Good Morning from Stormy Martha’s Vineyard! Welcome to my Mini Willard . . . a little catch-up and our Zoom Party sign-up … but always always, it’s better with MUSICA! Doing our very best to feed ourselves from the very, very, deep well of sweetness… 💖 It’s not that hard, so much of it around!

Our kitchen window has been better than a fish tank these freezing days . . . cardinals, mourning doves, chickadees flying in, fat squirrels hanging off the feeders . . . and us, warm and cozy, on the other side.

We left some lights up  . . . thinking the world needs as much light as possible these days. I’ve been busy, but it’s sort of groundhog day-ish here … I’m up early, wrapping myself in a shawl, turning up the furnace, feeding Jack, making tea, starting laundry, heading for my studio where I am working on my most wonderful book. And there I stay, wrapped in it, deep in thought with “What would they like to see” running through my head. And repeat it all tomorrow! Yup, Groundhog Day: “They say we’re young and we don’t know . . . “🎶 Not EXACTLY the same everyday . . . We’ve lost electricity sometimes . . . that adds some spice!

 Because it’s January and it’s what happens… but it’s not all bad, and it doesn’t last. We’re in the middle of a wind and rain storm right now . . . it’s still dark out, but I can hear it blowing . . . I HOPE the electricity doesn’t go out while I’m writing this, but I’m ready. I write three words and hit save; put in a picture, hit save… Candle and matches are right here next to me!

And we have this! No matter what happens . . .

This is is our kitchen window . . . see how it is? Like a fish tank only with birds! We stand there together, me Joe and Jack, drinking tea and watching . . .

We’ve been cooking because that’s what winter is for! This is what Joe came up with for breakfast the other day. He is such a good cook! He made the batter of eggs, cheese, and cream . . . topped it with two MORE eggs and bacon . . .😲 definitely MAN food! Had it with homemade sourdough bread that our neighbor Martha brought us! No, I did not eat it! Last winter I gained SO MUCH WEIGHT, I am trying not to do that to myself this winter. Yes, the pandemic (may I say it?) sucks⚡️, but I am not going to let it kill me… if I can help it.

So I had my oatmeal, apples, blueberries, cinnamon, and almond milk and loved every moment of it!It’s keeping me from drying up!🤣 

I’m writing my book, stretching out on the dining room floor, walking when we can, taking naps (cuts the chaos in half!), meditating, and for dinner . . . three cozy scrambled eggs . . . with only one yolk . . .

With different vegetables to make it interesting . . . as healthy as can be! Winter will NOT last forever! So they say! And I have places to go and people to see! Our total reward is coming, so much to look forward to… I hope you have good things on your calendar! It helps! ♥️


Here’s Jack again, still loving his new rug! I guess he KNOWS that there’s a tuxedo kitty on this rug, but it still surprises me that he goes there specifically to loll around or give himself a bath.

And here’s Ripper . . . his first experience with snow . . . isn’t he picturesque in his little red coat? Elaine said he was a little bit wary, being a California dog, but as long as squirrels are out there, he’s still interested!

So are you ready for a ZOOM? It is going to happen day after tomorrow, on Wednesday, January 19, at 7pm EST … go HERE to sign up . . . the lovely Cary Library in Lexington MA will send you an email with a link so you can join. . . THIS is my big excitement! Can’t wait to see you all. 

I’ll have my winter cup o’tea and light a fire so we can be cozy! Look at the bottom of this Willard . . . I’m putting a comment list from another Zoom talk, maybe you’ll find yourself there . . so many names I recognize after all these years of Girlfriend-hood! Zooms are amazing, that we can be warm and toasty at home, yet all together! Can’t wait! Until then, I hope you are all being good to yourselves. Modern times are coming as a bit of a shock . . . Deep breath . . . 

You’ll have to enlarge these ⬇ to read them! But you’ll get the idea! Love you! ❌⭕️❌⭕️


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342 Responses to MINI WILLARD/ ZOOM is COMING!

  1. Joy Pence from Ohio says:

    Good morning Sweet Susan! We woke up to 4″ of snow this morning in southern Ohio. Snow is wonderful in how it absorbs all the noise, leaving you with the soothing quiet. We are in quarantine, my husband has covid but thank the Lord he was vaccinated and had his booster so he is fairing very well. I don’t understand zoom, how can all these people fit on the screen so we can all see you. Hope that is not a dumb question.


    • sbranch says:

      It’s not dumb at all! You guys can see me, I can see if someone writes something, but I can’t see you, and my guess is you can’t see everyone else either. I think there’ll probably be 1000 of us … no way to get us all on the screen! Hope that’s not even more confusing!!

    • DeAnna Jenkins says:

      Hi Joy! I live in Ohio too, near Canton. We had 11 inches of snow this morning! Got my cardio shoveling out. Stay safe and warm and prayers for a quick recovery for your husband.

    • Kathy Branch Spicer says:

      Joy, I’m in Southern Ohio too! I’m in Athens and we had seven beautiful inches of snow!

      Susan, I’m going to be on this zoom too. I loved the December one so much!

