Crazy weather over the center of the country.  Be safe and let’s have playtime for as long as our computers stay on!  Musica included.  Because I just made the cutest thing. And the glory of blogging means I can show you!  Look 

I told Kellee at the studio that I was making cupcakes and she said, “You should have your own toppers . . . I’m going to send you the dancing chickens!”  Of course, I thought, why didn’t I think of that!  The Dancing Chickens!

So she made me this little cupcake kit, complete with polka dot cupcake liners, and sent it to me in the mail. 

All these little dancing chickens, in a do-it-yourself cupcake topper kit!

I loved it!  Playtime!  So I pulled up to the kitchen table, got my scissors and some glue, and followed Kellee’s directions.  I cut these things out on the little lines she put on them, folded them in half — so the chicken is on both sides . . .

I cut around each dancing chicken with my scissors, leaving about 1/8″ of white space around them.  I separated the two pieces; dotted one side with a little glue, added a toothpick, and glued the two sides together.  And, you know what I’m going to say . . .

Look what I made!  Now I love them so much I want to poke them into everything!

One thing leads to another, so I baked my favorite springtime bunny food, carrot cupcakes!

Poked in my chickens, and they started dancing all over the kitchen!

Then they danced into the living room!  Cupcakes are getting very fancy these days in case you haven’t noticed; these aren’t the fanciest I’ve seen, not by a looong way, but must they be cuter than this?  Isn’t this cute enough?  OK, how about this?

Ridiculously cute!

Whenever I get anything new, I have to run it around the house to see how cute it looks in all the different places.

And you know what else?  These Carrot Cupcakes actually taste better than they look! They’re good enough for any wonderful tea party, for any quilting group or book club, for any church meeting; they’re especially charming for Easter Egg Hunts . . . they’re chockfull of fruit and nuts; there’s pineapple in there!  Light, moist, not too sweet, with a smooth cream-cheese frosting.

So I danced right over to the phone, called Kellee, and asked her to make more dancing chickens for our web store.  Because I could not show them to you without giving you a way to do it yourself!  And, as you can see, I had to show them to you!

I asked her to include the Cupcake recipe in the package with the toppers, so she’s doing that too!  Yes, I took about two hundred pictures of them!  Joe walked through the kitchen on his way to the barn, looked at me with my camera about three inches from the cupcakes, rolled his eyes in the best possible way — the twinkle in them said, “I love you anyway.”

In about a week and a half, I’ll show you how I made these Carrot Cupcakes right here on the blog.  Which taste just as good with or without toppers by the way!  You might also enjoy seeing some of the fancier toppers we found for our web store!  We have a Peter Rabbit Cupcake Kit; we have ←adorable Pansies with a Picket Fence; we have a set of British cupcake toppers!  Something for everyone! It’s a whim-whimsy world in the springtime! 

Yes, thank you, I hear you saying, for the recipe you’re not giving us.  Is there anything we can make NOW?  Oh, yes there is.

For the last couple of years, I’ve written a column for a sweet little newspaper called The Country Register (mostly because of the hardworking people who work there: *Hi Barbara*Hi Merle!*Hi everyone!*). In the March/April Springtime issue, which just came out, I promised their readers I would put my recipe for Banana Fritters on my blog . . . so here it is!  It’s a perfect weekend breakfast or tea-time snack, easy, homey, delicious, festive, and even make-ahead. 

OK, so here goes: to make Banana Fritters, first get out a medium-sized mixing bowl . . .

Put in a half cup of self-rising flour.

Add a tablespoon of granulated sugar . . .

. . . then, a quarter cup of milk;

. . . break an egg into the bowl and add two teaspoons of melted butter

♣     ♣      ♣

Whisk it all together.  Put the batter in the fridge until ready to use (or use immediately).

♣      ♣      ♣

Depending on how many fritters you want; cut as many as three ripe bananas into 1/2 inch pieces. One banana will serve two easily.  The batter keeps for a couple of days in the fridge.

Dip the banana pieces and thickly coat them in the batter.

Heat two cups of canola oil; test it with a spoonful of batter . . . if it doesn’t brown, wait until it gets hotter; if it browns too fast, reduce the heat.

The oil should bubble up.  Hey!  It looks like a lobster!

I think I should put it on Ebay!

You want your oil to be hot enough to cook quickly, but not so quickly that you can’t keep up with it.  You don’t want to be like Lucy and Ethel in the candy factory!

Using a slotted spoon, turn the fritters to brown them evenly and remove to paper towels to drain.

Sift over a little powdered sugar; they taste best lightly dusted.  That one in the middle is getting too much!

Yes, that one right there has too much sugar on it for me; powdered sugar just came flying out of the sifter and I wasn’t ready!  The trick is the mix of flavors, a delicious balance between the cooked banana, the crisp batter and the sugar. Mmmmm.  Yes.

The miracle of the lobster, goes to Joe!  I’ll put the recipe at the bottom of this post, but you can see how easy these are to make!  If you have the batter in the fridge and someone pops in, you can make a little miracle yourself!

Have a wonderful weekend girls.  Go outside and play if you can; take deep breaths of springtime air (if it’s there); go check out antique stores or flea markets; look for daffodils or cherry blossoms, or walk in the snow and be cozy inside with Banana Fritters and a good book.  Bye for now!

Here’s the recipe!

B A N A N A    F R I T T E R S

  • 1/2 c. self-rising flour
  • 1 Tbsp. granulated sugar
  • 1/4 c. milk
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tsp. melted butter
  • up to 3 large bananas
  • 2 c. canola oil
  • powdered sugar

Whisk together first five ingredients. Cut bananas into 1/2 ” chunks.  Heat oil; put in a drop or two of batter to check for correct temperature; batter should brown not so fast you can’t keep up with them.  Dip bananas in batter, drop into oil, don’t crowd the pan.  Cook, turning once; with slotted spoon, remove to paper towels to drain. Sift over powdered sugar to taste.  Serve warm.  Also nice with maple syrup for breakfast.

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311 Responses to Playtime!

  1. Lynn McMahon says:

    Good Morning~
    Awaiting a winter storm here in SE Wisconsin!
    Thanks for the sunny post today~ love the chicken cupcakes!!
    Calorie free if I only look at them right?
    Stay Warm~

  2. mari says:

    Love the chickie cupcake picks for Spring! What a better way to get into a Friday than a new blog post by wonderful you? Thanks & enjoy your weekend!!!

  3. Katy Noelle says:

    The miracle of the lobster….sell it on e-bay, OH! ….heeheeheeheeheeee! 🙂

    and, the picture of thousands of Chickies dancing on cheerily on cupcakes all over you house (I hear a multitude of peeping) has just made me giggle and smile.

