Let’s go Shoe Shopping!

OK, today I’m going to take you shoe shopping!  We’ve never been shoe shopping together before, have we?  Especially not  . . . in London!   Musica?

Rachel and Paul took us to London on the train; it was a gorgeous day; we spent it wandering up and down the streets, window shopping and eating  . . .

I saw this shoe store and just had to go in!  I was enthralled with all these colorful styles, I started taking pictures, saying to myself, “The girls are going to LOVE this!”

The colors were just amazing, and the styles!!!  I was just getting going, when a little tap came on my shoulder and a sweet and proper (pronounced Propah) little English voice said, “I’m sorry but we don’t allow photos taken here!”  SO disappointed.  These were the only two photos I got.  But I do understand!  I took their card, a heart-shaped card of course.  And yesterday, I went shopping on their website . . . and it was so much fun, I thought, well, I can show the girls afterall!  So here goes, just some of what you find in this CURRAAAAZEEE SHOE STORE!

Hello?  Do I even have to say anything?  Isn’t it a little work of art?  I’m not saying anyone has to wear it, I’m just saying, LOOK HOW CUTE!

Have to say it again . . . LOOK HOW CUTE!


 There were lots of high heels, but they had flats and low heels too.  All of them have amazing details, such as the little black and white cording on these peek-a-boo shoes.

And these . . . polka dot heels!  They look like Cath Kidston would have designed them!

Which was closed by the way, when we were in London, but I tried!  I know you wanted me to go!

Back to shoes, look at the lime green toe!  And silver heel!

And these sandals with the tiny heel and giant red rose . . .

And this little sweetie pie . . . quilters might like this shoe!

Ankle straps with flowers!  Precious!

And this silver and linen beauty with a see-through heel . . .

Bright and summery, with a striped sling-back and low heel, and pom pom!

Same shoe, when you go to the site they show you the shoes from all sides . . . here it still looks like a yellow shoe . . . but then ….

When you see it from the front, it looks blue!

Whoever is designing these shoes is having SO MUCH FUN, they all look like fantasy shoes to me!  You know I love to paint shoes . . . if I could have another job, I think it would be really fun to design shoes!

Elegant, pink, silver, exactly the right amount of bling, thin strip of hot pink on the bottom, cool and beautiful.

And this, perfect to wear to a Jimmy Buffet concert . . . see-through heel again . . .

If I was eighteen this IS the shoe I would buy right this moment.  And then, I would take it out dancing. Gold cord!  Black bird and flowers!  Too cute!  I think I would scare Joe if I came out in them now!  For all kinds of reasons!

This one is called Woodstock, look at the little hearts in the heel!

This to me looks like a picnic shoe!  Like it’s both the basket and the blanket you spread on the grass.  But look at the tiny blue and white cord on the heel.

You have to love someone who puts turquoise with red . . . and a little scalloped edge!

Now THESE are the ones I did buy.  They came from another store we found up in the Lake District . . . and I could not resist them, wrapped them up and stuffed them in our bags to bring home.

They had them in green too . . . I found out where you can get these boots on line . . . they’re the Country Boots at www.toggi.com — maybe you need some for winter!

And in case you want to see more, you can find all those other shoes at www.irregularchoice.com.  Because, a little shoe can go a long way . . . If you don’t have a colored shoe in your closet, something exciting in pink, or orange, or purple, then maybe it’s time!  I just bought these purple ones …. they’re on sale, they’re comfy and they go with everything!

We’re the ones who get to wear the cute stuff!

Now I want to leave you with this . . . speaking of people making the world a cuter place to live . . .  in case, for any reason, you could use some cheering up, I think this will do it . . . Hurray for Ashleigh and Pudsey!

Love you, Girlfriends, bye for now!

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307 Responses to Let’s go Shoe Shopping!

  1. mary spring says:

    Oh, my !….I think my daughters would just love this post .. personally speaking , I have a tendency to go for comfort ( and safety , at my age ..)..if I were to choose I would pick the very boots you ended up buying !!! …what fun anyway !!!!!!…

  2. Pom Pom says:

    Wow! Those shoes are over-the-top amazing! Thank you for showing us!
    I do wish you could have gone to Cath Kidston. I love her stuff!

  3. NANCY JO says:

    Hi Susan,
    wow I wonder how many of those shoes he sells? I always think of brown oxfords when I think of London shoes.
    Thought of you today because I posted all Beatrix Potter on my blog. This was a good book if you don’t already have it. The cookie tin I got for .10 cents at the thrift.
    Love all your posts, and it isn’t costing me much to go to England.

  4. Those shoes were amazing! Did you try any of them on….just for fun? I was quite surprised they aren’t more expensive than they are. All very originial–like you! 🙂 And yes, I agree. We do need to make the world a cuter place to live. Thank you for doing your part. I LOVED the Ashleigh and Pudsey videos–made me go get my Gabriel and hug him to pieces.

    • sbranch says:

      I had Ray, Joe and Paul waiting for me, so I had to go and didn’t get to try any on, besides, just making the decision as to which ones to try on would have taken a good half hour!

      • Pat Mofjeld says:

        Gosh, I’m not sure I could even stand up straight in some of those high heels–I might tip right over forward! 🙂

  5. Sandra Gillanders says:

    I can say I have never seen such unusual shoes, ever! Love the ones with flowers or birds on them. Makes me think my choice in shoes is boring. Maybe I should look for something with a little element of surprise, lol! Thanks for the tour of shoes, it was fun. BTW, at my age I would break my neck trying to teeter around on some of those beauties.

  6. Gina says:

    Oh my goodness! I would have gone crazy in there! So many fun & whimsical shoes!

  7. Lynn McMahon says:

    ~ Hi~
    Too darn adorable! I have very small feet and when I wear any thing “too much ” my feet look really small~ some people say ” Look at her cute little feet!” I say “Feet are not cute at any size!” This post brought back memories of my 1975 silver glitter platforms~ talk about stylin!
    Have a great day~

    • Lynn McMahon says:

      I just took another look at the shoes in the first picture~ I need the fruit bowl ones!!
      Watch out Carmen Miranda!

    • Lynn McMahon says:

      I just remembered another pair of my 70’s shoes~ well I actually had several pairs ~of
      ” Earth Shoes”. Remember those circa 1979? They had a ” negative” heel and took awhile to get used to walking ~ almost rolling ~ in them! I still have the burlap bag they came in too! ~Had to trade the silver glitter platforms in for those when I became pregnant~as they were sensible shoes?!! They really were comfortable and kinda cute!
      Have a good weekend~

      • Pat Mofjeld says:

        Were those “Birkies”? I wore a pair of them for a while and developed plantar fasciitis! But they sure were comfortable if that was all you wore–it was trying to go between those and a “normal” heel that did one in… 🙂

        • Lynn McMahon says:

          No they were actually called Earth Shoes~ I do remember Birkies too! I still would rather be barefoot ( or flipflops) and usually am unless I have to wear shoes~

      • Jackie P says:

        I also worn Earth shoes back in the 1970’s . They still make them! I bought a pair just three or four years ago. They took a bit of getting used to again, but the comfort was there. Still come in a cloth bag!

