Willard, Art, California Storms, a girl named Sue and a guy called Joe

Yes, these California storms were nothing less than astounding, as you may have seen in the news, with scary words like BOMB CYCLONE (still don’t know what that was, but now I know don’t want to know), and ATMOSPHERIC RIVERS … I now know what this is and wish I didn’t! But we are fine and nothing got wet but the grass . . . there’s Joe out there making sure we’re safe. Now we know why it’s all so spectacularly GREEN around here! So! Ready for a new Willard? Let’s GO!💝 MUSICA!Guess what arrived this morning? YES!!! Through rivers of rain, life-threatening wind, flowing mud, and flooding canyons ~ the boxes I’ve been waiting for, all the way from England ~ inspired by real life, I dreamed them, and now they’re HERE! The new cups! They made it!

LOOK! Shiny bright new. . . just in time!

Box-loads of them! As always, first come first serve, if you preordered, the first shipment will be going out this afternoon . . . we’re trying our very best to get them to you in time for Valentine’s Day!🥰

And plenty of time for Patriot’s Day in April!

And, don’t forget, we also got more of this one ~ for everyone who missed it first time around! Special for the Anglophiles in your life. Celebrating the long productive life of Queen Elizabeth II, this 16-oz. Commemorative cup! Filled with one of my private blend teas, this one is the Fine Romance Tea, Earl Grey with Lavender, rose petals, honey and cream!💖 YUM! Be your own Valentine!💞

For Anglophiles like me. I couldn’t love it more!🇬🇧

And this little cutie too . . . the Happy Birthday cup, for the Birthday friends in your life, in the smaller 11 oz size! All three of them arrived today! Won’t be long now until they come to a mailbox near YOU! Thank you for your patience!!! If you have been waiting to order until they actually got here, you can go HERE to secure yours now!🥳

This is one of MY best gifts, Kellee, she’s DEFINITELY tied to MY heartstrings!💖

Joe and I drove up to see her and the new studio yesterday . . . it was wonderful to see how Kellee has arranged everything ~ she did such a good job! ~ moving is such a good thing, we’ve unearthed things we haven’t seen in YEARS … like this appliqued quilt I designed for a new fabric line (new at the time) called Tea Party that Kellee hung over our cutting table. Note teapot on top shelf of appliquéd cabinet, and then I put the whole fabric collection on the shelves! And bordered it all with bluebirds of happiness because happiness, history, stories, and comfort is what quilting is all about! These fabrics are long gone, but we still have the pattern for the quilt, in case you’d like it!

The Studio is just an old warehouse, mostly furnished with shelves and tons of books, puzzles, charms, cups, tea things, vintage things, stationery things … but it does have lots of windows, lots of light, and Kellee put down cozy rugs and made a perfect office for herself and a darling little kitchen where she hung our sailboat cups.

Is that YOUR Autumn book sitting on top there?💘

I loved wandering around, seeing the products, and promised Kellee I would design more cards and notepads . . .

I got to smell our new kitchen soaps in their little wooden holders … the Genius Soap is made with Tea Tree and peppermint to enhance alertness and focus! Cute for a blue kitchen, soft and soapy. The oatmeal is the same, no rough herbs to hurt your hands, lovely soapy smell. I use the lavender all the time, but now I get to try the two new ones! Kellee and I wandered around for a while, then we went next door with Joe and Joel (Joel is the man who just brought our shopping page into the 21st century! I hope you like it!) and ate delicious Mexican food (a good Mexican restaurant next door was a BIG selling point for this space!) and discussed what good news we’ll have for you the rest of this year!💖  

It’s inspiring, being here, in all new surroundings, seeing old friends, being close to Trader Joe’s😂, having so many good memories, getting organized ~ even when it’s raining, it’s a feast for the senses. No problem if it rains, we have a lot to do ~ mostly going through files, drawers, closets, barn, storage rooms, cleaning, and getting everything into piles . . . speaking of finding things ~ I’ve discovered so many things here, a note from my mom, a hilarious letter from my sister, childhood photos of my grandma, an old set of cookbooks, a collection of old paintbrushes . . . and bits and pieces like this: 

