It’s Quiet on our Street this Morning . . .

It’s so quiet on our street this morning. MUSICA.  All the windows in our house are open, it’s a beautiful dry day.  I’m writing this letter (’cause it does seem a lot more like a letter than a “blog post”) standing at my computer (standing! no more sitting for me, computer is perched on a box on my work-counter) across from an open window to the street. I just looked up because I heard the gravely footsteps of a runner going by, other than that, it’s all birds.

T  R  A  N  Q  U  I  L  I  T  Y 

painting rosehips

 Yesterday Joe was gone all day, he took part in a sailboat race with friends.  I took advantage of it, stayed home and had the whole house to myself.  It was another gorgeous day just like today, I left all noises off, no musica, no radio, no TV ~ I just listened to the sounds of summer while I painted for my new book.  

rosehips I wanted to show the rose hips that come from the wild roses that grow next to the dirt road where we go on our walk, because, aren’t they beautiful?

painting rosehips

Painting and writing this book is a true joy for me.  I don’t know what I will do after it’s done because it’s so much fun ~ well, that’s kinda not true, I do have a little idea for what we’ll do after it’s done . . .

painting rosehips

I think maybe I’ll have all the writing done by the end of August.  Maybe the whole thing will be done by next spring, God willing and the creek don’t go dry, or whatever that is.  And then maybe we’ll (Joe and me) take us all on another vacation, since we’ve been so good!  What do you think of that?  Do you feel like making another “crossing?”

Pray that the creek don’t go dry.

L a m b s !  O M G.

Oh Danny Boy, the pipes the pipes are callin’ me, from glen to glen . . . and down the mountain side . . .

making gazpacho

I also made delicious Gazpacho (click for recipe) yesterday, some for us and some for my girlfriend Martha because it’s Gerry’s (her husband) favorite . . . If you feel like tasting pure sunshine and health, make this.  Try to find organic tomato juice and organic vegetables ~ it makes you feel so good that afterwards, and I know this for a fact, you will lay down with your book and take a wonderful little nap.


I put shrimp in it too, the giant ones.  I went to the fish market to get them, and this is what’s growing in the parking lot.  Just your basic parking lot display.

So, when Joe got home, we decided we really need to be there when the “Super Moon” came up at 8:14 pm so we got dressed up (a little, by that I mean I put on perfume (Chanel #5) and he put on my favorite, Old Spice) and took ourselves out for a wonderful dinner with a view of the pond at a restaurant called Saltwater.  Then we went looking for the moon.

zee super moon

I could never in a hundred summers get tired of this.  We’re out at our best viewing position, on East Chop with the most unobstructed views.  Although I’m sure it was gorgeous no matter where you were ~ right?


One of these days we should plan to be out there in a boat for one of these big moons.


There were a few little clouds, but that only made the colors and shapes more interesting.  See the little airplane up there?


We had the telephoto lens on one of our cameras, but this is how it looked when we pulled back. I have to say, it’s much prettier when you can smell the water and hear it ripple and feel the breeze and see the colors without a lens between it and you.  But this is pretty nice too.


I tried so hard to get the moon in the same photo as the ferry, but that ferry was going too fast!


The light on the water.  This is summer on the island . . . these little pink sparkles.


So we hopped into the Fine Romance Van (oh yes, we still have her) and followed the moon into Oak Bluffs to take pictures on the harbor.  


I moved! This one is out of focus, but I thought you’d like the little dog in the boat.


Here we go.  Much better.  Those little close-together cottages you see straight ahead ~ just under the moon ~ are the outer edge of the Methodist Campground where they have Illumination night in August.

Beatrix Potter and her pet rabbit

This is Beatrix Potter with her pet bunny, what do you think?  See any resemblance to our wild bunny below?

Bun-bun in the garden

Same ears, same alert eyes, same nose!  Two days ago Joe was working out back and this little guy came bounding right past him and settled in the nearby shade of a weeping cherry tree to cool his belly in the grass, waiting patiently for Joe to move the sprinkler away from the choice new grass he had just planted.


He is our in-house lawn mower.  Lunching on our baby greens.  Isn’t he beautiful?  I love how the light shines through his ear.


Love how his legs are all stretched out in the shade, just a lazy bunny day.  See the carrot?


I’m taking pictures and Joe is throwing carrots.  I got this one in mid-air! The bunny did not seem impressed. I began to wonder if the whole rabbit-carrot thing was just some made up fairy tale, maybe bunnies laugh at us behind our back “what’s with them and the carrots?” . . . but when we went out later, bunny gone, carrots gone, but grass was still there.


Jack just saw something out the front window, peeled out of the studio, tore into the front hall and up the stairs, toenails clicking the wood, to follow whatever it is he saw from window-to-window.  He makes me laugh.  My job is to make sure all the windows are open.  Anyway, our bunny ~ he was a very nice model.


So that’s about it around here at old Branch Ranch. Things are good. Sheets are on the line, moving gently in the breeze, sprinkler is throwing sparkles in the air across the garden, robins are grazing on the lawn, a little old model T just turned the corner outside the window . . . and now I get to go back to my writing. I wrote the ending to the book the other day, and of course I cried.  Happy-joy tears and sad ones too, from feeling so lucky and then the part where life happens when you least expect it.  You’ll understand when you read it. I’m still adding details, some menus and recipes, some dialogue, mining my diaries for the juicy bits. (which of course then I leave out 🙂 )

Speaking of writing, I’ve had several people ask me recently if there’s anywhere they can get the original snail mail Willards I sent out years back.  And yes, they’ve been bound into a book, I keep meaning to mention it although we’ve had this book in our webstore for a while ~ if you’d like to read them you can go HERE.


Also, the new Blotter Calendars have finally arrived.  Kellee announced it on Facebook a couple of days ago, so probably some of you know already, but I promised to mention here, so here they are.  New year, new format. Yay.  Let me know what you think!


You’re probably wondering where Jack is right now.  There he is.  I said, “Jack?” He looked at me, those eyes say, “What??? Is it time yet?  Do we get to go shoot the rubber band?”  

“Yes, Jack, it’s time.”

He’s out of here like a shot, I better go catch up!

Bye Girls and Boys, have a wonderful day! Here’s some “Goodbye MUSICA” to send you on your way. XOXO


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320 Responses to It’s Quiet on our Street this Morning . . .

  1. Jacquelyn - Bainbridge Island, WA says:

    Wasn’t that moon amazing! Can’t wait for the next “showing” in August. Love the little peeks into your newest book and can’t wait for it. In the meantime I shall renew my passport anticipating another “crossing” . We’ve all been so good … It’s time to go again! Thanks Sue.

  2. mary spring says:

    …wow..”just came in from tending my little garden.. (the tomatoes and peppers are growing wild this year !!)..and clicked on your site and found a new post !!… yes, I love the sounds and sights of summer !! ( I love the fireflies…never saw them in California )… ‘so glad to get an update on your newest book !!..’so exciting !!..and, YES, ‘so happy that we are going on another journey overseas !!.. (that is, I’m being presumptious that we are all going along with you !! LOL (meaning laugh out loud or lots of love, please)) !!..’love your little rabbit friend.(I’ve got one too) … ‘loved the “super moon”..’heard there will be two more this on August 10th and another on September 9th.. well, happy summering !!.. with love, as always…

    • mary spring says:

      ..p.s…I’ve already ordered your Willard book quite awhile back and thoroughly enjoyed it !!.. I would highly recommend it !!…

  3. chris consentino says:

    oh, my goodness!!!! what a nice sunday-surprise. and, prior to full-moon watching last evening, we had a huge, gorgeous rainbow that lasted at least a half-hour!! now, since they are usually soooo fleeting….to have one last THAT long…wow….a real wonderment and blessing. also, the moon was wonderful and we also have some wild-bunnies here. we have only seen the “baby” for the longest while. the 2 or 3 adults we were enjoying…well, when hubby wasn’t chortling them away from garden and plants….are nowhere to be seen. eeeek. I now feel responsible for “baby”. oh, dear. they are quite fun to watch. well, I have to wend my way back to the last post, and re-live my memories of “the library”. maybe after preparing the yellow-beans hubby is picking to freeze for winter days. mmmmm. this garden-thing makes life exhausting and interesting….and….YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!! thank you, Susan….as always….for being you.

  4. chris consentino says:

    ps: that rainbow…it never even rained here, actually…you could SEE the storm, and the heavy, pouring rain in the nearby area….not a drop here, but where the mtn ridge drops off onto a shorter ridge-line….BOOM!!!!!!!!! RAINBOW!!!!!!!!! FOR OVER A HALF-HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and, that was a hard-to-believe event. wow.

