BUNNY CAKE ♥ New Willard Soon!

B U N N Y   C A K E !  Fast easy, do it from a mix! A little big band morning MUSICA ♥

♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥

HAPPY EASTER GIRLFRIENDS! A new Willard starts going out on Tuesday ♥ Sign up sisters and girlfriends for a surprise in their email boxes. Fun surprise here on the blog that day too. Blessings for a wonderful weekend. Love you, XOXO

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816 Responses to BUNNY CAKE ♥ New Willard Soon!

  1. Susan Wilson says:

    Love your ideas and your beautiful illustrations. I have made this cake many times through the years, and plan to make it for my grandkids too!!

  2. Barbara Kirk says:

    Susan I loved seeing the bunny cake! I made that same cake for my children every Easter and now for my 7 grandchildren. Love your blog!! Your an inspiration!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Love your energy,creativity and the style you place on every day things. I love your work and this easter work was wonderful to read. Your Lemon roll cake I will be making this cake this weekend. YUMMM!
    Thank you for sharing all you do every year and know that I look high and low to every scrapbooking place for your stickers. Keep up the wonderful work have a great day…………Jenn

  4. Heather S. says:

    Your blog is like a breath of fresh air! Thank you for sharing with us and providing such beautiful photos, words, recipes, and inspirations!

  5. Char Jennings says:

    Thank you for all your gifts- your art, your quote posts, your wonderful old fashioned recipes, glimpses of your beautiful home, the endearing way you reach out to us as your best friends. You have such a good heart! Although we have never met, I feel as if you are my closest friend. XOXO

  6. Carol Gibbs says:

    Susan, you have brought joy to my life and my sisters and now my daughters since I bought your cookbook, Heart of the Home, in 1986. Thank you for years of smiles.

  7. Susan Dasse says:

    So glad to see Willard…thank you for all the cheer and beauty you bring to our lives!! Susan

  8. Deborah says:

    My, how I’ve missed you!!!

  9. Susan Dasse says:

    Love Willard…

  10. Julie Ann Westwater says:

    My daddy was the only Willard I ever knew! I am very pleased to have been introduced to your Willard, thank you!

  11. Ann says:

    Loved A Fine Romance and everything else you have written. Willard always brings a ray of sunshine to my day.

  12. Debbie Maurais says:

    Susan you are amazing! You bring such joy to the heart with all of your creativity, ideas, recipes, and encouragement. So uplifting! Thank you for sharing all of these delightful treasures <3

  13. Karen Hughes says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I absolutely love getting Willard and reading your blog! It’s so refreshing to have something to look forward too!

  14. Shirley Graham says:

    Hope you had a lovely Easter (as we did) & that you have had lovely weather (as we did and do) and that you are enjoying Spring (as we did and do)! Our Easter was blessed as we had all 5 grandchildren together (four in college) and two of our children (youngest had to work!!!!). Our oldest grandchild graduates next Sat. & we are so proud. I enjoy your blog & books so much – all your drawings too. Thanks for brightening our days. My daughter and I have your Summer cookbook out & don’t know which we enjoy more – the drawings or recipes! Thank you again & Merry Spring!

  15. Marjie says:

    You are always sooooo inspiring and uplifting! Thanks for the preview of Spring and lovely days to come.

  16. Susan, You are amazing! Your creativity, your zest for life, your art, writing, and recipes can’t help but make one smile. Reading your books and website assures me that there are many kindred spirits out there who love the same things I do. What fun! By the way, I absolutely loved A Fine Romance!!

  17. Reb Ramsey says:

    Susan, I have followed your web site/blogs for year now. How delightful to read this current one and it lifted my spirits after my mother’s death in April. I really loved the picture of your sweetheart doing work in the yard and his reward of cake! So sweet. What a nice glimpse into your happy marriage.
    Thank you for lifting my spirits and getting me excited about spring!

  18. Jill says:

    I adore all of this. You find beauty in all things and you celebrate it. I have no doubt your Creator is smiling upon you 🙂 Thank you for allowing me to briefly escape into your world.

  19. Isabella Tromp says:

    What a way to welcome spring, you are so inspiring. Thank you for all you do;)

  20. Carol says:

    I just adore those shiny shells! Susan,you are a wonderful inspiration after a long day of working with Special needs kids! I want your life!!!

