Hello from Smallville!

“Hello,” as my dad says, “from Smallville!”  ‘Cause that’s where I live too.  And I like it lit the firehere.  Sometimes the world just seems too big ~ but the bigger it gets, the smaller I get ~ because here in Smallville,  it’s always a nice day. There’s plenty to do in Smallville too … it’s not a boring place.

  Things that don’t count in the big world are EVERYTHING here.  When the world tries to get into Smallville and upset the smallness, I shut it out, turn on the MUSICA (listening to this now), light a fire (hearing it crackle), watch the birds busy at the feeders (peep-peep), and do what needs to be done.

toxic world

doing dishes

Like cleaning shelves. Nothing more common sense than this, sometimes it needs to be done.  I give myself a sense of purpose and accomplishment by getting the cooking juices off yellow glasswaremy shelves with a hot soapy cloth; washing dishes (I wash the ones with gold trim on them by hand) and putting them back on the shelves, shiny and clean.  Standing back and looking at my handiwork and saying, “ahhhh, look at that sparkle!”  I’m always happiest when my corner of the world is clean and organized and a new year for me always includes organization, which my mom says, is the key to success.

watercolor flowers

doing dishes

Some of the dishes are washed by hand, and these just came out of the dishwasher.

doing dishes

It’s before dawn and my audience is very quiet, just waking up, she pussyfoots around.  No loud applause.  Just purring.  

And speaking of organization . . .

watercolor flowers

address book

The other thing I wanted to share with you is an organizing thing that has turned out to be SO GOOD I had to tell you about it.  I had this old (no longer in print) unused address book lying around, so I grabbed it and turned it into a brand new thing.

address book

It’s now my “Internet Address and Password Log Book.”  Before I thought of this, I had all my notewebsites and passwords written, but not alphabetized, on four pieces of paper (adding more pages all the time) that got limper and more tattered and worn by the day; torn on the fold and messy with additions and pencil smears ~ I would have to “re-do” the whole thing every so often.

watercolor flowers

address book

Now I have a real book I can put everything in. Like here, under C, the phone number and email address for Customer Service at my Studio.

watercolor flowers

address book

It’s a hard-cover book with alphabet tabs that keep everything I need right at my fingertips.

watercolor flowers


For instance, under M, for Mom, here are all the websites, user names and passwords I need in order to pay my mom’s bills online.  There are copies of her two credit cards, in case I need them. (These pages look a lot better in real life than they do in these photos ~ I didn’t think it would be very smart for me to show the world my passwords so I sort of squiggled them out; I knew you would be proud of me for the quick thinking.)

watercolor flowers

advice from mom

address book

Under G is my Google Password, and all my contacts with the people at Gladys Taber, my Gmail and Goodreads Passwords too.  Under S, I have web addresses for all the online places I like to Shop, passwords and usernames for shoes and sweaters and art supplies (sometimes I cross-reference and put art supplies under A, or U for Utrecht); under P, I have my Pinterest and Paypal account numbers . . . under C I have my Computer fix-it people, my Credit Card account numbers and contacts, and so on. I can pack this book up and take it with me no matter where I go! Very handy don’t you think? SO much better than my previous way of doing it.

watercolor flowers

address book

I thought maybe this was something you might want to do. And, just in case you don’t have an old address book lying around . . .

watercolor flowers

address book

I do!  Two in fact, you can choose! You like yellow?  We have yellow.  You like blue? We have blue!

watercolor flowers


Both come complete with alphabet tabs . . .

address book

They’re both in full color, binder style, they come with lots of pages. I blow on my fingernails, polish them on my sweater, say to myself, Brilliant!  It makes me feel good to be organized.

address books

And if you like it too, I have something for you!


watercolor flowers

A new drawing for these two “Internet Address Books,” one for our lucky winner, and one for the lucky winner to give away to her lucky friend! All you have to do is leave a comment and you’ll be entered into the drawing.  (NOTE: If the blog is mailed to you, you might not see a place to leave a comment, go directly to www., scroll to the bottom of this post, look for the tiny word “Comments” at the very end in tiny grey letters, click there to comment so you’re entered into the drawing.)  Vanna (she’s our virtual in-house Game Girl and “random number generator,” although she would hate to be called this) is on high alert, ready to do her job in a few days, to choose the winner.

