No snow here! Even though It’s that time of year, somehow it hasn’t happened yet.  But we can still dream can’t we?  Of a snowy afternoon, in front of the fire?   After all, remember, “Reality is something you rise above!”  (This is one of my favorite sayings, right up there with “we’re the normal ones.”)  Even if you don’t like snow, even if you moved to Hawaii to get away from it, you have to admit, it sure looks pretty!

Plenty of snow here in this little painting I did of my house; my favorite kind of snowfall, the big, fat, slow-moving (or in this case, stopped) flakes.  That’s what I like about painting, you can make it snow all you want!  Who cares about reality!


Here’s our back yard in the snow this time last year!  Not only looks pretty, but it smells wonderful, cold and fresh.

Snow coming down outside our kitchen door.  Coming in to a warm house is wonderful too.

Playing in the snow a few years back — makes cheeks pink.

The path in front of our house, clean, pristine, untouched snow.

The holly trees out back, bowed down with wet snow.

Apples for the squirrels . . . beyond is our picket fence garden and the house next door, with sunrise reflecting on it.

Big windy nor’easter’s blow snow in every direction and turns the garden into a twinkling white fairy world.  Walt Disney couldn’t do it one bit better than this.

Last year, our shutters were off the house — Joe was painting them in the barn . . . you couldn’t tell where the snow ended and our house began — it looked like a square snowball.

Joe took this photo of me running through the snow for the picture we used on the back of my first Christmas Book.

The lights are a reflection from our Christmas tree across the room.  I took this photo of snowy holly trees through the living room window.

I’m afraid this is the closest we’re going to get to snow this Christmas . . . the powdered-sugar “snow” covered chocolate tree cake I’ll be making for Christmas dinner!

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  1. Deborah says:

    Beautiful pictures!!!! LOVE the holly berries in the snow. We don’t have any yet either, it’s amazing! Your cake came out wonderful, and looks incredible!!! Susan, I bet you woke with a smile today with all your wonderful creativity just exploding forth! You make me smile every day! Have an incredible Holiday~

  2. Sarah Maldonado says:

    Ahhh, snow! The kid in me just loves that magic one feels when seeing the first flakes fall and then the pure beauty of the ground, tress, houses, pathways all become white and fluffy. We had a few flakes fall last night but the ground is still too warm for any to accumulate. I kept going out the door to see if it was snowing and to stand there as the tiny flakes fell. That’s about all we’ll have until January. Thanks for the lovely photos and artwork that brought a smile and Christmasy feelings!

  3. Pom Pom says:

    We have heaps of snow and now (after reading your post!) I’ll be a tad more grateful! My back hurts from shoveling though!
    That tree cake is impressive! Merry Christmas!

  4. Patty says:

    I remember waiting for the snow when I was a little girl. It is looking like you may get some snow as the weather moves across the States…
    Merry Christmas Susan !!

  5. debbie says:

    Merry Christmas Susan! No snow here in Ohio either 🙁 though we did have a wonderful snowfall last Saturday. We were driving home from my Mom and Dad’s and it was belting down. We took the backroads and drove REEALLLY slow and looked at all the Christmas lights. It was magic and one of the best gifts of the season!!

  6. jeannine leonard says:

    I am dreaming of a White Christmas is on right now, and so how I wish it would snow, but I am told by some reliable weather forecasters that is not to be. Thanks for the wonderful pictures to fill our imaginations. Merry Christmas to Joe and yourself from our family.

  7. jennifer says:

    Thank you, thank you for the snow! Here in Alabama, we get very little of the beautiful stuff. In fact, if we do receive even just a tiny amount…..the whole town shuts down. 🙂 Last year, it actually snowed on Christmas day. The first I ever remember and I’m 51 !!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!
    I’m so glad that we all get a little peek into your life and home.
    You are a delight!!

  8. Pamela Jewett says:

    Hi Susan,

    Loved your snow photos. They look so cheery.
    We have no snow either, just cold temperatures. The ski resorts are taking advantage of that and making snow on a few runs.
    Oh well, maybe we will have a huge storm later in the month.
    Bye for now.

  9. Connie Michael says:

    Down here in NC it is warm…. still wearing flip-flops….and waiting for that first snow of the season….. ! All is done – shopping was finished, house cleaned, presents wrapped, dinners attended/given, kids have visited and gone home…. now all I have to do is relax and enjoy the remainder of the year. I have to thank you for your last post – made me realize that I was stressing far too much. Once I relaxed everything fell into place! Wonderful! Our son’s girlfriend’s little boy came to see us – he always makes us laugh – he saw our cats (the turkish vans)….and the first (unfiltered, of course) thing is said was “Nanna!!! Those cats have SQUIRREL TAILS!!” (the boys have big, long fluffy tails)…..I laughed so hard….out of the mouths of babes, right? Enjoy your beautiful cake…..I am going to make some pumpkin muffins to enjoy Christmas morning. Here’s the recipe, as my gift to you: 1 Box Spice Cake Mix, 1 16-oz can of pumpkin, 1/2 pkg. of cinnamon chips (like the chocolate chips, only cinnamon), 1/4 cup oil. Mix it well – pop cupcake papers into the muffin tin – fill each about 3/4 full; bake at 350 for 15 minutes +/- depending on how your oven bakes. I check with a knife in the middle of one – when it comes out clean, they are done! These are delicious! Can add maybe some cream cheese frosting on top, or turbinado sugar for a little added “crunch” or just whatever your heart desires. Very flexible recipe! ENJOY and MERRRY Christmas to you & yours. 🙂

  10. Linda Pintarell says:

    I’m a California girl from the get-go…born and raised…so this NEVER happens in San Diego. BUT… tis beautiful to look at and admire from afar. Today the skies are blue, we are gonna reach 70. Took a boat ride across the bay yesterday, had girlfriends (7) for Christmas dinner celebration last evening, heading off to a local winery today, and the fabulous San Diego Zoo tomorrow. Christmas…California style. Many good wishes sent your way.

  11. Dinahsoar says:

    Ahhhhh Susan..thank you for the snow…none here in the south where I live and I sorely miss it. At least I can come to your blog and feel ‘home’. I know my dil is going to love this post especially, because she loves snow at Christmas and since she moved to Dallas it’s hot hot hot mostly–…btw–she loves your blog so much and told me yesterday “I wish I could live next door to Susan Branch and be her neighbor and friend”. You are a dear and dearly loved by all.