 Old pieces of art I haven’t seen in years. Been so fun discovering them and remembering doing them. See the cards I blotted my paintbrush on? I saved them from my very first book, Heart of the Home ~ I couldn’t throw them away! As you can see, I’ve always been trying to learn to paint people . . . either from magazine pictures, or made up, or from real photos, that’s a pencil drawing of me and my two brothers as children on the right… and that’s a portrait of our friends, the Schwiers, above it. It looks like Peggy, but definitely not Bob (except for the hair) ~ which is why it’s still here! And you can see me practicing Martin Luther King Jr. before I put him in my 2000 wall calendar! I think I spot Vanna in the center of the page, in the sunglasses, next to the baby jumping out of the egg (which never made it into my Baby Love book). That painting above is an original, painted on d’Arches paper, not even signed yet, just sitting in a box, I don’t know why! I’ll have to think of something special to do with it!🤔

Check this out. The stick people of 1988 … I started getting excited about painting clothes, as you can see from some of the paintings on the floor . . . I still have the jacket and the headband, my sister has the pin ~ I wore that exact outfit to a movie premier my friend Jane (who worked for George Lucas) took us to in 1988. The movie was wonderful, called Tucker, a Man and his Dream. I never see that movie anywhere for some reason, but it was great. That outfit was much cuter when the ruffled skirt flipped around! The Yuppie guy in the painting (who is not Joe) ~ his brown saddle shoes, and starry suspenders, was all made up. Thank goodness because I didn’t leave a lot of room for brains in that tiny head! Hers either for that matter! 😂 I couldn’t give them hardly anything to drink because their hands were too small to hold it! But one does not give up. One hides the imperfect art in a box for 20 or 30 years until one feels brave enough to show it so that all her friends know that things wanted, must be worked for.💖 I have like three paintings of stick people. It’s like a collection, my stick-people period.

I’m going to paint a little more on this and you’ll likely see her in a future calendar! She doesn’t look so bad! And her puffed sleeves are back in style! I was smart this time, I hid her hands!You’ve already seen this on a calendar page about Creativity! The original stick person! I drew it in kindergarten. One of my first adventures in drawing people! Note that I am trying out the fat arm and fat leg vs the thin arm and thin leg…six fingers vs five. It’s all about trial and error! My mom put this in my baby book! Good strong representation for the belly button!

This was folded up inside my baby book too … It’s HUGE, almost 5′ tall framed ~ it’s poster paint on kraft paper, also painted in kindergarten. I forgot about it until Joe found in the back of a closet. The reason it’s so tall is because it’s “actual size.” My teacher, Miss Caldwell, had the whole class lay down on paper, and she traced around us, and then we got to paint ourselves! I was so excited to see it again. I had it hanging in my studio on the Vineyard at one time, but immediately it began to fade really fast . . . so I took it down and it’s been face-to-the-wall, hidden ever since. 

Here it is … how it was, the only photo I have of it as it originally was … you see the colors? So I took a trip to the art store the other day and bought poster paints, children’s paint brushes, and fixative, and if I have the nerve, I think I will try and restore it! Something interesting to think I painted it when I was five, now again 71 years later! My eyes look more like that now than then, I’ve grown into them! But I’m way better at putting my lipstick on. Note that learning to paint people takes time!💞

Found this too … never used it … I wrote “No Time For Love?” in the early ’90s, because I was irritated by my answering machine😂 and couldn’t get a real person when I called a business😬!! Ahh, the innocent 90s. I thought I could see the future and I didn’t think I liked it. The words I wrote scream out for editing, but I still think I was right!😆 Only now it’s phones! Don’t even talk to me about drones! (You see lines going off that page? Those are misspellings or grammar that I needed to fix! But since it went nowhere but into a box, I didn’t bother.)

Back to art . . . This half-finished painting is another find . . . it was here too ~ I have no idea when I started it. It was completely drawn, but only about ⅓ of it was painted … I had painted the table ~ but everything on the table was only in pencil, and the chairs were white. Then, one of our first mornings here, I woke up inspired, thinking “Brown, those chairs should be brown!” Which, as you can see, I did, and I’ve been working on it ever since! I wob it.💕

Happy Anniversary to Joe and me!💞 February 6th was the 37th Anniversary of our first date! Here we are just a couple of weeks later at Holly Oak, my little house on Martha’s Vineyard that had quilts for curtains. Talk about gifts!💝 He’s how I know God loves me and wants me to be happy.💝

I’ve had such a good time with all these California discoveries, I think I’m going to leave a treasure hunt, complete with map, as a surprise for the new owners of this house! I’ve been thinking about it . . . like a time capsule, or something. I’ll tell you more about that in the next Willard . . . Until then, how would you like a chance to own an original watercolor painting, signed to you by me? For Valentines Day, I thought maybe my girlfriends would enjoy one of my “finds.” The one with the yellow kitty! Kitchen art if I’ve ever seen it!