    Daddy is gone for the weekend and it’s just me and my three boys – I feel a teatime coming on (with my three men – it’s always practical with mugs, though ;))

    Isn’t the coziness of home just wonderful?!!!

    I’m boomeranging the cheeriness right back to you! 😉


  4. Angela Fehr says:

    The dancing chickens are adorable! And I might have to try the banana fritters – I have always been very nervous about deep frying but faced my fears in order to make deep fried ice cream for my friends last week. It was my birthday so I had to make something I’ve always wanted to try, despite the hot oil factor!

    • sbranch says:

      You can use oil like that more than once too, (sweets with sweet, savory with savory — no onion oil in the banana fritters!) which makes me feel better about using so much!

  5. STOP THE CUTENESS!!!!!! LOL! Just when I thought the cupcakes couldn’t get any cuter, you added a little bunting banner!!! 🙂 Happy Weekend!!!! xoxo Debbie

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you!! And thanks to Kellee for the great idea! I’m ordering those dancing chickens (with the recipe included) and making them in those cute IKEA cupcake pans. Can’t wait!
    Yes, praying for all in the Mid-West. So devastating to see the destruction.

  7. Kim says:

    I love your blog so much that I only read it in little bits at a time so I can give myself little Susan Branch treats throughout my day.
    Thank you for saying you run all over the house seeing how cute new things look in all the different places. I thought maybe I was the only one who did that!

  8. Francine says:

    Hi Susan! Oh how I LOVE old fashioned looking little yellow chicks! I’ve already ordered mine!!! Loved all your pictures of them too. Wish I had some cake plates like yours!! So pretty. Thank you for showing us. So cute! And banana fritters….yum!!! Gotta go run my errands and get some groceries – guess we might get dumped on later today!!!! But can’t complain, we haven’t had much snow this winter. Guess that means chicken soup for tomorrow, while I’m stuck in the house. Ow! Hope those old fashioned chicks didn’t hear me mention that! Have a great weekend!

  9. Marilyn says:

    I love those dancing chickens and how cute they look perched atop those cupcakes! Any chance we could get some ducks and bunnies??? 🙂

    It is a beautiful Spring day here in TX. Our winter was mild ( or non-existent, really) and my world is alive with blooming daffodils, roses, pansies, Carolina Jessamine. One thing I’ve noticed is that some trees that traditionally have Spring blooms, such as Bradford Pears, are going directly to green leaves with very little flowering. Strange! Of course, having a very mild winter and temperatures in the low 80’s right now may have something to do with that. lol

    Wishing the sweet fragrances and colors of Spring to all experiencing winter weather. It won’t be long for you! 🙂

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

    • Vicki says:

      Oh Marilyn I am so jealous!! I live in Cincinnati, land of the 60 degrees one day, 35 the next! LOL I am TOO ready for the weather you are having. Enjoy it for me too! 🙂

  10. Joan Lesmeister says:

    :-), :-), 🙂 = Happy, Happy, Happy!!! How clever you & your girls are! x0

  11. Oh my goodness, I must agree, those are ridiculously cute. I love them. I’ll tell you what else I love – this blog! I must find the follow or subscribe button so I don’t miss another post! Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories!!! So nice to meet you!!!

  12. jane zamudio says:

    Love your dancing chickens!!! Now im in the mood for spring!!! Ready to go get some pastel decorations for my house and rabbit and chick figurines from the closet yay! Also, i was going to make banana crepes this week-end, but guess what, the fritters won the day! Once again,thank you for all your inspiration Susan, xoxo!

  13. Karen P - Wisconsin says:

    How cute are those cupcake picks!?! Love them! Dancing chickens on a snowy day! A sign of Spring! I love that Spring banner, too, in the background. I’ve been having fun with banners….seems to be a very British thing, isn’t it? I noticed banners and buntings a lot when we were there a year ago. Fun! Those Brits are wonderful!!! Thanks for the fritter recipe! Have to make those.

  14. Cathy McC. says:

    Oh my gosh, you bring such joy to our lives. My girlfriend and I call eachother Lucy (her) and Ethel (me) and I can’t wait to email her to let her know that we are mentioned in your new blog (teehee), which she will have to wait to read til she gets home from work this evening. Gloomy day here in South Bend, IN, but you and your dancing chicks brightened it up immensely. Enjoy life!!

  15. LOVE the dancing chicks, hehe. Love the banana fritters too, but know I would love them TOO much if I made them. 😉

    A somewhat unrelated question: Have you ever thought of doing a magazine? Your art, your recipes, your decorating, your travel, your vintage finds, your writing…The original HeART of the Home. 😉 Just sayin’…

    ♥ Carolee

  16. Patricia Wehner says:

    Those dancing chickens are the cutest ever, and the picket fence around the cupcakes are a must have!!! I’m loving spring (we’ve had it since about December……it’s Texas) and I LOVE spring colors and your inspire us all to love it even more!!! Thank you too, for the yummy recipe for fritters – YUM!!! This recipe will definitely go into “our” recipe box (it was yours, after all, before I won it. I love it!!) Have a great springtime, flower blooming, yummy smelling day! Patricia Wehner

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Very cute cupcakes! I was wondering when your heart shape muffin pan will be back in stock? I need to order one!
    Have a great weekend!! 🙂

  18. Lori says:

    Dancing chickens are too cute! Can’t wait for the recipe for those cupcakes. In the meantime, I will be content with the banana fritters. (The lobster test one was even cute!) Waiting in the midwest to see what the weather brings … 60s one day and then snow tomorrow.

  19. shelley says:

    Kim and Susan I do it too my sisters can not believe how I go around the house till I find the exact spot for something. Then they say it looks like it was meant to be there all along.

  20. Terri from Swansboro, NC says:

    What a beautiful, colorful, springtime post! Happy First Friday in March! I try to find something to celebrate each and every day. Sometimes I get bogged down with life, but when I pull myself out of that pit, I remember how blessed I am. Life is a gift to be lived, not a problem to be solved and reasoned out to the point of craziness, right? So dancing chickens are up there on my celebrate the beginning of March, St. Paddy’s Day, first day of Spring etc. And the cherry blossoms are beautiful and so are the multi-colored daffodils. Buying a house in the winter brings out the joys and surprises of spring. Happy Dancing Chickens with carrot cupcakes Day! Smiles!!

  21. Dolores says:

    I actually laughed out loud at the adorable dancing chickens! I never need to much of an excuse to make cupcakes but now have to make more for all the cute toppers I am going to order! I love them! Thank you so much for always bringing such delight in all our lives!
    Dolores in Alabama

  22. Country Gal says:

    Hey Susan ! What a awesome sweet post and photos ! Everything looks delish. Have a yourself a great day !

  23. Pam says:

    Love the cupcakes and the toppers Susan, great fun and would be just right for an Easter table don’t you think. Your little spring banner is really sweet too, did you make it yourself?