  12. Carol says:

    We received some snow last night and it really does put you in a different mood 🙂 I love your pics and it again inspires me to sit a spell and do some etching! Of course that won’t be until after the last minute errands are run, baking is done, the last thrift shop is visited (for a second time), big sigh….oh how I love Christmas! Have a happy day Susan 🙂

  13. Ann says:

    One of the great things about digital photos is that we have them stored on our computers and can pull up pics of snow any time we want. No snow here in MD yet, but I can look at the photos from the blizzard two years ago and almost feel the cold snow. Merry Christmas everyone!

  14. nicole says:

    Gorgeous!! Here next to Paris, the wheather is very unusualy mild!
    Doesn’t feel as christmas is around the corner!!
    Must go and make a good soup, one of my daughters was on the “Champs Elysées”
    I’m sure she will be exhausted! But I just couldn’t even put my toes in Paris! 🙂 Too many people! I prefer to look at that horse in the snow! Thank you!
    Joyeux Noël !

    • sbranch says:

      Me too, although we’re going to New York City the end of January and I can’t wait . . . a little city every so often is a good thing!!!

    • Karen P says:

      Ah, Paris! Love it!!!! Can’t imagine how pretty it is in winter, Nicole. Joyeux Noel!

  15. JudyCnNC says:

    Loved your snow pictures this year and loved them last year – LoL – we are all scratching our heads and wondering about this weather… right now I would settle for cold enough to put on my turtleneck sweaters … I happen not to have “in-between” clothes. Truly Susan, that tree cake is the best alternative I could imagine for not having snow. It looks yummy. I must go to my archives and look for my beautiful snow pictures just to prove it did snow in North Carolina on December 26th, 2010. Our Christmas dessert will be old fashioned bread pudding, husband’s favorite and his English tradition – he is probably even happy he can have it all to himself this year. I will be eating Susan’s Chocolate dipped Coconut macaroons – already made two batches this year – I did share some at guild party – I cannot have too many of them laying around. Warmest (literally) wishes for a wonderful Christmas and hopefully a dusting of the white fluff. Judy C in NC

  16. Betsy says:

    OH Susan! You make everything sound beautiful…..even a blizzard! Thank you for sharing your photo’s with us. May you and your Joe (kitties too) have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We look forward to your touching out to us in 2012 and of course your new book. I have all the others you did so I am waiting patiently.

  17. Jennie says:

    Magical! I love snow too- but it’s rare to see any where I am. The only ‘white’ Christmas I can recall was three years ago- but that was at the end of nearly a week of snow so it was kind of a ‘soggy, dirty-white ‘ Christmas. But the sentiment was there!
    Maybe you and Joe and Girl Kitty and Jack will all wake up to that wonderful soft stillness Christmas morning and find that the weather people are only people after all and God decided to dump a big white blanket of snow on Martha’s Vineyard all ready to wrap you up with coziness! You never know!

  18. Angie(Tink!) says:

    ♫♥♪ Hello Dear Elf~Sue ♫♥♪ Ok We Must Sing…♫”SNOW…SNOW….SNOW…♫♥♪ Oh How I Love all Your Photos with all That Magical Snow…You are right… Truly a White Fairy~World…I shall Make an Extra Wish for You Sweet Sue that You will get Christmas~Snow…it could Happen! There are Miracles All around My Friend!…Just Flying By wanting to Wish You & Joe & Girl~Kitty & Jack(Meow) The Most Merriest Christmas Eve & Christmas Day & The Rest of This Holiday Season…Thank You so Much for Sharing all Your Joyful Christmas Magic with Us! now it’s Time to Twirl into All this Christmas~Bliss…& Perhaps even Christmas Snow! Ho-Ho-Ho! from one Elf to Another….MERRY CHRISTMAS & A GLORIOUS NEW YEAR! Yay!xoxo~Elf~Angie(Tink!) Poof! Snowy Glittery Pixie~Dust Everywhere! ♫♥♪ 🙂

  19. Coni says:

    Susan ~

    Reading your blog is one of the highlights of my day! Thank you for allowing us a peek into your life.

    Wishing you and everyone here a very Merry Christmas!

  20. Lisa G. says:

    I love the way snow photos look like they’re in black-and-white, but then you see a touch of red or whatever – looks so pretty.

    I love snow – it’s beautiful, but I have to say that after last year’s huge and scary amounts, I would be happy if we didn’t have a flake of snow all winter. It will take me a while to get over that, I think.

  21. Paulie says:

    Hi Susan:
    Well hang in there, I think this snow is moving from north to south. It is just barely beginning to come down here now in central VT. but upper regions of Vermont got it last night and earlier today so that’s why I think it will be moving south of us to you…….but Willard Scott I ain’t……..ha ha……love the pictures and love the fireplace crackling link you gave us yesterday. Tis wonderful ! Blessins to ya!

  22. ellen scott says:

    loved the holly trees , with their red berries and white snow….have a merry christmas

  23. Nellie says:

    Loved the pictures of the snow! We will have none here, either, as our high temperature yesterday was 65 degrees! Of course, we rarely have snow at anytime anyway, so that’s no different.:-) Last year there was just enough wintry precipitation at this time of year that we wondered about the safety on the roads when one of our daughters and her family headed this direction, but all was well!

    This has been a busy week here, with today actually being the birthdate for our twin daughters – 37 years old, they are. One of them, with her beau, was here for lunch last Sunday. That is when they told us that they are now engaged and are planning a March wedding! Yikes! That’s less than three months away! Well, we are very excited anyway. Something to keep us busy after Christmas holidays!

    Well, the birthday cakes are baked; however, “work” has a way of getting in the way of “fun,” so our celebration has had to be delayed. No worries there. We always have a great time when we are all together, whether on time or tardy.:-)

    My very best wishes for a Merry Christmas to you and Joe, Susan!


  24. Hi Susan,
    How beautiful. I have never seen that much snow, My Dave is from up on the Canada New York border and he laughs at me all the time.He knows what snow is all about,
    Have a Very Merry Christmas.