So here in Smallville, all is well, even though it’s freezing outside . . .

frozen garden

And everything is coated in this crisp frozen-on snow crust . . .

ice feathers on the windows

The wind whistles and the shutters bang and ice crystals grace all our upstairs windows ~


Inside Smallville, it’s 72°, it’s organized (within reason) and as flowery and summer-like as  I need it to be while I paint for our new 2016 calendars.

watercolor flowers

kittyLast but not least, I realize there’s not enough Kitty Love in this post, in case you need a fix, go HERE, for full and complete inundation.

watercolor flowers

And a reminder of the best of the little things in life:


A kitty will make you laugh every day and that is simply priceless.  Love you Girlfriends.  Don’t forget to leave your comment.  Have a wonderful day!  All my love from Smallville, USA.  XOXO

watercolor flowers

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1,885 Responses to Hello from Smallville!

  1. MaryAnn says:

    Susan, Happy New Year to you and Joe! Smallville is so cozy. I love the quiet of January, for the time to put Christmas away in an organized way, to catch up on things set aside during the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and to look at garden catalogs and dream of Spring. What a great use for the address book. My passwords and usernames are all on post a notes, stuck together in a pile! Thank you for the inspiration.

    • Nelia Bixby says:

      Thank you Susan for your lovely, lively, life and your willingness to share all that happy energy with us all. i love reading about your old cashmere sweaters, candlelight and kitties. You have a huge heart so there is nothing small about Smallville!

  2. Karen Braithwaite says:

    I have soooo many passwords to keep track of. My mind just can’t keep everything memorized like it used to :). What a great idea!

  3. Susan Martin says:

    What a great idea! And yellow is my favorite color! (Besides blue…) Thanks for the inspiration, Susan!

  4. Emily says:

    Smallworld is Home. I find myself in Paris this week. A city that usually holds so much magic, but this week I’m ready to click my ‘ruby slippers’ together & be transported home…..”there’s no place like home.” I find you post this week especially comforting. Thank you, Susan.

  5. Kate says:

    That is a great idea to have a separate one for your mom’s info!
    Thank you! 🙂

  6. miriam says:

    Hope I’m not too late! I am still using the original (basket of apples on front) address book but it is getting rather ratty-looking. If I win, which I would LOVE to do, I would use the “ratty” one for all my passwords etc. (a brilliant idea,btw!) and use the new one for addresses. I do need to “re-do” pages on my address book anyway and your description of how you have been saving passwords sounded all too familiar!!!! I’m thinking also that a “ratty” looking book would be a safe book for passwords!! Always love reading your blog! Hugs!

  7. Sheri says:

    Hi Susan!! Happy New Year!! You are so creative!! Thank you for your wonderful blog I just love reading about your ideas!! May God bless you and I hope you have a beautiful day!! 🙂

  8. Georgia M in CA says:

    Such a smart idea. If Vanna chooses my name I will share with my daughter who is also my best friend. Thanks for the gentle nudge on getting organized. I must go get busy now. And, thanks for being there!!

  9. Susan Dean says:

    I want to live in Smallville. Since I can’t move I guess I will just have to live vicariously.

  10. Margaret says:

    I don’t remember if I posted a comment for the contest or not (senioritis strikes again!), so can we let this comment count for the new teapot etc. contest? What a lovely group of gifts. Thank you, Susan!

  11. Suzanne Sullivan says:

    Susan, I hope this comment allows me to enter the contest for the beautiful teapot! I have been collecting your calenders and books since sometime in the early 1980’s and have enjoyed every minute of that journey. Your calender is always on my Christmas wish list, but I sometimes buy one early, so that I won’t miss out! It was so great to finally meet you last fall at a book signing held at the Chilmark Bookstore. Thanks so much for your craft and all extras you include in your books and calenders!!!! Suzanne

  12. Audrianne Hill says:

    We have been in the icebox for the past two days but blue skies were shining on me as I walked Maudie around the block. We try our best to be undeterred. Stay warm in the Vineyard.

  13. sue hall says:

    It’s so lovely to come home from work and enter the world of Smallville!
    All the things that really matter are there. Thanks Susan for being such a blessing to so many, many people!
    Sue H.

  14. Paula Ziesel says:

    Love everything you do. So pretty!

  15. Deborah Baxter says:

    Splendid! I love Smallville. I love organized places. I love reading your blog. I live in Smallville too….I quilt, read, collect pretties, play with my 2 darling granddaughters, 3 barking friends and 2 purry friends and of course my Joe. I love your new kitty story…it just happened at our home……see I just found your blog and have been catching up….Love the teapot…it would go so well with my mismatched dishes. I can never have too many either. I love the Romance book….I took a little trip with it, recommended the travel to my friends and they LOVE it too. Keep up the good life. Thank you, Susan.

  16. Marylee Sams says:

    I am so glad to have discovered your blog last year!!! Thank you for sharing with all of us. We were signed up to come to the Gladys Taber reunion last spring but the trip fell through due to health problems. Thanks for sharing so much about that wonderful Saturday last June. Thanks for all the happiness you bring into my life and the lives of many,many people.

