A Purple Cow for a Blue Moon!

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  1. Carol Rehme says:

    Exasperated with the success of the poem, author Gelett Burgess penned a riposte in 1897:

    Ah, yes, I wrote the “Purple Cow”–
    I’m sorry, now, I wrote it:
    But I can tell you anyhow
    I’ll kill you if you quote it.

    Run for your life, Susan! 😀

  2. Libby Pasztor (Grayslake, IL) says:

    There was an ice cream parlor called The Purple Cow when I was growing up. . .Actually, I think it might’ve been around even when my parents were young—it was in the south suburban area of Chicago. We LOVED that place—it had the most wonderful ice cream creations, and there was a sugar shaker at each booth that contained PURPLE large-crystal sugar. I had a poison ring (very trendy, back in the 60’s), and I put some of the purple sugar in my ring. Such a silly, happy memory—-! 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      What self-respecting kid (with a poison ring :-)) wouldn’t love an ice cream parlour called The Purple Cow!

    • Dawn (Elmhurst, IL) says:

      Hi Libby,
      I remember going to The Purple Cow, too! It was such a cute place… and a real treat for our family to go there! It was in the southwest suburbs. I’ll have to ask my dad which suburb. Thanks for a wonderful memory of our childhood summers, Libby!

  3. Kendra Mullen says:



  4. I’ve never heard of a Purple Cow, but I’m guessing it is yummy!
    Anything that has ice cream as an ingredient is a recipe for Mmm!

    • sbranch says:

      Never hurts! I make a cold berry soup, and if it’s a hot summer night, I put tiny melon-baller scoops of vanilla ice cream in it as “croutons.” 🙂

  5. Georgie says:

    Blue Moons and Purple Cows!!! I love it!

    Just popping by to say “Hi!” Hope the kitchen renovation is going smoothly. I love the thought of Jack sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor… all by himself… just taking it all in 🙂 He must have been in awe!!!

    Happy Thursday!
    Georgie in NJ

  6. ellen says:

    I live near a ranch that raises Black Angus. Sometimes, must be a magical angle, they have a purple glow. So now you know where the purple cows live – in Hawaii!!

  7. Celtic Heart says:

    hmmmm . . always thought grape juice was a euphemism for red wine! Lindt chocolate (near and dear to my heart) advertises with a purple cow on a lovely Swiss mountain side . . anyway, enjoy your Purple Cow as you probably need it with all that work going on in the kitchen.

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