    • mary spring says:

      ..the rainbow you saw, Chris, sounds so wonderful !!..(‘hope you got a photo of it !)..and don’t worry too much about that baby bunny..momma nature will take good care of her…

  5. Robin G says:

    woo hoo! are we going to the Emerald Isle?

  6. tara says:

    Lovely post thanks much! I live on a Texas prairie and its so nice to see “different country” (as my dad would say). I can’t wait until your next book!

  7. carmel says:

    You are so right, Sue, you can’t get enough of that beautiful moon. Thanks so much for sharing MV’s view – just gorgeous. Friday, the bright full moon was framed between 2 pine tree boughs, yesterday it was bright orange at the annual Alexandria, VA concert/grand fireworks then bright white again when I got home. What gifts! I love “your” bunny. You remind me of my mom who saw the beauty in small things. Your observation of the bunny ears was precious. Can’t wait for your book! More signings and adventure. Another trip? I’d better make sure I don’t eat too many cupcakes so I can fit in your suitcase w/ all the other girlfriends. How was the sailing race Joe joined? Gotta run-must order your blotter calendar today! love to everyone

  8. Dianna Swartz says:

    Happy Summer Morning, Susan!

    I just appreciate all that you share with us and look forward to your new blog entries. You make my day…so many days.

    I believe the saying is…”God willing and the creek don’t rise.” I was born in Oklahoma and that was the way it went, “in them there parts”.

    When you burst out into song, namely “Danny Boy”, were you giving us a hint about your next adventure? My husband and I just returned from two weeks in Ireland. My ancestors were from Cork County and my husband gave me the trip for my 60th birthday, five years ago. Due to weddings of children and the arrival of grandbabies, we were finally able to go in May.

    Just wanted to share that we went through a travel agency in Dublin and one of the options was a private guided tour. Our guide, James, was the best. We didn’t worry about a thing and both of us were completely able to enjoy the trip.

    We shared with the agency that we wanted to be totally immersed into the culture through history, the arts, the food, beers and wine and music, architecture, the mountains, seasides and landscapes. The bog harvesting was fascinating.

    Barry and I toured cathedrals, castles, pubs, distilleries, breweries, gardens, cathedrals, castles, museums and exhibits. James would drop us off at the door, as close as he could get us and then have our prepaid tickets and check us in. We were able to go to the theater one night in Dublin to enjoy the Irish humor.

    We were thrilled at the beauty with every turn in the road, the green pastures, rock walls, sheep and cattle everywhere, wild yellow irises, covering the pastures, wild rhododendrons, wild Irish roses and the heather that just began blooming before we left.

    I was not sure how we would like having a third party with us since Barry and I enjoy taking trips by ourselves. James only enhanced our experience by always there when needed and never obtrusive. A true professional and he has been in the business of security and a driver all of his adult years. He also works with the White House on their visits to Ireland, as a diver for their entourage.

    As James got to know us and learn of our interests, he diverted from the planned itinerary and took us to points of interest that he knew we would enjoy. He could always point out the best tea room for our afternoon breaks, the best place to buy woolens or fairies and restaurants.

    James is 60 yrs. old in January and was an intelligent, humorous, down to earth gentleman. He was open to sharing his personal opinions on politics and religion, his knowledge of history, family traditions and about the Gaelic culture that still exists as if it were hundreds of years ago.

    I learned that when the ladies or gents of the house were up and finished with their morning chores, they open the front door as a signal to their neighbors that they are available for a morning visit. Just love learning those little tidbits.

    The night before we were leaving, my husband asked me if I was sad that we were leaving. I said, “No, because we were able to experience Ireland the way we wanted to. If we never get to come back, I am content and grateful.”

    It was a trip of a lifetime and I cannot say how pleased we were with the agency that we used. We flew into Dublin, stayed two days and met up with James our second day to tour the Dublin area. Then, we were off for ten days on the road. We made a complete circle of the country to the west on the oceanside and returned to Dublin. We had two more days in Dublin on our own, to rest up and tour by ourselves on the city tour buses.

    The hotels were fabulous, the food was exceptional. We looked forward to our seafood chowders and soups with a Guinness every evening. Guinness does taste so much better in Ireland. We really enjoyed the fish and chips and all of the fresh seafood our entire stay. I did have a beef Irish stew that was to die for. Of course, the traditional Irish breakfast (included in the room cost), brown breads and pastries were amazing.

    If I can refer you or answer any questions, please contact me. I would be happy to share any information. It was an amazing trips and we were so happy that we were not doing the driving…pretty scary. I felt very relaxed and safe with James at the wheel.

    Have a lovely summer day, Susan.

    Dianna Swartz

    • sbranch says:

      That sounds just wonderful Dianna, what a trip. Thank you for all that great information.

      • sondra fox says:

        Hi Dianna, What a great trip you had. I’m soon to leave on a cruise to Ireland, Scotland, Great Britain, Iceland, & Norway. I’m excited about it, but am thinking maybe I won’t see enough of each place. If my husband (passed July 2013) were around, we’d do a driving, land trip. The cruise books day trips through the countries I mentioned. Guess I’ll just have to be happy with what I’ve booked, right? (Sandy from Chihuahua Flats)

        • Dianna Swartz says:

          Have a wonderful trip. Your trip will give you a taste of several countries and you will find out where you would like to spend a little more time.
          If you would like to visit Ireland for an extended vacation, James would be a great option and he can accommodate five people in his Mercedes van.
          James Swan, Roundwood Chauffeur Services, website,
          Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

      • Carol Duffey from Sierra Madre, CA says:

        Hi Diana, I would love to know the name of the travel agency that you used and any other pertinent info that I might need to book like you and your husband did! My husband went to Ireland about 23 years ago, when we were younger and didn’t mind driving on the left (wrong!) side of the road! But now I think we’re too wary to do that. We just returned from Europe about a month ago and used cabs and trains the entire time. So, I know I’m not Susan, but if you could give me some info I’d really appreciate it. Thanks, Carol

        • Dianna Swartz says:

          Carol, you will be very pleased if you choose to see Ireland with James. He has his own business but works with the travel agency during the travel season.
          James Swan, Roundwood Chauffeur Services

          Please let me know if you have any questions or I can provide further information.

      • Dianna Swartz says:

        Susan, I am passing on the travel info while sharing with your blog friends.
        Exploring Ireland
        Contact Person: Ciara Reilly (
        James Swan
        Roundwood Chauffeur Services

    • Hi Dianna, what a great travelogue, thanks! I’d love to talk to you about the travel agency…thistlecovefarms at gmail dot com. Sandra

    • Christina Breid says:

      Dianna, might you share the name of the travel agency that James is with…my husband and I are thinking about a trip to Ireland and this sounds wonderful.
      Thank you. Christina in Yardley, Pa

      • Dianna Swartz says:

        Christina, Here is the information that you requested:
        James Swan, Roundwood Chauffeur Services

        Travel Agency:Exploring Ireland
        Contact: Ciara Reilly (

        James works independently but works with the travel agency during the travel months. I would be happy to share any further informations or answer questions.

    • Ann Y in PA says:

      Thanks for sharing, Dianna….filing this information away in my A Fine Romance…and dreaming of trip like yours someday !

      • Dianna Swartz says:

        My pleasure, Ann. I also hope that you make it to Ireland one day…a magical place in so many ways.

  9. Mary Whiting says:

    Good Morning Susan,
    The Branch Ranch sounds wonderful, as always. Your name has come up so often this weekend in our home….right now my husband, Rick, and I are on an Amtrak train heading home to Michigan from a weekend in Chicago. I just woke up from a small nap and pulled out my laptop to see if your newest blog had been posted and there you were. On our way to Chicago Friday I told Rick of your love of train travel and how you encouraged us on your blog and at the Gladys Taber reunion to take advantage of this great form of travel. I pulled up your older posts describing your trips and photos and showed him…and as a result we are thinking about a trip to Vancouver BC by train …..the cozy factor sold it. So, thank you for the push! And thank you for being you and sharing. XO Mary

    • sbranch says:

      Fun Mary! We are going cross country by train for the first time in a couple of years (we’ve been driving lately) in November and can’t wait!

      • Pat Mofjeld from Minnesota says:

        Is that the train that is routed through Minnesota? I can’t remember. If so, be sure to check it out ahead of time since friends of ours were telling us that this spring when they took the train for a skiing trip, as they usually do, that they had real problems. Because of the big deal with oil being drilled in the Dakotas, the train schedules are really affected. They spent a lot of time waiting on side lines while the oil trains got the priority use of the rails. Just saying you might want to check. Maybe the route you take is south, not north…just thought I’d warn you… 🙂

  10. Good morning dear friend. A couple of questions: I’m interested to hear why you are now standing at the computer while you write (although I probably can guess). Also wondered about that wonderful Union Jack pillow there on the chair next to Jack. It’s divine!