  25. Lori H. says:

    We are hoping for snow here in NW Washington State, too, but so far just heavy frost that is beautiful and crunchy 🙂
    We pulled the table in front of the fireplace last night, lit the candles on the mantel, put on some instrumental Christmas music, lit the Advent candles on the table and had a tea party for dinner! Cucumber and egg salad tea sandwiches, Quiche, a bowl of little oranges, Christmas cookies and tea cups full of tea. Pulled out the little Holly Hobbie Christmas placecards with our names written several years ago….our four daughters are now 12, 14, 16, and 18 and look forward to this annual event as much as I do. Their dad is a good sport and joins in the fun….lots of laughter and thankful hearts for all our blessings.
    Blessings to you, Susan, this Christmas and New Year. Thank you for letting us into your world 🙂

  26. KarylDawn says:

    Merry Christmas Susan! I like all your versions of “S N O W” – it’s the best kind in painting , pictures, and powdered sugar form ! : D Here in Illinois we got a little last night but the kind you had to “see” it to “believe”it cause nothing substantial at all! Love the Look of Snow and your picture of the Christmas tree lights reflecting in the window on the trees outside would make a neat Christmas card! Thanks for sharing your Marshmallow World!

  27. Sharon Sieppert says:

    I live in Alberta, Canada and we have very little snow, only in spots where there is shade. The snow that fell earlier in the week as mostly melted away. Your pictures are beautiful – Very Christmassy. Tonight we are heading to see the Nutcracker Ballet. Perfect way to start the Christmas weekend.

    Wishing you, Joe and the kitties a Very Merry Christmas. All the best in the New Year.

  28. Becky says:

    Love, love, love your painted house! When I need a happy place to go in my head I just think about that little house. No snow here!

  29. Margie from Lavender Cottage says:

    Nothing but rain, rain and more rain here in Ohio! I’m disgusted!! A little sun would be nice. However, I have 4 days off work and, wait for it……nothing to do!! Yeah me!! Knitting, movies, reading, cooking (I could go on and one) here I come!! Susan, I have the same cake mold and have only used it once. The cake didn’t come out of it and I’ve never tried again. I found it the other day and want to try again. Do I just need to really grease and flour it. It has a non-stick coating so I was really disappointed. I have a new hand mixer and I need to mix something. A cake would fit the bill nicely. Happy Christmas Eve Eve, girls!!

    • sbranch says:

      The trick with that pan is to melt some crisco and brush it into every corner and crevice of that pan. No flour is necessary. The cake will come out so fast it might surprise you, so be ready.

      • Marilyn says:


        You mentioned melting crisco in a prior blog entry and I had the opportunity to try it out today. Worked like magic!

        Thanks for passing on that great trick! My bundt cake emerged from the pan like greased lightening. 🙂

        Marilyn (in Dallas)

  30. Kathy says:

    Merry Christmas, Susan! No snow here in Virginia, but still lots of Christmas cheer. I have a question about your cranberry/apple crisp. I am going to make it for a neighbors’ brunch tomorrow at my house (first time, yay!). Can I make it tonight and bake it tomorrow morning? Trying to make sure my morning isn’t too rushed. Thanks.

    • sbranch says:

      I think it would be fine, toss the apple slices in lemon juice, throw on the topping, cover and keep in fridge over night.

  31. Lynn McMahon says:

    Good Afternoon~
    No snow here in Wisconsin~ not even a flake on the ground~ so thank you for the beautiful pictures! I guess I will put Gaze on the iPad and watch the beautiful snowfall on the screen! I’ll miss making snow angels but not the shoveling though… are a few snow men for you and the girlfriends!
    ~Christmas Blessings~

  32. Georgie says:

    Susan, Thanks so much for checking in this morning. I was so hoping to hear from you these 2 days before Christmas. Ahhhh! SNOW! If only! There’s none here in NJ either 🙁 But, on Christmas Morning I believe I will see some, even if it’s only through my child eyes!!! After all Christmas is the most magical time of the year! Thanks for sharing your heart songs. You help all of us to sing along! Merry Christmas!

  33. Paula says:

    Beautiful photos! Makes me smile just looking at them! No snow here in Southern California, but beautiful, clear blue skies courtesy of the winds! You make me happy Susan Branch! Have a Merry Christmas!

  34. Lori from Maine says:

    Hi Susan and girlfriends. Here on the coast of Maine I woke up to big, white “gloppy” flakes coming down! It’s so pretty out, but we’ve changed over to rain as we often do here – I’m sure on the Vineyard, it does there too. It’s supposed to get cold, cold, cold so we’ll be having our white Christmas after all. The streets will be all clean and safe, but there will be frosting on the houses and trees. Hooray! It put me in such a holiday mood. I made a BIG pot of tea, been singing carols and have made the last pan of fudge. Anyone want to lick the bowl??? Merry Christmas to you, Joe and the kitties and to all the “girfriends” near and far.

  35. Sheryle Towle says:

    Beautiful “snow” pictures! We did get snow here this morning in southern Maine. It is sticking to the trees…so pretty. Quick, cute story to share with you…. a couple days ago I was taking care of our 6 year old granddaughter, Lucy. She said that she wanted to help me bake something so we wandered around my kitchen, opening cupboards, etc…trying to think of what she would like to make. After a minute or 2, Lucy put her hands on her hips & said..”We need to get out all of your Susan Branch books; I know there are recipes in them because I have seen them!!!” True story….she went right to my “SB” shelf & started shuffling through the pages. We made brownies! Thank you!!!!

  36. Ginnie says:

    Love your pictures of snow, Susan! We in N IL are snowless so far, which is OK by me for now. I can summon up Christmasy feelings regardless! Have a great Christmas, and thank you for all you give to your girlfriends. Btw, I introduced a friend to you and your blog, and she has gotten hooked and has introduced several of her friends to your blog, who are also hooked. They’re falling like ten-pins, right into your arms!

  37. deezie says:

    Hi Susan
    What fabulous pictures, I loved every single one of them. How I love the snow. We are in Ct and have none here also. I am sure it will be here before we know it. We feed the squirrels here too 🙂 the bad thing is they come up to the door or back deck if we don’t get them food quick enough. I should do like you and have a large bowl far from the house. I never thought of giving them an apple. I usually give them nuts and sunflower seeds. Have a wonderful Christmas Susan

    • sbranch says:

      Our squirrels taught us, by the way they went after the old pumpkins, so we tried apples, and they were very popular!

  38. Laura Croyle says:

    Ohhh, Thank-you for sharing your snow pictures! Love them!! Your house looks so cozy in the snow! I Love snow and was hoping for a white Christmas, too, but it looks like we’ll be getting rain instead. (in the Pacific Northwest.) I can’t help taking pictures, myself, Every time it snows here! It transforms the landscape and makes everything looks so beautiful and much more Christmasy! So, seeing your pictures made up for it, since we won’t be getting any this year! (Was that you wearing a skirt playing in the snow with the snowman?)Thanks again and Merry Christmas!!