  2. Bridget B. in Tennessee says:

    So nice to get a Willard this morning. Pictures of Jack always warm my heart. So glad you share him. It snowed most of yesterday. I entertained myself by reading some of your January blogs from years past. I love the pictures of your beautiful table settings and the snow. Have a wonderful day Susan, Joe, Jack and Girlfriends!

  3. Such a delight to hear from you today, Susan! I love knowing that you are warm and cozy at your writing desk each morning. I am enjoying quiet time writing my Morning Pages before sunrise here, too. A heartwarming bit of synchronicity! I’m looking forward to another special gathering on Wednesday evening!!💕
    Sending warm hugs from Illinois,

  4. Kathy George says:

    I signed up for this zoom and can not wait. I haven’t missed one yet, while serving tea and treats to my group. Though for this one, we’ll be in our own homes probably each in our pj’s and texting as we go along. These zooms are such a treat. Thank you!!!!

    • sbranch says:

      Hi Kathy! Yes! I should wear my jammies too! But I’ll do everyone a favor and won’t! See you soon! xoxoxo

  5. Sophie T says:

    Hello Susan! It’s always wonderful to read you! We are also in the snow storm today, the worst is suppose to hit over the next hour. We’re all cozy in the house, schools have been closed down today. I registered for the zoom meeting! I’d love to hear you “live”!
    Yesterday, DH and I were musing about what my 50th birthday gift could be… I suggested a get away somewhere I’ve always wanted to go to. Spontanously, he said : Martha’s Vineyard? (He knows how fond I am of your islands… and of islands in general). Oh, that would be so wonderful… Let’s see what the next months bring us and if it becomes easier to travel again! 🙂
    Have a great day!

    • sbranch says:

      I sure hope so Sophie!!! We all need to get out! Our storm has totally blown through … most of it happened while it was still dark, and now, in a very surreal way, the sun is coming out!

  6. Connie Rose Woehler says:

    Good Morning Susan from Sunny Texas where I am visiting my grandchildren. I understand that we had a beautiful snowfall overnight back home in Indiana.Love your post and the reminder to “Feed your soul with silence – that’s where dreams are born”. A beautiful thought for this Monday morning! Have signed up for the Zoom meeting. Can’t wait!

  7. Sue G says:

    Morning Susan! Looking forward to joining in your zoom meeting! Wishing for a bit of snow here near Milwaukee, we seem to be missing it so far this year. I too enjoy my kitchen bay window where I watch the birds on the feeder and wonder if they like watching me too! See you Wednesday!

  8. diana from ancaster says:

    Good Morning!!!
    Snowing here but I’m cosy inside sitting by my fireplace enjoying some hot tea ( my favourite Moon mug) .

    Stay warm…. Can’t wait for the new book.

  9. Ann Elick says:

    Love you girlfriend

  10. Barb Murphy says:

    What a lovely way to start a Monday. Love Willard’s!!!
    Would it be possible to get Joe’s recipe for his egg bake? My hubby would love it!
    Stay warm, cozy and healthy.

  11. Penny says:

    Yes winter has definitely arrived on Mt.Rose as well ! Always thankful for our snow storms-the snow melt feeds our beautiful Lake Tahoe for summers filled with kayaking & swimming in turquoise pools .
    So glad your eating healthy-we need your sweet gentle heart on this earth! I have two fun trips on my calendar-May girls trip Napa Valley …. November I’m taking my daughter & grandchildren to Maui for an Aloha Thanksgiving! It is good to have adventures to look forward to . Stay well -Penny from Mt .Rose

  12. I can’t wait to join the zoom! How fun to see you in person after years of following along…you have been a part of life here for so long. Stay warm!!

  13. Joyce Shellhammer says:

    Dear Susan,
    Your post came this morning. It is just like getting sunshine in the mail. You always brighten my day but especially on this snow laden day in Ohio. We have over 2 feet of it and like you we are so enjoying the birds at our feeder. Just put gingerbread in the oven. Stay warm and know how much you are cherished.

  14. Nancy Neumann says:

    Susan it’s always wonderful receiving a Willard from you! I am warm and cozy here with a beautiful snowy winter wonderland just outside my window as well. I look forward to your Zoom tomorrow! Thank you for the joy and love you bring to
    all of us…your girlfriends! May You, Joe, Jack and all girlfriends stay warm and well! XO

  15. Sandra R. Whitman says:

    Your blogs always make me feel warm and cozy. I’m sure you know the Scandinavian word for it …..Hygge. Just finished a puzzle with all these cozy elements in it, and lo and behold, on the bookshelf was a tiny book with the title “Hygge”. Snow/sleet here in NH. But I love winter!! Have a warm, cozy, hygge day, Susan.
    Sandy Thoresen Whitman

  16. D OBrien says:

    No snow in Wales yet, our winter has been peculiarly mild so far, but that can change! It’s still dark after I’ve been up an hour, but I find the darkness so peaceful for writing my Morning Pages, without distraction, as the dawn slowly creeps in over my garden. I’m noticing a few minutes extra daylight every evening now, and I love that. With regret, I won’t be joining you this time, I think it’s gone midnight in the UK at 7:00 p.m. EST. I could sign up and try, but if I doze off it’s not fair to take a spot from someone who’s awake.

