Red-Letter Day!

Good Morning!  How’s everyone this red-letter day?  JoEllen, one of our Twitter/Blog Girlfriends contributed the perfect MUSICA this auspicious morning!  Enjoy!  At four this afternoon I’m having my first book signing for our book at Bunch of Grapes Bookstore here on the island.  Nervous, yes!  Happy?  Thrilled!  And I thought I’d share a few of the wonderful photos I’ve been getting from YOU.   This first one is from our girlfriend AngieTink who just received the books she ordered . . .

Apparently, Angie’s planning to spread her fairy dust throughout the western world!  Thank you Angie! 

This is Cadie.  She’s the daughter of our Girlfriend Joann from Colorado (thank you Joann!).  She’s reading the first chapter of A FINE ROMANCE to her mom.  She’s a Romance expert right now  . . .  she’s going to be a very beautiful bride in a few weeks.

And, speaking of gardens, look at these cute girls!  That’s Linda on the left and Kathy on the right.  Do they know how to do it up right?  Oh yes they do!  Roses on the tablecloth, silver tea set, crustless cucumber sandwiches, strawberries floating in sparkling-something in thin tulip glasses, scones, flowers, all in a gorgeous garden — a perfect setting to take your book for a wonderful afternoon read with your best friend.  I was honored to come along (even in book form)!

But what else would we expect from Kathy?  This is a photo she sent me a few years back.  She has been writing the story of her life, year after year, keeping her journal in my Book of Days . . . Counting her Blessings galore.  Thank you Kathy who understands, just like you, the importance of the

This photo came from our Girlfriend Dawn in Elmhurst . . . she’s serving her book along with heart-shaped gingerbread scones!  Our book is everywhere!  Thank you Dawn!

And out to the gorgeous Missouri Prairie we go — this photo sent by Patricia Kelley via Twitter!  Love those cows!  Love our book among the cows!  Thank you Patricia!

In these photos, our Girlfriend Georgie (and her very own JOE) are packing their car for the trip from New Jersey to Martha’s Vineyard for the signing on the island tonight.  They went to Illumination Night last night.  How is that for perfect timing? And the Fireworks are on Friday!  It’s perfect weather for our Girlfriend and her Guy!

These are the photos Georgie sent from the boat.  Thank you Joe and Georgie!

Well, this is all I have time for today!  I have so much to do!  I have to figure out what to wear tonight, get Jack’s cat hair off Petey’s sailor outfit, gather up the painted bookmarks,

and think about what I might say before the signing.  This is always the scary part.  Fun, but scary.  But I didn’t want to let today go by without saying hello!  And Girlfriends, a second printing of the book was just ordered!  Yes!  Now all of you have signed First Printings!  It’s all going so well, which I attribute to YOU!  Almost all the books we had have been sent out now . . . but we kept some back for our web store, in case you need one and can’t find one at your local store, we’ll try to have them for you.  The second printing will be here in about two months.  So all I can say is . . . from the bottom of my heart . . .



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532 Responses to Red-Letter Day!

  1. DENISE C. says:

    Today I read the blog Red Letter day, and much to my dismay I have not recieved my book! Now it’s talking about the second printing, did I do something wrong when I ordered? There has been no charges on my credit card. Please help, I can’t wait!!!
    As Always Denise

    • sbranch says:

      Denise, if you go to any shopping page on my blog, you’ll find a contact for the studio, and either Kellee or Sheri can check on your order for you! Sorry!

  2. Gail says:

    Good Morning Susan,
    I have enjoyed all of your books over the years and “A Fine Romance ” is a very special treat too. Just printed up my name tag for your signing next Monday in Sandwich and I can’t wait to meet you again. I did already meet you once before in Braintree,Ma. when your Autumn Book first came out. I have my four copies of the first printing of a “A Fine Romance” all packed and ready to go. Just wondering, can someone please describe for me where the signature is on these books. I’m sure it is right in front of my eyes, but so far
    I haven’t been able to find it. Make it a great day! xo

    • sbranch says:

      Book plates should be on the title page.

      • Gail says:

        Oh, no. I somehow did not get the book plate in any of the four copies I ordered. I have just written to your customer service email address and I am hoping someone will be able to send them to me. Enjoy this gorgeous weekend. I am about to head out to the pool to read A Fine Romance. xo

        • sbranch says:

          So sorry Gail, they should have been there. I sent your comment to Sheri to see if we’ve run out … just in case we have, I asked her to mail them to you asap ~ I’m signing lots of them before we leave.

      • Rae Ann R. from western Minnesota...soon to be back in Michigan... says:

        The signature plate is really cute…love it…xoxo…read the book at one sitting and sent another one off to a dear friend who celebrated her “Fine Romance” of 50 years with a family weekend at the Grand Hotel in Michigan…”our” book will be absolutely perfect for her birthday this coming week…especially since a few years ago they traveled to jolly old England on the QEII…

  3. judy young says:

    Congratulations on the first book signing on MV, I would have LOVED to have been there! I am still reading the book, slowly I might add, to prolong the Wondrousness” of it; but I know this book is one I am going to have by my side always and will probably read part of it every day of my life! I love it so much. Part of the fun for me, is not only did I tag along on your road trip through England, now I am getting to read about it and feel like I am actually there; but ALSO, I am from England, spent the first 23 years of my life in England, and I have visited most of the towns you Tenterden, Pevensey, Alfriston, etc and they all hold beautiful memories for me. There is nothing like England!!! I am very proud to have this book and a signed First Printing at that, and know that you Susan, love England as much as I do and you capture the spirit of England to a tee!! Whatever you do in your life, count me as a fan for life!!! Good luck on the tour and with all the book-signings, maybe I can go to one near Dallas somewhere!!

