Love’s Reward Bookmark

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  1. Barbara Lavell says:

    Finding Willard in my e-mail “mailbox” is always such a delightful surprise & a
    breath of fresh air. I linger over it for a very long time & soak up everything in it.
    Thank you for perking up a dreary morning & helping me look forward to Valentines
    Day. I’m going to get all of my “valentine makings” out today & start on my cards/
    gifts for this year.

  2. Janet says:

    Wonderful Willard!!! Thanks, Susan for all the recipes, music, poety, artwork and your heartwarming words.

  3. Terry Sampson says:

    I open e-mails in the morning but I always save Willard for the evening time with a cup of tea. Thank you for coming into my home and making the world a better place.

  4. Pamala Black says:

    woohoo!!!! I love bookmarks and BOOKS. have them everywhere…Thanks for the treat


  5. Troy Louise says:

    Oh was this a fun way to start the morning. I love the bookmark, I’m going to put it in my “old” copy of Love From the Heart of the Home – thanks so very much! I too love Valentine’s Day & you have given us some delightful ways to celebrate. Hugs.

  6. JoAnn Petersen says:

    I just printed the book mark and a tea party is in the planning thanks.

  7. Lori from Maine says:

    Pretty, pretty. Thank you for the bookmark. xoxo from SWH

  8. Linda Stone says:

    Thank you, Susan, for the Love’s Reward bookmark. It is so sweet. Thanks, too, for sharing Jack with us. I think he could make a cat lover out of anyone! Linda

  9. Joan Smith says:

    What a great way to end a long day. I can feel the stress melting away as I read Willard while sipping a cup of tea. As I am printing my new bookmark, I am also looking at all the projects to make and all the wonderful ways to celebrate my girlfriends.
    Thank you for always brightening my day!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  10. Beverly says:

    I love this little bookmark, because YOU designed it, and it reminds me of the adorable little teapot in Willard this month. I love your books, your blog, your designs, your store, your beautiful words, your artistry in everything you touch, Willard, and all of your hand written words, and borders in your books, and on and on. I even love your name!!! Thank you for inspiring each reader with your wise and wonderful thoughts.

  11. Linda Beasley says:

    The Willards are always a special treat to be lingered over with a nice cup of tea. Thank you for the sweet bookmark; I received a bunch of books for Christmas, so it will be perfect for keeping my place. Can’t wait to try the recipes too. My Mom made carrot salad when I was a child, so it brought back memories. Love getting your blog updates in my inbox, a great way to start my day. Thank you so much for bringing sunshine everyday, no matter the weather outside. God Bless,

  12. Suanne says:

    I am single and have many friends who are single by choice and some not. About 9 years ago I wanted to show them that even though Valentine’s Day can be a lonely time for us, we can still feel loved. So, on the 2nd Saturday of February for the past 9 years I have had my “single ladies” over for breakfast. I shower them with good food, gifts, funny stories and scripture telling of God’s never-ending love for us! It’s a blessing to all of us! Thank you for the lovely things you bring to us!

  13. Gail says:

    Great waking up to read Willard today! Thank you and love all the new Valentine products for sale.

  14. Hi Susan,

    This bookmark is soooo pretty! Willard and all your goodies do brighten my day, so much. Definitely needed today.

    I print out your bookmarks and goodies to send in my pen friend letters across the world 🙂

    Thanks so much, Susan,
    Denise of Ingleside, PEI

  15. Rene'Viney says:

    Hi Susan , Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Make me wish I was there. We’ve been having great weather also. It is now snowing. Saturday is my birthday and the weather always shows itself. Your kitty is a cutie. Have a great day.

  16. Joan Lesmeister says:

    LOVE visiting with Willard, thank you! Pretty bookmark going to printer in a sec! Bought the magazine yesterday, wonderful that you’re in it, but you should have made front page my dear, & I’m trying not to open it until Feb 1st, but that’s a long time away?! A tea party in Feb sounds devine – I might have to work on that, hmmm, guess I’ll have my snow people down by then! Thank you for all the wonderful recipes!!! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  17. Betty Nelson says:

    Thank you so much for the “special” bookmark. I am having two tea parties near Valentine’s Day for the widows and single ladies at our church. It will make a lovely remembrance.