  21. Lydia Alejandro says:

    Happy Spring Susan!
    What a refreshing sight to read your blog. Its so uplifting and fun. I love it.
    You know, in one of the pictures in your blog, your window sill has the Peter Rabbit figurines and I recall years ago, I saw some where I live, in Ohio and wanted to buy them, but thought, “hmmmm, people are gonna think I’m quirky”
    so I didn’t buy them. I could kick myself! Well, thank you for teaching me its ok to express our vintage, romantic, quirky side of us. Your blog has taught me that. Thank you Susan!
    Your “Quirky” Fan,

    • sbranch says:

      You might “need” them like I do, as tokens of creativity that can “osmosis” into you and then manifest in more joy. It can happen that way!

  22. Janet Halley says:

    The Willard was worth waiting for Susan. I too love the Coconut eggs and my grandmothers letters. My grandmother always gave me new white socks that looked like a bunny. You always know how to warm our hearts by taking us down memory Lane. Bless you, Joe and the kitties.

  23. Angel Bryant says:

    Happy Spring! I live in the desert and really enjoy the days of spring that we have before our harsh season – summer is upon us! I’m enjoying sitting on my deck in the morning to eat my breakfast and early morning walks with my dogs. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a wonderful gift.

  24. Cheri Hage says:

    Lovely to read about Spring~ It might be finally breaking through here in Indiana ! And we are truly ready for Spring. Thanks for the fun read 🙂

  25. Anneliese Henderson says:

    It is always such a delight to read your blog! You are so amazingly creative and your sense of humor is spot on! Love the animal and nature touches; the recipes along with the great photos are super! Would love to be your neighbor! How lucky they are! One of these days I have to come to your island and experience it. It is on my list of places to visit. Enjoy your spring to the fullest! Thanks for all you do to make this world a more delightful one!

  26. Lila Alexander says:

    My daughter and I have very fond memories of meeting you years ago when you were on a book signing tour to Washington State. I gave her your Fine Romance book for Christmas and she was over the moon with happiness. Thank you for living our dream, you do it so beautifully. We are on the coast of Washington and the flowers are all out in full bloom right now, the bees are flying, the birds are singing and we are being visited by new fawns each day when mama deer brings them out for us to see. Looking forward to your new book once it’s finished. 🙂

  27. Margaret McKee says:

    Many thanks for keeping me on your mailing list. What wonderful ideas, precious paintings, beautiful photographs & delightful music! “Willard” is truly a gentle, inspiring gift…

  28. Gloria Pietruszka says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog and the new Willard. Spring is also my favorite time of year with everything so fresh and new.

  29. Doreen Walz says:

    I loved reading A Fine Romance this winter and now Willard and the Blog. Susan, You’re amazing and bring joy to all who read you. You’ve inspired me to plant and get my garden energized & growing. My tulips are just beginning to bloom. I plan on making a Lemon Jelly Roll this w/e! Thanks for your sweet inspiration 🙂

  30. Stacy says:

    I love your blog, it makes me smile!

  31. Kathy from West Pawlet, VT says:

    My name has changed since the last time I posted – I moved from Ohio to Vermont over the winter! What was I thinking?! But now it is almost spring even in Vermont, and I loved your Willard, and the ground without snow and most of all SPRING! Happy Spring, Susan!

  32. Love reading your blog, especially with a cup of tea in my hand!

  33. Debbie K. says:

    Love those shells! Love it all!

  34. Sharon Eisen says:

    I can feel the joy of spring in your writing. I love those little sea shells. For as many summers as we spent on Cape Cod, I don’t think I ever found those delicate shells. They almost look too fragile to touch.

    A Jelly Roll! Nostalgia! My mother used to make them.

  35. Marjorie says:

    Wonderful Willard! Thank you for all the beauty you bring to us!

  36. RobynHarris says:

    I would be deeply blessed to be chosen to win your signed book the Fine Romance. I get so lost in the world you help create for those of us who love to escape for some fun with you!

