Jack’s New Game . . .

Have you ever seen a kitty play fetch?  Jack (my new kitty in case you don’t know–he’s almost 16 weeks old now), taught me how to play a couple of days ago, and now he would like us to do it all day every day.    Watch!  He’s brilliant! I should get him an agent! 😉


 I had to show you! Isn’t it too much?  I’m a proud kitty mommy!  xoxo

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  1. Rita says:

    Oh, my, Jack thinks he is a dog! lol We tried cats a few years ago only to discover my husband was severely allergic to them. It was either him or the cats who had to go. So after one week of bonding with those two,wonderful cats—we had to take them back to the Humane Society (my husband had been around longer). The Humane Society was very understanding. It happens quite often I guess. I cried and my husband wrote a check to make a donation because we felt so bad. Happy ending to this story I followed the kitties on the website and was very glad to see they both found new homes. I enjoy your cat stories so much. Thank you for sharing!

    • sbranch says:

      I know lots of people who are allergic. I got hives around cats when I was five, but lucky for me, I grew out of it!

  2. Karen C says:

    I am very impressed by Jack! He has trained you quite well. I have an Irish Setter, he is 4, who likes to do the same thing. We could play fetch all day long and he never gets bored. In fact, he never gets down, always so very energetic and enthusiastic about everything. We can learn much from our cats/dogs. Thanks for sharing the video, even us dog owners enjoyed it. Have a great pre-Christmas week. Hope there is something under the tree for Jack and Girl Kitty! We would all enjoy seeing him opening his presents!

  3. Karen C says:

    He is such a ham, makes me laugh. Sometimes I think he knows how handsome he looks.

  4. Priscilla says:

    Love it. Jack is just too cute and smart. There is just something about black and white cats. I could watch that video all day long. Don’t be jealous Girl Kitty, love you too.

    Making your florentine cookies from “Christmas fron the Heart of the Home” tomorrow. They are so delicious.

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  5. Bev says:

    I bet he thinks he is bringing you a mouse! He is so cute. Love his mustache it is so cute. He reminds me of Hercule Poroit. Thank you for sharing and for being such an inspiration. Susan, Joe and family, have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  6. miriam westover says:

    Jack is not only adorable……he is BRILLIANT!! Perhaps he doesn’t know that he’s a kitty!! 😉 Hugs to you!

  7. Ginnie says:

    So fun to see Jack and how he has trained you in a new game! You’ll really know who’s in charge when he brings the ball back but juusssttt out of your reach, to make you work for it. Our dog does that with his plush squirrel, though if I get tired of reaching for it he gives in and pushes it against my leg.

    How is Girl Kitty treating this new game – is she OK with it?

  8. Reneelynn says:

    Susan, for the fudge recipe is the large can of sweetened con. milk a 14 oz?

  9. Joan says:

    That is too much! Love Jack!

  10. Cindy Maulin says:

    hi susan…that cat is smart as a whip!!!! i don’t think i have ever seen a cat fetch anything before…oh sure…. i have gotton the run of the mill random field mouse before,but this is very unique and adorable….one special kitty!!!! Have a wonderful Christmas week….getting closer.. : ) love, cindy

  11. Tam says:

    Oh, he is so cute! What fun!

  12. Almost all of my cats have been females, but I had a male cat that played fetch with me. If I was busy upstairs in my sewing room he’d take the ball (whiffle ball with a bell) to the top of the stairs where I was sewing and throw it down the stairs, then race down to get it. Then up he’d trot, ball in mouth. Repeat. Once in a life time you get one like Jack and my Darrell. Amazing little kitties who don’t know that they aren’t suppose to retrieve balls. Now if Jack could just teach Miss Kitty to throw you’d be off the hook! Thank you dear Susan for the fond memory!

  13. Jeanie Piscitelli says:

    Jack is so sweet what fun it is to watch him I have two cats myself they give me so much enjoyment. Im going to make your Annie Hall cookie dough tomorrow, do you think it would work for making spritz cookies? Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

  14. Julie Cavrich says:

    Love that Jack! He is such a “Star”! I wish my kitties could fetch like that!