  8. Shoe shopping with my daughters is our favorite! I showed them this post and they loved the shoes too 🙂

  9. Terri says:

    Thanks for the cheer. Love the shoe shopping.

  10. Diana - Highland, IL says:

    Oh MY!!!! I am in love with those shoes… not that I could wear those high heels, but they are gorgeous and I can pretend that I would look every so chic in them!! All slim and sashaying around!! Ha!… Oh, and listening to Michael Buble’ is the icing on the cake!… Thanks for a boost to my day Susan!!! LOVE TO SHOP! LOVE SHOES!! and maybe a new bag to go along with!! 🙂

  11. Anna Limont says:

    You are right, those shoes were so sweet to look at — but– I really must thank you most for the link to the dancing doggy, oh my goodness! What a treat, just too darn cute. When my family was young we were blessed with an amazing dog that looked very much like Dudley, he was he cutest smartest dog ever (in our eyes) — no dancing though but he did lots of tricks for us. Thanks for sharing that clip today. You are really special.

  12. cj says:

    That was just an amazing post. I’ve now got a smile on my face and hope in my heart. Thanks Susan!

  13. Lisa R (northern Arizona) says:

    Such a fun post Susan! and I love how you ended it…..with all of our personal imperfections, it can be easy to say “what’s the point”. I would look dumb if I wore that, etc. The point is, Enjoy life! It is wonderful, and we are so very blessed. Famous last words that always wrap it all up, “Attitude is Everything.” No one can ever walk away from your blog, and not be cheered up; you do more than your part. 🙂

  14. Victoria Miller says:

    Love your Buttons & Bows page (and Doris Day singing it is now streaming through my head). And it looks like at least one of those shoe designers was inspired my Mary Engelbreit — I think I have a vase that would be a good match one of those pairs of shoes. I’ve never bought a pair of shoes to match a vase before, but there’s always a first time. I love the artistic value of shoes, but high heels have to be one of the worst things to do to your feet. And, quite honestly, I have difficulty taking seriously a woman who wears shoes that are clearly not foot healthy. I know women of power consider the wearing of them fashionable, but it always makes me wonder about how much sense someone really has. Men seem to have stopped wearing heels after Louis XIV.

    • Priscilla Palmer from Naples, Florida says:


      I loved your post … had me laughing out loud … buying shoes to match a vase … I had such images in my head! And, yes, I felt the same as you, the shoes looked like they were designed by Mary Engelbreit!


    • Lynn McMahon says:

      I think the ones with the cherries are the ones you are talking about!

    • Marianne in Hidden Meadows, SoCal says:

      Victoria — your comment “….have a vase that would be a good match to one of those pairs of shoes…..” got me thinking (oh-oh). Some of those adorable and colorful shoes may be like stilts as far as footware goes, but what if we stuck a tablelamp pole in them, covered plain lampshades in coordinating fabric and trim and made kitchzy table lamps out of them….cute in an art studio/sewing/craft room? Could enjoy them without actually having to wear them! Am I on to something here or did I fall off my platform shoes and hit my head back in ’73? Hmmm…..

      • sbranch says:

        Wonderful idea!!! They really should be works of art . . .

        • judi says:

          A “lightbulb” 🙂 moment – delightful!

          • Pat Mofjeld says:

            Kind of like the “leg lamp” in The Christmas Story” movie??? 🙂

          • Diana - Highland, IL says:

            Creative minds!!!

          • Marianne in Hidden Meadows, SoCal says:

            Pat — 🙂 Yes, like the leg lamp in “A Christmas Story” (L-O-V-E that movie; watch it every year along with “Bell, Book, and Candle”), but with infinitely better taste — after all, we are The Girlfriends of Susan Branch: Practitioners and Promoters of all things Beautiful, Creative, Loving and just plain Fun! We are NOT the crazy ones, we are SPECIAL, and our love of all things Susan Branch is the inspiration that binds. Have a wonderful day, Pat and Girlfriends!!! (Do check out “Bell, Book and Candle” if you’ve never seen it — wonderful 50’s comedy for Halloween thru New Year’s with Jimmy Stewart, Kim Novak, Jack Lemmon and Hermione Gingold – my all-time favorite!)

      • kare Banks says:

        Oh CooL !
        i have a Cute pair of leapard spot platforms, from who knows when … think i wore them Once. They’ll Be Perfect as matching Bedside table lamps! Wonder if Hubby will mind … maybe for a guest room…..*~*
        Look what You Started Now, Marianne!
        Maybe we hit our heads together while doing “The Bump”!)
        I think this is a Fantastic idea!!

        • Marianne in Hidden Meadows, SoCal says:

          Hi Kare – I think we all have at least one pair of shoes we only wore once — too uncomfortable to wear, too cute to donate away. I’m glad you liked my idea. Maybe the hubbies wouldn’t mind as long as we also made lamps out of old men’s shoes, for the man cave, and the man cave ONLY, I might add? Golf shoes and scruffed up old football cleats definitely aren’t cute, but we need to throw the hubbies a bone now and then ’cause we love ’em and we want to grease the skids for our decorating ideas. Have fun creating, Kare!!!

          PS — I just love all you Girlfriends!!!!

  15. Martha Ellen says:

    What unusual shoes–Like most of the girlfriends here, I would break my neck if I wore most of these! It is fun to dream we are young and can wear them though. The lime green toe and silver heel pair reminds me of Rachel’s home. She would be smashing in them! Have a great day everyone. xoxo ♥

  16. Mary S. says:

    OMGoodness!!! Those are the most adorable shoes I have ever seen in my LIFE!!!! And I love the purple ones you just bought!! Great choice!!

    Love from Mary S. in Fresno, CA

  17. Gail from California says:

    Hi Susan,

    OMG!!! I went absoluetly crazy on this shoe store. I’m a shoe nut! This was so special to see all the different shoe styles and fabrics. How much fun is this!They also carry other accessious too which, I was interested in. I’m on the fence for the Scottie heels. You always bring us so much fun and adventure. I wanted to share how much I’m enjoying your Girlfriends book. Boy does it bring me back in time and remind how much fun the 70’s were. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    • sbranch says:

      So welcome Gail! And good luck on the Scottie heels! You’ve heard it before, but we only live once!