  24. FishMama says:

    Joe’s comment makes me laugh. My husband had a hard time adjusting to my taking more pictures of food than other things, including US! Now, he embraces it. LOL

    • sbranch says:

      I can’t get Joe to embrace the “Us” part of it! I sneak one in every so often, but I have to pretend it’s to send to my mom!

  25. Laurie Walt-Illinois says:

    Can you imagine a cupcake chicken dance instead of a cake walk? Chicken dance for your cupcake! Hilarious!!!!!!

  26. Pat Mofjeld says:

    Did you hire Kellee and Judy because of their creativity or did it rub off on them from you??? (Does she get a raise for this idea???) (And, no, she didn’t put me up to writing that! 🙂 ) These cupcake toppers are a GOOD IDEA!!! Though, YES–how about some dancing bunnies and ducks? 🙂 What a fun project for all of us! They just look like spring!!! Our weather is being so weird–snow, fog, 40’s and 50’s predicted for next week which is unheard of in early March for Minnesota. And the terrible tornado activity in Illinois and Missouri–scares me for what we could be in for later this spring and summer…I have a friend coming for knitting and tea today. I’m baking a Victorian sponge cake with strawberry filling (Thanks, Rachel, for the inspiration…) Not enough time to do the carrot cake with dancing chickies now but would have been a great idea for today! Thanks, again, for all the creativity inspiration and good recipes. (Those banana fritters look wonderful but could you figure out how to take the calories out of them?) LOL! 🙂

  27. Martha Ellen says:

    Happy, happy post—chickens on cupcakes–height of cuteness! My grandchildren will love them! Creative juices flowing at House of Creativity ( that’s nothing new ♥).
    Thank you so much for posting the banana fritter recipe–I wouldn’t let my husband eat the bananas on the counter. Told him you had a recipe coming–he’s happy now!
    Going out to pick some daffodils–Spring is coming quickly here in Va. Enjoy your weekend! ♥

  28. Sue, Gladys VA says:

    Just to cute……love the chicks and all of the cute things for cupcakes!
    I have a small suggestion, glue the two chicks together with the toothpick inserted before you cut them out, I’m all for making things easier!!!

  29. Lori from Maine says:

    I know…put the dancing chickens in the banana fritters!! 😉 My nana (whom we called “Nana Banana”) used to make these all the time – they are soooo good. She made corn fritters too. It was a toss up which were best. She served both of them with homemade butter (!), powdered sugar AND maple syrup. Maybe that’s where I get my eating habits from…hmmmmm. Thank you for conjuring up a wonderful memory Susan. Hope all of you have a wonder-full first weekend of March. Spring will be “spronging” soon. xo from SW Hbr. Mt. Desert Island US of A.

  30. Charmayne says:

    Good Morning,

    I couldn’t wait to order these darling little dancing chicks. My order is in. Not only are they for springtime but I have a birthday card that says, “Happy Birthday Chicky”. Dancing chicks would be just the thing for the celebration, don’t you think?!! Now I can’t wait to see the package in my mailbox.

  31. Carol Hesch says:

    Adorable chicks! Doesn’t Jack want to bat at them? LOL-kitties!

  32. Sue in Denver, CO says:

    You are an amazing woman! Thanks for the happy, happy post!

  33. These are the most adorable dancing chicks ever! And cupcake toppers too make them so uber -adorable I can hardly stand it! Thanks for making me smile with your post this morning. I’m really getting my spring on right now, and you are such a big inspiration , but I wish it would warm up outside here and cooperate with with me a little bit. Have a most wonderful day,
    Lynndee (on Vashon Island, WA)

  34. Allison Phelps says:

    I just love a post like this, with banana fritters and dancing chickens! It is such a gloomy day here and this post makes it seem like springtime is right around the corner, I am getting lost in the springtime weather and it is getting ready to storm!! I love the “coziness” of your posts, would love to be in a nice warm kitchen making banana fritters!!!

  35. Suzanne says:

    YUM!!!! Mr. Lobster you’d be the first to go!!! Have a wonderful weekend. -East Longmeadow, Ma

  36. Christine Anderson says:

    I love cupcakes and have made them for years!! Now they are the fashion!!

    The chicken toppers are so cute, can’t wait to try the banana fritters!
    Covina, ca

  37. Cameron says:

    These dancing chickies are so precious!

  38. Thank You Susan….yesterday I posted that I put out my new “Bunny Tree” and it seemed premature (Pat didn’t think so)….now, with this Springy blog with dancing chicks on cupcakes it makes me feel so much better!!! Not a good weather day here today in IN we are under tornado watch until 7pm and there is rain/hail all around us….this will be a nervous day for me because KY where my Angel goes to school is also under this watch…the pitfall of mild temperatures I’m afraid. This was such a cheery blog and makes me feel better even with the dark skies….think I will make the fritters for Jim he deserves a special treat…Happy Weekend Girlfriends Everywhere!!!!

    • sbranch says:

      Be safe Deborah!!

      • Lori from Maine says:


        • Lori, I just wanted to say hello and tell you that my father was in the Air Force and I lived in Maine for several years and what a beautiful State and we would fish off the bridges and have such a wonderful time…we lived in Bangor and some of my fondest memories of being a very young child include living in your lovely State…..

          • Lori from Maine says:

            Hi Deborah: Hubby grew up in the Bangor area and remembers “outings” of going to the AF Base and looking at the planes. Glad you have good memories from up here – it is pretty special. xoxo from SW Hbr.

      • Thank you Susan for your concern, we live in Central IN and even though we had a very weary day of sirens and thunderstorms here until around 5pm; our fellow Hoosiers in Southern IN were not as fortunate and there is loss of life and devastation beyond belief. One town “Marysville” was completely wiped off the map per the news people. This makes me very sad that people have to go through this and prayers go out to everyone touched by these storms.

        • sbranch says:

          Our prayers go out to them too, just so terrible.

          • Good Morning Girlfriends and thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for all the people touched by the storms on Friday. I am watching the news and just cannot believe how much devastation is in Southern IN and watching the people just roam around looking hopeless makes me cry. I think the count to date is 14 dead in IN and 14 in KY and they are still searching for missing people. I am so thankful that all of my family including my daughter away in KY was also safe. The Lord is in control and we have to trust and believe.

    • Chris Wells says:

      Add to the post and let us know you are safe!

      • Georgie says:

        Oh! How awful 🙁 Prayers are going out to these areas. Yes! Do let us know that you are safe!

