BRRRR, we have snow, we have ZERO degrees.  Thats 32° below freezing.  Baby it’s cold outside. MUSICA for a snowy day.

Even the snowflakes are dancing. I think I know why God gave us the gift of winter, it’s a healing time for Martha’s Vineyard after the busy summer, but in a way, for us too. It gives us a good reason to stop the go-go-go, and just be.  Lots of people don’t like snow and move to Florida to escape it.  But after growing up in Southern California, and now experiencing real winter, I would miss these quiet, introspective days.

The whole world is muffled in this blanket of white.  Our old house is “anchored,” as Gladys Taber would say, “like a ship in a still white sea.”  No cars go by, no noise gets through, only the popping of embers of a fire, and the bloop-bloop-bloop of the chicken stock that’s simmering on top of my stove and making the house smell cozy.  It’s a world all its own.

Time seems to stand still, just us, the birds, the squirrels, warm sweaters, shawls, socks, furnace-vent-warmed slippers.

Every so often, I peek out the window.  Yup, it’s all still there!  Not a daffodil in sight.  Thank goodness, I am not ready to give up on all this quite yet.

When I got up this morning and looked outside … and there was our Wolf moon — It’ll be full on Saturday night.

Inside the house, it’s cozy, with quilts draped over everything making us feel warm and happy!

Joe has been making fires every morning . . . I can see the fireplace from my art table, so I look up, Jack is draped on the back of the couch, there’s a fire beyond … girl is on the pillow in my studio.  And I spread watery green paint onto a new piece of paper. . . clock goes tick-tick-tick, and I go, thank you.

We turn on the radio to the classical station, and I count my blessings.  How lucky we are to have this warm house safe from the storms.

Yesterday we had pancakes on the sofa front of the fire.  Could a person ask anything more from a little egg, milk, and flour?  And Vermont Maple-tree juice?  No, I think not.  We have it all just like Bogie and Bacall.

This is one of my favorite photos of Joe.  I see happiness in his eyes.  If I EVER catch him lying down when the laundry comes out, he gets “the treatment.”  Full body warmth from dryer.

But it’s not always quiet around here . . . We get visitors …. Lowely (my BFF and girlfriend who lives only one door over) came for tea the other day and provided lots of entertainment . . .

She came in the door and drama ensued almost immediately.  Her scarf is caught in her zipper. She can’t get out.  What do I do?   Grab the camera of course!  See the zipper being pulled up at the bottom?  Her scarf is firmly in there.

So, a little bit of strangulation is taking place.  Am I helping?  Yes, I’m recording it for posterity!  And laughing too hard, which is why these photos are not in focus!

Oh, the humanity.

She’s given up on trying to loosen the zipper grip on the fabric, now she is just trying to get the scarf off, but it is hopeless . . . she is trapped.

We are laughing so hard!  There is no rhyme nor reason to that scarf!  This is when I came to my senses and put the camera down and HELP her.  She got out, probably without my involvement . . . but we are crying laughing.  Then we had tea and a nice visit at the kitchen table.  And I forgot to take a photo of the normal Lowely, so you can see how pretty she really is.

But here she is with Joe — we’re at her house, for one of her wonderful parties!  See those yummy Clams Casino in the foreground.  I would like one of those right now!  (Thank you Lowely, for letting me use these photos and for the constant wonderful entertaining YOU! )

There are so many good ways to celebrate this magical time of year before it gets away from us and becomes part of the past.  Above is a little picture I painted of me in my chair, with William T. Aristocat III, my book, my blankie, my sippies, and of course, my singing bird (doesn’t everyone have one of those on the back of their chair?)  This is what I call the good life.  Speaking of which, if you haven’t already seen it, there is a really charming movie called Cranford — they have both part one and two, available in a set on Amazon, you will love it if you haven’t seen it; it will get you in the mood for England.  Because we went to that darling village where it was filmed and there will be photos in our new book!  Have the movie with a cup of tea, some cinnamon toast, warm slippers . . . the perfect thing for a winter day.♥ 

Sun is coming up right now, gorgeous blue-sky day and freezing sunlight putting a silvery outline on the tree branches loaded with snow . . . this is what I love, my kitchen, early in the morning, and the bloop-bloop-bloop of the chicken stock . . . Off I go, more pages for our book will be coming out of my little art factory today.  There is a pinpoint of light at the end of the Fine Romance tunnel, girlfriends.   Remember to

 Do one little special thing for yourself today — such as this, bubbles, hot water, book!   You can start having a special day right now, with a great big deep breath.  Aren’t we lucky?  Oh!  And by the way, I want to make sure . . . did you get your Valentine bookmark?  That’s for your book, with love from me, and for you to pop into an envelope to give your girlfriends . . . spreading a little sunshine as only you know how!  Bye for now! Thank you for all your wonderful comments.  We are the mutual admiration society!  Happy weekend!  XOXO

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401 Responses to WE HAVE SNOW

  1. laurie says:

    beautiful snow photos, your house and garden wear “snow” beautifully, have a wonderful day!My blog post today was about the wolf moon, lol,

  2. Byrd says:

    Thank you for the encouragement (and permission) to do something for myself today. With a list of to-dos a mile long and 8 degree weather here in Connecticut, I need a little comfy-cozy. Take care, Byrd

  3. Jean says:

    Good morning, Sue!
    There is nothing better than a real winter complete with snow and cold. Our fireplace is on and I am looking out at snowy rooftops. I guess I’ll never understand why some people don’t understand why the quiet of winter is good.
    Enjoy your day.

  4. Sherry Winchester says:

    I will never, ever tire of your blog posts. Absolutely heartwarming!..Thank you, Susan…give those lovely felines a smooch for me… ^..^ ^..^ :^)

  5. Patty in Michigan says:

    Good Snowy Morning, Susan! It’s a snowy, cold morning here in Michigan. Just beautiful. I have the candles lit, something yummy just came out of the oven for my kids and we are excited for the snow. I also love the quiet of the snowfall. Loved finding your post this morning. It is always a treat for me to read. Have a beutiful day.

  6. Pam says:

    Lovely cold and cosy photos and had to laugh about the scarf incident. We also have snow, more forecast this evening but then apparently the big thaw tomorrow. Have done all of my chores (well all I’m going to do 🙂 ) so am going to curl up this afternoon with my stitching and hopefully a good film on the tv.

  7. Cathy McC. says:

    Thank you — you make even the coldest, snowiest days take on a whole new light. I’m still laughing from the zipper pictures. Me thinks you and Lowely would be perfect companions for Lucy and Ethel!!!
    And isn’t there something about counting your blessings and naming them outloud, one by one, that just does your soul good?
    You’ve prompted me to make pancakes this morning — thin German pancakes like my dad used to make — what wonderful memories of him making our initials and butterflies and more out of the batter. And now “us kids” do that for our grandkids!!! Guess you’ve helped me find the gateway to my soul today, too. Stay warm and cozy! Ethel

    • sbranch says:

      The gateway to your soul, don’t you just love those words? I picture roses climbing up the gateway!