    Off to talk to my posies (as my grandmother would say) before it gets too hot. Have a delicious day!
    xo Suzanne

    • sbranch says:

      Hi Suzanne, good morning! I’m standing because I’ve known for a while how bad it is to sit for hours at a time, but didn’t do anything about it. Finally I set this little thing up, and it’s working perfectly. And the pillow came from England as a gift from my girlfriend Elizabeth. No tags or anything on it, not sure where she got it, will have to ask. Stay cool out there!

      • Carrie says:

        Jan Constantine pillow.

      • Rachel Lucas says:

        The pillow is made by Jan Constantine, Ladies!! Beautiful work, there are lots of different styles and colours…also things other than pillows! But all totally gorgeous. xx love

      • jane townsend says:

        Hi Susan, as usual enjoyed reading the blog. The pillow (cushion!) mentioned by Suzanne looks like a Jan Constantine one. She makes wonderful items and also published some great books.

      • Linda from Lancaster Co. PA says:

        good for you, Susan! You could also get a stability ball and sit on that! (or fall off of:))

        • sbranch says:

          But isn’t that still considered sitting?

          • Linda from Lancaster Co. PA says:

            I think it is considered a good thing because your body and muscles are working on staying balanced so you don’t fall off.

          • sbranch says:

            I may have to get one of those. I like when my muscles have to work but I don’t have to think about it!

    • Suzanne, thanks for asking that question. I was wondering, too!

  11. The moon so beautiful. I have always believed the moon shines just for When I was a child I would look at the moon and wish on her. I do feel the moon is female , so beautiful and mysterious .
    We also have a Peter that lives in our yard , so lovely and swift. Beatrix Potter was such a lovely person to be able to draw and give animals such grand lives. I like you, collect her figures they make me smile when I look at them. I hope Beatrix knows what joy she has left to the world. Enjoy your bird song. Mary

  12. Susan, I also wanted to say I’m Irish and love Ireland. You will fall in love with the people. We visited a few years back and we had a grand time. Even kissed the blarney stone. The food is wonderful and don’t get me started on the wool. I know you will fall in love with
    Ireland .Mary

  13. Robyn Brown says:

    Absolutely I’d love to take another crossing with you and Joe! I enjoyed the last one so much.

  14. Dianna Swartz says:


    I forgot to mention that we chose not to go to Northern Ireland. If interested, you could do that with two extra days. We never did take our umbrellas out of the suitcase. It was absolutely beautiful weather. Also, there were walls of fuchsias growing wild everywhere….an amazing country. The music in the pubs was amazing and all of the locals would fill the pubs in the evening…total cultural experience.

    • sbranch says:

      I’m not sure exactly of our itinerary, but I loved the idea of having someone so knowledgeable to show you around!

  15. Joanne says:

    The moon was beautiful! My favorite perfume, Chanel #5, it is heavenly! Thanks for the lovely blog, always so nice to read!

  16. Penny says:

    Do you think you will make it to Scotland next time Susan? You’re welcome for a cup of tea and some home baking at mine if you are! So many wonderful places to visit, lots of castles (ruined and still-whole, and some still inhabited too!), wonderful lochs, mountains, beaches and wildlife. Think you’d surely love it! X

    • sbranch says:

      I know we’re heading up in that direction!

      • Penny says:

        I’ll have the kettle on! Just let me know when you are coming XXX

        • Linda from Lancaster Co. PA says:

          don’t forget, Penny, when Susan comes, we ALL come as she allows us to climb in the corners of her (many) suitcases, and so to travel that way. We REALLY get to know each other. So when we get to your house, I’m sure we will definitely need some tea, just saying…..

          • Penny says:

            Tea, scones and good Scottish pancakes spread with my Nana’s homemade apple and black currant jelly will all be waiting for you! x

  17. Debs OBrien says:

    Beautiful photographs, dear Susan, as always, and thank you, for *yet again* the Super Moon was scuppered by cloud cover in west Wales 🙁 Still, ever hopeful, someone has told me the next two full moons are also Super Moons 🙂

    I adore rosehips. I grow rosa rugosa just to get the hips ~ oh! and the big, blousy blooms and the incredibly intensely deep rose smell that fills my garden with such summer scent ~ I will not see hips like those for a few weeks yet ~ and I think you have inspired me to put pencil to paper and dig out my water colour pans and pencils and have a go ~ you and ‘someone else’ here ~ she will know who she is!

    Been busy making home grown raspberry jam this week. Took a foray into sharing my recipe too! Just had a home made Victoria Sponge filled with said jam and a spot of tea in my Rose and Bee mug! 😀

    Oh, knew I’d forget something, but obviously I haven’t ‘cos I’m about to tell you now ~ I found a Gladys Taber book {at loooong last} “Stillmeadow Daybook” and it arrived yesterday so I’m just dipping my toes for the very first time! I’m so thankful to have you in my life because you have introduced me to so many more things than I could ever have found by myself. Heck, I’d’ve never heard of Gladys Taber if left to my own devices! More importantly, though, I’ve made so many lovely new friends, both through here and F.O.S.B. ~ all wonderful people, and again, they know who they are 😀

    Waving from Across The Pond ~~ Debs in Wales ~~ xoxo

    • sbranch says:

      So happy you found Stillmeadow Daybook . . . it’s a wonderful one!

    • Debs, I didn’t know you paint, too! You will have to show us some of your art on your Blog, please.

      • Debs OBrien says:

        ah, Cathy, would that I could! I have lots of stuff left over from days in art school, but just because I went to art school doesn’t mean I can draw! 🙂 I am not very good at all at anything other than making a mess 🙂

    • Linda from Lancaster Co. PA says:

      thanks, Debs, and am waving back at you! I love having friends from across the pond. So many things we share in common and so many new things to learn about each other!

  18. charlotte says:

    Thank you so much for the moon pics. I missed it coming up as I was working, but did get to see it on the ride home from work. Beautiful pictures and love the bunny, and of course, Jack.

  19. I’m not sure which I’m more excited for. The new book or a new “crossing”! Are we going to England again? Scotland? Ireland? All of them? I’m not sure I can wait until spring, but I’ll try.

  20. Lisa R says:

    I missed your blotter calendar so much this year!! I found a lovely one by another company, but not nearly as lovely as yours, and to tell you the truth I’ve paid little attention to it. It’s there on my table in the Hens Only/craft room. But it just wasn’t as much fun and pleasing to look at as a Susan Branch one. Needless to say, I am very excited!! ……my honey and I saw the super moon early this morning when we were watering the garden. It still looked fabulous, but I couldn’t believe we forgot last night. I told him, if I would have looked at Susan’s calendar today, I would have known. She has all the full moons listed. So now he knows, in case I get so busy I forget to look. Can’t wait for your new book. I’m sure it is a little emotional finishing up. What beautiful gifts you give us all through your stories and art. Have a beautiful island Sunday!

  21. mair1017 says:

    We are enjoying a wonderful and quiet Sunday here in Virginia also, Susan 🙂 Love your pix of MV and the full moon last night. It was right outside my bedroom window, and I was reminded of the movie “Moonstruck” as I stood there admiring her beauty. “Bella Luna” Must rent that movie again!
    My mom has discovered, courtesy of your calendar in the kitchen, that she and Beatrix Potter share the same birthday! She’ll be 87 on the 28th, and we’re planning a beautiful and joyous party celebration just for her. So blessed to say that she is in great health and making a good adjustment to moving down here from her home of 56 years up in NY. It is my privilege and honor to care for her. She reads all your books and reads your blog here – and loves it all.
    I have “Prince Charming” the froggie right outside the window among the flower pots that are blooming their colorful heads off. I’ve had three generations of bunnies so far in my yard – they are so fun to watch! But they don’t touch the carrots LOL I gave up putting carrots out, but they love the grass and the shelter of the fenced-in yard in the early morning and late afternoon. And they can scamper right under the shed or fence to make their escape, especially when the lawn crew comes!
    Can’t wait to hear all about your travel plans! Love coming along for the journey – thank you so much for this wonderful site! You are truly a blessing and a smile!!!♥♥♥

    • sbranch says:

      Your mom was around when Beatrix Potter was alive, they probably celebrated together, just not knowing it! Tell her I wish her a wonderful Birthday! Thank you Mair!