  17. Phyllis says:

    I have wanted to share something with you, but times seems to fly by. So this seems like the PERFECT time to share and also throw my name in the hat for the drawing. You had shown in one of your pictures of your kitchen where you had the word YUM. I have some vintage children’s blocks, so I spelled out the word yum and set the blocks on my stove. During the Christmas holidays I was in the kitchen with my little granddaughter, Miley, age 6, cooking up something when I heard her start giggling. I turned around to see what she was giggling about. She pointed to the YUM blocks. She said “MiMi” you are so funny!!!! Everytime someone saw those blocks they smiled or commented on them. SO, thank you for the inspiration!!! I too am a fan of yours. Your calendars have a permanent spot on my frig. Sometimes we forget to say “thank you”. So really this is what this post is for the many times you have brought cheer into my life. It is about the “little things” sometimes…. (I hope this isn’t a duplicate post. I was typing it out and next thing I knew it was completely gone!! So, I decided I would try again. 🙂

  18. Kathy Hughes says:

    What a happy feeling I get reading your blog! Although dreary, rainy and cold outside, your happy thoughts and comments bring the sunshine. I especially enjoyed the painting of your friend Paul — what a charming, handsome fellow. He will be thrilled to receive such a special birthday gift. So glad you’re doing another drawing; the teapot, tea, and your wonderful book will make someone very happy. Here’s hoping!

  19. Ginette Wheeler says:

    My husband asked as he does every year “what I wanted for Christmas?” I’m not one for wanting much but I did “want” a new address book, mine is well over 15 years old. He gave me a fan for my lap top instead feeling it would be an impossible task to find an address book I would love,the man knows me. Maybe that was faith because when I checked your post and saw the address books I immediately started the gut wrenching decision as to which one I would choice, they’re both so perfect! But really the choice is probably simply, I’ve always loved blue and my sister in law and best friend loves yellow. I’m anxiously awaited her arrival with Ohio at the end of the month. She and her hubby come every year to stay for a few weeks and thaw out with us since we reside in southwest Florida (though we’re not the retired living out their golden years tanning and golfing, we’re the working,raising a child with lots of sunscreen residents) They claim it’s merely a coincidence that they come at the this time, they tried the month of July many moons ago and swore we were nuts! Anywho, wouldn’t it be fun if we won and were together when we found out!! Love you!

  20. Toni Bauman says:

    This is a triple purpose post: First gratitude for the comforting blog. It reminds us that the sweet, small things are ever so sweet but never small really. Second, gratitude for for the new book, perfect for jump-starting the planning for this summers trip. We knew about the need for automatic transmission and side view mirrors that fold when meeting a hedge but had failed to pack CDs for driving or to order pear cider. Finally,my gratitude for the opportunity to put my name in the hat for the drawing. If it WOULD be drawn for the book, please pass along to another. It is just to wonderful not to be shared. May your day be as lovely as you have made mine, and thank you, thank you, thank you. Toni

  21. connie bloom says:

    I just love the teapot! My everyday dishes are johnson brothers castles pink. This would make an adorable addition!

  22. Sharon S says:

    What a great idea – sure emiminates all those small slips of paper I try and keep track of!!!! I would love to win one of the address books, yellow please.

  23. Bea Chater says:

    Howdy from down South where tea parties and socials are still very much a part of common life. I stumbled upon a Susan Branch calendar about 3 years ago..had one hanging on my wall ever since. Even my Moroccan husband (who lives on mint tea) enjoys them. We do try the recipes, and the little joyful tips on being happy! I have yet to read ‘A Fine Romance’..it seems like the perfect book to read laying on your stomach in front of the hearth while the fire crackles, sipping on some mint or apricot tea. I do vow!

    PS.. Love the cats! black & white..and white & black. Vanna and Jack! Our calico Jamaica says HI, I..I mean Meow!

    • Ann says:

      Apricot tea! Recipe please!

      • Brandy Chater says:

        Howdy Miss Ann,

        Actually my apricot tea comes from a box called T.O ‘touch organic’. However, I do add my own personal flair to it. I use honey we buy from a bee keeper just around the bin here to sweeten it instead of sugar. I get those little dried apricots and barely wet my finger and rub on it..then roll it in brown sugar. I hang it on the side of my brown sugar rimmed cup and enjoy! Sometimes it seems it taste different in different cups. My favorite one to use is my jade Japanese cup that came with a tea set my baby brother got me for my birthday. Life is sweet! Amen!

        People are as happy as they make up their minds to be.
        -Abe Lincoln

  24. Lori Voth says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your little corner of the world…it brightens ours!