  18. Margot in Virginia Beach says:

    I am in love with the red ones, scalloped edges and turquoise. Arnie would say, It’s so…Margot. The ones with the polka dot heel could be Laura Ashley as well, with all her lovely florals. My son once said, How many pairs of shoes do you need AND your does your purse HAVE to match your shoes??? YES!!!

  19. jeannine leonard says:

    Love the shoes, my girls are going crazy, not that they would or could wear these, considering they are 11 and 13. I am with you at a younger age those black and tan shoes would be a pair I would of had. What a fun time you must of had.
    By the way Emily just mentioned this morning that she hasn’t see Jack in a while, hint hint.

  20. Diane P in N. Cali says:

    Thank you for sharing these amazing shoes with us Susan!
    I like the lower heels, too, and oh! the bags! Scrumptious!

    AND i have a friend who loves (and wears!) lovely (but CRAZY!) high heels, so I shared the site with her too…

    Great post as usual….and Ashleigh and Pudsey made me laugh and cry, wonderful!
    (The perfect video to watch the day before my own puppy goes to the vet for knee surgery tomorrow.(

    Thank you!

    • Carol Maurer says:

      I’m hoping that all goes well with you puppy tomorrow! Fast recovery!!
      Carol M

      • Diane P. in N. Cali says:

        Thank you Carol M! I appreciate your positive thoughts!
        I picked our puppy up Saturday morning. Dr. Bill said the surgery couldn’t have gone better, but now the hard part (the healing) begins. We have to keep her calm (i.e. no chasing of our kitty or the backyard squirrels!) AND she has to wear the dreaded cone-of-shame until her stitches come out. She’s a trooper though! Nothing seems to faze her ~ it just breaks our heart to see her “in recovery.”

        • sbranch says:

          That is so hard to do, watch someone you love not at their best, but it’s all up from now, happy it went well!

        • Pat Mofjeld says:

          Glad the surgery went well. Wearing the “lampshade” seems to be the hardest to our dogs if they have surgery–poor babies don’t understand…

  21. Sharon from Alberta, Canada says:

    What a great shoe shopping trip! As I was going through the pictures, I was imagining what shoe would go with what outfit. Too Fun!!!

  22. viv says:

    The shoes were great fun, but the you-tube video did cheer me up. What a delight to view. I watched it once and my hubby heard me having so much fun he came to see what was going on. Then we watched it again together.
    Even greater than the training for the perfect routine was the love you could see between the young lady and her dog.

  23. Oh I adore crazy shoes but lately have gotten rather boring with my shoes. I need to fix that. Love this post. Cracks me up tho that you cant take photos but they have them plastered on a website. Thank goodness they did so we got to see them. I had a dear Friend here who died recently of Ovarian cancer to young, She LOVED shoes and had many many fun ones. When she died her Husband put on a flyer about her life at her Memorial a picture of her Favorite shoe on the back. Very touching of him to think of that. I LOVED the video of Pudsey and Ashley. Absolutely Adorable. I had tears in my eyes after watching it. But Happy tears. :))

    • sbranch says:

      Very touching … so thoughtful of him to pick something that brought her joy! And just a little thing but so meaninful! Thank you Cris.

  24. Rhonda D. says:

    Susan, my mother is absolutely going to love this post. I can’t wait to show her. She is now 76 years old and has the most fantastic taste in shoes you have ever seen. She’d probably wear most of them. I go to her house and have a fashion show with her footwear. (My taste in shoes pales in comparison to hers). I scrolled down through your post and new instantly that you had purchased those boots without even reading the text. Good choice…they would be my favorite too. Loved Michael Buble’…he is one of my all time faves. My husband travelled with him on a flight to South America recently and got to meet him. Purchased his CDs when he came home and now I can’t get enough of him. I watched the DVD (about the making of the CD) that came with his Christmas CD…he’s pretty cool! Ashleigh and Pudsey? Awesome! Chemistry to boot! Too cute for words.

  25. Jeanne Hedin says:

    I feel like I’ve just tap danced through a beautiful “shoe garden”. They remind me of pretty flowers. 🙂 Thank you for the fun and whimsy!

  26. Beverly Brewer says:

    So loved the shoe shopping and the sweet bonus of the dancing dog was so delightful, too! Recently saw this saying which would apply to all pet lovers everywhere……..”It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them, and every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are.” Anonymous. Would certainly apply to kitties, too!

  27. Priscilla Palmer from Naples, Florida says:

    I’ve always said I love being a girl. And, you have reminded me why!
    We do get to have so much fun with everything we do.
    A whole post devoted to crazy wonderful wild shoes; my favorites (and I could see myself wearing them) were the peek-a-boo wedge shoes with the little black and white cording. Love!
    Thanks, Priscilla

  28. Country Gal says:

    Lovely post and shoes ! I am more of a boot person myself but they are all cute that’s for sure ! Thanks for sharing and your art is always fantastic !

  29. Marie (Long Beach, CA) says:

    What a wonderful post! For some reason, I actually cried a bit when watching Ashleigh and Pudsey perform. They were so precious together! I just love the bond between people and their fur persons! Your new purple shoes look very comfy. Wishing you, Joe and your fur persons a beautiful weekend! ♥

  30. Kristina Moore says:

    Love, love, love, love, love, love LOOOOVVVVVEEEE!!!!!!!!!

    “And that’s all I have to say about that.” (quoting Forrest Gump)

  31. Sarah says:

    I’m not really a shoe freak, but even I can appreciate these little gems. Truly works of art. I had to laugh at the quote about the cork platforms. I had a pair of those in the 70’s and it is a miracle I never broke my ankles. Those things were treacherous! 🙂

    Thanks for the shoe tour!

    • sbranch says:

      I used to dance on a pair of very high backless Candies and did not think a thing of it!

      • Julie says:

        We want pictures !
        Was that in a cage or on a bar ?
        If we search the “Hullabaloo” dance moves on YouTube,
        might we spot YOU doing the “Pony”, the “Mashed Potato” or both ?

        “Candies” were great-
        the shoe heel would hit the sidewalk & your foot heel would smack inside
        making a kinda’ clippety-clop sound when you walked…
        indicative of the “young fillies” we all were…..& still are ? 🙂

        “Candies” for the girls & “Huck-a-Poo” shirts for the boys…

        • sbranch says:

          Never in a cage! And not on hullabaloo, but all the rest!

          • Jack says:

            Yeah all the rest and more … Mom and I talking to you for over an hour, just to get you down off the chandelier!

          • Pat Mofjeld says:

            Am I confessing my ignorance if I tell you I don’t know what “Candies” are/were??? 🙂

          • sbranch says:

            They were just really high shoes, and Candies was written on the side — mine were like sandals with no backs, criss-crossing over the (dare I say it?) toes. 🙂

  32. Karen L. says:

    Oh My! I haven’t seen that much cuteness in one place since the dress up days at my house. Love the shoes. There are a couple of pair for folks that are afraid of heights. So cute. WE use to cover old shoes with fabric and trim to match the dresses we made, but never thought about starting a business. Love this post. Ashleigh and her pup gave me a really big smile. And now all the Comments and memories from the GFs. Just love this Blog! Stay cool but be cute! Pink Hair bows for all.