  39. Kerry S. from San Pedro, CA says:

    Happy Dr. Seuss’ birthday to all! The dancing chickens and the mini spring banner were perfect for today! Mouth watering for the carrot cupcakes!
    Reading the blog while I also have the Old Faithful live cam open – the OF bison heard is foraging in snow! Best of all worlds!
    Hoping that the storm predictions for the midwest aren’t as severe as earlier in the week. As Deborah said – it’s that time of year unfortunately!
    Best thoughts to the friends across the country!

  40. Lisa R (northern Arizona) says:

    Oh Susan, you must stop!!! I have laundry to do, and bills to pay, and now all I want to do is play! Darling, darling chickies, and I love your petite spring banner! Well, I must say you have motivated me to get my chores done quickly. It’s funny, my girlfriend and I always tell each other “when I’m done with my chores, I’m going to my craft room to play.” I guess we never outgrow “playtime.” Enjoy your day sweet lady! Thank you for your wonderful blog.♥

    • judi says:

      Susan, love the chickies….specially the one with one leg in the air and toes apart, ha! I worked the last two days so I could “play” in my craft room. A rubber stamper/card maker I ended up making 12 sympathy, 7 anniversary and one BIG special birthday card for an amazing guy who will be 99 in two days. Whew, worn out but your happy, cherry blog perked me up – THANKS FRIEND!

  41. Vickie in Olympia says:

    As if you aren’t creative enough, your friends are too! Girlfriends are such a blessing. I’m attending SewExpo in Puyallup, WA (puuuu-al-up) with one of my girlfriends and filling my creative bucket with inspiration. Lots of sewing, knitting, beading, decorating to learn.

    • sbranch says:

      Sounds like fun! Thank you for phonetic spelling of Puyallup — I always thought it was Pull Y’all Up!

      • Vicki- I am taking my Mom and Sistermine to the SewExpo in Chicago (Schaumberg) on the 22nd! I am very excited about it!!!!! Have fun!
        Susan- I tho’t it was Pull y’all up too!

      • Pat Mofjeld says:

        You aren’t the only ones thinking it was “Pull Y’all Up”. My husband lived in Washington State before he moved here and the first time I pronounced it that way, he about died of laughter and has teased me about it since!!! So nice to read this here and know I wasn’t the only one! 🙂

  42. Florence Rozler says:

    love the Friday blog, cupcake picks are sweet, but the yellow bowl and blue bowl are a great fit for my collection, just love them. weather here in Lancaster,N.Y. has been crazy, 30 one day 50’s the next I want cold and sun or warm and sun. Have a great weekend,Pray for all the storm people!!!!!!

  43. Lorie Hartsig says:

    Rushing to the webstore to look for those adorable dancing chickens. They belong on my Easter brunch muffins….thanks for the idea!
    Lorie at Bethany Beach, DE where it was actually 70 degrees yesterday!

  44. Wendy says:

    Love those cuppycakes and the dancing chickens – so, so cute! Also love the banana fritters – such a creative to use my favorite fruit on the planet!

  45. Diana says:

    Dancing Chickens… SWEEET!!!! .. Love the post and ideas!! Am heading on a GF weekend for R&R, wining, dining, shopping, relaxing.. when I get back it will be time to take down the Valentine’s decor and up with the spring… SOOO very cute! Thanks for the inspiration Susan and have a wonderful weekend to all. I think this schizoid weather here in Illinois/Missouri is calming down just a bit!! Had hail this morning and now sunshine… ya just never know!!!
    Diana, Illinois (St. Louis area) !

  46. Nancy Jo says:

    Hi Susan,
    Soooo how do you take pictures while showing us how to put a receipe together, I know you are handy and all but that is very impressive! Cute little chicks.
    Nancy Jo

    • sbranch says:

      My biggest challenge is to remember to get the frosting off my fingers before I pick up the camera! I tie myself up in knots sometimes taking photos — I have one where I’m scraping the excess flour off a measuring cup with a knife and taking the photo at the same time! I showed it to Joe and said, “Look at THAT!” My mother’s words always come to mind: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

      • Susan Joy says:

        My mother always said that too. What about “many hands make light work”? I bet with such a large family your mom was bound to say that sometimes. Thank you again for another wonderful blog. Have a nice weekend everyone!

  47. Carol from Connecticut says:

    You have to do the Chicken Dance around the table when you serve the Chickie Cupcakes! Just in case you don’t know how :
    How to Do The Chicken Dance:
    …and next…
    LOL! … the costumes!!! LOL…LOL…LOL !!!
    Wish I could invite them to my Chickie Cupcake party! They each deserve a cupcake and so does Grandma…..

  48. Karen D says:

    I need some help with something completely unrelated to your adorable dancing chicks. Also the banana fritters sound wonderful, even if I have not lost enough, or any really, of my winter “fluff”.
    In an earlier post you mentioned how you wash your handmade patchwork quilts in the bathtub. I have just recently been cleaning out my grandmother’s house and have found a lovely (but quite dusty) old quilt. I am not really sure how to clean it without ruining it. If you wash it in the bathtub, how do you get enough water out of it afterwards? The weather here in Connecticut is rather dreary now. Will I need to hang it to dry? Thank you for your help with this – I consider you an expert on the topic! ♥

    • sbranch says:

      It will be better if you wait until summer . . . I usually lay mine on the lawn under a tree to dry, it gets so heavy in the water; it’s a big job, but it makes a huge difference to the colors and to the health of the quilt. Here’s a site that has good tips for washing vintage quilts. Don’t be afraid, they make it sound much more difficult than it is. I would never roll a quilt up in towels because at the end, I would have 25 towels to wash.

  49. Karen Saunders says:

    really enjoyed your blog today. i love it when you have your painted pictures. (being an artist i can’t help that being one of my fav parts of your blog!!!!!) i was looking at your web store last night and it’s so pretty, the combination of colors and the things you’re selling. just a feast for the eyes!!! and of course i want EVERYthing!!!!! (as usual.) thank you Susan….you probably get tired of so many people thanking you but there it is….another ‘thank you’!!!!

  50. Mary in Phoenix says:

    Love the recipe and love the springtime thoughts and treats! Its a chilly 70 degrees here in Phoenix today with lots of wind and lots of signs of spring. Going to get to the 80’s and even 90 degrees by Monday … oh my! You spoke of the Country Register. Did you know it had it’s beginnings right here in Phoenix? Barbara Floyd is a neighbor in Moon Valley. Small world. Thanks for connecting us all 🙂

  51. Jennie says:

    Oh- the dancing chickens are adorable! They would make ANYTHING cute! Well- maybe not anything- the litter box that needs changing just came to mind. But almost anything, I’m sure.
    I’m not a fan of carrot cake, BUT you mentioned pineapple in there and now my curiosity is peaked. However, bananas are all around wonderful so maybe we’ll have to do the fritters for Sunday breakfast. Amazing lobster there, by the way! 🙂
    Have a lovely weekend, Susan and girlfriends! We had snow yesterday (Vancouver, WA) and now we may see sixty on Sunday- from lion to lamb in only three days!

