She’s Coming

Good Morning!  Looking for Susan?  She’s coming! But I’m in charge now, so let’s hear one of MY favorite songs for a change, eh?

 She’s busy today so she sent me to say Hello.  All I’ve ever wanted was a chance.

Don’t you LOVE this song!?  I know, I should be the music man around here.  Oops, I forgot,  I have strict instructions not to “talk too much.” (Listen to HER)  I’m just supposed to tell you she’s busy writing a new WILLARD and that’s all.  I think it’s a trick to keep me off her art table.  I “mess things up.”  Just because I throw the eraser on the floor so we can play ball with it?  Is that messing things up?  You be the judge.  Humans are an enigma.

Leave me your questions.  I have all the inside information.  When she’s asleep I’ll come back on little cat feet and tell you how it really works around this place.  Hint: I do the laundry!  I do!  Uh-oh, here she comes.  Gotta go! 

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371 Responses to She’s Coming

  1. Lynn McMahon says:

    Hi Jack~
    Who taught you how to type and use purr~fect punctuation?
    You can come do my laundry anytime too!
    Hurry up and do something cute before Susan suspects anything!!

  2. Treese says:

    Hey Jack:
    You have a relative in Colorado. She looks just like you mustache and all! But, she’s a clever one and quite wily. I have a “safe-trap” to catch her, but so far 2 raccoons, 4 porcupines, too many squirrels to count, but no “mommasita” that’s what I named her. However, when I feed her I can almost touch her now not like before when she would run away when she saw me. Wish me luck Jack.
    Treese/Colorado Cowgirl.

    • sbranch says:

      Meow. xoxo

    • Kerry S. from San Pedro, CA says:

      Treese – they are slippery! Ours has lived inside for 4 years – she loves the 3 males! Her name is Little Bit! She has strict rules for petting & handling! That’s allowed only when she’s being fed or when she’s on our bed with one of her buddies! Even then she’ll make sure she’s near them so I can pet her and occaisionally brush her! I dream of being able to hold her someday!

    • June says:

      Hi Treese,
      I fed a feral cat outside for 10 years. Trapped him once when he was very young to have him fixed and he never got near a trap again. After a couple of years, he did get tame enough to touch (barely). One night I found him bleeding from the mouth. I put an open cat carrier on the ground, then looked him in the eye and said “You know I’m only trying to help you … if you know what’s good for you, you will get in!” He looked back at me for a moment and just walked in! The vet found that it was nothing serious but that all his teeth had to be removed and said that I could not let him go outside again because he could not defend himself. That was two years ago. With much love and patience, JoJo has gone from the feral cat who was called “The Terrorist” by the vet’s staff because he was so wild to the most lovable, most affectionate kitty whose favorite spot is on my lap. So don’t give up Treese!
      June in Southern California (and JoJo)

      • Treese says:

        Thanks for the encouragement Jack, Kerry and June. I will get her yet. I just have to be patient and not be in a rush. I won’t give up.

  3. Suzanne says:

    Ha ha sooooo cute! I know who’s king around your castle and he even does laundry!!! Jack you have to give your mom a break she’s one busy girl! Looking forward to Willard though! ~ East Longmeadow

  4. I am not going to comment on this cute post because I don’t want to distract you from writing Willard! I got my copy of your printed Willards Saturday and have tons of questions now! So I won’t ask you about things like the story of how you came to MV that you never got around to telling us in Willard. I also won’t ask where your website postings “went” before November 2010–that’s as far back as I can scroll on this Blog before hitting a dead end. And if you’re STILL reading this comment, you ARE the procrastinator you say you are!

  5. Kelly J. says:

    Jack! You’re back! Thanks for filling us in, LOL! He is adorable Susan! People & cats were made for each other! Maybe your fall bookmark could feature none other than ‘Jack the Cat’…? Looking forward to the new Willard 🙂 Have a great day!

    Kelly in Eastern PA

  6. Francine says:

    Too cute! Watch out Susan…..Jack will be taking over not only the house, but EVERYTHING!!!!!

  7. Terri from Swansboro, NC says:

    I am singing to myself “How much is that kittie in the dryer?” LOL!! SO cute!!! I was thinking of Willard the other day! WhoooHOOOO!! Smiles to a great first Monday in August….

  8. Pam says:

    I sympathise Jack with what you have to put up with 🙂 Please tell the boss – whoops, sorry, of course you’re the boss – that I’m looking forward to the next Willard.

  9. Terri J. says:

    Oh Jack…oh Jack…that face!!!! I think I’m in love!!!!!!

  10. JudyCnNC says:

    Jack has become very sophisticated looking and “acting”? Truly loved seeing his little face this morning – our furries mean so much to us and are part of our everyday life in so many ways – thanks for sharing and anxiously await our Willards to be delivered. Always fun and inspiring. Judy C in NC

  11. Darlene B says:

    Good morning Jack–so handsome you are!!!<3

  12. Ok Jack – Give us the inside scoop – About EVERYTHING!!! I can tell that you are nosey, just like my Callie Sue – she knows it all!!!

  13. Debbie P Weedsport, NY (near Syracuse) says:

    Good morning, Jack!
    I just love your light hearted, fun nature….you must get it from your “mommy” ~ Susan. Such a sweet way to start the week…only 12 more days until my daughter’s wedding…we are so busy at our house…the excitement is building!

    Thank you for this wonderful blog…it keeps me grounded and appreciative of all the love and beauty in my everday life ~ and helps to keep the stress at bay in the face of our “Big Fat Family Wedding”.

    Oooh, I’d love to pick you up right now and give you a hug!

  14. Betty Marie, Pennsylvania says:

    Good Morning!!
    Well, the post my be short but that isn’t a problem . Just love hearing from you in your little corner of the world, or all abut your bigger corner of the world,” England”. I could never drive over there and I drive on major highways, three lanes in one direction. But roads made for carts pulled by horses and the bends where you can’t see around and they don’t have up a reflectiing mirror,so one can see what is comming is just plain crazy. You are a man of many talents,lucky you Susan…..This was fun…….Make it a great day.

  15. Joy Pence from Ohio says:

    Thank you Jack for keeping us girlfriends company while your “mommy” is busy. Also; thanks for the reminder that I haven’t signed up for Willard yet. I cannot wait!
    P.S. you are such a handsome kitty!

  16. Tracy Jones (Charlton, MA) says:

    Dear Jack,
    This is Kitty and Pumpkin. We rule the roost here, too. Tracy has nooooooo idea-she thinks she’s in charge. HA!

    The Two Black Cats

    • sbranch says:

      Hey Kitty and Pumpkin! Nice to hear from you!

    • Lynn McMahon says:

      Hi guys~
      My person FINALLY got off her iPad! She’s got her nerve saying that I just lay around this place (when she spends SO much time on this blog) I do chase squirrels you know!!! ~ gotta go~ she’s heading back here to the iPad~ must need another blog fix!!!
      Harley the Beagle

  17. Pom Pom says:

    Do some tricks, Jack! We haven’t seen a video of your shenanigans for a while!

  18. Jack says:

    What’s going on here? Aren’t I the real JACK!? The Blogdaddy? And a cat named Jack is getting all the glory! Hey Jack, when are ya gonna shave? You’ll never catch a bird … you’ll trip over your whiskers …. and stop making Sue throw the ball, she needs to work!

    • sbranch says:

      Did I say Happy Birthday dear Blogdaddy? HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one and only original Jack. XOXOX

      • Happy Birthday…Blog Daddy…we all know who the ORIGINAL JACK is believe me; but, Jack the Cat is just so darn adorable so we have enough love for both of you. Enjoy your Special Day!!!

      • Lynn McMahon says:


        • Kathy from Heafed to the Fell, Brevard, NC says:

          Happy Birthday Blog Daddy!!! I’m so glad you’re here—I hope you have a very happy celebration and many, many more!!! XXOXOXOX Kathy

      • Silvia Niomi says:

        Happy Birthday Blogdaddy!!! Leo’s are a good thing.

        I’m a Leo, your a Leo, wouldn’t you like to be a Leo too? Be a Leo….hmmmm Be a Leo. (I really am a Leo and I wouldn’t have it any other way.)

        Jack, hope your birthday was grand 🙂

    • Julie says:

      Who’s your Blogdaddy ? Papa Jack !
      What’s your sign ? He’s a “Leo” to boot !

      A BIG, Wild “Happy Birthday” to Blogdaddy Jack
      & all us other “Leos” out there in this crazy universe.

      Horoscope according to Leo :
      “The month of August produces the most versatile, desirable, loving,
      patient, sensitive, conscientious and entertaining people in the world” !

      Yep, I would say “Blogdaddy” fills all those qualifications & more ! 🙂

      • sbranch says:

        Love those Leos!!!

      • Kathy from Heafed to the Fell, Brevard, NC says:

        I’m a Leo too! My birthday is on the 18th!