“April in New England is like First Love,” which it is! The painting is almost 10″ x 10″, it isn’t framed, and it’s not signed, so I can put a TO and FROM on it (for whomever’s name is drawn) and sign it! I think, by the looks of it, I painted it at Holly Oak probably in the 1980s, when I was discovering first love (in more ways than one)! Just leave a comment, and you’ll be automatically entered. (To enter: Under the last words of this Willard, you’ll see a whole bunch of tiny printed words; the last one will be a number with the word “Comments” … click there!) Happy Valentine’s Day!

One more thing, I wanted to pass you a tiny Trader Joe’s tip … get the Trader Joe’s fresh-dried pasta in little nests, probably about 6 or 8 in a package (we ate them, I don’t have them in front of me!).🥰 Drop one or two of the little noodle nests in boiling water for just one minute, toss them in a peanut salad dressing (opt), and add them to any salad, spinach, Asian, it’s all good! Makes a person so happy to have noodles in her salad!🥳🥳🥳One more quickie, hard to stop, did you love the Grammys? Tracy Chapman!😢 Joni Mitchell!😭 Everyone! All that creativity! Like us💞, creating our lives every day! We never know if we’re inspiring others, but it’s my dream that through us, dear girlfriends, when we’re a source of the joys that bring us happiness, we’ll pass that on, inspire others, and bring us all a more beautiful world.💝 Let’s reach a tipping point for goodness! ❌⭕️❌⭕️

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1,393 Responses to Willard, Art, California Storms, a girl named Sue and a guy called Joe

  1. Sheri says:

    Love Willards – always makes me happy to read them. Happy February!

  2. Lillian Olmstead says:

    Happy the wild weather isn’t ruining your visit. I’ll wish you sunshine from now on.
    Lillian O.

  3. Jeanie from Indiana says:

    Susan…..your Willard’s are wonderful! I have all of the paper copies from so many years ago. The painting of the table and chairs is so cute and I’m glad that you’re finishing it…..you are such an inspiration! Also, the childhood painting brings so many memories. I was sure that I left a reply already but couldn’t find it so I’m trying again to say Hi and Happy Valentine’s Day! 💕💕

  4. Deborah L. Piascik says:

    Hi,Sue ~
    I finally had time to read this beautiful Willard.
    I love that you still have notes, cards and artwork from your childhood. God bless your mother for saving things for you. I think the day I moved away from home, my mom cleared out my room!
    I tried to keep “special” things for my own children (all adults now). They each had a large, flat plastic tote under their beds where we could stash treasures through the years. Of course, their treasures spilled into closets and drawers and it was fun to go through their memory boxes periodically. Once they had a home of their own, those boxes joined them. They don’t know that I have a trunk of “special” memories of their childhoods that I have kept safe for years.
    On another note ~ I discovered a crack in my bluebird cup! I don’t dare put a hot drink in it anymore and it makes me so sad. I would like to place a vote for a remake of that one, please.
    Wishing you and Joe a Happy Love Day tomorrow and more fun and adventures together in California. Thanks for sharing so much with all of us.

    Debbie P


  5. Tracey says:

    Thank you for the new Willard! I always wait to read them until bedtime so I have happy thoughts when I go to sleep.😊 They’re always so uplifting. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us and for always showing us how there is so much good in the world. Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of that so thank you again and happy anniversary!❤️

  6. Debbie Noyola says:

    Love the little table that you’re painting to finish what you started. It’s so cozy looking!!

  7. Mary says:

    Happy anniversary! It must be wonderful revisiting your memories like long lost friends!

  8. Cindy Roberg says:

    I love seeing all the little treasures you have found from the past . Lots of fun digging thru old spaces. Have you had any offers on the property you are selling. We love that area. Enjoy the rest of your working vacation.

