her journey through life.

  13. peg says:

    jars…..they seem to multiply around here! I love them! Your collection is wonderful. I have a square-ish one with a green lid, like yours…the lid was just plain metal when I got it, so I painted it hunter green. I use it for cookies in the fall…peanut butter, ginger crisps…brings the season right in! Thinking about going to Oakdale in a few weeks for apple season….never been….always talk about it….this year it’s on the ‘must’ list! Have a great week! xo

    • Pat Mofjeld says:

      Heh Peg, what did you use to paint the lid–Rustoleum? I’ve got a couple of lids that “need” to be painted… thanks! 🙂 I did order a couple of Susan’s from her web store and I love them as they are a perfect size and would look really nice with a red plaid ribbon around the lid, filled with ginger cookies!

  14. Billie K says:

    My daughter decided I wasn’t a hoarder because I had my many collections organized….LOL.

    I just love your jars with all their different designs. Thanks for sharing.

    • Joan Lesmeister says:

      I’m going to check with my daughter and see if she agrees with yours! Thanks Billie!

    • Jeannie M from NC says:

      I don’t think my boys and daughter-in-love, would agree with your daughter, but I love and have memories of everything I display!

  15. Kimi says:

    Good Morning Susan In love the jars, you know I do the same thing with my toast have a cinnamon & sugar shaker just for this! love toast this way, hey did you know to that cinnamon lowers your cholesterol so keep up with this and hey it taste good too. I’m sure your happy leaving for your trip and maybe a little sad too even if the other house is yours some how its hard to go? I’ve enjoyed your post hope all goes well for you and Joe. Happy clean up! PS just think how nice everything will be when you get back home here in Martha Vineyard. Happy trails to you…..

  16. Jackie says:

    Another jar lover! I have collected many old canning jars to line my kitchen windows, shelves, etc. They are remarkably inexpensive and really lend the “cottage” touch to everything. Thanks for the lovely photos.

  17. Margie from Lavender Cottage says:

    My favorite jars are old canning jars. I have tons of them. My very favorites are a teal blue and have lots of bubbles and dips in them. I work in stained glass and I absolutely love the imperfections in them. I use them for everything from vases to making my homemade salad dressings. I have some in my work rooms with buttons in them and paintbrushes and pencils. For some reason they give me joy!! Have a great Monday, Friends!!

  18. Janet says:

    Susan, First ,I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog, Second, I have been collecting jars since high school. I use them for everything from my organizing my kitchen to organizing my scrapbook room. I am really big into recycling and I tend to buy things with how I can use the jar or the container afterward always in the back of my mind. Thanks for sharing all of you ideas , I love dish towels too, but thats for another day. Have Fun cleaning !!!

  19. Denise says:

    Hi Susan, everytime I read your blog, I cry happy tears. You awaken something in me from way down that is a familiar, warm tummy kind of goodness. Thank you for allowing me to “come home” each day! love you much, Denise

  20. Coni says:

    I love your jar collection! The red lid with the stars really caught my attention. It has a ‘folk art’ feel, which I really love ~ especially in the fall. And you just can’t go wrong with red. It looks good in every season and for nearly every holiday.

    I keep my laundry detergent (powder) in a large clear jar above my washer/dryer. I like the way it looks (much prettier than the box it comes in), and it’s super easy to tell when I’m running low.

    Jars are practical for so many reasons ~ they’re pretty, allow you to see what’s in them, and you can run them through the dishwasher and they’re good as new!

  21. Jacqui G says:

    What am I doing today (big sigh) I’m at work, but in my mind I’m already preparing dinner for hubby and me tonight. I love the jars and I am ordering one before they’re gone! What a great weekend- my desk blotter arrived on Saturday morning, which made me very happy:) Have a wonderful day Susan- your blog is always the bright spot in my morning…especially when I have to work! Looking forward to Willard-
    FOSB 4-Ever,

  22. Good morning! I just adore old jars, but most of mine are in the studio – filled with brushes, buttons, ribbons, antique hardware and skeleton keys, and an antique salt shaker for vintage glass glitter. ♥

    No time to decorate here until after the fall shows, but I am sooooo looking forward to it. Autumn is my favorite season. 🙂

    Looking forward to receiving the next Willard!