  33. Thea says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. I want a pair of those Kath Kidston style ones. B.A.D. I wish flowery shoes were more ‘in’ here in the states. I think the world would be a better place. t

  34. Lisa from CT says:

    Loved the shoes Susan! I can just imagine my 5-year-old granddaughter walking around in them in a few years!!! Adorable!

  35. Carol Maurer says:

    Oh, Susan…. You are such a hoot!! I love all the shoes that you showed us! I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing any, but love the colors and designs! Like you, if I were younger, I would deffinitely get a pair.

    Happy day,
    Carol M

    • sbranch says:

      They are so fun to look at . . . little bits of art . . . check out this site!

      • Lynn McMahon says:

        My last comment I promise!! That site was awesome to look at!
        High heeled ballet shoes~ like your toes don’t hurt enough in ” normal” ones~ Yikes!! I am done “shopping” for now~ Thanks again!

      • Carol Maurer says:

        I LOVED the link!! Thanks Susan! Never have seen such out rageous shoes in all my life! Some were really neat, but some were really out of this world. Did you notice that they threw in some mid century shoes that weren’t bad at all to wear?
        Thanks again Susan.
        Carol M

        • Kathy from Heafed to the Fell, Brevard, NC says:

          Some of those shoes looked like they would need to meet OSHA requirements before being allowed into the office—LOL!

  36. Betty Post says:

    Thank you Susan! I so enjoyed seeing those wonderful shoes. They reminded me of something you would find at MacKenzie Childs. I’m not sure if you are familiar with their pottery but their business was near where I grew up and I noticed that their house is for sale. It would be like living in a huge doll house and I thought you might like to see inside: http://mackenziechildsestate.com/index.htm

    • sbranch says:

      Oh boy, you would have to really LOVE that style to live in that house! Interesting! Thank you Betty!

    • Lynn McMahon says:

      So when are you moving???? LOL!
      I did think the kitchen was a little ” under~done” compared to the rest of the house~ a place for the eyes to rest maybe?

    • Julie says:

      Oh dear, mercy me-
      had to “escape” after the first interior views,
      left me NAUSEOUS, head spinning, eyes bleeding.
      Never understood her following,
      yes, a bit of colorful whimsy is one thing
      but it feels like one has fallen into Alice’s rabbit hole-
      hellooo….can anybody hear me…..
      quick, get me outa’ here !

      Hope they find a buyer ?

      • sbranch says:

        Bleeding eyes? LOL!

        • judi says:

          Whoa, sparks going off in my head. Chickens on the bedstead, fish on the chairs……on and on. I could not eat at that table – I would want to play checkers the whole time. LOVE the black/white stripe couch but I would trip on the foo foo in the rug and end up in the fireplace. Verrrrry interrrrresting:) Does make me smile though….and that is a good thing!

    • Diana - Highland, IL says:

      WOW.. Creativity was really let loose in this estate!! Such gorgeous prints and paintings, ceramics, the colors and all.. but soooo very busy…. think I would spend most of my time outside … and I noticed in one picture, with all the ceramic and beautiful paint work, there was a plain old white/beige light switch cover!! REALLY… I would have come up with at least some type of ceramic cover ..but that’s just me!! LOL… It is a gorgeous property though… I think someone should make it into a B&B and do a little “magic” in there!!! Beautiful area too and wineries.. what’s not to love!!! 🙂

  37. nancy says:

    Oh, Susan….thank you for Ashleigh & Pudsey….it was just what I needed after a hard morning at the nursing home with my mother. Loved looking at the “fantasy” shoes! 😉

  38. Bonny ~* says:

    LOVE the boots you bought!! LOVE all the ones on the Toggi website, but it doesn’t look like you can order them on their site. : ( Just ANOTHER reason I have to go back to England! Will you come with me? I need the BEST tour guide EVER!!!

    “Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.” ~*

  39. Pat Johnson of Paso Robles says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!! Shoes to die for!!!!!! They are ALL so cuuuuuute!! Another uplifting blog from me BFF!! And I simply loved Pudsey 🙂 Oh and I saved the purse website because I am going to order something..XXXXOOOO

  40. Pat Mofjeld says:

    I loved looking at the shoes though most of them, with the exception of the cute boots and shoes that you purchased, made my feet, legs, and back ache just looking at them! 🙂 They really are works of art and I agree–somebody had real fun designing them! But I will tell you–I REALLY LOVED that Ashleigh & Pudsey video! Yikes–talk about talent!!! I’m going to sit Fanny and Betti down in front of the computer screen tonight side-by-side in my computer chair and have them watch it and see if they could get inspired! Of course, Fanny will be snickering to Betti, “Yeah, Betti–We’ll do the dance with her like Pudsey did but only if she can carry out wearing a little leopard dress like Ashleigh!–snicker, snicker–we’re safe!!!” LOL! 🙂 Seriously, I love the boots especially! Have a good weekend, Sue and Joe and all the girlfriends! 🙂

  41. Ann says:

    I never would have guessed those shoes were from London. How fun were they! This is one of the reasons I enjoy you so much, Susan. You have such a wide range of subjects you share with us. London is one of my favorite cities.

  42. Sweet Mormor says:

    The shoes are so much fun to look at and dream about! I remember when I could wear higher heels but I have had to pass this wonderful ability down to the younger generation! I still love the darling flats they have now also! I loved your “Buttons and Bows” – I have lost and am still losing weight and I find that it is so very true – we gain confidence from our weight loss and I changed my hairstyle, am buying cuter clothes, look to pretty accessories like jewelry and handbags, and a good fragrance – it just makes you smile more and give off better “vibes” – Ha! We just need to not “forget” ourselves and take pride in who we are!

  43. Snap says:

    I can’t wear pretty shoes anymore…bad feet, but a really bad back. BUT that doesn’t keep me from looking and enjoying! What wonderful eye candy! Loved Ashleigh and Pudsey!

  44. Julie says:

    Love those boots, adorable-
    terrific for everything,
    jumping over mud puddles, romping in piles of crispy leaves
    & trudging through the snow to find that perfect holiday tree.

    Even with the hearts, the Woodstock Shoe
    conjures up images of “Hannibal Lecter”…
    don’t know why, just looks kinda’ creepy & mean.

    My favorite…the blue floral with the polka dot heel
    & lovely, covered buttons.
    Now, THAT is one sweetheart of a romantic shoe-
    soft, pretty fabric…cuddling & wrapping your foot like a baby’s bunting,
    sorta’ like a two-story high, comfty bedroom slipper…I love it !

