♥ H A P P Y   S U N D A Y   D E A R   H E A R T S ! ♥

tea cup flowers

MUSICA and flowers for you!  I’m just wondering if you’ve been reading your comments?  Are you not the most dried flowerswonderful gathering of people you have ever seen?  I have enjoyed them so much, all 1,400 of them . . . each comment individually, but when you put them all together, it’s Spring! ♣ It’s family, it’s memories, beauty, lve and creativity and charm and trying hard and making a difference ~ all the things I have always loved about the readers of my books ~ which I learned about from the letters I received from so many of you over the years, but now, here we are, together at last and it’s just so lovely to read!

budsme and lambThank you so much for taking the time to write!  I thought I would wish you all a Happy Sunday — and let the drawing go a couple more days so everyone has a chance to sign up.  If you’re not sure what “drawing” I’m talking about, scroll down to the next post ~ we’re in the middle of a Give-Away!  ← That’s a hint.

 You can leave your comment either here or there (at the bottom of either post where you see the tiny gray letters “comments” just click and there you go) and as many times as you like because Vanna is brilliant and knows to choose only one from each name/address.  Until then, from my Girlfriends Forever book, the perfect title for US, this, for all you beautiful girls . . .

self respectThank you for being here! Keep the home fires burning!  Downton Abbey tonight!  Ooooo-La-Wee!  xoxo


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719 Responses to HAPPY SUNDAY ♥

  1. Kathie Burton says:

    Susan, thank you for the D. Parker quote. I sent it to my sis who is a jazzy dresser. Just so she knows I appreciate her style. I love your blog as it makes my day brighter! Downton seems to be all tied up neatly for next season. Cheerio, Kathie B.

  2. Buzz n Bea says:

    Love the lamb cake… so cute, we could just cuddle him. We here in Mi. can certainly use your wonderful touch of Spring. It is coming early for us this year.

    Once again we have the long wait for the next season of Downton Abby. 🙁

    Have a blessed week.

  3. Samantha S. says:

    I keep getting notifications on my Facebook newsfeed to “not forget to sign up for your giveaway” so I figured I need to sign up. I have been a fan of yours for such a long time! I remember constantly going to my moms cookbook collection and thumbing through your cookbooks when I was around 10, just admiring your artwork. I absolutely love your blog, and love that you give us all insight into your precious life! :] Thank you for being such an inspiration to me for all these years!
    P.S.- I adore your kitties! <3

  4. Maureen Sawicki says:

    Hi Susan,
    It was so nice to meet you and Joe at Costco last weekend. My sister Elizabeth and I were on a mission to get your book….. snow or no snow. Please thank Joe again for helping us with out purchase. I am reading the book slowly because I don’t want to come to the an end. I use to teach an authors unit to my first graders all about Beatrix Potter. They loved her and wrote letters to her characters everyday. I am visiting my granddaughters next week and will bring my Beatrix Potter book collection. Thank you for your wonderful blog. I have started to paint again thanks to you. Ta Ta for now!!

  5. Theresa says:

    You’re such an inspiration in so many ways, from being positive and kind to having fun, appreciating music, cooking, nature….and travel! We’ve booked our stateroom on the QM2…even though I always had the desire deep down, I don’t think it would’ve ever manifested into reality without being encouraged by your words.
    Thank you so much!

  6. Carol Gazzetta says:

    even on the coldest of days, with snow piled all around me, you bring a ray of sunshine to my day!!!! Spring can’t be far behind!!!!

  7. Salena M. says:

    Oh, what a lovely giveaway! Please enter me in the drawing.

  8. Jan says:

    Ooooh, wouldn’t my little granddaughters just LOVE this little lambie cake!

  9. Hilda C. White says:

    Here’s to Spring and lamb cakes and Tasha Tudor and Betty Crocker!
    ….and to all us lovely ladies!

  10. Sue Rideout from Maine says:

    My grandmother had a lamb butter mold that she used for easter. Don’t know what happened to it but would love to find another one. Sun is out up here!

  11. KarenP (Wisconsin) says:

    Good afternoon, sweet Susan and girlfriends! A lovely, sunny day here. Had dreams last night of forsythia blooming, for some reason! Had to “hop on” to see if there was chatter about the Downton Abbey finale last night. Won’t say anything as I imagine some haven’t seen it yet. Yes, tears. Have a wonderful week! xo

  12. Margie says:

    What a beautiful picture of Spring! Thank you for sharing your photos, and the Lamb cake looks lovely! Looking forward to the next posting!


  13. Sweet Sue says:

    I just got back from vacation and discovered 3 of your blogs in my mailbox.
    What a blessing! 🙂 All three were a joy to read! I haven’t had a chance to read through all the blog comments yet wanted to be sure to get my name in for the Lambie Cake Mold, Recipe & Garden Book…..so please put my name in and I will be hoping that it gets drawn! 🙂
    My husband and I took a delightful trip up the central coast as far north as Hearst Castle, visiting the charming towns of Morro Bay, Cayucus, Cambria and San Simeon with wonderful lodging at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. We also stayed in the Solvang area at a fantastic Bed & Breakfast Inn while touring the countryside and visiting Santa Ynez, Los Olivos, Ballard, Buellton, Lompoc and Surf Beach. I am a country girl at heart…..you can take the girl out of the country yet not the country out of the girl! YEAH!!!!
    Also want to thank you for all the wonderful photos you post…I often save them on my computer and send them to others as they are so uplifting!
    Have a grand day and thanks for sharing so much with all of us….I know I am just one of many who reads and enjoys your blogs yet from my heart I thank you!

