Bunny Cake

Easter cake

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  1. Rae Ann says:

    I love this bunny cake…it is very easy to make and delicious too…especially good when there are little ones at your Easter table, but the adults at our table LOVE it too…

  2. Rae Ann says:

    Thanks, Susan for sharing the recipe for those girlfriends who haven’t made it before…can I really be the FIRST reply-er???…

  3. Mary says:

    I love the bunny cake! We have potluck at my quilt shop this Wednesday. I think I will make this little guy. I know my customers will love him!! Thanks…

  4. Diane S. says:

    So cute, Thank you so much. Would like to make this, very busy week, not sure if I will have time. If not maybe next year.

  5. Jo Anne Hayon says:

    So cute!

  6. This will give someone a Hippy Hoppy Happy Easter Surprise for sure . . Thank You Susan for sharing! ♥

  7. Gert says:

    So cute! The kid in all of us love this!! smile….


  8. Kay says:

    Cute, easy and it tastes excellent. Everyone should try it !

  9. Paulie says:

    Perfect timing. It is adorable. Will make it for my great grandson. Thank you so much! Love it.

  10. Dori says:

    My 6 3/4 year old (her exact words) will love to help make this one. Can’t wait for Thursday afternoon when we will have a chance to make it. Thanks for the fun idea. Can’t wait to make some fun Easter memories. Hope you have a very blessed Easter.

  11. Kirsten Anne Wichert of So. Calif. says:

    I remember making this cake for my son’s first birthday. He’s an April baby. I don’t remember using pineapple, but it sounds better with it. Maybe I’ll make this for my grandchildren. Thanks for the pretty artwork with the recipe!

  12. How fun to make a bunny cake! We would love to make it using a chocolate ganache icing, since….. we LOVE CHOCOLATE!
    Chiclets for teeth, black licorice for whiskers, necco wafers for the eyes
    Our little neighbor boys are suggesting red wax lips! (Not sure if that will happen.)
    Time to shop for some decorating goodies.
    Have a Blessed Easter Susan!

  13. Beth says:

    Dear Susan,
    We made your Bunny Cake with the RED WAX LIPS!
    When you get some time please take a peek.
    We just had to blog about your bunny cake.
    It sure was fun to make!
    Hopping into Spring!
    Beth and Jan

  14. joanne says:

    Hi Susan,
    Just wanted to tell you that I have been making this Bunny Cake every Easter since 1978! My Mom made it for years before me as well. It’s a family tradition in our house and all my children always looked forward to it every year.
    Enjoy your England trip.

  15. Linda Joan says:

    Thanks so much, Susan!

  16. Diane Harris says:


    I made one last week. Wondering if it will show up here? I used spaghetti for the whiskers.

    Happy Easter!

  17. Marti Downs says:

    I had to share with you…I made two bunny cakes and took them to church last night and had kids ages 3 to 10 decorating. What fun we all had and what memories were made!!! I did this with my own kids many years ago and grandkids…then started the tradition with my students in my classes (3rd, 2nd, and K) back in the day. So such a special activity and very easy. Thanks for sharing again!

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