  45. Elaine Serblowski says:

    Hi Susan. My first full-time job was typing manuscripts for a publishing company in 1966 for the princely sum of $65 per week. My girlfriend and I would go downtown shopping on Saturdays in Toronto at Eatons or Simpsons and think nothing of paying a week’s salary or more for a new pair of shoes. We did this quite often – lots of discretionary income in those days, still living at home. Your post brought back happy memories. Loved the Mary Engelbreit ones with the cherries. Enjoy your new shoes – they’re cute as a button. Happy hugs to you and Joe and the kitties.

  46. Betty Marie says:

    Well, when I think it doesn’t get any better then this….IT DOES!!! Wonderful blog today and oh my what a talanted girl & her dog. Just goes to show what love can achieve. Loved the shoes in the first 2 photos as I could see myself in them.When they got taller, I have to pass, I am to old, but I can look at them and enjoy their beauty. Thanks! Susan, Loved it all and also yesterdays post.

  47. Gumbo Lily says:

    Those are some kind of shoes! I’ve never seen the likes. Fun post! I would buy the boots too — love them. They’d be perfect for our cold winters. I recently bought a pair of purple shoes with hot pink laces. The new Nike Free Run 3. Oh my, what a terrific shoe. It’s so flexible and light! I feel like I’m walking on clouds barefoot!


  48. Such cute shoes! I’d be afraid to wear them…might get them dirty. lol Love your philosophy at the end..so true about enjoying who we are without trying to be 110 lbs. Hugs for all you share…always uplifting, my visits here! 🙂

  49. Kathie Ferko says:

    Hi Susan and girls….

    Loved all the brilliant shoes…the styles, the colors and the fabrics! Hard to believe that I used to wear those platform shoes in the 70’s. I could probably not even stand in them now! Do have 2 pair of Famolare shoes from my collection…could bear to throw them. I paid a fortune for them then and they still look new, even though I wore them alot. Love your boots..now those I could walk in! Really loved to see your page about button and bows…Love the girlfirends book.
    Keep the great blogs coming… any Willards yet to come?

    Kathie from Limerick, Pa

  50. Jane alexander says:

    The shoes were outstanding!!! I have NEVER seen anything like them. Wow, what artists have made them. AND I LOVE your new boots!!! You’ll probably wear them everyday come along February.
    Jane Alexander

  51. Terry says:

    Hi, Susan!

    I love the shoes! I would have the little flat sandals – all three! 🙂
    It was fun shopping with you.


  52. Peggy Cooper from Pueblo, CO says:

    Yowser! I was delighted with the shoes, but after watching Ashleigh and Pudsey, I can’t get the smile off my face. I’m sitting here with my dog Abigail, and she doesn’t know why I keep laughing and hugging her :o)

  53. Paulie says:

    Hello Susan and friends!
    Was that a shoe shopping tour or an art gallery of shoes? Holy Moses Me! So much creativity and all in one place! Loved it…….glad I no longer walk in high heels though I recall once upon a time owning some high heeled sneakers or platforms? Does anyone remember those? they were adorable but funny too! And one did not want to fall off from them for sure for sure. lol……..This blog was so much fun to look at and thanks so much for the shopping tour Susan. You really outdid yourself again.! Enjoyed the day with you! That was fun to do!

  54. Oh how funny! Just when I was thinking those shoes are so over the top and I could never wear them…you show those fabulous boots…AND in GREEN! YES, I said to self…**those** I would buy AND wear. Then, I see those are the ones you bought to wear…fabulous!
    I LOVE Sierra Trading Post; are you familiar with footprints.com? MORE fabulous shoes, marked down to an affordable price. So affordable it’s easy to buy more than one pair!
    Walk on, Girlfriend!

  55. Peggy H. says:

    You just made my day! Brilliant shoes and Ashleigh and Pudsey. Thank you! Peggy

  56. Crystal says:

    Oh my gosh! I though Mod Cloth had the most outrageously adorable shoes around but those take the cake! Thankfully my darling husband completely understands that one of the requirements of being married to a girly girl is a respect for the NEED for pretty shoes. When I unveil new ones his response is always “Shooooes!” Red patent flats, pink snakeskin strappy heels, leopard print skimmers, silver wedges…he shows the same enthusiasm for them all. Even better; he’s very good at weighing with a thoughtful opinion on the ongoing “Which shoes look better with this dress? A or B?” And sometimes even C, D & E! I am a very lucky girl!

    PS: While you were off touring jolly old England we added a new kitten to our menagerie. I think the Jack videos had primed the pump. 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      Congratulations!!! Shoes are great, but a kitty is even better!

      • Crystal says:

        Absolutely! I’m amazed every time I look at her, she shouldn’t be alive. We plucked her out of the second lane of a four lane road in rush hour traffic without getting ourselves killed or causing an accident! A series of misadventures on our trip had us in that spot at that moment so her name was self-evident: Karma! As our vet put it, “she’s feisty!” She stepped right into an existing household of a senior cat (who still thinks he’s a kitten) and two large dogs without a hitch. You’ve never seen anything quite so funny as a 2 pound kitten “nursing” on a 90 pound
        male German shepherd!

        • sbranch says:

          Good SAVE Crystal!!! Everyone in the right place at the right time!

        • Chris Wells says:

          Way cute! The German Shepherd nursing a kitten. I had a male cat that would let kittens do that. You have a wonderful family. And thank-you for the rescue! That seemingly series of misadventures that put you in that spot at that time….is what we call ” a God wink”
          Bless you.

  57. Karen D says:

    Can’t seem to get that UTube video! The link is working but it is not loading – rats.

  58. Cindy Garner says:

    What a great collection of shoes…..Oh what fun to be a girl!!!