  15. Pat Mofjeld says:

    Thanks for sharing this–how smart! I’ve never seen a kitty play fetch. I’m going to sit Fanny and Betti down in front of the computer screen to watch and maybe they will learn. They won’t retrieve more than perhaps once, after that it is “You threw it, YOU go get it!” Playing fetch with them is an exercise in that very thing: Exercise! as I end up throwing toys AND fetching them! 🙂 I wonder if he does think it is a mouse or something he is proudly bringing back to you? Fun to watch the videos of his antics… 🙂

  16. Joann says:

    My middle daughter Cadie has a kitty I got her a couple of years ago named Millie. Millie fetches, too….until she starts panting (like a dog) from being so worn out!!! She’s a black and white kitty, too….I think they’re SPECIAL!!!

    I can tell that proud kitty momma (YOU) is going to be doing some artwork really soon, if she hasn’t already regarding this spectacular feat!!!

    Yay for Jack (and his mom!!)


  17. Well, he had me at the french mustache!!! A feline retriever! Seems like I recall a James Herriot story about a feline retriever!

  18. Cyndi Harp says:

    Such a busy little fellow. His life is fun and games as it should be. What a luck boy he is and what a doll. I had a cat that loved the strings on balloons. She would run and jump up and grab them then carry them around in her mouth draggin the balloon around the house. She would do it for hours or until the helium died out. Also if you put a knot in a sock and throw it she would fetch it. Gotta love cats! Have a great day girlfriends!

    • sbranch says:

      I have to try that balloon thing, Jack would love that. Joe tied one of those bell-balls to a string and hung it in a doorway — that kept Jack busy for a few days, until he finally realized he would NEVER get that ball!

  19. Kathy McKinstry says:

    Hi Susan,
    I do not like cats, I am a dog lover BUT I love Jack and Girl kitty and think they are beautiful!!! I love everything you write about them, every photo and every little movie!!! I am actually disappointed if you fail to mention them in every letter you write, I can’t believe how much I look forward to hearing about those two! And lastly, I think Jack is pretty smart for a 16 week old kitty, he is a treasure! Did I say “I” enough times!!!

    Kathy in CT.

    • sbranch says:

      You are just an animal lover at heart!

      • Kathy McKinstry says:

        You are right Susan……….I also had a black and white cat when I was young, looked pretty much like your Jack. When she was just a bout 3 years old, I had to bring her to the vet to be put to sleep because she scratched the bratty little boy next door. My father let me make the decision as to what to do and after wards he told me how proud he was of me. (I am leaving most of the story out.) Luckily, the memory of the whole thing rarely comes back to me……… Regardless, I really enjoy your cats, please keep giving us updates as often as you can. Animals spread joy to all who take the time to watch them whether they are sleeping or playing!

  20. Susan Roubal says:

    Our first cat, “Binky”, was a fetch player just like Jack when she was young. She would bring the ping pong ball back and drop it right between your legs as you knelt to play. We got her before my son was born by a few months,, so we always referred to her as his “older sister”. That she was. She even consented to “play” with his ball python when he and she were much older, documented later in high school when he did a photo shoot of the two “pets”! Hilarious, the cat lounging in the sun with the python twined around her,also lounging! Love little Jack, such a little swagger returning with the ball.

  21. Carol King says:

    Our gray cat, Mooch retrieves a bow, the kind on gifts. They’re really hard to throw and don’t go far but she’s ok with that. Her sister, Peaches could care less. Such interesting little creatures. Can’t live without them.

  22. Barbara Whitebread says:


  23. Elaine Gierek says:

    My younger daughter’s two cats like to fetch. Fuzzy was first, and Charlie, who’s about Jack’s age, picked up the trick. Their favorite toys? My daughter’s ponytail elastics! They steal them from the nightstand or end table & run off with them, dropping them into their water dishes, then fishing them out & plopping them into the crunchie dishes! They languish there for a bit, then they pull them out and carry them around until someone snaps one down the hallway for them to chase (and bring back, for another go!)! Charlie & the Christmas tree have been an adventure – he was instantly fascinated, and even selected an ornament to carry down the hall to my daughter in her bedroom! Better than a ‘live’ present, I guess, but it interferes with the decor!