  4. Linda from Lancaster Co. PA says:

    I read through all of the comments and I can just FEEL the excitement!!

    Oh, Susan, I am sooo excited for you and all the good things that are happening! You so deserve all of these accolades! You are a very talented artist and writer; and you have worked very hard at it for many years. Your charming personality shines through on every page of all of your books!

    I hope you have time to savor the moments! Keep up with your journal writing! It will make such interesting reading (for you) later on in life!!
    Love, Linda

    • sbranch says:

      I can feel the excitement too! Every day … thank you all!

    • Deb from Dixie says:

      Hi Linda,
      Just wanted to say Hi and hope you are having a great summer!

      • Linda from Lancaster Co. PA says:

        Hey Deb! I left you a note under your first comment. Did you see it?? I am having a good summer. And the weather is lovely right now! Love you! Linda

  5. Deborah Norling says:

    I’m anxiously waiting to see what other stops you might be making in California on your exciting touring adventure..keeping my eyes on “coming events”.. to Angie…aka…Tink….by the back ground in your photo with your huge stack of books, it seems you may own a book store ??!! Oh what a dream come true that would be !!

  6. carolynn says:

    Just started the book and I’m “over the moon” with liking it! I know its going to be a big hit. I was one of those who followed your every move and played the ship’s horn and the whole thing, so I’m thrilled at your thoughts turning into this book. Whats next?

    • sbranch says:

      Lot’s next … but a 3-month car tour across America, blogging and signing books is just over the horizon.

      • judy says:

        I would love to see a story about your house. One written in “first person”, beginning with construction, personalities, community surroundings of the day–original floor plan/blue print, virtual tour, etc. If walls could talk, that one could tell about the post civil war times, world wars– so much!! Love old houses and you obviously collect furnishings from the era of the house: quilts, bowls, books, recipes, etc.
        Since discovering you, through your first book and all that have followed, I have developed a sense of seasons and passing of time and all that needs to be scheduled: gardening, seasonal housekeeping, seasonal decorating, etc.
        a homemaking journal/diary–is it “doable”?
        Judy in Nashville

      • mari1017 says:

        God bless you and Joe, Susan! Your physical and creative energy (and aren’t they always entwined and feed off each other?) and joie de vivre are so contagious! You are such a blessing for including us! ♥ Enjoy your Sunday – I’m soooo enjoying and savoring your book – what a treasure! I know I’ll be purchasing more for Christmas gifts if I can hold on to them that long 🙂

  7. Have fun meeting everyone!
    Love you, xx oo

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Susan,
    You have just made holiday shopping very easy!
    And please come to Albuquerque, NM on your way back home!

  9. Barbara McNamara says:

    Susan, this has been a “SSB” (Susan Stewart Branch) week! I finished and re-read your new book–my heritage is also English and I just ate it up! Then your new 2014 Wall Calendar arrived and I just finished perusing IT! I read that your Dad took you camping in the High Sierra and that’s where my son is headed to his new job…he’ll be living at June Lake, lucky him! Oh, and another thing, I cannot get to a book signing, but I did buy your very first book at “Bunch of Grapes”all those years ago! Lucky me!

  10. Jan says:

    All I can say is – what a neat post! And what cute pictures of your book everywhere. So sweet of everyone to send pictures. Have my name tag printed and hope to see you in Michigan soon! Was thrilled when I discovered you were making a stop in my area. Have a fun first book signing!

  11. Jan says:

    Just realized I should have said – hope you had a fun first book signing. ( have been out of town for a couple of days).

  12. Joy Pence from Ohio says:

    My, you certainly have lovely girlfriends!

  13. judy young says:

    I was in Sur La Table (kitchen products store)today, and noticed that they carry some cookbooks too. I didn’t see any of yours Susan, so I was telling the girl at the counter all about you and your cookbooks, and the new book of course (even though it’s not a cookbook). It would fit right in with the merchandise they carry. Red and white Keep Calm and Carry On mugs, etc. She promised to check out your website!!

  14. Kit in Montana says:

    Today was the day and I started to read A Fine Romance. Wow!!! I couldn’t put it down and had to read bits to my hubby. Oh you had me laughing out loud and I too think there should be “boat kitties”….LOL and your honest sharing of your sea sickness is one more reason we adore you. I am reading the book in small doses to make it last longer. My reward for doing all the laundry today…LOL Have a great book tour! Drive safe. Kit

  15. ann says:

    since you will be visiting bookstores anyway, look for The Pursuit of Love & Love in a Cold Climate by Nancy Mitford. i read the first one before your book and am reading the next one after( so completely immersed in England ) and loving it!! i think you would enjoy them too.
    hope you both have a wonderful book signing trip

  16. Kirsten from So. Cal. says:

    I finally wrote a review for A Fine Romance on Amazon. Never did that before….Your 5 star reviews list is growing! Congratulations on all the success! I know your book signings will be great. They always are!

