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293 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Hi!
    Your blog is wonderful !!! I like it very much. He is fresh….
    Thank you very much.

  2. Julia D. says:

    Hello all you talented friends of Please put me on the pre-order list for reprint of the Autumn book. So excited that it will be out in print again, and with your new publishing firm. Way to go….. Love your blog and amazing talent.
    Thank you,
    Julia D.

  3. Marti Long says:

    What a bright spot in my day when I see your blog is on the incoming email list. Thank you !!!

  4. donna Stith says:

    enjoyed your book on england i felt like i was there with you we must be soul mates we even share the same birthday i love all your art work and have many of your books cant find the summer one

    • sbranch says:

      We might have one or two left here in our webstore. Last I heard we had ten, but that was a couple of weeks ago. Nice to meet you Donna!

  5. Helen says:

    I loved your book…a FineRomance…I have friends in the U
    K and this reminded me of my own special visits there! I’d love to spend more time with you. I’m sharing your book with several close friends. thank you, my special NEW friend…so glad. to have found you…talk about jumped out at me at my favorite bookstore yesterday and I couldn’t put you down till I finished.
    With much love,helen

  6. Carrie says:

    Dear Susan,
    I don’t usually write fan letters, but I have to tell you how much I enjoyed “A Fine Romance”. You actually wrote the book I meant to, even took a little watercolour set with me to England, but the problem was…..I am not an artist. So I was completely delighted with your book, which had so many parallels with our trips there (one month last summer, and one three years ago). We also loved the Emma Bridgewater factory tour (and the Burleigh factory shop in the same town) which we happened upon only because our B&B host recommended it. The Lake District, Yorkshire, the Cotswalds, Cornwall, Jane Austen country…..there is nowhere as beautiful as rural England. But the roundabouts! On one of them, going very fast as lorrys were bearing down on us and our car refused to shift and we couldn’t figure out which exit to take, I threw the map down and exploded “I hate traveling!” And the teeny narrow roads, which I confess I did not like one bit, as picturesque as they are! But we recovered, and are still happily married. It’s all worth it for the beauty. Anyway, I was sad when the book ended. Thank you for writing it, and for bringing back so many wonderful memories for us.
    PS – If you haven’t yet discovered the Doc Martin show, I think you’d love it. We spent a couple of days in the idyllic little village where it is filmed (Port Isaac)- another high point of our trip.

  7. MICHELLE says:


    HAVE FUN !

  8. Lora Congdon says:

    Hi Susan~
    Interested in the penpal offer. Thanks, Lora

  9. Lora Congdon says:

    Absolutely love your blogs….such a heartstir. Thank you.

  10. Memarge says:

    Heavens! Just when I think one of your posts can’t get any better, here comes another winner!

  11. Candy says:

    I’m looking for a perpetual calendar. Any chance of one in the near future?

  12. Mona in California says:

    Is this where I respond to your blog? (I’m new at this.)

    But, I am a follower who adores your Jack, your books, your photos and I guess nearly everything you say and do!

    Your blogs are like candy for my brain! What a thrill!

  13. Laura Wycoff says:


    Wanted to respond to your 3-part give away. I used to hand quilt years ago. Love, Love, Love your fabrics and quilts. Plan to order the Autumn/A Fine Romance combo. Thanks for the great opportunity to get both!

  14. Laura W. says:

    Hi Susan,

    Love, Love, Love your fabrics and quilts. Thanks also for the opportunity to purchase Autumn/A Fine Romance as a combo. I am going to take advantage of the offer!

  15. Candy Northrop says:

    Hi Susan!
    I LOVE seeing all your quilts! With a new grand baby arriving in August, I could certainly put those fat quarters to good use….. What fun!!! This blog entry was especially fun to read, and I will re-read again and again…..

    Love from California,

  16. Jean Bach says:

    Dear Susan,
    I enjoy your blog very much. I sent you an email also. I had wanted to come so much to the Tabor meeting but I babysit my Granddaughter on the weekends , she is a bit too young to bring. Thank you, someday I hope to come to a book signing and meet you. Jean Bach

  17. Hello,

    Your site/art and pics ALWAYS lift my spirits!!!

  18. Regina Carretta says:

    Susan – on this rainy, Seattle morn, I read your blog about Gladys Taber, your visit to her farm, “Christmas in Connecticut”, etc. I didn’t know about Gladys, and it was so lovely to learn about her, and her legacy. I continually thank you for your wonderful photo’s, MUSICA, view of life, history, the little things….I have copied the picture of your cat in the mixing bowl, and sent to friends who are cat people – they love it…..I look forward to visiting Martha’s Vineyard, and to your next book…..

  19. Linda Grote says:

    Dear Susan,
    I feel totally stupid and now my girlfriend insists that I contact you. I have not received an email from you recently, but I am “A Linda” in Idaho, and wish to know if I happen to have won. I seldom look at my emails because of so much junk. I have followed you since the days of your shop that you had in Ca. and have so enjoyed your cleverness and especially our shared love of cooking and England, etc. etc. etc.
    Could you just please send me a simple note so my girlfriend can calm herself !!

    Thank you,
    Linda Grote ( in Idaho also)

    • sbranch says:

      LOL, I’m so sorry, of course there has to be more than one Linda in Idaho — the reason I used “Linda in Idaho” is because that’s how she signed her comment. I wasn’t thinking. Yes, it turns out to be Linda Hill in Idaho. But it was a very good question!

  20. Linda says:

    Thanks Susan and stay as super as you are!