    My favorite shoes EVER are the ones designed in the movie “P.S. I LOVE YOU”….the movie was a real tear-jerker, but the shoes were spectacular*…


    P.s. I’m sure Jack and Miss Kitty are still soaking up the love-kisses♥

  59. I ADORE SHOES….and although I would have worn some of the styles you showed us Susan in my youth….I think the purple ones you recently purchased are more of my style these days!!! Comfort, comfort, comfort….and when we are young it is all about the “look”…..and in our later years we pay for that logic don’t we….I also think our feet get wider as we age mainly because we wear shoes that do not constrict our poor feet….how adorable was the video of Ashleigh/Pudsey…and when Simon stands you know you are in….only he would want a Fred Flintstone outfit on the poor dog….that dog was really talented and precious…you could tell he sure loved Ashleigh. OK, Smokee-Mystee (my kitties) off the sofa and one and two and spin and pose…..again!!! I’m being ignored with a look of “have you cleaned our litter box recently”? hmmm

    • Pat Mofjeld says:

      Does the “hmmmm” mean that you haven’t? Better watch out or your kitties will call the SPCA and report you! 🙂

      • Pat, my two over indulged kitties will actually come out wherever I am sitting and just stare at me if their box needs attention….I’m very good about making sure it stays clean (don’t enjoy pet smells)….we have very smart pets (of course)….heaven forbid they have to step into a box with more than one “clump” haha the hmmm was more like who’s home is this anyway?? We have a wooden cat plaque with a cloth insert with this message on the outside of their room door….”The Cat lives here… with it’s housekeeping staff”…believe me they take this message literally!!!! Right now Smokee is below me looking at me like “I believe you haven’t given “us” fresh water yet this morning!!! hmmm

        • Pat Mofjeld says:

          Norm says Fanny (one of our mini. schnauzers) at 10:00 sharp every night has three demands she makes known: 1. Where is my bedtime cookie? (dog cookie).
          2. I want to go outside for the last potty time of the day. 3. I want to go to bed. In that order, every night… 🙂 Who runs the house here, anyway? 🙂

  60. Miriam says:

    What a delightful post!! I LOVE shoes too! Matter of fact, I ordered the Poetic licence – summer hoopla from QVC or HSN (can’t remember which one) a few months ago and wanted so much to keep them (they were absolutely adorable) but they had a very annoying squeak while walking in them and I had to send them back. I love all the creativity in those shoes…..still hope to own a sandal style some day!!!! OMG the video of Ashleigh and Pudsey was precious!!! What an adorable dog!!!! Always such a TREAT to receive your Blog…….hope that you win that blogger contest…..you certainly deserve it!!! xoxox Miriam

  61. Terri from Swansboro, NC says:

    shoes and purses OH MY! As cute as those shoes are and they are over the top, the names were a hoot too! My favorite “Chilly Dog.” Would be tempted to buy the blue with roses “Flick Flack” ones!! LOL! Love, love, love Cath Kidston ~ might have to get one from the fall collection! LOL!! Never need a reason to buy shoes or purses huh? And Pudsey! OH MY that just brought tears to my eyes. And you said it right if we needed something to cheer us for it did my heart SO much good… off to do some more eye candy shopping!! LOL!! That is free and fun!! (for now! LOL)

  62. stephanie says:

    So much fun! I’ve never seen shoes like that in the US! They are stunning!!

    Susan – you MUST get those red oxfords with the blue laces – they are so YOU. Joe?? Are you here? Order them for Susan for the perfect gift under the tree this Christmas….

    We also need a bit of a Jack update… did he grow while you were gone? Did he manage to get outside yet?

    • stephanie says:

      P.S. I just got my order of your calendars for 2013 (I get one of each type!) and they are adorable!

    • sbranch says:

      No, I keep him inside. I just couldn’t bear it if anything happened to him, and he’s so young and flighty, he wouldn’t think twice about chasing a butterfly wherever it went. Next year, when he’s older . . . maybe!

      • judi says:

        Keep him & her in. Our kitties lived to almost 20 and they were indoor cats. They loved sitting by the patio screen and I would line up sunflower seeds outside. The “chippy” would come and eat them and our sweeties would be 4″ from it. Their tails would swish in time together. Sooo funny. They had a happy good (safe) life.

        • sbranch says:

          I’m torn, my other three cats also lived until 20 but they were indoor outdoor cats, they came and went, and were always in at night. We do live in the country, and I’d love him to have that freedom, but I’m told, and it makes great sense, that if you are going to let them out, if you don’t have the mother there to teach the kittens how to behave, then you should keep them in until they are two and have somewhat matured. That’s where I’m at on it right now . . . two’s a long time from now, we’ll see how it feels then. He stares out the windows all day every day, longs to go, but never tries to escape. I think many birdie lives have been saved by keeping him inside this year!!! He wants them so very much!

          • I got my cat, Poetry, from a Rescue organization when she was about 18 months old. They’d found her in the city animal shelter with a broken leg from being hit by a car. The Rescue organization had her fixed up and I adopted her. I had to sign a paper that she’d be an indoor cat, but I didn’t mind (I’d let my previous 2 cats be indoor/outdoor) since my previous cat had been bitten by a neighbor’s cat in MY yard. Too risky to let her out. So we screen in our front porch so she could be out there with us. She watches the birds and is terribly jealous that our dog, Gabriel, can roam our fenced-in front yard, but I just remind myself being a Mom requires tough love. Speaking of Gabriel, though, I had to keep him in for a few days until I could chase the baby bunny out of my flower bed where he’d made himself a little nest. Once I got all the rabbit fur out of the nest Gabriel quit looking for it in my flower bed.

          • sbranch says:

            Being a mom does require tough love, I have to force myself to keep Jack safe!

  63. Linda White says:

    Dear Susan,
    Thank you so much for linking to the clip of Ashleigh and Pudsley! It couldn’t have come at a better time. My husband and I are facing a major life change (we are both seniors.) It has been hard to find something to smile at lately, and watching that girl and her dog dancing together was just what we needed. Thank you for your upbeat website which always makes me just a little better.
    Linda White

  64. pat addison says:

    what shoes??? the pictures won’t come up on my computer, i can’t see the shoes. wahhhhh 🙁

    • sbranch says:

      Uh ohhh.

      • pat addison says:

        whew, fixed the problem, it was our server not the computer. oh my look at all the lovely shoes and i love the ones that look like a quilter designed them. how cute!!!! and i love the idea of a shoe lamp, may just play with some fabric, an old pair of heels, some cording and a lamp kit, and a lampshade and see what happens. a good project to keep me busy. i love those comfy boots, but i need a good pair of dairy boots or wellies for around here. what adorable shoes, it made my day to look at them all. thanks susan. hugs……… 🙂

  65. Nancy in Wyoming says:

    Love the shoes! and the purple ones you ordered from Sierra Trading Post are charming – hope you subscribe to their emails to get the extra %off coupons and notices about free/reduced shipping! we live in Cheyenne, where they have an outlet store, and it’s wonderful to shop there! (I can shop online and go to the store to have them pull what isn’t on the racks – better than ordering by catalog – nearly instant gratification!)

  66. Who knew shoe styles could be so creative! I have no idea which one I would choose, but I love your description of the picnic basket/blanket shoe! Thanks for sharing!