  9. Happy Valentines Day! What wonderful treasures you are finding there, so fun! I would LOVE to win that print! Glad the storms did not do damage!…. sending love, xoxo. Julie Marie

  10. Nancy Ice says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day from Cape Cod.

  11. Beverlee says:

    Thanks for the Valentines Day treat of the new Willard. all you need is love 💕…

    • Lauri says:

      Your Willards are like a big hug from an old friend! You should make some of your art scraps into notecards. I would definitely buy them!

  12. Stephanie Newkirk says:

    What forgotten treasures you are finding. So much fun to look back and smile. I sure would give your little yellow kitty are good home!

  13. Jan Davidson says:

    I read this on Valentines Day. Love everything you write and draw. Have a very special Valentines Day. 💌

  14. Tricia says:

    Sue, you make the world a better, more colorful, beautiful place❤ Thank you from the bottom of my❤

  15. Cindy Penzler says:

    Thanks for the blast from the past!

  16. Shirley Fruchey says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Joe! Thank you for always supplying the “happy” for all of us who love you! Love all of my Susan Branch treasures!

  17. Roberta j Brown says:

    Love the treasure hunt idea for the future owners 💗

  18. Debbie Noyola says:

    My comments never get posted.☹️ I don’t know why? I love your site! Have for a very long time. Tried to comment yesterday about that adorable table painting. Will try one last time. Fingers crossed it posts this time.🤞

  19. June Fisher says:

    This old New Englander sure loves that painting!
    Happy Anniversary to you and Joe.
    You bring such joy to my heart.

  20. Tish Sorrell says:

    Happy anniversary!

  21. Christine Norris says:

    So fun to see all your treasures rediscovered!

  22. anne Miller says:

    Back from our trip to Arizona by way of “The Texas Chief.” It was glorious. Traveled with my husband. (college sweetheart. Ohio Univ class of 76) thanks for the inspiration, Susan. We boarded in Chicago and rode along in our little roomette to Tucson. Had a wonderful visit with our nephew and then spent a memorable week in Sedona. Happy anniversary, Susan. We all enjoy hearing about this California trip. I admire your spirit and willingness to adapt. Thank you for another Willard. Glad you stayed safe in the inclement weather.

  23. Glenna K says:

    Hello Susan. I always enjoy your blogs, but this one was so special. It’s wonderful to hear about all the special treasures that you found…. the memories they evoke! They evoked memories for me, too. Made me think back to things that I had forgotten. Enjoy the family and friend time.

  24. Rosinda says:

    Happy belated anniversary, Susan and Joe! Love all the treasures you’ve found in your California home! Sending love to you both!

  25. Elizabeth Lester says:

    Susan – “thanks for the memories…” ♥

  26. Barbara H. Scott says:

    Just like all of your Willard’s, a joy to read. I hope you had a wonderful Valentines.

  27. lani nelson says:

    Morning Susan,
    Love your post. I too 70 years ago in my kindergarten class in Eureka CA painted a full body portrait. I have fond memories where I sat on the floor painting my masterpiece. As fellow kindergarten and first grade teachers were getting rid of their tempura painting easels in their classrooms, I kept a pair.till my retirement in 2013. I just could not let go of a part of our curriculum that had brought me as a child such joy.
    Take care and thank you for bringing us joy and proper perspective in this trying time Peace and Love, Lani.

  28. Karen Ruth Ullom says:

    I REALLY love your yellow kitty because it reminds me of the huge yellow/orange cat I loved because he would sit like a statue; regal and proud with his yellow eyes 👀 tracking birds or other objects in the yard. He had the loudest purr I’ve ever heard. I’m not ordinarily attracted to yellow cats, 🐱 but he was a delightful pet; not to be ignored. He was a talker, which reminded me of the Siamese cats I always had up until Sammie came into my life.


  29. Sharon Blackburn says:

    I love “No Time For Love”, the best thing that happened in March 2020 is we were all given lots of time! We were given nothing but time and I used it well being super creative! 🥰

  30. allison,violet crown says:

    Put the kettle on and sit down with a cuppa to read your warm and comforting
    willard. Thank you for sharing your house sale-this most be a huge change for you as we all know houses hold so many memories and they are really hard to hug.