  14. Jan says:

    Ahhh…this makes me so ready for Spring!! Everything lovely and blooming! We can make it!!

  15. melissa quarles from montgomery ny says:

    Oh I love happy endings…..What a great season finale with C arson and Mrs. Hughes holding hands in the surf!!! How blessed are we to have such wonderful escapes in our lives! Thanks Susan for being one of my favorite escapes!!!! The sun feels so good today!!!

    • Sara says:

      I love your comment, Melissa, about Susan being one of your ‘favorite escapes’… Mine too! It’s been such a severe winter for so many people, and we’re dipping down AGAIN into single digits over the next week, so Susan, thank you, thank you, thank you for warming our hearts so frequently! We just love you to pieces!


  16. Charo says:

    I love your lamb cake, it’s so cute.
    I have such fun reading your posts, I enjoy each one of your words.
    Thanks so much for your blog

  17. Love that adorable pan! What a wonderful Easter I could make with it.

    Love your blog. It always puts a smile on my face.


  18. Shannon says:

    Hi Susan,
    I love your blog soooooo much!
    I also want to thank you for introducing me to Johnson Bros. Rose Chintz dishes.
    I am now the proud owner of many! Love them to pieces!!!


  19. Nellie says:

    Hello, Susan! We have lots of sunshine here today, though there is a cold wind blowing outside, and the forecast gives a chance of some wintry precipitation on Wednesday! Crazy! We’ve had temps in the mid-sixties for the past several days. Not today, though.

    It is a pleasure to keep up with your blog. It is such a cheerful place to visit!

    Have a happy Monday! It somehow seems to set the tone for the week.

    xo Nellie

  20. Jena Walter says:

    Oh Susan!
    I’ve been reading your blog and books and Willard and calendars for years and I am continually inspired, enlivened and rejuvenated by your brilliant and beautiful vision of life. I think of things to contribute, stories to tell, ways to give back to you and everyone here who shares and then I don’t do it :-(. Today, in honor of you and spring-I am writing to say thank you, thank you thank you. You make the great, good gift of life so much more fun.

  21. Thanks for the wonderful violets Susan! I love them. Ooh, did everyone see Downton last night? It was sooooooooooo good! That Mrs. Hughes is hot stuff. There was so much going on, we need to talk about this. Whew! I’ll miss it but I taped the season to watch again and again and again.

    • sbranch says:

      LOVED it 10,000 times! It was so good. We’re going to watch it again tonight! I’ll talk about it in a post soon, just in case some people haven’t seen it yet, don’t want to give anything away.

  22. jamie hopkins says:

    Thank you again for writting your blog. I so look forward to reading your blog everyday. I feel like i learn something everytime. I love how you showed us what to do when making the cake. I’ve read how to do those things but its nice to also see them. Thanks for all you do.

  23. Grand Pam says:

    So glad I finally found your site. I’m loving the lamb pan and a Tasha Tudor book.

  24. ingrid says:

    Love your blog.
    Is it allowed to take part of your give away when you live in the Netherlands.
    In that case I love to win 🙂

  25. Penny Harrison from Oceanside says:

    The lamb cake pan would be very fun to have! Looks like we are going to get a big rain storm over the weekend

  26. Marilyn the Nurse says:

    Susan, I love your blog!!! You write in such an inspirational way that it does my heart good to read it when ever you write. I loved the lamb cake mold. I have always been a little afraid to make one of these cakes, afraid it would stick, etc. but you have given me courage. Would love to have it. Thank you, Marilyn

  27. Cristina says:

    I finished reading A Fine Romance just over the weekend and walked away from the experience with so many good thoughts about many good things, dear Susan! What a beautiful book! I enjoy how much you just love life and people (from the present or past), and it shows through your writing, and it makes me want to do it all in the same authentic way you do it, except my authentic way. Thanks for being YOU, Susan! You have inspired a great many things, but I’ll share one in particular. One warm June day, a couple of years ago, I met a lovely neighbor of mine who lives in a stone house at the bottom of the street, and whose GORGEOUS garden was open for a summer walkthrough. During our informal talk, I asked her what the inspiration for such beautiful garden was. She shared with my husband and me- in her lovely English accent- that she had moved to the midwest 50 years ago, and her English cottage garden was a way to abate her homesickness… How sweet and moving! Since reading your latest book, I decided to write her a note asking her if she’ll share some of her garden wisdom with me (I am not known for having a green thumb…), while we pull weeds together and talk about our home countries this summer (hers, England; mine, Brazil!) Thank you for writing and encouraging beautiful friendship thoughts to bud! I’ll keep you posted! XO

  28. Lynn says:

    Dear Susan – Beacuse of you and your wonderful blog, I fell in love with Emma Bridgewater pottery. Yesterday was my birthday, and my darling daughter bought me the newest pattern, Rose and Bee, in a 1/2 pint mug – personalized! I am so pleased! It was a joy to drink my tea yesterday morning from my new mug.
    Thank you for your continued inspiration in my life!