        • sbranch says:

          Happy Birthday Kathy!

          • EsSuzy (from South Carolina) says:

            Oh girlfriends, you just helped me realize that my new grandson, when he gets here, will be a Leo! Any day now…XO

          • sbranch says:

            You are lucky, he will be big hearted and so talented. There is only one rule, you must tell him every day how wonderful he is. Then he will be happy and do anything for you. It works like a charm. Both my dad, and Joe are Leo’s, both are wonderful, so it’s very easy to tell them.

    • Deb from Dixie says:

      Happy Birthday Blogdaddy Jack!
      Wishing you a happy day filled with laughter and fun!
      Enjoy your special day, celebrate YOU!
      …and what flavor of Birthday cake are you going to have?

      • Doreen Strain - Florida says:

        Happy Birthday Blogdaddy! Hope your birthday was as special as you are! FOSB 4~Ever! ~ Doreen ~

    • judi says:

      YOU are definitely an original!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! And….thanks for giving US the best present ever – Susan:) We love hearing from you.

    • Victoria says:

      Dear Blogdaddy,
      Hi! HappyHappy Belated Birthday!….and wishing you 364 happy UnBirthdays too!
      Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your comments! Sometimes, you remind me of my stepfather because you say the same kinds of things he used to say… Which always cracks me Up!!!! …. So, just want you to know how much I appreciate you and your comments!!

  19. mary ahearn says:

    Hi Jack!
    I think you would also enjoy the song “What’s new,Pussycat”. Keep up with all your good work!

  20. Marissa says:

    I do adore that mustache.

  21. jeannine leonard says:

    Thank you so much for showing me pictures of you Jack, you have grown. I asked your human to show me some, cuz I missed seeing you. I know she is busy. Did she let you know how I love hearing about you? What a smart kitty you are. Wow, you even do laundry! I have to go now. I hope you have a fun day playing with your toys. We are going to the library. It is a place where you can get books to read. Hugs, Emily

  22. Connie Michael says:

    KISS…THOSE…KITTY…EARS! Jack you are sooooo handsome! Where is your sister??? Love seeing Jack pics again….gosh, he’s grown and is a doll! Thanks! chm

  23. sbranch says:

    I have to butt in here to say that Jack most definitely is not hearing what you say!!! 🙂

  24. Tut and Cleo from Heafed to the Fell, Brevard, NC says:

    Hi Jack,

    Cleo and I are so delighted to hear from you! We had so much fun at your home when we came up for tea and really want you and Girl Kitty to come visit us soon. Please ask permission to come as soon as possible. If that doesn’t work, then sneak out and hitchhike as soon as you can. Our staff will take good care of you.

    We don’t have a Peter Rabbit Room but we have two good recliners that we make our staff leave at night at around 10-11:00. They will make a lovely tent for us out of quilts; our favorite is a red and white flannel one—you will love it too!!!

    We can all help fold the laundry too!!!

    We get snacks twice a day and Cleo loves to cook too. Please tell Girl that I can’t wait to see her again!

    XOXOXOXOXO to both of you from both of us,

    Tut and Cleo


    P.S. You look dashing in the photo, Jack! Cleo

    • sbranch says:

      She won’t let me out. I can’t get out!!! Someone, save me!!!!!

    • Kathy from Heafed to the Fell, Brevard, NC says:

      Editor’s Comment: Personally I do not approve of kitties hitchhiking but as I am only staff, I do as I am told!

      • Tut from Heafed to the Fell, Brevard, NC says:

        OK, Jack! We will have to go to Plan B. Hmm. . . Just what is Plan B. . . Well, we must all give it some thought. . . put the “little grey cells to work”. . .where there’s a will, there’s a way. . .Oh, I know, just follow the ancient CAT signs. . .does the house have a CATacomb?. . .Yes, it does!!! Remember that’s how Cleo and I got in past the guard when your staff were on vacation!!! Yes, use the CATacomb to sneak out! Don’t let your Mama and Papa see you or it will be a CATastrophe!!!

        Cleo says to use only Volvos like you see out your window in the driveway so you’ll be safe! We lived off CATfish and
        CATerpillars and avoided the CATtle. Cleo says to eat CATtails for your veggies. You’ll need a balanced diet for energy. That’s all we can think of for now. Please let us know your day of departure. We will pray for your safe travel and keep a lookout for you!


      • Tut from Heafed to the Fell, Brevard, NC says:

        Oh, and we mustn’t forget the CATamounts when you get to WNC! They are great big huge giant cats and they would eat us or breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner. Stick to the main roads when you get into North Carolina!

  25. Laurie Walt says:

    Sneaky Jack! Now bring your mom a cup of tea!

  26. My Maine Coon kitty, Victoria, thinks you are so cute!

    Okay, dish us the dirt… is Susan really as nice as she seems? You can tell us, cats know better than anyone what the people they own are really like. 😉

    • sbranch says:

      She’s OK. I wish she wouldn’t try to kiss me so much. It’s kind of icky. I have things to do. But I can always wriggle loose and run, she’s very slow.

      • Julie says:

        What’s going on in that second photo ?
        Looks like you are either,
        helping your Mama with her filing
        she caught you rifling through her personal files-
        trying to see if she inked your name on any of her
        insurance policies
        or were you just looking for a mousemate ?
        Remember, put your paw
        on file “I” for insurance policies or M” for mousemate
        and then run like the dickens before she catches you ! 🙂
        The world LOVES a good cat burglar !

        • sbranch says:

          I’ll have to answer that, Jack will feign innocence. You can’t see it in the photo, but he is stretched out ON the Willard. Don’t tell him I told you.

          • Julie says:

            Oh, so that’s the deal-
            stretched out, coveting the goods,
            sorta’ like giving Willard his “Seal of Approval”.

            Reminds me of that photo,
            you posted on twitter this past weekend
            of sweet Petey, languishing in
            a sea of cucumbers on your kitchen table.

            Something tells me, in another life,
            instead of swabbing decks-
            Sailor Boy Petey really wanted to be the
            joke telling, lounge singer on a cruise ship.
            He’s kinda’ got that Dean Martin, Rodney Dangerfield, Popeye vibe going on-
            ya’ know-
            smooth, funny & a bit odd-
            the kind of guy who always leaves with
            the prettiest babe on his arm. 🙂

            BTW, your floral bouquets were as beautiful,
            as I’m sure your Cucumber sandwiches
            were wonderful !
            I’m sure the party was a smash !

          • sbranch says:

            The party was so beautiful! Outside, under the trees, in a garden. A lovely evening. And yes, I think, when I’m not looking, Petey is chewing gum!!

          • Julie says:

            HA !

            Oh, that Petey…..what a RIOT !
            Better that-
            he’s chewing gum
            than rollin’ & smokin’ Wacky-Tobaccky ! 🙂

  27. Jack, you are learning very quickly “grasshopper”….now take my advice and work with your Mom and I’m seeing a “Meow Mail” section coming for you to “Cat Chat” with all of us very soon!!! You are a handsome boy and we all enjoy seeing pics of you and yes your big sis when you hold still long enough for Mom to get one of you in focus!!! I have 2 kitties and we all realize that we are living in your homes so thanks for allowing us this privilege!! Right Susan!!!!

    • Tammy in Colorado says:

      What a great idea Deborah! Meow Mail! How about it Susan? Jack can tell us everything! =)

  28. Donna Ray says:

    Oh, those teenagers……taking over the technology and spilling the family business. And, of course they think laying in the laundry is doing the laundry! Jack is growing up way too fast! Next he’ll be wanting to take the car for a spin…….watch out! Smiling… always, DonnaRay

  29. Patsy says:

    This is Max and my mommy said I could answer your blog. When I was a ittle kittie, I used to help mom with her laundry too and she has the pics to prove it. I am so glad us cats are getting organized to write our own blogs.
    Purrs forever,

  30. Priscilla Palmer from Naples, Florida says:

    Dear Jack,

    ROTFL from your post! Thank you so much for grabbing the computer and taking over … I wish I had a cat like you who could do the laundry! Do you do the dishes and make beds too? How about sweeping and mopping?

    Love you Jack! xoxo,

  31. Julie says:

    Hey, little one-

    Where cha’ get those peepers…
    those great big, beautiful PEEPERS ?

  32. NANCY JO says:

    Hi Jack,
    I have a bear named jack, but he can’t type or do laundry, he also sleeps all winter. Anyway your doing a great job and I looks forward as always to WILLARD.
    Nancy Jo

  33. Kate says:

    Jack, you are going to get fluff dried some day! Be careful.

    • Kathy from Heafed to the Fell, Brevard, NC says:

      Oh, that reminds me of the day I found Cleo clinging to the side of the washer up to her neck in water. Thankfully, I hadn’t switched the cycle on yet and tub was just filling. Disconcerting to say the least! She must have jumped from the floor to the top of the washer, not realizing that the lid was open. She’s much more savvy now!!! Oh my!!!!