  39. Kimi says:

    Hi Susan

    You know we have no snow ether, some how I feel lost… Christmas loses a little something without the white fluffy stuff! But I will not let that get me down, I can look at you pictures and see just how lovely it is their even if it was a few years ago. Susan I love your Cake is this some kind of bunt cake pan? interesting! “Susan You have a wonderful spirit let it always guide you… I wish you and Joe a very happy healthy peaceful Christmas! and Girl Kitty & Jack the little cowboy. God Bless you and yours in the new Year too…

  40. Sarah says:

    I have that same Christmas tree pan! I love making cakes in it, except with all the intricate detail, I sometimes have to “power wash” it outside to get it clean. 🙂 Have you ever noticed there is a little train running around the bottom of the tree? I didn’t even see it until last year when the cake came out particularly clean. 🙂 No snow here in Virginia. It’s still too warm. It makes me a little crabby. 🙂 (Not really, but I really wish it would snow.) They showed the cherry blossoms in Washington DC on the news last night. They are so confused, they are BLOOMING right now. Crazy.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  41. Laura B Jenkins says:

    Thank goodness for photographs, forever capturing special moments, when our memory banks have trouble recalling them exactly….snow is magical and puts the spirit in the right mood for Chrismas and the season…we rarely have it here in Texas…25 yrs. ago in Jan., my husband and I traveled to Austria for our honeymoon…love the beauty of snow in winter, the quiet…the sights and sounds….thank you for sharing your winter wonderland of days past.xoxo

  42. Beautiful pictures! No snow here in the Berkshires either… but the spirit of Christmas is in full swing at 65 & 75 Franklin Street in Lee MA, where we just exchanged our gifts ~ both from!!!!!! Talk about great minds thinking alike:) Happy Christmas from your ” Franklin St. fan club” xo!

  43. Cindy Garner says:

    Hmmm… I have to agree with you about the beauty in heavy snow flakes….I love the look of everything after a snow storm of heavy snow….everything is heavy laden with it….(I’m obviously not the guy who has to shovel…LOL).
    I think we too are in for a GREEN CHRISTMAS this year here in Midland ONtario Canada…..
    Blessings & Merry Christmas from the GREAT WHITE NORTH :0)

    • sbranch says:

      I love it, this is turning into a travel blog, hearing about all the different parts of the world, from near Paris, to Chicagoland, to the ocean shores of California, to Cindy in Canada, and Janis in the Berkshires!! Feel like Santa in his sleigh!

  44. Your photos are really nice…and you’re right about your house without the shutters. It blends in so well with all the white snow 😉 🙂 Happy CHristmas to you and your family. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

  45. Mia Sophia says:

    You win hands down for “Best in Snow” photos! Hoping you awaken to a fluffy white Christmas morn but if not, I know that you will be happy and grateful for the beautiful day you are given. That is what you remind ME to do every time I receive one of your gifted blogs. Cheers to you and yours!

    • sbranch says:

      We walked out to the water today, I’ll post a video soon of how beautiful it was out there and easy to get to, no snow!

  46. Linda H says:

    I enjoyed your post very much. We don’t have snow here in northern IN either, but we will eventually! I am enjoying the nice weather now for getting around easy and going on my walks, but do look forward to the beauty of snow and the great exercise of snowshoeing. Thank you so much, Susan, for starting this blog. I am always so happy when I see a new post, and also like to see how the other “girlfriends” reply. There is so much joy, creativity, cheerfulness and clever ideas in all of them. A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Joe, and your family!

  47. Tiina says:

    Loved the blog this afternoon. Here in Cali we don’t get that white stuff too enough. I really enjoyed your pics. Have a great Christmas tomorrow.
    xo Tiina

  48. Gail says:

    Happy 23rd of December, Susan! Just mixed up your gingerbread cake recipe and it’s in the oven. I bought the special tree pan on your website last year. It’s heavenly:) We haven’t had any snow yet either and it just doesn’t seem like Christmas without it. Have you by any chance ever heard of a sultana roll? It’s a chocolate cake rolled up with white fluffy icing. I’d like to find a recipe for it. My husband used to have it for Christmas when he was a little boy and I’d love to make it for him. I thought since you know so many recipes you might know of one. Thanks and merry Christmas blessings to you and Joe!

    • sbranch says:

      A sultana is a kind of raisin . . . or at least that’s how I know of it. Not sure about that cake recipe. Have you tried to Google it? Christmas blessings to you and yours Gail.

  49. Karen P says:

    How magical are your adorable snowy photos! As I’m reading this, it’s lightly snowing outside. At least it’s SOME snow! So the snow-covered trees in that one photo (with your tree reflecting) are HOLLY?! WOW! My husband will have “tree-envy” when I show him those. We love holly bushes, but alas, they only grow little for us. You look so cute in those pics with your wintery little outfits…the skirts are precious on you! Thank you for posting those lovely scenes for us today.

    • sbranch says:

      Holly loves it here. . . 3 stories high! But we can’t grow lots of things here, like wonderful jacarandas, so it’s all a trade off!

  50. Mar Bailey says:

    Happy Christmas Susan! We have about 11 inches of snow, here in Colorado. A guarenteed White Christmas! I love everything about snow, especially Christmas snow…I agree with Tasha Tudor, that ” snow has a definite smell, like apple blossoms, oddly enough.” It is like time stands still when there is that hush of the first big snowfall.
    I am wishing you a joyful, relaxing Christmas…and a snowfall soon to come!

  51. Susan Simon says:

    Merry Christmas, everyone!
    No snow here in Chicagoland, either, and none in the forecast either… even into the New Year… really unusual. It was a lovely treat to sit down for a few minutes in between baking and wrapping to enjoy your snow pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us!
    All the best to you, Joe, your family, and of course, Jack and Girl Kitty. I hope you have a blessed Christmas, and the happiest and healthiest of New Years as well.