  29. Charlene says:

    Susan, I love your lamb cake. I bought a stuffed lamb for a baby shower Saturday and had to make myself give it away. They are the cutest things. And this book looks wonderful…I have never seen it before. Tasha Tudor is one of my all time favorites. You, of course, are my number one favorite.

  30. Kim Patton says:

    Susan, you are sweetest, always! I love the little lambie. I had a friend who had one and I borrowed it from her on my daughters first birthday. She is 33 now! Wouldn’t it be fun to have my very own now for my grands birthdays and of course to herald in Spring, because that is what spring is all about, baby lambs, baby calves, daffodils, tulips and all the trees wearing new green!
    Thank you for Sundays post – beautiful and oh, so important!

  31. becky allen says:

    Always so inspiring! Thanks so much! I have to make the carrot cake cupcakes this week for a cowaorkers b day! just to let he know she is special! Thanks so much for all you do & inspire others to do!

  32. Jennifer Salveggio says:

    I just received my copy of A Fine Romance and can not wait to start reading it and looking through it, drinking in all the loveliness. And if I could be entered into your wonderful giveaway, I would appreciate that. 😀

  33. Cynthia Rothbard says:

    You always know just what to say and to write. Thanks for being you. Spring is out there, and the lambic cake looks fun and delicious to make. I certainly would give it my best effort….maybe even a chocolate one! Have a great week. C

  34. Jean D. says:

    P.S. I forgot to mention in my first comments response that I adore Tasha Tudor. Growing up my mother would read to me “Becky’s Birthday” until I was old enough to read it myself. It was such a delightful story, filled with Tasha Tudors charming drawings. I especially remember the drawing of Becky’s family making homemade ice cream with an old fashioned ice cream maker and the description of them getting the chance to lick the churner blades. SO…a big thank you for showing the Tasha Tudor illustrations – it allowed me to enjoy a walk down memory lane. 🙂

  35. Judy Mapston says:

    I just love anything “Susan Branch”. So many things to read and so little time…

  36. Jean Carrington says:

    Susan, I watched a show on TV that suggested that everyone choose a word of the year. I thought that was a great idea and I picked the word “HOPE”. I just read that Speranza means Hope in Spanish. I think that is a wonderful thing and will think of it often as I am thinking of hope. Keeping my chin up. Jean

    • Elaine in Toronto says:

      Hi Jean, two of my friends and I have chosen the word “joy” as our word for this year partly based on one of Tasha Tudor’s favourite quotes by Fra Geovanni, “Take Joy”. We need to celebrate the little things in life and take joy in romancing the ordinary. And, of course, Susan does that in spades!

      • Sweet Sue says:

        Elaine….thanks for sharing ……I will take the word JOY as well for this year. Reminds of how weeping may endure for a night yet JOY comes in the morning! This morning will waiting for my ride to work outside my home I just broke into song and you know the birds started singing right along with me…..made me smile and think how God’s creatures just naturally have JOY!
        Be blessed this day knowing that if God cares for the sparrows and other living creatures in our world how much more does He care for us!
        May you all have JOY in your hearts this day! 🙂

  37. Tracy Byers says:

    I LOVE today’s post- probably one of my favorites of all time!! thank you for starting my week off in such a positive and lovely way 🙂

  38. Carole turner says:

    Hi Susan, I have been enjoying your books for many years. I just recently got an I pad and I found your blog! Yeah! Through that I found your “Fine Romance” and as the stars aligned I was able to get it and read just as I am planning a trip to England this march! My sister and I have an antique shop here in Georgia and we are going on a 10 day buying trip all over England. We will be with a group and are hitting all the big antique fairs in about 10 small towns and villages. We are so excited and love love loved your book. So many great ideas and we are just itching to get there. Thanks for all your great work. Big fan. :). Carole p.s. I will tell “the queen” you said hey…just in case our paths cross!

    • sbranch says:

      What a fun time you’re going to have! “Work” could not be better! Yes, please, hello to the Queen!

      • Abigayle Johnston says:

        Hi Susan,
        I am new to your site but I wanted you to know that I recently finished reading your book “It’s a Fine Romance”. I ordered it on your website and you sent it to me here in Canada. I absolutely loved your book! I spent time in England with two friends and fell ‘in love’ with that beautiful country as well. I laughed so hard when I read the part about driving on the wrong side of the road and all the roundabouts. It was totally our experience too! I am enjoying reading your blogs. All the best.