  31. Christine says:

    I am enjoying reading about all your finds in your California house, the stories they tell and the memories they hold. Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day❤️

  32. Kathleen says:

    Happy Anniversary to you. Where does the time go? I remember finding your first book and have loved following ever since. Seems like yesterday. Thanks!

  33. Sue Lord says:

    Ooh! Please enter me in the drawing for the painting! Thank you!

  34. Frances says:

    Just loved the yellow kitty. And all the other finds!

  35. Maureen M. says:

    Hi Susan! Do you think you will ever reissue the seasons cups?

  36. Jackie P says:

    Happy Anniversary to Sue and Joe! <3 Love going thru your finds with you!

  37. Julia Miller says:

    I love your wall vase! I have 6 of them only 1 can be set on a table, window sill …more to the point a kitchen window sill!!
    Spring is trying to come early here in Nebraska definitely can’t come soon enough!
    Enjoying your blog..love your kindergarten art!🥰

  38. Gabrielle says:

    I am so happy you still write these! I’m always excited to read a new one. Much love to you and your family!

  39. Eileen Ammendolea says:

    I love all the forgotten treasures you rediscovered in California! How fun was that?! The first thing I am going to do after this is order the 250th Birthday USA cup and the Queen Elizabeth II cup. I hope I win that gorgeous painting! Happy 37th to you and Joe! For me and my Joe it will be our 50th in June! Time flies!❤️🎉💙

  40. Maureen says:

    Just went toNantucket for the first time ever – not quite the Vineyard, but still inspired by your writings. Love the snow on the island. Loved your island snow photos!

  41. Angie says:

    Made my day, once again. Love. And the stick people look terrific to me.!

  42. Maria Holden says:

    Just getting a few minutes to read the Willard. Probably to late for getting in the drawing for the artwork but still wanted to tell you your art and your artful handwriting is just beautiful.

  43. Kathleen Jenrich says:

    We’re on round 4 or 5 of the California atmospheric rivers and some delicious chicken stew with your Best Biscuits (pg 154 Heart of the Home) were the absolute perfect side for the stormy weather. My dear husband of 39 years said they were ‘the best’ I’ve ever made! Thank you, Susan, for all the home cooking love you share with all of us! Your recipes are always a success.

  44. jeanie says:

    Sometimes life gets in the way and you don’t read a post right off the bat. And then, just when you think you can’t get a lot lower, you take a look and think “maybe this will perk me up.” And just like magic, you read, the heart and head move to a new zone and you become enchanted. So thank you for this one– thanks for all the posts — but this one in particular because it came at the exact right moment. Or rather, I read it at the exact right moment. I loved every bit from the newest mugs to the oldest art and everything in-between. Happy Meeting Anniversary, too! Big, sorely needed smiles.

    • sbranch says:

      Sending extra big hugs Jeanie!💓Reverting ones that go on forever!💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  45. Libby says:

    I would LOVE to be a proud owner of your painting!❤️


    Thank you for this beautiful newsletter!! Happy anniversary! Please enter me in the drawing!! Thank you!

  47. Judy says:

    I so enjoyed this Willard. Each part, each segment of the post was its own special treasure. Thank you Susan. 🥰😍Judy in Oz

  48. I have such fond memories of your last book signing at Apple Farm! Wouldn’t it be wonderful for all your Central Coast Girlfriends to have a – bring your own – picnic with you?! (We’re all mourning that your leaving)

  49. Betty Routhieaux says:

    Your writing is absolutely inspiring and your artwork is oh, so lovely.

  50. judy ellington says:

    I love the painting! Love to read your Willard’s, like a letter from home!

  51. Terry Ventura says:

    Happy Belated anniversary. I wish we could preserve your California home the way Beatrix Potter’s home is preserved for all to see. ❤️ Or, Holly Oak.
    This was fun to read regarding all your treasures you found going thru everything. All of us on this journey together. Enjoy your California time.

    • sbranch says:

      TERRY! As I’m reading here, I see your name, and then, RIGHT NEXT TO ME is your letter dated January 10, which I just found, with the DARLING jacket you made for me!!! Brilliant idea, making them from old bedspreads! Already thick and cozy. I love it! What a sweet gift! I wondered if you had ever made one from a chenille bedspread and if it worked. Then I was thinking what it would look like if you made one from a down comforter! You got me thinking!!! I’ll have to go check out your Etsy store: justjacketsbyterry.etsy.com ~ dearest you, thank you! Blue and Brown was perfect! 🌸🌺🌸

  52. Brigitte says:

    I enjoy your blog so much! Thank you for this giveaway of your beautiful painting.