  37. Kathryn says:

    Susan, I have really, really missed the Willard newsletter! I checked my
    e-mail just before bedtime and what a wonderful surprise! Just had
    to quickly read it but know I will be back in tomorrow morning to
    read more thoroughly! The cake recipe looks yummy and I can’t
    wait to make it.

  38. Carol B Yannone says:

    Susan, Thank you for this wonderful relaxing Blog and Willard! I’m so glad I found you through Gladys Taber. Love your sea shells, decorations, books and everything about your home and garden and all your travels. Looking forward to meeting you in June!

  39. Barbara Lockyer says:

    I love the whimsy in your art ~~ and the common things that you make so inviting!
    You seem like a kindred spirit!

  40. Sheila J. Ferron says:

    Susan, YOU are a breath of much needed fresh “spring” air! My favorite email of the month came from you today with all your wonderful updates. I made myself a cup of tea and enjoyed your blog, and website. Thanks for doing what you do!

  41. TamraC. says:

    My mother has SUCH beautiful handwriting (much like yours, Susan – and she’s a Susan too!), that I would love nothing more to have her pen her memories – in her own flowing hand – in your charming book. What a wonderful gift to have her “voice” readily at hand, anytime I wanted!

  42. mary guess says:

    Love that Susan Branch!

  43. Lynne Blinka says:

    Hello, Susan. And a belated happy birthday, I think we share the same date–the 12th. A very good friend of mine knows I love your blog and she gave me your Vineyard Seasons book. I cannot wait to try some of the recipes!

  44. Charlene says:

    Oh Willard I am sooooo happy to see you again. How I have missed you! The lemon roll is actually very easy to make and lasted about 5 minutes total over tea!!!

  45. Rena Haunschild says:

    Oh how I look forward to the pictures, the quotes, the writings & receipes, etc, etc. I feel so at peace & get swept away daydreaming when I read what you wrote Susan. Thanks for being YOU!

  46. Barbara says:

    Thank you, Susan! You always make me take a deep breath and smile!

  47. Kathleen McKinstry says:

    I can’t wait to make the lemon cake Susan, it looks wonderful. I love being in the kitchen with you!!!

  48. I love all your fresh ideas, decorating tips, and especially your new book!!!!

  49. Cathy Evans says:

    Reading Willard makes me smile! Thanks.

  50. Christine says:

    Your delicate designs and happy thoughts are as yummy as your recipes! Thank you!

  51. Corky Stonebraker says:

    I just love your way with words. I can relate to your ‘baking & looking out the window at the same time’ especially this time of year. Thank~you for sharing your many talents with us. We are blessed.

  52. Lin Hagen says:

    You are such an inspiration! And how you get so much accomplished is mind-boggling! Thank you for sharing your passions with us!!

  53. Wendy Dandridge says:

    Happy Spring! We had a visiting Rose-breasted Grosbeak here in Santa Rosa, CA last week, but I never was able to find him, lots of beautifully singing Black-headed Grosbeaks though!

  54. Judy Johnson Parkman says:

    Easter was glorious here with daughter, son-in-law, and 3 wonderful grandchildren who always make my heart sing!! We missed our other daughter, granddaughter, and our son; hard to get everyone here at the same time, but maybe this summer!! Snow in the air today, and the deck was white first thing this morning; so hope Spring will arrive and STAY soon!! Thanks for all the smiles & happiness I always find on your blog & in your posts! <3

  55. Linda McMurry says:

    Thank you for all the special touched you add everything!
    Your happiness is contagious!

  56. barbara serio says:

    I was blessed to receive one of your cookbooks as a gift and have been a fan ever since. <3. 🙂

  57. jackie mullen says:

    How sweet those shells are. Living most all of my life (except for 1 summer doing theatre in panama city beach, fl and 9 months in grad school in long beach ca) I have a love and longing for all things ocean, especially shells. I have a collection for each time I was able to visit a beach. When people ask what I want as a gift from where they go I ask for either a shell if it is seaside or a rock if it is landlocked. But I have never seen those tiny thin shells before, how beautiful and delicate they are!

  58. Theresa Cameron says:

    Such a huge fan of yours always – you make my days!