    • Jennifer Waltzer says:

      Yes, Jack, be careful! My Ginger used to love to sleep on the warm towels in the dryer. That is until I didn’t see a white cat in the dryer with the white towels, and I closed the door and turned the dryer on because some of the towels weren’t quite dry. Fortunately I stayed around long enough to hear a couple of loud “thumps” and quickly realized those weren’t tennis shoes! She ran out and never went back in.

  34. Cathy McC. says:

    Hey, Jack, great music selection — I remember my mom singing that around the house! Do you REALLY hope that doggy’s for sale?
    I recently visited our local animal shelter — yes, still kitty shopping — but my hubby has this thing about wanting a declawed cat and I just can’t get myself to do that! Do you have your claws, Jack? If so, how is your behavior around your mom’s precious furniture? Any tricks that would help me? I’m in such turmoil!
    Any advice would be appreciated! Ethel

    • sbranch says:

      My dad stapled a piece of shag carpeting around a thick board and set it up on a platform in the living room. I LOVE IT. I can jump on it when mom throws me the ball. I can catch it in mid air from the top of my post. I’ve been using it since I was a baby and it never occurred to me to scratch anywhere else, but thank you for the idea!

    • Kathy from Heafed to the Fell, Brevard, NC says:

      If you have a kitty with pink claws you will be able to see where the cuticle is and you can cut their nails yourself. I try to cut Tut and Cleo’s nails every month. That is about when Tut starts to try to pull the sheath off with his teeth so I know it’s time. I would suggest buying a heavy duty nail clipper as it will work better and make the job easier. You will see how sharp the front claws can get. Over time most of the claws become dull.

      My kitties use their scratching post; HOWEVER, they love carpet that is looped, e.g., berber or indoor/outdoor carpeting. Also, although they do not claw the upholstered pieces, when they get to running around the house, they inadvertently snag the fabric. I haven’t kept track of this correlates to keeping their claws clipped.

  35. Bridget from Alexandria, VA says:

    I also was thinking “What’s New, Pussycat?” when Jack mentioned music. Maybe he hasn’t heard that on yet???

  36. Cindy in South Carolina says:

    We are a calico (Nancy) and a tuxedo (Frankie) named after famouse singers (Sinatra) but our favorite song is the Cat Duet:
    That is how you spell famous, right? With a mouse on the end?

  37. Debbie Young says:

    Too funny, great for a Monday morning chuckle 🙂

  38. Hey Jack!
    Kita here – my owner’s name is Sharon and she is at work taking caring of patients!!! I wanted to say “hi” and to let you know that I LOVE your post!!! Yep, I am definitely the boss of my family – Sharon and John think that they are, but they have another thing coming!!! Just the other day, I ate an entire cantelope while Sharon was doing her nurse job! It was delicious, and boy did I leave a mess in the kitchen, too!!!! So my question is . . . what’s for dinner at your house? I think we are having caprese salad with fresh mozzarella and I am hoping to get some of the left overs!!! YUM! Take care and have fun, Jack!
    Hugs ♥ and woof,

  39. Gail from Manchester, N.H. says:


  40. Rachel says:

    Jack is a hoot 🙂 And very cute 😉

  41. Karen P. - Green Bay, WI says:

    Jack, I wish I had you around to teach my kitty, Lily, what to do with the laundry! She used to get the laundry basket confused with the litter basket! Bad kitty! 🙂

  42. Linda Petersen says:

    Hi Jack! My name is Gracie & I live on a seven acre farmette in Arizona. I just came in from ground patrol & coralling lizards & now it’s time for my real job~~napping. Being a farmgirl is hard work but I get to have fun too! Have a good day~~~nice chattin’ with ya!

    Susan, have a good day too~~~can’t wait to get my Willard!

  43. Georgie says:

    Hooray for Jack!!! Do you know what I think Jack??? She was enjoying those cute cucumber sandwiches a bit too much yesterday!!!

    I’m glad you are helping out!
    from NJ

  44. Sooo funny! Love those ears sticking up in that last pic! I’m off to click on the link so I can sign up to get Willard! 🙂

  45. pat addison says:

    Hi Jack, this is Tabby, Midnight, Tabitha and Miss Kitty here, and mom thinks she owns us, other way around. we almost have her trained to as we want, like letting us watch the squirrels from the kitchen window, and the birds at the back porch ( our favorite kitty tv) and of coiurse exploring in the jungle (mom’s houseplants). best thing is when she gets the clothes from the dryer and leaves the basket for a minute and we sneak in…love warm clothes from the dryer, especially in the winter. well it was nice talking to you Jack, but we have to scoot before mom finds us at her computer, welll its really our computer but we let her use it, and its time for a snack so have to holler for mom. have a good day Jack, and if you ever come around here you and Girl will be most welcome at our house and well fed!!! Meow..xoxoxoxoxoxoxo!!!!!!!!!!

  46. pat addison says:

    of couse Jack doesn’t hear us, he’s the boss and he’s probably napping.

  47. Candice says:

    Jack, you are too cute. I think you have a cousin here in D.C. — I have a cat who looks a lot like you, but mine doesn’t do the laundry. Alas.

  48. Marilyn says:

    So glad you are incharge here today. I always love my kitty fix. Tsk, tsk though – I would suggest staying out of the laundry, that could not be good if the door gets closed on you. I know, I know it is warm and cozy; but can be so scary. You take care.

  49. Peggy H. says:

    Hi Jack, It’s wonderful to see your sweet, smiley face again. We’ve missed you. Since it appears that you do the family laundry, you must be VERY careful about the dryer. Long ago a had a cat-family member who didn’t get out of the dryer before the door was closed and the dryer turned on…….it was NOT a happy outcome, needless to say. Since all of your fans want you alive and healthy, maybe you should ask your people to do the laundry. Consider yourself hugged! xxxooo Peggy

    • Sandy Richmond says:

      Yes Jack, one my cousins cats did that, and it was a gruesome outcome…. We don’t want to lose you…

  50. Nina says:

    Jack I have been doing laundry all day today! It would have been so much fun if you had been around to help! xxxx

  51. Miss Winnie says:

    Love the kitty pictures! The one in the dryer made me laugh — my Sarah lurks outside the laundry room door and whenever I open the dryer she makes a mad dash through the dryer door into the drum. She squeals like a little pig when I lift her out and I must keep the door shut between removing items to keep her out. She is so intent on getting back into the warm dryer. I found her crying in a tree four years ago while walking our dogs. We didn’t need another kitty (had five already), but she has been such a blessing and keeps us on our toes!

    • sbranch says:

      I have to try to make that pig squealing sound . . . that sounds very appealing, my human might love it!

  52. Deb from Dixie says:

    Hi Jack…..Meow….and Purrs…you little cutie….I am so happy you finally wrote to us all….because I have a secret to tell you, I have a crush on you.

    You are one lucky kitty! I have been thinking about you ever since you moved in with Susan and Joe….and Girl Kitty…..and I have a little advice….big sisters can be kind of stand-offish, and no matter how cute you try to be, or how you try to wrangle up and cuddle…they just don’t seem to want you around.

    Paws up…and Carry on, but most of all don’t give up hope, after a couple of years of my meowingly cute and playful antics… sis….Pookie would sometimes let me snuggle up next to her for a nap…….oh, how I loved that…a few times she even gave me a kiss on the head….Puff-fect!

    Another good tip…..look adorable when going to your water bowl….take your paw, touch the water…and then sample it, to taste if it is cold enough. If not give a longing look up…..most times it works…..and an ice cube is plopped into my bowl… bat around…..and it makes the water oh so much better…..nothing like a cold drink. You just have to train your humans.
    Write again soon……
    B.K. ( the Baby Kitty) but they call me “The Bean”!

    • sbranch says:

      You seem understanding. Do you know what my people have done? They have taken iron dog doorstops and trapped my water dish between them. Just because I was kind of sloshing the bowl around, having FUN, being no trouble!! Explain that to me please?

      • Deb from Dixie says:

        Oh my….Jack…….what a Catlamity! Your people trapped your water bowl between iron dog doorstops? …..really? Dogs….of all things……makes me want to cough up a furball !

        Sometimes our “people” don’t get it that we kitties just
        wanna-have-fun…..nothing better than a good slosh in the ole water bowl.
        Can’t they just clean up their hardwood floors and say…..”Oh, how cute….kitties are having fun?”
        My humans, took away my very favorite water dish, and mind you it was from England, a nice porcelain with mice around the rim……I heard them talking and next thing you know…..I have an ugly stainless steel water bowl
        with a rubber bottom, that cannot be moved or scooted around….what a bummer……..!!!

