Kitty Pictures i.e. The Family Album

How would you like lots of kitty pictures today?  I hope I am hearing a wildly excited YES!  If so, you are in luck!  MUSICA! This would be a good time to bring your kidlets in for a little kitty tale. 

This morning they did something they just don’t do; they calmly allowed each other to be, not only in the same room, but on the same level. Usually Girl likes to be physically above Jack.  But there he is and she’s fine! She has him pretty well trained not to jump joyfully on her now.  It was so nice, I grabbed the camera for a little photo shoot in peaceable kingdom.

Even he seemed surprised.  Like, Do you see this? There she is, do you see it?  You might notice how much room Jack leaves me to do my work.

Whenever she’s around, he can barely take his eyes off her. She might be getting a persecution complex.

But mostly this is how we roll.  I try to eek out two square inches to work, while Jack makes himself comfortable.

I move him, but he comes back.  This all seems very normal to him.  I think I have painted at least one kitty hair into every page of the new book.

 I will not be charging extra for the good ju-ju DNA of kitty fur that will come with every book. It will simply be an unseen part of the overall package. And I promise, just in case, to render it allergy-free before it goes to the printer.

 And this is where Girl lives when she is in my studio.

Never very far away, but she mostly sticks to the pillow.

Although this is exactly the kind of face she gets just before she walks across my art table, and climbs up on my shoulder to get in the same position as burping a baby, for a back, neck and ear rub.

And very often,  I go to her, first for rubbing, then for a kitty kiss.

This was a hard photo to take; it was kind of a guess.  Because I had to put the camera behind me without seeing through the viewfinder, and just push the button. I am sitting in my chair and Jack has wedged himself between me and the back of it!

Of course, I had to paint these two into the new book. Even though they didn’t come to England with us, what would a book be without them, my little talismen!

I’ve been painting my kitties for a long time, this is my first Man Cat; this painting was called “Immortalizing Man Cat.” He was a living doll (too).

This is Jack, ready to play.  That’s his very own scratching post in the foreground.  His property and he knows it.  He brings me the rubber band and then he rustles me back to the scratching post to play there.

I put the rubber band on the top of the post, he climbs it, gets the rubber band, and brings it down to my feet so I can do it again.

He LOVES this game.

He is maniacal … where the heck is that rubber band?  I saw you put it here, where is it??  (shhhh don’t tell him!)

Aha . . . yes.  Got it. Bite it.

After we do this about a thousand times, I shoot it across the room so he can chase it and bring it back. He tells me if we shoot it, or if we put it on the top of the post.

He’s not quite done here yet … he moves fast!

This is Kitty Motto Number One. The light comes on in his eyes the moment I start to make the noises associated with taking Joe his tea in the morning.  He knows water-boiling noise signifies playtime.

Sometimes he likes me to throw the rubber band to him in the drawer . . . see those eyes?  That’s because I’m holding the rubber band just below the camera.

He is always ready to play, with the sweetest most trusting face in the world.

And once in a while, he will actually sleep.  He prefers warm laundry for his bed.

OK, Girlfriends and Kidlets, I must go now.  I have a book to finish!  I hope your days are going well, and all your dreams are coming true!  We, here in kitty heaven, love reading your wonderful comments!  Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day! xoxo

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644 Responses to Kitty Pictures i.e. The Family Album

  1. You could charge extra for Jack’s pawprint autograph, doncha know? -smile-

  2. kathy d says:

    gorgeous and homey, makes me want to come and visit for a while and soak in your joy and inspiration

  3. Sandra says:

    Nice to view all your “kitty” pictures on a snowy day in Alaska. Waiting for hubby to finish watching the Patriots football game, so we can go out to dinner in Kenai, Alaska with our family. I grew up in New England and keep a diary of our life in Alaska in your “Days from the Heart of the Home” book. It helps me sort out the hectic days of our lives the past 45 years of living in Alaska. I so miss New England, but get to share some of our past memories through your books and calendars. Keep up the great web site!