  52. Patricia says:

    There was talk of a few inches of snow overnight….but we woke up to rain. 🙁 Oh well….tonight I am going to see It’s A Wonderful Life at the Palace Theater in Albany so that’s enough to make me feel festive and happy! Merry Christmas to you, Susan and Joe, and to all of the girlfriends! xx

  53. Dawn says:

    Hi Susan,
    C’est Noel! It’s really here! We don’t have any snow in Chicago, but it’s very cozy and Christmasy inside. Tonight we will watch The Bishop’s Wife together for the very first time. I just had to track it down after reading so many nice comments about this special film! Thanks for all that you add to our lives, Susan!
    Wishing you and Joe a magical Christmas!
    Warm hugs,
    Dawn & John

  54. Mary says:

    Merry Christmas, Susan! I hope you have some of that gorgeous snow falling down on Christmas morning when you wake up!
    I just LOVE all the photos! Love your house as well—-oh, the ball fringe country curtains, the wonderful kitchen (THAT STOVE!)! And the precious kitties! Thank you for all you do-your sweet books, all of it. I’ve been a big fan for years <3

  55. Jack says:

    In honor of the season and because of your disappointment in your weatherman for not bringing you snow….. I feel obligated to provide you with at least one comment, considering all your efforts these last months in doing your Blogs. So here you are, and Happy
    Holidays! You are gonna laugh when you see the surprise I sent you!! Dad

  56. Becky says:

    Thanks for the snow blog. I live in central West Virginia. No snow here either but that will not dampen our Christmas spirit. Merry Christmas to you and Joe.

  57. Susan in SC says:

    Beautiful snow pictures, and what a gorgeous cake! Hmmm, wonder if my red velvet cake would lend itself to a mold?

  58. Victoria Miller says:

    I’m reminded of White Christmas, where Bing, Danny, Rosemary and Mitzi sing the ‘Snow, snow, snow…” song on the train to Vermont, only to get there and find practically summer! Last year I was in Ohio, near Cleveland, with my daughter and neice and their families. My son and I flew out on Oct. 8th, he stayed for ten days and I stayed for 4 months. (Retirement is a wonderful thing — and, my daugher kept saying, “…but mom, it’s only a few days to Halloween…it’s only a week or two until Thanksgiving…”). It snowed just before Thanksgiving and never melted. It took me three tries with the airlines just to get out, which I didn’t manage until February 8th! The worst part is when my daughter drops me off at the airport. However, last year I had a white Thanksgiving and Christmas and by the time I left, I really remembered why I moved to California in the first place! But your photos are so lovely and remind me of what I do love about snow. It’s so beautiful. But, if you want snow around here, there’s always the mountains. Wishing you and yours a very lovely Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with love, warmth and wonder!

    • sbranch says:

      I’ve lived in both, with and without snow — the best thing about the snow is the very first one of the year. It’s so exciting. And then, it’s thrilling when it stops and the daffodils bloom. That’s a lot of excitement that I didn’t have in California, where it was just wonderful all the time. Sitting outside, having lunch next to the sea in the warm February sunshine, that was really exciting!

  59. Rita says:

    No snow here in Minnesota, either, which is rare indeed. I am trying to remain positive-the driving is great! And when that fails..I bought a small branch of a tree that was flocked white. My husband says it looks like a Charlie Brown tree but I think it looks perfect. Seeing your photo from the back of your Christmas book makes me stop what I am doing and run to get mine and page through it. Merry Christmas, Susan and Joe and Kitties!

  60. Julie Cavrich says:

    No snow here in PA. Loved the pictures. Just made potato salad for the Christmas Eve ham. Now on to wrapping gifts! Merry Christmas to you, Joe, the Kitties and all the Girlfriends!

  61. Diane says:

    I just love your little painting of your house….it IS perfect….and you are so blessed to be able to paint your own reality! I feel so blessed that you share those paintings with all of us and it becomes better than our reality too! lol. It is not snowing here in Wash. and I love looking at your pictures of last year and your paintings! Actually, I feel almost embarrassed to admit this for some reason since I obviously adore your work….it just sounds so “groupy-ish” somehow and not very clever….but each season of the year, I have your books and get them out and re-read them….that is one way I get into the season and enjoy them, if that makes sense. I have your Christmas ones out now and I also have your wonderful blogs to keep the mood alive! I only tell you this to express how much I appreciate you and your artistic works! When you write and illustrate a book about Jack, I will purchase that one too……lol. ( I am in love with Jack! lol) One last thing…..I love seeing your house because it really is a house that has been made to decorate and to show off the seasons… is so picture perfect that it could be on a postcard and that just adds to it all! Thank you for sharing…it is such fun and brings a ton of joy! Merry Christmas!!!

  62. Mary S. says:

    BEAUTIFUL snow pictures!!! Ahhhhh….. love it! I’m sorry you don’t have any snow yet! 🙁
    I LOVE the skirt you are wearing in the pic of you, Joe and the two guys by the snowman!!!

    • sbranch says:

      Still have it (of course!)

      • Mary S. says:

        Good for you!! I would, too!! 😀

        • sbranch says:

          Not that it fits! 🙂

          • dottie says:

            They don’t HAVE to fit if we love them and they hold special memories, Susan. I still have a favorite pair of four inch high heels (in THOSE days those were HIGH) that I wore in high school and college — I will NEVER part with those as they connect to so many events in my life. And I have a lovely skirt as well — which like yours, no longer fits — ditto, ditto, ditto! Merry christmas — with or without snow, you are wished a wonderful time with Joe and Girl and Jack and family and friends!

  63. Theresa says:

    Hi Susan

    Thanks for the wonderful blog today…Your first christmas book decorates my kitchen counter during this season…so many beautiful ideas and yummy recipes…we had a couple inches last night enough to have 2hr school delay….this is scant for NH but we will take it with a big hug!….I know my Sarah (12yr old daughter) would love little Jack to peek out from her Christmas stocking ..but our Old german shepherd would be jealous…lol…..Enjoy your time in your great big beautiful home and the sounds of “Solid as Gold” roars from the ocean, beckoning to bring forth another season of hope…another year of special blessings for everyone …Blessings to you and yours always Susan…Theresa & children

  64. Country Gal says:

    Fantastic photos ! I love the first snow fall ! Have a very Merry Christmas !

  65. Gumbo Lily says:

    I loved the pic of you and the others with the snowman. You look so cute in your midi skirt! I like the cute red skirt too! We had snow a day ago, but it’s melting, melting, melting……… Maybe our snow will be on the way to you soon!