        That is when I thought of the ice cubes……my people fall for it every time…..Jack, just meow and look longingly into your peoples eyes…..mesmerize them…..think “give me ice cubes”……..( be extra cute)….and those humans become putty in your hands. Once you have the ice cubes…you can bat them around in the bowl… is kinda the “cats meow” and almost as much fun as scooting the bowl.

        And P.S. We kitties need to stick together…..Paws up and Carry on!
        Your friend,
        B.K. aka The Bean

        • sbranch says:

          They took away the mouse bowl Bean???? I have a Peter Rabbit bowl and . . . I better go make sure it’s still there!!!!

          • Tammy in Colorado says:

            Oh my gosh! This is the best post and the comments are just as entertaining! What a hoot! Thank you Jack, you have brightened my day!

    • Linda from Lancaster, Co PA says:

      hey, Deb, always fun to read your comments. My neighbor’s cat adopted me and since my husband doesn’t like cats (sigh), this is the next best thing. I call him “Baby Button” or just “The Button”. We LOVE each other. Also, I was just wondering how your mom is doing. I hope it’s okay to ask. She’s been on my mind.

      • Deb from Dixie says:

        Hi Linda,
        Ahhhhh………“The Button” …what a cute name…I bet that kitty is so happy getting a double dose of hugs, ear scratches and fun with you. So nice you can share the love with your neighbor. I think Baby Button is extra blessed, with two kitty “Moms!”

        It is so kind of you to ask about my Mom, it has been a very difficult year for her, and during these challenging times many hard days. We hope she will improve, but recovery will take a long time. It is not easy for her to understand parts of her independence have slipped away. All I know is, that being by her side through it all, is the best way I can express my love for her. Time is precious and a gift, each day a blessing.

        Those of us who are caregivers for our parents face so many issues, especially when we do not live close to our parents, and must travel back and forth to be caregivers for extended periods of time. Though each situation is different, there are many similarities when age and illness, come into a once vibrant life. It takes a lot of love, caring, understanding and prayers. Really a path you walk down without sure footing, and each day you do the best you can to help and support.

        Susan’s blog and the girlfriends have meant so much to me……so many days they lifted my spirits, made me laugh….and always remind me, it is the simple things in life that mean so much…..and make the difference between hope and despair…..another blessing!

        Thanks again Linda, for thinking of Mom, you touched my heart.

        • sbranch says:

          I’m so happy you’re here Deb! You explained that so well, it’s such a hard time. Thank you — my prayers are with you and your family. xoxo

        • Linda from Lancaster, Co PA says:

          I have to admit, “Deb from Dixie”, that I always look for your comments! You have a fun, optimistic heart and what you have to say is always a treat!

          As for your mom, thank you so much for sharing from your heart. My sister and I both were caregivers for first my mom and then my dad. It IS a path without sure footing. I like how you phrased that. I just know that as I look back on it, I held onto God’s hand a lot through it all. And I valued the time I spent with each parent. But at times it was hard and draining, caring for them and handling things with your own kids and husband.

          And I do remember both my parents struggling with loss of independence. Oh, how it hurt both of us when my dad had to give up driving; and when my mom was unable to shop on her own anymore. One thing I never regretted was the time I spent with each one. And now that they have both passed away, those memories are very sweet!

          Please tell your mom that I continue to pray for her. Sometimes life can get very hard, but God is always there for us!

          On a lighter note, tell “The Bean”, I said hi and give him a kitty kiss for me! I love keeping in touch with you and it’s all because of our dear friend Susan Branch. “Thank you, Sue!!”

        • judi says:

          I too send you all the best. You are a blessing to your family. As we age we can’t help but wonder what our outcome will be at times. Your attitude is wonderful. Big hugs to you!

          • Deb, I so admire what you are doing for your Mother and also know what a tough job it is for you. I along with my family have been where you are and please know this….helping a parent will always give you comfort and a sense of peace knowing you made them feel loved in their time of need. Blessings

  53. Joann says:

    Super Super cute….. great way to start the week!!!!


    (furry sheets are cuddly sheets)

  54. CindyK (from Minnesota!) says:

    Oh sweet! I love Jack!! He is just a cutie pie!! I’m looking forward to getting the new Willard!

  55. Gail Buss says:

    Hi Jack…………….you are too cute and soooooooo happy that your King and Queen are home once again! I’m sure they love to pet you and you love every minute of the attention. Hope you have fun with the laundry. Have to run now. My little or should I say big (12 years old) granddaughter is here and she needs attention as well. We took her to see The Arabian Knights yesterday with a dinner show and she loved all the horses and costumes………..and there was even a Princess. Looking forward to Willard. God Bless. Hugs to all, Gail Buss, Bev. Hills, Fl

  56. Dinahsoar says:

    Awwwww….how did you know? just yesterday I was thinking to myself ” I wonder what Jack Poirot is up to since his people returned from England”. And I click today to see the cutest face in the world. He is a clever fellow. And that last shot of him in the dryer is just priceless. We love him– we just can’t help ourselves because he is so stinkin’ cute.

    But now I am wondering–what does Girl Kitty have to say for herself? I’ll bet she can tell some tales on Jack while she was home alone with him . She’s a dear girl too. We do love our kitties!…from the hills of TN

  57. Sue says:

    Oh hello Jack, so happy to see you typing away and telling us the real deal with Susan……….and just where were you when I was hanging out two loads of sheets and then folding and fluffing said sheets, all nice and warm from the sunshine, oh there you are right in the middle of the purple set.!!!!

  58. Sara Finally in Georgia!!! says:

    Tooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Margot in Virginia Beach says:

    Gotta Love you Jack!!! Mr. Socks says, Hello. He took over Eric’s bed…the better to see out the front window!

  60. Laura Croyle says:

    S000 Cute and S0 Fun!! Now we know who’s Really running the show! (But how does Girl Kitty feel about this??)

  61. Sarah Maldonado says:

    Love the blog today and every day! We know where Jack gets his talent from! And loving hearing Patti Page again…she’s from my neck of the woods and we love knowing she’s one of us. 😉

  62. Judy Murrah says:

    Loved the post from Jack. I commented a few months ago about warming up to getting a kitty again. We have had kittens or cats in our household for most of our family life, but after the passing of our last beloved cat we hadn’t had one for 6 years. Well we finally decided we needed a kitty in the house and now have two 9-week old brothers to love. One is a tabby and the other all white. The tabby we have named Tiger and the white kitty is Sugar. However the names may change because we are finding the white kitty is less a sugar and more a tiger and the orange kitty is much more a cuddly sugar kitty. They are living in the playroom and connecting bath this first week as we have a large house. We had a very difficult time getting them out from under our bed when they first came to us. They will go to the vet for their first shots on Thursday. Any advise anyone has would be much appreciated as we want the kittens to be sociable and cuddly. We have 5 grandchildren ages 4-15 who are quite happy to have them in our household.

    • sbranch says:

      If you want advice from another cat, this is your lucky day, I know what kitties want! It is very simple, what any baby wants, play with me, take time for me, engage with me, pet me, throw the ball for me, shake the feather thing for me, show me things, pick me up, do stuff with me, scratch my neck, and I will follow you around and love you forever. You have a better chance of me not sharpening my claws on furniture if you start me from the beginning with a scratching pole….and then make the pole part of the play too. Nothing I like better than sitting on top of the pole while my human throws the ball for me to catch. I love it! Hope this helps! I know how happy my human is to have me, I think you will be very happy too!!!

      • Judy Murrah says:

        Thank you for the advice and encouragement. We have had our 15 year old and 12 year old grandchildren visiting us these first 4 days we’ve had Tiger and Sugar in our household. The kitties definitely have been played with, scratched on the head, behind the ears and under the chin. Tiger will come up to me and crawl on my legs and get to my lap as I sit on the floor with them. Sugar will come very close while he plays with the feather thing. He will let me hold him long enough to get the sleep out of his eyes and for a few scratches on his head. This is much progress from the first day when he ran if one of us moved a muscle. I need to get a scratching pole. We have just a little scratch box and they have tried it a few times and even with cat nip on it they aren’t very interested. I can’t wait until they can roam the house and be with me in my studio or in my lap the times I’m still.

        • sbranch says:

          I would say (and this is Susan!) that you might try and hold them as much as possible while they are young, so they get used to it, you are going to want to do this for the next twenty years, and they need to learn to love it. xoxo Have a wonderful fun time with them!

          • Chris Wells says:

            Susan is right. I have a rescue that was so frightened of everything, I didn’t want to force myself on her. And now 3 years later there is no picking her up. If I’m in bed she will come to me and let me pet her, but that’s it. I wonder if it’s too late to try and pick her up now? She’s a sweet cat, and loves the dogs, I just know I made a major mistake not carrying her around and letting her know it’s okay.