      • Cathy McC. says:

        I was just thinking that Meg Ryan may have uttered those words, “gateway to my soul” in “You’ve Got Mail”, but I think she said “152 insights to my soul” — Hmmmm — might have to cozy up to that movie on this snowy day in Indiana and find out what the exact words are. (Perhaps for the 152nd time!!!) Actually, I think my friend Lucy knows the dialogue by heart.
        Do you have movies like that? TaTa!

        • Victoria Miller says:

          Love the Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, Nora Ephron combo! Sleepless in Seattle is one of my all time favorites!

  8. mary spring says:

    …dear Susan..good morning !!…I always love your posts…such artful compositions !!…my hope is that these posts some day could be put together as a book… as if you’re not busy enough !!..don’t you love how we always have ideas for you to stay busy ?!?…lol…stay warm and thank you for all you do !!!

  9. Vicki in Cincy says:

    Good morning Susan! It is really pretty at your house. We are supposed to get a little (1-2″) of snow today. I’m so glad you got a break and some laughter with your friend Lowely, you’ve been working so hard! It really does make you grateful when you’re all cozy and warm in your house with snow outside, and the ones you love snoozing or just being nearby. Thank you for making me appreciate the little things that make all the difference! Have a cozy day! Love you Girlfriend 🙂

  10. Good morning Susan!… your winter wonderland looks just beautiful, and the way you describe it all is just enchanting!… love love love the Wolf Moon… I printed out my “Moon” bookmark awhile back and love using it and checking all the phases… thank you for the Valentine bookmark too… also, just printed out the “Start Slow and Taper” one… I am hooked on those!… cannot wait for your book!… we are in an ice storm here in Utah… everything is a skating rink yesterday and today… only the 7th ice storm I think since 1940 here… brrrr!… we love getting the clothes out of the dryer and “wearing” them while they are warm too… Joe looks cute and cosy!… we have also been eating alot of grilled cheese sandwiches!… your friend looks cute and I can just picture the two of you laughing so hard… lucky her, living right next door to YOU!… enjoy your quiet time with Joe and the kitties… and your favorite window!… much love, xoxo Julie Marie (In Iceland today!)…

  11. Jeanette says:

    Good morning, Susan!!! :):):):):) and a bunch of blessings to you this fine Friday! Yippeee…
    The snow looks so peaceful, lovely. We were supposed to get a dusting last night and alas when I came down in the dark to let the puperoos out this morning, nary a trace. Argh. I sooooo want snow!!! And, then we’re supposed to get icky ice and sleet on Sunday here in Central IL and then almost 62 on Tuesday with rain and thunderstorms!?! What is going on??? Perhaps we need to give Mother Nature a nudge, a very gentle one and reminder her it IS w.i.n.t.e.r!
    So, I’m planning on getting everything done I need to by Saturday, so on Sunday I can stay happily esconced in the house with a fire going, soup bubbling away on the stove, me in my studio in between watching the last of Season 2 Downton Abby so I can get to this season. I AM Captivated!!! What a great escape to watch that show. Amazing.
    I too adore the photo of Joe enveloped in the warm laundry – priceless!
    Sending warm, cozy, squishy hugs and oodles and noodles of love!!!

  12. Carol (Daisy) says:

    We also received a fresh covering of snow overnight. It was just the right time to dig out my “Toad Cottages and Shooting Stars” book by Sharon Lovejoy. Guess what, I ran across a recipe for Banana Bliss by none other than the world renewed author and chef Susan Branch!!! The book is a great reference for all things to do indoors or outdoors with children. My plan was to start to find fun things to do this summer with our newest little neighbor, Brady, who is now 2 ½ years old. He will be at such a fun age this summer!! His grandparents live far away and our grandchildren live far away so when his family moved in, we were all very happy. I checked out the Cranford series and looks like something we would enjoy.

  13. Suzan says:

    I gave myself the gift of a day off today. It is snowing here in Illinois also. I went out to fill the bird feeder and everybody was waiting in the trees for me to get the job done. They are so funny! Now I am sitting in my sunroom with all of my five doxies sleeping in various places around me. The perfect way to start the day!
    Ladybug Cottage

    • sbranch says:

      My sister has three doxies! I know you are in heaven there, happy day off!

    • dottie (in the OC in SoCal) says:

      Doxies and love — just can’t be helped. My one doxie love keeps my lap warm on the chilly days and evening which are regularly a part of the SoCal weather pattern lately.

  14. Pamela Jewett says:

    Hi Susan,

    We came out of the deep freeze 4 days ago. I forgot what the sun felt like. Yesterday it was officially 58 by late afternoon. Off with the scarves, coats, tights and three layers of shirts and fluffy hats. This morning we awoke to fog. Most interesting winter in years. Thanks for all of your suggestions. I love hot chocolate in front of a fire anyday.
    xoxo Pam

  15. Susan says:

    We have the same weather here in Idaho except for the addition of freezing rain yesterday morning. All roads and sidewalks were left covered in 1/4″ of ice. Lovely to look at but a bit tricky to navigate. Love your cozy quilts!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  16. Susan Simon says:

    Good morning, Susan and everyone! We also finally have snow here in Chicagoland… not much, about an inch and a half, but it’s the first snow of the winter here… unbelievable. We had hoped for more as our 5 year old grandson, who is coming to visit this weekend, has been waiting and waiting and waiting to have enough snow to do snow angels, build a snowman, go sledding and then have some wonderful hot chocolate when he is done with all that fun. Hopefully we’ll get a little bit more… fingers crossed.

    Love all the photos of your deep snow, Susan… and the fireplace with Jack on the chair… oh, such a very cozy scene. You are so right about the time for thought and slowing down that should come with winter… now I think I’ll head to the kitchen and make some of those marvelous pancakes for our lunch today… yum. Hope you and Joe, Jack and Girl Kitty have a splendiferous day!

