It’s a Miracle!

Well, it’s a miracle, I still remember how to do this! Including even MUSICA!  I still got it!

I just wanted to say hello to you all, send a thousand kisses, and tell you how sorry I am for being away for so long.  But most especially I wanted to thank everyone who’s been sending me  positive messages via the blog and email. You will never know how much they’ve meant to me. They’re like verbal backbone strengtheners! And I’ve needed every one of them! There’s an element of guilt you know, locking yourself away like I have. Your words tell me you forgive me.


The Fairy Tale Girl

Especially on the days when the blank page just stares back at me.  If you wonder where I’ve been, I drew you a picture  . . . I’ve been doing this and this and this and this for all these weeks and months.  And I am so close now.  And when I get done, I will do my best to make up for lost time.  I know you wonder why I don’t just put up a little something to say hello, but it’s the concentration thing that I really need to write a book, and almost everything breaks it.

Fairy Tale Girl

Pay no attention to me . . . I have these little guys on my side now, one of them sits on my paintbrush just like in the picture below . . . and I’m almost done! I probably should have started writing books like these when I was 28 rather than 68 — I’d be so much better at it by now!  ‘Course, then this would have been a much shorter book!  (But that could be a good thing!) You do what you do when you do it I guess.

The Fairy Tale Girl

I think it’s turning out good ~ I just want to set it free and let it fly by itself and very soon, I’ll be able to do that.  I just underestimated how much time it would take.  But you know I couldn’t turn it in until I felt like I’d done my best on each butterflies in lovepage.  You scrapbookers know what I mean! Also, I’m VERY boring these days, you would have been sick of me by now anyway because it’s all this, all the time.  I’m a broken record living in Groundhog Day.  Yes, you’ve heard this song before! 🙂 But soon, I will get interesting again. There will be food and gardens and home grown tomatoes and farmers market and walks and ocean pictures, maybe even a train ride and a Willard! Lots more Jack and much more Girl Kitty, and maybe even a little Joe.

The Fairy Tale Girl

One of the big excitements this week was when I remembered my baby book and thought how cute the pages would look as end papers for the book.  That’s one of them up there.  With my baby hair still on it!  (What I ought to do is take that hair in and see if they can make a clone of me from my baby hair and have the clone finish The Fairy Tale Girl!  Good idea!)  Remembering those pages put me in a good mood for two full days!  On one of them my mom writes about my birthday and says I received squirrel slippers for a gift! She is going to LOVE this book!  BTW, she is healthy and happy and so is my dad!  I spoke to him this morning and he says, Hello Girlfriends!

bird flowers get-attachment.aspx


Pookie Boy! Even though this is short, and just a hello and big thank you, I know you would maybe never forgive me if I didn’t include a photo of my sidekick who is always right here beside me, just like you, through thick and thin ~ Jack will also be glad when I’m done working, he’s ready for MUCH more playing.

day lilies


But he still loves me. And look at those paws. OMG I want to eat them.

I promise I’ll be back soon.  Your generous words of encouragement, here and on Facebook and Twitter too ~ they’re what I’ve been leaning on to get through this. You keep me sane, and that is saying something ~ XOXO and see you soon! Back to work I go . . . I’m writing the words for the copyright page now!  P.S. don’t get me wrong, this is a labor of love. I would do it no matter if anyone else wanted it or not.  It’s been in me forever and has always wanted out.  It’s actually more of an exorcism than a book writing adventure! xoxo

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582 Responses to It’s a Miracle!

  1. Siobhan in Santa Monica says:

    Oooh, an exorcism…can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait! lol. You’re so funny, Susan. Take all the time you need. We know it will be worth the wait…

  2. Gloria Howard says:

    Thank you Susan for writing your story! I can’t wait to read it.
    I’m heading to the Vineyard on Sunday for my annual summer vacation with my family and I’m so excited and happy! Hooray!

  3. Anthea Milton says:

    Just ordered your new book and caught upto date with the posts, it was so nice to see you found time for a little blog time. I have missed seeing pictures of your summer garden and activities, hope you are finding time to relax in the sun, watching the birds and enjoying a little cake and tea!
    Here, north of Seattle, we have an unexpectedly hot summer so far, the lettuce have bolted, the flowers and grass dried out but have been blessed by the hummingbirds loving the salvia, the butterflies fluttering all over the buddleia and the amazing selection of birds coming to the feeders…who needs the cinema. Happy summer, can you believe Cilla Black died, how sad! I used to sing Anyone who had a heart around the house getting ready for when they had middle aged{ possibly now old} American Idol.