    ♥ Carolee

  23. Peggy Cooper says:

    Well Susan, you’ve done it again! Your blog is just the best. Only problem is now I want to go shopping to buy jars. Oh well, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do :o)

    Another beautiful day here in Colorado, and I just heard the washer stop so I’ll be heading back outside to hang the sheets on the line. So glad we now have this one big happy family of SB lovers to brighten our days. Looking forward to Willard.

  24. K. Ross says:

    Jars are great containers. One of my favorites is a large grape jelly jar (label still intact) filled with buttons that sits on a shelf in my sewing room. When a dear friend was fighting cancer, she asked me to help her clean her kitchen cabinets — and she had too much jelly. So she gave me the jar of jelly — and when it was empty and she was no longer with us, I just had to save the jar as a reminder of a sweet moment spent with her. Yes, those jars can hold lots of good memories too.

  25. Donna Hamilton says:

    I have the same sugar and flour jars. I picked mine up at Wal-mart one day on a whim and they were very inexpensive. I have painted my lids a pumpkin orange, just because I like the color. But, you can paint them any color. I have some older jars from my grandmother and great-grandmother that coffee came in (1930s thru the early 1950s) and I use them to re-package rices, dried beans, corn meal, all kinds of things. Sure looks better than cardboard packages or plastic bags. Plus, the added advantage of keeping bugs out (which here in the south is a big issue). I like to take manilla tags and using stickers and pens, write the contents of the jar on the tag and occasionally a little recipe. Just something pretty to look at when I go into my pantry.

  26. susan desimone says:

    oh I am laughing out loud once again!! I love jars and Ive sort of felt like some crazy jar hoarder over the years!! Im the girl at the kitchen sink with a scrubber and that glue be gone stuff trying to get the old label off a jar of jam that has just been finished…like those pretty French jams you can find at the local grocery store…the one with the red checkered cover. I use them to bring bouquets of flowers and herbs to friends…everything looks better in a pretty jar!! I also love finding pretty labels to put on the jars…some of my favorites have been the ones found on your website. Recently I saw an idea to use a pretty muffin liner as a jar topper..tied with ribbon so simple.. 🙂

  27. Susan says:

    Susan, your blog entry today is really timely for me. I just bought an 11-inch tall Horlick’s Malted Milk jar with an original cap. Besides being a vintage jar, the history interested me because the company was started in my hometown of Chicago (it later moved to Racine, Wisconsin which is what’s on the jar). Now the decision – what to put in it?

    • Donna Hamilton says:

      You can buy malted milk powder still, and that is probably what I would put back into the jar. Or, Malted milk balls. Yum!

    • Coni says:

      Why not put hot chocolate mix in your jar as a way of honoring its history? You can whip up a batch easily and have it ready as soon as the weather starts getting cool. Don’t forget the mini marshmallows!

  28. Nina says:

    Susan we are definatly kindred spirits! I love jars too! Especially the old French Jam (Jelly) jars! I threw a tea party last month at my house in aid of the Marie Curie cancer trust and we raised lots of money drinking tea eating cucumber sandwiches and cake. I collected lots of jars and put them on the tables and filled them with sweetpeas and stocks and daisies they looked lovely! xx

  29. Barbara (WA) says:

    I love jars and I love red – perfect !! I cleaned out my greenhouse the other day and discovered a multitude of tiny jars filled with saved seeds. I scattered those seeds around the garden and lined up the jars on a shelf. Your salt shaker is darling – amazing those letters have lasted through being washed in the dishwasher. Thank you for sharing and helping us appreciated the little things in life.

  30. Marilyn says:

    I adore glass jars, and have amassed quite a collection. I started out years ago with a glass canister set, and it just snow balled from there. Not only can you see the levels, but glass is also very easy to clean and does not stain.

    Janet mentioned earlier about recycling, and I do the same thing! Last Christmas I took some recycled glass jars and made holiday lanterns as gifts for co-workers.

    Baby food jars, spaghetti sauce jars, canning jars etc. are all wonderful and versatile!

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

    • Joan Lesmeister says:

      Thank you Marilyn! You just solved my “what to give” my large group (I mean as in 12) of friends for Christmas! All different jars with epsom salts (snow), candles, & ribbons w/tags will do it! xo

  31. Jacqui G says:

    Oh, and hubby always GROANS when he finds one in the dishwasher (usually an interesting jar that was full of something I bought). He says “Don’t you have ENOUGH???? Poor hubby, he’ll never understand the importance of a good jar. Thank goodness for you and my girlfriends here to put some reason to the insanity!