  17. Good Morning Sue! I have finally climbed out of the clutches of the dreaded flu, and today I feel like a person again. So nice to be greeted with such pretty pictures of snow…something I haven’t see in about 12 years. We’re having such lovely weather here in the tropics- temps between 60 & 70’s which is beautiful after the long hot summer. Anyway, thanks for making me feel better today- I think I can face the world and do a little sewing. xoxo Jacqui

  18. Gail Buss says:

    Dear Susan, Wow! What a winter wonderland. I must say the one thing I miss about the snow is the quiet especially when it is first falling. Yes, I would love it if I didn’t have to go out in it and could stay toasty warm inside. I remember when we had a blizzard once and my son was taking care of the cat for the neighbor across the street, he had to literally jump over the snow (we had 3 feet of snow in Maryland) all the way up the steep hill to their house. It hadn’t stopped snowing yet, and I told him to leave plenty of food since we didn’t know when he’d be able to get back over there. They were vacationing in Hawaii. The part of the snow I never liked was when living and working in NYC and how dirty the snow got and we had to wear boots and carry shoes (back then they had totes for that) to work and walk through all that mess especially while crossing the streets. But the quiet and beauty of it falling is a memory I will never forget. Loved seeing all your pictures. Even the pancakes looked so yummy. I do miss our fireplace with the crackling fire. Must look into the move Cranford too. We are having 2 girlfriends from MD come and visit next week. Just might have to make clams casino! Thanks for everything you share with us.
    Have fun if you go out to make a snowman or some snow angels. Hugs, Gail Buss, Bev. Hills, Fl XX

  19. Brenda from Saskatchewan, Canada says:

    Susan, your snow photos are beautiful. Our winter has been more brutal than usual so our snow has been coming with -35C temperatures… definitely stay inside or else move from our warm houses to our warmed up vehicles to other warm buildings. Your snow and temperatures look like kids could get out and romp and giggle and build snowmen.

  20. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Well, that was fun! You started my day with a smile on my face! Oh boy, all that snow brought back memories of the time we were at the cabin, at Christmas, & the highway was closed due to a CA blizzard! We ran out to play on the highway! It was so quiet outside – no traffic noise, just children playing! Back inside we were snug, cozy & warm. Lucky us, we got there before the storm! At first I thought Lowely was being attacked by a squirrel – very funny! Great pictures & music my dear! Thank you for your charmin’ blog! xoxo

  21. Taylorsoutback says:

    After reading your warm and cozy posting, a piece of cinnamon toast is my top priority – yum! Next is studying your image of all the quilts – especially the little 9 patch with the buttery yellow border – oh my -it is a must do. I think that is why January was invented – quilting time! Here in the northwoods we also have a fresh coating of snow & the tall evergreens look like a real life version of vintage bottle trees.

  22. Priscilla from So. CA. in SD says:

    We are so lucky to enjoy the gift of seasons and I am grateful for all my blessings. Isn’t life grand? It is 12 degrees here this morning but will be warming up to 33 on Monday. I am hunkered down with my basset hound Dudley in front of the fire in the fireplace and thoroughly enjoyed your post. Thank you Susan , and …….

    Thank you Lowely for this morning’s entertainment!

  23. Karen says:

    THank you for always giving me a glimpse of the island I love so very much and only get to visit on occasion. Your home, your way of looking at life.. are so full of warmth, so encouraging. –

  24. Marianne from Peoria IL says:

    Since we have the cold, but no snow in Peoria, my husband came home last night to say “pack up, we’re headed to Michigan (lake effect snow) for the weekend! Unlike many of my friends, we head North for winter snow, while others head south! HA! We love it and miss the snow here in central Illinois…..
    LOVE this entry in your blog! Stay warm!!

  25. Julia says:

    Ohhhhhhh, snow…… Thank you so much !!!!!!!! I have only seen 4 worthy
    snows in all of my 65 years. An Ohio relative called Wed. just to say
    “we have snow!” Now, I’ll go read every word before I start quilting
    for the day. Also, love the quilts, of course !

  26. Heidi says:

    It’s snowing in southwest, OH. Thank you for your inspiring, comforting words, the pictures and illustrations and the bookmark. A gentle reminder of a previous request/inquiry – any possibility of a planner for 2014? Sorry to ask when you already do so much for us. Happy weekend!

  27. Rhonda D. says:

    Your post absolutely exudes cozy this morning. This is my favorite time of the year. I can actually feel what your house is oozing today. Loved to be reminded of the simple things in life. It is freezing cold here in the maritimes this week…….-30C windchill. Nice to be warm and snuggled inside with all the “essentials” for a cold winter day. These days are really good for the soul. For me, they prepare me for the busyness of the rest of the year. My relative in Wales took a creative writing course, and wrote a story book about our family history. She blessed me with a copy and this is the perfect time to put my feet up by the fire and do some reading. Perfect. Enjoy life in your winter cocoon, safe and warm, while winter wonderland spins her magic outside your windows!

  28. Karen P. - Green Bay, WI says:

    Your home/yard is so beautiful in the snow! We have snow, too, today and shortly I will be going out to shovel. I understand what you mean about the quiet and the snow falling. Breathtaking! So thankful to live in an area of the country where we have the four seasons! Beauty! Have a cozy day! xoxo

  29. susie says:

    You make winter sound fun…I like the idea of quiet and relaxing. My problem is actually relaxing….seems I must be doing something productive all the time. I need a vacation. Enjoy your snow. Funny photos of your friend in her entanglement.xoxo,Susie

  30. Marie (Long Beach, CA) says:

    It’s raining outside this morning. That nice rain that gets to soak our lawns, trees and plants. Perfect. So, I decided to come and reread your post from January 20th. Then to my surprise I find a new post this morning! The pictures of all snow you got are beautiful. And your home looks so warm and cozy. Your pictures of Lowely and the description of “crying laughing” made me smile! There’s nothing like that kind of laughter, it just makes you feel alive, and oh so happy. Thank you Susan for this fabulous post. You delight my heart and soul! ♥

  31. Darlene says:

    Good morning Susan and everyone, I love the photo of Joe wrapped in all the warm laundry and I do the same when I take a blanket out of the dryer to whomever is so lucky to be in my vicinity(husband, son, daughter and kitties) and your girlfriend photo made me smile. Those pancakes look yummy and just last night my husband suggested pancakes for dinner after seeing a commercial so he just might get lucky tonight! Thanks for the sweet Valentine bookmark…stay warm and cozy. xoxo

  32. Janis says:

    Thank you..Thank you..Thank you…for the wonderful words and pictures that we all needed today! I don’t know how I missed Cranford, but it is on order now. Poor Lowely and her jacket….we have all had that happened a time or two. And, thanks so much for the lovely Valentine bookmark…just the perfect thing to enclose with my cards.

  33. "Auntie" says:

    I love it, that you too do “The-Camera-Grab”, at such times.

    We are very lucky when our cam-object is a good soul, who laughs along and doesn’t mind our non-intervention in the *horror*-of-the-moment! -gigggggles-

    Perhaps even appreciates our Need-To-Document all such moments.


  34. PAT says:

    ahhhhh…how wonderful to be transported back north through your words…..going to be mid-70s here today….so i’ll live vicariously through your wonderful visions! Thanks!

  35. Debbie Anderson says:

    Oh how I loved this post. You are so right about regrouping and resting durning winter – and just enjoy it! Can’t wait untill your new book comes out.
    Stay warm.