    • dottie says:

      Carrot cake with pineapple in it is the VERY best carrot cake, just my bias showing — first had it when a lovely neighbor shared with me in the first home we owned. And then shared her recipe — have made carrot cake that way ever since. Hmmm — carrot cake sounds heavenly — onto the menu list it goes — SOON.

      • dottie says:

        Susan — you are responsible for my getting back to baking much more regularly than I have for many years. Only two of us here at home now though so must ration the treats or big trouble — on the hips, you know?

        • sbranch says:

          I don’t know why I give so many baking recipes! I guess we just like to heat up the stove!!

  52. Pat addison says:

    good morning susan, hello everyone!!! love the cute dancing chickies, and its peep season here , well the beginning of it. the hens are fussing over who will be eggsitterin’ on the eggs for the first round of new baby peeps. means spring isn’t too far away, my daffodils are coming up, my tulips and crocuses are all coming up and i keep on finding more little patches of bulbs that are coming up and i know i didn’t plant them there. our snow is past and heading east so you may be getting what was our storm. off to go check on the hens and see if any eggs are in need of being gathered. helps me keep track of what nests are in use for eggsitterin’!! have a great day everyone, stay warm and comfy. hugs…….. 🙂

  53. Brenda says:

    I have been enjoying your blog posts and Willards for sometime, but never as much as I have the past couple of months. I had breast cancer surgery in December and I have just started chemo treatments. Whenever I see your fun posts and beautiful pictures, it always brings a smile. Thank you for all you do.

    • sbranch says:

      Stay strong Brenda, this too shall pass. xoxo

    • Martha Ellen says:

      Take care of yourself Brenda. Sending you best wishes! ♥♥♥

    • Karen P - Wisconsin says:

      Saying a prayer for your today, Brenda! xoxo…kp

      • Lori from Maine says:

        Brenda, I had BC at 29 and 41. I’ll be 58 this month, and I’m healthy as can be. It’s scarey, but know that you’re being sent loving, healing thoughts by all the girlfriends who are reading your post, plus many other people, I’m sure. Focus on the beauty of the season, and on getting well. Peace to you sweetie. warm xoxoxoxo from SW Hbr.

        • sbranch says:

          Love us girlfriends!!!

        • Dorothy Ann says:

          Hi Lori from Maine! I am so happy to meet and reply to you via Susan’s delightful blog!

          So, from my little corner of the world on Cougar Mountain in the Pacific Northwest, to yours on the beautiful coast of Maine, Hi.

          I read your 3/1 post to me and I just had to reply and tell you how sweet it was of you to do that!

          You asked about Cougar Mountain. Yes, do check it out on the Internet. Cougar Mountain is in the westernmost part of the highlands of the Issaquah Alps. Besides the Cougar Mountain Regional Park, forested land filled with tall-majestic Pine Trees, crystal lakes and waterfalls, Cougar Mountain is home to many neighborhood communities, such as the townhome where my husband and I live.

          You are so right! Connecting with you and the girlfriends from all over the country is fun!

          So, how was your first heavy snowfall? It must be so picturesque…Maine is absolutely a scenic wonderland!
          Both my husband and I are originally from the east coast, New York, and we vacationed many times in Maine. Soooooo beautiful.

          Wasn’t Susan’s “Playtime” Blog a delight today? I just love her art, books and I guess everything that she puts her SB “Heart of the Home” logo on.

          I clicked the reply just below your 3/2 post, so I hope you receive my reply. I would like to add, your post to Brenda was so sweet and I know, telling her of the challenges you, yourself, met, will mean so much to her. It will give her the added courage to continue her fight and meet her own challenge.

          P.S. If you want to exchange direct e-mail addresses, perhaps we can ask Susan if and how we can do that.
          Love from Dorothy Ann on Cougar Mountain.

      • Brenda, wishing you sunshine and lovely flowers to see you through this journey….Blessings

      • Elizabeth from Pasadena, CA says:

        Praying for you Brenda. It’s tough, no doubt about it, but your life will change in beautiful ways too!

      • Laura says:

        We are with you Brenda! Xoxoxoxo

    • Carol C says:

      Hi Brenda! Just finished chemo on Dec. 22 for breast and ovarian cancer. Am now finishing up radiation treatments! It’s not for sissies but it does get over! I’ll be praying for you. How many treatments are left?

      • Dorothy Ann says:

        Hi Carol C..I am happy to say a little “hi” and meet you via Susan’s lovely blog connection.

        I just want to say how amazing you are…so strong and brave too. From my little corner of the world…to yours…
        take care and you will be in my thoughts for a swift and healthy recovery.

        Love from…Dorothy Ann on Cougar Mountain, Washington.

      • Brenda says:

        I will have my second of six treatments this Monday. I will have radiation after that. Then I will take one of the drugs like tamoxifen for five years. Thank you all for your comments and prayers. I never expected to hear from so many people. I had never posted before and I just wanted Susan to know how much I enjoy her site. It was such a wonderful surprise to see all of your posts. Thanks again, Brenda

        • sbranch says:

          Lots of people have gone through this, they survived and thrived and have told me that it changed them in wonderful ways. That’s my prayer for you. One day at a time. xoxo

    • Chris Wells says:

      Keep happy thoughts, you are in our prayers. LOL (lots of love!)

      • Georgie says:

        Oh Brenda! Stay strong! You will be surprised at just how much strength you have. I’m a breast cancer survivor too. 12 Years now. Soon you will reach 1 year. Set up milestones and celebrate each one with a Hip Hip Hurray! <3 I agree… Susan's blog is full and overflowing with smiles and happiness! Prayers are coming your way!

    • Josie A says:

      Sending good, healing thoughts your way, Brenda. And when you are feeling down, remember there are a lot of girlfriends rooting for you!

    • Dorothy Ann says:

      Hello Brenda!
      I am so very happy to “meet” and reply to you via dear Susan’s Blog.

      I, too, love Susan’s posts and Willard and her extraordinary art and writing talents. Reading her Blog is so much fun, isn’t it?

      I read your post today and I so wanted to say a little “hi” to you, so here I am. Since December you have certainly been faced with a serious challenge and you have been strong through it all. Now as you start your follow-up treatments, you will have to be even stronger, and you will.

      Take care, continue to smile, as you wrote in your post today, and just know you are in my thoughts for a swift and healthy recovery.
      Love from: Dorothy Ann on Cougar Mountain, Washington.

  54. Susan Havey says:

    I just came in from putting up my St. Patricks decorations and found the cute dancing chickies on my computer. What a cute idea and so nice to see with snow still on the ground here in Spokane. You are so clever and have such creative things on your web site. I cracked up at the “lobster on ebay” comment. You probably would actually make money if you sold it. Don’t you think Jack would like it??
    Thanks always for smiles, laughs and great fun things to do.