  17. Kathy from Heafed To The Fell, Brevard, NC says:

    Hi Darling Susan,

    You have outdone yourself on A Fine Romance!!!!! Congratulations on A Second Printing!!!!! And to think that we all went with you and Joe!!!!! I did have Sticky Toffee Pudding every time it was offered though!! So glad you put this recipe in!



  18. judy young says:

    I am having a little trouble ordering your Book of Days, the site just says delete after I have pushed “add to wishlist”. There does not seem to be an “add to cart” button. Does this mean they are on backorder or something. I need a large 2014 calendar as well, but wanted to order them both at once. It will let me order the calendar but not, it seems, the Book of Days. What am I doing wrong??

    • sbranch says:

      Did you ever get through on this Judy? If not, let me know ~ or go to any shopping page and you’ll see contact for the studio … let Kellee or Sheri know and they will help!

  19. Toni says:

    Hi Susan
    Been thinking about you and your 1st book signing….tell us, tell us…HOW DID IT GO??? Bet it was GREAT:-)))
    I have a quick question…where do you buy your almond flour? The prices are astronomical here…for the cake…$40.00for 5 1/4 cups! There must be a better price somewhere…maybe you know?
    Am taking ‘OUR’ book to my family reunion…can hardly wait for everyone to glomm onto it…HAPPY DAY and God Bless

  20. Deborah Winter says:

    Well, I just wanted to put in a word for PA for your book tour!!! I just saw the updated schedule and see that the three places I contacted for Cleveland/Pittsburgh aren’t on the list! We would be on the way to Worthington (Columbus) so if there is any chance at all please consider it as you have many fans in my hometown!!! Congrats and best wishes for every success with your book; I have been a fan since the very first one–your books and art just make me happy!!!

    • sbranch says:

      We leave on Labor Day weekend and discovered that most bookstores didn’t want to do a book signing over the holiday. In order to get to the rest of the bookstores on time, we couldn’t wait for 4-5 days — so we had to go past PA to Ohio! We figured PA is so close to us, we can come back and do it later … Moravian Bookstore has offered to do a signing, but I’m not sure we heard from any others. Thank you Deborah, your help is so appreciated!!!

  21. Cheryl Egan says:

    Reading your book this weekend and adoring every second! Just was wondering…do you get stage fright before a book talk/signing??? I would!
    Can’t wait until tomorrow!
    PS Petey is awesome! He has great expression and I’ll be has has a story to tell…

  22. jennifer dyer says:

    So decided to take a trip into Boston over the weekend and hubby and I ended up in the Back bay area. We always go to the north end so we switched it up. anyways, hubby had to pull over for a minute to make a phone call and we were in front of a very nice hotel, and I was sitting for a minute, thinking what did it look like inside and who stays there etc… and also that I liked the name. So jump to the next day and I am sitting an reading my signed book of A fine romance and what so you know that hotel, The Lenox was where you stayed!!! Just a crazy tid bit that only means something to me. I am number 1 in line to meet you in Sandwich on Monday and am so excited. I have bought several books for family members, who are living vicariously through me and my adventures on Cape cod! Bringing my copy of Girlfriends to have signed since you already signed my copy of your new book! Happy travels on your book adventure!

  23. Nancy from Iowa says:

    So looking forward to meeting you at Prairie Lights Bookstore in Iowa City, Iowa! Yeah!

  24. Elaine McCallum says:

    Susan I hope you will be receiving an invite from The Page and Pallete in Fairhope Alabama soon. My daughter Vicki Hughes is going in to talk to them about the book. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hugs. Elaine

  25. Elaine McCallum says:

    Page and Palette

  26. Suzanne says:

    We just love you Susan! ~East Longmeadow, Ma

  27. Laura Croyle says:

    I just got the Sept. Special British Issue of Victoria magazine and there inside, is a whole page add for your book! SO Nice! It fits right in, of course! What a Treasure your book is! I just finished it and want to start reading it all over again! This must have been the most fun of all your books you’ve written! (Although your Girlfriends book must have been fun to write, too) Still keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll get to meet you! After seeing your book, my husband was really impressed and wants to meet you, too! (Isn’t that cute?)
    Give Jack and Girl Kitty big squeezes before you take off across country and be sure to bring along your little cloth kitty so you don’t get lonesome for them! 🙂
    Laura C. (From WA)

  28. Siobhan from Santa Monica, CA says:

    It is taking every ounce of patience I have to not devour this precious book, Susan! I am taking it one tiny bite at a time and savoring every morsel. It is such a special work! To have been along on the cruise with you and Joe (one of the girlfriend stowaways…) was special enough, truly, but to have the book dedicated to us! And, to get to see my name in your book (even if it’s not really me, but a sister-me), thrills me every time. Your generosity is really something else. Well done. Brava. Three cheers and most definitely, for she’s a jolly good girlfriend, for she’s a jolly good girlfriend, for she’s a jolly good girrrrrrlfrieeeeeeeeend, that no one can deny! Have a great time on the tour…I do hope to catch you somewhere here in Cali if possible, but if not, your blog is the next best thing. <3 <3 <3

  29. Susan in SC says:

    The book! The book! That wonderful, magical perfect book! Before I opened it, I had the idea to read just one entry a day, so as to feel as if I was actually traveling with you in ” kinda sorta real time.” Well . . . that didn’t happen.
    The book! The book! That wonderful magical perfect book is a “can’t put it down” page turner. Each word and each illustration and each quote and each photograph and each shared emotion are pure enchantment! You have touched my heart. You have expanded my world. You have sparked my imagination. You have tickled my fancy. You have inspired me to dream bigger dreams.
    Thank you for knowing your “girlfriends” so well and generously giving us a good dose of exactly what we needed.