  63. Barb says:

    Hi Jack,
    This post was Great and way too funny……LOL! Why you have this free kitty time…..why not go and get yourself some “catnip”, a can of “tuna”, and checkout the newest magazine of Birds and Bloom or maybe the comics and see what Garfield is up to or better yet you can come here……as you love music….we have many guitars and a keyboard to… have your choice. Looking forward to your Mom’s Willard and to your next Kitty Post! Plus please wish your Grandpa Jack……A Very Happy Birthday! Your are to Purfect Jack! Hugs&Smiles…….Barb, Ludlow MA

  64. barbzie says:

    Jack’s such a cutie, with such personality! Adorable, seeing the little peaks of his ears among the dryer’s contents! Have a great day, Susan~

  65. Vickie in Olympia says:

    What memories you brought back with your choice of musica. My dad taught me to sing this song when we were driving to Grandma’s house. Maybe if it was about cats, I would have two of those instead of the naughty black and white twins lying at my feet now. 🙂

  66. Beth in SC says:

    What a clever kitten you are, Jack! Smart, witty, and can do housework without thumbs! Amazing! Glad you were able to sneak in a quick note to us, we are some of your biggest fans!

  67. Cyndi in NC says:

    That was one of my grandma and my favorite songs. I haven’t heard it a long time. Thanks Jack! Also I love that you do the laundry. I have some here I could use a hand with but it looks like Susan is keeping you busy. So I guess I’d better go and tend to mine. BTW, your ears looks great in the dryer!

  68. Brenda says:

    Hi there Jack! Hendricks say’s he gets in trouble for laying around on the man’s model train track but it does not keep him down. Keep up the good work Jack, always good to have another helper with laundry!

  69. Pat Johnson of Paso Robles says:

    PURRRRRRR! Good day to both of you. Leave it to you to allow someone else to get in touch while you are busy. Hope you weather is nice – mine is going to be hot hot hot! Stay in weather or great for SHOPPING!!! Of course, who says we need an excuse to shop 🙂 As I watch the Olympics, I look in the background at the green,green trees and grass (sometimes I really have to squint to find it) and remember the wonderful trip that we took – not so very long ago. I have been reading Rachel’s blog and was thrilled to see the flowers in her garden off the kitchen – she let me know how she is successful in her planting of certain types of flowers – how cool. Have a fab day and look forward to WILLARD!…. XXXXOOOO

  70. Cindy Tuning says:

    Jack, FINALLY you took control of that keyboard! I’ve been watching you ever since you moved in. I look just like you except for the mustache but I’m a girl so that’s ok. In fact, that’s me sleeping on the pretty quilt that your mommy gave to my mommy. I have it made around here. Stalking squirrels and birds all day and then curled up comfy cozy with my mommy at night. We can really pick em can’t we? Love, Lucy Cat

    • sbranch says:

      Ohhh, I remember you Lucy!!! You looked great on that quilt! Yes, I turn one at the end of this month, I’m all grown up now.

  71. julie ivers says:

    Hi, Jack! I am Cocoa, an English springer spaniel (yes, a dog…), and I love this song, too! My mom Julie has told me it was her favorite song when she was a little girl; she used to sing it so much that her dad finally bought her the record. She loves singing it to me, too.
    I’m also very impressed by your blog post, Jack. How do you do it without thumbs??? I know that is one of my biggest problems around the house. With thumbs I could do sooooo much more ( open the frig, for starters…..).
    Enjoyed your post very much, Jack, and I hope you manage another one sometime soon : )

    • sbranch says:

      Mostly I use my teeth. Not for typing, I’m more of the hunt and peck kind of typist. I can’t work a can opener, but writing a blog is a snap. I love dogs, I don’t think I mentioned that. I’m not a bit afraid of them, I know some very nice dogs. One is Iris, from across the street, she comes over all the time … and the other one is Lola; she belongs to friends of my humans. Bye Cocoa!

      • Janet says:

        Hello, Jack! I was so glad to your sweet expressive face when I opened the blog today. It’s such a treat to find out what you’ve been up to – and in to! Sounds like you are having a wonderful Summer so far… bet you are just tickled to have your Mom & Dad back home. The world is spinning in the right direction again, isn’t it? Were you good to your kitty-sitter and have fun? Did you get any presents from England? I was glad to hear your news about Iris too – I just love that Iris. She reminds me so much of the dog I grew up with. My mom and dad got Duchess right after they got married, and they liked having kids so much because of her that they had me next! I was born in the Summer and Mom would put me outside in my baby carriage for naps on nice warm days in our front yard – and Duchess would park herself firmly right underneath my carriage. She never left me even when I started yelling – and apparently back then, I yelled a lot! If a stranger came into our yard, she had a special bark that told Mom “someone’s here and they look OK but I don’t know them, so just to be safe, you better come quick!” But she was always glad to see the neighbors and the milkman and the Fuller Brush man. Especially the Fuller Brush man who brought her favorite Milk-Bone biscuits! Her tail would wag WILDLY! Just like Iris’s does when she gets out and comes over to your house for a visit. What do you do during Iris’s visits? Hey – you guys don’t play poker, do you? :>)

        • sbranch says:

          We like to walk around each other. I walk on one side of Iris, and then she walks on my other side. If I can, I like to touch her tail. Bat it. Bat it a lot. Then I like to sit on top on the kitchen table while she sits on the floor underneath and watch her. I watch her very intently. I feel I should always know where she is. Just in case.

          • Janet says:

            Very smart, Jack… you are wise beyond your years. I think Girl Kitty is rubbing off on you in some very good ways… Though unless I’m dreadfully mistaken, the worst Iris would ever do is maybe lick you to bits… She just wants to play and be friends – and get human cuddles. :>)

          • sbranch says:

            The part where you say “dreadfully” mistaken, this is the part I want to have clarified.

  72. Ginny Sargent - New England says:

    Jack darlin’ I so enjoyed your little bit of sweet love you gave us this morning! The humans know that it is the cats of the world that have the “whole” story. I noticed that you found the secret spot that all cats dream of (a nice warm dryer with a cushion of whites your human so lovingly supplies for you) I look forward to other trist soon. I must watch for that quick little dog that resides here, he always seems to think he owns the place.
    Till we meet again
    Amanda the pleasingly plump kitty that calls her human Ginny.

  73. Kelley S. says:

    Jack, it is a delight to hear from you. You have so many talents – typing, laundry, chasing the ball. Seeing you with the laundry reminded me of my first ever kitty, Pierre. He had 6 toes on every paw, and his mother gave birth in the dryer. It was quite an event. So tell us the news? Is Girl Kitty being sweet to you? What’s for dinner? Hope you write us again.

    • sbranch says:

      Girl Kitty who? Are you saying there is another cat in this house? Dinner. I’m still trying to decide. I had chicken in gravy for breakfast; tonight I’m thinking, should I be good and have Wellness Formula, or go all out and have the chicken again? I love the chicken. I love the dry stuff too. I love everything, everything, everything. You name it, I love it.

  74. Sue L says:

    Hi Jack
    This is Charlie and George. We are 2 big labs and we run the show here in CT and our Susan knows we are in charge. Keep up the good work! WOOF!!!!!! 🙂

  75. nancy says:

    Oh, Jack! Good afternoon! Love your post…could you come and teach Ms. Lucy how to do the laundry? She only likes to “unfold” it! 😉

  76. Audrianne says:

    Hey, Jack!

    A hint for laundry; my grandma always used Cascade (the stuff that goes in the dishwasher) to get the stains out of whites. It really works! I’m so glad to hear that you’re a helpful puss; sometimes they’re hard to find. It only says to the world that you are loved and you know it; you want to help “mom” out when she needs an extra hand. That’s an excellent kitty!

    • Tut from Heafed to the Fell, Brevard, NC says:

      I am so sorry to butt in Miss Audrianne but my Mama is prodding me with the wrong end of the feather thing. She would like to know: Did your grandma just apply a paste of the Cascade to the stain and then wash as per usual or did she actually use the Cascade as a laundry detergent and did she use measure for measure?

      xoxoxo from Mama

  77. Mary S. says:

    Jack!! He’s getting to be a big boy!! Sooooo cute and funny!! The dryer pic is too adorable!!
    Susan, I JUST NOW finished THE FORGOTTEN GARDEN!!! *sigh* I LOVE that book so much!!!!!! I’m still under it’s spell….
    Have you read her other book, THE HOUSE AT RIVERTON? I wonder if it’s good.

    Love from Mary S. in Fresno, CA

    • sbranch says:

      I haven’t but I’ve heard good things about it!

      • Mary S. says:

        Someone on Facebook told me that she has a new book coming out in the Fall!

        • Mary S. says:

          I looked it up and it’s called THE SECRET KEEPER, and it’s coming out October 16 (my son’s birthday!!)! She also has one called THE DISTANT HOURS. 🙂

          • Debbie P Weedsport, NY (near Syracuse) says:

            I just started The Distant Hours! It grabs you right from the start, doesn’t it? I also loved The Forgotten Garden…that was last summer’s read.