  55. Susan in SC says:

    What a fun “blog read” this morning. I think I’m beginning to catch the aroma of cupcakes and fritters coming from kitchens all over the country.
    The lobster fritter really caught my eye, because just this morning while making little silver dollar pancakes, I found that I had made a “bumblebee pancake!”
    So thankful for the small joys sent my way that put a smile on my face.

  56. How fun is that! I took a break from my seemingly endless packing to look to see if you had posted anything new. And you had! So I had my mini-break. Thanks. Love looking at the pics. Cannot wait to get to my new home and start living again and cooking and baking and decorating. But your blog keeps me inspired. THANKS!!! 🙂

  57. Kimberly says:

    Hi love your cute little chickies!!!! Can not wait to try the bannana friters. Have you seen the last pottery barn kids cataloge? It has so many peter rabbit decorations. I just thought of you and thought you should take a look! Hope you have a lovely day! P.S. Thinking of Brenda keep the faith…Brenda from your comments. 🙂

  58. Christie Ray says:

    Oh, I LOVE the adorable dancing chicky chicks…that’s what me and grandson call them:) And tell Joe…our rule around here, is you turn your head before you roll your eyes!! LOL!! My mother has scolded my brothers on many occasions, for not turning their heads, first, when I’m telling my stories of all the fun I have:))
    The banana fritters look heavenly delicious!
    Husband called, and they’re letting schools out early due to storms and tornado possibilities…thanks for remembering me and little 2 pounder, Scout, here in the little white cottage. We DO NOT want to leave our “little Kansas”…
    Hugs and blessings…

    • sbranch says:

      Stay safe!

      • Christie Ray says:

        Thank you…we made it through fine, but the county we just moved from was hit pretty bad…so we are thankful to be all in tact…and all our little blooming things made it through the strong winds.
        Today, I received the teeny tiny Peter rabbit books…I had no idea they were THIS tiny!! My goodness they are precious! Xavier saw the dancing chicky chicks and wants me to make the cupcakes for easter;)) So back to your store I go..
        He also looked at your calendar I have hanging in my studio…he said Grammy where is my birthday (february got flipped to march…so I had to turn it back.) then he asked where was the little balloon..for your grandma’s birthday…yes he notices everything…so we turned it back to January. He said, Grammy, they forgot the other numbers…what?.. He said, you know…firty two firty free firty four…. Lol! Cracks me up! He sure loves you, Dear Sue!
        Grammy Christie

        • Christie Ray says:

          Oh, best news of all….I received my welcome letter and 3 photos from the friends of Gladys Taber. The march newsletter should be coming soon, as well:)))
          Thank you again for introducing us…I soak up her chock full of wisdom, and I love that she loves all things domestic…”gathering up things about the house for a load of laundry”…I do the same thing!
          I’ve also received 2 of the little Betsy Tacy books I ordered…precious!

          • sbranch says:

            You are surrounding yourself with all the accoutrements of creativity! At least that’s the way I see it!

        • sbranch says:

          What a little cutie!

  59. Carol W. says:

    The ‘chicks’ are such a cute addition. When I make cupcakes and their done baking, I think I’m done. Not anymore!! Thank you for all your cute ideas. I like Carolee’s idea about a magazine!! You could use more to do anyway, right!?!?
    Carol (Daisy) S.E. Wisconsin

  60. Idelsy Rebozo says:

    Hi Susan – What a yummy and easy recipe – do you recommend another fruit or filling instead of bananas? I would love to make these, but my daughter is allergic to bananas. Thanks!

    • sbranch says:

      I would hesitate to recommend anything without tasting it first . . . but if I was going to try anything I would core an apple, and cut it in thin rings, dip those in the batter and fry.

  61. Tina in Ky says:

    Yummy!!!! Your are right. Susan….. those Chicks seemed to be Dancing to the musica!! 🙂
    Storms here in South eastern Ky. today.. Nothing severe in my small community
    ( just LOTS of heavy rain earlier) but surrounding areas have been affected some.. Strange Winter weather and now Strange Spring weather (even tho Spring hasn’t sprung yet!) More severe weather tonight tho!! Everyone take care!!

  62. Dina Meador says:

    Susan, yes it is Spring here in Texas with Texas Mountain Laurels blooming with blooms that smell like Grape!!! You just walk down the street and the fragrance is beautiful! I wish I knew how to take a photo of the blooms and send it to you. They are beautiful!

    Thank you for the precious dancing Chicken idea – I love it! How cute for a child’s birthday party……………

    Stay cozy! Dina

    The fritters look wonderful! I bet apples could be substituted for bananas if you apple fritters. I’m getting hungry now………………

  63. Terri from Swansboro, NC says:

    Just went over to Country Register, loved the goodie you have there! I printed it out and have it in a place I can see it while I work! Love the quote on it… “Seek not outside yourself – Heaven is within.” That has caused some thoughtful reflection! actually the whole thing has caused some reflection! LOL! And esp. on this gray dreary day here in coastal NC… anyway, that was rambling wasn’t it, just wanted to say THANKS!!

  64. Betsy says:

    Those carrot cake cupcakes look wonderful! I think I’ll make them for Easter! And your dancing chicken toppers are the perfect accent!

    yum to the fritters! oh my!

  65. Angie(Tink!) says:

    Tis Friday Sweet Sue….Let The Weekend Begin!…Oh I Love The Dancing Chickies as Cupcake Toppers! Beyond Cute!….& Those Banana~Fritters Oh Yum!….You are so Right about This Crazy Weather all Over The Country…The World too….Yikes….Here in Fl…it’s 82 (Too Warm) but a Storm is Brewing then another “Cold~Front” is coming to Cool Us Back Down in the 60’s….(Yay!) See Crazy Weather..Keeping Everyone in My Prayers who have to Deal with those Horrible Tornados…Time for Me to Go Out & Play….The Strawberry Festival Has Begun…Herbster & I are Headed their on Saturday..Strawberry Shortcake Here We Come! Twirling into ♪♥♫ Strawberry Fields Forever ♪♥♫ Yummy! Wishing You Sweet Sue & Joe & Girl~Kitty & Jack The Most Fun Weekend! ( & To Everyone ) Stay Safe & Enjoy! xoxo Poof! ♪♥♫ 🙂

  66. Buzz'n Bea says:

    Darling,darling, darling! As always love your blog.

    Do you have something coming up for St. Pat’s? Having friends over next Sat. as the 17th did not work out. Looking for something clever, and you are the most delightful, clever, person I know, figuratively speaking.