      • mair1017 says:

        Oh, I will tell her! It will make her afternoon 🙂 She reads every word on your calendar and loves all your designs and kitchen things I have in our kitchen (never realized how many little “continuous small treats” I’ve collected from your web store that are now making my kitchen truly warm and cozy! ) Thanks ♥♥♥

  22. Tana says:

    “Do you feel like making another crossing?” Duh. My brain put this to music and now I am singing it.

  23. Carol Maurer~~~~ Kennewick, Wa says:

    Good morning to you Susan ~~~I enjoyed reading your post just now. I was pleasantly surprised to see another one so soon. Loved all the pictures of the moon that you took last night. I’m going to try to remember to look for it tonight. I’m sorry to say that I forgot all about it. It was so hot outside, that I didn’t take my usual walk so didn’t even think about the moon. Don’t think we would have been able to see it anyway as there were high clouds coming in.

    I’m heading out soon to refill the bird feeders. They are so amazing to watch and they eat like little pigglets. I wish that we had Cardinals here in the northwest.

    Off to make some lunch and then perhaps take a nap. After all, it’s that kind of day.

    Carol M

  24. Helen says:

    Hi Susan, did you see the article in June British Country Living “The Healing Hedgerow” page 165 about the healing properties of townships? Happy Sunday!

    • Helen says:

      That was supposed to Rosehips!!!! Not “Townships”!!!!! Spell check 🙁 🙁

    • sbranch says:

      Don’t you love it when your computer self-corrects . . . I am looking at the article thinking, townships heal? LOL … yes, and we’re almost ready for some of those giant blackberries around here!

  25. Shannon (Pennsylvania) says:

    Yay! When you were doing the question and answer portion of your talk with us in CT last month I asked if you had a “bucket list”. You replied that the two items on your immediate list were finishing the book and planning a trip to Scotland…and now it sounds like “we’re” all going to Ireland, too! Double yay 🙂 Hubby and I spent twelve days there in 1991. It remains a highlight of our lives. One night at dinner in a local pub we were invited by a dear, sweet farmer and his wife to join them at their table. He told me that since my name is Shannon I should spit in the Shannon River every chance I got while I was there. He said it would ensure my return to that magical island. Now, I must admit that he told me this after a pint or two of Guinness. He spoke very earnestly, but there was no mistaking the mischievous twinkle in his eye. I, however, took no chances. I spit in that river as discretely as I could every single time there was an opportunity to do so! And he was right…maybe we’ll be traveling there again soon! Hugs

    • sbranch says:

      I really honestly don’t think we will get over to Ireland on this next trip. Mostly because we travel so slowly and Ireland strikes me as more than a quick trip. Everyone who goes loves it . . . I would have spit in that river in a minute! For that kind of insurance? Oh yes!

  26. Michele, Woodstock, Vt. says:

    Summer Greetings Susan!

    Just scooted inside from gardening as dark, threatening clouds have moved in and the possibility of scattered t-storms seems very likely here. Probably you are experiencing the same weather pattern. Hasn’t the summer been wonderful this year?! So many things to do and so short a summer season for us here in New England.
    Just made your gazpacho for dinner – it’s always a favorite of ours! Also, I made your potato and egg salad and your cheesecake for the 4th to rave reviews!
    How much fun to be thinking of another “special” trip. Make sure you plan on enough room in your suitcases for all your girlfriends to come along with you. When do you plan on going?
    It was a real treat to find your new “note” this afternoon and I enjoyed it while having lunch on one of my EB “rose and bee” luncheon plates. Am addicted to them and thank you (?) for bringing this wonderful pottery to my attention. Just love it!
    Those rabbit photos are so adorable – hope that little fellow hasn’t nibbled his way into your garden. Speaking of little creatures, yesterday at a flea market, I spotted a pair of vintage, lamb salt and pepper shakers that I had to have for my booth at an antique mall. However, after I washed them up, they pleaded with me to keep them for a little while in hopes that I will keep them and not put them “out to pasture.” So, I guess they have won my heart over and will remain here with us.
    Again, it is always so much fun to hear from you. “Hi” to Joe and the kitties! Enjoy your summer.

    • sbranch says:

      Really! Summer’s like you read about in books this year! Lovely. Did you get the storm? We were on the boat coming home from a talk I gave at a local library — in W. Falmouth, foggy, heavy wet air, but so far, I haven’t heard any thunder or rain.

      Depending on when I get the book done, we’ll go next Spring we think. Reading everyone’s comments on the boat yesterday, and unable to answer because of rotten connection, I just want to say YES, we are taking you with us! We are spoiled now, it would be no good without you!

      • Ricki says:

        it’s good you can take lots and lots of luggage. We have stuff we need to bring.

      • Linda from Lancaster Co. PA says:

        Yes, Susan, this has been a story book summer. Yes, we have had hot and humid weather (what is summer without it??) but then, like today, it is cool and fresh. We’ve had thunderstorms and showers. And–fun! fun!–the goldfinches have arrived at my neighborhood! I don’t know where they are for the first part of the summer, but when my coneflowers are in bloom, they are here for the feast. I love those merry little birds!

        • sbranch says:

          Me too, cutest things, hard to believe they are WILD, that someone didn’t make them in their LA-BOR-A-TORY.

  27. Nellie says:

    Wonderful news from the Branch Ranch, Susan! Sounds like I need to be sure I have my passport up-to-date! 🙂

    Life on Martha’s Vineyard sounds quite idyllic. I’m lobbying here for another trip for a longer period of time.:-)

    It appears that the bunny has found a home, particularly with carrots falling from the sky.:-)

    Jack must be needing that rubber band chase again now. Enjoy!

    xo Nellie

  28. Ann Y in PA says:

    What wonderful photos of the super moon….loved the pink sparkles on the water ! We went out on our cozy screen porch ( paused a movie on the VCR…I KNOW…but I wanted to watch American Dreamer with JoBeth Williams and Tom Conti and we have it on VHS only….) to go out and watch, dream, enjoy! So glad we get a couple more super moon times this year ! Also always love when you put “the moon belongs to everyone” in your posts ( and on your bookmark…I sang the song for my students when I showed them your bookmark ) because my dear mother always sang that song. As a child of the Great Depression she was always saying “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” and the fact that something was free was a big thing to her. I can still hear her singing that song….thanks for reminding me. Wishing you many more “sheets on the line, birds singing, moon watching, good eating” days this summer !

  29. Chris Wells In Knickerbocker, W TX says:

    Ooooh…another trip! I am ready!
    But that sweet, sweet bunny. And such beautiful up close photos. Cottontails are just starting to make a comeback here. The drought that was so severe for several years, pretty much wiped them out. But every morning they are on our road as I leave for work and it is wonderful to see them again. Wish they could come in our yard, but with dogs and those Bad Boy Barn cats, I can only enjoy them on the road. Bunny rabbits were some of my earliest pets. I raised several litters as a child, when their nests had been mowed over in the spring. But my parents always made me turn them loose when they got old enough. We had a cottage in the country where we let them go….it always made me cry. One time in particular, it rained that night, and my little seven year old self worried because they had never been in the rain before! Finally when I turned 13, my parents relented and let me have a dog…..I think they were weary of the wildlife I drug home!
    All this to say bunnies hold a very special place in my heart!
    Thanks for the photos.
    Chris….where it is HOT.

  30. Shannon (Pennsylvania) says:

    PS…Thank you, Rachel, for the link to Jan Constantine. Her things are lovely! Susan, check it her British Isles wallets and tote bags. They’d be perfect for your trip!

  31. Our world is SO noisy!! It is good to take a day off from all the hustle and bustle. When we ride together in the car, the hubs has to have some sort of music going. When I drive I like quiet or maybe some soft classical music in the background. I use it for my thinking time!:) Love the pictures of the moon over the ocean..we are headed to Gulf Shores, Alabama with our family in two weeks. Can hardly wait!!

  32. Esther P says:

    What a joyous thought, another big trip. I was feeling a touch sad this morning. Just a touch mind you, I was in the studio painting which makes me happy. However, due to recent cuts made by our governor,my husband will be unemployed in 2 weeks….meaning no celebration trip for our 40th wedding anniversary in August. I shall just be thankful for the blessing of a man I have been able to put up with for 40 years and look forward to a ‘Susan trip’! For now I will spend the rest of this hot Sunday floating in the pool and watching the finches feast on my sunflowers….blessings everywhere aren’t there ?

  33. da says:

    Your pictures are breathtakingly beautiful! The beautiful moon on the water and boats – love it!