    • sbranch says:

      I’m so happy you liked it Susan — I’m also happy that your comment is “permanent” — always here on my blog, so if I’m ever sad I can come back and read this and cheer up immediately!!! xoxo Thank you!!

  30. Cathy of Oregon says:

    I received “A Fine Romance” a couple of weeks ago, but would not even allow myself to unwrap it until yesterday. Our oldest came for a visit before heading back to grad school, and I knew I would need a wonderful book to read after she left. She left yesterday and I’m almost halfway through your book already. I just finished reading the entry for May 24th and couldn’t stop laughing out loud (oops – not a good thing when my husband and youngest son were watching a movie in the same room). It is sooooo perfectly wonderful!!!!! Thank you for giving so much of yourself to all of us!!!!!!! Now, back to the book. 🙂

  31. Karen P. - Wisconsin says:

    Two book signings under your belt now but I’ll bet each is as fun as the one before! I can’t even imagine the excitement of all our girlfriends in meeting you! I’ll bet you’ve had fun putting faces with names you’ve seen for years on your blog! And, as the song goes “(You’ve) only just begun…” xo….Karen P.

  32. Susan on Bainbridge Island in Wa. state says:

    I am working with Eagle Harbor Books on Bainbridge Island (my Island!!!!) to invite you to come and be here with all of us in the Pacific Northwest. We are located just a 35 minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle….My fingers and toes are crossed that we will be lucky enough to have you come for a visit…
    Just wishin’ and hopin’………xoxox 🙂 ♥

    • sbranch says:

      Running out of books is putting a little crimp in our style, as they say … but we’re still going to try to get up there!

  33. Linda Prince - Bak, CA says:

    I was just reading Notes from the Patch – Strawberry Patches Blog – and found out YOU ARE COMING TO BAKERSFIELD!!!!!!!!!!! (I am jumping up and down).

  34. Kathy Seeman says:


    Can’t wait to read it! I know you must have a list of signing dates…Can you point me in the right direction? Would love to have you come to Delaware.

    Happy Thoughts to you with your signings!

    • sbranch says:

      So far, since we are going west, we’ve been concentrating on the mid west — you can see the signings under EVENTS in the right hand column on the blog. After we get back from going cross-country, we hope to drive south and we’ll post signings as we confirm dates.

  35. Jennifer Stuart says:

    I love that song… it was the song playing as I had my first dance with my wonderful husband! Best wishes on your book tour. Hoping to see you in November in SLO. You are pure sunshine, Susan Branch!

  36. sondra fox says:

    Good Morning Girlfriends! It’s early, early morning. I’m reading your book Susan, drinking my favorite tea, having some toast, in between laughing hysterically as you describe getting off the ship, & driving for the first time in England. Too, too funny. You two acted exactly like my husband & I did in Europe, trying to drive. We almost tried to strangle the GPS voice. Way too funny. You are a natural comic Susan. Must get back to your adventures, “THE PERILS OF PAULINE ” oops, I meant to say “THE PERILS OF SUSAN.” Your book is “THE BEST!” (Sandy from Chihuahua Flats)

  37. Jan says:

    Question?? We can bring our books to have signed right? That was my understanding. After talking to the book store she said I would be asked to buy the book from them in order to have one signed. Do you know if that is the case? Thanks!

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, you can bring your other books and I’d be happy to sign them. It’s just that the stores like you to buy at least one book from them. They go to the time and expense to put on these events, and have had people come in with five books they bought on Amazon for their authors to sign. As you can imagine, this is the thing they don’t really like.

  38. Deborah says:

    I know “the book” is making a big noise where ever it goes…and I love this blog or all the ‘girlfriends’ enjoying it. I HAD to share how well it is know here in my own little world. A few months ago, right here on your beautiful blog you ran a small video clip of the little lambs (lambie-pies) you filmed and enjoyed on your trip which were to be in your book.

    Well, as I was getting it started, I called my little grandson over to view it with me-he loved it, and had all kinds of six year old question about it..we watched it several times.

    So, fast forward to Fine Romance on my night table …he spotted it UNDER the tissue box, and boy did recognition dawn on his little face…”HEY …is that THE Lady?? The lady with the lambs”??? At first I could not figure out how he knew Susan!! or The Book! then dawned on me how we had watched the clip on the lambs…but how the heck did he put the two together…?? He just DID. We shared other pictures in the book then, and I am still amazed….

    Just so you know your beautiful memories and books touch the heart of even little six year old boys!!

    • sbranch says:

      That makes my day Deborah … what a smart little guy he is, to put two and two together like that! The artist’s eye!

