Home Cooking – Winter Recipes

Wild Rice and Nut Soup
Pg.83 Vineyard Seasons
Subtly colorful with an elegant broth and a crunch of wild rice and almonds.


(Not Just the Regular) Stew
Pg. 108 Vineyard Seasons
Made with good-quality beef, fresh 
vegetables, red wine, & herbs; serve with hot crusty french bread, a dry red wine & a crisp salad ~ it’s perfect for a frosty night at home.


Pork Tenderloin with Apples and Cider Lentils
Pg 102. Girlfriends Forever
A dinner you’d be proud to serve at any special occasion. (And it’s low in calories and fat!)


Crusted Baked Cod
Pg. 105 Girlfriends Forever
Delicate, clean tasting cod, crisped up in the oven. Delicious with a green salad, and Bourbon Mashed Sweet Potatoes


Turkey Meatloaf
Pg. 103 Girlfriends Forever
This is so delicious I sometimes mistake it for a snacking’ cake! Keep in mind, one piece is low-fat and low calorie, however eating the whole thing is NOT! Serve with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and be glad you’e alive!


Sesame Noodles Chien Noir
Pg. 104 Vineyard Seasons
The black Dog Tavern on Marhta’s Vineyard serves many wonderful dishes, but this has to be my all-time favorite. 💞 Thank you, Charlie Esposito!


Roasted Shallots
Pg 76 A Fine Romance
These are SOOOOO good! (Delicious with lamb chops & sweet potatoes.)


Buttermilk Bisquits
Pg. 150 The Fairy Tale Girl
This recipe, along with my friend Jane, is part of the reason I wrote my first book Heart of the Home, Notes from a Vineyard Kitchen. You can read the story in my memoir The Fairy Tale Girl.  💓


Toasted Pita Bread Sandwich
Pg. 111 Girlfriends Forever
Be sure to make extra to have ready in the fridge & presto chango– lunch!


Potato Pancakes
Pg.110 Martha’s Vineyard Isle of Dreams
Word to the wise: If you are boiling potatoes to make a potato pancake, you might as well start with five potatoes, because one potato pancake is never enough. It’s food of the gods, good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea and snack. Great at 2 a.m. if you can’t sleep, eat one and you’ll go right back to dreamland.


Sticky Toffee Pudding
Pg. 149 A Fine Romance
BRILLIANT, and oh so veddy English! Serve warm with ice cream or whipped cream.


Hot Milk Cake
Pg. 90  A Fine Romance
This is the perfect thing to make when someone you love is coming to visit; plain, old-fashioned, & delicious!


Homemade Marshmallow
Pg. 150 Martha’s Vineyard Isle Of Dreams 
The difference between homemade and store-bought marshmallows is the same as the difference between a homegrown tomato and one you buy at the supermarket in February. Basically, night and day. 


My Grandma’s Pie Crust
Pg. 301 & 302 Martha’s Vineyard Isle of Dreams
Double this recipe for a two-crust or lattice-topped pie. Leftover dough scraps should be cut in strips, twisted, sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar, and baked on a cookie sheet, then handed out to children or saved for Twine.


Pink Champagne Cocktails
Pg. 323 Martha’s Vineyard Isle of Dreams
Chill the champagne glasses. I’ve read that the tall deep glasses are best for lots of bubbles, but I love the old-fashioned bowl-shaped ones made of the thinnest glass that make the prettiest ringing noise, & find the bubble situation to be just fine.