  39. pat addison ( cave junction,OR) says:

    hello girlfriends, just came in from the garden, been cutting out blackberry vines from the garden area, love blackberries but I don’t need them in the garden. but I looked around and my shy little violets are blooming and my crocuses are opening…. spring is almost here, can’t wait for the daffodils and the tulips to bloom. hugs……. 🙂

    • pat addison (cave junction,OR) says:

      well I may have some good news about my tom turkey, I think he is going to be okay. for awhile I was worried as he had the hiccups, well it turned out he was sneezing, seems he caught himself a little chill or cold. so for the weekend I was sure he was having problems, he definitely looked like he wasn’t feeling too good. but today he has surprised me. he stopped his sneezing, took a good dust bath, and his color is much improved from over the weekend so I think he is over the worst of whatever he had and is looking better. must be all that good sunshine he was soaking up and enjoying. what a relief. hugs…. 🙂

  40. Sheila says:

    Can’t wait to try the cake recipe, it looks delicious! And I love that lamb’s sweet face, so adorable! We already have lambs & calves everywhere around here, so spring can’t be far away. I’m ready to start gardening… 😉

  41. Melissa B. says:

    You have inspried me! I am going to bake some carrot cake cupcakes this week!

  42. Peggy says:

    Please enter my name love your work ,read blog Bought your book I am off to England with girlfriend in April veery excited my third visit all new places except London of course
    Best wishes to kittys and you and Joe

    • sbranch says:

      How fun, so many people off to England this spring! Have fun, come tell us what you loved the most when you get home.

  43. Mary Alice says:

    What an absolutely darling. I would love to have it so that I could make the cake for Easter. My grandson would be “over the moon” as they say.

    I so enjoy your blog. You certainly get my creative juices flowing.

    Have a wonderful Spring. I am told that it will come to the East Coast after we in the Northwest are through with the monsoons!

  44. Vicki in Cincy says:

    Hi Susan! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write. Thank you for bringing us spring when we need it SO badly!!! Love the lamb cake it’s just adorable. Just a quick note…I finally got a new cat!!!! Her name is Winnie, she’s 2 and a tortie/tabby mix. She has the most beautiful green eyes and she is a sweetie…wish I could show u a picture here, maybe on FOSB. Thank you for all u do for us girlfriends…love u Girl!!

    • sbranch says:

      HOORAY for you Vicki! So happy for you and Winnie!

    • Chris Wells Knickerbocker, W TX says:

      Happy for you Vicki! And happy for Winnie. I know how much you miss Midge. Now Winnie has a chance at a wonderful life. All is well!

  45. Frances Fowler says:

    I love your little lamb — he has personality plus! As a side note, after months of “it’s-soon-to-be-or-almost-Christmas” and “it’s-just-after-Christmas” reasons why I couldn’t order “A Fine Romance” — I just now got to order it! It was my tax time present to meeeeee (last year’s was my Emma Bridgewater’s oversized teacup with pink hearts (I use it at least once a day, every day, for tea, starting with every last drop from my 4 cup Brown Betty first thing in the morning). I am so excited! I will have to make sure to finish painting my sewing room and scrub the latex paint boo-boos off the floor, because I will want to rip open the box, brew some tea, and flump down upon a chair to start reading! Happy spring!

    • Frances Fowler says:

      I’m so gleeful, I doubled the parentheses — whoops! Jonquils here are starting to bloom, but how about in your area? I’m guessing March or April? There’s nothing like that first deep sniff of a jonquil to herald spring 🙂

      • sbranch says:

        I went out to my little snowdrop meadow… they’re barely peeking through, pushing up little ice-cold dirt clods. Long way before we see any jonquils in bloom!

  46. Barbara Page says:

    I just found your pages and blog and am enjoying them so much! I received your new book in the mail on Saturday and am already half way through it…I LOVE IT! I want to do the Queen Mary 2 voyage and explore England too! It’s been a dream of mine and I am hoping it will come true in then next year! Thank you for taking me along with you on your fine adventure in “A Fine Romance”! I am beginning to plan in earnest!

  47. Nina - in Calgary, AB says:

    Hi Susan,
    I was just looking at some of your past blog postings…love them!! Was wondering if you have the recipe for the photo of cranberry coffee cake (posted in the december blog) in one of your books or is it posted somewhere…I can’t seem to find a link yet.

    Also, you mentioned in a previous post about possibly going to Scotland and maybe renting a little place with a few rooms, if you ever decide to take a group, we’d consider it! My husband’s Canadian/French/Scot and we’ve thought about going to Scotland soon to see some of his family and touring the area.

    Happy Travels!
    p.s. my husband Geoff wears a similar beret to Joe’s… 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      I’ve saved that fantastic coffee cake for my new Pancakes book. It’s too good not to get written into a book! I’ll keep you in mind if we ever take a tour, but I think the thought of driving on the wrong side of the road with groups of people all screaming at once 🙂 is a little daunting for Joe!