  36. Jan says:

    We have had snow here the last two days. Everything outside is white and wonderful. Have enjoyed taking pics of the birds in the snow at the feeder. I would really miss the winter season having grown up in Michigan. Nothing like the peace and serenity of looking outside at a new fallen snow! Need to get outside myself and take some pics. Thanks for the heartwarming post.

  37. Kerry S. from San Pedro, CA says:

    Thank you for the Valentine bookmark!! I’m continuing the Valentine banner project today plus making chicken soup!! It’s raining here in So Cal so I’m staying close to home. Hoping that there will be a break in rain long enough to take a walk then back home to enjoy the rest of a peaceful Friday!
    Thank you for the ray of sunshine today, Susan!
    Warm thoughts headed your way! 😉

  38. Suzanne says:

    Isn’t it lovely just after it snows? I love the quietness of it especially when I take a walk. Everything is so serene and the air smells so good. I love it too when I return home and like you something is bubbling on the stove or baking in the oven, my little Maggie is curled up on her blanket all warm and snuggley and I start some kind of project (I’m now organizing recipes in a binder). It’s just so nice to be home.

  39. As I read this (and it is snowing here in the Midwest, too)… I was thinking if there is no other reason in the world I appreciate the Internet… it is to read you blog.

    Thank you. 🙂

  40. Susan says:

    4 degrees this morning at dawn. Our water pipes were frozen so we didn’t have water. It has been along cold spell so one little frozen pipe is no problem. Now the water is flowing again; no brust pipes or a frozen well, thank heavens! Special treat day is tomorrow as we drive 3 hours to go kayak shopping! I might get a new kayak IF I find one I like! I may not be able to “test drive” it though as the store’s pond is likely to be frozen solid. Thanks for the great music!BTW, did you see many people kayaking in England last year? I was wondering if it’s popular there.

  41. Laura Ann in Vermont says:

    It was -22 degrees F when I dropped my kids off at school yesterday!! I drove straight home (25 miles each way! So cold!) and baked four loaves of cinnamon swirl bread and a batch of honey lavender biscotti. When they came home, all was cozy and warm and I had the hot chocolate ready. Which goes to show that even bitter cold can be fun…I even had time to read my latest mystery in front of a roaring fire.

  42. Mary says:

    That wolf moon photo is a blue ribbon winner! No, maybe Joe buried in warm
    laundry (you two share a true romance). Then again, the picture of L trying to
    extricate herself with you giving her a big hand by documenting the moment
    (much to her gratitude)…..all in all, moments packed with activity, mirth and
    sweet sharing….let it snow, let it snow, ad infinitum…. love you, precious lady.
    Blessings of the silent snow day.
    P.S. Gateway to the soul….. beautiful ~ best brought on by pancakes in maple
    tree juice.

  43. Joan Ramseyer says:

    Hi Susan….Love your post today. Your landscape looks like ours in snowy West Michigan. It is like a snowglobe today but yesterday we had glorious sunshine. I went for a walk and came back into our cozy house and wrote a poem. It isn’t great writing 🙂 but I thought I would share. Thank you for the darling book mark. I will certainly include one for each of my friends in Valentine cards.

    Poetry For A Winter Day

    Bright blue sky high above the trees
    covered with snow puff pastries
    Sun casting long shawdows as
    boots crunch on walk down country road
    Cheeks tingle with cold which brings
    an exhilaration in being alive


  44. Cindy Maulin - St. Louis says:

    hi susan..that photo of the yard looking through the trees is just beautiful..you captured the moment!!! Isn’t wonderful to have a BFF to laugh-cry with?? I loved those pictures of the scarf incident and could feel the delight of the friendship..my BFF ( 49 years now) lives in LA and me in St.Lou..but we share those moments still….phone, text, email… what a gift…..so lucky to be neighbors… i understand why you say.. ” thank-you”….. and am just smiling while writing this… your post today was just perfect for me because my wonderful retired husband is leaving for sunny much warmer Marco Island to fish at bit…but I ( still teaching) will hold the fort down here…so I WILL do something for myself…thanks for the inspiration and have a warm and comfy cozy week-end!! love, cindy

  45. nancy jo says:

    O h Hi Susan,
    Yes love the snow, I’m here in the NorthEast and have lived here all my life, I still find the snow amazing. Its a wonder.
    Been doing a lot of embroidery. Great ideas and patterns at”Pattern Bee.”She has enough differnt patterns to choose from you could make a ba-zillion dish towels for gifts.
    Nice post as always, thank you for the bookmark.
    Nancy Jo

  46. Lynn McMahon says:

    ~ Good Morning~
    Finally back to double digits temperature wise~ a little dusting of snow~ not enough to do anything fun with~but everything looks pretty!~
    I have had a very similar last few days~I got stuck in my coat zipper~ zipped my scarf in an had to ” bust myself out”!
    I am making chicken today~ a whole roast paprika one~ smells yummy! ~
    One of my Bestest Girlfriends in California sent me a box FULL of vitamins~ her very own homegrown Meyer lemons and grapefruit plus oranges and avacados~ it was like a box of sunshine when I opened it!~ time for some tea!!!
    ~Happy Friday~

  47. Connie Michael says:

    Beautiful snow pics! After reading your post I put my houseslippers in front of the heat register to warm up…wowwwwww…….so cozy on my feet! 🙂 Hope you have a great day!

  48. Linda Wattier says:

    That is so true, that the weather kind of controls your feelings and what you do on that particular day. Sounds like it will be in the 50’s today here in the Black Hills of SD. We really do need moisture. Will do some knitting and putting away and organizing pictures. Have to remember it is still winter! Would go for a walk but had bunyon surgery on Tuesday so have to take it easy. I’m walking on it, it’s doing fine. Thanks for the inspiration, blessings to you.

  49. Kim DeMichele says:

    Thankyou Susan for the lovely post!!! Many thanks for the bookmark!! I am going to make mine into Valentines for my 3 daughters, who are all musicians, they will love the message!!! Thanks for your generosity!!! Fondly, Kim D from snowy Dublin, Ohio

  50. Joan S says:

    You radiate contentment. Thanks for sharing it.

  51. Janie says:

    I would happy to be one of your cats!! Your house looks sooooo cozy. Am jealous that you all have snow….in Missouri our winters aren’t what they used to be 🙁

  52. Judy from So.Cal says:

    Oh Susan, thank you for that,,you captured just right the feeling I always had about the snow and the quiet,,growing up in Pa. I love S. Cal but do miss those quiet snugly moments in winter when all is pristine from the snow,,,,Judy

  53. jane says:

    Hi Susan! I just got out of the bath where I ate oatmeal and read my Christmas copy of Gladys Taber’s Best of Stillmeadow! But, NO SNOW! I’m patiently waiting for a little of the white stuff to hold us hostage for a few days.

    Question: Is anyone else having trouble downloading the Valentine bookmark? I’ve tried several times and can’t seem to get it! DARN!

    Happy snow days!