  78. Jack, I have been wanting to tell you about the kitty I saw in the local adoption center, he had a half moustache! I would have loved to have him but we had our Gwinny then and she would have been like a grandmother to him, she was also sick. I tried looking again when she went to kitty heaven (no Jack you will be around for a long long time) but could not find him. We had a puppy come stay at our house for a few days though!
    I was trying to think of a kitty song but couldn’t! Always love this song though!
    Bye Jack, get out of that dryer!

  79. Linda from Lancaster, Co PA says:

    oh, my, Jack, you are just so darn cute! You make me smile and you make me happy–just like my own cat, Baby Button. We love each other soooo much, just like you and your mommy. And I hate to admit it but when he looks up at me with those adorable green eyes and gives me a little “meow”, I could just melt! He loves to curl up on my tummy and take a nap–and I love it! Do you do that with your mommy?

    • sbranch says:

      I’m only turning one on the 29th. Maybe I will do that when I get older. Not now . . . We work on hand-eye coordination. Her hand throws the ball, my eye sees it.

  80. Rhonda D. says:

    Hi Jack…my name is Lucie. I am a beautiful pomeranian with long silky red hair and attitude. And, yes, I have had some “spaining” to do, lots of it. (That’s why they named me Lucie). I fit in very well with the cat population in my family, I’m the same size, (don’t think they’ve figured out I’m not a cat sometimes). Soooo…I see you’ve managed to learn enough computer from hanging out in the studio with your humans to get in on this blog. If I spend more time in the office with my humans, taking more computer notes, then I’ll soon be able to correspond with you. We could be the founders of the first dating site for animals. Any thoughts Jack, you handsome kitty?
    PS Happy Birthday to our blogdaddy, the original Jack.

    • sbranch says:

      OOoooo, I like the sound of that hair. Hel-OH Lucie!

      • Rhonda D. says:

        Sorry, that should be “splaining” not “spaining.” I know you like red hair and pomeranians (there was one in your idea binders). If a dog can be classed as pretty, she is one of the prettiest dogs I have ever seen. I’ll send you a pic of her someday.

        • sbranch says:

          Would love to see her, does she do that smile?

          • Rhonda D. says:

            No, she doesn’t do the smile (thank goodness for that…those teeth are scary). But she does “the look” and knows how to bat those eye lashes and use her big brown eyes. She was named after Lucille Ball, that says it all. Personality plus.

          • Rhonda D. says:

            Susan, I just had to send along another note. There is a commercial (dental, I believe) here in Canada with a pomeranian in it. He smiles from ear to ear with a set of human teeth (yes, scary). That is the first smile that came to mind when you asked about it. Lucie definitely does the cute pom smile…you see it especially when she pants, it’s permanent. I didn’t want you to think from my response that my cute little pomeranian was part aligator. Sometimes our messages get mixed up here, then we feel bad if we don’t straighten them out. She has a smile to definitely wow Jack – two great little personalities!

          • sbranch says:

            Yes, I meant the doggie smile for sure! I don’t see him as a fuzzy red alligator!

  81. Frances Fowler says:

    Jack must know only two speeds: “go” and “sleep!”

  82. Susan (in VA) says:

    Hello, Handsome Jack! >^.^< I have a few questions for you if you're able to sneak some more computer time in:

    I know you must have been in great demand by humans wanting to adopt–oops, I mean serve–you. What made you pick Susan and Joe as your support staff?

    Were Susan and Joe difficult to train, or had Girl Kitty already satisfactorily broken them in? Do they still need to be reminded of their duties on occasion?

    I know you're a busy fellow. What's your typical day like?

    How'd you get to be so cute? Do you have a complicated beauty regimen? (Have you ever heard of Hercule Poirot? Are you related to Max from Theresa Weir's The Girl with the Cat Tattoo?)

    What's your favorite treat?

    And, lastly, when are you and GK going to come visit me? (Shhh. Don't tell Susan I asked!) <3

    • sbranch says:

      OK, these are hard questions. I will have to go sharpen a pencil and think about it. I will get back to you.

  83. mary spring says:

    Thanks for the update, Jack, Willard is totally worth waiting for !!!..with love…P.S. …my kitty Wufus recommends you calming down a bit and you may be allowed to venture out into the great outdoors yet !!! …stay cool !!

  84. Sue says:

    Oh Jack, it’s so nice hearing from you and seeing your “handsome, cute self” again. I’ve missed you and your sister a lot! I’m so glad your Mommy didn’t confiscate your post before you finished it. Since she is so busy with writing her book and Willard and all, you must sneak in more often and tell us more about your life as well as your sister’s life. It is wonderful that you help her do the laundry. Keep up the good work! 🙂 I’m sure you do it all just “purrfectly”!
    Oh and don’t forget to wish your Grandpa Jack a Happy Birthday for me. His birthday is only one day before mine. Isn’t that cool?
    O.K., Jack, you just keep on being cute and keeping your Mommy happy so she can get all her writings done easily and speedily. We in “blog-land” are looking forward to seeing her lovely work.
    Kitty hugs,

  85. Jacquie says:

    Are you trying to make us look bad? We just arrived from the shelter 2 weeks ago – and did we hear you were bragging about doing laundry? Shhh…you may give our new family crazy ideas! So far soooo good here. Pretty decent humans. 2 big ones, 2 small ones – don’t have much to do ‘cept sleep, play, eat and repeat. So, do us a favor keep the “I do laundry schtick” on the qt – ok? We don’t want to take any chances with the lady of the house…She’s always getting ideas from this, what do you call this..”meow, bleg, meow, blag, meow, meow BLOG!! Seriously, India and Button S.

    • sbranch says:

      If she didn’t carry that camera around all the time, I wouldn’t do laundry. I try to look good for the camera. You have a new house India and Button S? Lots of exploring to do!

  86. Terry says:

    Hi, Susan!

    How creative to write from Jack’s point of view. I love it! This post was adorable and made me smile!

    Thank you!

  87. Sweet Pea says:


  88. Cindy Garner says:

    What a tremendously wonderful post Jack….you are such a sweet boy….careful not to get into trouble…..shhhhh, is that Susan I hear…..quick, look out the window…look bored!!!!

    Cindy♥ Meow

  89. Wendy Louise says:

    Thanks Jack, now I know where your Mom gets her cleverness. You are a real sweetie and clever boy ! I have two very playful doggies that would love to play with you. They would definitely keep you exercised, Max and Abby lost their kitty last year and have been after us for another one. Sophie definitely ruled the home and kept them in their place. She played lots of games with them, tag, hide and seek, fetch, queen of the mountain, and a funny surprise game of scare the doggie. I do have to say that cats are smarter than dogs but please don’t tell Max or Abby, it would hurt their feelings. Thanks again for standing in for your human !

    • sbranch says:

      How smart of you to notice our brilliance! It’s right and true, but I really love dogs too. Especially their tails.

  90. Nancy B says:

    Very cute post!

  91. Robin says:

    Oh! So glad to see you Jack! I’ve missed you. I always help my mom with laundry. I supervise when she takes things out of the dryer and I hold things down so they don’t fall. 🙂 What would humans do without us?

    Your friend in Oklahoma,

  92. Pat Mofjeld says:

    Hi Jack! (Don’t EVER say that if you are on an airplane–not a good idea,!!!) This is Fanny, a miniature schnauzer, writing back to you. I live with a couple of humans, Norm and Pat, and another miniature schnauzer named Betti. We were both sat down in front of her computer screen last week to watch a little film of a dog dancing and doing all kinds of tricks with a girl in England–and then she came back and wanted to know if we had learned anything or gotten any ideas. Neither of us answered her–what an insult! We aren’t trick dogs! Wellll…after the film was over, and before she came back, Betti and I took turns poking keys on the keyboard with our paws. We really had fun and all kinds of things would show up on the computer screen! So tonight when she was in the other room, I decided I’d get brave and I jumped up on her computer chair to play again with the computer. There was a line called “Susan Branch’s blog” and I made the little blinking arrow go to that line–thinking someone had misspelled “dog” and I would see a photo on the screen of a dog–owned by someone called Susan Branch. But imagine my surprise when a picture of YOU–a cat–showed up! You are quite a handsome cat with that moustache–are you French? I never saw a cat with a moustache before. Betti and I have long full beards and came from Canada though our ancestors came from Germany. Oops, I hear her coming down the hall…maybe I’ll write to you again sometime… Byeeee….

    • sbranch says:

      Hello Fanny! Hello Betti! I need to have my kitty tree done, to find my Roots. Would be part of my autobiography.

      • judi says:

        I think the Hemingway cats in Key West, FL have moustaches and extra toes on each foot. If I remember correctly one was called Groucho – too cute!