      • Nina - in Calgary, AB says:

        great!! …I patiently anticipate your new Pancakes book… It sounds just as great as all your others! I’ve been a fan of yours for many, many years. In fact, I’ve been making and sharing your “heavenly” waffles/pancake recipe ever since I first got your Christmas book. I was so happy to make homemade waffles from scratch with such a perfect recipe. I’ve been a faithful follower of your recipes ever since! Thanks for sharing…and caring, Susan 🙂

      • Joan Lesmeister says:

        LOL! xo

    • Pat Mofjeld of St. Paul, MN says:

      When you write the Pancakes book, please include the blueberry corncakes recipe–that has become a favorite Saturday morning breakfast but will tell you, they make a good supper, too! 🙂

  48. Jan from Northern CA says:

    Thanks Susan, I really needed that!
    Monday in the office and all the “stuff” piling up. Took a few minutes to whisk myself away to our FOSB blog…and you made me smile. Reminding me that “the little things” matter. Especially taking care of myself, self respect being at the top. I will get my “Girlfriends” book out and read again and remind myself of all the Blessings I have. And, call again to schedule my annual checkup…ugg. Being a breast cancer survivor (9 years June 1st), that is important!
    Jan from Northern CA

  49. Linda-Sue Lohse-Lange says:

    Many years ago, I worked at an arts & crafts store that carried your work – or I should say that they tried to keep it in stock lol! Your fresh watercolours remind me of the rapid noodling we were taught by an elderly master artist in college, back in the 1970’s. We were usually assigned to paint 99 postage-stamp sized items every day. Flowers. Vehicles. Trees. Things you saw while driving home. What fun! Spontaneity! I feel your joy of creativity scrolling through your blog… and sorting through your stickers, papers, etc. I have collected over the years. You must certainly be a delightful spirit to meet in person.

  50. Carol C says:

    What a happy Monday! A cheery blog from you and happy endings at Downton. Everything is working out for everyone and we are left with happy anticipation of next year’s show. Whew! The daisy cake sounds wonderful. I haven’t baked a cake in years. (I’ve been taken off sugar and alcohol by my oncologist. Tough but doable. The sad thing is no weight loss. It only seems fair for about 15 lbs. to drop off! Doesn’t it?) Anyway, plan to make it for a quilting tea this month. Glad everyone doesn’t have to do this. I was grudgingly giving up winter and it’s coziness until today. We are in FL and the weather today is great. Rode bikes and walked on the beach. Yesterday was stormy but I found a quilt top that I forgot I cut out last time we were here and got it sewn together. It’s big bright stars on a white background an it looks so fresh and happy. Now it’s ready to take home and quilt—at the quilting tea!

  51. Elizabeth Healy says:

    Oh my the last of Downton Abbey for the year! It’s enough to make one wail! Thankfully we can experience shades of the Abbey with you and your wonderful website!

  52. Diana says:

    Thank you for the directions and recipe for the lamb cake. I have a mold, but, I never knew how to successfully keep the batter from leaking out. It’s sooooo cute. Thank you for the signs of Spring………..it’s been such a winter!

  53. Loved “A Fine Romance”! Read it slowly and then reread it. What’s not to love:
    romance, happy endings, English countryside, nature, food, travel, beautiful homes and gardens including Beatrix Potter’s and of course wonderful art. It’s hard to imagine so much packed into one book. THANK YOU!

  54. Cathy Mapes says:

    What does one say to you that hasn’t been said before ? SOOO… I just want to say a simple Thank You 🙂 and wish you many blessings !!

  55. Beth Puls says:

    Thank you for bringing a dash of spring into my world. 5 more inches of snow on its way today. Roads are closed to Montana. That’s ok! Gives me more time to cook wonderful stews, pastas and warm desserts. When spring comes, my ginger tea will be iced, but for now, a big pot of warm tea hits the spot!

  56. Louise says:

    <3 Your art, your blog, your books! Thanks for the sunshine you spread 🙂

  57. Cheryl Ridderhoff says:

    Hi Susan,
    Last night’s Downton Abbey was simply delicious! I was so happy that there wasn’t the proverbial “cliffhanger”, but just a few intriguing audience questions. Absolutely loved the last scene at the beach with Carson and Mrs. Hughes. Unfortunately, this leaves me very little to get excited about, t.v. wise. I guess I’ll have to dig around in my DVD drawer and watch “Jane Eyre” for the 4th time. Have you seen the PBS movie version with Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens?? In my opinion, it is the very BEST…second only to Joan Fontaine, but this one has so much more detail and emotion!
    I made your chicken stock/chicken soup recipe..it was spectacular. I swapped out mushrooms (don’t like) for leeks and it still had a rich, dark color and wonderful taste. Just finished reading “A Fine Romance” for the 2nd time! It was even better than the 1st time. If I never get to England in the flesh, at least I’ve been there in spirit…I could even smell the flowers while reading about them! Thank you for sharing your wonderful journal of your trip.
    No Spring- like weather for us in Northwest Montana yet, but your photos of Spring and your lovely home will certainly do for now.
    Cheryl, from Bigfork

    • sbranch says:

      That’s my favorite version too… just wonderful, full of passion!

    • Pat Mofjeld of St. Paul, MN says:

      Cheryl, I’m going to miss Downton Abbey, too, but we just got our PBS magazine in the mail today. Here are four series coming in March and April to look forward to: 6th season of Doc Martin, 3rd season of Call the Midwife, 2nd season of Mr. Selfridge, and Season 2 of Last Tango in Halifax. 🙂

  58. Ruthie P says:

    I always feel funny leaving a comment for a give away (from you,because you’re the only one I ever leave comments for)but to win something you cooked with is just too much…I have to leave one!!! Love the post about self respect,love the picture of you with the little lamb you baked……you are precious !!!!! What would we do without you!!!! xoxoxo Ruthie P

  59. Helen says:

    I read your blog regularly. Thank you for somehow knowing lust the right thing to say about EVERYTHING. I am a fellow Beatrix Potter collector and do love your displays of characters in your kitchen.