  21. Phyllis Davidson says:

    Please make a change in my email address as follows:

    Old: phyliciad@

    New: phyliciadee@

    If this not the proper place to notify you of this change, please let me where I should go. Thank you. Phyllis Davidson

  22. Hi Susan,

    This is Ginny’s dad (from California)! Thanks so much for your personalized Father’s Day greeting at the Friends of Gladys Taber event in Danbury last weekend. Linda and I were so surprised and pleased! Ginny was just as surprised when she heard about what you took the time and effort to do for us. It was very generous and much appreciated. Would it be OK with you if I use the brief text of the comment exchange between Ginny and yourself in my own blog post this weekend about you and Gladys Taber? Your keynote address at the event was wonderful and wise – as expected.

    Your fellow Sinatra/Dorsey and Astaire/Rogers fan, Alan Kubitz

    • sbranch says:

      So sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner Alan, just a very busy weekend . . . but I saw your sweet post and wanted to thank you! It was fun to meet you and to give Ginny’s message, from California to Martha’s Vineyard, to you in the audience in Danbury — amazing world and fun with computer! Thank you so much!

  23. Annette Messex says:

    My sister, Mary and I, email everyday and I often cut and paste images from the blog. Recently, I put this in and we are both wondering if it would be available to purchase? I am in the midst of selling my home, the last thing to do from a divorce. I will be moving into my own rented home, all by myself for the first time in my life. ( I am 49!) This image would be a wonderful way for me to establish myself. I love the blog, the books, everything Susan Branch!! thank you for inspiring me.

    • sbranch says:

      I’m imagining you would want that on cardstock? I’ll ask Kellee if we can do that. Congratulations on your new home Annette, I hope it’s a wonderful move for you.

  24. sue says:

    I would love for you and Joe to do another crossing…. Please visit Wales, ( especially the Snowdonia area in the Northwest, as it is inctedably beautiful and the people there are charming and still speak the Welsh language), The whole country is beautiful. You could take a ferry from there to Ireland if you like. Thank you for all the happiness you bring into your followers lives. Sue

  25. Wonky Momma says:

    I have been purchasing your for my daughter cookbooks (3) and now am on my 4th “Home Cooking-Recipes from the Heart” Book. Because I was looking for more of the recipe sheet to purchase I found your AWESOME web site. I love it all! I signed up for your newsletter cant wait for it to start arriving.

    I love to cook and experiment with new recipes. It’s a night we call Guinea Pig Night and in we are the testers. We had a friend over one night I asked him to stay for supper he asked what we were having I said “Guinea Pig”. He whispered to my X-husband if we were really having guinea pig. After expaining and we were very happy with the meal. He said would volunteer for all guinea pig nights.
    He still laughs about how nervous he was at the supper table. We had Chicken Fried Steak With Paremesan Gravy. Still one of our favorites,
    Iam an avide & prolific Quilter as a friend says. I just did some remodeling to my sewing room and have most in bins and lables as to what quilt ot project it is I have 47- 18 quart bins with up to 3 project in each. and that is not even the active 12 or 15 projects that I have going. So finding your site is great I love the ducky fabric and will be ordering it to make a diaper bag of my own design. I have awaiting list for them right now mothers just love how roomy and pratical they are.
    well enough said cant wait to see more of your site!

  26. Debra Henderson says:

    Hello, friend! I need help…for some reason, your blogs have quit coming to my inbox, which is not a good thing! I’ve had to re-subscribe at least once in the last 3-6 months. I only knew about the last blog b/c of the F.O.S.B. posting on facebook. I’ve tried for the last two days to re-subscribe again, but it just puts your blog on the screen in some kind of stretched out fashion, with no place to sign up. Can you sign me back up? I don’t want to miss a word! Thank you so much!!!

  27. Tara Laroux says:

    Does anyone know where I can purchase Susan Branch’s framed art prints? They were made my Portal Publications (that is what is on the back of the frame). I’m having a heck of a time finding more!

    • sbranch says:

      So sorry, they aren’t being made anymore. We have a few in my web store, not the ones by Portal, but others we’ve had printed ourselves.

  28. Cherie Ward says:


    So, I was reading along in “A Fine Romance” and pondering on similarities to our trip to the UK a few years ago. We took the QM2, visited the Lake District, etc.

    Really just flipping through,not reading yet. And then I hit the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and suddenly realized…. I think we went at the same time.

    I think we were on the same crossing on the QM2 and traveling circles around each other in the UK. Funny, huh?


    • sbranch says:

      Wouldn’t that be amazing! Our dates are all there, so you can see!

      • Cherie Ward says:

        Well, it was the same crossing. Small world.

        As a result:
        I really enjoyed your book, and it took forever to read because I kept getting lost in memories of our trip. 🙂

        If you do make it to Scotland next time, I highly recommend stopping at the House (hoose) O’ Hill in Bargrennan, best food ever!

        • sbranch says:

          You weren’t the woman in the sailor suit and red heels were you? 🙂 Amazing we were both there at the same time. I wrote down your hoose suggestion, thank you Cherie!

  29. Linda T. from Maine says:

    I was looking to see if you are going to get any more come, sit stay tea towels that match the tins. Someone I know wants a couple for Christmas ans a tin. Please let me know. Thanks. Linda T. from Maine.

  30. Chris B says:

    I’m wondering if someone could tell me what paint color Susan used in her kitchen. I’ve been looking through old posts but can’t find it. Thank you so much! Peace & Love, Chris

  31. Joyce Wright says:

    Dear Susan:
    Puhleeze! Publish another little monthly purse calendar for 2015 (the size of my checkbook)! Your delightful work makes me so happy! I’m in serious need of feeling happy right now & I’m reaching out for happy things – YOUR publications definitely fall in that category! Your book was delightful – I have a collection of your fabulous cookbooks & I used to purchase one of your calendars each year – you haven’t published one in a while! I sorely miss this! Think about it, promise?