    Merry Christmas,

  66. Kelly J. says:

    “The Holly & the Ivy…..” Thanks for the beautiful photos of your home in the snow. No snow here in PA either, but I guess we have the whole winter to look forward to that….nothing like a good “snow day” in January or February. Enjoy all of those last minute preparations, Susan The big day is almost here 🙂

  67. Marilyn says:

    No snow here in Dallas, either…but that would be the norm!

    Susan, loved your snow pictures. There is something so serene and yet so magical about a fresh snowfall. You captured it perfectly!

    I love the door bell outside your kitchen door. It looks so cute there. 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, and a great big thank you for producing such a wonderful blog that attracts, and gathers, such a great bunch of girlfriend/readers!!!

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  68. All of your pictures are so fun and in the spirit!! I wish it would snow…wow I did not know that you had such a big back yard! It looks like a football field!

  69. pat addison says:

    just popping in to say hello. no snow here yet, but we have a big storm moving in by the weekend…hopefully some snow will come from it. want to wish you and Joe and your lovable kitties a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Merry Christmas everyone, i hope Santa is good to everyone. hugs….. 🙂

  70. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Love the paintings, and the pics. Especially cute, are you & your wintry clothes! Here in No Cal on our early morning walks we’re seeing frost everywhere – that’s about as white as it gets here, except maybe once a year for 10 minutes! We’ll think snow, as we need it out here in the Sierras too! Thanks for the lovely respite, back to wrapping – maybe I should be rapping, might speed me up! XO

  71. There’s not a flake of snow here in Chicago, but I’m still hoping for a miracle!
    I’m tempted to spray all the windows with faux snow, but the hubby wouldn’t appreciate it.
    Christmas blessings to you and your family. I’ve loved reading all your beautiful posts this year! And I’m looking forward to the New Year!

  72. Jeanette says:

    Susan, What a lovely post! Does leave me longing for a White Christmas, doesn’t even seem remotely possible here in central Illinois. I just made an Eggnog Pound Cake in the same pan. I just LoVe it. And, yes, the powdered sugar is about as close as it will get. The house smells divine from the eggnog and nutmeg.
    Wishing you, Joe and the kitties a blessed Christmas. May all the joy and love you share with us all year come back to you in abundance!!!! Ho, hO, HO to yoooouuuuuu…
    xoxo ~ Jeanette

    • sbranch says:

      I’d love to have that recipe if you find yourself in the typing mood!

      • Jeanette says:

        Absolutely, Susan! Here you go. It is delish. You’ll have to let me know what you think.
        Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees:
        1 package yellow cake mix
        1 4oz. Package of instant vanilla pudding
        3/4 cup eggnog (whatever brand you like to drink, refrigerated kind)
        4 eggs
        1/2 tsp. ground nutmeg
        In large bowl combine: cake mix, pudding, eggnog and oil. Beat on low speed until moistened.
        Add eggs and nutmeg, beat for a few minutes until well blended. It’s very thick and luscious at this point.
        Pour into greased pan. Bake 50-60 minutes, until tested comes out clean. Cool for 10 minutes, invert onto plate. When completely cool, dust with powdered sugar. Stand back and admire! 😉

        Hope you enjoy it. Hugs & Love, Jeanette

        • sbranch says:

          And that goes into a bundt cake pan, right? I’m going to try it in the tree pan as you suggested. Thank you! I wasn’t the only one who was asking 🙂

        • Linda in Texas says:

          Drat! This recipe makes me wish I liked eggnog. How can it sound so yummy to me when I don’t like eggnog??

        • Margot says:

          Thank you for the recipe Jeanette.

          • Jeanette says:

            Margot, You are welcome. I hope you enjoy it. All I have to do is dust it with powdered and let the ‘snow’ begin for dessert later. Merry to you! Jeanette

        • Georgie says:

          Help!!!! I’m in the kitchen trying to make this wonderful cake…
          How much oil??????

      • Pat Mofjeld says:

        I would, too!!! My friend Sandy-in-Boston gave me that pan for Christmas a couple of years ago. I’m thinking of an eggnog cake baked in it, decorated with powdered sugar and some rosemary sprigs and fresh cranberries. Please share the recipe? Thanks! 🙂 Incidentally, Merry Christmas all from here in Minnesota where we have no snow, either. Very unusual for here… 🙂

        • Jeanette says:

          Yes, it is baked in the Tree Bundt pan. I made mine yesterday. It does taste even better when it’s made a day in advance so all the flavor really comes together. I hope you all enjoy it.
          Merry, Merry Christmas!!! xoxo…

  73. Anne says:

    I’m doing what you’re doing….thinking about past Christmas snows….no snow in Pittsburgh….just rain. But who cares as long as we’re with those we love! It could be sunny and 85 degrees – I’m still gonna eat lots of kiss cookies!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family….thanks for you wonderful blog:-)

  74. Karen says:

    Hi Susan! I SO enjoyed your snowy pictures from last year. We have no snow here in lower MI, but do have lots of gloom, although the sun shone for a while this afternoon.

    Sooner or later we both will probably have more snow than we need, but it is so pretty, isn’t it? It seems to add a sparkly icing to all the trees and bushes and the gorgeous cardinals and bluejays seem to stand out more. The snow seems to make the area we are in quieter as if we were in a snow-lined cocoon!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

    Hugs, Karen

  75. Treese says:

    Hi Susan:
    Merry Christmas! We got hit with back-to-back blizzards here in Colorado. So, we have enough snow to go around for everyone! But, it is unseasonably warm as it has only gone down to -9 degrees. LOL. The Rockies look like a winter wonderland. I took my horse out early this morning and the snow was all sparkling and twinkling like the North Pole. Tonight I am having a cup of hot chocolate by the woodstove and let the rapture of Christmas seep into every pore.
    Treese/Colorado Cowgirl.

    • sbranch says:

      I just loved watching the horse and buggy in the video on my blog, I think horses are so beautiful in the snow! Lucky YOU cowgirl!

  76. Marianne says:

    I too wish for holiday snow, but to no avail… although a comfort when my children are driving around this season, nice to have dry roads…

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, that’s true, dry roads are such a bonus! Our friends were coming for Christmas last year, from England, and the weather came in and their plane never even took off. So at least that won’t be our problem this year! Plus we can go for a walk!