  60. Well, I do not recall whether I signed up before, but I’ll go ahead and leave this comment and let Vanna sort it out for me 🙂 Thank you, dear Susan, for SHARING your world, your art, your whimsy and JOY especially with all of us. I know you don’t have to — you could stay in your precious home and give to a handful of friends. But you choose to spread the sunshine all around, as sunshine is supposed to do. May it all come back to you~!!

  61. Pam E says:

    Susan, my mother also emphasized the need to always wear clean underwear!! I used to laugh about that, but now that I have been a nurse for over 40 years I must say both of our mothers were EXACTLY correct!!!! You never know what’s under a beautiful Chanel suit!

  62. Beverly says:

    Loved your lamb cake. I have a bunny cake mold and need to dig it out for my grandkids. They would love it. I love your website. It makes me feel closer to my sister-in-law who died in 2012. She would have loved this site. She was everything creative and such an inspiration. She was a ray of sunshine and that is what your site reminds me of.

  63. Janet Doleman says:

    Please enter my name in the draw. Seeing a new blog from you is the treat of the day! “A Fine Romance” was the best Christmas gift from my husband; it was hard not to read it too fast! We visited many of the same places in 2008 and 2010, and are now planning a 3rd trip this September—can’t wait!

  64. Nancy Burdeniuk says:

    Thanks again Susan for an uplifting thoughtful blog. I enjoy reading your blog regularly and it always inspires. Can’t wait to make the lamb cake for my little granddaughters at Easter.
    Bye for now. Nancy

  65. Pat says:

    Thank you soooo much for your website. I am especially interested because my husband and I have been going to MVI for many years. He lived there every summer for eight years before he graduated in 1968. He worked at the arcade soda fountain in Oak Bluffs. Their cottage was just outside the circle of cottages near the Tabernacle. His mother made curtains for Shel Silverstein. His dad caned a chair for him. I have many lovely memories of Illuminarion Nights. It was a fairyland of lights.
    Thanks for the chance to win the cake tin.

  66. Karen Fouts says:

    Just love your blog – whether winter or spring, it’s just a wonderful bit of sunshine. The lamb cake is adorable – reminds me of making a very simple bunny cake every Easter when my daughters were little. Fun memories. Thank you, Thank you!

  67. Carole says:

    Oh Susan , I loved the blog and all the Springtime and Downton Abbey comments . I have always loved the lamb cake pans and don’t know how I’ve made it this long without one. (When I was in grade school, one mother always made a lamb cake for our bake sales) If I am not the fortunate winner of your drawing, I will definately be buying one. We have a long awaited granddaughter, Elizabeth Caroline, and though she won’t eat lamb cake this Easter, hope to have lamb cakes for her in a year or so. Thank you again for sharing with us . Carole

  68. Amy B from TN says:

    Oh Susan- Thank you for your gift of sharing so much with us! Wow….Double Wow on your give away. My first loves were my Mom and Nana. Then a close second my stuffy lovingly named lambie. A gift for my very first Christmas. I have a fondness and special place for those sweet lambs. I used to be able to buy a ready made lamb cake at Aldi grocery but havent stocked them as of past few years. I would be delighted to be entered for such a generous gift.

  69. Pat R. says:

    I am looking forward to Spring. I got so excited today when I saw not just one robin, but about 10 of them. I was driving and yelled to myself in my car SPRING. Then thought and thought about a poem I used to read to my children about the robin coming back for spring. Loved your cake, I hope to make the cake recipe soon. I don’t have a mold, but it sounds good in any shape. HAPPY SPRING! to you Susan and all the wonderful girlfriends!

  70. Shirley Graham says:

    Spring is on the way I’m sure & am excited to see the flowers pop up! Love Downton Abbey & hate to see the finale – it seemed such a short time to watch. Also love your blog and drawings – lambie & that rabbit cake is precious. Thanks!

  71. Joyce says:

    Love your lamb bank and cake, I loved the end of Downton, so sweet, but dread having to wait another year for next season.

  72. Donna Lynn Kawano says:

    Susan, thank you for making me smile! 🙂 You are a delight and all of us are so fortunate to have you in our lives.

    Spring is coming and I can’t wait!

  73. Deanna Taylor says:

    Wow, I just got my computer fixed in time! I have been without for 10 days and I needed a Susan Branch “fix” so badly! I watched my pre-recorded Downton Abbey this morning instead of doing my laundry while the snow whirled outside the window. Aren’t escapes wonderful? Thanks for the spring pictures and bird songs..we can make it through this snowy cold winter in fine shape yet. Keep warm and Blessings to you!