  53. Brigitte says:

    Thank you for this giveaway of your beautiful painting. I enjoy your website!

  54. Kathy in Colorado says:

    Everything you write brings joy to my world. Your words often make me laugh out loud or they touch me so deeply that tears begin to flow. I really loved your, ” No Time For Love?”. Thank you for sending out such “positive ripples” to those that love and appreciate all that you do. I hope you never stop creating & being your cute little self. 💖

  55. Marilyn Ghere says:

    Loved seeing all your early art treasures. I think it’s great that you are going to restore the life size painting of you. 🥰

  56. Pam Gersz says:

    I just love your Willards. I read them as a balm and a comfort…. they bring such bits of JOY! Thank you for always helping me focus on those bits!

  57. Becki says:

    So fun seeing all of the art treasures you found! When I open my cupboards all I find at the back are dust bunnies

  58. Laura says:

    Susan I love reading your Willards when they arrive. Much love to you & Joe♥️♥️♥️ I know just where I’d hang the lovely painting!!!


  59. Patricia says:

    Your artwork is so dang charming! Love how you fill in the blank spaces with sweet little bits.

  60. Jamie from Kentucky says:

    Ohh Susan thank you for this fun giveaway! I ran upon some old Willard’s .. the ones that used to come in the snail mail., I remember getting them and reading them like they were from a pen pal!! I still enjoy Willard’s but the feel of the paper and the thrill of opening an envelope just is so special!! Thinking of you! 💕🎀

  61. Allison Keel says:

    Beautiful blog and beautiful painting. Love following…

  62. Jill Topham says:

    I love to read about all of your adventures. It is fun to see all of the things you are finding in your studio. I don’t know if you have given away your painting yet, but if not, I would love to have a chance to possibly win it! Happy belated Valentine’s Day and first date-aversary! ❤️ Love, a kindred spirit, Jill Topham

  63. Deb H says:

    A chapter ends and a new chapter begins. It all happens so fast! You both do it with some added magic. Very special. Thank you for sharing this 💖

  64. Marci Forney says:

    Your art work takes me to happier times, simple times when my life was happy and my children were near me. I smile every time I get your calendars or see the Willard’s. and I just Love your guest visits with the Enchanted Book Club! Thank you so much!

  65. Jackie Te says:

    Entering! Exciting 🤞

  66. Brickell says:

    Hi Susan,
    I love your artwork and am so inspired by all you do!🍒 I’m 21 and have loved all of your designs forever. My mom had stickers and scrapbooks that I loved looking at when I was young! Now I have my own collection of your stickers and books and I just love them so much! Thank you for the inspiration over the years, hope to meet you one day 🫶

  67. Margaret Hess says:

    What a great Willard!

  68. Victoria Pray says:

    I love this! I can feel the nostalgia you have for California. ❤️ I want to visit out there someday- I just went on a layover one time to LA but didn’t get out and about. Safe travels and best wishes for a safe return to Massachsuetts. 60’s next week they are saying! We shall see if that groundhog was right for an early spring.

    • sbranch says:

      Go to the central coast, maybe start in Santa Barbara, and drive north over Big Sur … stop everywhere! You’ll love it!

  69. Jennifer says:

    I live in Maine and I love the sentiment on the painting. ❤️

  70. Tara McClung says:

    I love this blog so much. I love your art, I love ALL of your books… you are such a source of joy for so many people! Thanks for all you do!

  71. Gail Whaley says:

    Hi! So nice to hear about your finds in California. I am headed to Arroyo Grande on a couple weeks to stay with my friend and her mom. My friend grew up there and lost her father this year so we will go and give her mom some company. It is so beautiful there. Enjoy your time!