  32. Francine says:

    Good afternoon! I have the same flour jar as you! And I have one with a green cap for sugar. I put green depression teacups in them for my scoops, since I love, love, love green depression glass! A fun little story Susan! Now I need to dig up some more jars.

  33. blondie blu says:

    On a quest to clean up and organize in preparation for a delicious autumn, I have been on a search for all kinds of containers with which to fill, including wire baskets, wooden boxes, big pretty colored plastic colanders and, of course, jars! As always, your blog adds the sweetest touch to my day, and lots of lovely inspiration. xo Helena

  34. Sandra Gillanders says:

    Dear Sue,
    I’m a jar hoarder and proud of it, lol. Love seeing your stash, they are wonderful. Love storing things in jars. I always keep my eyes wide open for any interesting ones I come across. Thanks for sharing a great idea for storage and eye appeal in the kitchen, office or craft room.

  35. laurie says:

    I think its a good thing that so many love jars,, they make great containers for left overs as well, no need for plastic,, I even freeze my soup in jars, not my old jars, butmason jars.I still have some of my gramma’s and great gramma’s jars,, very dear to me,, I understand “jar love”

  36. Doreen Strain says:

    Good Afternoon Susan, I just got home from visiting my new little granddaughter “Isabella Grace” in Upstate NY, (my old stomping grounds). I was sooooo enjoying hearing the whisper of fall in the russling of the leaves and the scent of the autumn air in the crispness of the evening breeze. Now that I’m back home down here in Florida, I want to do some fall decorating. Just can’t wait to start. I’m a jar person too. I pick them up from all over the place. I love having my glass canisters (wide mouthed) for my sugar and flour for baking. I think I’m going to head on over to your shopping site and treat myself to a few of the little jars. I could use a new nutmeg jar!!!! Honestly….who couldn’t? There is just something about keeping your baking goods in glass jars! Have fun fall cleaning! BTW…I’m so jealous….it’s 93 down here today. FOSB 4 ~ Ever! ~ Doreen ~

  37. deezie says:

    Hi Susan
    Oh my, can I just tell you I am loving all your jars!!! I love jars too! I have jars with everything in them. If I can take something out of a box or bag or anything and put it in a jar I am happy. I have my chocolate chips for baking my oats, flour, sugar, salt, tea, maple syrup, everything is in jars. What a great post. It made me so happy to see all those pretty jars being used. Happy day Susan

  38. CarolK says:

    Gosh, I’m glad I’m the only one with a jar fetish. LOL My hubby couldn’t understand why I could never throw a glass jar away. I’m always recruiting him to be my official label remover. He does such a nice job! I inherited the collecting bug from my mom, bless her soul, she couldn’t throw anything away that may turn out to be useful. I keep flour, sugar and rice on my kitchen counter in old penny candy jars. The kind with the silver lids and red knobs. Since my kitchen is so tiny I have to store most staples in the cellar in large, metal cabinets. Beans, pasta, chocolate chips all in glass jars. Susan, are you sure you’re not my secret sister or something? Have a sunshiney day……

  39. Karen P says:

    Again, what a cute post! I was just thinking last night, ‘I wonder what wonderful collection Susan will post next?’ My thought was potholders but I was wrong! In my recent “forages” to my fav thrift store (the one with the very sweet little precious ladies behind the counter who smell like my great-grandma’s house!) in search of buttons, I found that they sell the buttons in leftover little jars…old baby food jars…old jam jars….nothing with cute lids, though. So, I had the idea to cut out images from old tear-off calendar pages that I have been saving from year to year and I decoupaged the lids…organized the buttons by color and put them in my craft room. They look cute, I must say! But, I’ll have to look for big storage ones like you have (will check out your store!). Thanks for the tip. LOVE IT!

  40. Lori says:

    Once again, you help us appreciate and enjoy simple things! Fall is around the corner – today was the first day of school here. Looking forward to the new Willard!