  39. Julie Marie says:

    Hello Susan!… I hope you had a smashing good time at your book signing!… loved seeing “our” book all over the world in your photos… I am emailing some photos to you as well… and I did a SPECIAL post about your book for you today on my blog… hope you have time to take a peek!… “someone” else in my family seems to have claimed your book as “her” own!… much love to you, xoxo Julie Marie

  40. Isabel (Orlando) says:

    Hi Susan,

    Just had to tell you, I was glancing at the current issue of Victoria magazine and what did I run across? Your ad for a Fine Romance. I just HAD to buy the magazine. Beautiful one page spread of your ad. I am also going to reserve my issue of Yankee magazine to see your beautiful house for the holidays. Thanks again for all you do.

  41. Heather L. says:

    Hi Susan! It’s the Beatrix Potter Summer School lady. 🙂 I just wanted you to know that your book arrived and it couldn’t have come at a better moment! Deep into packing and organizing for our own trip to the UK I found your book in the mailbox on Friday. I sat down to read and stayed there for hours, too tired to do anything else and too mesmerized by your beautiful book and amazing adventure! It was surreal reading where you went since we have plans to go to so many of the same places! I felt like I was actually reading a diary of myself in about 20 years time! We too have our art supplies and sketchbooks packed. I’ve ordered the groceries to be delivered hours after we arrive (complete with about 9 different kinds of tea!). And, since I managed to finish your book by Saturday 🙂 I condescended to leave it with my mom and sister as a consolation prize since they can’t come with us. Already they are loving it. We all want you to take another trip somewhere and record it (of course you really must try Scotland — that man in the hotel was right!). I’ll be thinking of you when we are in the Lake District and over at Thirsk seeing James Herriot country…….Thank you for all the beauty you shared with us through your book!

    • sbranch says:

      SO happy for you …. the Dales, under your wheels, you are going to love it. Thank you so much for writing! What an excellent hands-on kind of teacher you are — I’ve never seen anyone bring something so completely to life!!! Write when you get home and let us know how it went! Safe travels!

  42. Joy Pence from Ohio says:

    Susan: Something you may want to share with the girlfriends, they may need a ticket or call ahead to whichever bookstore they are attending for your book signing. I called Books N More in Wilmington, Ohio and they took my name and phone number for a line number. I am #19, and asked that I come a half hour early to get my line number. She said that you must have quite a following!! Several girlfriends that will be in line before me are coming from Lexington Kentucky. I think you have started something BIG. 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      Ooooo, that’s exciting and just the tiniest bit scary, in a good way! Like knowing you are for sure getting the thing you want for Christmas! Thank you for this tip … I didn’t realize they give line numbers!

  43. JoAnn H says:

    I just picked up my new copy of Victoria magazine…and one of the first things I came to was a beautiful full page ad about “A Fine Romance”. My copy has arrived and it is wonderful – taking me places that I will never be able to visit, but thanks to your blog and now the book I can. Wish Springfield, IL was one of your stops!

  44. Janet says:

    The book is so precious, I almost cry! I don’t dare read but one day at a time. It will end way too soon! I am already thinking of who would appreciate the book as much as I do and that’s what they will get for Christmas. I just realized this weekend that I’ve been a fan of yours since before Facebook, blogs, Twittter, etc., was even thought of. I always kept a collection of your stickers to put on envelopes when I mailed cards and that was in the 90’s. Thank you.

  45. Lorraine says:

    I’m so excited – I checked your events and saw you will be in Downers Grove, IL on Sept. 10 at Anderson’s Bookstore! I just called and reserved a place. Thank You! SOOOOOOOO happy!!!

  46. Julia says:

    Hi Susan and Girlfriends,
    Don’t want to clog the blog but I do want to wish you and Joe
    (also Petey) Godspeed on your trip across country. Hope to
    see you along the way. Also, have we heard from Pat? Worried
    about her and the fires. Julia

  47. Toni says:

    Hi Susan…just had a thought…I use 2 year purse calendars and would LOVE it you made one. I don’t want to buy execpt from you. Is it possible for ’15-’16?
    Everytime I use it THERE would be in all your cuteness:-)))
    Let us know how you book signing went…thinking of you and carrying you in my heart…TOOTLES:-)))

    • sbranch says:

      I just designed a 2-year purse calendar for next year! Your timing is impeccable! The book signings have been everything I hoped – the connection that I love.

  48. Oh my goodness! I absolutely loved seeing the wonderful photos of the girlfriends with your awesome book, Susan! Thank you so much for sharing your joy and happiness with all of us! It’s catchy!!!!!

  49. A Girlfriend from Southwest Missouri says:

    Dear Susan,
    You are such a gifted artist, so creative, and your heart is so obviously full of love and joy. What joy you bring to all of us with your blog, your (our!) new book, your calendars (shipment just arrived…thank you!), and the joy that you spread through everything you do. I enjoy all of it: every cookbook, calendar, bookmark, plant tag, stationary set, … everything. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    I ordered two of your books and kept one for myself and gave one to my best friend. She is really enjoying it and it is saving her from despair. Her mother is almost 99 years old and recently under the care of Hospice. I gave her her birthday present (A Fine Romance) a week early (the day after it arrived!) and she has already read it twice. She said it has “saved” her. She sits with her mother every day and reads your book. Again, what joy you bring to all of us. She and I agree that you are the most creative person we do not know. 🙂 We are blessed with God’s gift of YOU to the world. Thank you God.
    A girlfriend from Southwest Missouri (who wishes she could have attended the first book signing at Bunch of Grapes!)