    Love watching Jack’s antics! Thanks for posting them. Merry Christmas!

  24. Annette Tracy says:

    Jack is too cute for words! We have a little blk/wht tuxedo, Joey, we adopted 2 yrs ago this coming January, and he only has 3 legs. He’s missing his back L. leg about where Jack’s white meets the black. He doesn’t know anything is missing at all. When we play fetch w/the Morkie he runs to get the toy first! And he can even make the Morkie cry when they play! He is the most vocal cat I’ve ever had.

  25. Elizabeth says:

    Two of our four kitties love to play fetch…they have lots of toys, but our Fiona’s favorite toy is the ring that comes off the mineral water bottles…when she hears my husband opening a bottle, she comes running and waits for him to throw it.

  26. Arlinda says:

    Susan, I’ve never seen a kitty do that! I don’t know why, but Jack’s controlled walk back to you mesmerized me. 🙂 Was it just me, didn’t his black fur make him apprear to be wearing a black suit. I love love love Jack. Thank you for the sneak peek and for sharing that. I learned something today, I thought only doggies did that. He is soooo cute!

  27. Bridget says:

    Forget the white stuff, little Jack makes your days merry and bright!

  28. Holly Saveur says:

    SUPER CUTe and SUPER Sweet…..love the way he walks back to you….made me laugh….LOVE him!

  29. Theresa says:

    lol….” stealth ” kitty….too funny

  30. Kelly J. says:

    Our Buddy does this too! He’s fond of a little stuffed hedgehog that he stole right out of a gift bag, and will retrieve it in this same way. He even will play the game up & down the stairs…so cute 🙂 He came popping into the room when he heard the bell ringing on the blog! Have a great day, Susan!

  31. Pam Bengier says:

    The only thing better than a kitten is a kitten at Christmas time! So much fun!

  32. Patricia says:

    I love the way he saunters (swaggers!) back all pleased with himself with the ball in his mouth. He is very sweet and very smart. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  33. Karen Jones says:

    we had a cat who fetched also SOOO FUN !!! I always thought the slow walk was because they are usually carrying “game” but apparently it is just a proud swagger!!!

  34. Nanci says:

    I had a kitty who would bring me his furry mouse, drop it at my feet as if to say “time to play” and we would play fetch just like your kitty. Cats can be so much fun! I miss having a kitty to play fetch with. Your kitty is darling!

  35. Judi says:

    That is one SMART (besides adorable) sweetie pie. Think your Girl kitty is beautiful..reminds me of a calico we had…same sweet face…hope she and Jack become good chums:)

  36. Judi says:

    That is one SMART (besides adorable) cat.

  37. Jack is a very smart boy and he has you so well trained…HA Our b/w Mystee when she first came to the farm (she followed her Mother and was left because Myst was curious about us)….we would do the same thing with her outside on a blanket and she would fetch and bring back everything to her blanket. Mystee is now 7 years old and one of the most intelligent animals we have ever had and I always say if she were a child in school she would definitely be a straight A student. Now, on occasion she will bring out a toy mouse from her room into the house and just chase it and bring it back to a certain area and plays by herself. I truly believe that all the attention you give to your pets makes them smart and more social. We have never understood the people that say to us “your cats stay around you”…we never see our cats?? WHAT…ours stay in the same room that we are in and sit on us and want love. You have a win/win with both your kitties, Jack is fun and playful/Girl is serene and settled….enjoy the kitten time it goes by fast!!!

  38. Karen Carpenter says:

    What a wonderful little kitty you have! So smart! Pets bring so much love to us, unconditional which is what makes them so special. Have a very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  39. Kim says:

    Jack has such a MANLY walk! Makes me want a cat, but I think the dogs already living here would strenuously object.

  40. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Good Morning Susan! Oh my gosh, Jack is amazing!! I love your kitty, he will keep you forever young!!! (Maybe he could audition for T.V. commercials, and be a “working cat” to earn his keep?)