  41. Jean G says:

    Dear Susan,

    I have 4 of the same jars that you have for sugar and flour, only they have green lids. They were my mother’s and I think they are older than I am! (I’m 58, don’t mind telling). I use them for tea bags, vanilla sugar with bean nestled in, and little dog biscuits. Quite a variety of contents. What I think I love most about them, besides the mother memories they stir in me, is the satisfying sound they make when you screw the lids on – always a smooth fit, always a nice sound that brings me way back to her kitchen with the wood cabinets made by my Dad. I think of the days we made Joe Froggers and apple pies in the fall, gingerbread boys (and tons of other cookies) at Christmas, birthday cakes in the spring (a lot of birthdays March-April) and home-made iced tea in the summer. How the sound of a jar lid can give a oh-so-brief moment of completeness is beyond me, but, I’ll take it!

  42. Gert stevens says:

    Dear Susan,

    Oh, I love jars, especially clear ones with large open mouths! smile.. Who doesn’t like to be able to see what’s in them!! smile… I just revamped my kitchen and bought all clear through items. Flour, sugar, cookie jar etc. But of course I just LOVE yours and wish I had them instead of the new store bought ones..smile…
    Oh a cross country drive soon should be so much fun! And everything sounds amazing! Fall is the perfect time….cool, lovely scenery and great finds! smile…
    Today, we spent the day celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary! “big smile”
    Can’t wait to read Willard!!! I know it will be ‘funtastic’…. oh ya and interesting!!1
    xoxo Gert

    • sbranch says:

      Happy Anniversary Gert!!!

    • Doreen Strain says:

      Hi Gert, I went over to your blog! It’s very nice. I think it’s so much fun to actually put a face to some of the names we see here on Susan’s blog. It makes the “girlfriend” feeling go just that little bit further. It amazes me on how much some of us have in common. I really believe is all has to do with that kindered spirit we all share. Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed my visit to your site. Have a blessed day! FOSB 4~Ever! ~ Doreen ~ Oh…BTW….Happy Anniversary !!!!!!

    • Jeannie M from NC says:

      Oh! Happy Anniversary Gert and Tom! ours is next month (40)! And congratulations on your new great granddaughter! Isn’t she so sweet!
      I love your art work, How do you put the words and frames on them? do you use picassa?

  43. I love your jars! And what a great way to keep things fresh! I need to work on my pantry now! Enjoy your week! ♥

  44. Janelle says:

    Oh I just love jars too. Something about glass says clean to me and old-fashioned and reliable. I have the new “old” jars. A friend of mine was selling them in her shop. I have started saving my new jars (such as pasta sauce) and painting their lids (to fit my cute factor) and reusing them for storage in the kitchen. I’m so glad that now I can show this post to my husband so he won’t think I’m the only crazy jar lady around.

  45. Sandra says:

    I’d far rather have glass jars than plastic…plastic seems to have a bad odor that never comes out while glass jars can be sparkling in just a few minutes. I’m always looking for new to me glass jars; thanks for a great post.

  46. I love them too..especially if they have a red lid! ;D

  47. Jacki says:

    Hi Susan…I LOVE the Jars pix !!! I use jars for alot of things….Have you ever painted your jars just to give them more “umph “- the ” Susan Touch ” ?!
    Oh, I ot inspired… Enjoy :

    ” The Jars ”

    Aren’t they a thing of beauty and curiousity
    And how smooth is the glass
    From the quaint little daintys
    To the biggies
    The antiques
    Oddballs and ones with class
    The labels and designs
    To each of their own
    While some break and others survive
    As a result of the care and love they’ve known
    Fill them up with anything
    From cookies and buttons and chocolate bars
    Gotta love them
    The Jars…

  48. Katharine says:

    I have a wide mouth jar but mine has a silver cover. I can’t remember where I found them, I think it was either IKEA or Target. I have to find more. 🙂

  49. Carolyn Ann says:

    I love jars, too. I have some in the kitchen now. One is filled with almonds, another pistachios, and the other is filled with pretzels. I put a jar of seashells in my daughter’s room and she loves it. Jars have such an old-fashioned, relaxed look and you can see all the “good things” that are in them! I also clean & save old food jars…never know when they’ll come in handy.

  50. Pom Pom says:

    Oh, I love your autumn book so much. I keep looking at it and saying to myself, “Self, wait until September. Delayed gratification is good.” So, it sits in the bookcase still. It’s my favorite of all the SB books!