  4. Christine DeGraves says:

    Hope everyone is enjoying the birds today. Very
    cold and snowy here today!I feed the birds and have a up close view like Susan (a deck off my off my dining room so far I’ve. Had 21american Goldfinches at once! A record they are so cute and hardy little birds to surive the Cold Lets all not foget the importance of feeding the birds when the temps are freezing a little food can go a long way on a 15 degree day not to mention all the beautiful birds you get to see.

  5. Tracee Stewart says:

    Susan, I just stumbled across your blog yesterday and I have gone back and read everything! I stayed up til 4 am reading, laughing, and enjoying it! so wonderful! I will now be a part of this for always! Thank you!
    Tracee Stewart in Lewisville, NC

  6. Maxine Boyce Buckman says:

    You are a GEM! Love those kitties. No animals so I “hug” yours. Age and infirmities keep us from owning those cuddly pets. 4 rescue Goldens over past 20 yrs. I’d like some of their hair! lots around the house so it would be fun to have kitty fur enclosed in your England book which I am eagerly awaiting.

  7. Mary Martin says:

    The pink & white floral chair in your living room is beautiful. Is it custom-
    made or could you share the brand name?

    • sbranch says:

      It’s an old chair that we recovered, and I’m not remembering the name of the pattern, so sorry. It’s actually a pale yellow background …

  8. diane says:

    I enjoyed this thoroughly. My Molly looks very similar to your Jack, but since she is alone during my working hours she is not quite as playful. But I wonder, how did we every live without kitties?

  9. Oh how this reminds me of Tasha! Always painting with animals & children right in the thick of things, being part of it all. <3

  10. S.P. King says:

    I have loved your artwork for ages and a friend of mine turned me on to your website. As a ‘budding blogger’ myself, I love reading your posts and this is such a kick. Those kitties are very clever and entertaining! You (and your kitties) have given me inspiration! I have often thought about including my critters in some kind of story (I’m a previous Youth Librarian), we have 3 dogs and 3 cats (thought we needed to keep it fair). In any case, we have taken TONS of photos along the way and every picture could tell a story. Thanks again for the inspiration! You’re awesome pawsome!

  11. Julia D. says:

    I am a new follower of yours and just loving your blog site and those two adorable cats. We have Blaze that looks very similar to Jack, and sounds as if the two could be related. Cats are great! Sure enjoy your blog with fabulous writing and art work that is devine!
    Thank you and look forward to each and every entry.

  12. Pamela Herwig says:

    Hello Susan!! Don’t know if you’ll recall, but we ‘talked’ previously……..I have kitty Lucy Diamond, wasn’t a cat person until I got this rescue unexpectedly, and now she gets along with her ‘big brother’, a chocolate lab! Your photos of Jack especially remind me of Lucy-Girl………….the way he sleeps, how he gets in the way of what you are trying to do. Every morning, if I have time to open the newspaper, Lucy makes a beeline for it, and sprawls out on it so I cannot continue reading!! Of course, then we have to have bonding time…………she’s watching, intently, as I type this right now!! Staring at the cursor two inches from the screen. These kitties are such fun, but I don’t tell lab Chase……….he’s been very accepting, but there’s only so much a guy can take!!!!!!!! Cannot wait for your new book, your creations are works of art and the subject matter will be interesting to me, and many others!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Susan,
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful peaceful photos and lovely words of
    such heartfelt encouragement! You are my place to go when I need to be in
    a peaceful and lovely place! You are my inspiration! Looking forward to your
    book…..and in the meantime, tomorrow’s words and photos! Teresa

  14. Rosetta says:

    Ciao,ho scoperto il tuo blog e mi piace tanto,la tua casa,quello che racconti e fai!Adoro la neve ,qui in Italia dove vivo,vicino Roma non è mai troppo inverno ed io adoro l’inverno per poter gustare i piaceri in casa accoglienti!Da oggi ti seguo,baci,Rosetta

    • sbranch says:

      Ciao Rosetta, quindi piacere di conoscerti! Deve essere bello in cui si vive! Sono così felice di conoscerti! Grazie per essere venuti nel mio blog! xoxo Susan

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