Chocolate Mousse Pie

7 Responses to Chocolate Mousse Pie

  1. Lynne Lee says:

    This sounds so yummy!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. Sharon Hinkle says:

    Dear Susan, I just love all the thought and work you put into everything. Your recipes look so tempting and the artwork on your website is wonderful. I hope you have a great Easter and I look forward to getting more emails from you. I have so many of your books and calendars and stickers, plus some bookmarks I received when we used to get letters from you in the regular mail. Trust me, I keep everything. Hope you have a great spring season. Take care.

  3. Sandy from Ca. says:

    What a wonderful pie this must be…thank you for a wonderful surprise Susan <3

  4. CarolK (NJ) says:

    OMG!!! I’m getting fatter just reading the ingredients! Love it!

  5. Jane McKay says:

    OOOOOHHHHH! Can’t wait to try this. Thanks for your posts. They are all so encouraging.

  6. Margie Orr says:

    I love chocolate but can’t eat it…

  7. Linda says:

    Happy Pi day to everybody!

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