  41. Hello again. I found this video this morning and thought I’d share. Oskar is blind but it doesn’t stop him from “enjoying” Christmas!

    (Hope the link works) (Sorry if it doesn’t)

  42. Shelley says:

    omg That is the cutest thing ever, not sure if I ever saw a cat do that.

  43. suzee branch says:

    heigh ho Susan-0!
    We have a new kitten, actually 6 months old. We lost our dear darling, William Shatner, last year to a dreaded disease. Now we have Dr. House who is champaign and white! (no bubbles, a good thing I think). I tell people he is still only an intern and will then need to complete residency before assuming his true name. But guess what, that is not exactly why I write. I didn’t know where to go to ask a question of a slightly mysterious nature. I decided that if anyone were to have an inkling about the answer it could be you. Ready? WHAT IS IT ABOUT ACORNS? I’ve pondered this a long time and once again, sitting with my tree in the dark of this early morning and listening to an English choir sing Celtic Christmas songs, I realized how many acorns of all shapes and sizes hang on my tree. (That was a looonngggg sentence!) I even have a lovely white glittered acorn. Lots of glitter. Things one cannot have too much of: glitter, fireworks in the high sky, twinkle lights and glow in the dark bracelets. I digress. Sorry! Again, what do think is up WITH ACORNS??
    Suzee B

  44. Cheryl says:

    I love Jack’s strut! What a big guy. He is adorable as you know.
    I had to show my critters the video of Jack playing fetch. As you can imagine I had varying responses. I have several cats and a couple dogs, as does my daughter, so I had a decent viewing audience for Jack’s show.
    The dogs just looked at me as if to say, oh no!…not another one.
    Harley was in love until Jack seemed to get to close then she hissed and swatted him, Meow watched with that wonderful bored cat face and then looked at me as if to say, so? I could do that, I just won’t.
    The other reactions varied from total fascination to HEY! Who is that cat and how did he get in here? What fun! Thanks so much for sharing that. Jack is simply too cute, what a treasure.

  45. Jamie V. says:

    Hi Susan- Jack is so well trained or is he training you! Your video of him retrieving makes me think he might be part lab. My new kitty Luna goes after those little balls too but not like your Jack maybe its the jingle bell in them that sets them off. Try small cloth covered nerf balls later when Jack gets older. I was surprised when Luna came down the stairs one evening with one in her mouth and started batting it about our living room. I must say after viewing Jacks video I see a real mouser in the making!
    Enjoying my kitty as I can see you definately are…what lucky cat parents we are.
    Jamie 🙂

  46. Love it, Love it, Love it! That so looks like a tuxedo coat with his two little white ball paws sticking out!

  47. My kitty isn’t allowed to live here in my apartment with me, so she lives with her grandparents. 🙂 But, recently there has been a kitty wandering around the apartments; he is friendly and wants to come inside. I often leave him a piece of meat or something to munch on. Best of all, he looks just like your Jack! I wish I could scoop him up and bring him in with me…. So sweet.

  48. Jack says:

    Sue -those Pancakes look exactly like the ones I strive to make ……Where can I find your recipe? Dad

  49. Darlene says:

    Hi Susan! I want to reach in and kiss him up!!! What a smart boy Jack is!! My big boy Tuggs gives his paw when we put our hand out and say”what do you have to do Tuggs?”…..he gets his plate of food once he taps our hands with his paw. They really are such a joy!! Thanks for sharing sweet Jack with us.

  50. Mama Bear says:

    My Smokey does this…he used to do it as much as Jack but now at age 6 he has to be in the mood and will only bring it back about 5 times….he calls me when I’m busy in the studio or in bed or in the shower to come and play with him.

    • sbranch says:

      Jack calles me from about 3 am until noon when he finally winds down for his nap. I hum, Wild thing, you make my heart sing . . .

  51. Aggie says:

    My big gray male kitty, Hinkley, loves to sit in my lap when the laptop is resting on my knees, so I decided to show him Jack in action. He watched intently and his ears went forward each time Jack would walk back with his toy, like he was coming towards us 🙂 All so cute!

  52. Lisa says:

    OMG, Susan, this is absolutely adorable. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kitty retriever. Jack is soooooooooooo smart.