  93. Lisa Jorgensen says:

    Hi Jack, You are one cute kitty! My Ragdoll Samantha thinks you are cute too!
    I bet you like the computer because of the mouse. When are you writing your book?
    Say hi to your Mom.

    • sbranch says:

      I could write a book. Oh could I ever!!! I’m only one, but my life experiences are many and varied. I love the mouse.

  94. Philippa says:

    Purrrrrrrfect ! Tell your mom that last photo has a real Beatrix Potter – y look about it…the colours and your little ears just showing. I am sure BP is smiling !

    • sbranch says:

      She seems a little pixilated since she got home … sort of Beatrix Potter crazy! Now she’s arranging the laundry! A little scary really.

  95. Vicki in Cincy says:

    Vicki from Cincy,

    Hi Jack! Can you teach my Midge to vacuum? LOL…Love you and your family!

  96. Holly says:

    Jack! I’ve missed you and Girl kitty! You know Jack, you could easily have your OWN blog, and you could get a book deal all on your own….. just saying. 🙂

    I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one feeding and trapping some feral cats. My family thinks I’m a bit nuts, but now we have more birds visiting us, and less hungry kitties.

    • sbranch says:

      Really? You think so? I’m only one! I thought you had to be older. BORN TO WRITE. I knew it. You aren’t nuts, you’re one of the smartest people I ever talked to!!! What sign are you? I’m a Virgo. We are organized and romantic, very neat and clean. That’s why I put all my balls and toys in one place. Welp, bye.

      • Tut from Heafed to the Fell, Brevard, NC says:

        Jack, you might think that you have to be able to write in cursive in order to write a book since that is how your Mommy makes her books. But actually the way she does it is very rare—very charming, but very rare! Most people use a computer, keyboard and mouse just like you are using to write this blog. So it will be very easy for you to write a book of your own even though you are not one year old yet. But the main thing you have to do is get some worldly experience to write about. Hence, you must get out of the house!!! Maybe your Mommy will let you go on the book signing tour with her. Oh my, what adventures you could have then!!! You would have so much good material for both your blog and a book or two. Go ahead and ask you Mom—I bet she says Yes!


        • sbranch says:

          What I love is my mom’s pen. When she’s writing, I see her pen, it’s moving, it’s moving in a way I like, so I like to leap on it. She doesn’t like this as much as me. When she puts it down, I like to play soccer with it.

  97. Good morning! Is there a technical reason or some other reason the above comment is still in moderation that I should know about?

    • sbranch says:

      Not that I know of! But we have some “issues” here, we have something living in the back of this blog that either eats comments or sends them away somewhere, we don’t know! Hope this one shows up!

      • Pat Mofjeld says:

        Fanny wrote to Jack, too, and that one never showed up…

        • sbranch says:

          Jack just came and got me . . . What is happening??? Missing posts!! So sorry Pat, that happens here every so often.

          • Jack says:

            Try posting at around 2:00AM — for a better completion percentage

          • sbranch says:

            Sarcasm is unattractive.

          • Joan Lesmeister says:

            Oh my dear, Blogdaddy Jack, you & your daughter are on the same early bird schedule? Now & then, I join you!

            We HAD to join some friends this past week at Mendocino, now I’m catching up with the SB news. We spent the week with our friends & their Min Pin, Jack! Jacks just know how to have fun (he didn’t do laundry though)! Mendocino is beautiful, enjoyed the cool, foggy mornings as opposed to HOT days here in Carmichael! Looking forward to visiting with Willard! XOXXOOO

          • Kathy from Heafed to the Fell, Brevard, NC says:

            I blame everything on Bill Gates!

          • Julie says:

            HA !
            I blame everything on Al Gore….
            self-proclaimed inventor of the internet ?

          • Julie says:

            This comment was a “reply” to kathy’s comment below.
            Even though I hit the “reply” button,
            it was listed as a separate comment.

            Kathy from Heafed to the Fell, Brevard, NC says:
            August 7, 2012 at 7:48 pm
            I blame everything on Bill Gates!

            One might want to reference “@the intended blogger”
            just in case it sails behind the intended reply.

            Yes, I believe there have been geeky gremlins at play,
            behind the scenes.
            My mac has been acting up & playing tricks
            on a whole lot of different sites this week.
            Probably, Steve Jobs’ way of letting us know
            that he is still in charge & controlling the Apple strings from
            the BIG server in the sky ? 🙂

          • sbranch says:

            It’s not just you Julie, I’ve replied also today, and my replies didn’t go with the comment I’m replying to! If this isn’t better tomorrow, I’ll try and find someone to help!

          • Sandy Richmond in Attleboro, MA says:

            This is what happens when a cat gets a turn to “man the blog”. Total mischief!! Lol

          • Julie says:

            reply @SBranch
            re: blog gremlins

            HA !

            Actually, in a bizarre way, it’s kinda’ fun !
            Kinda’ like playing tag, musical chairs, a scavenger hunt on a blog.
            Hey, wait a minute-
            did Petey put the hex on the blog
            because Little Jack was getting all the attention ?

            Don’t worry, Petey-
            the day will come when you’ll get to play “substitute host”.
            After all, YOU did sail to England-
            it’s only fair that the “Little One” got this gig first.

            The Girlfriends can’t wait to hear YOUR take on the world, Sailor Boy-
            WHO can resist a guy in a uniform ! 🙂

          • sbranch says:

            I thought about letting Petey tell his side of the story, but I was afraid people might be put off by his total inability to change the expression on his face!!!

          • Kathy from Heafed to the Fell, Brevard, NC says:

            Reply to Julie @ re: Steve Jobs and the BIG server in the sky,

            Hi Julie,

            Did you read his sister’s eulogy of Steve? After he made eye contact with his children, he gazed beyond them and just before he breathed his last he said, “Wow, Wow, Wow.”

            Gives me goosebumps.


          • Julie says:

            @Kathy from Heafed to the Fell, Brevard, NC

            Yes Kathy,
            I’m so glad his sister revealed that, as personal as it was.
            It lightens the heart about death-
            truly not an end but a new beginning, however sad, it is for everyone else.

            I KNOW magical things happen !
            We & the doctors all thought my very favorite sister was going to beat cancer, unfortunately & shockingly, it made a U-turn & went haywire in a very short time.
            This was the sweetest girl on earth, a real animal lover.
            As a child & on, her favorite of all, were always rabbits.
            If she saw one hit in the road, she make sure it was removed & buried
            & then cry for days.
            She always had them as pets, I know she would have died to save one.
            She loved Susan Branch & Beatrix Potter-
            she would have loved her recent posts.

            On the night we lost her, just about midnight-
            another sister & I, heartbroken, pulled out of the driveway of her
            beautiful, olde country home and onto the very dark road.
            Immediately, I warned my sister to stop, as there seemed to be something in the road. When she turned on her bright lights, there was the most gorgeous rabbit standing tall on his hind legs, so still & staring back at us with his front paws reaching out.
            We sat there, seemed like forever-
            I said, “Oh, my gosh, that’s a sign, she wants us to know she’s okay.”
            Im glad I wasn’t alone
            because I don’t think no one would have believed me,
            not that I would have cared.

            Though I see rabbits all the time, they ALWAYS show up on special occasions. Im sure there’s a rabbit hollow in heaven & I’m sure my
            sister is their keeper.

            Not sure, exactly what Steve Jobs saw,
            they said he mumbled something about beautiful colours-
            kinda’ like when one looks through a kaleidoscope,
            the response is always “Wow”…..his was a triple “Wow”.

            If you’ve never read the book,
            “Healing with the Fairies” by Doreen Virtue,
            you need to add it to your list.
            It’s the story of her real life…so unbelievably magical & inspiring.
            I’m sure you will absolutely LOVE it !

          • Kathy from Heafed to the Fell, Brevard, NC says:

            Reply to Julie@ Susan
            Re: “Healing with the Fairies”

            Hi Julie,

            I have read many helpful books while on my lifelong spiritual journey and will now get this one as soon as possible. I have been with my mother-in-law, mother and father when they passed away; they were each different manners of passing but beautiful and hopeful in different ways. I spent many hours alone with my father in the few days prior to his death earlier this year. We both knew he was dying; he was fine with that (actually our whole family was) and he was looking forward to being with my mother again, whom he adored and who had preceded him in death six months before. He was incoherent much of the time because he was experiencing renal failure but he also had times when he was quite lucid. When his friends came to visit, he always perked up and recognized them and carried on a conversation with them. When the Chaplain came in to administer Holy Communion, my Dad told us that we three were all in a bubble that was just wonderful and beautiful and satisfying. It seemed to me that he was actually passing back and forth between his next life, Heaven if you will, and his earthly life. One time he sat straight up in bed with great energy and with his arms extended upward and said, “Today is going to be a great day!” I said “Why is it going to be a great day?” and he looked at his left wrist as though looking at his watch, which he didn’t have on, and said, “I’m watching the clock.” There were other things that he said that indicated to me that he was talking with God and/or receiving information from someone on the other side as well. When I mentioned these experiences to a wise and older Southern friend of mine, she said, “They used to call that Dying Grace.” Oh yes, I am a believer!!!