    • sbranch says:

      That means so much to me, thank you for sharing that. We’re going to Kansas City for a book signing … hope to see you there (if it’s not too far from you!). Please give my love to your best friend xoxo

  50. Georgie Bonsanto says:

    We’re BACK from our WONDERFUL Trip to Martha’s Vineyard!!! Oh Susan, it was everything you described in all of your blogs… Illumination Night, the Fireworks, the Ferry horn, the Lighthouses, Your Joe, Getting my Colours done, Mad Martha’s Ice Cream, La Cave, The Scottish Bakehouse… YUM!

    Of course, the highlight was attending the book signing at A Bunch of Grapes. What a Happy bunch of Girlfrtiends were there… and my Joe and I were right there in the middle, along with Erin (another Twitter girlfriend) and her Jake.

    You were shining as you spoke and shared your dream. Eyes were dancing and hearts were fluttering.

    Thank-you for sharing the pictures (my Joe was amazed!). My little book was bursting with Joy as she went on the ferry! I was too. I must return to experience another season!

    ENJOY all of the book signings! I see they are selling out! (GIRLFRIENDS… get your reservations in before you go! Check to see if you need reservations by calling the venue first.)

    Susan, You are amazing… you are loved!
    XOXO Georgie, NJ (and MV in my heart!)

    • Georgie Bonsanto says:

      Oh My! in my excitement, I didn’t do a spell check… sorry girlfriends 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      You saw it all Georgie, I loved how you managed to fit in every wonderful summer Vineyard thing! Even getting your colors done! What good memories you and Joe made! xoxo It was lovely to meet you in person. You have all the joie de vivre in person that you show in your comments here and on Twitter ♥.

  51. Sherry K says:

    Sweet Sue, When I received A Fine Romance in the mail, I would not let myself even open the first page until I was seated in a comfortable chair with a nice hot cup of tea so I could savor every page. I read it through, dreading the moment I would reach the final page. Then I placed it by my bedside, and am now reading it, a few pages at a time (actually each day’s entry) and savoring it again. I will probably keep it bedside when I finish this second read, just to delve in to read sections again (and again). Did I mention that I really love this book? Thank you again for inviting us girlfriends along for the cruise and visit to England and for writing this glorious book so we all can remember how much fun we had along side of you and Joe. Have fun on your cross-country book tour. xoxoxoxo Sherry

    • sbranch says:

      I loved having you with me — I look at things with more depth knowing you’re along! xoxo Thank you Sherry!

  52. Wendy Dahl says:

    It was such a delight to meet you, Sue, at the book signing in Sandwich! I was so excited to meet you that I totally forgot to say that I love the book and read it right away when it arrived at my door! The energy in the room from all the Girlfriends and meeting several new Girlfriends was special too. Safe traveling mercies as you cross the country on your book tour.
    PS: I also had a great conversation with Joe about your travels and sharing with him about our trip to Scotland several years to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. He’s a special guy Sue!

  53. Jack says:

    June 14th , Stillmeadow. — “You must be a member of FOGT to attend — but all are welcome.”—- ?-?-?………?

  54. Kathy Phenix says:

    Yesterday was my “red letter day”. My two copies of “A Fine Romance” were delivered to my door. The mailman even rang my bell (something he never does). Could he have known how anxious I was to receive this package??
    I haven’t started reading yet (just too excited) but when I browsed through it, I developed goose bumps. It looks so beautiful!! Now all I need is a bookstore in FL to invite you for a signing. Winter would definitely be the time to come south but you will be welcomed anytime. Kathy

  55. viv says:

    Unfortunately the spot where I read my book is too cluttered for pictures, but it is my cozy spot. Now I’m re-reading slowly and savoring it all again.

  56. Starr miller says:

    Hello Susan
    I savoring your book!! But it is so hard not to rush through it. Loving every word.
    I traveled a bit in England a decade ago and laughed so hard as you described your first hour in the car. Hilarious and true!!
    Ps are you coming to the Chicago area ?

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, we sure are. Check EVENTS in the right hand column of my blog — there’s going to be a tea party at a gorgeous country club there … and you would need a ticket — so be sure to order early!

  57. Starr miller says:

    Oops that would really be.. I am savoring your Fine Romance book.