  25. Cathy says:

    Thank you for scattering joy and beauty through your art and writings. An update to your blog is an invitation to pull up a comfy chair and have a cup of tea with an old friend. I appreciate all that you share.

  26. Melissa W. Houston says:

    Dear Susan,
    I love your blog and books, of which I have many, stationery, and calendars. My laptop is sitting on your wonderful blotter calendar and I have your wall calendar within sight. You brighten so many lives every day. I would love to own a beautiful Susan Branch teapot, a copy of A Fine Romance, and the delicious tea and tin. Here’s hoping! Bless you and all you do! Thank you!

  27. Dee says:

    How lovely a picture you have painted for your friend..he will be thrilled.!!
    But not as thrilled as I to win your drawing.
    Have not read your book as of yet, but would be overjoyed to receive it with your beautiful teapot!

  28. Kathryn in Los Angeles says:

    I always feel so happy with life after reading your blog. You have the most wonderful and appreciative attitude toward life. Thank you! You showed us those great comfy shoes but can you tell us how to find them for ourselves? Happy New Year to you and Joe.

  29. Candy Northrop says:

    Hi Susan!

    You are so cozy there in your neck of the woods. Such an adorable giveaway. It would be so fun to sit down to tea with my friend Janie and share our favorite parts of A Fine Romance together…. We would even invite you to join us, either way out here in Monrovia, California, or at Janie’s wonderful home in Madison, Wisconsin!

  30. Denise Eckert says:

    Well I’ve had my Susan Branch address book for a gazillion years and it’s filled. I wish I could get refill pages for it, but maybe I’ll be a lucky girl and win a new one!

  31. Jackie Joice says:

    Valentine’s Day! Yeaaaah! I would love to have tea in that snazzy teapot with my 5 year old daughter named Sunshine! Thanks for the mucho inspiration!

  32. Carol says:

    I just bought the “Autumn” book for a girlfriend, Louise’ birthday. Although Autumn is past, and the snowy Winter is upon the world (except here in Southern California), Spring is looming in the near future. That’s when Louise’ birthday is celebrated…in March. BTW: I bought this for her last year’s birthday. Just couldn’t think of a thing she would want. Then “Autumn” came! With a brand new printing! Just in time….well almost.
    Thank you for thinking of me, and helping me with the birthday gift. “Autumn” is my favorite season!

  33. Vicki Kasper says:

    I love your blog. Thanks for all you do.

    Vicki Kasper

  34. Karen Legg says:

    Oh, Vanna, Vanna, pick me please –
    don’t be cruel and don’t you tease!
    The teapot’s lovely, without end,
    I’ll give it to my bestest friend;
    and share with her the earl’s fine tea
    (‘twould be the finest gift for me!)

  35. Laurette May says:

    Love your blog. Your illustrations are wonderful. Since I lost my husband in October, I find your site very comforting.

  36. Vikki Reardon says:

    Love love all things ” Susan Branch”. Would love to serve tea in this beautiful teapot to a group of good friends.

  37. Buzz n Bea says:

    What a great idea, and a late Happy New Year.

  38. Jenny Wallace says:

    Hoping this will enter me in your book, tea and teapot give away. I have one of Emma Bridgewater’s mugs (Granny) since I’m the Granny of an 8 year girl going on 20. She loves it when she sees me drinking from that mug and now calls me “Granny” instead of Grandma.

  39. Jill says:

    Love the teapot and all your things!, I can picture having many happy memory teaparties with my 3 daughters and their “adoptive grandma”…..

  40. Kelly says:

    Oh, I’ve always loved that teapot! A Fine Romance is on my wishlist, too!

  41. Debbie Platt says:

    Love your blog! Love the idea of using one of your address books for Internet passwords.

  42. Patricia says:

    I am so techno-challenged, I am not sure if my previous comment went through. Anyhow, thanks for the wonderful post.

  43. Ellie says:

    I’ve been using (and keeping) your beautiful calendars for many years, and several of my family’s favorite dishes are from your cookbooks. I enjoy receiving your cheerful blogs, even in the “dead” of winter! The lovely teapot would be perfect with my china when my friends enjoy lunch in front of the fire. Thanks for all you do to make the world beautiful.

  44. Wow, I would love to win the teapot!! It would look great with my dishes and statues on my hutch cupboard!!! I bought myself A Fine Romance after requesting and reading it from our local library…my friend Patty Lou would love your book!!!

  45. Raenell Cannady says:

    Another drawing… Yay! Thanks Susan.

  46. Tana Tuttle says:

    Have loved your work for many, many years Have books, calendars, cook-books, book of days, a ton of Susan Branch stuff! Love it all, will not part with any of it! Always look forward to reading your newsletter! Never won anything, but had to give it a try! At any rate, got to tell you how much I appreciate your work!