  54. Tracy says:

    Loved the winter descriptions, and am filled with envy for your weather. I’m in Northern California and we’ve been frigid–ha! Upper 40s for the high, around 30 for the low, and we are all a-dither. But I love it–it’s the only winter I’ve got! I smiled with your descriptions–they reminded me so much of when Barbara Stanwyck is describing the view out her window of the winter scene on her farm, when she’s really in an apartment in New York. But don’t worry, I know you’re not cheating. P.S. The Oh-the-Humanity photo of your bff made me laugh out loud.

  55. Sharon Calvert says:

    Thanks for pausing and posting today … I’ve been checking the MV webcams and seeing the snow, wondering what it looks like at Branch Hall. Now I know 🙂 Lovely. This is my first winter living along Alabama’s Gulf coast, and I haven’t missed the snow and ice back in Kentucky yet; perhaps time will change that? I do miss the girlfriends, though (*sigh*). Am now always on the lookout at antique and thrift shops for treasures made in England, to ‘set the scene’ for savoring A Fine Romance! Especially enjoyed the musica today while reading; my powers of concentration are distracted by vocals (can’t chew gum and walk at the same time kind of thing, I guess). Love you, Susan Branch …

    Sharon in Alabama

  56. Linda Pintarell says:

    You paint such a beautiful picture of a lovely, snowy day…and the actual pictures to go along with it are gorgeous. Thank you. Here in Southern California its a rainy day…but not cold – almost Hawaii-like. Kinda weird for us…but just enjoying staying in with my doggie, catching up on things. Last evening I finished watching “Falling for a Dancer” filmed so beautifully on the coastline of Ireland and England, I believe. Just looking at that scenery made me nostalgic for your book…can you be nostalgic for something in the future?

  57. Elaine says:

    Wonderful photos and post ! It is snowing here now and to be snowing all day and night , the temps are mild and it is soo pretty and peaceful I love it ! My Miggs and I are all cozy now with the wood stove crackling away after a wonderful walk in the snow . Have a good day and stay cozy !

  58. Sarah Maldonado says:

    Ahh, the snow! We haven’t had our usual snow yet this year but I’m hoping for some soon! I, too, love the quiet time it provides requiring us to just BE! Right now I’m anticipating a surprise visit from my step- sister! She is coming half-way across the country to be with me for my 60th birthday next week! It was supposed to be a total surprise but life happened and required it to be revealed a few days early! I’m so excited thinking of all we’ll do and talk about! And if it snowed it would be all the better! Thanks for the lovely, snowy post, Susan!

  59. pat addison ( cave junction,OR ) says:

    good morning susan, hello everyone. well we had our snow awhile ago, but some may be coming back by the weekend, i do love the quiet of winter and winter snow. i love watching the birds on the feeders and the cats watching the birds. love a warm fire, and having my warm slippers on and a hot cup of coffee to wrap my hands around. i treat myself to a mocha coffee by mixing in hot chocolate mix with my coffee, thats my” be nice to me ” treat for the day. for now the there is stew simmering in the crock pot, and the cats are curled up in their basket by the woodstove, snoozing before the next round of birdy visitors. its raining outside, the chickens, ducks and turkeys are out and about for the day, the ducks splashing away in their pool and quacking. life is good out here in the country. you have a lovely day today and stay warm. hugs…. 🙂

  60. sandy says:

    Good, cold, morning greetings to you Susan! Tho we have no snow, just rather (dare I use the word) gloomy gray skies, just thinking about the joys of winter warms my heart and cheers me up. Thank you for changing my attitude! I do enjoy having a reason to stay in and work on crafty things. And bake. And eat! thanks for cheering me up,,,,hugs from sandy 🙂

  61. Rosanne (Oregon) says:

    Sitting at my computer with a hot Emma cup of coffee, kitty purring in my lap(she just wants to see pictures of Jack), reading your cozy, happy post. Starting the day with a smile and warm heart, thanks to you (and kitty). Love from Oregon to Martha’s Vineyard.

  62. Peggy in TN says:

    It is a freezing rain, “lamps on” kind of day here in middle Tennessee. I too came from the west and really enjoy having 4 seasons. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us!

  63. Rae Ann from northern Michigan...now in Minnesota... says:

    So glad you are enjoying the beautiful scenes fresh snow makes…we’ve been hunkered down here in western Minnesota for weeks…the windchills here are between -26* and -36* in our neighborhood and in northern Minnesota by the Canadian border they are even colder!!!…the real outside temperatures haven’t been above 0* in weeks…I don’t know how the people survived in “Little House on the Prairie” days…I went out to get the mail for the very first time yesterday…my hubby has been doing all the outside things…going to work!!!, feeding the birds, getting the mail, taking out the trash…since I haven’t been to the grocery store in over two weeks, I have been cleaning out the pantry and using up what we have…kind of refreshing…do have to get to the store this weekend…the weather will get finally get above 0* for a day or so until it goes back down below zero…stay warm and cozy…xoxo…

    • Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

      Rae Ann, I’ve been having the same thoughts here in St. Paul with the extremely cold temps–however did the pioneers make it with drafty log cabins, etc.? We lived in Thief River Falls, MN, which is just south of the Canadian border, for 7 years. In the winter we would have -25 degrees for weeks at a time! We had no garage, either! We had long heavy-duty electric cords running out to the cars to plug in their block heaters. We were also almost 20 years younger then, which I suspect helped! 🙂 And, of course, we wore down parkas everywhere, long underwear, and Sorel boots–we dressed for it. When we first moved back to the Cities, we would roll our eyes at each other when we listened to people complaining about the cold down here. But now we find ourselves thinking subzero temperatures are pretty cold, too! But, of course, we don’t dress properly for it, I will admit… 🙂

  64. ReNae says:

    Your posts are always so adorable! Your words, your drawings, the music…it is all so uplifting and charming!! We are in Utah and having a Rare ice storm. Yesterday I did nothing but watch the freezing rain and read. Taking advantage of the day.
    I lived in Southern CA for 9 years. I am not a fan of winter but your pictures and words do give me an attitude adjustment for sure. Thank you once again! Have a wonderful day!

  65. We are getting snow this afternoon! Yay! You really put me in the mood for it after reading your post. I can almost hear the silence!! And thanks for telling us to do something for ourselves . . . you are awesome!

  66. Anne Branco says:

    Hello Susan. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog today. (And ALL of them actually). I so enjoy them. It’s so nice to see someone appreciate the peace and beauty of a snowy day. Here in Maine it’s been below freezing for almost a week now. It’s supposed to go to 30 below tonight. Can’t wait to go home and sit in front of the fire with my kitty. Have a wonderful, cozy weekend.

  67. Diane says:

    Hello Dear Susan,

    I’m still laughing at the pictures of your friend Lowely and the stuck scarf. Hope you two were able to get it out without damaging it.