    Waving~~~Deb in Wales xoxo

    • sbranch says:

      LOL! Being awake is a very important part of a zoom meeting!🤣 I’ll be fighting for that myself. Since I usually graduate to the upper levels by around 8!🥱 I’ll take a nap!

  17. Shannon(Pennsylvania) says:

    Good morning! It’s snowy and windy and cold here, too, but we’re counting our blessings and dipping deep into that well of sweetness❤️I’m all signed up for our Zoom….Yay! Joe’s breakfast concoction looks SO good, but your egg/spinach/pea/Brussel sprout looks yummy, too☺️

  18. Alana Lennie says:

    Loved having a morning message to read as I sit at my window watching the day begin. Dare I say it? I envy you all curled up at your windows watching the snow fall. I’m on the bay in San Diego and I’m watching joggers run by on the boardwalk and people throwing sticks for their dogs on the sand. Enjoy the beauty of your weather!

  19. Gail Risden says:

    Susan, You have gotten thru our world thru the first Covid and now hard to believe still another surge more contagious than the others. My husband faces yet another cancer surgery , this one a bit more difficult than the other 2. So made my day to read this from you!! Only two things. Could not read the list part even when I tried enlarging it? Light blue lettering also harder to read. Looking forward to the Zoom-I must’ve missed it so glad there was still room for me. (Tons literally of dr. appts for each of us.)Thank You Susan for everything you do:) Love, Gail

    • sbranch says:

      Love and blessings to you and your husband Gail.🙏🙏🙏 The lettering I see on those pages is black. Isn’t that crazy? Try refreshing the page. Probably won’t help, but maybe!❤️

  20. Pat LaPointe says:

    Good morning Susan, What a treat to read your posting today in the midst of the storm, snowed this morning too here in Rhode Island, then heavy rain and winds, but it’s calming down presently. I always enjoy the photos you include, so cozy and inviting! Discovered your first cookbook back when it came out and I have most of your books and cookbooks (as well as my favorite mug of yours – Kitty Love) so will be a treat to be a part of the Zoom visit on Wednesday! See you then!

  21. Sally Jenks Roth says:

    I’ve signed up for your Wednesday talk on Zoom (luckily I’m very familiar with Zoom now) and looking forward to it. We must have something positive to look forward to these days… Thank you, Susan, as always!

  22. Sally says:

    We’re snug in our warm apartment, while the driving rain and howling wind disrupt the outside elements. Preparing to make a roast chicken lunch with baked potatoes, steamed carrots and broccoli, and banana bread for dessert. Perfect weather for coziness and a new Susan Branch Willard. Thank you for your post and the upcoming Zoom. All signed up and looking forward to it. Hugs to you and all.

  23. julie borg says:

    ❤️❤️❤️ It was cold here in Houston this morning. 35* on our 530 walk. We didn’t see anyone else out. We usually see half a dozen people and several cars. I love that time of the morning. It’s still “quite” outside in the city. You don’t hear as much traffic rushing to work. My sweet yellow lab Goose put himself back to bed in front of the fire immediately after we got back. Looking forward to the zoom! 💐

  24. Renee says:

    Just signed up for the zoom meeting! Can’t wait to hear your voice discuss your lovely books! Thanks for doing this for all of us!

  25. Cindy Cattern says:

    Good morning, Susan. Will you be printing more of your 2022 wall calendars? If not, will you show it, in full to us somewhere on your site? I just love reading and enjoying all the pages. Happy January!

  26. Susan Holcombe says:

    Oh Susan, what a nice way to start my day…seeing and hearing from you. I always feel like a cozy throw has been wrapped around my shoulders as I feast on your thoughts and inspirations. I don’t want to take it off. I also have a favorite window for bird watching. I have 2 feeders hanging and a suet cage. What a feast for them and me! Them eating, me watching! And “my Jack”, Richard, loves to jump up on the little table by the window and feast also. He’s thinking, “If only”… Have a splendid day!

  27. Luanne Morgado says:

    Just what I needed today…I live in Central Massachusetts so getting the same weather as you. Think Spring 🐇🐦🐣🌸⚘🌷🌼🌱🌿

  28. Judy Quinn says:

    Good morning dear Susan and all. Such a treat getting a mini Willard on a snowy icy morning
    In Concord NC. Will be in until it melts. Would love to be on your zoom. Lived in Lexington
    MA for many years and graduated from Lexington H.S.. in fact my Dad graduated from there
    In 1914! Enjoy the library. Its a beauty.

  29. Ann Woleben says:

    What a treat -two Willards in one month! The pictures of the snow and your cozy indoors are so inviting. We can’t seem to buy a snowflake here in coastal Virginia. I would love to have one beautiful snowfall this winter. I’ve registered for the Zoom meeting and I’m looking forward to it. In your last blog you mentioned your book of quotes – so exciting! I’m saving my Barnes and Noble Christmas gift card to buy this special book. It will hold a prominent space next to your other books on one of my bookshelves. Take care!