  72. Lori says:

    Hello! I love, love sitting down with a cup of coffee to read a new Willard! Makes me so happy! Thank you!!’n

  73. Kat Fry says:

    As always these are our letters of Love. Printed out. Folded up. Put in an envelope. Ribboned. Added to Keepsake box of real letters. So dear to my heart. 💕
    Hope your darling art piece goes to a lovely Home. Wait…what am I saying 🤭 of course it will. All of us “friends of yours” will treasure this early piece. I could just natter n chatter on for ages. Perhaps later. Already in my pink pj’s with little pink hearts and pink fuzzy bear slippers. So cozy. Kitty on my lap. Next to my Love. Watching BritTv. Who says getting older and slowing down is boring. Pshaw 🤭💕 Sending Love n Hugs n Giggles Y’all’s way.

  74. Monica D says:

    I love this one!

  75. Robin Van Duren says:

    Such a beautiful painting. Love all your work. Catches the beauty and appreciation of life.

  76. Nancy Hauge says:

    You are on my desktop for easy access of any new willards..for many years now!I ❤

  77. Jennifer Farnes says:

    I love this so much. And you are so right. April in New England is magic.

  78. Susie Scott says:

    Beautiful painting! Please enter me to win! 🙂


    Just saw your Instagram post about the found artwork. Enter me to win! Charming kitty!

  80. Renee Van Hoy says:

    What a wonderful treasure hunt you’re having! I love your childhood drawings.

  81. Lynn D. says:

    Susan, your art is lovely, old or new. Thanks for sharing.

  82. Laura Ozurovich says:

    What a gift to find such treasures! That quilt is divine. You survived the atmospheric rivers of California and had such a beautiful time. Best of wishes and all the love in the world to you and Joe to celebrate so many beautiful years of valentines. May the recipient of that lovely New England painting cherish it for all time. Thank you for your joyful Willard yet again. 💜

  83. Anne Norquist Hegg says:

    I always enjoy your cheery words and artwork!

  84. Genie and Lee says:

    Still beautiful after all these years. Really enjoying your finds and memories.

  85. Bonnie J says:

    I have a box of old artwork too! I enjoyed reading about and seeing your old drawings. You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

  86. Virginia Opisso says:

    I just love all of your work!

  87. Rebecca W says:

    That painting is so cute!

  88. Linda Stratton says:

    Love your wonderful paintings❣️🤩 Glad you got to spend sucha a good time in California! ~linda

  89. Carol Ann Brown says:

    Drawing for wonderful print,
    Please enter me:)

  90. Melissa Fuchs says:

    Oh, Willard, it is always such a delight to read you! …Susan, you are like a lifelong dear friend. I sold your wonderful cards, books, and calendars in my shop years ago before I decided to become a stay at home Mama. Your goodies inspired my customers and myself for a long time, and they quickly became favorites to many of us. Your books and cookbooks still grace my shelves! It has been such a treat to continue to receive your lovely words of wisdom through Willard after deciding to change the focus in my life when my wee ones arrived. As with this issue, for example, reading about all of the wonderful treasures you’ve found since your move and about the love you share with your sweetheart, and even reading about the arrival of your beautiful cups… I have remained in your magical little world, and it has brought me so much joy! Your words paint pictures as precious as the ones you paint. Thank you for always inspiring such kind, loving hopefulness in humanity.

  91. SUSAN K. says:

    April is when I was born 70yrs ago. For the last twenty years or so, April is when I visit the island. It’s my favorite season there. It’s where my heart lives. Susan thank you for sharing your life journeys with us. Your work and talent is a gift to us all.

  92. Sandra Murphy says:

    I’m ready for spring, too!

  93. Robin Crittenden says:

    Susan, what a happy painting. That yellow cat looks like my old man we lost many years ago.

  94. Stacy Costner says:

    I always love your blog posts! Thanks for sharing your art and your life!

  95. Abbey Hunt says:

    Love reading your posts! My mom and I have been fans for years and have many books! Would love to be considered for the giveaway. This would be a gift for her. Most of my milestone gifts from her have been either books or mugs of yours, and I’d love to give her something !

  96. Judy Antonio says:

    Susan, please enter me in the draw for your painting! I love it, and you!

  97. Sue says:

    Thank you for everything you share with us!

  98. Dawn says:

    I love that you have shared your “early work”. Have always loved your work and you are a touchstone for me and a friend. Thank you.

  99. Lynda Van Wyk says:

    Thank you always for the joy you share!

  100. Lynda Van Wyk says:

    Thank you always for the joy you share! Sparkling spring to you ~

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