  51. Ginny Stanley says:

    Good Evening Susan,
    Thanks so much for another great post. When my in-laws passed away in ’92, the family went through their out-building and took whatever we wanted. Out of the 7 kids, we were the last to pick and guess what I found?????Yelp, JARS!
    I couldn’t believe they were passed over. I found 4 blue canning jars and 2 of the bigger square jars similar to your sugar jar. My only problem is that the 2 bigger jars didn’t have lids. Would you know by chance where I could buy just the lids?
    I also would like to add that glass jars are good for picnics/potlucks …as in a way to transport your pasta/potato/macaroni salads. (I’m sure you could use them for other foods as well.) You don’t have to worry about them falling over and the food spilling out. Gotta Love Jars!!!!

  52. Suzanne says:

    Jars are lovely things…..theres no telling what can be stored in them. I’ve used glass jars for years, from baby food jars that have held tacks, nails, paint…to jars for pennies. I too use the large mouth jars for my flour, sugar, tea, but they are new ones and now i’m tempted to paint the covers red and letter them, they just look so quaint that way. The Brimfield flea market is coming up in Sept. so I think i’ll head on over and see what kind of jars I can find! We are only minutes away. I so look forward to your blog Susan, as you are the mirror of myself, its amazing, kindred spirits I suspect.
    I’m now on the hunt for an O’keefe and Merrit stove, there’s got to be another one around here somewhere! The shelf would be such a perfect spot to line those jars! Well, almost my bedtime, look forward to our next “chat”!

    • peg says:

      Believe it or not, Suzanne, there is a store in Burbank, CA that refurbishes and sells old Wedgewood Stoves and O’Keefe & Merrit Stoves. The place is called Savon Appliances. Marcia is the owner…here’s the number: 818/843-4840. ♥

  53. Jennie says:

    Oohh! I like jars, too! I have a small collection started when I moved out years ago and my Grammie gave me some old jars that were hers- my favorite being the old ‘vanilla extract’ jar that she used forever to store her extract in. I still use that jar to this day, and as you can imagine, the lable is rather ‘browned’ from the messy task of pouring vanilla from a ‘new’ jar to the ‘real’ jar. But I just love it and I intend to use it forever! I also love my ‘cocoa’ jar- clear, squat, with a white lid and sponge painted blue heart on it- my Grammie’s signature colors and ‘symbol’.
    Have fun fall cleaning! You are planning on blogging while you’re gone, RIGHT?

  54. Ronda says:

    Hi Susan & Everybody!
    Jars are one thing I hoard. I love them. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are, if they are glass, I find it hard to get rid of them. My two most coveted were my Me-Maw’s! My Mom gave them to me a couple of years ago. I think they were coffee jars. One is square, looks a lot like your red lid jars, it still has the sealing ‘lid’ under the actual lid & a wire handle. That is where my flour lives. The other one is round, it too has the sealing lid & the handle, still with the wooden ‘spindle’ attached. It stores my sugar, just like it did for Me-Maw! I still use the wooden handle 1/4 cup scoop in it that she did. When I asked my Mom about the scoop, she told me that it is what her mom used in the sugar jar for as long as she could remember! I love them!
    Thank you for bringing back wonderful memories!

  55. Regina Stock says:

    I just love your jar collection. And it’s so wonderful that you want to share that with all of us. I started taking pictures of my flower containers since I’ve been reading your blog. It’s funny how the simplest of things can bring so much joy. I’ve been reading up on your Summer book, meant to read it all summer so I thought I’d better get going before summer ends! But I so want to read your Autumn book that’s just waiting on the shelf! But I will finish Summer first. Like so many others, I just love fall and all that it brings, cooler weather, baking season, hot teas, soups and stews. And I’m so thankful that I have your books to keep me company during the season.

  56. MizB says:

    Like so many others, I keep jars to store pantry items, spices, buttons, candy & cookies, ad infinitum. Does anyone else keep the B&M Baked Bean jars? I grew up with B&M, but then lived 30 years west of the Mississippi where they are hard to find. Now I’m in Florida where there are so many New Englanders and East Coasters that I can find many of the brands I grew up with and those little brown jars immediately started coming home with me. I’ve been here 18 months and I must have more than a dozen of them already. Such a tiny thing, but they do give me pleasure. As does your blog, Susan. So many simple pleasures we all share, but what I truly treasure is the mindfulness with which you live & share your life, which helps me to do the same. Have a truly joyous day everyone!