    • sbranch says:

      We have one Joyce . . . go HERE — it’s called a “pocket planner” but it’s the size of a checkbook, so I think it’s what you’re looking for. Thank you for the kind words!

  32. Terrie from Atanta, GA says:

    Darling Sue & your Creative Team ~
    I just received not one but TWO of your 2015 calendars in the mail this week: the hanging wall calendar, so full of love and surprises, and the smaller 6″x6″ (?) calendar, which is always tacked right above my nightstand. Hard as it is not to tear open the wrapping on each, I’m trying to wait until Christmas Eve ~ keeping each one as a special gift just for me, to last throughout the whole year. My little world will be a happy, cheerful, and organized place once again, thanks to you and the way you celebrate each month! Cheers ~ Terrie Xo

  33. Regina Carretta says:

    Dear Susan….I just read your beautiful blog post of Oct. 17th….just healing from surgery, appreciating life and the beginnings of autumn, and appreciating friends, loved ones, the joys of color, and fresh air, and music…..your posting was so encouraging and lovely…..thank you for your words, your photo’s, your kindness and wisdom……

  34. Regina Carretta says:

    So enjoyable! Your recent post on your railway trip….so encouraging to read your views on railway travel, preserving what is unique and something that actually works for us, as Americans….traveling in Europe one can see how railway travel is such an important part of their lives, connecting them to each other and to places….I remember in Italy, sitting in a train car, and my Italian car mates brought out the bread, cheese and salami and we brought out the cookies….sharing and laughing our way through Tuscany!…..again, it is heartening to hear your views on life, family, friends, special moments in time, slowing down to enjoy it all…..keep the writings coming our way….and have a glorious Thanksgiving….thank you….

  35. Deena Benson says:

    My cousin sent me to your website a while ago and just had to tell you how much I love love love it!!! It sends me to another place every time I see it. So beautiful. Thank you so much for allowing me into your life through the pictures and music and of course the recipes. I enjoy every bit of it!

  36. jonnine ayling says:

    I love love love your blog thank you so much

  37. Anita says:

    I was so looking forward to the calendar blotter for 2015. I had one in 2013 and missed that it wasn’t available for 2014. Is there one forthcoming for 2015??
    I didn’t see it in your store.

    • sbranch says:

      Oh no, we have had the blotter up for sale here in my webstore since last August, or maybe even July. I’ve announced it on the blog several times and on Twitter and Facebook. I had so hoped all my Girlfriends who wanted one would have gotten one ~ because, like so many things these days, they have all sold out! We’ll have a new one for 2016. So sorry Anita!!

  38. Shelley McCormick says:

    I love your calendars and have been ordering them for the last five years and just put my order in for this year. I have been having a problem with them tearing when I change months. When I get to the end of the year the little hole tears as soon as I hang it up. Do you have any idea how I can prevent this?

    • sbranch says:

      I’m sorry that’s happening! Maybe a bit bigger of a nail? Or put a piece of tape over the hole first to reinforce it?

  39. El says:

    You inspired my grandmother who has become an Angel and now you inspire me. When I recieved your blog post I instantly remembered about thousands of memories with her so I just wanted to Thankyou for reminding me how to love and remember once again. ❤️

  40. Audree says:

    I think you are my SOUL SISTER!!!! I just bought your 2015 calendar! I LOVE it!! And you put Tasha Tudor’s birthday in it! I had her Fairy Tale book when I was little!!! Her art influenced me greatly!!!
    Funny thing, a few years ago, I bought your autumn cookbook and I think a Christmas cookbook(?) for my daughter. She loves autumn. So do I. But I didn’t realize till today how much your personality (as taken from the calendar) resonates with mine!!!

    Thank you for the gift of you!!!

  41. Jill says:

    I have been a fan of yours for about twenty years…LOVE your work!!

    About seven years ago, my sister-in-law purchased your Christmas Memories book for herself, my mother-in-law, and me. In fact, she purchased it on clearance at Barnes and Noble. We have all three thoroughly enjoyed keeping up with it every year; it’s one of our favorite traditions! However, we are all in need of a new book. So, we have not documented our Christmas memories the last two years. Both years, we have also searched high and low to find another Susan Branch Christmas Memories book, but the price is anywhere from $100-$200!!!

    Would you please, please, please (I beg of you!) consider reprinting your Christmas Memories book?? It would make us three gals some of the happiest gals in all the land!

    Thank you for your consideration, and Happy New Year!

  42. I have an idea for your calendar…
    I have a friend that I have known for 60 years! We met when I was four and she was three. We are more like sisters then friends.

    Could you, would you do, a page about Old Friends. Or even friendship.
    You have a way of tickling my mind and heart with your drawings.

    Keep drawing and taking pictures!

    • sbranch says:

      I’m wondering if you’ve ever seen my Girlfriend Book? It’s a whole book all about US! I think you would like it — it’s out of print, but they can still be found out there, and sometimes we find slightly used ones and put them in our webstore. See what you think!

  43. Paula Gulley says:

    Hi Susan! My friend and I are planning the layout and decor for a kitty room at her new cat sanctuary, and I told her she needs to make a Heart of Home room. We know how you feel about cats! Love the pictures! Thank you for always making me smile. Paula

  44. Dianne hardtke says:

    love your blogs!!! They so brighten my days!