    • sbranch says:

      I’ve been watching the weather out there a little bit . . . seems too hot and too much fire! I didn’t know she had died, that is sad!

      • Anthea Milton says:

        Yes, she died out in Spain…apparently sunbathing got up, lost her balance and fell, knocked her head and then had a stroke!
        I HATE when anything happens to people I remember from growing up, like Laura Ashley, Sonny Bono, two Beatles,etcetc..and now Cilla, and ‘only’ 72. Now I am getting older , that doesn’t seem so old….help!

  4. Sheryl from Magalia CA says:

    I’m sorry it seems we put so much pressure on you at times. I think we all understand the time it takes to be such a creative person. We really care and love you so take care of business and yourself first. Hugs. Sheryl

  5. Dianna says:

    You have been such an inspiration to me, Susan. I’d never think of writing a book, but reading A Fine Romance just really inspired me to start a hand-written journal again. I’m just doing a month by month one rather than a daily entry one, but it has been so much fun…and so very relaxing. I’ve entered pictures from when family was here this summer and made notes about medical issues, and drawn pictures (which no one but me could love) and just loving the time it gives me to reflect. Thanks so much…and I’m so looking forward to your new book! xo

  6. What’s the old saying, “A book in the hand is worth ten in the brain…?” or something like that… ;O)

    In other words, when I check your blog and don’t see a new post, I always think, Oh, she is working hard on her new book – good for her, and good for us readers too! The long term joy of a book in hand trumps the short term rewards of a blog post in the ephemeral internet world (not that there needs to be a competition or anything – both are wonderful!). All best wishes in the home stretch, and happy cat days of summer…

    • sbranch says:

      I think I’ve heard that old saying before, Sarah! 🙂 Thank you! Yes, a blog is only a day or two, a book is forever.

  7. Christy says:

    Oh I am so glad you are well! I was getting worried! I talked to mom a few weeks ago and said how sad I was that you had not posted in so long.

    Just got back yesterday from our own trip to England, and I kept thinking of you as we drove around the country. Actually I didn’t drive, but was whisked all over the countryside by very amiable drivers. It made me think I might “need” a chauffeur! Haha!

    Can’t wait to hear about your garden, and how things are going for you. Praying God will help you enjoy even the last little pages!

    • sbranch says:

      It’s been a true pleasure. I know what you mean about “needing” a driver . . . what a luxury! xoxo

  8. Dena says:

    today is my sons birthday 8/7/87 day to celebrate. he has grown into a wonderful young man , a plumber , with wife , and nice home , all a mother wants to be proud of , but is hard for us because 8/8/90 was the day his father passed away, just want to say life goes buy so fast , honor and love what you have , Tell your love ones u love them, don’t blink , if i could turn back hands of time, Hope my kids look back on their father with respect and honor as you have .

  9. Sherry Reis says:

    Hi Susan. My hubby surprised me with a 70th birthday trip to Bend, OR last week. We stayed in Lara House B&B in Bend, OR. which was built in 1910. You would have loved it Susan. Even though it was in the mid 90’s we took walks across the street by “mirror pond” … isn’t that the perfect name for a quiet spot on the river? Finally back home in my own “smallville” and decided to see if by chance you were back blogging again …I was experiencing some serious “Susan blog” withdrawal. Not as bad as a caffeine withdrawal 🙂 So happy you are back, I just wanted to crawl through the computer and give you a hug. Planning to surprise my friends (who are now huge fans too) with your new book and so Happy you are keeping Vanna on her toes. Love & Hugs …. Sherry

  10. Meg says:

    Love reading your emails. Would love to win the latest drawing. I haven’t read any of your books yet, but maybe I can win and I’m sure I will love them as much as I love reading your Willards

  11. Maryanna Vuocolo says:

    I just read my Willard and I wanted to make a comment on the Blog to be entered for the Giveaway!! I love everything Susan Branch! Since the very first cook book that was a gift to me, I have been hooked. I even had the opportunity to go to your store in California….I would LOVE to be chosen! I’m not sure that this is the right spot on the Blog since I’m not a blogger….I have my fingers crossed and beleive that “Fairy Tales Do Come True”!!!

  12. Livia says:

    Can’t wait for the book(s)!

  13. Livia says:

    Can’t wait for the book(s),

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