  67. Sue Rideout says:

    Love it Susan! I would have bought the yellow sandals. Too cute to leave behind! 🙂

  68. Trish K from Missouri says:

    I needed a pick me up today, and I didn’t have a SB book with me, so I went to the beginning of the blog. Susan, there was a pillow in your Heart of the Home store, that matches the shoes you said you would take out dancing at 18! It is a brownish pillow, with black birds and flowers! Now I can’t find that post, but it was a match! You really love that pattern! Also, found a recipe for Summer Tomatoes in a July 2011 post, this year we have a garden so I’m going to try it. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  69. Kelley S. says:

    All I can say is, “Wrap ’em , send ’em and charge em!” Absolutely adore this post. The shoes really are art, and why can’t a girl sport some arty shoes now and again?Isn’t funny how women who are total strangers can bond over a pair of shoes at the store? No matter what the scale says, a girl can always find a pair of shoes that brightens her day. Thank you sharing these marvels.

  70. Diane from WA state says:

    I had to snicker at some of the shoes, but I totally LOVED them . What fun! If I was young all over again, I might have the courage this time around to try some of them…..even in public. lol. At this point in life, give me the comfortable, sturdy, solid basic shoe for every day so I dont trip and end up in a cast…. I love window shopping and seeing unique, colorful trinkets and fads and shoes etc, so this was fun!~ Thank you!

  71. Sweet Pea says:

    OMGOSH…I love love love them…I am truly a confessed shoeaholic…they make me happy. I would have had a ball in there!!!
    Thank you SO much for treating us with a quick view !
    Would you throw us the link…might love to do some cybershopping!!

    • Sweet Pea says:

      Oooops! You already posted the link…ooooohhhh
      This link could mean trouble for me:)

      Thankyou Suzy Q for always taking care of us…xoxox sweetpea

    • sbranch says:

      It’s there Sweet Pea, toward the bottom, highlighted, just click and you’re there!

  72. Enjoyed the shoe shopping trip, what wild and crazy shoes! But absolutely adored Ashely and Putz!
    Thank you for sharing!
    I need new shoes!
    Tweet Tweet!

  73. Debbie says:

    Hello, what a wonderful site you have put up. Just to let you know, whenever I feel blue, I look at your happy site and it gives you that comfy, all is okay in the world feeling.

  74. Pamela Jewett says:

    What wonderful, wacky shoes! I loved them all. Just picturing the clothing that would go with them is a past time in itself. I am so fortunate to live in a town with a Sierra Trading Post store in it. I like to go there just to look (and buy ofcourse!)
    Thank you for the Pudsey and Ashleigh link. So many smiles in the audience. There is nothing like a girl and her dog that have a special bond. You could see it in both of their eyes. Adorable.
    xoxo Pam

  75. Anne Rowe says:

    What WONDERFUL shoes! And so much fun looking at them all on your blog! I was reminded of my journey into a shoe store while in Dublin, Ireland in the 80’s…I found the most precious powder blue Victorian lace up shoes with a Louie heel! I knew I probably would eventually find similar ones in black back home,( which I DID ), but in POWDER BLUE???? I had to have them! I wore them to a medieval banquet while at Bunratty Castle, and have loved them and worn them ever since. They are made of glove leather and were stitched in England, and are among my most favorite memories of shopping in Ireland!
    Anne in NH.

  76. Lorraine says:

    What fun to look at all those marvelous creations! I love shoes too – but these days I lean more towards (ahem) comfort. Actually, I was never graceful enough to do very high heels. But its great fun to look.

    BTW – love your boots and thinking seriously about getting a pair. Do they run large, small or just right? I like a comfy boot with room for thick socks. :o)

    Thanks for sharing.

  77. Okay, even I – hater of feet and all things having to do with feet – think some of these are cute. I thank you for putting up pics of the shoes with withOUT feet in them! 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      LOL. No feet. I must remember that!

    • Lynn McMahon says:

      I don’t do feet either! Not to look at or ~yikes~ someone touching mine! Or me have to touch someone’s! No pedicures in my future that’s for sure!!

      • sbranch says:

        LOL, I love people so much, we are so funny! If I point even in the direction of my sister’s belly button she goes hysterical!

        • Pat Mofjeld says:

          I feel the same way about toes…just think they are kind of weird. Necessary, yes, but weird-looking when you think about it…Did God make them smaller (shorter) than our fingers so they would fit in shoes better? Have any of you ever thought about that??? 🙂 LOL!

  78. laurie says:

    my shoes look pretty boring after that! Love the buses, oh they look so cute, there are a couple of the double decker red buses on the American side across the water from us, we sit on the balcony and watch them unload the cruise ship people, I love those buses, I love those shoes too although I would probably never ever wear them, the boots yes, the flats maybe, ha ha, thanks for the great post!!
    Your name came up today at our home, I made a recipe from your sweets cookbook, my kids call it Susan Branch cake. Its a fav in this house.

  79. Eloise Dahl says:

    The shoes are wonderful. Thanks for the shopping trip. My daughter who lives in NYC is known for her unique shoes so she will love to go shopping for all of the ones you have shared. Thanks for all of the fun times you share with all of us.

  80. Brenda says:

    Love it!!!! All of it, shoes, boots and wonderful Pudsey!

  81. Gail Marie says:

    Wonderful post…. Just forwarded it xxoo

  82. Holly says:

    Well …. now I want a puppy!! That video was just great! Thank you for sharing it. And the shoes… amazing! They are all works of art! I loved the cork/hippie shoes the best, and when I was 18 my favorites were very high wooden soled sandals that I painted flowers on to the wood sides. Very far out!

  83. Bev says:

    How FUN! Thanks for much for sharing….eye candy for sure.

  84. Carla says:

    Very fun!
    Thank you for sharing. I loved window shopping with you. 🙂

  85. Sandy from Ca. says:

    WOW! I just love shoes so this was perfect for me. My husband would just the love the ones for a Jimmy Buffett concert since he is a Parrothead!!! Love all of the shoes but my feet would die if I tried to wear the high heel ones now. Thank you for all of the shoes it made my heart skip a beat LOL.
    Hugs from Ca, Sandy

    • sbranch says:

      Maybe the feet don’t work as well as they used to, but the brain still rocks and rolls! 🙂

      • Julie says:

        Now THAT, Ms. Branch is one of your BEST lines, ever !

        Sure hope you incorporate it, into all your artwork,
        cards, calendars, stickers-
        it’s a KEEPER……timeless & right on target !

        Ever approach a company to license your designs
        for their Wellies ?

        Your vineyard scenes, florals, & kittycat designs
        would be adorable-
        talk about crazy…they would sell like CRAZY !
        How about Wellies with your birthday design-
        Birthday Boots ?

        Bought a friend the Wellies with the
        “Licorice Allsorts” design
        & a 5 lb. box of the candy, her favorite addiction,
        to celebrate an annoyin’, neverending divorce.
        I think it did the trick-
        she’s been smiling ever since…
        walking around in those Wellies & pocketfuls of “Allsorts”
        which she instantaneously sorts by color-
        Why, I don’t know…sorta’ defeats the purpose ?