            One last aside: My Dad was 88 when he passed away, and he told my sister when he was 87 that he was just starting to think about the afterlife!!! That should give hope to anyone who is praying for family members or friends to see the light before it’s too late!

          • That gives me HOPE that everything we Christians believe in our faiths of all denominations that there is something so much better waiting for us at the end of our lives….that must have given all of them such a sense of peace. Blessings

          • Julie says:

            Deborah Lynn-
            YOU are a Blessing ! 🙂

          • Hello Julie….you are so very sweet and I so enjoy all of your comments…reading some of the comments about the girls family/friends that have passed on and the ways and even signs left to them should give all of us comfort that when that time comes for us or our loved ones we should not fear what is about to happen to them; but, rejoice in the peace that is awaiting them. I was with my Mother in Law when she passed away and all I kept saying to her was how much we loved her and my sweet husband gave her CPR with me “coaching” him because I was on the phone with 911 and for 30 mins.!!! yes 30 mins. because they were lost and could not find us which was so horrible for my husband, but, he brought her back and she left our home alive…I know that she was aware somewhere deep inside of her that we were trying to love her and help her. We had to make the decision to let her go because Mom had Alzheimer’s and the Dr. told us that she was gone and being faithful people we realized that and have found peace with the fact that she died knowing that she was loved.

          • Julie says:

            The answer is always there, Deborah Lynn-
            ask yourself what you would want, if you were in their place
            and most likely, it is the SAME answer,
            they would give to you.
            It is hard when they lose their strength to speak
            but luckily, there are still, so many ways to communicate.

            It is proven that they can hear you, right up to the end-
            which is really…their whole new beginning !

            The body is one’s temple, care & nourish it, in every way
            but it is the mere vehicle & vessel
            that carries & protects one’s fragile heart & blessed soul.
            They are never ending.

            I dislike the term “passed away” because they ARE still here-
            it’s much easier to say ” died”
            because that is the physical aspect of death
            but spiritually, they have NOT “passed away”,
            they are sitting right next to you-
            sorting, picking & eating
            ALL those delicious cashews out of your can of mixed nuts ! 🙂
            As long, as they are happy & content,
            I’m delighted to be left with a handful
            of the those bland, leftover Spanish Peanuts-
            just as long as they keep their heavenly paws off my Almond Joys ! 🙂

            Yes, we have freshly, filled up covered candy dishes-
            only to leave & return home,
            to find the cover halfway off
            and a few empty, candy wrappers lying aside it,
            neat & tidy-
            as if he or she wanted to let us know they came to visit-
            like I said, NOBODY can just “pass away”
            and then, show up… mooch off sweets ! 🙂

            Enjoy your weekend, Ms. Deborah Lynn
            as well as, all you other Girlfriends & Guyfriends !

          • Pat Mofjeld says:

            Ummm, Ms. Julie, have you ever considered that you might have an interloper hiding in your attic that only comes out when you are gone and “mooches your sweets” and picks out the cashews from your mixed nuts??? If it was just the nuts and not the sweets, it would make me wonder about a “nut case” scenario… 🙂

          • Julie says:

            Thanks for joggin’ the brain, Pat-
            I am totally INTRIGUED with your “Interloper” theory.
            as long as “HE” looks like George Harrison
            and is toting his “guee-tar”-
            I’m willing to give it SERIOUS consideration. 🙂
            He can help himself to ANYTHING he wants-
            including you-know-whoodle !

            Fortunately, I am a bit smarter than the average the bear
            & Boo-Boo, too-
            I always fill the candy jars with an assorted mix.
            My dad’s favorite were always those striped, coconut “Neopolitans”-
            you know, the ones that every time you try to peel the wrapper off,
            half of the sticky nougat stays with it….
            And my sister would wrestle a rabid woodchuck
            to clean-up on any & all “Caramel Comets”.

            Those two sweets are ALWAYS the ones missing
            with wrappers neatly displayed on the side.
            Now, I don’t know what snick-snacks “Interlopers” favor
            but, I reiterate, they can help themselves to anything they want
            as long as they steer clear of my Almond Joys
            & the wine cabinet ! 🙂

          • Kathy from Heafed to the Fell, Brevard, NC says:

            Perhaps there is a little case of sibling rivalry going on here? Perhaps some acting out to get your attention? A little note from Tut has gone missing too. . . Perhaps someone needs some extra cuddles and kisses!

          • Extra Hugs and Kisses??? Susan already kisses the fur off the poor kitties!!!! haha I don’t think Jack is up for anymore attention sounds to me like he is trying to break out and explore the great outdoors?? Be careful Jack it is a mean cruel world out there and no one will love and protect you more than your humans….THEY LOVE YOU!!!! Susan, you made me laugh out loud this morning with your sarcasm comment!!!

          • Kathy from Heafed to the Fell, Brevard, NC says:

            Hi Deborah,

            I was thinking of poor Girl Kitty since Jack is the “man of the moment” and we are all paying him so much attention and I’m sure he is eating it up. . .and perhaps even boasting about it, you know the way boys do sometimes, although I won’t mention any names. Girl may have got wind of it all and is having a little pity party all by her lonesome. 🙁 xoxo

          • We all know the squeeky wheel gets the oil….so to speak…it is so hard to ignore the kittens because they are so playful and adorable….Susan, does a great job of letting Girl have her space (Susan’s bed) and dotes on her at Girl’s will and tolerance…I’m sure she appreciates Junior getting all the ball throwing, hugging, kissing….a Queen does not have any time for all that nonsense (her thinking)….it allows Girl to have peace/quiet and Jack gets all the noise/chaos which he loves so it is a win/win situation in the household!!!

          • This comment (above) was put under Kathy’s half way up this page?? it will make more sense put there!!!

        • Pat, Fanny’s letter is on the older comments because I read it this morning!!

          • Pat Mofjeld says:

            I saw that, too, but by then I couldn’t go in and get rid of my comment saying it hadn’t shown up. 🙂 Beautiful day here–lower temps and lower humidity. Are you ready for this? Heard on the radio this comment: “Frost expected this weekend in spots in Northern Minnesota”. SEE–Fall is coming!!! 🙂

          • BRING IT ON…a nice Frosty morning would be so welcomed here in dry, hot (96 and rising) today…IN…we are fried and have had our fun with this Summer…now, if any of you see where I have the nerve to even complain this Winter you have my permission to remind me of this hot summer we are enduring!!!! We had a garage repairman come this morning and he said that all indications for this Winter is a blizzard like 1978?? ok now if that does happen I know me well enough I will have to just say REALLY!!!

          • judi says:

            A MN girl thru and thru…..I’m packin my bags – frost sounds like paradise whilst I am suffering in this furnace called FL!

      • Victoria says:

        Hi!….I’m thinking …Jack found all these wonderful posts sooo interesting!….of course whenever that happens… he just had to take a few swipes and …… Whoosh!! …off the screen they went! ….but sooner or later they’ll turn up under something… 🙂

    • Betty Marie, Pennsylvania says:

      Hi Cathy, Loved your blog……

  98. judi says:

    Oh, smoochie, kissy face, snuggle….love, love, love you Jack – (yah, you’re pretty cute too Jackdaddy). So good to see you. Stay out of that dryer!!! You can play in the clean, warm clothes when they are folded:)

    I always trimmed my kitties toes. I’d snuggle them up in my lap on the floor with a big bath towel and when you press on the top of your little paw – your nails come out (protrude). They make special clippers for animal toes (oh, that’s right – YOU’RE not an animal:) Just don’t cut too far up – good lighting is important.

  99. Judy from So.Cal says:

    Oh please Jack,,just come and do my laundry,,I’ll even pay your airfare for you.Judy

  100. Angie(Tink!) says:

    Good Afternoon Jack! Bravo! You have Done an Excellent Job! Tell Sweet Sue We are so Happy about The New “Willard” Yay!….Love Your Song too! Today … (August 7th) My Jonathan… My Jonboy… Turns 30! Happy Birthday to Jonathan! “30” Rocks! Yay! Jack… sending Kitty~Kisses to You & Girl~Kitty & Sweet Sue! 😉 Meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww & Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Too! Love You! xoxo Poof! ♥*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.♥*¨`*.✫*¨♥*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.♥*¨`*.✫

    • sbranch says:

      Happy Birthday to Jonathan!

      • Angie(Tink!) says:

        Yay! Thanks Sweet Sue…. & Jack…& Happy Birthday to Your Daddy too! Leos are Magical! xoxo Poof! ♥*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.♥*¨`*.✫*¨♥*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.♥

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