  74. Marsha MacLean says:

    So very glad to get the scoop on how to make the lamb cake, as I recently found one at a tag sale and bought it just for the cute factor. We will have two little boys at the Easter table this year, so I think it’s time to make it! A new great-niece is in the family also, but she won’t be here this time… I don’t need to win, but just wanted to say thank you!! You are such a sweetie!

  75. Marsha MacLean says:

    Oh I forgot to say, wasn’t Downton great? Like someone else said, I loved Carson and Mrs. Hughes holding hands! Thank goodness, I can watch it again and again… After taping and watching last night!

  76. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for the springy post, Susan! We are very much in need of some inspiration here in Wisconsin where the snow is currently up to the shoulders of my 8 year old!! The lamb cake is darling! Happy spring to all! Thank you for the lovely give-away! You and Joe have such fun! That cottage was just darling- I want to move right in!

  77. carol melville says:

    Dear Susan
    You make us all feel so good. What a gift. Spring is certainly in the air, or on our minds (still so much snow). This past week I sat on my rocking chairs on my deck rocking with my little granddaughter Claire. The sun and blue sky was such a long awaited joy. I am on a cleaning and organizing spree in my sewing room, I am bring cut flowers home from the market ( light pink tulips) AND I just purchased the Rose and bee tea pot, mug and plate from Emma Bridgewater. I am so ready to plant my garden. Patience. Thank you for the lemon lamb cake idea. I inherited a lamb cake pan from my mother in law. She made them when my boys were little. I am going to have to make one this Easter for Claire.
    So grateful.
    Love Carol M

  78. Maria Tompkins says:

    Susan thanks for all the inspiration. My youngest daughter is planning her own Beatrix Potter room thanks to you. I have always loved lambs, my first toy was a lamb.

  79. Laura says:

    I’ve been collecting your books and calendars for some time now. I’m so looking forward to the next one! Thank you!

  80. Debbie McL says:

    Your springtime post was so uplifting during this very cold and snowy winter up here in the north country! The season of Lent begins next week and before we know it…Easter will be arriving along with our second grandchild which I am so eagerly and happily awaiting in April. Your lamb cake is absolutely darling. I just purchased the sweetest Little Lamb board book for our new grandbaby-to-be and your cake reminds me of the precious lamb pictures in this book. Susan you always have the most meaningful giveaways. You are so generous.
    Sincerely, Debbie

  81. Cynthia Smith says:

    My friend and I love sharing stories from your blogs, and we love your beautiful calendars. They bring us joy & happiness! Our daughter and son-in-law are moving to Leicester, England for a couple of years. My husband and I are looking forward to reading A Fine Romance, and planning our own trip to the English countryside!

    • Cynthia Smith says:

      P.S. I loved your story about you and your best friend sneaking off to met the Beatles in person! You were blessed! In September of 1964 a dear aunt purchased tickets for my cousin and I to watch the Beatles perform at the Indianapolis Coliseum. It was a dream come true for us, although it was hard to hear the Beatles perform with all the screaming girls (shall I confess that I joined the chorus too!) Well it was just all too exciting for this twelve year old fan. After the concert someone said they spotted the Beatles. I followed after them too. We were rewarded by our efforts, to see their limo pass close enough to us to wave at Paul McCartney, and have him wave back.

  82. Hello, Susan! What a lovely post! And what a perfect definition of “self-respect” – I’ve never seen a better one. It perfectly describes how we’ve tried to raise our children as well as how we are trying to “raise” ourselves! You’re a beacon of light in the world, Susan, and we’re glad you’re here, too!

  83. Laura Benthien says:

    What a long cold snowy winter, I am ready for green grass and warm breezes! i would love to win your giveaway!

  84. Gail says:

    Love your blogs and especially your books! I even tore out many of your pictures from Country Living magazine! Thank you for sharing your talents and your life with us.

  85. Chrissy Thrower says:

    Hello, Sweetness! Such a lovely post! A very good reminder to us all. I like the self esteem part and the ribbon in our hair. Wore one with hearts on it on Valentines Day.
    My mother did the same..we were scrubbed and dressed beautifully for holidays and special occasions. White lace gloves added at Easter. Always a hat and purse and shoes to match. I loved it when she sowed dresses for me, too.
    Have you ever watched the BBC production series, CALL THE MIDWIFE? I watched 3 seasons worth while sick in bed this weekend! I think you’ll love it!!I found it on Netflix.
    I bet that Lambie Pie cake was so yummy!! Count me in again, if you please! 🙂
    Thank you so much for thinking of all the Girlfriends in such a sweet way! XOChrissy

  86. Ann in Pasadena says:

    Dear Susan,
    The peach tree is flowering! You know what that means. Thanks for the vivid joy you bring to all of us!

  87. Marian says:

    I’ve seen that cake pan before. I think my grandma had one. When I read your blog, it made me miss those days. I miss the simpler times, even though technology has made it so much easier to connect. I still miss taking turns with my cousins sitting under the big oak tree in the summer on the top of the ice cream freezer. My dad, Uncle Martin and Uncle John, pawpaw, and me, my sister and brother and my cousins were outside making ice cream. My mom, Aunt Lucy, Aunt Margie, and grandma were in the house preparing dinner. I wish I had pictures, but I only have the one in my mind which I will keep forever.