  58. Jorgelina says:

    Hola Susan!
    Soy de Argentina y fan de sus obras.
    Usted es un artista muy talentosa.
    Mi sueño es leer su libro.En mi país no se consigue : (
    Un gran saludo desde el sur ♥

    • sbranch says:

      she said (according to Google Translate which is kind of kookie sometimes, I’m sure she didn’t say “his works!”)
      Hi Susan!
      I’m from Argentina and a fan of his works.
      You are a very talented artist.
      My dream is to read your libro.En my country do not get: (
      A big hello from the south ♥

      So I replied, via Google: (I wonder what I am saying):
      ¡Muchas gracias! Podemos enviar por correo un libro si usted desea. Llame a mi estudio, el número es en cualquier página de compras de la tienda en línea – Alfredo habla español y es probable que usted puede enviar uno! xoxo Hasta Luego, Susanna

      Supposedly I said this:
      Thank you so much! We can mail you a book if you would like. Call my studio, the number is on any shopping page of the web store — Alfredo speaks Spanish and they can probably send you one! xoxo Hasta Luego, Susanna

      Fun to talk to other countries in Google-speak! 🙂

  59. Jacki waters says:

    Hi Susan
    I live in the North east of England and I am a Beatrix Potter nut. A number of years ago whilst visiting Yew Tree Farm in Coniston (Lake district) I met a wonderful lady from America who has become a very dear friend. Her name is Linda McInnis and she lives in Loisiana. She has been a fan of your work for many years sand has kindly sent me some of your books over the last few years. I understand the attraction and have come to love what you do also.
    I am unsure about your visits to England for book signings etc and would like to know if you have any plans to visit again and in particular the north east ie Newcastle uponTyne.
    Thank you so much for what you do…..You are an inspiration to us women over most of the world and look forward to reading A FINE ROMANCE when it arrives (have only just ordered it and I can’t wait).
    Thanks again end I hope you will be able to let me know about your plans.
    Lots of love
    Jacki Waters

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you so much Jacki … very nice to meet you! We have no specific plans right now, just more dreams — but if you keep in touch with my blog, you’ll know if we’re coming there! We want to have a picnic someday in a place like Stourhead (down south) for all our British girlfriends!

  60. Oh I can hardly stand the wait! I ordered from our local bookstore, as I had a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket. And they tell me I have to wait until it arrives in September! Good grief…what’s a girl to do? I’m so anxious to read about your travels, see the new artwork, and dream I was right there in England.

    • sbranch says:

      There are signed copies at two stores I know of right this minute: Titcombs in Sandwich, MA and Innisfree Books in Meredith, NH. Call them, pay over the phone, and I think they will ship!

  61. Gwen says:

    Hi Susan!
    My Aunt Evie and I were thrilled to meet you yesterday in Meredith, NH! We had a ball! Your book is delightful and the book signing was so very nice and personal. We enjoyed every moment, you and Joe (and of course Petey) made our day! Thank you so very much for being so kind and sweet.
    Keep Inspiring!
    Gwen & Aunt Evie

    • sbranch says:

      My total pleasure Gwen … it was just as fun for me! Thanks for being there, and Love to Aunt Evie too. xoxo

  62. D'Anne R. Paratore says:

    Dear Ms. Branch,
    Thank you for your kindness and gracious hospitality at your book signing at
    Bunch of Grapes, MV.
    You had made my Mother’s 80th birthday very special – she has everyone of your
    handwritten letters before you had a website and enjoys all your books
    I want to thank you for your patience with all my questions – talk about scary – I read lips and body language/facial expressions as a result of a TBI, sorry if I used up too much of your time.
    My Mom and I laughed all the way back to Woodshole – we took pictures of the name tags we forgot (we did them all up with ribbons and your stickers) and your Custom Gift Basket with NY wines and cheeses. And yes, Joe’s six pack of Shandy, brewed right here in Utica NY. So we broke out and had a poolside party with other guests, cheering you on for a successful book tour! You even have 6 new girls (and husbands) to add to your circle of friends!!
    You did not disappoint us – you are lovely, and it shows in your writing and art
    Good luck on your book signing tour – “Safe driving” Joe and we will see you in New York (with our tags and goodies)

  63. Maureen says:

    As I probably have most everyone of your other books I am looking forward to getting this new one.
    I am also looking forward to meeting you at the tea you will taking part of in Wilmette, Illinois.
    In 2005 I went to Europe (via ship as I can not fly for health issues) and then my father and I met up with my husband who flew to London. We were there for 9 days. I have a brother who lives there with his family. My father and I took the QM2 home. What a beautiful ship and a great trip back.

  64. Susan in SC says:

    The book! The book! That wonderful, magical perfect book! Before I opened it, I had the idea to read just one entry a day, so as to feel as if I was actually traveling with you in ”kinda sorta real time.” Well . . . that didn’t happen.
    The book! The book! That wonderful magical perfect book is a “can’t put it down” page turner. Each word and each illustration and each quote and each photograph and each shared adventure are pure enchantment! You have touched my heart. You have expanded my world. You have sparked my imagination. You have tickled my fancy. You have inspired me to dream bigger dreams.
    Thank you for knowing your “girlfriends” so well and generously giving us a good dose of exactly what we needed.

  65. Elaine Ferris says:

    A great surprise,a copy of A Fine Romance,from my daughter for my birthday.Her and I visited England,where I was born.While there we were taken to the Lake District,visited Beatrix Potter house and fell in love with it all.When I opened that beautiful book,the red ribbon was right in the page that begins the Beatrix Potter story. What a beautiful coincidence.I plan to read the book very slowly and savor it all. Thank you.

