Blueberry Bread Pudding

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  1. Libby Pasztor (Grayslake, IL) says:

    Oh my GOODNESS, does this sound good! I made a frozen blueberry cheesecake for Father’s Day yesterday—-this is definitely going to be next on my Blueberry Menu! 🙂

  2. Barbara Schmitt says:

    This recipe sounds just as great as all the others that Susan has given us. She is amazing!
    Thank you so much Susan!


    HI Susan, Love your recipes… have all your books, and really have been a fan for more years that either of us want to admit to!!! I’m wishing you would give a clue about the grape for the wine in the sauce… I am a GOOD red wine drinker and would not cook with anything that I would not drink with the meal. However, that being said, there are so many different options, pinot, cabernet, merlot, that it is difficult to know which would be the better option with the blueberry saue… I’m thinking pinot, but maybe that’s just me? Please give a clue… many thanks, and please keep drawing and sending recipes!!! I never had one of your recipes that was not an instant favorite…
    Susan Sinclair

    • sbranch says:

      Any lovely red that you like is good, because then you’ll like the taste even better; I’d probably use a cabernet, but I know a pinot would be good too. And thank you Susan, that’s exactly what I hope for every time I write a recipe!!!

  4. paulie says:

    I note that cinnamon is listed twice in the recipe of ingredients for the pudding……is this an error or did i miss something ? thanks………

    • sbranch says:

      The first cinnamon goes in with the spices, the second amount is going to get sprinkled on top. I was afraid of a mix up, and look! I got one! 🙂

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