  88. Debra Salem-Drake says:

    What a lovely ending to Downton Abby! Can’t wait to see what happens next.
    How do you serve such a cute cake? To precious to eat.

    • sbranch says:

      I started from the back and just made slices. One of our Girlfriends said she freezes hers and brings it out every year — because it’s too cute to cut — and I totally understand how that could happen!

  89. Linda Wheeler says:

    I found your blog from a recommendation of a dear girlfriend of mine. She recently lost her husband and you bring so much joy to her and all of us who love every picture, post and story! Just the art work around your borders cheers me up instantly. And every recipe you make sounds ever so scrumptious!! Thank you dear Susan!

  90. Carmenb says:

    Holey Moley! I’m # 602! You are 1 popular girlfriend! Just wanna tell you, how much I love your blog. The stories you tell about life on Martha’s Vineyard, never fail to bring at least a smile to my heart…and…sometimes a belly laugh! Thank you so much!!! And the recipes…I’m working my way thru them 1 at a time! Again…thank you! C

  91. Peggy Cooper says:

    I love the Dorothy Parker quote. I might have to borrow that when I present a gift of flowers next week to the oldest member of the ladies group I belong to. She will be 95, and she’s in better shape and more “with it” than many who are 30 years her junior. An inspiration for sure, just like you our dear Susan.

  92. kbo says:

    Oh Vanna thanks for the second chance, had a little light reading? I watched the Downtown Abbey finale also, hurry up season 5!

  93. Pat Johnson from Paso Robles, CA says:

    I have been way tooooo busy! Having a wedding – Grandson (my first born) getting married to a wonderful young lady and they were blessed with an adorable little boy (8 mos old now). We are having a nice reception for them (after marriage at the court house with family in attendance) to celebrate this great union. I have been leading the parade and doing a lot of the picking and getting and touching base with and etc. etc. etc. It has been fun but, come on, I am 70 for goodness sake!!!! I feel my age right now 🙁 Thank you for being a part of my life – ALL OF YOU OUT THERE – THE FABULOUS BFF’s!! Because of you I have the energy to get this job done and put smiles on their faces. Hugs to all!!! XXXXOOOO GREAT Grandma Pat

  94. Sharon )'Hare-Meagher says:

    Hi Sue!
    I will see your Mom and the rest of the Leisure World Oscar Party Girls this Sunday at my Mom’s house! It’s our 3rd Annual Oscar Par-Tay, filled with lots of laughs, glamour and jewels, Oscar Bingo and ballots, yummy appetizers and dinner, and killer dessert!
    I will send you a photo of all the girls!
    Hugs to you,

    • Sharon O'Hare-Meagher says:

      Oh dear…my last name came out incorrectly on my post! Darn auto correct!

    • sbranch says:

      Oh how fun Sharon! I have the perfect thing to send to my mom for that party! And it can do double duty, her Birthday is the 27th! Wish I was going to be out there. Have fun! xoxoxo

  95. SHARON MORGAN says:

    Oh, Susan, as I read your post today ‘SELF-RESPECT’ it reminded me so much of my sweet mama and gram — these are things they said to me and my sister all the time (especially the part about wearing clean under ware) made me smile from ear to ear. I never have time to comment but no matter how busy my day is – I always take time to read your post – it’s always uplifting! You are REAL and AUTHENTIC. 🙂 Thank you so much!

  96. Jody says:

    Such a sweet place to visit! I have been a devoted reader since Vineyard Seasons. I especially love the warm family stories that go along with your lovely art. I must ask though, as an old fashioned letter writer is there a PO box anymore where “real” letters can be sent? I have one I have been working on and meaning to send… Oh since 1991! 🙂 ( I said letter writer, I need to work on the letter sender part!) Thanks for all the hours of joy you have brought…….

  97. Tamara Davis says:

    Dear Susan,
    I woke up at 5 and thought I’d see what you’ve been up too–you always make me feel cheerful! It’s been a long winter, even here in Pennsylvania and we are truly ready to think about spring. You are a joy-bringer. I shared “A Fine Romance” with my mother who has spent a happy time of late reading it and “travelling” with you. Thank you for making reminding us of the beauty and warmth and good humor that is always with us. God bless you!

  98. Georgie says:

    I’m hoping Vanna isn’t awake yet!!! In the midst of visits to see Mom in rehab for her hip I’ve been hopping about everywhere. Your blog keeps me looking towards spring! Snow flurries today!!! They will be pretty but I would like them to hold off til Christmas!

    I’m longing to plant some flowers! Happy day Susan!

    XOXO Georgie NJ
    PS now off to watch Downton! I heard its a joy!

    • sbranch says:

      She always sleeps in. If she comes down early, it’s just to make tea, grab a kitty and take it all back to bed. I think she even turned on Downton up there. Might not see her for a couple more hours. xo

  99. Valerie says:

    Dear Susan,
    So happy to have found your blog! It is like opening a gift every time it arrives in my
    E-mail! You are an inspiration!

  100. ann says:

    your lamb cake was beautiful! and oh my! i loved your neighbors house! thank you so much for your blog and fun giveaways.

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