  66. Daralyn says:

    WOW! Thank you so much for the book…. I just read it in two sittings and can’t wait to read it again. One of the friends I gifted one two 3 days ago is almost done as well. It has been fun to share quotes and stories with her. In 22 days, we leave for our trip to England together 🙂

    here is the review I left on amazon

    Reading this book was like taking a wonderful vacation with my new best friends.
    Relaxing, exploring, learning, and enjoying.

    I am traveling to England soon and plan to abandon some of the city tours
    for the beauty of the countryside and the rich history she so beautifully
    reports on.

    This book is hand written and has personal touches on every page!
    I will definitely purchase copies of this book for anyone I know traveling to
    England and for some that simply love a walk through beauty with a friend…

    Already planning my post trip tea party!


    • sbranch says:

      Brilliant Daralyn, thank you SO much! I’m glad you’re “abandoning” some of your city tours for the countryside, you will not be sorry! Have a wonderful trip!!!

  67. Toni says:

    Hi Susan…I’m SSOOOO excited…..just found out we are coming to Goshen IN to see you on Sept. 9th. Will stay in a B&B before we head home the next day. Just LOVE all the comments and excitement…will see you then.
    Have a safe trip in your ‘home away from home.’ :0)))

  68. Beth says:

    Susan, How do you take it?? Seeing these adorable people and kind hearts photographing where your book is in the world brought tears to my eyes. Spontaneous adorableness it is!! What I love is the amazing response. People are hungry for creative, inventive ways to celebrate life in simple ways and you give us that time and time again. Please tell me your book signing will be coming to the west coast?? We have some adorable independent books stores too. watching this unfold is magic, pure magic. Thanks you!! ~Beth

    • sbranch says:

      I don’t take it — I cry! I’m with you! We’re on our way to the west coast, leaving on Saturday. Thank you Beth xoxo

  69. Debs OBrien says:

    s’wonderful to see all the photographs! bit behind here, due to computer malfunctions, but there we are! Following all the adventures and such as best I can and revelling in it all, wishing I was there of course. Almost as excited for each and every Girlfriend who gets to see you as I would be if I was there too. Happy for everyone!

    Waving from Across The Pond xoxo

  70. Diana Everett says:

    Good evening Susan,
    I just finished THE BOOK…the wonderful, magical book…..that you poured so many “good vibes” into that I just might perish from pure pleasure! Back to the beginning again I go, to give it yet another read through. I can hardly wait for your visit to wonderfully cozy Hudson, Ohio on September 3, so that I can thank you in person for the little wonder that you have created between those two covers. When I was reading about your fascination with and devotion to authors/artists like Beatrix Potter and Jane Austin, for example, I couldn’t help but think how you have all of us girlfriends following and admiring and being inspired by little old y-o-u! My husband finds it all delightful and is accompanying me to your signing…and he even agrees to wear the name tag! He is most definitely my “Joe”, although his name is Mo! We are in the midst of restoring new / old 1830 home, and you are our inspiration. Well. I will thank you for that, too. See you soon! Greetings and love from the heart of OUR home in Hunting Valley, Ohio. ( Yes, it is as charming as it sounds!) Diana

  71. Karen Stefanelli says:

    Dear Susan,
    I attended your book signing in Milford NH and meeting you was just delightful! You and Joe were so warm and kind to everyone. I have been collecting your books for years and have all of them. My mother bought me the little Christmas book for Thanksgiving when my daughters were just little girls. I worked in an office and we were always so busy, dance , etc. I read your cozy little book and we started making handmade stockings and little ornaments that very night. It slowed us right down to the important little sweet things in life . Your are such an inspiration and feel like such a kindred spirit , thank you for all you do and share with us. Your new book is so lovely… I am showing it to everyone I know. Again thank you , thank you, thank you…. Sincerely, Karen

  72. Deb Antram says:

    Four of us will be coming to your SLO signing and are wondering if you will bring some of your Earl Gray Lavender Tea to sell? Thanks so much.

  73. Mary Warman says:

    I recently bought your book and cannot put it down! I’m going through chemotherapy right now and there is no way I could go to England at this time, but it is so nice to go with you. Please write a never ending book!

    • sbranch says:

      England is a lovely place to be (in your imagination) during troubling times. My prayers are with you Mary! Thank you xoxo

  74. Cadie says:

    I love this book, Susan! I really enjoyed reading the love story to my mom…we were both just giggling with delight! I’ve been reading a little bit each day over my lunch break at work. Sitting in my car with your book is the highlight of my day! I’m savoring each word, studying each little drawing and picture…it’s just like you took me there with you! Thank you for inspiring us and allowing us all to see the world as you do, with such childlike wonder, curiosity, and joy in the simple pleasures!

  75. Susan, I finally finished A Fine Romance! (and also catching up on blog posts I have missed as you can see!!) I do not always have time to just sit and read…but the last couple of weekends I MADE time! What a wonderful experience! Your descriptions and photos of England have really inspired me to think about another trip across the pond soon this time with my guy! I have a high school girlfriend living in Ealing and we are due for a visit and to also experience the countryside!
    I was not able to make it to any book signings and was sad about this but know when the time is right I will be able to meet ‘n’ greet with you someday to thank you in person…but for now:
    Thank you (again and again and again!) for always knowing how to bring me back down to earth when life moves too quick. I never want to miss any of life’s simple pleasures! You are a LOVE and have a great heart.
    Girlfriend Michele

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