  45. Jackie says:

    My daughter gave me as a gift “The best of Stillmeadow” by Gladys Taber and as I was researching her (I had never read her books), I ended up on Amazon and stumbled upon your latest book “A fine romance…”. It looks wonderful, just what our family enjoys!!! I saw you mentioned leaving a comment on your blog for a giveaway but try as I may, I could not leave it on that page. So I thought I would leave it here, I hope that is ok. Please consider this my entry for the giveaway.
    P.S. Have you ever read: The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden?
    Sorry for my ramblings …

  46. Vita Avanesian says:

    I just sent a photo of a business card of a British shop in Ventura, Ca. called Rosie Lee imports. It’s a cute shop with tea things and food from England! I think she should carry your book too!! Vita

  47. Regina Carretta says:

    Susan….thank you for your pre-snowstorm stories….here in balmy Seattle, we have no traces of the cozy times you will be experiencing! The crispy eggs were a favorite of my mom’s, in our NY Italian kitchen long ago….I make them now and again, and think of those times when mom served the crispy eggs with crusty Italian bread heaped with butter…oh my!
    Stay safe, warm, and keep us posted!

  48. Kate Hewitt says:

    How do I sign up for your blog?
    I am reading your book now and loving it. Love England and all about it, Beatrix Potter, too!

  49. Lexy Lawrence says:

    I’m writing this 2/7/2015
    I know there was a recent post on the blog that listed the page and recipe from one of your cookbooks. I can’t for the life of me find this post again.
    Could I please ask for a moment of your time to email me this page? Unless there is a place to click at the end of this message for an automatic email informing me there is a post. Maybe someone reading it might help out also. Thank you one and all.

    • sbranch says:

      Do you know what the recipe was for? I put pages and recipes on the blog quite often.

      • Lexy Lawrence says:

        Oh dear, no, I don’t remember..but, there were about 7 recipes on one page with the page number listed for the cookbook. The recipe wasn’t shown, just the page number of the same cookbook for all the recipe. One of the comments was even someone being grateful that you listed the page number. I wasn’t familiar with that book, I’m thinking it started with the letter “L” but not sure. I have several of your books but wasn’t sure if I had that particular cookbook.
        Is this any help? I really don’t think it was that long ago…but I do look at so much of your postings that I might be confused…haha, is that possible?

        • sbranch says:

          Seven recipes on one page with the page numbers listed; I’m so sorry, I just don’t remember. If you were looking for a certain recipe I could tell you where that was . . . Here’s an old page of the blog that tells a little something about each book (except A FINE ROMANCE) — just click on the highlighted part, maybe something there will ring a bell. I wish I could be more help!

          • Lexy Lawrence says:

            Thanks for all the time you took thinking of how to solve my problem. There was one misunderstanding on your part that I’d like to put straight. There were not 7 recipes on one page. There were 7 names of recipes and then the page number where they could be found in your cookbook. They were all from just one cookbook. My mind will go crazy trying to remember anything else about this…again, thank you. Could it be something from “Willards” newsletter? But then there wouldn’t be comments so I don’t suppose that could be it. Well for now I’m going back in “History” on the computer to see if I can find any hints..

          • sbranch says:

            Is it THIS . . .?

  50. Angie Quantrell says:

    Hi, Susan! LOVE your blog (and your website as well). Long time reader of your books. My aunt gave me the Christmas cookbook in 1990 (I think that is the right year, my daughter was just a baby). I fell in love with your writing and artwork! And right now my granddaughter in hanging behind me watching me look at your blog.

    I am inspired by your blog! Thank you! I have nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. The link to my blog with the award info is

    You are not under any obligation to accept the award, as it entails a little bit of legwork. Mainly, I wanted to let you know that I am inspired by your blog. And the beautiful photos and artwork. Snowed in again?

    Blessings and thank you!

    • sbranch says:

      Oh thank you Angie . . . I feel honored! You’re right, with my deadlines right now I can’t do too much legwork, but I still LOVE that you thought of me!

  51. Lexy Lawrence says:

    Oh Susan you are not going to believe this. I have been searching forever and went through ALL the Willards and started working backword until I got to October 2012. YES, I found it. Copied the address and was going to send it to you. Clicked on “Bookmarks” to get the page where these messages were written so I could send you the address with the good news. Then, low and behold, there you are in the “reply” with the recent message “Is it THIS”. I am surprised with your finding it and here I thought I’d surprise you with my finding it. How on earth did you ever find it? Isn’t that a great page that you put together. I copied it and put the copy inside my edition of “HEART OF THE HOME”. Absolutely love that post. HINT….maybe you should put another page or two from some of your other books???????
    Love you, I’m a fan forever, Please keep these fabulous postings up as long as possible. Please DO let me know how you found it.

    • sbranch says:

      At the top of the blog there is a little icon that says HOME COOKING, there’s drop down with it that says COOKING WINTER. It changes seasonally, but suggests my favorite recipes and gives the pages numbers in the books. I just thought, when I heard there were seven in a row, it had to be that. Glad you found it!

  52. Regina Carretta says:

    So enjoyed your latest snow musings…..the photo’s of the birds are gorgeous….stay warm and my oh my you have been hit with storms…..
    Downton – is it “for sure” the last season next year? And for these fictitious characters, Tom needs a compassionate, loving partner….Mary is a bit much….
    (yes I know they are not real)…..Seattle is balmy and we have had no winter….I look forward to your first peeks of spring musings!

  53. Pamela England says:

    My dear Susan, I have been visiting your blog frequently over the years as it is such a treasure. You would love my kitchen and quilting studio that my dear husband had put together for me after the kids all left home. I love your pictures of old linens, quilts, dishes etc. I am writing to let you know that we were invited out for Easter dinner and I said I would like to bring the dessert. I made your special orange cake and my goodness, it was fabulous!!! It was also very pretty on my antique milk glass cake stand! Thank you for all you do. Pam England-

  54. Elaine Garner says:

    I have no Idea where my email went to , it was a lengthy one with a story from
    long ago … I will write a letter to you .. Regards Elaine Garner — [email protected]

  55. kelly says:

    Hoping all is well with you Susan as we are so missing your “weekly” blog entries!!!!

