Cranberry Apple Crisp

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  1. Cathie Becker says:

    I think we are soul mates of a special kind. I love everything about your creativity and love for life!! My table on Turkey day will have this wonderful Cran/Apple crisp on it. Thank you so very much for sharing your life gifts with us. God gave you many talents and they are to share! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Cathie Becker, Novato California

  2. Laurie Prostrollo Deniger says:

    Your sweet ways, writings, reminiscings and gifts have always made me HAPPY! We share similar “Loves”! Thank you for reminding us to savor all that is GOOD! Wishes for a Blessed Thanksgiving…! OXOX

  3. How have I missed seeing your blog until now !!! I’m so glad to have found you, not only recipes, but so beautifully designed with lovely sketches. We have a dull drizzly day here in rural France where I live with my wonderful husband, who I always refer to as Mr France in my blog. So I will be lost deep in your blog there’s so much to see I can’t wait, first I must sign up to make sure I don’t miss anything, I’ll be back soon

  4. sandra Ford says:

    Hiya Susan”l did write on fosb so l think that makes me a fosbie,l only found out about you a few months ago ,l saw your ad for your book from when you went to England l borrowed a couple of your books from the library ,l loved your little house and your lovely drawings,lm from Liverpool living in Florida 25years, l saw you had written a book by hand with your own drawings ,l had a similar idea ,l hand wrote and sketched a little book about growing up in Liverpool in 50s-60s, l ve painted on and off trying to find my way with it,l ve sold a few paintings on British sites ,l had started a series of British Nostalgic Pastimes and Places ,l had a few copies made then forgot about them ,All this to tell you reading your books gave me inspiration to show the copies do more paintings from the series lve sold a few prints as we call them ,lve sold two paintings right away ,lm having greeting cards made now ,lve had such a great response so thanks again for your inspiration ,

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