  34. Joan in TX says:

    What do rose hips look like on the inside? Wikipedia said you can make tea or just eat them as is except take care to not eat the hairs….? so just curious. You truly are like our own Beatrix in that you find things while on your daily walks and bring it home as models for your artwork. And we get to see you create the artwork and hear the background story. It’s dog days in Texas now and the gazpacho recipe sounds perfect! I might have to toss in a seeded jalapeno. Just began reading My Own Cap Cod that I picked up from the Dallas library yesterday. Gladys’ book along with your harbor views above are a perfect combination. So looking forward to your new book but I can’t understand how you can write a book while paradise is outside. I guess that is why you get up so early to work so you can play the remainder of the day.

  35. Terry says:

    Hi, Susan!

    We were so close to visiting Martha’s Vineyard. We were in Newport for a few days, and I wanted to take the ferry over. Gary, my husband, said, “Let’s wait and plan a trip when we can spend a few days there.” Secretly, I think he’s afraid he won’t be able to get me to leave. Thank you for your beautiful photos!

    Happy Summer!

  36. Barbara F. says:

    Susan, I must say, and God bless, you and Joe really and truly know how to live! xo

  37. Kathy Cronberg says:

    I read recently that “God willing and the Creek don’t rise” had to do with the Creek Indians rising and attacking… don’t know if it’s true or not, but I thought it was a different take on what we all usually think of as the creek rising and flooding its banks.

    Loved your pictures of the full moon – we had clouds here last night, which was sad, but the almost full moon Friday night was gorgeous too.

  38. Karen Saunders says:

    Last night I went out to my sons and in his yard was a mama doe and her THREE little fawns with spots. THREE!! One was a little smaller than the others. I tried to get a picture but they bolted into the trees and became a part of the scenery. Ah well….it’s good that they blend.

  39. Thankfully there are others who enjoy a slow life; hurrying tends to make me fretfully anxious. That’s only one reason I enjoy your blog posts, other than Jack chasing the rubber bands, there’s not much hurry -grin-. Thanks!

  40. Linda says:

    Your rose hips made me think of “The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady” by Edith Holden. Viva nature, Viva you! I look forward to your posts, they always make me smile. Thank you.

  41. Martha Ellen of VA says:

    How lovely it is on Martha’s Vineyard–Your moon photos are wonderful! I love the pink cast the moon had. What a wonderful world we live in! Your bunny is just adorable and so considerate to allow himself to be a model. We’ve had dozens of bunnies in our yard this year. They enjoyed all of the green beans I planted. It’s ok –we’re lucky we’re not hungry. Yesterday a very small bunny was practicing his running skills running back and forth, back and forth for a good 5 minutes! He seemed to be improving his time with each run. So cute to watch. I’m looking forward to another great trip with you and your sweetie. ♥

  42. Ann says:

    New calendars, a new book and maybe another trip across the pond, how very exciting! So love your pics of the moon on the water and shining over the harbour. For someone who lives in a land locked county (although being an island we are probably only about 70 miles from the sea) they are food for the soul, thank you Susan.
    With love from,
    Ann in Thame xx

  43. SusanA says:

    We had thick cloud cover last night here in SW Ohio, so we didn’t get to see the moon. It was beautiful the night before, though. Its light kept our house aglow all through the night.

    We had a bunny who liked to sit under our bird feeder and eat the seeds the sparrows tossed out. Every evening, she would watch me from the other side of the fence as I filled the feeder, and then she would come out and take up her post as I walked away.

    But one evening, she hopped over As I Was Filling The Feeder! She got within arm’s reach, settled in, and started munching away. Barely breathing, I ever-so-slowly crouched down on my heels, thinking any moment she was going to get spooked and dart away. But she stayed and let me talk to her while I watched her eat. She looked just like your bunny here, all bright eyes and soft fur and paper thin ears. She liked the corn and sunflower the best.

    My calves were screaming and my knees were burning by the time she wandered off, but I couldn’t bear to make a move before she was ready to go. I didn’t want to break the spell and lose hold of the blessing of her company. It must have been a good two minutes before enough blood flowed back into my legs so that I could walk back to the house.

    That was the only time she ever ventured that close. I wonder what she was thinking as we sat there together that evening.

  44. Irene Talaasen says:

    Hi Susan,
    So glad to see a new post and enjoy your tranqility time and then all the rest you are doing. We had rain and clouds yesterday but in the middle of the night, the Moon was there and I was watching out our window!!

    We have had a deer and precious fawn in our back yard and yesterday that little one was really frolicking and too fast for pictures 🙂 Also have baby robins in a nest on our drainpipe right out our dining room window. Isn’t the Lord good in the beautiful creatures He shares with us.

    Keep writing and drawing; it blesses us as well. I will look for the bound Willard book too!
    Psalm 150:6 Let everything that has breath, Praise the Lord!!!

  45. Chrissy Thrower says:

    Oh, Sues! You are so right! There is nothing like the rare quiet of the house when we are there alone with windows open to the sounds of the day. Memories, daydreamings cannot help but take us over! Such sweetness….really and truly!
    You posted such beautiful pics of a pink moon. It wasn’t pink here and we didn’t get to see pink sparkles on the ocean so thank you very much for that! So lovely!
    BTW you are a very good BUNNY picture taker. He was sure comfortable in your yard! All stretched out in bunny adorableness.

  46. sondra fox says:

    How I love quiet moments. I just spent the July 4th holiday (two weeks) with my family. I’m very blessed to have them to love, but it was heaven to get home to my quiet house, where there’s only “me” to worry about what to cook, “me” to decide what to watch on TV, “me” to decide if I want to go out for the evening, you know what I mean. Gosh, I’m sounding selfish. I guess I’m also saying I enjoy my own company. In reality, I’ll soon get lonesome & all that I’ve previously written won’t sound right. You’d better cherish those quiet moments Susan, ’cause Barack is on his way to vacation on your island. Lots of people in his entourage. I suppose you’ll see him around here & there.

    Funny thing about the moon. Yes, it was very bright, but I never saw it pink. Lit up our entire backyard, just as though I had installed a bright light in the backyard. (Sandy from Chihuahua Flats)

  47. Cindy Maulin says:

    hi susan!! lovely ” letter ” today….I can hear the silence on Spring Street!!! We took in the Buck Moon at my grandsons outdoor production of Bye Bye Birdie!! small summer community theatre…lots of fun and pretty good talent… grandson was in the chorus…as a “teenager” which is exactly what he is!! But the moon was brilliant in St. Louis and we all just soaked it up 🙂 …some of the younger kids just didn’t get the whole moon thing….”Kids!! What’s the matter with kids today?”……..your pictures were beautiful…as always… I was so happy to see that another Girlfriend asked you about the standing at your computer….glad it is by choice and not by necessity…I was curious too…I have the most wonderful memories of my mom tucking us in, saying our prayers and kissing us goodnight and smelling of her favorite…. Chanel #5…it has been one of my only two scents that I have ever used…Estee Lauder’s Knowing being the other…. #5 is the “go to” however…I always look forward to my Christmas presents for somewhere in there, there is always Chanel something!!! Santa knows these things!! And Old Spice….the ONLY thing for Jerry… kindred spirits( with like noses!!!!)… love the suspense…the mysterious crossing…the new book….the missing carrots….you are just the BEST!!! Headed for another trip to Cheyenne, WY, Red Lodge, MT, the incredible Beartooth Pass Highway into Yellowstone, and Jackson Hole….taking “A Fine Romance” with me for a reread and an extra copy to give to my wonderful girlfriend….until next time..keep the home fires burning!!! xoxo love, cindy

  48. Trudy says:

    Love your drawings of the rose hips.
    Yesterday the moon was also here in Holland so beautifull!!
    I didn’t have your book (but it is on my birthday wishlist) so I don’t know if you have been to Northumberland in Gr.Britain.–it’s so lovely there.And Holy Island is very special.
    The way the bunny is lying,my Manx cat does it in the same way.
    greetings,Truus from the Netherlands

  49. Rosanna says:

    Just catching up with you – haven’t been as ‘faithful’ in checking your blog (shame on me!)

    I absolutely loved it that you were doing the ‘silent treatment’ – no man made sounds – just nature sounds instead. I think it makes creative periods so much more enjoyable – and productive!

    Please tell me – this has probably been asked before – I mean I can’t believe that someone else hasn’t asked about it; but have you ever considered doing some of your art work in reasonably priced form – suitable for framing, etc.? It is just that catching a view of the rose hips you are working on at the present time has made me wonder about this as well as some of the other things I have seen on previous blogs, etc.