    I’ve been good to myself today too! There is a quilt show here in Statesville and I was going even if I had to spend the night there! I made it back home just fine as the icy rain began to come down. I bought some wonderful quilt books and I’m going to curl up in bed this afternoon and stitch a bit on a table runner. We’re supposed to have a major ice storm this afternoon and into the night…we have plenty of bread and milk (there’s always a run on them around here if there’s even a hint of bad weather)…we have potato soup…we have kitties to park themselves on our feet or pillow. Can life get any better than being snug as a bug in a rug on a cold day in your own warm house? Well, maybe it could if we had some shortbread and hot tea. I think I’ll make some before I climb into bed.

    Do you see what you’ve done? You’ve made me all cozy just thinking about your wonderful house and the beautiful snowy landscape around you. Thank you!

    I love your posts.

    Diane in North Carolina

  68. judy says:

    O.K., I’m inspired to enjoy my home. The fire is lit in the fireplace, butter is softening for your sugar cookie recipe, and I’m wondering what to do with the chicken that is simmering in the pot?
    Judy in Nashville

  69. Carol Lichwala says:

    Hello Sue,
    What a beautiful, quiet area you live in. I love New England just for the seasons. I live in Western Ma. It’s been very cold here too…it’s about 18 degrees right now.
    I loved that movie “Cranford”. I watched it with my wonderful friend. Don’t forget to watch “Return to Cranford”.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  70. Anna Marie says:

    Good Morning Susan, Lovely snow pictures. We just got rid of our freezing weather for awhile. I love Cranford and wanted to also suggest Lark Rises series as well. Enjoy your blanket of quiet snow and snuggle down.

  71. Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

    We’re having a strong cold wind from the North blowing snow today. I loved your comments about winter. I have tried to explain this to our relatives on the West Coast but they don’t “get it”. Winter, with its time to be inside, get caught up with inside things and give yourself permission to just sit and knit, read, have a fire in the fireplace–what would we do without it? I LOVE that cozy feeling that being inside in the Wintertime gives me…I know that I will be ready for Spring–when it comes–but for now I’m enjoying the season at hand! It is a good time for you to be working on the book–before the garden calls, trips to the beach, and jaunts to the farmer’s market and antique shops…Will check out Cranford. Enjoy the day! 🙂

  72. Christine Anderson says:

    Thanks for the reat pictures and a good laugh. Who hasn’t been caught in a zipper!
    Rain in So Cal our excuse for hunkering down and beeing cosy. Love your snow though. It is so quiet and beautiful!!
    Thanks again 🙂

  73. Shannon (Pennsylvania) says:

    Good afternoon Susan!
    It would be impossible for me to choose my favorite Gladys Taber quote, but the one you used for this blog rates way up there. It brings such a lovely, warm sense of peace to my heart to think of my little home being anchored like a ship in a still White Sea. We’re expecting more snow just any minute now, and our anchor continues to hold strong 🙂
    Thank you for the sweet Valentine bookmark! I printed it off this morning and will add it to my slowly growing collection of SB bookmarks. It’s been just about a year since I happily discovered you….my first bookmark was the 2012 moon one. I print them, use them till you make a new one for us, then retire them to the pages of a scrapbook.
    Hope Lowely’s scarf survived the attack of the zipper! The pictures of her valiant attempt to get the darn coat OFF were hilarious…I can sympathize entirely!!

  74. Paulie says:

    Oh Happy Day….we are having a heatwave. Yesterday it was a minus 22 below zero here I Vermont….this morning it was only -12 below and by Monday we are supposed to hit +40 degrees above……….oh really happy day then!……b-b-b-r-r-r-r-r and we barely have a ground cover/dustng of snow. Holy moses……..what crazy weather but perfect days to be reading your wonderful posts with a cup of hot chocolate in hand – Susan! Thanks so much for the warmth and good cheer! Love every word of it!

  75. Barbara says:

    Susan, You have such a wonderful outlook on life, it warms my heart and makes me realize it’s ok to make time me for myself ……you are so special!

  76. Carol Maurer from Eureka, CA says:

    Good Morning Susan~~~ I wanted to say ‘hello’ before heading out the door to work. You do have a way with making winter sound like the perfect season… snow all around, quietness to be had, taking time for a bath, book and tea. Just relaxing and enjoying the time to renew the soul.

    I had quite a laugh, as well, watching Lowley trying to get her scarf out of her zipper. Did her scarf end up being ruined? I hope not.

    Have a great day and a great weekend. Tell Joe, Jack and Kitty Girl a big ‘hi’ from all of us girlfriends.

    <3 Carol M

  77. sue kowal says:

    Hi Susan, Greetings from Arroyo Grande! We have daffidils blooming! Thank you for the snow pictures. Love your blog!

  78. Allegra Bridges says:

    Good Morning Sue (and Joe, and Kitties)! I am sitting in my dining room across the country from you–Bandon, on the Oregon coast. We agree that every season is to be savored–they are all beautiful in their own unique ways. I am having coffee with my black lab, Diego, and looking out the window at our rainy, beautiful coastline. I love your blog and check in every day. My daughter and I are so looking forward to the England book. Happy Day!

  79. Linda says:

    Oh how I miss those snowy days, and the cozy feelings that come with them….since moving back to CA…. so blessed to have to you share your home and heart with me and so many others…..

  80. Peggy Cooper says:

    Oh happy day – a new post from Susan! Lucky you with all that snow. Still so dry here in Colorado, it’s downright scary. In just a few minutes I’ll be leaving to meet the girlfriends for a monthly Ladies Who Lunch outing which involves shopping at some little local places after we’ve dined. So that’s the nice thing I’m doing for myself today.

  81. Martha says:

    We have beef stew perking in the crock pot, three ginormous dogs spread wall-to-wall and struggling for who will be where our feet are so we are touching them, kittie snuggled beside me, and sleet falling falling falling from our grey skies. I want snow. Sleet is not nearly as much fun! Chicken soup for lunch with an orange… and a marvelous old Loretta Young movie, “The Stranger”, on the telly. Yes’m. Life is good, even in the mountains of North Carolina! Enjoy this wonderful day!