  67. Mary S. says:

    Yes, they are ridiculously cute!!!!!
    This whole blog made me laugh and laugh!!! Especially this: “Now I love them so much I want to poke them into everything!” And the lobster fritter!!!! 😀

    Mary S. from Fresno, CA

  68. Marie (Long Beach, CA) says:

    Wonderful, creative, inspirational, precious, post!!! Is your BFF Elizabeth enjoying all the fun with you? Hope you’re enjoying your time together! Can’t wait to decorate for spring. Asked my husband to get my box of decorations down from the shelf in the garage. You are such an inspiration Susan!!! My prayers are with you Brenda.

  69. Gail says:

    We make fritters this way and I highly recommend with very ripe peaches ( bananas or pineapple works well, too). Make usual pancake batter, add in fruit. Make fritters about 3″ across on griddle, just like regulr pancakes only smaller so batter cooks thoroughly. Yummy in the tummy.

  70. Kimi says:

    Hey Susan
    I just loves the toppers! this is very cute and just in time for EASTER-YIPPI
    The cupcakes look sooooo good but even better with the toppers on them just brings such personality to the little cakes you know something this can go into others things too like baby showers, weddings, Halloween, Christmas, Easter too! hey 4th of July! lets not forget that! You are a inspiration Susan!!!! and a lot of fun. One thing for sure we are all grown up but its still fun to be a kid! Young at heart and loving it… and you!

  71. Linda Pranckus, Illinois says:

    Loved the dancing chicks and the banana fritter recipe.. My Mom would make plain fritters with powdered sugar when we were young; loved them! On another note, just received the Gladys Taber Stillmeadow Cook Book, and in the intro, she mentions her mother’s friend named Alma. My mother’s name is Alma; my Mom passed away last July at the age of 98. We miss her terribly, but your happy spring recipes and decor really brightened my day. Thank you!!

  72. Patty says:

    Hi Susan, I am a daily visitor to your site. Usually for a breath of fresh air that fills me every time I am here. Today is my first time posting a comment. I thought I would let you know one of the many reasons I come to visit…..I love mixing bowls and have a small collection. I love looking at your mixing bowls you have in the many pictures you take while you are mixing something yummy! I ooh and ahhh at them and, of course, at the yummy treat you are mixing up as well! You bring much sunshine to my day, even if it’s raining outside as it is today here in Michigan! Blessings to you!

  73. Sandy Richmond says:

    What more appropriate place for a banana fritter lobster to show up than on the Vineyard? Just perfect! I’m all for a Heart of the Home magazine too…
    From Attleboro , MA, where it looks more wintery today than it has all winter!

    • sbranch says:

      It’s beyond gray here, all the way to beige.

      • Pat Mofjeld says:

        Well, it is white here–we got about 6″ of snow Wednesday. But highs of 40 Monday and 50 Tuesday so won’t be around long… 🙂

  74. Sarah says:

    Oh, how I LOVE that batter lobster. 🙂

  75. Brenda says:

    Love the Country Register! Always pick it up. Has great recipes and all our favorite places to hunt down fabrics and yarns! I did see your article and am glad you have added the recipe!

  76. Jane alexander says:

    Oh my goodness, these are the cutest cupcake anywhere!! I love them, and can’t wait to make some and TASTE them. Sometimes I wonder, how did I get so blessed to be your friend, and get to watch you cook, and enjoy your home. Wow. Such a blessing you are to ALL you girlfriends.
    Blessings to you and Joe,
    Jane Alexander

  77. I saw SB in my google reader here at work and decided to wait until after lunch to read it- On my way out the door to the bank twas raining with a little sleet. Ran into the movie store- somebody, (not mentioning any names but her initials are Susan Branch ) got the Spring song stuck in my head so I stopped to get Seven Brides for seven Brothers. On the way out, it was snowing- or something- it was like someone opened a million beanie babies and little white dots were everywhere! by the time I got back to work it was snowing little bitty flakes and then now they have turned into big fluffy feathers! I got a cuppa and sat down to giggle about your dancing chickens and dream of banana fritters. Thank you for a bit of warmth on this damp and cold day! BTW my poor camera has seen its fair share of frosting as well! Yippee my boss just called and said I could go home early! I have a quilt to work on tonight while singing Spring!!

  78. I LOVE the cupcake toppers! Thanks so much for sharing, it brightened this midwestern rainy/cloudy day!

  79. Linda P says:

    Oh my!!! that banana melted in my mouth!!! Going to my daughter’s soon, I’ll have to take along the recipe and have a tea party with her and my grands!! How fun!
    Love the cupcake holders and chickies, and Peter Rabbits!!!
    Miracle lobster cracked me up, but not as much as the visual of Joe rolling his eyes, like my Mr would have!!! Enjoy the week end!! xo

  80. Lisa Loch says:

    Susan….I just love your sense of humour! 😀

  81. Wendy Louise says:

    Oh My Gosh, Susan you are just as cute and adorable as your cup cakes and your fritters especially the lobster one. You give me the biggest smile on my face and I Love Lucy, well when I have trouble sleeping at night she just puts me to sleep with a smile on my face. Her at night , you during the day, I have one perpetual smile on ! Thanks for the warm and cozy, we got 8 inches of snow up here and it is beautiful ! Gonna melt and be spring next week, don’t you just love New England! OOXX

  82. Nancy says:

    Love the chicken toothpicks ….so cute. Also the banana fritters look so good. Now I’m hungry. Am going to run not walk to the kitchen….


  83. Janie Phillips says:

    They’re so cute! I can’t eat cupcakes – sigh – but I know two little girls who can and will, so I’m very tempted by these little darlings.

    Need I say my heart skipped a beat when I saw your spring banner made another appearance? You should see the ear to ear smile on my face 🙂

    Lol, the lobster fritter. Love you, Sue. xoxo

  84. Holly says:

    Yum! I’m waiting for the carrot cake though! The dancing chicks are just too cute. I know that look Joe gave you, I get it here too, when I make doll clothes, or set up the doll house for the grandkids! The storms are really bad here in Indiana. We just had rain & wind, but down south of us, people died, and lost their town.

  85. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Hello Susan! Those dancing chickens are sooooooooooo cute…..they could be doing the polka!!!! This morning as I picked up the newspaper off of the front porch I saw two robins walking side-by-side up my neighbors front walk……it was so cute, as though they were a couple coming to say “hello…we are here to visit” !!!! We are getting heavy rains in Dearborn, MI today, and the temperatures will be dropping this weekend…oh boy, back to winter 🙁 I hope my daffodils, that have poked through several inches from the ground will not get shocked by the cold weather coming. Thank you for adding sunshine to my day, I always know that I will smile when I read your blog. You are an angel!!!! (P.S. My college-age son adores Jack and Girl Kitty. He enjoyed the most recent photos you posted of Jack, and it made him laugh and chuckle!!!! ….which was a quick pick-me-up from his college studies…..when his head is in the books, and I ask if he has time to see what Susan Branch has posted about Jack and Girl Kitty, he is quick to take a break to see what those special cats have been up to!!!!) Wishing you a great weekend!!!!!