  47. Patsy Rodriguez Ronat, a San Luis Obispo "girl" says:

    Loved seeing your well-loved Merrells (that are exactly like mine!), getting ready to warm your toesies…..You deserve at least that, because you certainly warm my heart with your generosity. Your giving away the teapot, tea, and book is generous enough, but giving everyone all the new ideas for a beautiful life is the real gift!….like how to use that cute address book in a new way!…..proof that our “paperless society” still needs paper….how else to record the websites and passwords that are supposed to keep us “paperless”?

  48. Penny Cooper says:

    Love your great ideas — and your water color ! Just beautiful . Great ideas for the address book . I LOVE the Bridgewater

  49. Rebecca Britt says:

    Hip hip hooray for a valentine teapot drawing!! Please ask Vanna to add my name in the hat! Thank you!

  50. Ann says:

    Susan, while it’s a great idea, do be careful on where you put it. My sister had her house broken into some months ago and they stole her jewelry. With important information as that it’s as precious as jewelry, store it in a safe place!

  51. vivian stephens says:


  52. Sonya Hewes says:

    Happy New Year, Susan and Joe! I can relate to Smallville, I lived in a very small, one street down in Hope, Minnesota. And now living in Alaska, there is actually a Hope, Alaska here as well and just about as small.
    Love your blog soooo much! So excited every time I see it in my email, makes me get a cup of tea and just drink the blog in very slowly. ♥

  53. Mary says:

    I love tea and a beautiful little pot to call my own! pick me, pick me, pick me!
    It would so help getting me through the winter.

  54. Lisa says:

    I agree. Everyone needs a kittie, tea, and cashmere sweaters.

  55. Marilyn says:

    Reading about your new book about your love of traveling in England reminded me of how much I enjoyed reading “84 Charing Cross Road” by Helene Hanff quite a few years ago. That prompted me to read some of her memoirs about living in England. Now I look forward to reading “A Fine Romance.” Thank you for all the ways you brighten my day.

  56. Kathy says:

    Susan I so much enjoy reading your blog. You have the special talent of writing like you are talking to us. I visualize you talking as I read. I love all your photos and of course-goes without saying your paintings!-you make us all feel at home and like a “girl friend”.

  57. Sandi Boling says:

    Susan I would love to win the heart teapot! I have the Peter Rabitt Emma mug and love it. I have all your books plus “A Fine Romance” and now I am buying my daughter copies one at a time. I also bought 2 each of all this years calendars for us and love using the blotter at work. I am also buying the add a beads adding to my bracelet and I couldn’t resist the crystal hanging stars for my crystal candel holders that I used like yours at Christmas and still have them out on my mantel. Can you tell that I love everything that you love? I have bought some of your vintage items too. Your blogs brighten my days and I can’t wait until you next book is out as I am reading “A Fine Romance” and the “Autumn Book” again. I have the first one unsigned and couldn’t resist buying two of the 10th anniversary one so we would have signed copies. I have been going back through your site reading again topics I like. I am going to try & start a Garden Book. We live on an acre in the country with a lot of shade trees and the majority of my gardening comes in the form of hanging baskets under the trees in the front yard along with planting rose bushes. I need to keep track of which plants thrive best in the baskets in the shade. We have several swings & gliders and I love to set out there in the Spring & early Summer. My daughter & family visited Martha’s Vineyard last summer & stayed in a beautiful large house on Cape Cod overlooking the ocean with private beach. I only wished I could have gone with them, but they were with several other couples with all of the kids. Sorry to be so wordy. Will be looking forward for the next book & keeping fingers crossed that I win the beautiful heart teapot in time for Valentines! Sandi from Texas

  58. Beth Carter says:

    Susan – I am not trying to get my name in the drawing twice (though that would be nice!) but I did not see my comment and I wanted to make sure that I got in on the fun. Thank you for your lovely blog. When I need inspiration to be happy in the moment, your lovely posts always do the trick!

  59. Gale Harris says:

    I don’t know if I have a comment under the address book blog post or not, but I have to say that the Earl Grey tea with lavender and roses is the most romantic blend ever! The taste is deeply enticing and enhanced by the loveliest aroma. It is totally swoon-worthy!