  30. Dixie Reimold says:

    Hi from totally lovely snowy Western Pennsylvania, our first ‘Snow’ of this Season..and. Willard to be read and reread…who could ask for more. Of course, I am not out there trying to get to work. You are soo right Susan about the Joys of ‘Meeting’ from Home…We are Blest in many ways with our Modern World while we enjoy the timeless love of sitting by the Fire, with a purring Cat or three, our ’cuppa’, a Book or our Knitting. Yep! Winter is a lovely time.
    Love to You, Joe, and Jack.

  31. DeAnna Jenkins says:

    I’ve signed up for my first Susan Zoom! So excited! Susan, I adore your red transferware! I too collect and just love it! Still snowing here in Ohio with at least 12” now. Have you ever tried dried cherries in your oatmeal? So, so good! I buy mine from Cherry Republic- you can find them online and throughout Michigan. Since my first taste, I was hooked!

  32. Melissa S. says:

    Loved seeing Ripper as I am a Westie mom! Georgie Girl is my 3rd westie and I can vouch…red is their color! Keep warm on the Vineyard!

  33. Sue Kukuk says:

    I have been a big fan of you for probably 20 years. The summer book was given to me, by my sister, and that got me hooked. I just registered for the zoom get together Wednesday and very excited to hear your voice and see you live in person! Thanks for being such a positive light in this rather dark period of time. Keep it up. Love Jack❤️

  34. Linda says:

    Looking forward to your zoom on Wednesday, Susan! It will be my
    first one with you! 💗

  35. Debbie Boerger says:

    Glad you did not have any damage from this storm. Very little snow in Downeast Maine, and Absolutely None in Tampa!! We left our Christmas lights up until Spring….Last year in Maine. They are so very beautiful with snow on them, aren’t they?
    Thank you for giving us a bonus blog this month. Anticipating the new book, and thank you for that as well. 🙂
    Mucho Love,
    Debbie in Tampa

  36. Michele says:

    Good morning! We had several inches of snow here in North/Western NJ followed by rain and soon to be 40 degrees to melt it all 🙂 Loved your post and found it so inspiring. I sat here reading with my own cuppa-looking forward to your zoom call! Thank you for the inspiration-much love!

  37. Kay says:

    Was thinking of you yesterday afternoon when I made your recipe Grandma’s Frosted Molasses Cookies for the first time. So delicious and reminded me of my own grandma. They are just what this cold Wisconsin winter needed!

  38. Nellie Bragg says:

    This was a genuine treat to read on this snow-covered Monday morning! Registered for the Zoom! So exciting to be able to see you again! Always hopeful that the coming weeks/months will bring improving conditions for being together and travel once more!

  39. Debbie Boerger says:

    Snozzola (remember Jimmy Durante?) surgery Feb. 24. Nope, it doesn’t hurt, and it never really did. My lady surgeon goes to Africa to fix facial deformeties, so I do not mind waiting. But that knee certainly did hurt, but it’s much better now.
    Thanks for asking, Dear Lady.
    Debbie in Tampa

    • sbranch says:

      I take it you can’t just leave it the way it is? Sounds like you picked the perfect doctor! Best to you Debbie! 🌹🌹🌹

      • Debbie Boerger says:

        I could leave it, but as is, I have trouble breathing with both nostrils. After “bustin” it 2 times before, it could use some inside work, and this is covered by insurance. Our favorite cousins lived on a farm, and my brother and I spent every minute we could out there. I fell from a tractor onto a discer blade, fell into the cage of a cotton picker, fell off horses, out of trees, and loved every minute of it….not so much having the 10 gauge shot gun (which I’d been told had a big “kick”) smack me in the nose. Yes, I was a “Tomboy”.

        • sbranch says:

          LOL You really didn’t need to put in that last sentence. . . I had figured it out! You’re lucky you’re still standing!!! At least you’re somewhat used to it (I guess)! Have you picked out a new nose-style yet?

  40. Ellen says:

    “If winter comes, can spring be far behind.” (Shelley)
    Stay warm if you’re living where there’s a winter storm like NE Ohio. ⛄️

  41. Stacey says:

    Thank you Susan, I needed this little message of sunshine. I too am at home in a small winter storm here in northeast Indiana. My school is temporarily closed to covid numbers. Reading your letter made my heart happy. I am so excited for the zoom chat, it’s something to look forward to!

  42. Marisa Leigh says:

    I think I may have fallen in love with your oatmeal bowl! I was wondering if you would share the name of the pattern? It is just lovely! Thank you. 🙂

    And thank you as well for your artwork about modern times and taking time to notice the quiet. This speaks to me on such a deep level!

    • sbranch says:

      Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a mark … just a lone bowl in an antique store that I fell in love with. ❣️ xoxo

  43. Nadine Hogrefe says:

    Yay! My first Zoom with you is coming! So now there are only 260 of the 1000 slots left! And I’m in! Fantabulistic!!! I’m doing my “6&6” in Palm Springs, CA ….I’m sending you lots of sunshine to keep you toasty in that snow!

  44. Ann Y. says:

    Hello Susan….Stay warm and cozy, and hope the power stays on. Icy here, staying by the fire with lots of tea, a good book…and making oatmeal cookies later – to go with more tea. Looking forward to the Zoom. Have a wonderful day!