  86. Rosemary H says:

    Banana Fritters!!! I think I’ll make some with the grand-daughters this weekend!! I am so glad you’ve shared your special treats with us all…Happy Spring to all of Susan’s Dancing Chicks friends! from Sunny California…where we’ve hardly had any winter weather in the Sacramento Valley!

  87. Cindy Maulin says:

    hi susan…an uplifting inspiring springtime post arriving at a most suitable time as our area as yet again been victim to the casualities of spring…thank you for thinking of the midwest….st. louis was lucky this time..but many friends and family in Buffalo, Branson and Lebanon, MO weren’t. Also..towns in IL and IN hard hit….we are praying for all. Love love love the cupcakes and toppers..adorable and grandkids will go crazy!!! I think the cupcakes look absolutely delicious….carrot cakes are my very favorite….the chickens dancing remind me of that old “Duck Dance” that people do at large parties and dances…quack..quack…quack..quack..!!! happy week-end susan..xoxo love, cindy

  88. Pigeon's Mom says:

    no they needn’t be any cuter! the sassy one up front with the purplish (?) hat/orange pom is my fave. cheeky chicken…

  89. Jeanette says:

    Susan, What a tweet post!! I was just clucking with delight over your chickies and delish cupcakes!!! Flapped my wings and jumped for joy! Okay, I know, enough. I just couldn’t resist. Thanks for starting our weekend with this over-the-top cute post! Hope your weekend is delightfully, fun and cozy. Hugs & Love, Jeanette

  90. Georgie says:

    Thanks Susan! Happy Weekend Girlfriends! Dancing Chicks! What adorable cuteness! As soon as I saw the picture I thought of Dancing “CHICKS” Us… Girlfriends… Dancing… Smiling and Laughing at our Silliness. A Party for no reason at all except that we ARE… in spite of ups or downs, joys or disappointments. We are vessels of JOY with our smiles, our words, our phone calls, emails, letters, BLOGS (Susan… yes that’s for you!).

    We are coming up on celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary on the 16th!!! Lots of ups and downs rolled up in those 16 years. This milestone makes me want to throw on a party hat, kick up my heels and be a happy Dancing Chick!

    Thanks Susan! Happy Weekend Girlfriends! Viola!

    P.S. That fritter batter looks like you could use it for squash blossoms too! YUM!

  91. Dinahsoar says:

    The dancing chickens are the cutest….love the Peter Rabbit toppers too…in fact they are all cute. And the banana fritters look delish….too hot here in the hills of TN to eat any right now but one chilly rainy day I will make some. And who said not to play with your food?…our moms?…right—but playing with food is fun isn’t it?!!

  92. Mia Sophia says:

    I was feeling down until I saw your pick-me-up blog. The “party chicks” are just delightful! Made me smile. And though you made carrot cupcakes (love them too) I have been dreaming of red velvet cupcakes so I imagined that was what was under the cream cheese frosting! Another California girl from River City…Sacramento home. My heart goes out to Indiana…

  93. Kirsten Anne Wichert of So. Calif. says:

    This is (the banana fritters) one of my favorite recipes from you. Isn’t it in your very first book? Anyway, my mom used to make these but I never got her recipe. So, yours is perfect. I’ve been using your recipe for years! Yummy. I can taste them now! Must go buy bananas…….
    I love, love the dancing chicks!!! You are so smart to show us because at first I didn’t think the sets of toppers were so cute……silly me! They are just adorable!! Again, it’s the “little things” that make a difference. The extra effort is worth it. Thanks, Susan.
    Oh, btw, tomorrow our weather is supposed to be 75 to 80 degrees!

  94. Charlene says:

    Those chickies are so cute! I love the pansy ones too. I’d get them if I didn’t have a 9 year old boy who is very particular about things looking too girly lol! So the chicks may be the answer. Speaking of shopping… you wouldn’t know if that lovely tea for one lavender teapot and cup might ever be back in stock? I fell in love but took too long to decide. Oh and speaking of tea, Susan what is your favorite tea? I see your pictures of you making it and I’m curious what you drink.

    • sbranch says:

      I love Earl Grey with Lavender in it. I normally drink Earl Grey in the morning — and save the one with the Lavender in it until 4 o’clock — I call it my dessert tea. Loving it and drinking so much of it, I went on a hunt for an organic earl grey with lavender, and I found it … and we’re going to have it in our web store really soon. Yes, watch the store next week, we’ll be getting in another one of those tea-for-one’s, we might be getting four — not sure what they can send us.

      • Charlene says:

        Oooh the tea sounds lovely. I can’t wait! Also, next time I see the tea for one I’ll order right away. I’m so glad your store is trying to get them in again. They are so nice and but harder to find than I thought. I tried finding another option online but didn’t think what I found was half as pretty as what your store offered.
        Thank you!

  95. Josie A (Valencia, PA) says:

    It is almost 10:30 pm and just got home after a very long, trying day. I was in a blue funk… just wanted to sit in a corner and paint my tongue black. Didn’t think ANYTHING could put a smile on my face. Then I read about dancing chickies and warm banana fritters with powdered sugar…..
    Such a simple thing, yet you turned my frown around. Funny how you always seem to do that to me. Thanks, Susan!
    (BTW… There is no such thing as too much powdered sugar!)

  96. Cyndi Harp says:

    How fun are those chickens!!!! I love them, they are so cute. It made me smile and felt good just looking at the pics. Joe knows you had to share such a wonderful thing with all of us. Thanks Susan. I enjoyed it very much. Have a great weekend all.

  97. Jo Ann says:

    Thanks for all the springtime inspiration. I’m getting those dancing chicks and the Peter Rabbit toppers, too. No more little ones in my house but the neighbor kids will be getting these cute cupcakes.

  98. Laura B Jenkins says:

    Guilty! Taking pictures of little vignettes around the house…hubs asks, “is that lightening outside?”…no, just my 🙂 Love bananas in any recipe…your fritters look sinfully special…especially your lobstah!! xo

  99. Sharon says:

    SOOOOOO! how much did you post that lobster on ebay for? It is too cute, but so are the dancing chickens. Thanks for writing this blog that is always so fun.

    • sbranch says:

      I thought about somewhere in the ten million dollar range, and then, I settled for just popping it into Joe’s mouth!

  100. Joann says:

    Oh those little chicks are cute!!! They bring out the little girl in all of us!!! Oh….banana fritters. My goodness, they look good!! I wonder how they’d turn out with gluten free flours? Hmmmmm

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