  60. Hi Susan! Love the portrait card for your dear friend…So inspiring, as are all your messages. I adore the teapot and would love to gift it and the tea and your fabulous book to a precious friend who is coming up to her 5 year anniversary of surviving stage 3 breast cancer. Thank you again for your winter cheer! Makes me feel cozy in this crazy cold Massachusetts weather! XOXO

  61. Terri Lovell says:

    Dear Susan,Good Morning. I posted a comment yesterday but did not see it in the feed this morning. I just pretty much repeated the sentiments of everyone else. ♥ We love all things Susan Branch ♥

  62. Christy Esse says:

    I’m so excited! I just had to tell you my news. My two very bestest girlfriends were visiting me over the new year holiday weekend and one of our very favorite things to do (besides cook, eat and talk!) is to poke around junk, antique and resale shops. While we were in one shop that is like an antique/vintage consignement store, we (I) hit the jackpot! Lori found Heart of the Home, and Summer found a (rare?) double edition of Heart of the Home and Vineyard Seasons. Two different booths and two of your books in the same store! (I should add here that they both knew that I’d been on the lookout for your out-of-print books for years.) Happy Dance!

    Incidentally, Lori is the one who hooked me on this wonderful artist named Susan Branch, years ago when she bought me “Girlfriends” for my birthday one year. We’ve been friends for 33 years!

    Anyway, I just had to share in my excitement at finding these two hidden treasures.

    Christy in SoTex

  63. Noelle Miller says:

    Oh thank you for brightening my cold winter morning on Minnesota with your colorful designs and tea-loving life! As a fellow creative person who weaves and knits it is wonderful to see your quotes and drawings and hear your happy chatter….Loved your Fine Romance book! Still hoping to go to England, maybe if my daughter and her husband are stationed there in the next 10 years I will go 🙂

  64. Jenny Page says:

    Great idea, Susan!

  65. Ingrid says:

    Susan, your blog is just happy making for me and full of great ideas! I usually read when I’m on conference calls at work 🙂 I like to think its true multi-tasking!

  66. Adele says:

    Hi Susan,
    It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to jump in to say “hi”. I simply love reading your blogs, your love filled stories, seeing your photographs and simply sharing your beautiful life with all of us. My cubicle at work has your calendars posted all over and I save the pictures from the old ones and have a collage on my two walls. I put a heart throw rug at my feet and a blanket over the back of my chair. I have my mug with flowers on it and need a teapot to go with it (Please). My cubicle looks like a very small corner of your home. My co-workers love my cubicle which has a very loving touch of Susan Branch all over it. Love Jack and the heart-filled stories you share with us. I think I was the proud owner of Jack’s great great grandpa. Growing up I had a cat identical to the markings on Jack. I have to find a picture and post it for you. My cat’s name was Mr. J. L. Sullivan. Attitude written all over my cat. The mannerisms are so similar that the stories and photos you share of Jack, are dear to my heart. It brings such fond memories flooding my memory banks. Please keeping sharing the photos and stories with us. As for the address books, what a great idea. I had bought a big address book from a garage sale and it was perfect to use as my main cookbook. I put all my top notch favorite recipes in that book, that I either developed or found tasty over the years. I use the letters the same way you do. “a” for apple recipes, “b” for bread, etc. Repurposing is the way to go. Thank you for sharing with us the great ideas. Stay warm and be well, Adele from the very cold State of Michigan. Send xoxo from Michigan.

  67. Anne says:

    I did not know about all of your beautiful gift ideas and art work until I began looking for an address book on line…not just any address book, but one like you have designed. I was going to buy one of yours on Amazon, but then I thought you might have a website. Imagine my delight when I found that you not only had a website, but an adorable address book just like I wanted. I will be glad when you have more in stock. I am ready to order

  68. Nancy says:

    to one teapot collector to another, I adore your address books. I need one and my friend does too. Wish I could visit you. I was station in MA during 1975-1977. Absolutely beautiful–and married a guy from Rhode Island. We moved out west, raised a family….will get back there one day 🙂

  69. Becki Smith says:

    Love your work Susan, it always makes my day brighter. Thanks! I love teapots too! Have quite a collection antique to new.

  70. Michele M. says:

    Hi Susan! Happy New Year to you, Joe and the kitties!! I feel so fortunate that I have a place to go to share the feeling of cozy home and Smallville: your blog! The more I get older the more I want less stress, craziness and technology (HA that’s a good one!). I too went into a cleaning and organizational frenzy during the Christmas break. I donated so much clothing, home goods and holiday decorations. Really let go. For some reason this year, it was easier than other years. Feels great! A fresh start.

    Wishing you a great start to the new year!!

  71. Nancy Robbins says:

    Can’t wait to win

  72. Nancy Robbins says:

    Love the idea.