  45. Janet Hundley says:

    I’m home recovering from back surgery. Soon to be a much better, stronger, more joyful version of myself. I can’t tell you how happy it made me to have something to look forward to. Zoom with Susan and 1,000 of our closest girlfriends. Thank you❤

  46. Cris says:

    Is there a time difference on the west coast for the zoom talk. It says 7 to’re 3 hours ahead of west coast.

  47. Hello from “ not so sunny…. (Yet)…..Cambria CA. We’ve had an herbal tea shop in our little village since 2013. Hope you can drop by next time you’re in SLO. Love your EVERYTHING! Stay warm and cozy! Cyndi

    • sbranch says:

      I bet I’ve been there! Maybe … there used to be a tea room on a side street there . . . I think that one is gone. Cambria is such a heaven little town!💖

  48. Sarah says:

    Always enjoy your newsletter, long or short…esp Jack! We are looking out our windows with approx 12 inches of beautiful snow here in northeast Ohio. Fireplace is on, hot chocolate enjoyed, cat zooming around… now if snowblower starts all will be well.

  49. Lori Metschan says:

    Love any size Willard! It’s like a hug and so comforting! 🙂 xoxo!!

  50. Carrie Gordon Holloway says:

    Sure wish I could Zoom with everyone but I’ll be sound asleep at that time. I’ll definitely be there in spirit though, with Jack & Buddy. Hugs & kisses from me to you.

    • sbranch says:

      I know Carrie, this is the first one where they really needed to do it in the evening . . . wah! I’m barely awake at 7 so I know how it feels! Hugs back, see you soon!

  51. Patti Fitzgerald from Skippack, PA says:

    Hi Susan! Quick question: Are you working on a second England book? I thought you were, and then I didn’t recall hearing anything more about it . . . . ?? I certainly don’t want to miss any of your books! xoxoxoxo

    • sbranch says:

      I am, but it’s on hold right now, too many other things going on. I’m waiting to see if I get back to it…

  52. Kim says:

    I just joined your blog, Susan….did not know it existed! Where have I been??
    I have and truly enjoy all your cookbooks for many years… I had spent summers on the Vineyard and working at the Homeport during the late 70’s and early 80’s. Your novels have brought that to life in me again!!
    I received your novels for Christmas this year what a gift…bringing back so many lost memories and finding you on Willard! Thank you for your talents and gifts for making such a cozy world for me. My plans will now include a visit to the Vineyard sometime…ANTICIPATION which will include a stop to visit my Bestie’s (grandmother’s ) grave. See you on Zoom, can’t wait!

  53. Candice Black says:

    Hello Susan! Blustery, very cold with a light snow here this morning in NW corner of the Ohio state line with Indiana across the road from us. Over these last couple of weeks we have felt like hibernating! Only going out if we absolutely have to. Sounds like you are hunkered down and staying cozy there on MV. You folks are certainly having “Winter”! I had pics from our cousins in the UK and they have the winter flowers blooming in their gardens and the Daffodils are up and budded! We won’t be seeing that for several months!
    We rescued a dog that arrived on our property a week ago it was in our old drafty wooden barn, female Pittie, with no collar. Not sure how long she had been in there. She was holding fort and would not let me near her. She was so scared, cold and hungry. We called friends that have Pitties as pets and they came and helped us get her into our big metal barn, we fixed her up with a warm bed, heat lamp, food and water. A warm coat, collar and leash. They even took her to the vet for us to have her checked for a chip, which she does not have. It took just a few minutes with our friend for her to realize we were helping her and we were able to pet and make over her. She is a lovely dog; smart, leash trained, sits, stays, loves to be cuddled, plays ball and fetches. She has had a LOT of puppies. In other words “bred”. So we believe she was dumped, so very sad. What is wrong with people!! We have her posted on quite a few lost pet sites and shelters but no one has come forward as her owner. I am calling her “Gracie”, because she is so “gracious” towards us for saving her. So I guess that has been our calling for the last week, taking care of her. We have 2 inside dogs they have not all been introduced to each other yet. Waiting for the weather to maybe get a bit warmer to get them all on neutral territory to get them adapted to each other. Wish us Luck!

  54. Linda says:

    Glad you are doing well in the doldrums of winter days. My sister and I both have finished the puzzle and we both loved it and hope there will be more. It is now on its way to entertain patrons at her library. Also. So happy to report my daughter surprised me with a copy of the Summer book for Christmas! 😃 I have been looking for it for sometime. I believe I have all your books to date. Thanks for this small piece of happiness on my snowy morning. Stay warm, stay safe, stay healthy until next time. 💕

  55. Kathy says:

    Hello Susan! Thanks for the great blog and fun posts! Absolutely love your work!💕
    By chance are you planning on making the Full moon bookmark for 2022 available? Loved the 2021 one.

  56. With fierce winter weather and Covid we need your cosy warm blogs and bonus Zoom! Keep them coming; Food for our souls!

