A Fine Romance Appendix

A P P E N D I X    by   P A G E   N U M B E R
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MUSICA: A FINE ROMANCE  (We have our own theme music! click here to let it play in the background while you read on )
(The watercolored stars on the pages of the book are cross-referenced here with lots of extra information.)
And so it begins:
p. 29 Lenox Hotel in Boston (scene of crime) 
p.30 Recipe for Steak au Poivre
A couple of hot tomatas …
p. 39 Cunard
p.41 Pimm’s cup recipe see p. 218 in A Fine Romance
p. 42 Tea, my own blend, A Fine Romance (Lavender Earl Grey)
p. 52 and p. 74 Thank you Janie! @janiephill! (she made that for us) 
p. 58 Loved the book by Nathaniel Philbrick,  MAYFLOWER 
p.60 Pimms Cup Recipe see p. 218 in A Fine Romance
      Pear Cider (often referred to as “peah-cida”)
p.71 Miss Potter, the wonderful song. 
P. 76 You GO, Alexis Bowlby! xoxo from Diana and me.
p.80 (On license plate) “I Love You Even If You’re Crazy”
P. 84 Tenterden
p.85 To find Flat and Cottage rentals:
     Visit Britain 
p.89 Road signs in England (see 132 for more about driving in England)
p.91 Sissinghurst, National Trust
p.106 Charleston
Life and times of the Bloomsbury Group: photos 
p.107 Much Ado Books in Alfriston
Alfriston, Sussex
p.114 Places to rent (Lots of Google choices)
p.116 Hever Castle in Kent, Childhood home of Anne Boleyn
Ellen’s daughter, Edith Craig
p.129 Knole, Childhood home of Vita Sackville-West
Knole history, Wikipedia
p.131 Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett, you can read, in the form of a novel, about the building of the cathedrals… very enteresting.
Car rentals in England, Joe made reservation through AAA in USA, with Hertz (for best discount)
p. 134 Highway Code
p. 136 Rachel’s Blogs, SugarmoonMozart’s Girl and  Brownies for Mozart 
p. 138 Weathericks Cottage (Tell Jean we said Hello  that’s her there) 
MUSICA (in case you’ve run out )
The Duchess, trailer story of the 18th Century Duchess of Devonshire, partly filmed at Chatsworth
p. 142 Stoke-on-Trent history, Wikipedia
p. 146 Bridge House
p. 153 Hilltop Farm
Near Sawrey (where Hilltop Farm is)
Beatrix Potter Society, you can join!
p. 157 Norman Warne
p. 157 My Peter Rabbit Room (on Martha’s Vineyard)
p. 163 Grasmere Gingerbread/Sarah Nelson’s Bakery
 Rydal Mount home of William Wordsworth
Dove Cottage earlier home of William Wordsworth
William Wordsworth, Wikipedia
p.173 Olney Hats
Wonderful photos of the Lake District, constantly updated in all seasons
Thirsk (Darrowby)
p. 182 Yorkshire Dales National Park
P. 184 Middleham Castle, childhood home of Richard III
P. 185 York, photos
P. 192 The Cotswolds, images 
Lords of the Manor (stay or have tea)
Snowshill, Cotswolds, and the Dovecote
p. 193 Bibury in the Cotswolds
Bibury, Photos
p. 195  Tea, my own blend, A Fine Romance (Earl Grey with lavender) COMING SOON
Wonderful Magazine to take to Tea all by yourself: British Country Living
P. 200 And then, there is the adorable Englishman Colin Firth, as seen in Bridget Jones Diary. Any discussion of England without an inclusion of this kiss in the snow, just isn’t in the national interest. Rated X-ish. (He is a very bad man.)
p. 202 William Morris, Wikipedia
May Morris, Daughter of William
Jane Morris, wife of William
p. 205 Weak Bridge 
208 Tetbury, Wikipedia
p. 210 Shipton Mill, organic flour
p. 211 Royal Ascot
Images of Royal Ascot  You’ll note what it’s all about — few photos of actual horses!
214 Vitamix
Almond flour, polenta flour available in the USA
p. 225 English English words (English as a foreign language)
p. 226 Lacock  Images
Lacock History, Wikipedia
p. 228 Stourhead
p. 229 Stonehenge
p. 232  Jane Austen
        Jane Austen House
Miss Austen Regrets, on Youtube
Jane Austen Movies, from    her books
p. 236 Cassandra’s Cup tea shop (across the street from Jane Austen’s house in Chawton)
p. 242 Downton Abby
p. 252 Dovecote at Snowshill in the Cotswolds (The words are carved in the rectangular stone next to the door.)
THE END.  See Alphabetical Appendix for further information.
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  1. Bonnie Allen Hisgen says:

    Dear, dear Susan,

    I just finished A Fine Romance. Oh, it was more than wonderful. I loved your descriptions of everything and it made me feel like I was right there with you. Yes, I loved the fairy lights and could almost feel the love of your friends who served you breakfast in bed. We are planning to go to England next spring and now I just can’t wait!! I will pack my raincoat and wellies for sure!!
    I just hope everyone who reads your book loves it as much as I do.

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