It’s All Pure Logic!

Birdie reprieve!  No winner announcement today, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some Musica! to go with the no winner — and we should celebrate because where there is no winner, there are no losers!  Making us, by process of elimination and pure logic, all winners!  In fact . . . might has well make it one more day for everyone to sign up for our drawing (scroll down for more info)!   Because I’m taking the day off!  In about a half hour I’m going with my girlfriends, Martha and Annie, to have “our colors done.” Later on another girlfriend, Enikö, is coming to tea!  It’s a red letter day!  The snow has all melted, the sky is blue, it’s a gorgeous day, and I get to go play!

I had my colors done once a long time ago, and found out I was a cross between a Spring and an Autumn.  It only confused me.  The only real thing I got from the experience is that I should wear lots of orange.  Not exactly helpful since, with me and orange, except as a watercolor, the twain does not meet.   But Lowely had hers done a few days ago and thinks the experience was “magic” and “life changing.”  Either way, I’m off with the girls and we’ll have fun!  I’ll let you know how it goes!  Have a wonderful day!  See you tomorrow!

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  1. marty kunkis says:

    Hello Susan:
    Such a tease! you talk about a delicious onion pudding, show us mouthwatering carmelized onions and ,although I searched in vain, could not find a recipe for it anywhere. Please share it with us one day.

    I am a red-haired autumn, but my “oranges” are corals and softened shades of orange infused with other colors-always as only an accent with the browns and greens that I love. –Maybe that wouldl work for you as well.

    Maybe it is not your color-but certainly your “aura”in your artistry. I cannot imagine you without the color red available to you. Hearts,lips,roses, love, Joe’s rosy cheeks, acccents in your kitchen–don’t ever live without red in your life!

    I love those adorable birds–and was sure that you were thinking that I had somehow just forgotten to enter the contest-which is why you held it open. They fit so well with so many things that you would love as well-including my Emma Bridgewater mugs and cream and sugar, and the adorable elephant pitcher that we share together -Same one that you have sits on my shelf). IF they fly to me, I will give them a wonderful home.

  2. Angie(Tink!) says:

    I’m Happy…(Clapping My Hands)…Good Morning Sunshine…Very cool about You & Martha & Annie “Having Your Colors Done”…I’m curious as what You find Out…it is Facinating….I Love Your Friend Eniko’s Name…Sorry Your Snow is Melted but I know You will get More Snow…It’s sort of warm & Breezy Here….went Out & About with Herbster Yesterday….Shopping is Fun!….Today lots of Chores…”Poor Me” 🙂 but I just ♫Whistle♫ while I work… 🙂 Gonna Make Chicken & Dumplings Tonight… Yummy! sending You Lots of Winter Pixie~Dust Sweetest Sue! xoxo Poof! ♥

  3. Angela says:

    Susan, not only do you inspire my daily life, you spark my memories too! I had my colors done 20 or so years ago and found I was a winter. I’d completely forgotten about it until this blog post. If you report that your color palette has changed, I may go have mine redone also.
    We’ve also just received a “Save The Date” for a family members wedding. The wedding is in Portsmouth, RI in October. I’ve never been and am so excited to plan this trip. I was wondering if you or any girlfriends out there have any recommendations of what to see or do during our visit there?

    • Enikö says:

      Portsmouth is sister to sailing capital Newport…I lived there for 7 years, in between stints on Martha’s Vineyard. Newport is as magical as small waterside cities come. They have a great website: that will help you find personal interests…lots of wonderful restaurants & great places to stay. Check out the glorious mansions on Bellevue Avenue and shop at the Brick Marketplace. I haven’t been to dinner for a while, but I was Sous Chef at the White Horse Tavern for a year…the oldest consecutively running tavern in the United States & I managed Le Bistro once upon a time on Bowen’s Wharf…wonderful water view from the third floor. The Black Pearl on Bannister’s Wharf seems to have maintained their good reputation. History buffs like to visit Hammersmith Farms -summer White House for President Kennedy, and I believe George Washington had a pew at Trinity Church. Have a wonderful visit, Susan! Hugs, Enikö

      • Angela says:

        Thank you so much for those tips. I have been perusing the gonewport web site a lot. I will also add your restaurant and historical places to my list. The White Horse Tavern sounds like a must. Can’t wait to share this info with my husband. Thanks again, much appreciated!

  4. nanette says:

    Good Morning, Susan! I am loving everything about your blog! I wanted to thank you for the lovely “wallpaper” I enjoy on my computer. My wallpaper ALWAYS comes from YOUR blog! (I hope this is okay?)

    I have enjoyed your fireplace, a little quote by Gladys Taber (about the little home) and the one of your house covered in snow last year. It was so lovely to see every time I came to my computer. I loved the little snow covered sign in your garden (“If you would have a heart at peace……”) so that’s my latest screen saver. I think of you ALWAYS! You are awfully good to us “Girlfriends” and we love you for it!

    • nanette says:

      Oops! That quote was not from Gladys Taber but from Florence Bone!

      It’s the quote on the little bookmark you’ve got in the free section…… had it in one of your blogs.

      I really enjoyed hearing about the COLORS! I hope you’ll show us some photos of your “new” outfits! I am SO happy for you and your girlfriends! thank you for sharing this with all of us!