  57. Linda Hull says:

    What a nice surprise on this snowy morning! Thank you, Susan🥰 I am so looking forward to the Zoom with you, too❤️

  58. Maralee Childs says:

    Good Morning,
    Your mini Willard was just the little bit of joy I needed this morning! Thank You ☺️
    I notice you have hung your pots and pans. Mine used to be hung and I loved the convenience of grabbing whatever pot I needed. After several years we repainted so I took them down and managed to find room for them in a lower cabinet. I loved how open and uncluttered the kitchen felt but I hate digging through trying to pull out the right pot. It’s like playing Tetris in a dark small space 🤪. I haven’t figured out how to have it both ways: open, uncluttered AND convenient. Sending joy your way and snap a hair band for Jack from me😉

    • sbranch says:

      Totally agree. Really hate banging pots and pans around in a lower cupboard. Like having an argument with tangled hangars! This is clutter I can live with! I’ll do that hairband and he will love it! xoxo

  59. Linda says:

    Glad you are doing well in the doldrums of winter days. My sister and I both have finished the puzzle and we both loved it and hope there will be more. It is now on its way to entertain patrons at her library. Also, so happy to report my daughter surprised me with a copy of the Summer book for Christmas!! 😃 I have been looking for it for sometime. I believe I have all your books to date. Thanks for this small piece of happiness on my snowy morning. Stay warm, stay safe, safe healthy until next time. 💕

  60. Jeannette from the Central Coast says:

    Yeah! Something to look forward to mid-week!! See you on the 19th! And thank you to those who put this together.

  61. Doris Minear says:

    Love your rug that Jack likes, we have one exactly like it. Our Yorkies love it too. Maybe they think they can see the cat. We had a beautiful snowfall last Sat. night a little left in the shady areas. We just moved to Jonesboro, Ar from Southern Cal. (San Fernando, Valley) My husband and I also spend our mornings watching the Red Headed Woodpecker, the Cardinal and Blue Jays, not to mentions the squirrels on the fence chasing each other.Looking forward to the Zoom talk, it will be my first.

  62. Betsy Whitehead says:

    Looks cozy there! Have you ever made a bookmark or print of the Gladys Taber quote? I am a fan of both of you.

  63. Julie Deppe says:

    So so good to receive another message from your house and heart!!♥️❤️💜
    Looking forward to the zoom!

  64. Susan Battle says:

    Dearest Susan🤗
    I’m an old friend who has newly discovered your website. I’ve been using your calendars for years, but had never gone on you absolutely phenomenally stunning, heartwarming, candid, gorgeous, website where exactly everything I saw was totally me, or the me I’m dreaming to be, and I’m not exaggerating. I think we must have been twins in Heaven that got separated at birth.
    Anywho, ThankYOU with all my heart ❤️ for who you are and sharing yourself so amazingly generously with us. I’m so excited about the zoom visit, I can hardly stand it. ThankYOU for setting that up and looking so forward to seeing you soon. With love, ❤️ Susan

    • sbranch says:

      With love right back to you! Very sweet Susan! Made my day! Thank you, and “see” you Wednesday!

      • Susan Battle says:

        Dearest Susan🤗
        You made my day by your comment. ‼️The video of the zoom was just posted and I’m adoring watching you again. You definitely are someone very phenomenally special that our dear Lord is using in a mighty mighty way. I pray that you’ll keep on keeping on, as you bless the socks off your girlfriends.
        Manifold blessings and love ❤️ to you, sweetest Susan😘🤗‼️😊❤️🙏

        • sbranch says:

          And my girlfriends bless the socks off me! It’s a mutual admiration society! Lots of years together!😘

    • Marilyn Ghere says:

      I enjoyed your comment.

      • Susan Battle says:

        Dear Marilyn,🤗
        ThankYOU for your kind words about my comment. I’m assuming that you meant my comment. These post threads get a little confusing to me sometimes.
        Have a beautifully wonderful day.‼️
        Blessings to you 🤗😊‼️❤️

  65. Karen Mac says:

    Susan…My hands are clapping 👏 and my heels are clicking. I’m so excited that I finally got in a Zoom meeting! I know it was limited so I wasn’t sure if I had missed the boat again, but I made it. Can’t wait! I saw your last one but wasn’t there for the live event. It was the next best thing though. I feel like I hit the lottery today. See you Wednesday. Whooo hooooo!!!!

  66. Karen Williams says:

    Morning to you Susan and the girlfriends, from a chilly but sunny day in Northamptonshire, U.K. I checked my SB calendar and it says there’s a wolf moon tonight – and you should see it – it’s immense! Such a clear night’s sky – am sure we will have another frost overnight. Bundled up to keep warm this morning and evening on our doggit walks around our new village – it’s such a lovely place to be.
    What a welcome sight this evening to see your Willard! Wasn’t expecting it after last week’s beaut! So this is a Brucie Bonus!! 🤣😂
    Love seeing your fairy lights on the tree in the snow!! Looks stunning, along with the pretty birds on your feeders. Martha’s Vineyard heaven ☺️😊
    Won’t be able to join the throng of a thousand angels on your zoom as I’ll probably be in bed!! But have the most amazing time!
    Karen x x x

  67. Sherry Winchester says:

    Your positivity glows like the brightest of Suns! Thank you, Susan!