  50. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos with us (especially the water ones). Star, ID doesn’t have too much water around, a little here and there though. Sorry I haven’t left many thank you comments lately, working hard on my patterns, almost ready to do my very first consumer show! I would have loved to use some of your precious fabric to do a woolly quilt, maybe someday I will come across some on Ebay (of course I would have to spend time there looking….) I love your beautiful paintings and books!

  51. Carol from PA says:

    This “letter” was so terribly special. It brought tears to my eyes…literally! First, your beautiful sketches and the opportunity to see you fill them with color and make them come alive before our eyes. I can hardly wait to do some reading on rose hips and discover what makes these wonders of nature unique. I believe I have heard of rose hip tea? And then the moon! Those pictures were magical and oh so beautiful! Thank you for searching that moon out and sharing with us all the beauty you found. They say August’s moon will be the brightest of them all! “I love the moon and the moon loves me!” And finally the bunny! Rabbits are pretty prevalent around here but I promise you I will never look at another one in the same way; especially those translucent ears! Thank you for always pointing out the magic and beauty of nature and changing lives !

  52. Jennie says:

    Happy Summer Sunday! Things sound lovely your way . . . another crossing?!
    Ooohh Goody!!!! But I admit I can hardly wait to get your new book in my hot little hands first off.
    Out here we are having a delicious Summer Thunder Storm . . . lots of thunder, a bit of lightening and big drops of rain- and to think early this morning we were arguing as to whether we go swim at the waterfalls or go to the lake! 🙂
    But I LOVE this cozy break from the heat and no worry to water the garden today- and the birdbath will get filled all on it’s own. But our cats are SpoOkEd! Poor guys- extra petting is in order this afternoon.
    Yes- life is good- and I have a good book to curl up with, too. The Matchmaker of Kenmare- ever read it? It takes place during WWII in Ireland and I’m completely taken in. The best part is that it’s over due at the library so it’s my DUTY to finish it today!

  53. Carol on the farm in Iowa says:

    Hi Susan,
    Yesterday was a lovely day here also. We had nice gentle rain in the morning and early afternoon. Then later, on a long drive we enjoyed the mile after mile of green that is Iowa this time of year. The corn is just barely starting to tassel in some fields which means that uninterrupted green will soon change to patches of yellow. I love summer! Our black and white kitties are happy exploring our yard and fields, sleeping on the porch swing and always come to us for petting and to have their heads scratched. Is this heaven? No, it’s Iowa! (sorry I couldn’t resist) I have lived lots of places, Iowa is the best for me. 🙂 Thank you Susan, for sharing your world with us. I would like very much to see it.

  54. Kathy says:

    Your writing always brings such warm thoughts to me.
    We also had a wonderful day. First my husband brought me a cup of coffee in bed to wake me up. Wasn’t that nice…..then we got dressed and went to church. We had a wonderful blessing of hearing God’s word and worship in Sunday School and church. Later it was time for lunch, reading the Sunday paper and of course a little nap. It has been a beautiful day and we are truly blessed.

  55. Janet in Rochester says:

    I could really relate when you were talking about leaving the TV, stereo etc off. I love just listening to “life’s sounds.” Which in the wee hours can even include Silence sometimes. Because I live alone, I usually have the TV on all day [for some odd reason, it feels a bit like having company in the house] but I still mute the volume most of the time. Weird, huh? When I do this, I end up listening to the fridge or AC going on and off, traffic noises [I live on a corner with a 4-way stop], kids chattering as they walk or bike past, the birds of course, barking dogs, doorbells and knocks, sirens [the volunteer ambulance building is less than a half-mile away], window blinds clattering a little in a breeze, the rumble of thunder, wind, the pit-pat sounds of raindrops on the sidewalks, streets and windows. Etc etc. And for me the best sound of all still needs a name invented for it. That wonderful sound the leaves make when a rush of wind is moving mass numbers of them high in their treetops. After millions of years, that sound has got to be the same as it was the first time it was heard. PS – too overcast to see the Super Moon here in upstate New York so thanks for posting your pix of it!

    • Janet, I love your descriptions of your daily sounds and agree that the best is the wind moving through the trees. Everyone should put on their bucket list a walk in a pine forest when the wind is blowing!

  56. I’ve just begun the “Elizabeth” book (Elizabeth and Her German Garden). Thank you for writing about it. I now can see why you were so enthralled with it on the ocean voyage across the pond. Made your Potato Salad from the Summer book the other day and I couldn’t stop eating it! It’s gone now…durn! So good.

    We have a resident bunny-rabbit – I call him “Peter” – and he sits out in our grass every evening, just like yours does… as if by sitting so still we won’t see him!


  57. Asha says:

    Good Day, Susan! I love quiet Sundays as much as I love your blogs! 🙂 This one in particular with the bunny and Jack – two of my favorites. Thank you for the pics of MV! Makes me want to take another trip there to see the sunsets. They are especially beautiful on MV as well as the views of the Moon! I picked up Gladys Taber’s “The Stillmeadow Road.” What a treasure! Her style of writing reminds me so much of yours. So delightful. Peace and love! oxoxo

  58. Susie says:

    Susan, I could have cried seeing those moon pictures. I did step out to view ours after the clouds went by. But it was not as wonderful as seeing it rise over water. I love that cat. I could visualize him tearing to every wondow to catch a glimpse of that rabbit, or birds, whatever maybe trespassing . Blessings too all of you there. xoxo,Susie

  59. salve says:

    Hi Susan, just to let you know I was able to take a picture (none to show here!) yesterday (July 12) of the hugh sunset here in Manhattan on 21st street and Third Avenue looking towards westside; however, did not get to take one of the moon that night, so yours is much appreciated! Thank you!

  60. Penny Harrison from Oceanside, CA says:

    A new “letter” from you today – YAY!!! – and scanning from everyone’s reply can hardly wait ’til the trip next spring!!! That was an AWESOME SUPER MOON last night. The marine layer had not come in yet so we saw it in all it’s glory! Thank you for the pink sparkles on the water – BEAUTIFUL!!! and all the other beautiful pictures. That is one BIG bunny you have coming to your yard, reminds me of the ones we had when we lived in the Netherlands! We have desert cottontails and brush rabbits here in San Diego county – they are smaller than the other species and come out at dusk in our local neighborhood. Occasionally one will hop across the road in front of our house and our beagles go NUTS!!! Lol! Gotta go now and order my desk calendar, love the big size now!

  61. Pamela says:

    Oh how I wish someday I can visit your little space…and get caught up in your lovely garden….my little Tess ( cavadoodle ) lays around just like your little bunny! I so wish I could watch you paint especially as you were making those beautiful rose hips come alive on that paper ! Thank you for welcoming all of us into your world….

  62. Gail Helgeson says:

    Just ordered my snail mail Williard.
    Can’t wait to retrieve it from my mailbox.
    I love love love to get snail mail (AND much more fun….send it!)
    My son is in Alaska for the summer. Dream job for a young man really…fly fishing guide!
    Anyway…he just called us. Very rare. No cell phone coverage…uses the SAT phone! And we were home to get the phone call…YAY!!!!
    First thing he says, “I just got my care package. Thanks mom.”
    I love the sound of his voice!
    And I love this blog, and my Fine Romance book, and all things Susan Branch. You are so inspiring!
    Happy day to you.

  63. Michele says:


  64. Your pictures of athe moon were just perfect – especially where is reflected pink on the water! A pefect shot! I also was in OB and enjoyed watching the moon over the sound. The island is the best place to see the moon and haven’t the stars been absolutely brilliant? Also loved your bunny pictures – so cute! Many thanks for your Sunday blog. . .just what a needed to round out a perfectly lovely day here on MV!!

  65. Patsy from Nixa, MO says:

    Loved this post. I’m still singing, “We were sailing along, on Moonlight Bay”.

  66. Judy in OR says:

    You took some amazing pictures of the Super Moon.

  67. I kept watching the light of the moon behind the trees in my backyard, waiting until it was high enough to become visible (living at the edge of a forest, one is challenged to see sunsets, sunrises, and moonrises!).

    It was worth running to the window over my kitchen sink from time to time so I could see it while it was still gorgeous. It was no longer the yellow-ish color as it was behind the trees but still large, bright, and beautiful. I love full moons. I hope that doesn’t mean anything…

  68. CarolK says:

    So glad you had pictures of that beautiful moon. I’ve been looking for it every evening but the over-cast just blocks it out. Phooey! We’ve got a baby bunny scampering around our flower beds. No sight of a momma or siblings but he seems happy enough on his own. Maybe the chippy that has moved in is keeping him company. I could watch these lovely creatures for hours. I’m getting excited about your next trip across the pond too. We’d love to take a trip like that for real but we’re not brave enough to wander that far although we did take a cruise to Nova Scotia a few years ago and absolutely loved it. We keep talking about doing the Alaska route. Maybe next year………NJ hugs to you all.