  77. Jacquelyn Wirthlin says:

    Las Vegas is “snowless” too … big surprise there. Your snow pictures are gorgeous but my favorite is your painting of your home. It’s a beauty. Have most of the fun stuff accomplished and even the chores so will put my feet up and enjoy. Had to smile when you included the photo Joe took of you in the red outfit in the snow. I was looking through the Christmas book last night and there it was … lol. Have enjoyed all the “girlfriends” comments about the snow situation (or lack of it) nationwide. Hope everyone enjoys all the blessings of the season including the snow if you love it. Merry Christmas to you, Joe, the kitties and to all the girlfriends.

  78. Dawn says:

    Oh Sue, that is my absolute favorite photograph of you, the one of you running in the snow! I’ve always loved that picture so much.

    No snow here, either…in AUSTRIA. Unheard of. And making me worry a bit, to be honest, about the state of our precious planet.

    I think one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen was Scottsdale, Arizona, at Christmas time. Lights strung up on cactuses and big plastic Santas in front yards. So while we haven’t been graced with snow this Christmas, at least it’s cold and we can bundle up outside and be cozy inside.

    I’m off to bed…tomorrow is Christmas Eve! So exciting!

    Lots of love to you and Joe,


    • sbranch says:

      It’s so exciting… I just finished baking the chocolate tree cake! The whole house smells like chocolate! I, too, am worried about the state of our planet. Just too many weird weather things! Austria with no snow sounds crazy! Between your puppies and your baby, and your darling husband, I have no doubt you will hardly see that there’s no snow! Enjoy Dawn! xoxo

  79. Julie says:

    I will share some show with you!
    Take all you want! Merry Christmas

  80. Maureen says:

    I have given the first Christmas Book you did of Christmas from the Heart of the Home to my sisters and sisters-in-law. I have given it to quite a number of friends too. This year I gave the little version of the Christmas book to my 8 yr old niece. She is interested in cooking and baking now. I think I have most of your cookbooks as well as some of your other products.

    • sbranch says:

      How great you gave it to an eight year old, she will love the cookies in there! Thank you Maureen!

      • Maureen says:

        She is an energizer bunny and she loves baking with me. She used to live near by but now she lives in South Florida. I and a good portion of my family live in the Midwest (where usually we have snow but not this year). She loves making eggnog bread and zucchini bread with me.
        I know she will love the book. I do.

  81. Suzi says:

    Merry Christmas Susan!
    I absolutely adore your ‘bloggin’! I live in Alabama but always wanted to live ‘up north’ because I love the color in the fall and always wanted to experience deep snow at Christmas time! Thanks to you I get to experience these until I get to come there in person!
    Thank you for sharing your gifts. The gift of your creativity, your drawings and your writings. Also the Adventures of Girl Kitty and Jack!
    I have Meniere’s disease and am so often bound to the house but this bloggin’ spot puts a bright spot in my day.
    I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I look forward to your blogs as we move into 2012!

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you Suzi, so nice to hear! I love armchair travel myself, so I’ve been trying to put a little of it out there! Merry Christmas!!

  82. I love your pictures! They are lovely.

    I can’t recall a Christmas since my daughter and her family moved to New England that they didn’t have snow at Christmas. They were without power for nearly a week with the “October blizzard”. Strange weather…

    We are in the Midwest with no snow. I miss the beautiful scenery here in the country but my son is driving to Kentucky to spend Christmas with his fiance’s family… so I guess I’m glad the roads will be dry. At least he’s now old enough, he doesn’t ask how Santa will get the sleigh here with no snow. 😉

    May you have a very Merry Christmas and be blessed as you bless us.

  83. These pictures of the snow make me want to grab a blanket, cup of hot chocolate and a good book and snuggle in for a long winters night! Guess what? I just got my copy of Christmas Joy in the mail last week, and here you are showing me whats inside! I love it! I love little books ( ok, and big ones too)! Found an old cookbook at an estate sale early this month, no cover, called A Jug of Wine. It opens up each time to the same page with Beef Stroganoff on it. Do you think its telling me something? I need to try it! Maybe next week.

    Have a very Merry CHRISTmas Joe, Susan Girl Kitty and Jack!


  84. miriam westover says:

    Happy to report NO SNOW in Austin, Texas! Have been a “snowbird” for the last four years from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho where we retired to after living all my life in Southern California. We were told the winters would be mild..that it was the “banana belt”………it was more like a FROZEN BANANA!! In CA you WENT TO the snow to ski and play…in Idaho it comes to you and stays till April! (I must be the Snow Grinch of the girlfriends!!) 😉 I do admit it is beautiful to look at. And even better to look at your lovely pictures! Thank you, Susan, for your wonderfully fun Blog and for all the interesting comments from the girlfriends. BTW the Bishop’s Wife is on TCM at 1:30 AM Christmas morning. I will be setting the DVR! Have a very Merry Christmas and a year of sweet surprises! Hugs to you! Miriam

    • sbranch says:

      I know there are snow grinches out there! I have had my moments too, like “when will this end!” But Christmas is one very good time for snow!! Sometimes pictures are even better! You get the pretty without the slippery!

  85. Cindy Maulin says:

    hi susan…i like that about painting too…the photos are wonderful…have many a special memory of white christmas… raised in the chicago suburbs, we had lots of snow and great snow fun…sledding, snowmen, snowball fights, quiet long walks with that crunch only snow can make, snow forts and darn it, shoveling it too!!!….even without the snow, i know Christmas will be bright.. wishing everyone a wonderful and bright Christmas!!!! : )

  86. Ginny S. says:

    Have a blessed Christmas Susan. With much warmth of heart, peace, grace and love from one New Englander to another!

    Ginny Sargent

  87. Joan says:

    All the “snow” talk is interesting – here in So. Cal. the weather prediction for Christmas Day is 77 degrees – get out the tank tops and flip flops – LOL!!!
    I would love the eggnog pound cake recipe also – if you get it, can it go on the blog?
    Merry Christmas and hope all those that are wishing for snow have their dream come true!

  88. Lynn McCormack says:

    Lovely place your Martha’s Vineyard. Many happy memories there! Love your books!! Merry Christmas! Lynn M.

  89. Doreen Strain says:

    Merry Christmas Miss Sue! I loved your picture of the holly tree in the snow also. I too have lived in both the warm and cold weather regions and I can tell you, I so miss the snow. Sure, the first one is the best…then it seems to not stop for months. But if I didn’t have to go out in it…I’d love it! Here in FL yesterday, Rich and I went to finish our Christmas shopping and it was 82*. My heart was singing…let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Loved your picture of your house you painted. Well “girlfriends”, may the spirit of Christmas awaken your hearts to the real reason for the season. May you take the time this season to take a few moments in the silence of your being to hold unto some of the best moments you have experienced this holiday. Because, after it’s over…all you have are those wonderful memories! MERRY CHRISTMAS to all MY “GIRLFRIENDS” !
    FOSB 4~Ever! ~ Doreen ~ XOXOXOXOXOXO!