  68. Monika says:

    Hi, Susan,
    So much looking forward to “zooming” with you and 1000 of your friends on the 19th. My invite states that it starts at 7 pm and ends at 8 pm….

    My sister, Anke, who lives in the SB Bay area will also attend and her invite also states from 7 – 8 pm. 7 pm in CA would by 10 pm Eastern time … please clarify so we don’t miss all the fun. Thanks much.

  69. Ann Topjon says:

    Thank you for always bringing something beautiful to this day! I am missing your list of full moon days that can be printed and put on a refrigerator – or made into a bookmark!

    Ann in SoCal

  70. Denise Anderson says:

    Morning Susan, Sooo glad to know you, Joe & Jack are safe & cozy. I have been thinking of all of you while watching the weather channel and the storm Izzy. Looking forward to “Zooming” 1-19-22. Take care, Hugs to all. . . . .

  71. dezi says:

    Dearest Susan,
    What a pleasant surprise to find a mini Willard, I was thinking about you when I looked at the National weather scene and the horrible power outage in Massachusetts. I remembered you are just fine when the power goes out. I love that quote about naps, though I have never been able to sleep during the day, even when sick, so I just replace “Hot Bath” instead of nap, and that works better for me.

  72. Marilyn says:

    Oh my gosh … this is just what I needed this morning! Thank you so very much for all the cheerful words, photos and graphics! You are such a breath of fresh air. Why can’t you be my neighbor?

    Until next time…from Seattle…be well everyone!

  73. Alexis says:

    Such a lovely post this morning, we have lots of snow in Montana and 11 days
    Of below zero weather over the holidays but that’s what makes winter special TeeHee
    Looking forward to the zoom meeting I even took a class about Zoom on Zoom !
    Now another sip of coffee and I will double check the time difference between us
    just to be sure .
    See you Wednesday!

  74. Marybeth Rogers says:

    Always love your art, your quotes and your lovely words. Thank you.
    Ever grateful, Marybeth

  75. Kat From Jersey says:

    Thank you for the lovely mini-Willard! I also find bird watching to be endlessly fascinating, and it is so relaxing that it also lowers the blood pressure! I write every new bird I see in my bird book, which is next to the bird feeder window along with my binoculars.

    I’m also trying to eat well and not indulge too much. I’ve always wondered about alternative milks like almond and oat. How does almond milk taste?

  76. Gert~Iowa says:

    Good afternoon Susan,
    I can hardly wait to see you Wednesday! Last Friday a 3” to 6” snow storm was looming over our city. Schools closed or had early outs…as well as businesses. weather would have it….we got less than an inch! However, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Especially for the children. But we are having a hilly winter! Very warm (for Iowa), then freezing days the next! Wind chills way below zero! So it’s been an up and down winter so far!😀

    Best go feed my kitty! See you Wednesday🥰


  77. Zoe Greenwood says:

    Perfect day for a Willard. On second thought, any day is perfect for a Willard!

  78. Debby says:

    Hi Susan, was wondering how your weather was treating you. There is a lot of bad stuff going on in the east right now. Wanted you to know I tried your Lemon Noodles and Chili Casserole. We loved them both. Also my husband loves your Snippy Doodle. I noticed that it is a lot like your Hot Milk Cake. Both are easy and yummy. Stay warm,❤️ Debby

  79. Denise Marie says:

    We just had snow too here in Pennsylvania, and reading these Willard’s always make my day. I feel like I’m with you with my cup of tea and my book and music.

  80. Judy K Roper-Smith says:

    So glad to see this post!!!! Love catching up and pray we can all get through this!!!! Look forward to all your messages.

  81. Nancy Giokaris says:

    Ahh yes a delight to see your post this morning❤️❤️We woke up to a little rain this morning in Southern California. Always a good reason to light a fire in the fireplace. It was fun for me to read about the enjoyment of silence. I have birds and feeders in my backyard. It brings me joy to watch these little creatures. Right now listening to my dog snoring😊

    Looking very forward to seeing you and listening to you on zoom. Again, thanks for your Monday morning post😘 It always invigorates me. (Also helps that you mentioned about the winter eating😂I’m trying to be more mindful too. ) Bye for now!

  82. Marilyn Ghere says:

    Dear Susan,
    Your mini-Willard brightened a gray morning here in Southern California.
    I really enjoyed your last Zoom program, so I’m looking forward to Wednesday. Thank you for stacking up your books to sit your computer on and doing these programs for all of us. I can see why you look terrific on screen–special lighting! I’m looking forward to your Quotes Book; I enjoy using quotes on the notecards I make using our favorite photos. Glad you always share photos of darling Jack.

  83. Ruth Elder says:

    Every day we get a post or a Willard from you is a Red Letter Day!

  84. Mary Z says:

    Hi Susan. I’m looking forward to your book! I like to make greeting cards so I’m hoping there will be some quotes that can be used for them – especially birthday cards!

    Your snowy pictures look magical!

  85. Linda Dolhay says:

    This is way too exciting…. All of it. Thx for that. And. I WONDER WHY? simply exquisite.

  86. Margaret Harke says:

    The delight of my January calander is the upcoming Zoom meeting with you. Signed up the first day I saw the announcement about it.
    See you Wednesday!