  53. Jennie says:

    I had a cat who loved the sink too- we’d turn it on just a trickle and he’d stare at it, sometimes paw at it, sometimes drink it, but he would have stayed by it for hours if we didn’t turn it off. So fascinated. We got him one of those mini “oasis destresser” type water falls we could keep on the floor but he kept knocking it over, like, what is this silly thing? can’t fool kitties. He is such a cutie!

  54. suzy says:

    Years ago while in law school I had two siamese..one was an olympic jumper, among other things, and the other was a retriever..problem was she would not quit. I would have a book open on the desk and she would continually return the tiny wadded up paper ball directly on the pages of that book..somebody really wanted attention..they are gone now and greatly missed. Merry Christmas to you all and may the ornaments on your tree remain mostly intact.

  55. Debbie B says:

    We have 3 kitties that play fetch. Two of them are Himilayan and the other is a gray tabby. All of them toss the mouse at you a certain way and they all have a color of mouse that they prefer. One of the other cats likes purple mice and believes that they should be dunked in the water dish after singing to them.
    All of them get excited when we lift the couches to clean underneath because they get to have their mice back.

  56. Victoria says:

    Hi! I have so enjoyed Jack since your first post, just can’t get enough of all the excitement of your new kitten. He is just so cute and so smart and it’s easy to see, he really loves his new home. I kept showing your movies to my husband, we played them over and over and truly enjoy every little thing he does…
    In fact, We were so inspired by your little Jack, it didn’t take much to adopt our own b/w little tiger stripped kitten, even though we already have a tux and a big beautiful Norwegian Forest cat.
    So now, we are going through all the steps of getting her used to her new brother and sister. She is so playful and so speedy, for the most part she is a “streak”.
    Just like Jack, we’re loving all the cute things she does… She gives us purrrrs, kitten kisses and keeps us laughing. She’s almost 11 weeks old.
    We can never get enough, so looking forward to seeing more of Jack!
    Sending you and Jack lots of Hugs!

    • sbranch says:

      Good for you, it’s so fun! Jack is amazing us every day … he now puts his toys in piles!!! I came in the other day and four toys were all together in one place. I think he’s a genius!! 🙂

  57. Victoria says:

    Jack is a genius!…and a very organized too! Jack’s fan club is growing… My little “Squiggles” , “Squiggs” for short, pounced on me this morning , I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I showed her Jack’s movie on my iphone in the dark, hoping it might teach her some feline civility.
    At first she watched intently and then she began pawing Jack frantically…but Jack kept on fetching….don’t think it sunk in yet, but Jack’s influence sure can’t hurt. 🙂

    Even though Squiggs is soooo cute, curious and cuddly, each day she has become a little more aggressive. Along with her soft little kitten kisses she has begun to add little bites and leg attacks out from under dust ruffles with no brakes on those knife sharp, little lethal teeth, Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! We’ve tried redirecting her and timeouts, but we are starting to wonder about her wild streak.
    I’ve had so many kitties before but this is my first kitten, just wondering if you or anyone else might have any ideas how to tame our little baby?

    Loving seeing and hearing all about Jack and You!

    XO! Victoria

    • sbranch says:

      That’s so funny, me too. I’ve been thinking, what do I have here — is Jack the “bad seed” — because of the little biting, the wrapping of all legs around my arm and biting my sweater buttons!!! Then I remember how my baby brothers and sisters bit too. I think it’s going to pass!!! What I read is they don’t know the difference between you and their toy. You seem so fun, they want to play the same with you as they do with the toy. So the minute they start, just put the kitten down, instantly lose interest. They will get the message and learn the difference between the fun ball, and you.

  58. Lydia Alejandro says:

    Hello Susan,
    Yes, I agree with you, the week between Christmas and New Year’s is like a reward for all the busy stuff of eating turkey, eating cookies, opening gifts,
    boy, is that ever so hard! Relaxing with good old classic movies is what I enjoy also. I checked your selection and has alot of my favorites. Of course, I also spend time with granddaughters and my son, who is home on leave from the Air Force. What a blessing!

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