  59. Anne Baker says:

    You always brighten my day. I visited Martha’s Vineyard in the late 80’s. You help me go back time and time again. It’s such a magical place. You are blessed to live there. Thank you for all you do! Can’t wait for the new book. Anne

  60. Julie Narcisso says:

    Willard was super fantastic this month!!! You always seem to transport me to a wonderful magical place 🙂 I have always loved Beatrix Potter……my gradsons had to watch the watercolor videos that I collected over and over again “with me”! Thanks for taking me there with you 🙂
    Also, I am reading “Winter Solstice” and Oscar (darling fellow), was reading “Love in the Time of Cholera” which is also on your reading list and now also on my Amazon list!
    AND………….thank you very much for providing me with the absolute perfect birthday gift for a dear friend…..a signed copy of your newest book “A Fine Romance”.
    Needless to say, Willard and I have had a wonderful night 🙂 🙂

  61. Carol Turner says:

    Oooooh lala! Hope it’s me!,,,,,

  62. Nancy Hoel says:

    Thank you for reminding your friends of what a precious time Spring is.

  63. Judy Pusateri says:

    I can’t wait to try the lemon cake. It looks delicious!


  64. Jenni says:

    Thank you for Willard. Love it!

  65. Susan Brannan says:

    So happy to see a new Willard. I too had a wonderful mother who made all of her seven girls clothes by hand. She volunteered and started parent’s anonymous in our community for parents who were a little overwhelmed with parenting and was active in church and PTA as well as holding a full time job outside the home.

  66. Susan says:

    So happy to have received a new Willard! Love the Jingle shells, we don’t have those on the Pacific oceans beaches. It would be quite a treat to receive the giveaway, so many special things.

  67. Sandi says:

    Loved the Willard & everything Spring. Would love the shells & books and can’t wait for the new one. I have two of your beads and now need the next two. I hope you have ordered more blue ones. I received my last order of my star bobeches & love them. I have a question which may be dumb, but how do they stay on the flat surface of my crystal candleholders? I am afraid they are going to slide off & break & then I will cry. We had a wonderful Easter with the two grandgirls here in Texas & I made the lamb cake which was the center piece of the table. Everyone loveed the cake. Thank you for all your writings as I look forward every week to reading them.

  68. Kelley Bostick says:

    Thanks Susan, I just love, love your blog

  69. RuthButters says:

    So glad to see Willard back!! I so enjoy all of your “visits”.
    God bless

  70. Theda says:

    Spring is in the air Hurray !!

  71. Robyn Leo says:

    Love the pics of Jack and the birds…..thank you! Love the pics that go along with them and your sweet drawings!

  72. Anna says:

    Thank you for such a cheerful newsletter. What a breath of spring air to welcome the season. It is a pleasure to have followed you since the beginning of your Willard newsletters. Thank you for making a difference.

  73. Raenell Cannady says:

    Hey Susan…
    Great Willard, thanks! Such good words and recipes and wonderful ideas! Enjoy the days, for they are indeed filled with great beauty!………xo Raenell

  74. Zoe Howard says:

    Susan – your writing always makes me think sunny thoughts even in winter. My son always says I walk around as if I am permanently “high on life” and you most certainly are – your energy and passion is infectious. Thank you!

  75. Cecilia says:

    Thank you for everything you write. I feel so happy when I read your blog or your Willard. Thank you for sharing yourself and your wonderful life with us!

  76. Cate Shannon says:

    Hi Susan, I love just the thought of winning something, especially a package as thoughtful as the two you have put together in this Willard!

    Thank you for showing us your world. Thank you for inspiring us to look at our own worlds in a different light. I love reading your blog with a perfect cup of coffee, especially early in the morning before the house is awake – perfect girlfriend time. I’ve already decided to ask for a few things from your online shopping for myself for Mother’s Day (they always appreciate the hints!). Best to you.

  77. What a wonderful way to begin my day! Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of words and pictures!!

  78. Sue says:

    It was so delightful to see a Willard in my inbox again! It lit my day up!

  79. Janis says:

    What a treat it would be to receive a signed copy
    of A Fine Romance. To go with all the other books
    Of yours in my lovely white scrolled bookcase. Just
    Love them all Susan!! Your inspiring words, thoughts,
    And life make our world happy daily. Thank you
    So much for all the girlfriend love!!

  80. Lisa B says:

    What a delightful and generous post to welcome Spring. Thank you, Susan!!!