  87. Lauri Rowe says:

    Hmmmmm? What to do on these snowy winter days? I know!!! Yesterday, I made a cross country ski course in my yard! Three trails this way, three trails that way. I’m thinking the neighbors are pretty sure they’ve got me pegged! Lets have fun where and when we safely can.

  88. Tuyet Dinh says:

    Hi Susan! Love the surprise post! I just went on to try to register for the Zoom and it said it’s full. Is that true??? I’m so disappointed.

    • sbranch says:

      Yes .. so sorry … I put it everywhere this morning trying to make sure everyone knew. But I’ll do more!

  89. Belinda says:

    LOVELY post and pictures. Once again I will be missing out on your Zoom…the spots are all filled. I wish some ladies who have attended a Zoom would do every other one so some of the rest of us could attend one!! I saw the e-mail late due to having COVID . It would have been a nice distraction. Jack looks so comfy and cozy sprawled all out on his (your) new rug! I would give anything to have a view like yours of SNOW and all the beautiful birds. THANKS so much for sharing. I love them! Have a lovely day on Zoom!

    • sbranch says:

      I’ll put a link up to it later so you can see it … I’m so sorry you have Covid! Stupid covid! Take care, and get well soon!💖

  90. Jan from Northern CA says:

    Hello from Northern CA Susan and all. Well, we had some great rain and even snow down in parts of the valley a couple weeks ago, but alas, it’s gone for now. Still chilly outside but lots of sunshine. It did leave us snow in our mountains and filled our lakes and reservoirs, thank goodness.
    I’m looking forward to zoom Wednesday as everyone is. Haven’t been able to participate before so this should be fun!
    One question ahead of time….just curious how much time do you and Joe get to spend after the crossing in England? We get to do the crossing with you all, and then one of the tours, but have to return to the US right after…..sigh.
    Work calls. So wished to head north to Scotland. Another visit to put on the bucket list for sure. Well, stay warm.
    Jan from Northern CA

  91. Alice says:

    Boo-hoo! I’m too late already to sign up for your Zoom gathering! Wish there were a waiting list just in case some friends couldn’t make it.

    Here is Greece, NY we got 15″ of snow which thankfully my Joe dealt with! I’m just staying cozy indoors.

    Thanks for your words of cheer this morning! Alice

  92. Sandi from the Cape says:

    I’m so sad, didn’t get Willard until this afternoon, 2:44pm on the 17th and the zoom is already filled. 🙁

  93. Maureen Schmidt says:

    I hope it will be recorded. I just tried to register, and there are no more spaces available.

  94. Lyn Mc says:

    I signed up for the zoom and carefully checked the difference between Eastern and Mountain time so I’m ready!

  95. Valli Cohen says:

    I have just discovered your blog, but have been a fan for many years, cooked from your cookbooks and cried reading your books, especially the one set in Martha’s Vineyard, as I lived in Connecticut for almost 30 years….love New England. It is a total escape from the doldrums of current today.
    My best friend and I are booked on the QE 2, and nervously counting the days. My other friend, traveling with her group has cancelled due to COVID worries. I will wait til the bitter end…..are you optimistic? Ridiculous to ask I know as no way to predict. Thank you for bringing happiness to our weary souls.

    • sbranch says:

      I’m very optimistic. Because of how it was last May … things were so good, we were bursting out all over and hugging like crazy. Thought it was over. I think it will happen again and we’ll have a decent lull just in time to go and enjoy England! And the ship requires vaccination and booster … so we SHOULD be safe! Fingers and toes are crossed! I speak “weary” too Valli, can’t wait to do this. Light at the end of the tunnel! 🙏

  96. Rhondi says:

    Disappointed that there are no spots available for your zoom call 😢😢😢. I hope your power stays on!! Keep warm 😍

  97. Peggy Mossing says:

    Lovely post! I am wondering if you have a heated bird bath? We absolutely love ours and with the cold weather happening now we have bluebirds, cardinals, bluejays, and finches drinking and taking baths!

    • sbranch says:

      Ours is so far from the house … do you need electricity?

      • Debbie Boerger says:

        We have a birdbath heater in Maine. Tom runs an outdoor extension cord. Someone mentioned the doves sitting in the “hot tub”. We also got lots of squirrels and many other birds that do not migrate. The little heat pad takes very little power.

  98. Val B. says:

    Thanks for the news Susan. I hope the zoom meeting is shared on YouTube again. I enjoyed the last one.

  99. Barbara Heinsohn says:

    All these years I knew Jack had a moustache but didn’t know he had a beard too!

  100. Nicoline says:

    Hello Susan,
    What a nice surprise to hear from you today!
    The zoom sounds really good, I hope everyone will have a lovely time. Will it be possible to see/hear it at a later time, possibly via Youtube or something…?
    I was able to watch your other zoom party, of early december, loved it!
    No sign of snow here, just grey days, but most afternoons are nice. There are some early signs of spring in the garden, lots of green tips of spring bulbs starting to pop up out of the soil, and I have noticed the days getting slightly longer, yeah!
    Loved seeing Jack rolling on his new rug, haha!
    Lots of love

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