  69. Elaine says:

    Just FYI- there will be 2 more supermoons this year: one in August & one in September. Very unusual. Maybe you could line up going out in a boat for one of them! I have been watching the Tour De France on the tele & thought of you Susan. They started in England for 3 days then flew to France. The beautiful little villages, the wonderful buildings & cottages all made me think of how you would like going there too! Have you visited there? I went to Switzerland one summer and have never forgotten that trip. Love to the kitties and you too!

    • Linda from Lancaster Co. PA says:

      Thanks for the information! I love when the moon is so big! Where did you find that out?

      • Linda from Lancaster Co. PA says:

        okay–I just googled “supermoon” and found out all the information I could ever want to know about it!!

  70. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Wow, that moon and those photos of the harbor are fantastic. What a night to remember.! Martha’s Vineyard is just so beautiful and I hope one day I get to visit in the summer and see the sights.

    I can’t wait to see and read your next book. Recently, I re-read A Fine Romance just to indulge in all of the lovely details of all of the visits. It feels so real and so personal again. The Blog tag-a-long with all of your great videos and comments was just the best “StayCation” ever! I can’t imagine what new adventures you and Joe are musing over for 2015. Will we all get to tag-a-long again? Pleeze???

    Yesterday my Gladys Taber mail arrived and I had the joy of reading the March and part of the June Newsletters. Love those early stories she wrote in the 1940s Ladies Home Journal! Thank-you for letting us know how we could become friends of Gladys Taber when you did your post a few weeks ago. And how about her “Kitchen in a Package” Reviews? So cool and what a great idea for helping so many people get a functional and up to date kitchen that they may never have been able to have otherwise.

  71. Debby Moreau says:

    Ahhh, a breath of fresh air. Thank you once again. Sue would you ever consider doing a book to teach us how to draw and watercolour a little? Nothing to deep or technical just a nice little instruction guide to get us wannabes started on a nice little hobby. I can picture myself sitting in the backyard on the garden swing with a little watercolour palette on a table beside me waiting until I sketch something in my small field journal. Ahh, sounds divine. Could ya, could ya, could ya?

  72. Elaine in Toronto says:

    Hi Susan, I made your pineapple upside down cake for my husband’s birthday today. He had to help as I’m still recovering from hip surgery. It was delicious. I didn’t have walnuts so substituted pecans and that worked fine. I married a younger man, too. He turned 65 so is looking forward to his “breathing” money. My friend calls “Old Age Security” breathing money because you get it as long as you don’t stop breathing, lol. My staples come out on Wednesday and then I start physiotherapy. I love your bunny – have you named him? Beautiful thunder moon pictures. Your new book is going to be awesome!

  73. Brenda Caldwell says:

    I just loved your pics of the Super Moon! Hubby and I viewed it from our backyard, listening to the crickets and feeling the warm summer breezes. Not as romantic as yours over the water, but still loved it! I can’t wait for your new book!

  74. Jules says:

    Oh yes, let’s go to England again. But I must stop in Oxford to visit the Ashmolean and the Bodleian. Museums and books! Two of my favorite things.

  75. Harriett says:

    The Super Moon was also visible in New York City! But your view is the best.

  76. Nancy B says:

    I haven’t read the comments yet, but I’m sure someone has mentioned that the phrase is “and the creek don’t rise”. Just thought you’d like to know. 🙂

  77. Karen P (Wisconsin) says:

    Beautiful moon pictures! I love how it’s pink! Just breathtaking over the water! You do take the best pictures. And funny how you should make the comment about the rabbits eating carrots being a myth perhaps? This winter we had bunnies decimating our shrubs and anything else that was peeking out of the snow. So, I had the brilliant (?) idea to throw out cabbage leaves and carrot heads for them to eat. They didn’t eat them! Picky bunnies! Guess our shrubs were tastier! I just LOVE having my copy of the old Willards! So glad you decided to put them all into the one volume. EVERYONE needs to get one of those! Have a wonderful week! xo

  78. Laurie W.--MA says:

    Enjoyed the article about you in the Sunday Cape Cod Times today! My husband and I take our 4 mi. walk to Hardings Beach and back home in West Chatham and stop to pick up the paper at Larry’s PX. My husband found 2 dimes and a penny on our walk so maybe that was the lucky omen. Our eyes are always on the pavement as we walk through parking lots since we are firm believers in the “find a penny, pick it up… and making a wish on a penny.” Would love to see you in Falmouth, but the traffic is just too crazy. Maybe you will be in the Lower/Outer Cape area sometime? I will make a wish for that on the next penny I pick up.

  79. Kelly B. From Pittsburgh says:

    My husband and I are just about to go in our hottub and look for the supermoon over Pittsburgh. cannot wait for the new book!

  80. Ericka says:

    Wasn’t the Super Moon awesome! We were driving home from a party on the shoreline, and the moon was ahead of us like a brilliant beacon leading us home. I had to do a little “moonbathing” before I headed off to bed!

  81. Rhonda D. says:

    You know Susan, I love the fact that you get to lead us around, all over the place, over hill and dale, and we can trust you. In this day and age that is priceless, ne’r a worry. Oh Danny Boy, the pipes are callin’… that is Scotland. Maybe the ship docks in England, but the pipes are a callin’ in Scotland. Yes!! I’m ready. I checked your calendar because I knew the full moon was getting close, and there it was, Thunder Moon. It was beautiful on MV and here in the maritimes too. I have to admit that here it was one of the brightest, largest, crispest moons I have ever seen…..reasons to go on living. Your bunny is adorable. I can’t believe how he makes himself right at home in your yard. You were able to get so close to him. I believe it’s Peter, but then again, you never know. When my dad was young and living in Scotland, he bugged and bugged his parents for a rabbit. They finally gave in, built a house for it in the backyard, brought the rabbit home, and the next day there were rabbits galore. I guess that one wasn’t Peter. Enjoy your summer yard, it’s a gathering place for all the wonderful growing things.

  82. Vickie in Olympia says:

    Your newsie letter was just the ticket to cheer me. Sent the grandkids back to their mother today after a joyous week with them. House seems bigger and emptier. LOL Yesterday my grandson and I made your Gazpacho with shrimp for the church potluck today. Rave reviews! Thanks so much.
    Terrific news about traveling again! Your train trips should be required reading for those who are fed up with air travel. Each has its place and Amtrak is missing a valuable resource in you! I will have to start exercising and change my diet if I’m going to fit into the suitcase for another overseas
    adventure. I really appreciate the heads up. 🙂

  83. Pat Johnson from Paso Robles, CA says:

    I am sitting in Paso with 108 temps & am sooooo excited about a TRIP – crossing with Joe & Susan!! Can hardly wait. The moon has been delightful – went out last night and just took it all it. The night before I took Sophie (2yr old granddaughter) out to see the full moon and she loved it. Of course it was so much nicer with her with me!! I would love to be able to tell you about all of the wonderful plants that are blooming and growing – but NO – I live in California where it is HOT & DRY! So sad….. That is why I am so grateful when you write about the adventures you go on and the things you see in your yard and everywhere. What a great friend you are! You would think that as much as I am “cookin” I would loose some weight!! NOT! Yesterday I sat in the sprinkler with my GREAT grandson! That was fun!! Can’t wait for all of the things we have to look forward to – book, trip, stories, etc. Thank you!! XXOO

  84. Sharrieboberry says:

    Yipee! If YOU are traveling…then it means WE get to travel along! Can we go to the Manor Hemingford Grey? The home of Lucy Boston? Please, please?

    They say that the joy of a trip comes in the planning too! I can’t wait to hear your plans.

    Well, I can’t wait for the new book either! And it IS the anticipation that is pleasant as we hear about your writing journey. Thank you for keeping us GFs informed.