  81. Katherine Laurie says:

    Thank you for bringing a taste of Spring to chilly Minnesota! I so enjoy every blog, every Willard and looking through your shop. Thank you Susan! Happy Spring!

  82. Debbie S says:

    Thank you for the pictures of spring in your garden. Here in Texas our spring consists of blue bonnets along the highways and fields lucky enough to have them there. They contrast beautifully with the lime green leafing out of the mesquite trees. This is quickly followed up by a sweet succession of other wildflowers but now the heat comes quickly behind. Your spring photos are enjoyable to view and help stretch my spring season a little longer. Thank you. I can’t wait to see a copy of “A Fine Romance” for your wonderful illustrations.

    • sbranch says:

      I’ve seen pictures of your blue bonnets and have always wanted to see them in person. Hooray for Lady Bird Johnson !

  83. Mary Smith says:

    Thank you for making Spring even more wonderful!

  84. Marianne says:

    Yoohoo! Spring is finally here in paradise, tx and what a glorious spring it is too! Yeehaw!

  85. mary benedetti says:

    Susan, your book and this wonderful site is a true gift. Have just come through a very difficult winter. Thanks for the joy.

  86. Harriet Comer says:

    I look forward to each message from you. Many thanks for sharing-all your talents. Watching bluebirds fledge this morning in GA

  87. Linda Harrington says:

    I love the shells and Willard and, of course, your blog. Happy days ahead

  88. Susan says:

    Ahh…..spring and all it’s beauty. Thanks for all your positive writing, so uplifting.

  89. Jeanna says:

    Have a few of your cookbooks and loved them and now found the website and signed up for Willard and just finisned reading it. You and your work put a huge smile on my face!! Thanks so much for sharing your life with us.

  90. Courtney Bayles says:

    I LOVE looking at your website. It relaxes me and makes me happy. Your blogs and videos give me a comforting feeling and I try to emulate that same relaxing feel in my home for my family. Thank you for your recipes and fun ideas!

  91. Chady Hall says:

    What a joy to find you and your blog right when we are off to England! Whoosh do I wish I had the talent to make a travel log like you did! I would call it my English SPRING! Must make your bunny and lemon cake next year too. Thanks sooooo. Chady

  92. sandra says:

    Thank you for sharing with us the beautiful photos, and recipes!

  93. Arlene says:

    I love your Willard’s…missed them cheering me up during the past year. The best parts are the lovely pictures you add to the text! Happy Spring!

  94. Desiree says:

    I have missed you! Lovely post, wonderful gifts. So glad you’re back sending Willard! Saw you in Pasadena and loved meeting you!

  95. Jane says:

    enjoyed reading willard…always do. enjoy reading your cookbooks with a glass of wine.

  96. Sheridan J says:

    I have been reading “A Fine Romance…” and recently a friend of mine was telling me the story of how her daughter had been blindsided by her husband’s request for divorce and how that impacted her daughter. So, two years later her daughter decided to follow a dream, left a secure job and went to California, where she is currently seeking employment. So, I told her your story hoping that would help her to look forward to all possibilities and know that everything would turn out just as it should with her daughter. Thank you, Susan, for sharing your story. Never know how it may travel the universe.

  97. Rhonda Sancibrian says:

    Such a treat!

  98. Robin says:

    My week has been saddened with family emergencies and hospital visits but this morning I woke to Wiliard in my email box and the Alphabet song by Perry Como and followed by a forsythia decorated lemon cake. Suddenly the world is brighter and sweeter and I thank you for these splendid visual and auditory gifts!

  99. Sandy Fox says:

    Spring is finally here in Wichita KS! All the beautiful spring trees are in full bloom! Wichita does have beautiful spring and fall colored trees! It was such a surprise to me when we moved back to KS! Wish I could download some beautiful ones that are currently blooming in our yard and send them to you!
    Hope you and Joe had a Blessed Easter!
    Thanks again for thinking of us! Can’t wait to make your granola and the deviled eggs…….off to get a dozen that I didn’t find time to dye for Easter!
    Happy Spring to both of you from KS!

  100. Ellen says:

    Love everything you do! Thank you for sharing your little piece of paradise!

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