  73. Sarah Dillbeck says:

    Hi Susan, Loved the cookies you shared with us at the book signing in Pasadena, CA. Then there was my favorite moment when Joe was smirking when you started reading your love story. How wonderful that you both found the perfect love match.
    Recently while house sitting I read an article in the NY Times Dec.28, 2014 that made me think of you and your last book. “Seeking Inspiration in Jane Austen’s world” by Charles Lovett. If you haven’t read it I can send it to you.
    Look forward to winning your beautiful teapot. Sarah

  74. Michele L Grider says:

    I love your perspectives…on song, warm shoes, comfortable sweaters, CATS -definitely cats, and tea. While I love the teapots, I would be most happy to split the largesse, thankful for the tea and the novel.
    You see, ever since my trips to England, I have been only satisfied with Lavender Lady Grey and Earl Grey Teas.
    I have enough teapots and woulf love to have someone else enjoy that particular gift.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  75. Barbara says:

    Susan, I just want to thank you for all of your beautiful work! Thank you for taking me on so many adventures through your lovely art work! You make me smile! Love the kitties too!

  76. Lizzie Medel says:

    Dearest Susan, thank you for bringing Smallville to Silicon Valley-ville! As i gaze at all your lovely snowy, kitty, coziness, I am truly transported! I <3 love California, but there's nothing like hanging with my girlfriend Susan in Martha's! How divine would it be to win that cute little teapot and goodies?! I will host a lovely tea party and read from 'A Fine Romance' with my sweet daughter Molly, dear Auntie's and our 3 kitties Bagheera, Skinny Joe and Skinny Jane. Please Vanna, let it be moi! Thank you for making life so lovely 🙂 Stay warm and healthy Susan. Love and hugs from California xoxo Lizzie

  77. Denise says:

    I love the cute heart teapot. My sister and I are getting ready for my first trip to England this spring and the teapot and tea would come in so handy to practice tea time before we depart! All your art work makes me smile!

  78. JoAnn Petersen says:

    Love Tea parties, and your tea pot is perfect! Thank you for your wonderful art work!!!!!

  79. Lydia Alejandro says:

    Hola Susana!
    Greetings from Ohio! My son, who is in the Air Force, just returned from New Hampshire from conducting an inspection at one Air Guard Unit (Portsmith ?)
    Anyways, he had never been to the New England states and he loved New Hampshire, he got to briefly visit Maine and Boston and see the Ocean in the winter. He was stationed at Travis Air Base in California and has visited San Luis Obispo. He missed the Ocean. All this to say, I was telling him about your talents and blog and your life on Martha’s Vineyard, because you live on the East Coast and I wanted him to know I know someone from the East Coast (through your blog, of course). He thought it was cool. Change of thought. I am so EXCITED about being in the drawing for the A Fine Romance book ( I do not have it yet, too poor), and the lovely teapot and teas (yum). Put me in Vanna’s drawing box and wishing on a STAR that I win! Thank you for being so generous with your girlfriends! I appreciate it.
    Con Carino,
    Lydia Alejandro

  80. Sara Richmond says:

    Although I’m too late for the address books, I’d like to leave a comment for the lovely teapot! Susan, I received “A Fine Romance” for Christmas this past year. It was lovely! I couldn’t wait to settle down in the evenings with a cup of tea and enjoy the tale. Thank you for taking us all along with you on your lovely trip!

  81. Janet Carter says:

    Hi Susan, My best girlfriend just came home from a month at Mayo Clinic in MN, where her husband was diagnosed with a very rare condition. We’re grateful for all of the good care they received while there, and now, we’re anticipating some relaxing time with a great pot of tea. Her birthday is Tuesday. I would love to give her your special tea pot. Thank you for sharing your home and your life with us. You are such an inspiration! xo Jan

  82. Pamala B says:

    Such a wonderful to do!! I would love for Vanna to choose me. You are the Best girlfriend! Thanks

  83. marilyn k says:

    Susan, I just have to tell you I love your blog and all things SB! While we were in Texas over the New Year my husband and I were browsing in an antique shop. I spotted two ‘elephant creamers’ in a locked show case just like yours. I was delighted to find them and was busy telling hubby all about it being just like yours when what should I find in the bookshelves right beside? ‘Notes From A Vineyard Kitchen’. Heart of the Home Susan Branch!!!!! Wow, I let the creamers sit and grabbed the book. Too good to be true, only have one regret now…I wish I’d gotten the creamer too! Put me in for the Teapot! Love all things TEA!

    • sbranch says:

      Get ready, because I found an extra elephant pitcher when we were off-island last fall, have been saving it for future fun giveaway . . . ♥️

  84. Faye says:

    Your blog is like a visit with a dear friend! Thanks so much for your books and calendars–I have most of them. The oven cranberry sauce (2014 calendar) was a hit at my house at Christmas!