  56. Janet Brunnemer says:

    Love your photos, your art, your words – you make me smile! Can’t wait to read your new book!

  57. Beth says:

    Are the leaves on your mystery flower toothed? If so, I think you have a Viburnum on your hands. My best guess is Sweet Viburnum or Nannyberry ( I hope it’s that one; such a lovely name) _V. lentago_ or maybe it’s Black Haw _V. prunifolium_. I got my information from the indispensible “Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide” by Lawrence Newcomb, bought back in 1977 for $6.95 and I couldn’t bear to ever part with it.

  58. Laurel in VA says:

    Hi Susan! I know you are extra busy working on your new book, but if you could throw out a Willard I would be ever so happy 🙂 Miss your blogging.

    • sbranch says:

      I will do that as soon as I’m done with the book! It takes me a couple of days to design and write a Willard and I want to do it justice!

  59. Cara Miller says:

    Hi Susan! I was so happy to receive Willard today. It is a typical warm but misty late August morning here in North Carolina and I have enjoyed reading the latest Willard with my morning coffee. I can’t wait for your new book. Thank you for sharing your beauty with me.

  60. Shannon(Pennsylvania) says:

    I printed out the Fiary Tail Girl bookmark from Willard this morning, and it’ll soon find its home in your new book…yay! This Willard is wonderful one 🙂 and I’m so looking forward to receiving the book. I’ve collected all your charm beads with the exception on the Autumn one. Kellee said it’ll probably be back in stock this fall so I’m keeping a watch on the shopping site! I put them all on a Troll Bead bracelet and love it. Question…the little lavender-ish blue-ish fairy butterflies on the bookmark are so dear. Do you think you might incorporate something like them into a bead for The Fairy Tale Girl? I’m wishing out loud! Hugs

  61. Laureen McNeff says:

    Susan you are still my inspiration to continue to make cards and write letters to friends, I just think your talent for putting your art into books is very special. Thank you for sharing your words and beautiful lifestyle with us.

  62. MARY LOU says:

    Loved the Willard today. You made me feel like I was right there with you. I am in love with new calendars. I’ve already ordered the large wall one and I love the pocket planner. I still write everything down in it especially after my phone lost some information. Have been enjoying the 2015 ones since Jan. Please keep writing/painting and being such a breath of fresh air for us all.

  63. elena louisa says:

    A few years ago, you had (I think it was you!) a set of gorgeous white dishes that were made in France. They looked to be thinner than stoneware, sorta thin like Corelle. There was a thin red line around the edge with a narrow band of red & white checks inside that. I have not been able to find them anywhere since I don’t know the manufacturer or the name of the design. Do you know what plate I’m asking about? Thanks for your help!

  64. Lauri says:

    Susan, I am excited to say that yesterday was my birthday, but more importantly I received your new book as a gift from my husband! It has been wrapped for almost a month and I have been impatiently waiting to open it. So now I have all day on this rainy 1st of November to curl up and dive into “The Fairy Tale Girl”. Yea for me!

  65. Barb says:

    Good Morning Susan,
    What a lovely gift to get your beautiful email. I have just been outside on a chilly morning
    getting ready to make wreaths for a charity sale. It is cold & frosty so I came in to have
    coffee in my Emma Bridgewater mug before the ladies arrive to start our workshop!
    You always inspire me, love your books.
    Will sit down and read your mail again when all the work is finished !
    Cheers from Canada, Barb

  66. DeAnna Passmore says:

    Susan’s! So happy to open Willard tonite! Rainy and blustery here in Ohio. Is it too late to be entered in the give away? If not please sign me up! I think I found a new love…Mod Podge! It’s fun…anyway…thank you for your wonderful writings and drawings. I look forward to each and every one of them!

  67. Gina Russell says:

    Oh my goodness!!! I just read that you MIGHT be coming to Nashville, TN! It would be my DREAM to see you, to meet you! I was reading your blog and saw that you are going to Chicago. I was thinking…I could go there! Then, further along in your blog you mentioned Nashville! Woo-hoo! I’m going to call and call Parnassuss Bookstore to encourage that event. I think I’ll ask all my friends to call them too! I hope it works! Best of luck on your tour!

  68. Kimberly Williamson says:

    Please come to the Seattle Washington area on your book tour. We would love to see you.

    • sbranch says:

      We tried to arrange something with Elliot Bay, but they were all booked up — I think Joe tried somewhere else, and ran into the same problem, so we sort of gave up and moved on. But I promise, we will try again next time!!!

  69. Carol Nichols says:

    Dear Susan,
    Thank you so much for writing and sharing your stories in “The Fairy Tale Girl”. I found it at the library last week and just finished reading it this evening. I loved it! I shed a few tears and laughed and smiled as well, as I read it. It brought back so many memories!

    I was born June 13, 1947 in Ames, Iowa. I ran away in 1967, flying out to Boston to marry a man who had just returned from Vietnam. What a crazy, desperate decision I made. But my life has been a good adventure. As trite as it is to say; it’s true, time just Flies by doesn’t it!

    I just wanted to let you know you have another fan out here in the world.
    Looking forward to reading your other books and exploring your website.
    What a gift!