        Funny, she must hide the pink & yellow, coconut-licorices
        because I noticed she offers up all the others
        but hogs those for herself. 🙂
        I’m glad she does, she deserves to be happy-
        she LOVES her licorice & she LOVES those Wellies !
        Licorice in hand & Wellies on feet-
        small things can truly beat down the blues.

        Wellies brighten up the world-
        YOUR designs would really make it shine !

        Some company, Wellington or other
        needs to start negotiating a deal with you, right NOW !


        • sbranch says:

          Aren’t they darling! Altogether like that!

          • Julie says:

            can just see them with your vineyard designs
            & a mustachioed kitty all over them…
            Wellies, slickers & umbrellas ?

            Here’s link to “Licorice Allsorts” Wellies
            for any other licorice addicts out there that want to keep their feet dry:


            and how about this-
            Licorice Allsorts’ necklace ?


  86. Rebecca L. says:

    Well, that was fun. The red (my favorite color) ones with the turquoise ribbon are mine. 🙂

    Dreaming over here in Riverside, CA

  87. judi says:

    What a fun post. Love the imagination of those shoe designers. The yellow sandal is “spiffy” and the taupe/black bird one – I will make a card with that theme. The adorable young lady and her dog, sniff. If that isn’t the absolute eyes of LOVE of each other. Your encouraging vignette of cuteness, YEAH:)
    You are such a great “day starter”! HUGS to you all.

  88. Gail Buss says:

    Dear Susan…………love all these shoes but have to confess that when I see those “high” heels, I’m so glad I’m the age I am and have no need to wear them. I would have “back in the day” though and I think it’s why I now have one bunion! I must say that one pair was cuter than the nest and I enjoyed them all. Don’t know if you have heard of “One Sole Shoes”. I take these on cruises and you have the sole which has a heel and you snap the tops onto them and you can change the tops everynight for dinner/showes etc. That is what I do and it takes up much less room in your suitcase. I love them and get tropical tops and all different tops. I even have a zebra stripe top. Of course, I have a plain black top for the formal nights. Go to google and put in One Sole Shoes. Actually, just went there and they are having a sale……….when I bought mine it came with a couple of different tops and then you can purchase more tops. Mine are low and not like the “high” ones they have. They are comfy too. Can’t do flip flops – can’t stand the thing between my toes! And yes, what a treat to see the Ashleigh and Pudsey show………….so very very cute. I didn’t think you bought the boots, – I thought you bought the purple shoes with the cross strap which I loved and could see they’d be comfortable. Enjoy them……….I can see them with tights all winter long! Have a wonderful day today! Hugs, Gail Buss, Bev. Hills, Fl XXOO

    • sbranch says:

      Those are fun, I like those Santa tops! Naked toes here on the island, most of the year (except for right now!), really don’t work … but for a cruise, they make such good sense!

  89. Susan! Another reason to go to England!!!! Yay! I love shoes and shopping with you was amazing. I couldn’t have loved this post more!!!
    Hurray for Pudsey and Ashleigh, too, ♥ the most adorable dancing act I have ever seen!!! How could anyone go away win a sad mood after visiting your blog????

  90. Cindy Tuning says:

    I can see why some women go shoe crazy. LOVED EM!! Aren’t we lucky we’re girls!

  91. Barb says:

    Hello Sue,

    Happy Friday to you! Such a bright post today with all these colorful shoes. Really enjoyed the Buttons and Bows section and just loved the Ashleigh&Pudsley video……smiles all around here! Have a delightful weekend!
    Hugs & Smiles Barb, Ludlow…MA

  92. Judy from Maine says:

    It’s kinda hot and sticky here in Maine this morning and I woke up kinda cranky. Then I treated myself to a cup of strawberry tea and a sit down to go on your shopping trip. Thank you…after that trip the crankies are all gone. You made me smile, laugh and cry all in one post. You just have to win The Country Living blog contest you are the best.

  93. Gail from Hingham, Mass. says:

    Hi Susan,
    Another wonderful post and I am going to the Shoe Market today! Just loved the video of Ashleigh and Pudsy – both so innocent and adorable. I have been thinking of you and Joe as I watch the Olympics. You must be enjoying the scenes of London. It’s been quite a summer for the British. Have a great weekend. Stay cool. xoxo

  94. Francine says:

    Works of art for your feet! I enjoyed seeing all the different styles! Thank you!

  95. Erin Perry says:

    Speaking of wonderful shoes – check out my wife Margot’s website – sassyfeet.com.. Everything you could imagine for painting and embellishing your own shoes. She teaches workshops all over the west coast and has supplied the costumers for the touring company of “Wicked” and for Cirque du Soleil. Her book “Sassy Feet – How to Paint, Embellish and Love your Shoes!” is in its second printing and has the whole scoop on how to make your shoes and purses the talk of the town. I know, I sound like a proud partner – I am – I think she’s amazing!
    Erin in Morro Bay

  96. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Beginning to end was fun, fun, fun! My favorite buses in the world to “Love you” at the end!!!! I think a pair of those flowery shoes were at Marshall’s yesterday & I tried to convince a lady buying practicle tennies, that she needed the flowery ones! She said she just got out of a cast from a broken ankle & was afraid she might fall off& better stick to tennies!!!! Thank you dear sweet Sue for the blog – top notch as always! Love to you too! And great weekend all!!! xo

  97. Jessie's Mom Aka... Lisa says:

    OMG!!! These shoes!! What is a fancy girl to do??
    I can hardly wait for Jess to see these…thanks for sharing Susan, you make the world a brighter place. Even Fancy Nancy would be amazed at these shoes 🙂

    and…Wow! This ol’ cowgirl might be tradin’ her boots for one of these cute little numbers. Happy Trails!

  98. Jessie's Mom Aka... Lisa says:

    PS ok…I will probably be getting a pair from Toggis instead…but I can dream right

  99. ~Sigh~ Oh to be young again (with young feet that don’t complain) and be able to wear some of those shoes. Just stick me in a plain black dress, and I would be happy if I had those red and turquoise shoes on my feet. I went to their site and looked at them from all sides. The heels are sooo cute! OK. Get over the shoe lust.

    Thanks for showing these. So much fun.

    And the video with Ashleigh and Pudley. Such talent. Sweet girl.

    I just always have a good time when I come here. Thanks, Susan.

  100. Jan says:

    Posted a comment but it didn’t show up? So, if you get this twice I’m sorry.
    My sister would love this store!! She lives in New York and is a shoe, hat , and purse person. I just sent her for her birthday, (among other things) a tape dispenser shaped like a high heeled shoe – gems included, so she can decorate it. Once did a report in school on the development of shoes and shoe styles – really enjoyed it. Loved the post! Sooo artsy!

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