  57. Liza-Ann Tucker says:

    Jars are an absolute must if you have little pests that come along with loving a 72 year old home. Blue ball jars are my fav. I love these domestic posts Susan; they are so inspiring and uplifting 🙂

  58. Mame says:

    It’s so comforting to know that Gladys Taber is quoted often in your works. She still remains one of my all-time favorite authors. I am always refreshed in spirit after reading a chapter/article of hers from my bookshelves. Thanks, Susan, for keeping her in for forefront of your readers.

  59. Sandy says:

    I love jars; use them for everything. I thought I was the only one 🙂

  60. Tina says:

    Just received the latest Willard, and am always amazed how you manage to top yourself each time! I especially love the Gladys Taber quote. She is my all time favorite writer/diarist/journaler (her books seem so personal that they seem to be more than books and more like journals). I read her books according to the seasons. She always gets me in the mood for each turn of the calendar page.

    Susan, you brighten up each and every day for me. Thanks for sharing your life.

  61. Carol says:

    I so love your ways… I love everything about you, you have such a homey way of just making “Fall Cleaning ” sound like the best thing since sliced bread!!!
    I told my husband next year for sure, either spring or Fall we are taking a trip to Martha’s Vineyard. I will be snapping up a storm, I make greeting cards and some of them are done with photographs… What subject matter up there!!!
    You home is charming, I love your jars, I just got some large jars and some old fashion wooden clothes pins, the ones with the round ball on top. I took all my bits and peices of ribbon and wound them on my “so called” clothes pin spools.
    I put them in the jar till I need to look for ribbon and it looks awsome in my craft room!!! Going away in a few days so I didnt have time to read too much on your blog, but while I’m in NH I will relax and read away!!!! Thanks for letting us “peek” into your life!!!

  62. Siobhan says:

    Just got Willard…yay…!!! I knew a train trip was in the offing..oh boy. Love the video of the quilts, and their details, so precious. btw, since you do such seasonal decorating, how to you store everything off season? Just in the house cupboards and closets? In bins with labels in the garage? Do tell!

    So Cal is definitely feeling autumn coming…I’ve noticed it for two weeks now, our subtle changes, shorter days, cooler nights, and the air just smells different. Cozy time.

    Hugs to all!

  63. Lisa says:

    Susan….I adore your blog. I’ve bought your calendars for several years now, as well as some of your books. Love them! How did I miss the blotter calendar! I will be ordering one of those soon! Your post is so timely. This is the time of year I always clean out my pantry, dust all the shelves, replace out dated staples, etc. We utilize every bit of space in our country home, and several years ago my husband built shelves that fit behind the door of my pantry/laundry room, that are only 9 inches deep, but deep enough for jars! Jars of all shapes and sizes line these shelves from floor to ceiling. It’s one of my favorite places in my home. They are filled with staples and beans, spices and jams. I feel like a mama squirrel filling my jars, storing up for fall and winter. It’s such a wonderful feeling to enjoy these simple pleasures in today’s world. Thank you for your encouragement and sweet reminders of the joy of homemaking. Just one question. I have an old jar with a red lid and white star like yours. Do you know what these jars were once used for? Thanks for your time. Enjoy your travels!

  64. Deb says:

    I can’t tell you how much I love to come home after a totally hectic day full of mean people, and sit down with a cup of tea and read Your Blog! It makes me sooo happy and renews my faith in Life and Happiness and Positivity!
    you are a Godsend and what you do makes such a positive affect in peoples lives (mine for sure)!

    you make me a better person and I just LOVE you for that!

  65. Elizabeth says:

    I love jars…I have a small glass one of antique marbles that were my Grandad’s and a large glass one of buttons that date back to my great-grandmother…I use them as bookends. Just yesterday I was at my favorite thrift store and they were giving old canning jars away…I picked out three Mason jars to use for wildflower vases, but I might need to go back and get some more because you’ve given me some ideas!

  66. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Here I sit at 5:37am with my coffee, you, and your oooodles of Girlfriends, and tears in my eyes! And the tears are a good thing! The blog was great & so are the comments. Jars, so simple, the ultimate in recycling, and who knew there are so many of us with treasured glass jars! Thank you! xo

  67. Deborah H. says:

    Hello Susan, I’m a newcomer to your website/blog and a friend of mine from TX sent me your newsletter and now I receive it and just love the look of it. You take me back to my childhood and looking at my Grandmother’s quilts and glass jars I truly enjoy being a “groupie” of sorts. I hope you enjoy your trip to MN and look forward to reading all about it. Have a Great Fall!!!! Deborah

  68. Delia says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I too have an assortment of jars and I love them and their use. As my husband and I cleaned out our garage, I had found some old milk half gallon glasses with it’s carrying case! I can’t wait to order lids so I may use them for milk & tea.