  85. Hi Susan, I just love the address book with the house on it! My favorite drawing of yours. I have wanted to write you (again) because the summer of 2013, I got to visit Martha’s Vineyard and it’s so beautiful there. I bought your book at the local bookstore “Bunch of Grapes”. You were still on tour for the book at the time and I was really excited to find it as you had posted it was selling out. I also did a bit of driving around and exploring and found some other interesting things, lets leave it at that, hint hint. I also love England, Earl Grey tea, and rabbits, and adore that you have a Peter Rabbit Room! I have two cats I love to death, my all black cat Milo and my newest baby Ty. Your furbabies are too cute. Just to let you know, I so enjoy Pinterest and have boards under the my name above. Of course I have a Susan Branch board. Love for you to check it out.

  86. Nançy says:

    You make my day in every way! Love the teapot and your works.

  87. Liz says:

    What a wonderful painting you did for your friend. You have such a special talent. The teapot would look perfect with my Grandmother’s china and I’d love to sent the book to a girlfriend I met while studying in England, many moons ago. So fun to read your blog!!

  88. Joseph Smith says:

    Hello, I am entering for my dear, lovely wife who so enjoys tea and all the beautiful makings you share. Thank you!

  89. Jane Pasini says:

    Thanks for this blog; it made me happy on this cold, but sunny, morning in Northern CT. Please enter me for the drawing. I do not own these Susan Branch items and I’d love to add them to my collection. Keep inspiring, Susan! oxo

  90. Cathy from Golden Co says:

    I collect teapots. I’d love to add this special beauty. Thank you for your generous heart….

  91. Deb says:

    Susan, thank you for always bringing a smile to my face. Your posts are so uplifting and in today’s case, educational! What a great tip! I often share your posts with my grand kids, they love seeing your sweet kitties faces. Thank you for being a blessing to so many of us!!

  92. Kathie Haley says:

    Oh boy…..an imaginary trip to England to the pottery factory where’re the charming little teapot was made. You see, I’m good at imaginary trips as I have lupus and MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome) and am pretty much confined to home. I LOVE your blog and your book A Fine Romance…..I’ve read it through twice! By the way, I live in San Luis Obispo. Didn’t you used to live in San Luis? Thank you and bless you for all the joy you bring to others.

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, I lived there a very long time ago . . . my Studio (where the web store is based) is still in Arroyo Grande. Happy to have you here Kathie . . . xoxo

  93. Linda Kidd says:

    Susan – I enjoy your blog so much! Thanks for all the wonderful info you pass on. I absolutely love your watercolors, info on creating a cozy home, info on dishes and glassware, everything. I have all your books. Loved “A Fine Romance.” Thanks again for all your posts.

  94. Cindy says:

    Susan – I would love the teapot! I have 1 tea cup & saucer, 1 tea/coffee mug, 1 creamer and 1 sugar bowl that I bought in England over the last few years but haven’t gotten the actual tea pot yet – yours would be perfect. My husband got me your book “A Fine Romance” for my birthday a year or so ago, and I spend a lot of time daydreaming about a garden tour. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  95. Eileen Nieli says:

    Love the beautiful Heart Teapot. Thank you for your giveaways, and your wonderful blog.

  96. MARILYN P. STALEY says:

    Thank you for the sunshine you bring into the lives of all of us followers. Your blog is such a welcome site when it’s an overcast winter day, a spring rain, or a day filled with sunshine. The beauty you bring into our lives is priceless. I love all of the recipes offered, shopping in your online store, lists of favorite books and films. etc. Thank you for enriching our lives always. The give-aways are always fun, and hoping to be the recipient is exciting. I have shared your blog with many friends. Thank you. . . .

  97. Carol Holdstock says:

    Susan, I enjoy all your drawings, watercolours, books, calendars and blogs so much. I would be honoured to win any one of the prizes you have mentioned. I always have one of your calendars hanging in my house and look at it every day. It’s amazing how I see something new there each time.

  98. Patricia says:

    What a great idea using an address book for passwords and other internet information! I have one that my Mother gave me many years ago that will be perfect. Starting tonight to pull together all those little scraps of paper piled in a drawer. Thanks for all the great ideas that you always slip in on your Blog.

  99. lin rader says:

    I am refreshed…just finished reading your latest post about Paul Lucas. You can’t beat the English for suave! Love your painting of him…he will be delighted when he receives that in the post…his family will also! Happy to know I will be entered for the teapot…it is adorable. I am going to make a quilted heart garland for my fireplace. That paper one was my inspiration!! When I am in need if a little New England charm, I look for you, my girlfriend, and I am never disappointed! Here’s to love, charm and Earl Grey tea and YOU! God bless you and that sexy guy in the French beret!

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