    Carol Nichols.
    Janesville, WI

  70. Lorraine Lombardi says:

    Hi Susan –

    Just finished reading Martha’s Vineyard Isle of Dreams … LOVE it … as much as I loved the the first two in the trilogy. I have been a fan of yours since Heart of the Home was published in 1986 and have all your books. So many of your recipes have become some of my favorites! I admire you and your work so much and have been inspired by your new book as I start to transition into retirement and try to figure our the next chapter of my life. I am a baker (I sell my cakes and have won first place twice and second place once in a local berry bake-off judged by local bakers!!). I am putting together a cookbook with my Mother’s recipes that I have on her handwritten recipes cards and in her recipe notebook … she was a fabulous baker and thank goodness I got her “baking gene!” I grew up outside of Boston and have been happily living in the New Jersey/New York area for 30 years … but reading your new book has me so nostalgic for New England!! Looking forward to your next book! Sincerely, Lorraine Lombardi

    • sbranch says:

      Nice to hear from you, Lorraine! Sending lots of love and luck for the next chapter! Your baking gene sounds wonderful, you can make lots of people happy with that! xoxo Thank you for the kind words!

      • Lorraine Lombardi says:

        Just read about your fabrics on Spoonflower!! It’s a great idea! I am ordering fabric from them with one of my Mother’s handwritten recipe cards … not sure what to make!!! Aprons, placemats, napkins, pillows! Will send picture once I decide. Am home recuperating from hip replacement surgery and can’t sit long enough in one spot yet to sew!!


        • Lorraine Lombardi says:

          Hi Susan … just read your latest post about your road trip … loved reading it! And am so sorry about your Dad … it is so difficult to lose your parents. My Dad died in 1984 and he is with me every day as is my Mom … my guardian angels. I read somewhere that the depth of our grief is in direct proportion to our love for the person we lost …

          I’m still home recuperating from hip surgery … and a month ago in a freak accident, I broke my left wrist in 2 places trying not to fall on my hip!!! In a cast and trying to manage with one hand. I have read your trilogy of three books 2 times each these past weeks and they have been such a source of inspiration for me! So many pages marked for future reference. Wanted you to know how much you have helped me get through a very frustrating time! So sorry I missed you in NJ … I am a Bostonian at heart now living in NJ! Thank you again for being such an inspiration to me! L

  71. Happy Birthday…..received your book on my birthday : )

  72. Roberta Myers says:

    Your books. blogs and notes always make me feel like I know you well and have been a long time friend. It is always such fun to read and see all the wondrous things you create. God has truly gifted and and you have truly blessed me and so many others by sharing those gifts. THANK YOU so very much.
    Roberta Myers

  73. DeAnna Passmore says:

    Thank you for Willard! Looking forward to all of your exciting plans this year! I would love to win your book set!

  74. Sarah says:

    Hello! I just discovered your book A Fine Romance: Falling in Love with the English Countryside in my local library. Having finished the book in just a couple days (due to needing sleep and to keep my job), I wanted to check out your blog and let you know how much I adored your book! The pictures were great, the drawings were cute, and the way you write is so engaging! I look forward to reading your other books as well.

    Anyway, I’m new to your blog, but will be following you from now on!

  75. Sue LaMarche says:

    Dear Susan:
    I’ve written before but now I’m writing because I finished your latest book & I had the same reaction after I read the other 2: “Oh no, I’m done!” How I don’t want your stories to end… I particularly loved this one because you found your true passion & self in this book plus you met Joe! (you could have elaborated a bit more but we get the picture…). Your books are ALL delicious works of art & I’ve shared every one of them with any of my girlfriends who want to read/devour them. I put a sticky note in the front of the book with my feelings on the book & invite the girls to comment also. Nary a one has not loved your stories & your art. As I read what other women have commented about you, I so relate to many of them. In the 1st chapter of “A Fine Romance” you had me as a friend. We’re of the same era (almost), love the same music, scenery, art & also the same 1st name (tho I’m now Sue…). Keep up the good work (all of it) & as the Muppets sang, “You’ve Got A Friend in Me”! Hoping to meet you one day – I remain a loyal “fan”,

    • sbranch says:

      Just what I hoped when I was writing the first book, and never imagined could happen . . . but with the Internet, we’ve got a whole BUNCH of friends! xoxox Thank you Sue!

  76. teresa says:

    Well, I feel the same way as Sue (above). I purchased ‘Isle of Dreams’ and planned it to arrive just before we left for our FL vacation. Well, that plan failed. I couldn’t wait to start, and here it is four days before we leave and I finished the last page just now (sniff sniff). I want more!
    I think we live in a parallel universe as so many things you do fit me to a tea. It was hilarious to read and think, hey, that sounds just like me. Same interests and same loves. We are best friends, for sure.
    I loved all three books! Can’t wait till the revised cookbook comes out and I have ordered the original. Hope your book tour is fabulous and I still wish you were coming to Franklin, TN (which you would LOVE) for a book signing. Look it up! We live just south of there, but the history and quaintness of Franklin is dear to my heart.
    Keep writing! Please.

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you Teresa! I’m so happy you liked the books! And I know I would love Franklin . . . an old friend lived there, Gilbertine “Gilly” Moore, who was the president of the Gladys Taber fan club for many years . . . we were pen pals of a sort, and she often described the town and especially the old house where she was born and where she passed away a few years back. I’ll get there someday!