  69. Rachel Chandler says:

    Thank you for your Willard’s. I have just read the “Autumn Dreams with Willard”. Sadly, my mother passed away after a long battle with cancer in March and I haven’t yet had the courage to read the Spring and Summer Willards, which I will do one day. It’s just that I used to read them out loud to her when she was ill and we would reminisce about our holidays to Martha’s Vineyard and New England. I am in the UK so I too am awaiting the fall (autumn)! I felt the first autumn chill a few days ago! I’m just about to change the cushions and get the quilt out and change the kitchen around. It’s great to read your blog, it gives me inspiration and forever brightens my day x

    • sbranch says:

      So happy to hear it. One of these days I’m going to get over there and we’ll all have to meet somewhere. So very sorry about your mom. ♥

  70. Davett says:

    Hi!! Susan~ I Adore jars also…I noticed that one in the pic. was an old Maxwell House jar..lolol…I love the flour n sugar jars u have where would I find that style of jar…it doesnt have to have the red lids..which, by the way make them very pretty…..my mom n gramma..collected jars…..it made sense back then….not to throw things like that away….when my grandpa{POP} passed in 1985 @ age 90 we found in his basement{his wood/work shop}lolol dozens n dozens of baby food jars stemming back to the first grandchild in the 50’s filled with screw,nails, nuts, bolts, carpet taks,yo name it.looolololol…remember in the 80’s and I’m sure earlier..planters peanuts would come in a pretty decorative tall jar at christmas time, to be used later for candy n such…I’m 41 so I don’t rememeber way, way, back..but, I rememeber my mom saying how when she was a child..dishes came in oatmeal..thats how she acquired her colbalt blue Shirly Temple pitcher….and I too remember the looney tune jelly jars we drank from, n butter tubs in shapes of cups n bowls we drank our Kool-aid n ate our cereal from…It all seemed sooo economical..it all made so much sense and cents!! where have those days gone????…we could use that kind of help these days..when pinching a penny doesn’t go nearly as far as it did only 20 and 30 years ago… =(

  71. Davett says:

    p.s….by the way..u have turned me on to Gladys Taber..I bought her “COUNTRY CHRONICALS” written back in the 70’s from our local flea Market the other weekend..an LOVE it!! ThankYou!!…..those kinds of reads are right up my alley!….I even picked up the other day an Elizabeth Taylor dvd..it was on sale for 5.00 two movies inside..Fathers little Dividen and Father of the Bride…Me thinks you are rubbing off on me!!!!! =) its September the 6th..and very rainy in central Pa…I know what I’m gonna watch this evening in between doing laundry! lololo Have a great Day!!!!!

  72. Davett says:

    p.p.s……My gramma passed in 1971,unfortunately I never got to know her..I was only a baby then…BUT, she kept her mustard seeds from the days of canning bread n butter pickels in an old glass mustard jar…..when I was a child in sinday school I learned about the verse in the bible about the mustard seed…One sunny summer afternoon..about 7 or so years after my grammas passing..my mom got it inher head to clean out my “POP”s cupboards for him….when I saw that jar of mustard seeds my child like eyes grew wide in wonderment..and out of my mouth came…”WOW!!!!! your mom sure did have a lotta Faith.”…I rememeber it clear as a bell today….my mom laughed,..we spoke of this often over the years…..what an awesome memory..I have that jar of mustard seed today ,sitting on my kitchen shelf with my gooseberry patch cookbooks and S.B. knickNacks.. for all to see! and as a reminder of how much Faith my gramma had =)

  73. Karen P says:

    I have been in organization mode and have been taking some of the jars I have sitting around and some from my mom’s house and have purchased a few from antique stores. On the ones where the lids aren’t very attractive, I have found this awesome spray paint (it covers over metal and plastic, too) from Rustoleum called Lacquer and it is the most gorgeous shade of red! It makes the jar lids look as though they were always that nice shiny red! All my jars (or most of them) now coordinate and I took the tip from you, Susan, about the stick-on letters! Love it!

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