  90. Missy Moore says:

    I am filled with joy and warm fuzzies just from reading your post about snow. Oh, how I miss the snow! I miss how it smells, how it sounds (or shall I say the lack of sound) as those big flakes flutter down ever so softly…Snow is both mystical and magical. Thank you, thank you, for bringing back such wonderful memories for me. Ah, snow….

  91. Susan Mixon says:

    Reading about snows of years past in your blog reminds me of the snows of my childhood. Snows here in the South (Memphis) are a rarity but back in the 50’s when I was a child, it seemed to occur more frequently. Our house was on a steep hill and everytime it snowed, people would flock from all over town (as best as they could flock) to go sledding down Kendale hill and it would continue on into the mid to late-evening and created such a festive atmosphere, as if the snow didn’t do that already! It helped though having my bestest friend living next door to me (still bestest friends, even now) and we were right there too, sledding and shrieking with delight at the exhilirating trip down the hill. Memories and photos are such a wonderful thing and they remind me that we are constantly making memories right here in the present. Here’s a p.s.: My husband was looking over my shoulder as I read your wonderful words (I think he may be getting hooked!) He and I especially loved the video of Jack fetching the little ball. Our calico, Lily, may be in for some lessons…that should be fun! Thank you, Susan, for sharing such beautiful times and memories with all of us. Blessings to you, Joe, the kitty girl and Jack and all your family (especially your Dad!) and friends as you gather around the Christmas table.

  92. Rosie says:

    We had maybe twenty minutes or so of snow Thursday evening here in central Illinois, and though it didn’t stick, it did manage to achieve, for a while, that stage of crystalline six-sidedness – I stood outside and admired them all over my black jacket sleeves – simply wonderful! I’m a kid again every time I see snow like that. I could look at the flakes for a long time, just admiring their perfection and beauty.

    Not a fan of big blobby snow, and certainly not of sleet – but those perfect flakes, ahhhh…. 🙂

    Wishing you and all the girlfriends and families a wonderful Christmas weekend and a great new year!

    • sbranch says:

      It’s just so exciting when the first flakes fall, I know how you feel. Sometimes I just pray for a blizzard!!! Nothing really more gorgeous than the morning after that!

  93. Suzanne in Sydney, Australia says:

    Ah your snow photos! My family commented tonight that “just one year we would like to see snow for Christmas, rather than our incredible heat”. I jokingly said next Christmas we should head to London or US. Just once to feel the difference would be lovely.

    A few days ago I read your post and saw Diane Keaton’s book, wasn’t aware until then that it existed. Tonight I own one!!! A Christmas present from one daughter who saw it online, and thought of all the times we had watched Baby Boom on video and decided to buy me a copy.

    Hope your Christmas is peaceful, loving and Santa is good to you all.

    • sbranch says:

      Oh good, I think you’ll enjoy that book!

      A house in snow country is probably the best Christmas gift — get the family to all chip in, rent a house, get a tree, don’t do gifts, just go on walks, cook food, and have fires. I wrote this years ago in my Christmas book after discovering (having moved to New England from California) just how wonderful a white Christmas can be! I’m glad you didn’t do it here this year, since we aren’t getting any snow! But it’s nice and cold out there, almost as good! Love hearing from you, so far away!

  94. Gert says:

    Oh Susan I just love your pictures! No *snow* here in Iowa either..

  95. Rosinda says:

    Good morning, Susan!

    Merry Christmas Eve day! I loved reading your post and seeing all your snowy pictures. We have just a dusting of snow this year, usually we would have much more than that. I wanted to tell you that I baked 2 Christmas tree cakes, like yours, last night to give to family that I’ll be visiting today. My cakes are pistachio flavoured and green inside. Just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Muuuaaahhh!

  96. Christy says:

    Merry Christmas sweet Susan, Joe, Jack, and girl cat! & the Happiest wishes for New Year’s 2012!

    lot’s of love

  97. Cindy Tuning says:

    Merry Christmas to you Susan and all the Girlfriends. This year for some reason I’m feeling more spirit than I have in a while. I woke up to a blanket of snow this morning. My daughter just called from her ship somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. It’s bedtime Christmas Eve for her. The most magical night of the year. My son has moved back to Buffalo after living in Boston for a few years so this will be the first Christmas in quite a while that he’ll be home. My other daughter has MS and not doing well is holding her own right now and will be sleeping here at home tonight. I’ve been raising her son Riley since birth and he is the light of my life. He’s 9 years old and wise beyond his years…a very old soul.He just got a role in the school play “Willy Wonka”. Yesterday at work,a small group of inmates came to our Medical Building to sing us Christmas Carols. Silent night never sounded so moving. I’m a nurse in a NYS Prison and you just never know where you’re going to find Christmas. Tonight I’ll be too excited to sleep,just like every other Christmas Eve strung like a thread back to childhood. I’m grateful that we gentle souls have this place to connect thanks to you Susan. Peace to all.

  98. Linda Trokey says:

    Susan, watching the “one-horse open sleigh” made me feel so good – magnificent animal and what a beautiful scene! Again, I feel so happy after reading your post and seeing your beautiful home, ready for Christmas. Don’t feel bad – it will be around 45 here in Kansas City but the good news is that I have a table set for dinner on my new screened-in porch. There will be a few of my family members who will think it’s warm out there and that gives me one more table to decorate! Merry Christmas to you and Joe and I’m grateful for allowing all of us into your wonderful home through your blog.

    Linda T

  99. Joan Lesmeister says:

    I’m “Dreaming of a White Christmas” for all of you in snow country! Have a Merry & Magical Christmas Eve, dear Susan, friends & family, & wonderful bloggers from around the world! Lots of Xs & Os!!

  100. Margot says:

    We, the girlfriends ARE the normal ones. LOL I love your wooden kitchen screen door and the bell next to it. The good old homes. Can I smell baking thru the screen door in the Autumn??? No snow here of course, but I can’t believe that MN and WI didn’t get any snow. I think I shall watch Holiday Inn or White Christmas tonight.


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