    • Mary Faith says:

      I think we all like her books or we wouldnt be here LOL

  77. Mary Faith says:

    Hello Susan I was at your book signing at Malaprops bookstore in Asheville,NC Im Mary Faith. Dont know if you remember me but if you do (and even if you dont) I’d like to tell you that your books are better than the hunger games (and thats saying somthing for me LOL).i’ve been reading isle of dreams🐬🐠🐳 and I just had a couple of questions 1-Do theese books (isle of dreams,fairy tale girl,and a fine romance) have to be read in order.???? 2-is there any more book signing ps you will be doing after the 23 bookstores your going to (LOL I dont expect you do do more for some time though) and 3-(More of a comment that a question,actualy a comment) YOUR BOOKS ARE AWSOME!!!!!📓

    • sbranch says:

      THANK YOU again Mary Faith! I don’t think the books have to be read in order, I wrote them out of order, so I think it’s okay to start anywhere, but ask others and see what they think. I’m probably too close. I’m doing my last signing in this 23 bookstore tour TODAY. Then we get on the ferry and go back to the Island. I’m sure there will be other signings someday, but not for a while…I’ll be sure to announce them on the blog when they happen. Happy 4th!

      • Mary Faith says:

        Thanks Susan
        You still live on the island??
        I thought you said someone was in holy oak messing It up!! (lol I remember when you said that)
        I’m on chapter 7 of isle of dreams and the picture of girl, bill, and man is so cute
        And your drawing with the caption they had this thing called “sleeping weather” and the kitties curled up around you
        Then the carrot cake cupcakes REMIND ME TO MAKE THOSE I really want to try them
        and there is one funny thing:I can NEVER tell the diference between girl and man
        oh and you heart shelf I WANT ONE TO STORE LIKE 1/100 oOF MY BOOKS (lol I have like a million books)
        ok I think I’m going to stop now because there is so much more things that I like about you books that I could add
        -Mary Faith

        • sbranch says:

          Oh yes, I’ve lived here since 1982! But we moved to our new (old) house (still on the Island) in 1989. I was joking about Holly Oak, the “someone” isn’t “messing it up” LOL, just changing it!

          • Mary Faith says:

            I know nobody is realy messing it up it was so cute in the book you guest house and the greenhouse window

  78. Mary Faith says:

    and happy fourth to you to susan

  79. Donna Money says:

    I just finished reading all three of your books. I found myself in the pages; especially The Fairy Tale Girl. I grew up about the same time and felt exactly the way you did about the 50’s and 60’s. My mother encouraged me to take Home Ec classes in high school preparing me for marriage as she told me that I’d marry and be taken care of my entire life. Funny thing, I never married and here I am 60ish years old, can cook and clean but no job skills, well, I did learn to type which has been valuable all my life. Now I’m using my cooking, cleaning and typing to care for my elderly parents and stay in touch with our family and their friends for them. Until I read your book, I thought I was the only one who felt that way about childhood. It was good to be a child in the 50’s and 60’s. A lot of good memories your book brought back. So sorry you lost your Dad. My Dad has Parkinson’s, it’s a painful thing to see him slowly lose his ability to use his hands to dress, or to walk and sometimes he has a difficult time speaking. I cherish every day I have with him and my Mother.

  80. Susan Carper says:

    I have been pouring over your new book”Martha’s Vineyard isle Of Dreams and I wanted to say how much I love it! I just read the heroes page. If I where writing a book you would be on my list. I find your story so inspiring. Thank you for sharing it with me.
    Susan C.

  81. Debra Rollins says:

    Dear Susan,

    I had a delightful calendar of yours, perhaps around 1987 or maybe ’88, that had a chocolate cake recipe that could have been flourless or perhaps had little flour in it. It was really the best cake I ever made of it’s sort. I used to dust it with powdered sugar through a doily and it was so pretty. Is there a chance I could get that recipe or be directed to a place to find it? Perhaps it is in one of your books and if I don’t own it I could try to. Any help would be so appreciated.
    Kind regards,

    • sbranch says:

      My first calendar came out in 1993 — I do have an amazing flourless chocolate cake … it’s in my Autumn book on page 98. Called Birthday Cake … hope you have it!

  82. Diane Kams says:

    Bon Voyage Susan and Joe! Have a wonderful trip, and please write another book about this trip!
    Thanks for the link to the New York harbor webcam! I loved watching your ship sail out of the harbor, especially when you passed the Statue of Liberty!!



  84. mascarr says:

    Please put my email addy on your list for your emails:

    [email protected]

    Thank you!

  85. Julie from Michigan says:

    Hi Susan,
    Just wanted to thank you for your memoir books. I am almost done with Isle of Dreams. I read Fine Romance first because Amazon recommended it to me! I am an Anglophile as well and have been to three times. I would love to go back and do a “countryside” trip like in your book. Anyway, I would like to recommend a book to you. It’s called Julia’s Cats: Julia Child’s life in the Company of Cats. I enjoyed this book so much. It’s based on letters she and her husband Paul wrote to family while living abroad. I didn’t know that cats were such a big part of Julia’s life and it made me love her more. So is this where we enter the contest for the mugs? I hope so! Also, I love your new ones, especially the Autumn one. I think I’ll have to get one because I adore autumn and you have captured it on that cup! Thanks again for all you do!

  86. CJBrookshire says:

    I really want to find a ten page train travel guide that Susan wrote some years ago. The title is “Come fly With Me, Train Travel 101” it is full of good information, photos and of course some of Susan’s art work.
    Do you have any idea where it might be?? A blog post? A past Willard?
    I would be so grateful for finding it.
    It’s on my bucket list and time to travel by train.

  87. Linda Ramke says:

    The square-ish dishes next to the strawberries and deviled eggs – what are they? They look delicious!

    • sbranch says:

      The dishes haven’t got a name on them! Sorry. I remember the day I bought them, lurking on a bottom shelf in a second hand store, just waiting, almost invisible, until I ferreted them out!