  82. sondra fox says:

    I grew up in western PA, where snow begins to fly usually around Halloween. I have wonderful memories of playing in the snow. Here are some of them:
    -jumping out of bed on a cold, cold morning, running downstairs to see how much snow we got overnight. Seeing the woods across the street covered with snow.
    -walking to school on a snowy morning, with so many layers of clothes on that I could barely walk. My mother told me I’d get some horrible leg disease if I didn’t wear “leggins,” which are very hard to put on under a dress. I always wore dresses. Boots & leggins were a necessity (according to my mother), from late Oct. through May. BUT, the good part is that I didn’t get a crippling leg disease. Does anyone out there remember the mittens that were crocheted together by a long string that you’d put through your coat sleeves? What ever happened to that wonderful invention? I never lost my mittens. They were a part of my winter attire, attached to my body. When we’d get to school, all that clothing had to come off. What a messy schoolroom corner where we all took our winter clothing off for the day. At the end of the school day, it took a lot of time to put all that clothing on so that we could walk home, like stiff legged children. There was no way you could run in all that clothing.
    -sledding down part of our street, on a hill where very few cars ever came, ending up at the gate of a cemetery. I always made certain I had a friend beside me so that I wouldn’t be alone on my sled at the end of my ride, by the cemetery.
    -snow forts that we built in order to make thousands (a “bit” of exaggeration) of snowballs to throw at the kids who were the opposition in their own fort, that was a few feet away. I’d sometimes go out to our fort & just lie in there, listening to the quiet of winter, the wind howling through the trees, the clouds moving silently through the sky, oblivious to the cold creeping into my body.
    -there was the winter that our entire town turned to ice. Our school was closed for a week. We got our ice skates on & went skating all over the place. No cars on the streets to worry about. Our own private skating rink!
    -ice skating on ponds, at night, trying to keep warm by a fire in a huge big steel drum, then walking home on dark streets, through woods, never fearing someone would do us any harm. The best part of walking home was talking with our friends & looking at the stars. We had to be home by a certain time, as there was school the next day. Sometimes after a night of skating, I’d have to soak my cold feet in warm water to get them normal once again. In the spring, the pond would start to thaw. We’d skate over ice that would sway up & down & crack as though it were going to open up & dump us into the icy depths. We didn’t have any fear.
    -While on our sleds, we’d catch a ride uphill by holding on to the back of a car. That was a no no, but we did it.
    -When I was a teenager, I’d walk in a new snow, often late at night. When it was snowing, I swear I could hear the snow falling all around me. The quiet of snowy days & nights was always something I loved & still do.
    My husband & I have always enjoyed the snow. He’s also from western PA. Over our years here in CA, we’ve always found time to spend in the snow. Only, we have to drive to the snow these days. I will live through all of you who have snow this winter. Here in CA, I pretend our rainy, cold days are as magical as the snow I lived through as a child. We live beside mountains & get so excited when it snows on our nearby mountains. Enjoy each & every minute of winter.
    Sandy from Chihuahua Flats

    • Dawn from Minnesota says:

      oh what FUN memories! My Grandma knitted us mittens that attached with a string….and the thumbs always had lots of extra growing room! Did you ever have the pesky neighbor boy…who tried to yank the dangling mitten from one side and out the other? And….in the winter…we had to save all the bread bags….we wore them over our socks and in our boots!!! I’m sure the “waterproofing” gave us so much extra playing time!!! In the winter, I would carry my Barbie doll case to school….just in case outdoor recess was cancelled because of the cold. Ice skating, sledding, snow man making, and igloo building complete with snow furniture. I think I could have lived on snow “steaks” and icicles! But, then, maybe not…..because, I always knew, my Mom would have Homemade Hot Chocolate and Cinnamon Toast waiting! Perhaps, just to keep our minds off the tingling sensations in our hands and feet! Thanks for the Memories! Happy Winter! xox

    • Chris Wells from West TX says:

      Dear Sandy, Thankyou so much for the trip down memory lane. So many of those memories were mine also. I lived most of my life in NE Ohio.I remember forts and snowball fights and ice skating, and sledding in the streets. My dad built my brother and I an igloo in the back yard once. It takes a lot of snow to build one of those. My brother who probably was 5 at the time, fell asleep inside the igloo and took a nap! And when I was really little I remember my parents bundling us up and pulling us on the sled all the way downtown. It was after dark and my mom and dad walked around and window shopped and we kids got a sled ride! Such wonderful memories. I don’t think kids do any of that today, maybe they do, but I’m down here is Texas and not much ice skating goes on!! When the occasional snow comes, the kids do come out and build snowmen. They are not very good at it. They just don’t get the practice that we got!
      I always enjoy your comments Sandy!

    • Victoria Miller says:

      Really enjoyed reading your snowy days memories. Thank you for sharing!

    • Carol says:

      Sondra, I remember the the knited string to keep my mittens together!

      • Janet [in Rochester] says:

        Just gotta chime in & agree with our other GFs here, Sondra… thanks for sharing your memories of “life in the olden days… ” A REAL pleasure to read.

        PS – I’m thanking my mom [posthumously] for taking all the time & trouble it must have been to dress – & then undress & dry-out – six little kids under the age of 8 for outdoor snow play. And Mom subscribed to the winter-wear code from that great movie “A Christmas Story” – once dressed we could barely move! :>)

        • sbranch says:

          That was my favorite scene in the movie — I cried laughing at that little kid who couldn’t get up! I just know that’s what would happen to me.

          • Janet [in Rochester] says:

            I know! You actually had to roll from side to side – like Randy in the movie – to get some momentum and [hopefully] right yourself! LOL! :>)

  83. Barbara P says:

    I just love receiving your blogs. They are my “special thing” I do for myself. What a joy when I stop at the computer and there is a blog from you to read.
    Thank you!

  84. Patty says:

    I hate the cold but love the beauty of wintertime. I always say that I “cozy down” for the winter. Like you say, it is a time for the earth to rest, and I slow down and enjoy more quiet activities. You inspire me and remind me how wonderful the simple things in life are.

  85. Donna Ackermann says:

    Hi Susan, I almost hate to ask this but, Do you have any idea when the book will be available for all of us to purchase? Guess keeping us up to date on its progress is making it more exciting. I can’t wait!

  86. Karen P. - Green Bay, WI says:

    I LOVE the “C” words….cozy, comfy, charming….combined with a snowy, wintery day they add up to staying inside and cuddling up with a cushy blanket, a cute kitty, a cup of tea and a captivating man! 😉

  87. Janet [in Rochester] says:

    Sue, today’s post was sublime! As usual, I have to add. Oh, to have a warm, cozy, homey time to stay indoors & just peer out at the snow and cold and ice!! Instead I get dressed each morning as though as I was auditioning for lead sled musher for an Arctic expedition – and brave the roads to school. It is cold, people! For the first time since I got my new car in May 2011, I saw a single-digit [!!!] reading on the jazzy dashboard thermometer. But although I always eagerly look forward to Winter’s end, I know that without Winter, Spring would not feel nearly as glorious as it always does – when its wonderful clear light and warm days began to spread into April and May. And without Summer’s steamy hot humidity, maybe we wouldn’t fully appreciate Fall’s crisp, cool days and “bright blue weather.” Whoever said, “variety is the spice of life…” was a bloomin’ genius! Thanks for reminding us of the value and beauty in every season!