    I’m so excited! *happy dance!*

  85. Claudia Farr says:

    I enjoy your blog so much. Our taste in things are so simular. Your home is just lovely and i love your water colors. Your very talented. This years calender brings me great joy in my kitchen. AND i love A FINE ROMANCE. My friend read some of it one day and said i have been cloned. I hope someday to meet you. Today it is so hot i live 30 miles south of Bakersfield CA. I think i need a trip to my England again. Ice tea and A FINE ROMANCE. I am looking forward to your next book. I tried to send you the cutest picture of our white bunny Jelly Bean but couldnt figure out how to do it. I love the bunny pics you shared. Thank you Claudia Farr

  86. Wendy Louise says:

    Ohhhh……..Dear Susan,
    You are just pure joy and don’t you just love nature and wonderful simple pure clean living ! Thank you for suggesting tomorrow night supper ! I will go marketing in the morning and then head over to the fish market for some delicious shrimp ! Just a side note, I went to the Zoo the other day with my sweet baby girl (grand-daughter) and my great daughter in-law and she went wild over the Flamingo’s. Do you know why they are pink ? It’s because they eat SHRIMP ! Have a terrific week, give the kitties and Joe a squeeze for me ! I love your knew pet bunny too, we have one living in our Garden and of course his name is Peter ! OX

  87. Those rose hips are lovely! I’m so looking forward to your next book and your next “crossing”!! I very much adore A Fine Romance…I dream of going to England someday and you make it seem like I am there with you in the book 🙂
    That bunny is sooooo adorable…love the legs all stretched out too!
    The moon…PERFECT…what a sight! Have a wonderful week!

  88. Thea says:

    I love the sounds of silence, too.

  89. Susan (Grayslake, IL) says:

    I appreciate your pictures of the moon … We weren’t able to see it in our neck of the woods. It was cloudy and stormy 🙁 Can’t wait for Joe and your next adventure whether it be across the pond or across the country. Oh, and today we have finally experienced a beautiful (sunny) day 🙂

  90. Sandra says:

    What a gorgeous moon! How lovely for you to see it, especially being so close to the water to create gorgeous reflections! That rabbit, great shots by the way, looked very big indeed for a wild rabbit with very long ears. Do you think he could have been a hare? I remember living in England growing up and seeing wild rabbits and their faces were rounder and their ears shorter. Hares however, have longer faces, longer ears and very long (and fast) legs! It could just be that rabbits in different countries just look different! Peter Rabbit, the one we see in Beatrix Potter’s books, is definitely a British bunny!!

  91. Diane from Poulsbo says:

    I cannot wait for another Girlfriend vacation!!! I think Ireland would be a lovely place to visit…if that is indeed where we are going! :). When do we leave? There are so many wonderful things in this blog today and it made me feel so happy. The moon, the harbor, the bunny, Jack, the new book…and more…but I confess that when I read about Willard snails being put together in book form I became so happy that I could have the chance to read them ALL, and I bought them. I missed out on years of Willard, so I will indeed treasure this collection. Thank you! Xoxoxoxo

  92. Linda says:

    Maybe the spirit of Beatrix (who by now must know how much you love her) sent the bunny to surprise and please you! I just hope Girl Kitty was not out !
    I read that bunnies are allergic to cabbage and to never feed it to them as they could die …… always amazes me to see illustrations of bunnies eating it in children’s books. He (or she) is beautiful with perfect ears and your photos are wonderful.!
    Another trip—–yay! I love the BBC show “Last of theSummer Wine” and would love to see that countryside. I also am in hopes you will visit Scotland as it would seem to be to your tastes……….and then you could write another book for us !!! Linda from Idaho where it is high 90’s or more and very beautiful.

  93. So much to love in this post Susan! The sounds of nature. Your lovely words. The music. Bunnies. Art. I bought your original Williards a while back and refer to them often. They have a permanent spot on my night stand along with A Fine Romance, and I expect your next book will join them. Did I tell you my husband read A Fine Romance as well? Yes, it appeals to both sexes, just so you know. He loved it too. I am so excited that you have another blotter calendar for 2015 and have ordered it, along with the wall calendar. My art room just wouldn’t be the same without one of your lovely calendars. Your 2013 blotter calendar has a permanent spot on my work top. It’s out of date but I don’t care. My desk wouldn’t be the same without it being there.

    I do think you live in a little spot of Heaven on earth. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. If you do come to the UK again, you “must do” Chester. And if you do, I have a standing “tea” appointment waiting with your name on it.

  94. Jake Gariepy says:

    Hi Susan!

    Loved this post… and the last one… and the one before that… Well, you get the picture.

    It is, indeed, “… and the creek don’t rise.” This was one of my mom’s sayings, too. And, it’s one I didn’t understand for years! Another was, “Rise and shine it’s midnight in the swamp!” Or, “Up and Adam!” which was, of course, actually “Up and at ’em!”.

    I have to say, Melissa and I couldn’t stop laughing over your post about “hurricane damage”! Wow… You guys were really hit HARD!

    Your rosehips (painted and real) are lovely and I can’t wait to see the new book!

    Take care and thanks for another inspiring post!

  95. Colleen Ann says:

    Hi Susan,
    Love the bunny photos. He really seems content on that baby grass! The moon pics are awesome too. Such a clear view of awesomeness!

    It was a nice HOT day here yesterday in the Philly suburbs, which was a perfect day to line dry my bed quilt (alongside the boys’ bathing suits and pool towels:) and I thought of you. Anyhow, just dropping by to say hello, and to thank you for brightening my day, even before the sun is really up!


  96. martha says:

    Here in the mountains we could reach out and nearly Touch The Moon! Wasn’t it grand?? We had worked all day in the yard and she sort of snuck up on us at twilight!

    The bunny is so precious! We have one who lives in our kitchen. Mr. Bunny was set out about six months after Easter along with several of his friends. Sadly, we could only catch the one. He is a hotot — white with black rings around his eyes like a bandit! He likes carrots okay, but his favorite treat is “cookies.” Whenever I go to the Magic Cabinet, he jumps up on his back feet and asks for one (Saltines). Gone! Just Like That!

    For our next trip, would you consider an honest-to-goodness tour for girlfriends? We could all go visit the places we dream of and have a wonderful Girlfriend Time while doing so! Just a thought *wink*.

  97. Sharon at The Farm in South Carolina says:

    I love quiet days too without any other sounds except for all the geese, the crows, and the Mockingbird (my favorite). We just laugh at him (or her) when he makes his frog sound. The other night I was listening to an early CHICAGO concert on YouTube. Then, last night my husband put on a Larry David HBO Movie, Clear History that was centered around Martha’s Vineyard. I am not sure that it was filmed there though. I have never tried Gazpacho, but I certainly will as it looks so yummy. You made great photos of the Super Moon. I waited too late and mine didn’t turn out so good. Your bunny is beautiful! A couple of years ago I saved two bunny babies that were nesting in the hummingbird bushes by our shed. I didn’t want to move them, but Daisy would have gotten them if I didn’t. I put them on the other side of the cow fence in our backyard, near the blackberry bushes for protection. I hope they made it okay. We have a bigger bunny in the woodshed this summer, BUT there is also a BIG LONG black snake in the woodshed! Ooohh no! I have your Willard’s book and I keep it with me everywhere I go. I just wish there were more, so I cannot wait for your new book! Another crossing! How exciting that we might all get to travel with you and Joe again. And, I have already ordered the ENTIRE 2015 Calendar Collection! YAY! I cannot wait for them to arrive! You are such an inspiration with your love of all things and your ability to see the little things that we might otherwise miss.

  98. LynnMarie says:

    I can’t wait for our next trip. I wondered if Ireland might be on the agenda and am so glad that it is. What a delight to take a trip through your eyes. I had to laugh at your “day alone” and having the house to yourself. I am the same way, as soon as my husband is gone for the afternoon to work out in the yard, I turn the TV off and enjoy the sounds of summer and the quiet of the house. I so enjoyed my morning visit with you while I ate my egg and toast. Thank you for each and every posting!

  99. SusanA says:

    I forgot to say: I love when you post pictures of your watercolors in progress. They are beautiful in every stage. Have you ever done a tutorial or illustrated journaling class?


  100. Martha Jean Starnes says:

    Good Morning Susan-Thank you for another wonderful post! I enjoyed it with my cup of coffee and bowl of cereal this morning! Two more weeks and my summer is over when I return to work, so I’m soaking in every moment! I find that I turn off the tv and radio more and more and enjoy the sound of Mother Nature…there’s nothing like her and much more peaceful that the noise from the outside world! I loved your pics of the Super Moon and as a life-long Methodist, I loved your comment about the Methodist camp. I believe I have seen pictures of this before ….so interesting! Although I love my southern culture, I enjoy traveling and discovering/appreciating new (to me) parts of the country I have never traveled to before. Three friends and I are planning two trips this fall…one to Martha’s Vineyard (one friend is originally from Boston and wants to show me Martha’s Vineyard) and the other is to Delaware to see the Downton Abbey Costume exhibit. Are there any must see’s or must do’s in the Vineyard?…..especially if there is a lobster roll involved??

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