  88. Betty Benefield says:

    I saw a segment on Martha’s Vineyard on PBS about the “Gingerbread Houses” and learned that the island was (is?) the site of a Methodist campground. I understand annual meetings were held there, and attendees set up colorful tents during their stay. After several years, some built permanent cottages in place of the temporary tents. Most are painted in bright colors with gingerbread trim. The homes are owned by the individuals, but the land still belongs to the Methodist Church. I never knew this, and found it to be very interesting. I have visited the site of a former Methodist campground in Beersheba Springs, Tennessee. It was used as a hospital during the Civil War. Apparently these camp meetings are some of the oldest events held in the United States. Just a bit of trivia I thought might interest you.

    • sbranch says:

      Oh yes, our Campground is very familiar here . . . every year they host a lovely evening called Illumination Night … you can see more of it HERE . . .the gaily colored gingerbread cottages have graced the covers of magazines. And the back story, the history, as you’ve told it, makes it even more wonderful. Thank you for sharing Betty!

  89. Ann Donaldson says:

    I just discovered you via an ad for “A Fine Romance” in Victoria magazine. Being a diehard Anglophile, I just had to order it. It came yesterday and I read the first 100 pages after a meeting last night. CHARMING! Irresistibly charming. And today I’ve spent more hours than I should devouring your wonderful website. I’ve worked my way through everything under the “I Love England” button. I’ve been to Hill Top and Jane’s house at Chawton, so enjoyed visiting there with you. However, right now I’m in the depths of despair because the link to the gift shop in Chawton does not work. Do you have another one? Just so you know, we are kindred spirits, and I’ve shared your website link with several friends today who I know will be as happy as I am now to find you!

    • sbranch says:

      I’m SO glad you’ve been enjoying yourself, Ann . . . Here’s the link to the luv-lee gift shop … such a magical world! We’re going back next year and intend to take everyone (virtually) with us, in real time ~ hope you will join us!

  90. Rhona in Spokane says:

    I can’t remember if I’ve asked this before, but have you considered doing a coloring book (or two or three) of your beautiful drawings? Coloring is all the rage and is such a relaxing pastime. Your drawings and favorite quotes would make very special subjects for coloring. Thank you for all of your books.

  91. Kimberly Gorayeb says:

    Hi – Autumn is my favorite time of year also – so much so that I named my youngest daughter AUTUMN! If I win the prize I will give my daughter the Autumn cup and the Autumn Cookbook! She is turning 21 on September 14 and just moved into her own little apartment! She would be thrilled! Thank you for considering me!

  92. Rosario Ferguson says:

    I bought before from Barnes & Nobles
    a gift box of magnetic 12 month calendars with stickers
    I order like 20
    I would like to buy more

  93. after your maine trip i recommend NORTHERN FARMby henry beston

    illust. by thoreau mac/donald….so true. love your trilogy, thank you

    now how to send this?

  94. did i write about NORTHERN FARM by BESTON?

    being 90 is NOT confusing……xxx

  95. Nancy says:

    Thank you so much for creating the 2018 full moon bookmark! I faithfully referred to them the last two years and learned about the names and other details I didn’t know before. The bookmark is awesome!

  96. Sharon Bader says:

    Somehow I have missed getting the last two Willards. Is my name no longer on the list?? I fear that somehow I have been, alas, forgotten by Willard and would like to get news from him again 🙂 I get all the other posts, etc. but somehow Willard forgets about me. 🙁 Will I ever hear from him again????
    Thank you,
    Sharon Bader
    [email protected]

    • sbranch says:

      Willard sometimes takes a detour to places unknown. Very irritating! First thing is to check your spam folder, hopefully it’s there. And one of our Girlfriends had another idea that worked for her . . . she put in her address book so Willard is recognized by her computer. That set her Willards free! Sign up again (Sorry, I can’t do it for you, it has to come from the outside), and I will put a link to it in the next blog post!

      • Sharon Bader says:

        thanks, Susan…..sorry to say that Willard was not hiding in my spam folder so I re-subscribed to him and hopefully he will find his way to my computer from now on out! I will also put him in my address book so maybe that will help, too. Thanks for answering my questions so quickly and helping to solve my problems! Love your blog and faithfully read it! Keep up the great work 🙂

  97. Joan says:

    I love your calendars and have been buying them for years. I look forward to my new one each year. I have one small request. Is there any way that the holes for hanging the calendar be punched a quarter of an inch down from where they are now. Each year, the holes tear and I must get out the reinforcements. They don’t always stay in place and I find I’m looking at February in September. Does anyone else have this problem or did you find a better solution than I have.

  98. Jack William says:

    Re: Hello,
    I am a Digital Marketing Specialists for a Creative Agency.
    I was doing some industry benchmarking for a client of mine when I came across your website.
    I noticed a few technical errors which correspond with a drop of website traffic over the last 6-8 months which I thought I would bring to your attention.
    After closer inspection it appears your site is lacking in 4 key criteria.
    1- Website Speed
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    4- Competition Comparison
    I can send you over the report which shows all of the above and so much more which will help you at least improve your site, its rankings and traffic.
    I would love the chance to help as well however; this report will at least give you a gauge on the quality of what I do. If you are interested then please share your requirement and contact details.
    Is this the best email to send it to?
    Regards, Jack William , ID= [email protected]

  99. Judy Martinez says:

    I discovered a book I thought you might enjoy! Maybe you already know of it?
    New England Bygones
    E. H. Arr
    First published 1880

    I read it online!!!

  100. Lucy Crosby says:

    Hi Susan – I am trying to order an address book. My husband took my Susan Branch address book when he retired. I need one of yours. Please help. I love everything – books and all.

    Hugs, Lucy

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