  18. Julie says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting the bookmarks!! I only wish you would do a pretty winter one, too!

  19. Gigi says:

    Happy ♥ Day to you too, Susan. And thank you for another sweet bookmark!

  20. daniela medina says:

    Thanks for the wonderful music, make feel happy inmediatly!!!!Happy happy happy valentines day

  21. Barbara Dee says:

    Thank you for all your postings and love for life that shines through in all that you do! I can always count on your blog to cheer me up. You are a ray of shineshine and you help keep the hope I hold in my heart alive for a peaceful loving world! Love the book mark. I’m going to print it up for my 98 year old Mom today. Blessings and Gratitude from Mi

  22. Sally says:

    Fun valentine, I have some from the 40’s just like it!

  23. JudyCinNC says:

    Fun for a beautiful day. Thank you for the special treat and the wonderful Willard – you bring sunshine and joy to our days and I love that about you. Happiest of Valentine’s to you and Joe and the kitties. JudyC

  24. Libby says:

    Thank you for all the beautiful things you think, share and write! You bringhten every day for me. xxx Libby

  25. Susan Monroe says:

    Susan, thank you so much for your beautiful work. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks so much for the recipes. I am going to try the chocolate chip heart muffins. I look at your books over and over. My Mom gave me your Vineyard Seasons book for Valentine’s Day when you first started writing, and I have been hooked ever since on your books; then your writing paper, then everything that says Susan Branch! (I know it is always the best.) You and Joe have a Happy 25th Anniversary, and many, many more. Thanks for cheering up our world.


  26. Vivian Price says:

    Thanks for the bookmark….I already have it printed, cut-out and doing it’s job. It’s lovely.
    Your roses are beautiful, I presume from Joe.

    Hope this weekend weather is not too bad. We here in the Chattanooga area are expecting some snow/rain mix or maybe even snow for next week.

    Glad you are coming along on your calendars…’s always a good feeling to get a job finished…well-done.

  27. Evie Tong says:

    I requested Willard months ago …and haven’t received any!
    Can you help?
    I thoroughly enjoyed my “hard copy” which was published years ago.
    Thank you always for your sweet thoughts and lovely inspirations …
    I think of you when I use my Rose Chintz!
    Aloha, Evie in San Diego, CA

  28. Deb in Michigan says:

    Thanks for the bookmark. We have book club tonight and I will give one to each of the girls and tell them it is from you with love.
    You probably have the calendars all done by now. I use 4 of yours on a daily basis ans love, love, love the large blotter one. I have 2, one on my desk at work and one on my desk in my home office. Thanks for making them.

    P.S. We read “Still Alice” this month. Disturbed me a lot as my Mom died from Dementia. She probably had Alzheimer’s but my Dad didn’t want her tested for it…….

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, other than approvals, the calendars are GONE! I feel so happy! I already started cleaning my studio this morning. Filing and getting everything ship shape again — I love to be organized, but designing calendars is such a big job, the studio falls to shreds while it goes on. You should see it now . . . clean countertops! Pretty soon I go back to writing my book. I haven’t read Still Alice for the same reason; I knew I would be disturbed too.

  29. Sharon Morrow says:

    A perfect way to spend a couple of hours on a very cold, sunshiny day — spending it with Susan Branch.

  30. Marcia C. Fisher says:

    You are a wonderful person. You make me so happy and if I need some cheering up I go to Susan Branch. I love your cookbooks, your products that I have purchased for my friends and myself and Willard’s blog. I was born and lived in Massachusetts for many years. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you, Susan.

  31. Mary Nye says:

    So glad to give Willard and your blog – Have enjoy your stuff (products) for too many years; stay busy and enjoy. Blessing to you

  32. Debbie says:

    You have been given such a precious, lovely gift from God
    and it is a wonderful blessing to me and so many others and
    brings such peace and satisfaction in a world gone mad.
    Thank you for sharing your gift/❤️ with us.

    I’m printing off the bookmark and giving it to
    a young couple getting married today.

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