  5. Laurie says:

    Wish I could have my colors done with the girls. Sounds like so much fun. Count me in on the birdie salt and peppers, please 🙂

  6. Ruth Ann says:

    Love the birdies! Love LOVE LOVE YOUR BLOG!! It’s so cheerful, delightful, and as charming as sharing a piece of fresh peach pie out on the front porch in the summertime with a dear friend. Bless you Susan!!

  7. Teresa G. says:

    I had my colors done years ago also and it was fun, but then I read in a women’s magazine: “Confidence is the best accessory.” I loved that! So now I wear whatever in whatever color, the right season or not and I think it works. (Saves on the clothes budget too!) Have fun with your friends Susan! That’s the best part. I’m off to Napa tomorrow for a weekend with “The Girls” and I can barely breathe waiting for it to be tomorrow!

  8. Pam Bengier says:

    The same thing happened to me when I had my colors done – half way between spring and autumn. A few years later, one of the BIG cosmetic companies came out with a computer that scanned your face and told you whether you were cool or warm. I thought, AHA, a computer will scientifically analyze me and this question will be answered. The result was exactly in the middle of the scale, they declared me 50% warm and 50% cool. LOL So either nothing looks great or everything look great – it’s my choice! LOL

  9. Barbara McGatlin says:

    Oh I so hope I’m not to late for the birdie shakers,they are to cute.I have the perfect place in my kitchen window for them.Hope you’re enjoying snow,sadly we have none in Mayberry, NC (AKA Mount Airy),oh well there is always February.

  10. Nola Wilson says:

    Have a wonderful day with your girlfriends! You will have to give us a report!

  11. Fran says:

    Gosh! I had my colors done probably 25 years ago…was told I’m a Winter. It was
    amazing to actually see the difference it makes when you wear the colors that are most flattering to you. Please toss my name into the drawing for the Bird S&P shakers. They are too cute and would be the perfect pair to start a collection with! Enjoy the blog…

  12. Alin Merkel says:

    I have been wanting to tell you my “Terrie Lee” doll story.. I had a brownie outfit for her, too, but she was the smaller version. My first regular sized Terrie had a personalized haircut by my 7 year old self and my mother sent her off to get a new wig, which was short. I still have her in her bride outfit (with her short hair)… Thanks for being you!!!!

  13. Betty says:

    Thank you for making my day brighter. Sometimes I just get stuck in funk this time of year. I’m now going out for lunch and seeing friends more when my work schedule permits.
    I have a little secret: my living room needs painting and we haven’t had the time to do it, so…..we still have our Christmas tree up (the needles are still soft)! I recently took all of the greenery on my windowsills out…and brought new in. I have real candles in all the windows. It is just delightful. Then I have my friends over, it is just so festive (and the dirt doesn’t show). Everyone seems to enjoy it, especially me.
    Love the little birdies.
    Thank you again.

  14. Vickie says:

    Have a wonderful day! Girlfriends are the greatest gift we get for being “older.” Gather them like flowers and breathe in their support, inspiration and laughter.

  15. Betty says:

    This is my first visit to your web site & blog. Love it & will be a regular for sure. What a delight!

  16. Debbie N. says:

    Sounds fun. Enjoy!

  17. Theresa says:

    hi Susan

    how fun to have your colors done…i had mine done back in 1985…and i was identified as a winter…then 10yrs later had it done again only to find out i am an autumn……hmmm…they say third time is the charm….just gathering together with good friends brings colors of joy that last forever…enjoy your time Susan…have a blast!!!!!

  18. Peggy Cooper says:

    Hi Susan! How fitting that you’re an Autumn, since it seems your Autumn book is everyone’s favorite. Now, down to business. When are we going to get the onion pudding recipe you mentioned the other day? I love onions, and with 4 chickens, I have lots of eggs, which I’m guessing would be part of the recipe. I know, I’m a pushy broad :o)

  19. Hello Everyone, we are on the eve of yet another wintry mix with possible ice and I thought I would share a “Winter Tip” with those of you that do not have garages and leave your vehicles outdoors. Several years ago before we had a garage we would leave our car out and I noticed on the eve before a winter storm my husband would pull the wipers up (straight out) and leave them that way. I watched a young lady last weekend spend 1 hr. scraping the ice from her vehicle and she eventually pulled her wiper up and bent it and it made me think of this tip. It will keep your blades from freezing and save the rubber on them. I have noticed several people doing this now in our neighborhood and just thought I would pass it on!!

  20. Do you allow images from your website to be reposted on pinterest? The site gives credit to the original source and is a fun way to share the stuff you love, but I didn’t want to “pin” you without asking first. Thanks. 🙂

  21. Pink Rose Cottage says:

    What a lovely and inspiring afternoon you had! I too had my colors done in the 80’s (Summer) and haven’t strayed from it since. It is perfect for me. If you want to take this seasonal thing one step further read Bernice Kentner’s book Color Me a Season which adds the personality side of the seasons. Hippocrates came up with the personality types/coloring theory centuries ago and he was dead on! If you read the description of your season you’ll be nodding your head and saying “That’s me in a nutshell!” The book has not only a color questionaire to take but a personality test as well. The two combined will target your season. And it is fascinating to boot! I couldn’t put the book down it was so fascinating. It also explained why I would get so rattled when I, a calm quiet Summer, would be around energetic, take command, bright and bubbly Springs, or why winters are so moody and love the dramatic. Fascinating reading.

  22. Enikö says:

    Dearest Sue, tea with you was heaven! You are such a dear…I love you so! -Enikö

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