    PS – “Jack is draped on the back of the couch…” – Draped – PERFECT choice of words. My special treat wish today would be to drape myself right alongside him, in front of the fire, and listen to the pencil-snap sound of the burning embers, and have a lovely ‘kitty-assisted’ snooze! No matter what kind of weather you’re having presently, hope everyone has a cozy, homey weekend! :>)

    PS-Two: one of my Christmas presents this year was a calendar that lists all the “foodie” days of the year and it is so much fun! So I just thought I’d let everyone know that today [01-25] is “National Irish Coffee Day” and we celebrate “National Pistachio Day” tomorrow [01-26] and “Chocolate Cake Day” on Sunday [01-27]! For some reason, not all of the “days” are official “national” days… but I’m guessing we really don’t care!! :>)

    • Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

      Janet, are you in New York or Minnesota? 🙂

      • Janet [in Rochester] says:

        Hi, Pat! New York – on the southern shore of Lake Ontario. But we know we have a “sister city” out there in Minnesota! Stay warm, GF! :>)

  88. What a nice morning so far in 19 degree, cold snowy Ohio. It’s always wonderful when you post a new blog! I opened my door this morning to another few inches of fresh snow and made sure the birdies had enough food in their home. I truly understand the love you have for your cats and their antics. I have never had cats, only dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, hermit crabs…thanks to my children when they were younger. I now have my daughters lion-head bunny, Frankie (who doesn’t care for people), and my best friend in the world, my 100 pound German Shepherd Zane who LOVES the snow! There is no getting him in the house when there’s snow on the ground. I have to bribe him with food to come back into the house so he doesn’t freeze to the ground…he lays in it, rolls around in it and eats it! We love to cuddle in front of the fireplace and eat yougart together! Thank you again for another wonderful, beautiful blog. I have 3 days off from work and I plan to play in the snow with Zane, work on my knitting, and write overdue letters. Absolutely looking forward to it!
    p.s. I bought Cranford, the book, upon your suggestion…loved it. I also bought Galdys Tabers book, Stillmeadow and am enjoying it also. Thank you for broadening my literary horizons. Kathy form Ohio!

  89. Mary Pat says:

    Once again, Thank You from the bottom of my heart for these lovely insights into your life! It’s like having the world’s best next door neighbor getting these blogs! I’d love one every day, but understand that it cannot be. The Island looks like fairies swooped in! On our long-ago December visit, there was just bighting wind, iced over ocean edges, and bitter cold. No snow the whole week. But breathtakingly beautiful. I envy you and all those who call an island “HOME”.

  90. sue ziff says:

    Stay warm and cozy Susan….. thank you for another great post 🙂 – Sue Ziff

  91. Vicki says:

    Hi Susan! How nice to settle down with a cup of coffee and read your wonderful blog on this blustery day. The zipper/scarf incident had me giggling. You mentioned Gladys Taber….I loved reading all her books. She often mentioned her friend, Faith Baldwin. Faith wrote more than 100 ladies romance novels but also wrote for Woman’s Day magazine and some non-fiction. She had a home in CT and also summered at the Cape. For Christmas, my dear son found an out-of-print book of hers which he gave to me. It’s called “Many Windows-Seasons of the Heart”. (Kind of a month by month journal of thoughts) It is lovely and so like Gladys’ “talking to us” across the table. In it she mentions Gladys here and there. Quite comforting……have you ever read any of her work? Enjoy nesting on these cold wintry days! Hugs, Vicki

  92. Sandy Richmond says:

    Hi Susan, I love these quiet winter days too. I work full time, so any time spent at home is time I enjoy. The weekends are the only time I get to savor the sunlight coming in thru my windows. The weekends are when I can spend time on making a nice meal. A little snow heading our way tonight, and my son is coming home from NYC for the weekend! A wonderful weekend ahead..

  93. jeannine leonard Germansville, Pa says:

    I am going to stop organizing the play room, and have myself a cup of tea and a piece of pineapple angel food cake that i baked last night. Thank you for the idea,,,We are getting some snow later this afternoon. Not much just an inch or two. Fluffy snow they are saying. Mother Nature is sure beautiful when it snows, everything looks so magical it is like we are in winter fairy land.

  94. Marysol says:

    Your friends, and even your laundry, come with a happy seal of approval.
    By the way, I’d like some of those pancakes with a side of Jack, please.

    All in favor of making today a Susan Branch holiday, say AYE.

  95. Ann says:

    I especially loved your snow photos. I was transported away from my desk here at work as I was viewing them during my lunch break. We may get some snow here on the Eastern Shore of MD tonight. Can’t wait to walk out on my porch tonight and listen to the “hush” as I call it. Everything is so quiet, just a bit of a breeze moving the tree branches. I was inspired by the photo of your beautiful quilt collection. I may have to make a trip to the quilt shop this weekend.

  96. Rosemary (No. California) says:

    Ahhh, snow…I miss the snow since I’ve moved to the Valley a couple years ago. I’ve always lived where it snowed, and now I especially miss the crackle of a fire and the ‘schushing’ of falling snowflakes. I miss the the bundling up and making the first footprints in fresh fallen snow. I do appreciate your making mention that we need to take care of ourselves…we often don’t and…so, today, I’m going to do just that…thanks for the reminders and you stay cozy! -r-

  97. Holly says:

    Hello everyone! It’s cold and snowy here in Indiana too. I’ve been piecing a red & white quilt all morning, and trying to keep my kitten out of all the pieces! I’m glad you mentioned Cranford, it’s my absolute favorite…. with Downton a very close second. Actually I’m in love with all the British period dramas. They are great to put on while getting some sewing or knitting done. Thanks for all the ideas for adding to the coziness of home.

  98. Martha Ellen of VA says:

    Thank you for the lovely bookmark Susan. I just love your artwork. Your home looks like a cozy nest of contentment all wrapped in the beautiful snow. We have snow also and are expecting more this evening. Our cold temps have forced us to take our walks in the local mall.
    I loved the pictures of your friend and the scarf entanglements! So funny! Laughter is just the best medicine on a cold day. Hope you are making something yummy with your stock you have bubbling on the stove. Oh –we love your groundhog pudding–I made it last week with pork chops and my hubby and I scarffed it right up! xoxo ♥

  99. Becky in the mountains of West Virginia says:

    It is snowing like mad here in the central mountains of West Virginia this afternoon. I am curled up under my throw by the window watching. My book is nearby. I have a crock pot of apple butter in the making. A good thing to do on a very cold winter day. And it makes the house smell wonderful. A feel like you are a kindred spirit. Snow, watercolors, classical music and watching the birds. If I just had a kitty!

  100. Patricia Griffiths says:

    Loved your post today. I smiled, I laughed, I agreed wholeheartedly! I have watched the lovely Cranford series – it is simply wonderful. Have you seen the Larkrise to Candleford series? I highly recommend it! If you are a fan of Downton, you’ll recognize a face or two. Looking forward to a dusting of snow here in northern New Jersey. Eagerly anticipating the sounds of silence it will bring.

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