Heart Tea Biscuits


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  1. Margie Orr says:

    Can you leave out the pepper(use poppy?)…..bothers my husband? Never heard of self rising flour….wonder if you could use ww pastry four too? Looks lucious to me! ❤️

    • sbranch says:

      Self rising is normal, I’m sure you’ll find it at your market, and yes, feel free to change anything that makes you happy. Try currants!

  2. Marilyn Cobb says:

    I can’t wait to try these but I am like the other lady, I would leave the pepper out and replace with something else possibly raisins.

    • sbranch says:

      Not everyone likes pepper. When I was little I bit my fingernails. My dad painted them with clear nail polish and then peppered them because I hated pepper! It worked! But I’m over it now, I love pepper! If you do like pepper but think it sounds funny in a biscuit, try these, they are yummy, with butter. I promise.

  3. CarolK says:

    I have a feeling my hubby (Ray) is going to love these just the way they are. I’m going to try these on him and let you know if I get a thumbs up.

  4. Cheyenne Renard says:

    Dearest Sue and Joe, Thank you for the great recipes. Sure do miss your blogs, i know u must be so busy but really need to read positive things now. Just wanted to tell you how special you both are not to exclude the fur babies. We love all the pictures too. Still have not been able to afford your book. My hubby has been healing from a broken back, and four prior back surgeries. So money for any thing fun is kinda out of the reach at this time. But im going to go back to work as soon as i can leave him to care for him self. So then will be able to get the calender (its kinda late now but would still love one even though its May 2nd. Also the desk blotter. Going to order those for my Birthday in Oct. So i will be ontop of all of the fun stuff ive missed out on.Please post some new recipes if you can.Also if you have a address to write you a reg letter or a paper card, where can i send them too. I still have the Willard that you put my name into that was a long time ago. I think its either # 8 or #9. Your parents have been in my prayers.Does your mum and sister and Twin boys live near Seal Beach. I grew up there, fond memories there. When you go next time try n eat at the Crab Cooker in Newport Beach Id go for lunch and def not on a weekend lots of tourists which are great but much longer lines , you could always put your name in and then go and come back. The man who owns it is awesome Bob. Check out the info on line. Great location and not formal. Dinning is done on paper plates so it very care free you can go in dressy or in beach walk apparel. shorts n Tee not bathing suit , im sure shoes too. Love to you my sweet girl. Have a great weekend . Please let me know where to send my letter n card too. Be Well Be Happy Be YOU . LOve Cheyenne from Henderson Nevada. We really want to move and i do plan to start a blog of my very own. My fur babies say hello in cat talk MEOW. They are all 3 black and white like your Jack , Miss Kitty is so sweet like the one we used to have named MaMa she is now in Heaven but miss her every single day. God Bless you all XXX ^^/^^/^^/ thats all three of them. Also before i forget if you go to the disney site you can make up a car decal with your family and they will send it to you FREE. It takes a few weeks to get but oh so cute check it out since they are only two of us and 3 cats u should see the decal cats n 2 grown kids (US) TTFN

  5. Erika Laing says:

    I’m going to a ladies brunch next Saturday…. I’m going to make these… I have the heart pan too! 🙂

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